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November 2, 2019 - Ask Metatron forum site at and Ask Metatron 2 forum at and actually, use these web pages as the forums are a mess - for the 'Ask Metatron' page and for my 'Interesting Conversations and Events' page.  I couldn't do what I needed to do with a book, so I turned to a forum format as you can discuss anything there and that was what I needed to do.  So many wonderful people have passed away during my lifetime and it is wonderful keeping those great memories alive.  And it is wonderful also encouraging people to ask questions as I did with my 'Ask Metatron' forum sites.

April 26, 2018 - I added a forum site at
http://www.askmetatron.comI am dropping the .org site but and are still going strong.

June 7, 2017 - Decided to add a third site to the mix.  I now have , , and .  The reason is that the .com site seems to be getting too much attention and has gone down recently.  While down I noticed someone tried to change the server to which is in no way related to my provider .  As a result, I just added an extra .org site just in case.  Seriously, peeps, the .net extension is still available if someone is really wanting thenewmathbook.whatever .  At least at present anyway.  If this attacking and trying to get gets worst, I imagine I will register the .net domain as well.  And also, if it is bad for someone else to do it to me, then it is even worst for me to do it back to them.  You don't stop bad habits by doing bad things back to people that do bad things.  You stop bad habits by not doing the bad habits at all.  The meek.  AND NOTE, I am tired of the 'Common Core' and such stuff and my new math has nothing in common with Common Core or the old 1950's / 1960's "new math" junk either.  My new math is about decisions adding up or subtracting out and is more about 'relationship math' than mathematics itself.  Yes, actually a new concept - math problems, life problems, math solutions, life solutions - the new math.  And yes, this is an autobiography where the reader becomes the main character too.
  To quote:

 Chapter One – Prelogue

Subchapter I – Introduction – “Hello”

     But before I begin, middle, and end this life story of mine, I need to state this: It is not what we have or do not have, but how we behave towards one another that decides our fates.  The meek shall inherit the Earth, but who are these people anyway?  How will I recognize a meek if I see one? Please read on…

     But first, there is always a catch.  Please be advised, this is not a do all tell all type of book, but a frank and honest discussion of life itself from myself who is still “in the middle” for a limited time like so many others.

     This is a mystory, not history book.  I am not talking about “his” story from someone else’s viewpoint, but about “my” story from myself as I remember it.  Adult as well as childish themes and language abound so reader beware.  You will most likely learn a lot from this book.  Probably more than you wish to know about yourself as well as others.  Please feel free to reread because as you can tell from the size of this book, there is a lot of information to ponder.  Ponder away.

Thanks for reading this far and as a reward please feel free to go to this site to get a possible free e-copy of the book and a chance to rate this book as well. (note, it says the book title and has a picture but I could not find the book available on the site.  Secondly, you get a 5 day free trial then the site charges you $40 a month which is a bit much I feel, but anyway...)

March 19, 2017 - added the "Science of Science" Page to this site

OK, February 16, 2017 and I finally thought of a short slogan for this book.  "What is meant to be is 2B, The New Math".

January 28, 2017 - The best way to put this.  'The New Math' book is 'the textbook of life' while 'The Mostest Newerest Math' page is 'the teacher's edition to the textbook of life'.  I prefer the textbook 'without answers' at the moment because it allows the reader more freedom of thought and expression.  To each their own.

And OK, one correction to the original book made on January 23, 2017 and that was that I hadn't known about the Book of Enoch and the 'Son of Man' Parable before writing 'The New Math'.  Just a slight addition actually, not a rewrite.  What was written is still fine, just wasn't as accurate as it was amended to be in 'The Mostest Newerest Math'.

And yes, here it is, the actual autobiography from 'The Keeper of the Creator's Archives (including The Book of Life)' written by myself before knowing who I was.  I am leaving this as what will be the 'official' release of the story before I die (which does not appear to be anytime soon so don't sweat it).  I have been updating for a project I call 'The Mostest Newerest Math' just to keep things up to date.  This version 'The New Math' is fairly complete unlike the update.  The updated 'The Mostest Newerest Math' is not planned for a release until AFTER I die.  Believe it or not, the needed information is in 'The New Math' book plus the extra stuff on my 'Meaning of Life' page.  The first problem is that 'The Mostest Newerest Math' has much more information than 'The New Math' has BUT with all that extra info, the updated version is just way too overwhelming for most people.  The second problem is that with this extra information, the reader's participation and imagination have been nearly taken away in the updated version.  But yes, this IS the actual autobiography of Thee Ace Man aka Enoch aka Metatron aka The Keeper of the Book of Life before I knew who I was (from December 4, 1964 until around March 2011 so the stories of Enoch and Metatron are not included in 'The New Math' in any form).  Apparently I'm the great grandpa of Noah (not mentioned in 'The New Math' but on 'The Meaning of Life' page)  and so on and on...  This is actual fiction from an actual biblical character not a made up (non fiction) story or a retelling by an outside source.  This is the real story written by the real me (Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man).  This is the story of 'the meek inheriting the earth' and from the second incarnation in the flesh of the Keeper of the Book of Life (if Enoch was the first and Metatron was not of the flesh).  And yes, 'The Mostest Newerest Math' really is that much more of a mess than 'The New Math' ever dreamed of being.  Get the original.  And yes, I actually work for a living at the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport.

2017 - Currently working on a comprehensive video for this book.
I finally figured things out and the book is actually what it needs to be anyway.  Only additions being made as nothing has really changed, just reinforcing the original story before I knew what I now know.  And what do I know now?  Well, I know for certain that I am the longtime Keeper of the Creator's Library (Archive) and although I wrote 'The New Math' before I knew this, the book was so well written that I haven't needed to change things only add a couple stories that I had forgotten and a pile more of explanations to things that had already been written about before I found out who the actual autobiography was about.  The thoughts are still the same just more items added has been all.  I actually prefer the version published because it seems more focused and allowed the reader to come up with the answers on their own.  'The Mostest Newerest Math' revised text that I have written kind of takes away 'the joy out of self discovery' unlike 'The New Math' published version.

Currently running for President of the United States (and I don't think I got a single write in vote including my own).

Currently redoing website and major changes on the way soon (June 21, 2014).

People keep saying "You should write some more" so I am thinking about doing a comic strip called "Me In The Middle"

The "What's this all about?" video promo (about an hour long and about 291 MegaBytes)

Ever get those multi game CD pack discs with zillions of games across several disks?  Ever wished you could have a utility that could help keep track of all this stuff?  It's DOS based but that's the beauty of this utility.  It works!  Anyway, get Thee Ace Man's GAMECD v3.0 game tracker database today!

If you were one of the 5 or 6 possibly that had the Terp's Contact program v1.1 then download this updater first

And a 'freebie' program for those interested in a computer program that can be used to store personal contact information Terp's Contact Program v1.2

This is the primary page for the new up and coming book, "The New Math" by Thee Ace Man.
For more information and examples and such, click on the links above.

I am also very proud to be working with Strategic Book Marketing and Eloquent Books on this book.  It is a very complex mix in this book and those at Strategic and Eloquent have done extremely well.  How many of you could format subscripts, superscripts, poetry, and even a secret code page using standard book publishing procedures.  Yes, this is not your average book and I was very glad and proud to have the staff at Strategic and Eloquent assist in this grand undertaking.

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Also, currently working on converting this book to Nook, Kindle, iPad, and eBook formats  -  stay tuned...

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And what is this book about really?
about 220 pages, plus...

In the real world there are problems and solutions.  Are you adding to the problems or are you a part of the solution?  Be honest now.  Do you go around creating problems that others are supposed to solve, or are you a part of the Meek, the ones who realize that you shouldn't purposely do things to other people that you wouldn't like it if it was done to you.  And a Meek is the one that realizes this fact.  We can all make mistakes.  There has never truly been a 'guide/text book' to life, until now.  The new math, real life problems with actual solutions and why some solutions work better than others (add in)  while other solutions may make no sense at all (subtract out).  People.  Flesh with spirit still attached.  Are we problem solvers or problem creators?  Are we being heavenly or hellish?  How are we to know?  Get this book...

Also, for amusement purposes, try using a speech - text translator on any of these pages to see why I am a bit leary of an E-Book version...  Even moster worstest, try a language translator on these pages (like Babelfish or such).  (The technology has yet to catch up to this book as you will see, ESPECIALLY Chapter 6 - The New Math and also the Addendum to the Addendum page as well).  Yes, this book really is THAT far ahead of its time... what?
Well, chances are that you've heard part of the stories, but what about the rest of the story?
Get the book to find out about these and more...

What is my original name and did I have other nicknames besides Ace?
What kind of environment did I grow up in?
Influences?  Samples?
And what are the FULL stories?...

The Meek inheriting the Earth?
Being psychic?
First fish story
Being dyslexic?
The dog ate my homework...
Antidisestablishmentarianistically motivated?
I'm not me and You're not you?
105's on 100 point tests and 11's on 10 point quizzes (originally called "Bubbying a test" but later changed to "Aceing a test")
Sunday School
Christ born in December?  (Isn't December 25th Mithra's birthdate while Jesus was said to have been born on the first day of planting circa 6 to 4 BCE)
Asking the right questions but getting wrong answers...
How did I get the nickname Ace anyway?
The original "Family Jewels"?
Thinker not a fighter?  Both?  Neither?
Meeting The Maker?
The actual Trinity revealed
Changes or still the same?
What is same anyway?
Gifted Genius?
Knives and such
Bad influence?
Old School
New School
The Earth is flat (just look at the maps) and Saturn's rings are solid as we all know...
Science or fiction?
Not number one anymore?
Prized cactus corpse
Setting the standards
Youth gone wild?
The "Chosen One"?
Edgar and the prophecy of someone with a double-nerved upper left bicuspid, which I am still the only one to have had this tooth...
Albert's Roommate?
IQ test redone?
New company direction foundations
Fast forwarding
In the past, present, and future?
High School Daze
Bouncing around
Moving on
More prejudice
Giving up
Not what it seems
Bouncing back
Wild West at its wildest...
Country in ruins, but what country isn't anymore?
Reader = the actual main character?
New World Order?
What really was aced anyway?
Anything yet left to be aced?
77 squared minus 76 squared equals 2 times 78 minus 3? 153
77 squared minus 75 squared equals 76 times 4? 304
Simplification through complications?
Mathematical progression inherent in the base numbering system?
Choices, choices, choices...
And more and more and more...
And even worse is that the actual answers aren't as shocking as people wish you to believe.

What, you don't know the rest of the story?  Why?  Why not?

Do as I say and as I do?  Who would do such a dastardly thing?  The Meek?

Was it true about the fifth chapter being redone (after reading you'll see why this idea got dropped and chamged to what it became in the actual book).

  Get THE book and finally get the rest of the story of some of the greatest minds of all time.  (Not the author, but the reader, the Meek...)

But yes, finally politics, religion, psychology/psychiatry, mathematics, and on and on get combined together under one ideology.  As you read through this book you will discover about yourself as well as those and the world around you and beyond...  Past, present, and future...  Aceing...  The true stories of Heaven, Hell, and all the rest brought together for the first time as never before under one ideology.  The ideology of the Meek as never fully explained before.  Witness first hand through stories and such what it really means and why the conclusion really is "The Meek SHALL inherit the Earth."  Maybe they already have started and maybe, just maybe, you may be getting left out?  The full story finally brought together as never before about real life and beyond.  Fully explained.  The New Math is all about how things actually do add up (or subtract out) in the end and what to expect in the meantime.  A wonderful tribute to life itself and beyond life, as well as fully explaining why "if it is bad for someone else, it is also bad for you, so if you are as good as you want others to believe then why did you just do that?"  Yes, the real "Meek".  The ones throughout history that have fully comprehended that rules should be for all to follow and now that rule is here for all to see.  Mystory.  History.  Yourstory.  Truth.  Honesty.  Privileged?  The Anti-Hypocrites.  The Meek.  The Church.  Penance.  Forgiveness.  Repentance.  Life.  Death.  Eternity.  Beyond imagination.  Reality.  And how about yourself?  Well...  I don't see you on the ordering and promotions page yet...

And now Thee Ace Man is Taki Fu-ing for peace in a fighting game as never before seen or heard (a non-violent fighter)?

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