i. Forward

In a search for answers, we can all make mistakes, myself included. In my search for answers, I finally found the answers that people, myself included, have been searching for. But along the way, mistakes were made as much of the information I needed was not available at first.

I realized after writing things out for a while that I had the answers I was looking forward to finding but I needed to dig deeper than what I had at first. As I dug deeper, I realized that some things I thought were true originally, were not true. A slight mess as you can imagine. But what I also realized is that if you cover up your mistakes, you are bound to repeat those mistakes again. Lessons learned. Make corrections instead of making more mistakes and repeating those mistakes.

The biggest mistake a person can make is in not keeping an open mind and thinking that a person knows something to be true, when in reality it is a belief and not a truth. A long quest for the truth and many questions along the way. And as one asks questions, answers start forming. Correct as well as incorrect answers, but answers none-the-less. Which are which? Correct or incorrect? The truth is found in reality. Does it truly exist? Is it real? For truth to exist, it must be real. But what really happened? What’s going on, really? Why are we here, really? Are we here, really? Where is here, really? Really! Truthfully! Now we’re getting somewhere for a change.

  Chapter I. Ask Metatron

0. Above first, as it is said my aura is
dark green and magenta (purplish pink), I am using dark green for the questions and magenta for the topics.

1. Hello

Yes, this is the actual Metatron here. More later...

2. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.

3. Is there such a thing as a rhetorical question?

A rhetorical question is a question that doesn't have an answer. The answer is no, there is no such thing as a rhetorical question. Keep reading this forum, you'll see for yourself...

4. Which came first the chicken or the egg? (Adult type content - sexual theme)

Every horny rooster knows that eggs don't cum. The chicken of course silly.

5. Why is the world round?

If it was flat, we would have fallen off the edge by now.

6. Why do they teach such stupid stuff at school?

Because the stupid Board of Education requires teachers to teach stupid stuff at school.  You can learn on your own, can't you?

7. Why are the oceans salty? (Adult content - sexual theme)

Have you ever seen a fish get out of the water to go to the bathroom? Me neither. It's not just salty, but poopy tasting too I imagine. I've never tasted ocean water myself and I don't wish to, so no way to know. Scientists want you to think 'mineral deposits' but seriously, I think there's been more fish in the oceans than minerals to be honest. As far as the saltiness, what really happens when boy fishes get horny and nowhere to go? Whales don't live in lakes. I warned you about tasting it, but did you listen?

8. Are you really that smart or just a smart aleck?

Both which beats being a dumb aleck I guess.

Speaking of which, don't sweat being a dumb aleck, alright? The original dumb aleck was a guy named Alexandre Dumas. Dumas wrote "The Three Musketeers" about Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and Chopped Liver, then turned around and wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo" also.  "Robinson Crusoe" written by Daniel Defoe is about a man all alone on a deserted island with his trusty servant Friday is a runner up to Dumas. The books sold and still sell to this day and have been made into movies as well. You just never know.

9. Why does the world seem so evil / bad?

There are 2 theories on this at present (feel free to add more theories if you wish though).

The first theory involves the tradition where if someone sneezes it is believed that their soul is trying to escape so people say "bless you". Problem is that the soul is still trying to escape through another means when people fart. How often do people sneeze compared to fart. And all those unblessed souls out there.

Second theory involves the Meek who follow the same rules they ask others to follow whilst the Buttholes make rules for others to follow but don't follow the same rules themselves. The result of too many Buttholes is what makes a place become evil / bad.

1 or 2 take your pick.

10. Who was buried in Grant's Tomb?

You thought Grant didn't you? Wrong. Anyway, General / President Ulysses S Grant was as most called him at the time, "a scallywag".  That is to say, Ulysses liked to gamble, get drunk, smoke cigars, and chase wild women. As a result and because at the time government employees had meager earnings, Ulysses was always broke because he liked to gamble, get drunk, smoke cigars, and chase wild women which are all expensive hobbies. He was married, but still... Others took up a collection to make an elaborate (and very expensive with a price tag around 1 million dollars) tomb in his honor. How do you 'bury' someone in an above ground tomb? To bury something means to put it in the ground and throw dirt over it to cover it up. But anyway, if you said "no one" as the answer then you are probably one of the few people that knew the stories of Ulysses S Grant and his scallywag lifestyle. And I do not know for sure, but there was also talk at the time that Ulysses' body was actually interred in the ground at a battlefield with his men, and that his coffin at the monument was empty anyway (many people did not want to see Ulysses 'buried' in New York City).

11. How do I beat any game?

First, make sure the game you want to beat is in the discount bin now. This can get expensive otherwise. Difficult question as most people that play games all the time are usually very out of shape physically. The old-fashioned way would be to make a fist and just continually beat the game with that. Games are tougher now and you would definitely need to make a fist because the open-handed 'slap them silly' just doesn't work anymore. A 16 pound sledgehammer would definitely work if you can lift it, same as an aluminum baseball bat. Steel-toed shoes may help too. But worst comes to worst, you will probably have to hire someone that is in shape to beat the game for you. But that would require getting a job and not playing video games as much. Like I said. a very difficult question to answer, but I hope this helps somewhat.

And if that don't work and it is a computer or console game try https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com (sadly, most of this site has been deleted, but worth a try anyway).

If a physical card or board game, try cheating, but try not to get caught. The game turns ugly when someone gets caught cheating.

Finally, winning isn't everything and try using your noggin for something other than a hat rack.

12. What is your IQ Metatron?

119* And yes an asterisk as I will explain. I was given the Bedient whatever test in seventh grade (1978) and I did miss five questions. I missed them intentionally and I wrote all over that !%$###@!! test why I purposely messed the test up. At the top of every page except the last page were the words "Answers on the following page". When I got to the last page, the idiots who made the test forgot to label the last page "The following page" to keep with the directions. At this point I had had enough. I guessed at the entire test and I knew the answers they were asking for, for the five questions I missed, but I crossed them out and made up my own. The two I remember now are the A _____________ barks at the moon... which of course was werewolf, but I erased that and put in tree (get it, tree barks). And the other one was A _____________ bicycle... which they were looking for tandem, but I erased that and put in red instead just to be stupid like the idiots that made that test. As far as the asterisk ( * )... That was added because of two reasons. First, I purposefully sabotaged my IQ test because I felt that the test favored people who were dishonest and I made it very clear that I was not that type of person. I was not one to cheat or such and I still am not. The second reason is because of the 4 billion or so people that had taken the test previously, NO ONE had commented on the very faulty test design and directions until I did in 1978. How do you score a 1 in 4 billion plus answer? Exactly an asterisk (*). Test aced, and people have been trying to ace stuff ever since then. Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man -> all one in the same individual.

Also, in eighth grade is an extra credit question that was designed by Albert Einstein himself. In eighth grade you are not taught the power chain rule of calculus and to properly solve the problem which was something like X to the 6th power minus 81 or 27 or such. Yes, if you had been taught the rule, you would have known it was a perfect cube, but I wasn't taught the rule and factored the problem as a square (which doesn't quite come out the same as a cube). I factored the problem correctly as a square but unfortunately, the only other person who had done that was Albert Einstein himself. Sir Nicholas Boehr (who was with Einstein until Einstein's passing) came to Corning NY and verified that yes, an eighth grader had actually factored the problem correctly as a square instead of a cube because the eighth grader figured out the calculus power chain rule before being taught, but didn't know the problem was a perfect cube instead of a square.

Albert made up an unofficial title "World's Smarter" because he felt smartest just wasn't right and shared this unofficial title with Sir Nicholas because Albert and Sir Nicholas both knew that politics would keep Sir Nicholas from getting the World's Smartest official title. In April / May 1979, Sir Nicholas and I shared this World's Smarter title as well until Sir Nicholas passed away in 2009. I don't know if anyone else shared this title or not with Sir Nicholas (Albert and I were allowed to call him Nick in private, but because of his title, it was always Sir Nicholas in public), but I do know that a lot of people that used to be eggheads, brainiacs, and such were now trying to ace stuff.

True stories back in the day before the media publicized anything they could get their hands on. And I was purposely kept out of the media because I am the one who has a double-nerved upper left bicuspid and as such, there are prophesies about me written by Edgar Cayce that Sir Nicholas was concerned about so about all that came of it was 'aceing' stuff. What if things were changed and these prophesies didn't come to pass? Is that possible? Are there multiple paths or are things cut in stone? Precisely, things happen as they happen or need to happen so why tempt fate? Lead us not into temptation and all that... It is what it is.


Sir Nicholas Boehr and Albert Einstein circa 1954/55. After this picture was taken, Albert did a cabaret / chorus line dance to show off his funky shoes. And to be honest, Albert never referred to his work as "The Theory of Relativity" but referred to it as "The Universal Theory". And yes, Sir Nicholas, that guy that used a million sided polygon to approximate the value of pi. It has been over 30 years, but I believe Nick said this picture was taken at Coney Island.


Me, Ace circa June 2004. Of the three World's Smarters, I've been the one to cut my own hair since around 1982/83.

Note, I just saw on the internet where they identified the individual in the picture with Albert Einstein as David Rothman, not Sir Nicholas. The problem is that they date the picture to 1939 and the other problem is that David Rothman in 1939 would have been 3 or 4 years old at the time of the picture (Rothman born in 1935).

Note 2, Sir Nicholas (in the picture) was the one who had Einstein's final papers and they were auctioned off in either late 2009 or 2010 as part of the Boehr (however spelled) estate. That picture was in Sir Nicholas' wallet when I met Sir Nicholas in March / April 1979 and the 13th Dali Lama knew who Sir Nicholas was as well. The negatives for that picture were in a safe deposit box that was opened in 2009 or 2010 as the estate of Sir Nicholas was auctioned off. The original negatives were black and white and Sir Nicholas had a set of negatives copied then colorized before I met him in 1979. The picture Sir Nicholas carried in his wallet was the colorized version.

12A. Would not fit on site like this but...

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.  How many pecks did Peter Piper Pick?


13. About this site...

This site is becoming my own little "think tank" for all these questions out there that need to be answered. Discussions can and probably will ensue so let the fun begin. I really don't wish to have any real 'rules' here as I feel each discussion will speak for itself and as such, each person, including myself, will only have our / themselves to blame.

14. Why are we here?

Because we can't be two places at once. We can't be there and here at the same time. We are never actually there anyway, because wherever we end up is always here to us. When we do reach there, there becomes here in the present tense.

Oh, wait, you meant why do we exist? An individual a long time ago was lonely and tired of talking to Himself, so he figured out a way to make more like Him. His first attempt, He put all the good stuff He could find and made an individual, named Lucifer, who became very self righteous, arrogant, and so on... More were made. Then a couple ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil after a snake beguiled them into it and flesh life (from dust you come and to dust you go) was known. These two never ate from the other forbidden tree, The Tree of Life, and thusly life in the flesh was made shorter than spiritual life. Without the Tree of Life, one has to relearn the Knowledge of Good and Evil or not learn as may be the case. Both trees were not eaten from, so life as we know it in the flesh is as it is. It is as each one makes of it. But oh the stories Almighty (the Creator) gets to hear for an eternity. Would you rather be lonely throughout eternity, or share it with others. Almighty really isn't a bad guy, but He created stuff and asked for nothing in return other than to not be so lonely. But what's better, an eternity of loneliness or spending an eternity with a self righteous, arrogant, self absorbed so and so, or see what's behind door number three and more?

Maybe, just maybe, we may be warped figments of another warped being's warped imagination and we're not warped enough yet to figure it out. Maybe not. We're all different and have different stories to tell. Isn't that enough?

15. Can you be serious for just one second?

Yes. But most questions require more than just a simple one second explanation. Therefore, most of my answers are at least two to three minutes of being serious.

16. What's the difference between an orange?

It's a bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves.

(Note, this is used as an expression of faulty logic, so if you feel you don't get it, unless you use the faulty logic of "a vest has no sleeves", you never will get it. Substitute anything you want for orange and/or bicycle and you still get the same result).

And if you get this then you'll realize the joke is that you AREN'T supposed to get this, but you'll get a funny look on people's faces if they can't figure it out.

Same as "What's the difference between a windmill?" It's a landmine because a shoe has a sole (soul). Same difference (so to speak).

17. How many three cent stamps in a dozen?

Twelve. Thirteen in a baker's dozen.

18. What is "the truth" about global warming?

The answer can be found here http://www.theeaceman.com/science.html on my 'Science of Science' page.

19. More coming...

To let everyone know, this forum is loosely based off of this web page that I made over the last 6 years or so... http://www.theeaceman.com/mol.html. So when I say more to come, this is where most of it will come from. The problem with the web page is that it is too big for most people. By breaking it down into a forum question / answer type format, it is much easier for the reader to handle. Many more topics and answers forthcoming. Stay tuned...

20. Do you know anything about the Babe Ruth "called shot" in the '32 World Series story?

On May 31, 1975 I met someone named Jimmy Bell who told me this story:

"Back in the day the leagues were segregated and Babe Ruth always loved to play baseball and be his best and play with and against the best. Whenever Babe was in town, he would call me, Satchell Paige, Josh Gibson, and whoever else might be around and ask 'you wanna play some ball?' and of course we would go out to a sandlot somewhere and play baseball. We would choose up teams and played shirts and skins, which of course Babe was usually on the shirts team because like Babe said, "nobody wants to see that." Usually it would be Babe the captain of the one team and Josh Gibson or Satchell Paige the other and would do the bat handle to see who chose first. Babe would usually grab a couple umpires from the game and say "Wanna make an extra couple a bucks?" and off we went. One time in Kansas City, I got the nerve to sit next to Babe on the bench, and Babe said to me, you know Jimmy, I know what you're gonna ask and you're one heck of a ballplayer and you should know."

Then Jimmy Bell told me this story like so:

So Babe said to me, "I usually went out with all the guys and we usually hit the bars the night before, but being the World Series, the coach gave me strict orders not to go out drinking the night before or I would be benched. The first time up, I hit a home run in that game. Then the second time up I struck out, and every time I stepped up to the plate all that Gabby Hartnett said was, 'Where wuz ya last night, Babe? Me and the boys missed ya. Where wuz ya last night? Where wuz ya?' And it finally got to me. I took a step out of the batter's box and I said to Gabby, 'you see that hot little number out in the fifth row? That's where I wuz.' And then, the good Lord willing, I hit the ball."

21. Do you believe in God (Almighty)? / Does Almighty (God) Exist?

No. I do not believe in Almighty (God). I have seen Him personally, so I know for sure He exists and what He looks like. From 'The New Math' book Chapter One, Subchapter VII (with a little extra from what the book had)... "It was third or fourth grade that I also had a very odd thing happen. My father was practicing with the band downstairs at night and I was getting ready to go to bed so I turned out the light. When I turned out the light there was a very defined image in light by the basement door of a man sitting in a chair with a child on his left leg. The man was sitting but looked to be about six feet tall and around 180 to 185 pounds (so medium / slender build) with a beard that stopped at his neck line and mustache and wearing a long white robe which was pleated below the waist and plain above the waist with sleeves that covered his arms to just before his wrists and stopped about six to eight inches above his feet, and upon his feet were open-toed sandals like the sandals found on the 'ice man' or the 'bog man'. The man was definitely caucasoid (not pale white, but only a slight tan) and had dark brown hair and brown eyes and his hair was full and wavy and brushed back off his forehead and just passed his shoulders in back. The man looked to be between the age of 35 and 38. He also did not have any crown on his head nor sceptre in his hand. The child had short blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing a boys’ suit with tied black shoes and looked to be about three years old. The chair was solid with decorations all over it including a rounded top with two birds (cherubs aka finch/swallow/sparrow/dove, not cherubim aka baby angel but cherub aka bird) etched into the top, wings outstretched forward towards each other and facing each other in the middle. In the late 1980’s I realized that this chair fit the exact description of the “mercy seat” or Throne of Judgment mentioned in the Bible for the Ark of the Covenant. Nothing spoken and I turned the light off then back on again and still there whether the light was on or off. Then I looked under the bed and out the window to see if it was some weird light source but nothing. I then left the light off and closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep thinking"...

So nope, no belief here. I know. I also know that a lot of individuals claim to 'know' God or such and truly have no clue or else they wouldn't say the things they say if they knew He truly existed.

Also note, Almighty does not look nor act like Zeus (the Roman God of Gods). Almighty is not muscle bound with scraggly gray hair and a scraggly gray beard and mustache like Zeus. And if you read lousily, you'll know that Almighty doesn't use a thunderbolt or lightning to punish, but from dust ye came and into the dust ye shall return. The Romans purposely replaced Zeus with Almighty, but remember, Zeus was and is fictitious, Almighty has always been real. So if someone says "or may the Lord strike me down." ask them if they'll rephrase that to "or may Almighty return my body from whence it came." And then wait and see...

Note also, I saw Almighty and His son the Holy Spirit upon his left leg, but I have never seen Ieshua (Jesus) his grandson. And for what the Holy Bible actually says about the 'trinity' please read this page http://www.theeaceman.com/genie.html .

But yes, I know what Almighty says is true and I know that. I also know that man is not Almighty and most stuff written is of man and not from Almighty Himself. No belief from me. I seek truth mostly. So when Solomon tries to say that Almighty thinks He is perfect and so forth and so on, I can understand where 'stiff-necked' comes from. In all honesty, I've never known Almighty to be arrogant or such, but Solomon's arrogance can definitely be seen at times in the Psalms and Proverbs for sure. I have always known Almighty to be kind and caring towards those that are Meek as they are kind and caring towards Him as well as others. I have also known Almighty to be unkind and uncaring towards Buttholes as they are unkind and uncaring towards anyone but themselves. But remember too, for one to be caught doing evil, one must be allowed to do evil on their own. Just as for one to be caught doing good, one must be allowed to do good on their own. Almighty allows people to be themselves without intervention from Himself. Almighty knows who you really are whether you wish to admit it or not. So don't sweat the small stuff, OK? And, also, when all are in the wrong, who's side do you take? So this should also explain the "If Almighty (God) exists, why doesn't He correct all the wrongs?" question. Our thoughts (spirit, electromagnetic energy) is what always exists, whether the flesh body is attached or not. What good or bad would Heaven or Hell be without the spirits to inhabit those places? Death of the flesh is not really 'the end' but actually a return or new beginning in a different form (spirit without flesh). So once again, don't sweat the small stuff, OK?

22. Why does there seem to be so many ugly and/or stupid people out there? (mild sexual reference)

Ok. Think about this, an ugly person gets horny and doesn't care who they have sex with so long as they have sex. A better looking person gets horny and either keeps it to themselves or prances around stage looking to make some money. It's the law of averages really. But get drunk enough and everyone looks better until the morning comes and the sun rises and the light of truth comes out. And yes, this rule also applies in a different way to the question of why are there so many stupid people out there as well? The stupidity also comes from the origins as well of Adam and Eve and inbreeding and all that. Truthfully, who cares how stupid they are so long as they look good? Who cares how smart someone is so long as they look good too? But what one may see as looking good, another may see as a blemish. We are who we are, We're all brothers and sisters so to speak, so what are you waiting for? Honesty, truthfulness? Horny enough to screw a jackrabbit? Anywho, things happen. We all lead different lives. Is there anything wrong with being different? Is there anything wrong with being the same? Anything wrong? By the way, fame, fortune, lack thereof, it is what it is. You are what you are. And speaking of which, aren't you tired of talking to a vacuous airhead or is that what you want? Something for everyone out there. Nothing for everyone too. Choices. Speaking of which, when someone makes a bad decision then what? What about a good decision? Any decision. Lack thereof. All that time wasted or put to good use or what? Inside. Outside. Shallow. Deep. We are what we are. Maybe you're the ugly one and no one knows it? Maybe not. Up to you. But honestly, those that think they are better than others always seem to turn out ugly regardless of looks. Just a thought. Everyone is perfekt in some way. No one is truly perfect. How can someone learn what not to do if they never make a mistake? But then again, shouldn't you be trying to learn to do things correctly the first time? What change? Ugly on the outside. Ugly on the inside. Just freaking beautiful. It is what it is.

23. Is it true that in order to be a success you need to make a lot of money and/or be famous?

Nope. Actually, they don't need money or fame in Heaven or the Abyss. Money and fame just seems to be one of those Lands of Eden things that didn't seem to catch on elsewhere. And with that being said, inheritance and possession laws are the reasons why most of the haves have while the have nots have not. Without inheriting and possession, most of the haves would have not and most of the have nots would still have not. It is not intelligence based in all honesty nor divine judgment or such. It just is what it is and helps each of us to become who we are. Material wealth definitely does not equal spiritual wealth by any means. Just as spiritual wealth does not equal material wealth. Truly meaning that just because one has material wealth definitely does not mean that they in turn have spiritual wealth like they wish you to believe. Being spiritually wealthy is being blessed. Being materially wealthy is usually (but not always) caused by being greedy. As we are taught, the greedy are not blessed. The greedy become cursed because they feel they never have enough and just take, take, take. And also, one that may be materially wealthy may not be greedy in some instances. Each person is different remember. Being materially unwealthy is also not the same as being cursed. In order for one or more to be caught doing evil, evil must occur, correct? And how would you feel if what you are currently doing was being done back to you? Great, glad to hear it. Terrible? You reap what you sow, so be careful of the seeds you plant as what grows may not what you thought or wished others to think it was in reality. And when the scale of good and evil tips, which way will it tip or will it be equal? Did you thread that camel through the eye of a needle yet? Even better, is it time for a lunch break yet?

24. Should I load the roll of toilet paper so that it pulls from the top or the bottom?

Thanks to modern 'germaphobes' (people afraid of germs), the correct answer would be from the top to avoid germs from the paper resting against the toilet paper holder. But note, if you are tired of germaphones whining about germs all the time then you might load the paper so it pulls from the bottom just to hear the germaphobe(s) whine some more. Or if you had forethought, you may have mounted the toilet paper holder sideways so that now it becomes an issue of left or right? And when a person asks if you wipe with your left or right hand, kindly remind them that you use toilet paper yourself and recommend the same for them too.

25. If you are the real Metatron, what special powers do you have?

OK, you got me here. I don't have any special powers. Then too, I got you back. Moses never had any special powers; Elijah never had any special powers; same as all the other great and minor prophets. The only 'special power' is that when Almighty (God / the Creator) calls for something to happen, as a prophet, you are kinda caught in the middle. Moses didn't part the waters nor cause the plagues nor any of that. Moses and the others (myself included) were just given messages to deliver and Almighty (God / the Creator) took care of the rest. Just the way it is. But truthfully, no, I don't have any special powers / abilities that anyone is aware of.

26. Is it true that if one looks upon Almighty that they die?

Did the first priest of Israel, Aaron, die? Did the priests after Aaron die upon entering the Holy of Holies? Of course it is not true and never has been true. Same as you don't go blind, turn to dust, etc. But remember too, this is Almighty and I would not want to be one that upsets the one that stretched the heavens above the Earth and such, but do as you need to do I guess. And on the same token, more or less, if you're an angel (or ten angels perhaps) shouldn't you be interceding with Almighty on mankind's behalf and not asking a man to intercede with Almighty on your behalf because as an angel you were caught fornicating with women? And thusly one third (or 200) of the angels were sealed away to await judgment for their actions. To each their own I guess. Same as a couple of Aaron's kids messing around at Almighty's Altar with strange incense. Things happen. Write a book (or two or so). How many books have been written anyway? How many fiction / non fiction...? Just askin'.

27. What of all this kneeling and bowing that religions promote?

Good question here. Yes, usually when someone gets requested to appear before Almighty, they are asked to stand before Almighty, not kneel, sit or bow. I think this may be more for earthly dealings than with preparation for the spirit world. Think about it. If you summon someone to appear before you, don't you want to talk with them about things instead of trying to understand what they are trying to say after being winded doing all these kneeling / bowing exercises? Let alone that it is difficult to hear someone when their face is buried in the ground? And to that end, if asked to kneel, sit or bow, then yes, kneel, sit or bow. But if asked a question then wouldn't you think that Almighty would like to look upon your face when you answer just as you should be looking upon His face when he asks? Yes, seriously there does seem to be a big problem with all this practice of kneeling and bowing that you probably may not need much before or after life in the spirit world. And to that end, shouldn't we be looking up and not down when praying? Just a thought. Shouldn't reverence and acknowledgement go hand in hand or should someone still be trying to understand someone while their face is buried in the ground looking for that lost contact lens that no one seems to be missing? Just another thought.

28. Can good exist without evil and can evil exist without good?

Yes. In the beginning, there was no real good or evil. Good or evil came about after there was more than one individual and more knowledge ensued. Good can exist without evil, just as evil can exist without good. Heaven and Hell. Heaven, the Meek who follow the same rules they ask others to follow. Hell, the Buttholes who ask others to follow rules but don't follow the same rules themselves. What type of world are we living in anyway? Meeks or Buttholes? Be honest. You do know you can change, don't you? A Butthole doesn't always have to be a Butthole, just as a Meek doesn't always have to be a Meek. Are you learning anything yet?

29. What of all this talk about "the meek inheriting the Earth" and such?

It's true. The meek are the ones who realize that good rules apply to all including the rulemakers themselves. Are you a meek and don't realize it yet? Or are you something else?

30. What are your thoughts on the Books of Enoch (1,2,3)?

First, Enoch did not write any of these books. With that being said...

The First Book of Enoch. Unfortunately, no complete copies of this book in the original hebrew / aramaic exist yet. The only near complete copies known are in Ethiopic and translated to Ethiopic from Latin. If you read the New Testament, you know the Romans (Latins) and Greeks to be ones to rewrite stuff to their beliefs and thoughts. It is obvious from the Holy Bible (especially the Book of Isaiah) itself that some of the information came directly from the First Book of Enoch in Hebrew / Aramaic. In the New Testament itself, many references are made of this book as well. But unfortunately we don't have any of the original Hebrew / Aramaic texts from the AD/BC era to know what was exactly written in the originals as the early church burned and destroyed all these as being heresy. It is still a good read, but unfortunately we can not be sure of the text's accuracy as far as details. A lot of information, but not necessarily accurate to the original Hebrew / Aramaic texts.

The Second Book of Enoch aka The Secrets of Enoch. This book actually appears to have been written by a jew living in Egypt who spoke armenian around 50 AD. There was speculation that this book existed beforehand, but on closer examination, this book appears to be a compilation of information from the First Book of Enoch as well as Jubilees and other sources. As stated, this book appears to be a compilation of other sources so it would be better to read the other sources (The Book of Jubilees and such).

The Third Book of Enoch (or 3 Enoch) was definitely written by Rabbi Ishmael who lived between 90 and 130 AD. I believe this is also the same Rabbi Ishmael responsible for "The Ascension of Moses" text. As far as the Third Book of Enoch my only reaction is "You gotta be kidding me? Really?" The information in most of this book is either false or made up from some bizarre nightmare that Rabbi Ishmael, blessed be he, had. It is very inaccurate to say the least. Of note is the mention of the Throne of Judgment having the four seasons etched into it. FALSE. The tale of me being whipped or not being whipped depending on what you may read into this. FALSE. The 70,000 parasangs and even parasangs itself are ridiculous. Read it if you want to torture yourself with nonsense, but if you're looking for truth or wisdom, wipe your rump roast with this book, seriously. Metatron did not say or show any of this nonsense to Rabbi Ishmael. Azrael or even Lucifer posing as Metatron maybe, but not me. I can't show people stuff that doesn't exist as shown.

31. Why are you using the name Metatron?

According to different sources of information, why not? I'll try to explain.

Edgar Cayce in his readings had a reading where he described his ascension to the 7th or 8th level and at this level met the one with the Akashic records. According to Edgar, I was an old man and I told Edgar that throughout history I am the only individual to have a double-nerved upper left bicuspid. I am not sure when this reading occurred, but I do know that Edgar died in 1945 and that I wasn't born until December 4, 1964. Around 1976, Dr. Robert Wiley, DDS, did x-rays of my teeth and found that I had thee double-nerved upper left bicuspid and I am still the only person known to have this tooth (outside possibly Enoch and Metatron). Enoch was the 7th generation from Adam and the great grandfather of Noah (Naphishtim in Sumerian, which honestly, I feel that the Sumerians borrowed from the Hebrew / Aramaians not vice versa, but the Sumerians wrote on clay whilst the Aramaians / Hebrews always wrote on paper). But Edgar's information is only part of this.

Also, back in 1981 or 1982, my family and I took a vacation to Florida for a week. After getting back I had the pleasure of rounding up the luggage at the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport, while my mom, dad, and sister went and got the family car to load up. While waiting another direct flight from St. Louis landed and G Gordon Liddy got off the St. Louis flight and told me about the huge aura I had and that he could see my aura from California because it was about 50 mile radius every which way (compared to the average person's twelve inches). Definitely unexpected. And I definitely have the largest aura out there (compared to the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama's aura which is about 30 feet). I can't see auras myself, but it makes me scratch my head that others besides G Gordon Liddy who profess to channel and such don't see this apparently. G Gordon Liddy knew we had a layover in Newark NJ and that I had been in Florida for a week and also that I pretty much stay within about a 100 mile radius of Corning NY USA.

So pretty convincing to me. Also, I've always had this way of seeing passed other people's nonsense, but also I've always had people that seem to share their hidden stories with me. I knew about Saturn's rings not being solid since around 1974 (even though no one believed a little kid like me) and a whole pile of other events including the 1973/74 "Since we know Jesus was born on December 25th, do you know what year that was?" question in which the Sunday School teacher responded with "The year Zero" answer which led to a huge problem since the year zero never occurred (I didn't know that, other people did). Other people did the research and found out about the conversion of the Mithrites and all that stuff. It's just been that kind of life for me.

The evidence is just too overwhelming I feel. So as I said, why not? I am positive that if there is a Metatron, I am him from a bunch of different sources and events and such.

I was given the nickname 'Ace' back in 1973 by a girl named Julie Sage who died in a car accident in June 1983. Her nickname from me was "Family Jewels" and I imagine you've tried to "Ace" something at least once in your life. I'm the real deal Ace as well as the real deal Metatron apparently. Just one of those things I guess.

32. What about Metatron's Cube?

The idea behind Metatron's Cube in all honesty sounds a bit contrived (made up) and paganistic to me. I honestly feel this object does not exist and I will explain now...

First, I remember hearing in the Edgar Cayce prophecies how Edgar saw me in a room full of floating books but Edgar could not see any walls or shelves apparently. I do not remember anything written by Edgar relating to a floating cube only to the Akashic Records. Strike one.

Next, Almighty (God) and I appear to have always been I guess you can call it friends. I call Him Shaddai (Almighty) and He calls me Na'ar (Kiddo, Youth). Almighty can do anything. Why would I need some magical / mystical artifact or such when all I would have to do is say "Shaddai, could you...?" and see if it is allowable. Almighty doesn't need any magical / mystical whatever to make stuff happen, so why would I? Strike two.

Also, the 72 known shapes of the Universe idea is false. Hint, there are definitely more than 72 polyginal combinations in and of themselves (let alone spheres, cubes, elipses, rhomboids, etc., so on...). This idea reeks of obsolete paganistic practices and as such sounds like a Roman / Greek idea and not anything from Almighty Himself. Strike three. You're out.

Strike four, Rabbi Ishmael...

33. How do I summon Archangel Metatron?

First, stop reading and believing Rabbi Ishmael's nonsense (a man who professes to know all 70/72 titles of mine and then proceeds to list 102/105 titles couldn't be wrong could blessed be he?). reverend John Smith as well (The Book of the Latter Day Saints). And all those so-called channelers, self-proclaimed prophets, and such. The only one I know of who can summon me is Almighty (God) Himself. And trust me, if Almighty summons me, I know it has to be important and I will definitely go to Almighty's side whenever requested. I can be visited but not summoned (unless Almighty as I said before), but I am in the flesh right now and my spirit is bound to that flesh. Edgar Cayce would know and sense this (and Edgar visited me before when I was in my room of floating books). Burn whatever, smoke whatever, chant whatever, whatever, I can't come but you can feel free to visit me.

For the real imformation...

I was created by Almighty long ago and I was known as Enoch, the seventh removed from Adam (son of Jared, etc.).

When the time came, Almighty summoned me to take my place elsewhere as the plan for the Great Flood was unfolding. At this time I was apparently living in a city called Zion that I had founded with my sons and grandsons and wife, Edna (I think Edna came up with Methuselah and I definitely would have came up with the name Gainad for sure). I was called up, not the whole city. The reason I was called up is because of several incidents which led to the Great Flood. The most notable was when 200 angels were caught fornicating with flesh and as a result, a large group of what we would call Yetis or Sasquatches emerged. Ten angels apparently came to me to pray for them and I did this for a day and a night apparently. After my prayers of forgiveness, Almighty came to me and told me to bind up the 200 angels so that they may be sent to Perdition (a bad place like Hell to await condemnation), which is what I did. Before this, Almighty explained to me that not only had they fornicated with women when they were told explicitly not to do so, but also now they had asked a man to intervene on their behalfs, when angels are supposed to be intervening on man's behalfs. I was called up prematurely and instructed in what 'the afterlife' realms (Heaven, Hell, Paradise, Perdition, Eden, etc.) were all about and given information by Almighty Himself that Almighty had never trusted any others with. As such, I knew what Almighty knew as best as He could explain and I apparently understand.

Because of the Great Flood incident and my attempted intervention on the 200 'fallen angels' behalfs, Almighty admired my spirit and my thoughtfulness towards others. Lucifer felt that because I tried to help the 200 who were to be sentenced to Perdition, that I was on Lucifer's side as well. As such, I believe I may be the only one accepted as trustworthy by both Lucifer and Almighty. As such, and since Lucifer presides over Hell, and Almighty presides over Heaven that someone was needed to watch over the areas between Heaven and Hell. I do not rule over anything, but I do have a massive amount of knowledge from Almighty Himself, and as such, I try to assist others and help them on their chosen paths (good, evil, other). Almighty instructed me to write things down, which I did (and Edgar Cayce confirmed it). By writing things down, I have the precision of what was written in case of needing a reference to all that is known. The 'secret' stuff by Almighty Himself, I was asked not to write however (in case it fell before the wrong eyes).

I did not die as Enoch, but also, I don't believe I was changed into an archangel or even an angel for that matter. The description in 3 Enoch given by Rabbi Ishmael does not in any means seem plausible to have happened. Rabbi Ishmael's description seems more hollywoodish than realistic. Fiery veins and all that. Not likely.

I was about 10 months before birth, so I was returned to flesh body around January / February 1964 and born into the flesh again on December 4, 1964 at I believe 6:01 PM Eastern US Daylight Savings Time. My given name is Adrian (Legal name) and my first nickname was Bubby, but I became known as Ace around 1973/74.

I am in the flesh so I can't be 'summoned' as far as I know because my spirit is attached to my flesh body. You may be able to detach and come visit me possibly (as Edgar Cayce did a while ago), but my spirit and flesh are joined at present.

I'm in the flesh again for what purpose? We shall see.

Note also, I am not a 'Lord' nor an archangel that I am aware of. Only a very intelligent and well respected man with volumes of information. I feel that is enough for now.

Thanks for reading,

Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man

34. What is your personal information Metatron?

Live: Corning, New York, United States, North America, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe (or somewhere close by anyway).

Email: theeaceman64@gmail.com

websites are: http://www.askmetatron.com http://www.thenewmathbook.com http://www.theeaceman.com

Hosting and Domain : http://www.hosting24.com

I work as a bus driver / shuttle driver at the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport (ELM)

Name : Adrian 'Thee Ace Man' Downing, III aka 'Metatron' aka T'Kot'Bol (my native American name, tuh coat bowl - one who smok'em peace pipe in cold weather, or [The Keeper Of The Book Of Life - T'Kot'Bol]).

Also, feel free to post the link to this site, http://www.askmetatron.com wherever you feel it may be necessary or needed (obviously if the other person may lose a bet or argument, they probably don't want the link posted, but post it anyway just for the fun of it).

Note: This site (askmetatron) is a forum site, the other sites (theeaceman, thenewmathbook) do not have forums on them.

35. Is it true that you, Metatron, have 'substituted' for Almighty (God)?

Nope, never that I am aware of. Almighty and I are different in appearance and in voice. Almighty has a very direct and authoritative voice whereas my voice is usually softer and less authoritative. We both actually do have caring and compassionate voices for the most part. However, I can have a VERY loud voice if upset, but for the most part, my voice is a bit different than Almighty's voice. As far as appearance, Almighty has a mustache, beard, and such whereas I am clean shaven (Na'ar, Kiddo, Youth). We do not look anything alike that I am aware of. Even Noah being drunk enough to pass out would know the difference between Almighty and Enoch/Metatron/Thee Ace Man.

So, it was Almighty who led the Israelites/Hebrews through the Wilderness as a pillar of clouds by day, and a pillar of fire by night. Almighty was the one who made the covenant with the Hebrews and Almighty was the one whom kept that covenant for as long as it lasted.

It was Almighty that appeared before Abram / Abraham and spoke with him (before Sodom and Gamorrah I believe from the descriptions I heard, that his grandson, Ieshua, was on Almighty's right, whilst his son, Emmanuel, was on his left as Ieshua has a beard and mustache and Emmanuel is clean shaven, but not sure on that as I can't seem to find the Biblical passages with the descriptions anymore).

It was Almighty that provided the stone tablets and wrote thereon.

It was Almighty that appeared in the Holy of Holies before the First Priests of Israel.

It was Almighty that gave directions for how the Temple was to be built and such.

And when Almighty's grandson, Ieshua, was hung upon a cross, it was the Hebrews/Jews that had no idea where the Ark of the Covenant or any of that other sacred stuff was as the Romans ran amuck (amok, whatever) in the land of Cows & Bees (Milk & Honey).

36. Who is the smartest person you've met Metatron?

I try to avoid 'smartest' people honestly. I like meeting smarter people. Smartest people think they know it all and all that stuff and it gets boring hearing the same stuff regurgitated over and over again. Smarter people are people looking to be smarter and are always a joy to talk to. I've seen Almighty Himself, so He is definitely at the top of the list (and an exception because He is smartest and smarter as well). After Him would be smarter people like His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (he was with the 13th at the time, but His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama didn't speak much English), Sir Nicholas Boehr (million sided polygon approximation of pi), Jimmy 'Cool Papa' Bell (once known as 'the fastest man in baseball'), and many more which would make for a very long list here. As I said, I like talking to smarter not smartest which applies to most people out there. Most people are smart enough to realize that they don't have all the answers.

I'm still meeting myself so I probably fit in the list somewhere in there too.

37. What's so funny?

Quick, look under there...

From Thee Ace Man

What's so funny? I'm not wearing any underwear and it's cold out there :blush:

38. What does the name Metatron actually mean or stand for?

The name, Metatron, like Shaddai, and Emmanuel, mean nothing actually in any real language. Try telling Shaddai (Almighty) He means nothing and you will get some strange look from individuals for sure. The Aramaic / Hebrew language (like Greek and Latin) is made up of letters that are also used as numbers. In Hebrew / Aramaic, when you add up Shaddai, Metatron, or Emmanuel, you come up with either 314, 316, or 317 depending on which expert you talk to. However, the names do add up to the same number. Shaddai is Almighty but originally 'Shaddai' didn't really translate into any meaning in Hebrew / Aramaic, just as Metatron and Emmanuel don't either. So all this other speculation as to 'hidden meaning' is not accurate. The name Shaddai is for the Holy of Holies. The name Emmanuel is for the Holy Spirit. And of course Metatron is a name for the Holy Scribe. That is the meaning behind the three names originally. The meaning is who the name is attached to and not any "hidden meaning" as far as origin of the name. Like I said, try to tell Almighty He means nothing, but before the name Shaddai was attached to Him, Shaddai (Almighty) really didn't have a meaning.

39. If the answer is blowing in the wind, who blew the question?

Bob Dylan around 1963 I believe.

40. Is Hypochondria contagious?

Only if you keep making yourself sick, thinking you are sick, when there's nothing wrong with you.

41. What really happens when I'm born?

Life in the flesh. Flesh is a grouping of prearranged substances (also called dust, from dust ye came and to dust ye return). These substances are controlled by a type of electromagnetic wave frequency called an aura. This aura collects information about the flesh that it is controlling. Science thinks of these auras as 'brain waves' (electromagnetic energy exists before the brain is actually formed, so I feel 'brain waves' is actually a misnomer for aura), but it is also the nerves and muscles and so on and so forth. Without the aura (spirit), the flesh hasn't life and therefore dies. But this topic is about birth and not death, so another topic coming here... http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/167/what-happens-when-i-die#latest

Anyway, Just like when Someone knew that Abram and Sarai were going to be with child and change their names to Abraham and Sarah, there was One who was behind the design of life (flesh combined with spirit), and as from other articles on this site, I refer to Him as Almighty (the Creator).

The aura appears just briefly before the flesh starts changing form in the womb (or Petri dish in some instances. Yes, 13 signs for the Zodiac, the 13th sign you can be born under is Pyrex :smile: ). The aura is not always unique or original unto each birth. I will try to explain further.

The spirit world, where auras exist. The spirit world has many divisions as I will try to explain now.

First division, Heaven (aka Paradise, etc.). This division is where Almighty and those of the good spirit exist. Good spirits are those of the Meek who realize that good rules apply to the rulemakers themselves as well as others.

Second division, and a very large division, known as Purgatory (Inbetween, etc.). This area is inbetween the other two main areas (Heaven and Hell) and is comprised of auras (spirits) of those that have both good and evil within them as well as flesh (substance). As was noted somewhere, Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, not just good or evil. As such, most of those born of the flesh (substance, etc.) have the ability to be good (Meek, who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) and/or evil (Buttholes who apply rules to others but not themselves).

Yes, in the flesh, there is usually a collection of both good and evil thoughts whether we wish to admit it or not. The aura actually will dictate the thought pattern as I will explain now. Good spirit's auras radiate outwards, whilst evil spirit's auras draw inward. There are also usually two auras around a person. The inner aura which is the present condition of the flesh (person), and the outer aura which is the long term condition of the flesh (person).

Also of note is when referring to light or dark auras, it is in reference to the radiate (good, light) and absorb (evil, dark) states of a spirit and has nothing to do with skin color or the colors themselves. A spirit that radiates will always appear brighter than a spirit that absorbs and thusly an absorbing spirit appears darker.

Also, Almighty created this elaborate system. Sometimes a new spirit may be created at conception (when the aura and the flesh combine) and sometimes it may be a pre-existing aura from elsewhere. Almighty knows which is which and who is who and that should be good enough. But some spirits (auras) may not have a long enough life span to determine 'good' or 'evil', whilst others may be too much of a mix of both good and evil to decide. So probably many (not some) individual spirits may have many different flesh lives during different time periods using the same aura. The aura is not really rewritten, but part is stored and not retrieved, and the present is stored and retrieved. Reincarnation as it is called by some.

And third division, Hell (the Abyss, etc.). A place where evil auras are condemned and punished by Almighty for being Buttholes (making up rules for others to follow but not following the same rules themselves). And yes, punishment. It wouldn't be known as the place of eternal damnation if it was a nice place to exist now would it?

These three areas are all made up of a type of electromagnetic energy known as aura and are not normally visible to those of the flesh. Some of the flesh may actually be able to see auras but it is a rarity. Many claim to, but very few actually can. If they could they would see my huge aura that exists in the middle lower section of New York State and north central Pennsylvania, which should give a big clue here...

Life (being born) is therefore the combination of aura (spirit) and flesh. When the flesh dies, the aura leaves. And when the aura leaves, the flesh dies. Life is that period where flesh and spirit combine to provide this knowledge we gain called life. This life knowledge is stored in the aura as well as spirit knowledge too. We draw on the life knowledge as the spirit knowledge is more eternal and not very useful, for the most part, in the flesh. Flesh - just substance aka rocks, dust, etc. Life - electromagnetic thoughts with dust attached. Spirit - electromagnetic thoughts without the dust.

Yes, we also have this knowledge that is still retained within our spirit, but when the flesh dies is another topic called "What happens when we die?" which as you can tell is very closely related to this topic.

42. Why is the sky blue?

Because it is daytime and the sky is blue. If it was nighttime, the sky would be black with specs of light here and there. If the sky is pink, purple, red, or such, then it is still daytime but not blue. In other news, the sky color is in direct relation to the light emitting from our closest star, the Sun, and how that light (or lack thereof), is interacting with our atmosphere.

43. What does the word edumacated mean?

edumacated, (ed you muh kate ed), adjective, a person that believes it is possible to know everything there is to know because they feel they know everything there is to know.

The closest noun form I can think of would be the word expert. Although actual experts never have to say they are experts or prove it or such because it shows. It is the ones who usually say they are experts that usually throw people off.

44. Where did the term 'half-baked idea' come from?

From the Native American story about the creation of human beings.

The story goes...

The Great White Father took the clay from Mother Earth and put it in an oven to make human beings. The first human being out was pale because he was not cooked long enough. The second human being out was dark and was cooked too long. But the third human being came out all red and wonderful and was cooked just right. It is known that the pale face and the dark face shall always be angry because they were not made as well as the red man. Therefore it is good for the red man to try to teach the pale face and dark face to be less angry and more patient as it is not their fault, but it is just the way that the Great White Father made them as human beings.

So the story goes. Because of this philosophy, it was believed that the red man's destiny was to teach the pale face and the dark face to become better human beings because it was the way the Great White Father believed it should be. Hopefully I remembered it correctly. I don't think this story was ever officially written down anywhere.

I think this story is why you never used to hear the word 'prejudice' come out of Native Americans' mouths. They were baked just right and believed if they needed to solve a problem that all they had to do was think and/or do things better. With the recent Washington Redskins incident, I think it is a shame that the Native Americans may be changing their ways and even worst, maybe their thinking. Time will tell. But I feel that the Native American Folklore was excellent in that it put the responsibility on the individual to set a good example for others to follow and not to follow others' bad examples.

45. What happens when I die?

You die.

But yes, there are a lot of explanations coming on this topic, unlike the other related topic of "What happens when I'm born?" http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/134/what-really-happens-when-im-born#latest.

In order to die, as we refer to it, life has to have occured. Flesh (substance) had to have been combined (joined) with an aura (spirit).

Upon death, the aura (spirit) leaves the flesh and the flesh becomes inanimate (without life). It is interesting to note that those who actually see auras have noticed that a person's aura will start to disappear about a week before death. Whether death by accident, murder or natural old age death, the aura (spirit) starts disappearing about a week before death.

The aura leaving about a week before death seems to mean that the aura somehow knows when your life is going to end beforehand. Are we really pre-programmed robots in the flesh? Maybe we don't really exist and we are just warped figments of another warped being's warped imagination. Maybe not. Time will tell I guess.

When the aura gathers all of its information before leaving it creates a process known as "I saw my life pass before my eyes." Yes, this process happens in an instant.

Even though the flesh dies, it is the aura (spirit) that continues to exist. And in the case of reincarnation, the spirit existed before joining with flesh, and returns to being just a spirit (aura) again after death.

Life is the combination of aura and flesh. Death is the flesh without the aura that controls the flesh and animated the flesh. An aura exists for eternity and does not die.

It is therefore not the process by which we die (accident, old age, health problems, burning at the stake, etc.) But by how we led our life of flesh and spirit which helps decide the next part which has always been controlled by Almighty Himself.

And yes, I know Almighty exists unlike others (I have honestly seen Him, so...) http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/38/do-you-believe-in-god-almighty#latest

Here it comes, grab some popcorn and let the show begin...

After the flesh dies and the aura leaves the flesh, the aura separates from the flesh and joins the 'spirit worlds'. Yes, plural, worlds.

Almighty created, so therefore He is the one who ultimately decides. "I broke it so I'm stuck with it" so to speak.

After dying, there are three main realms where a spirit (aura) may return. The three main realms are Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. The Meek who learn to obey the same rules they ask others to follow usually end up in Heaven with Almighty. The Buttholes who tell others to obey rules that they, themselves, feel they do not have to follow end up in Hell with Lucifer. And most are inbetween Heaven and Hell and therefore in Purgatory (hint, Metatron is in the flesh now, but I am usually the one that has the instructions for what is to happen to those in Purgatory, usually information sharing and understanding). But yes, an aura may still gain life again and go through this process many times and many different directions.

And this now needs to be said by me, Metatron. As Almighty is tolerant of others' beliefs and such, so is Almighty more favorable to those who are tolerant of others' beliefs. Heaven would not be such a heavenly place filled with a bunch of individuals that feel they are more righteous than thou. Whether Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Dao, Tao, etc. It is not what one believes to be true but is the truth itself that Heaven is a nice place to spend eternity and Heaven would not be a nice place filled with bickering from individuals who are self-righteous but not truly righteous. It is NOT religious practices or beliefs or knowing any book verses or any of that stuff, but who you are as an individual that decides your fate (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Perdition, resurrection, reincarnation, etc.). In the spirit world, it is no longer a belief, but a reality that you are no longer of the flesh and no longer bound by a flesh body. You are an aura (spirit) not flesh after death. All are Almighty's creations and it is all decided by Almighty.

As it was decided by Almighty when He went before Sodom and Gomorrah and asked them to change their ways and they refused. Their ways were that if anyone was within their walls that the person may do as they wished without regards for the other person, animal, whatever. Yes, Sodom and Gomorrah wished to have no rules other than if you wished to do something then do it. Murder, rape, torture, theft, etc. were all 'legal' in these two cities. Almighty came and told the two cities that if they agreed to one rule, they could continue. The one rule was that anything could be done so long as those involved consented to what was being done. Using animals for food was fine as Almighty gave consent on the animals' behalfs, that if the people were hungry, they may eat. After the kings thought about this, they rejected that idea realizing that animals and young children can not give consent. When Lot and his wife and 2 daughters passed through, the people were upset that they could not do as they wished with them because consent was not given. Who would also consent to being murdered and so on. Sodom and Gomorrah would not change this ideology of no rules and thusly the inhabitants were destroyed.

The flesh is the flesh and from dust ye come and into dust ye shall return. The spirit (aura) is not dust and is for however long an eternity exists.

How long does an eternity last? Ask Almighty silly. He knows. What? He didn't answer? I think it is because how can you explain 'forever' in human terms.

Spirits that reanimate a dead flesh ressurect, whereas spirits that inhabit a different flesh through birth reincarnate. You may be born too which was another topic already discussed elsewhere.

But the three realms of Heaven for those of good, Hell for those of bad, and Purgatory for the majority that have no clue and are neither good nor bad really.

And while in Purgatory, you may elect to take an 'extra credit' class or several classes about what goes around comes around and so forth and so on. Yes, for the most part, you can repeat classes if needed. Yeah, no one likes school much which is why most would rather talk about Heaven or Hell than Purgatory honestly.

Anyway, it is the thoughts that carry on throughout eternity through the preserved aura (spirit). If not for that preservation, Almighty, Metatron, and Lucifer would get pretty lonely I imagine. The flesh becomes worm food and such which the worms don't seem to complain about it too much that I'm aware of.

Life is for learning and experiencing. And anyone wishing to learn is bound to make a mistake or two. Try not to sweat the small stuff. In the flesh, Adam and Eve ate from just the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but not from the Tree of Life. So therefore we have the ability to learn, but not eternal life in the flesh to retain that knowledge. If the opposite had happened, we would have lived forever but not gained knowledge (box of rocks anyone?). It is what it is.

I hope this helps. But it is not what we have, know, or how we die that decides out fates, but how we behave or misbehave against others that decides. And oh the stories that auras enjoy telling throughout eternity. And for everything else, there's Almighty who in the beginning created this mess and in the end will sort it all out I imagine.

The end???

46. Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? (Adult - Sexual reference)

Definitely not nowadays. No! No! No!

With all the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) out there I can not recommend this course of action.

Also, if you lose it, as a guy it is called 'erectile dysfunction' or 'your wee wee flopped', and you'll never hear the end of it which will make your wee wee flop even more.

If you lose it as a woman, you'll never hear the end of it either.

So the best advice I can give here is to wait for someone you really want to be around and who really wants to be around you and spend the rest of your lives with each other then lose it. They'll forgive you eventually.

47. Why are pie round and not squared?

Because most pie dishes are round. Hostess and Drake and Little Debbie have been working on solving this problem though.

48. How did the firefly feel after he flew into the rotary fan?

He was delighted.

49. Is Christ really the answer?

If you are asking the question of "who is the grandson of Almighty (God)?" then yes, Ieshua (Yeshua, Jeshua, Jesus) is the answer. He is however, the grandson of the one who stretches the heavens above the Earth, and the son of the Holy Spirit, but I would put my faith in Almighty first, then His son or grandson after that. But that's just me and the nice part is that Almighty likes you to think for yourself or else He would probably intervene more often.

For more on the 'trinity' see this page http://www.theeaceman.com/genie.html

Even so, Almighty even lets you put your faith in Lucifer (the Devil) if you choose as well. The problem with putting your faith in Lucifer and Lucifer's ideas is that if Almighty is not too happy with Lucifer, then He probably will not be too happy with you either.

50. Do you feel you are doing (a) good, (b) better, or (c) best?

OK. Good, you do just good enough to get by hopefully. Best, what room for improvement? Better meaning “I know I did well this time but what might I possibly be able to do next time to make things better”. Which are you? Do you just get by, think you can always do it all (regardless of what others say / know), or look for possible ways to improve? How should I know? Just askin’. I choose (b) myself (ha, be myself, funny how that works).

51. Why can't I seem to get anything right?

Maybe you're left-handed or ambidextrous (both-handed). Maybe not. Worth a try at least. And if you try and don't succeed at least you tried.

And maybe some days you need to look up to see bottom.

52. Why do Canadians always say 'eh' (pronounced ay)?

Because they are tired of USAns not knowing the words and saying "um, er, um" all the time.

Canadian : Great weather today, eh?

USAn : Um, er, um, I guess so.

USAn : Um, er, um, you got today off?

Canadian : Yes, I do eh.

USAn : Um, er, um, that's nice. Um, er, um, what's for dinner?

Canadian : Fish filet eh. Hey that rhymes eh.

USAn : Um, er, um, I guess it does, um, er, um, doesn't it?

And so on and so forth...

And you wonder why the USA and Canada keep ending up on the lower end of test scores of developed nations. It's because you never see "eh" or "um, er, um" on the tests anywhere.

Um, er, um, fer sure.

53. Why can't we all just get along?

Because way too many people get shorted. It may be a bit cliché, but all the middle ground is underwater anymore from people crying over spilt milk.

54. Do you want to hear a dirty joke?

I fell in the mud.

Sorry, the water pipe is broke and I ran out of clean material this time.

55. If no one cares then why do you care so much about no one cares?

Exactly, or as Confusion would say, "He who hesitates must pause."

56. If you are so sick and tired of all this, then why do you look so healthy?


57. Are you serious?

I am not Sirius, the Dog Star. I am Humorous, the Comedy Star. Rest assured I am back after a long hiatus (or whatever sickness I had). My front still needs a little work though.

58. Where did the idea for this blog / web site come from?

Thank you to everyone for asking.

I wrote a book back in 2011 called "The New Math" and written by me, Thee Ace Man. The book was my autobiography as I realized there were many events in my life that I needed to think about and sort out.

It took about three months to write and I originally wrote the book by hand. I contacted Strategic Book Publishing and they were interested but it needed to be in computer doc format. So I copied the handwritten text over and submitted it and it was published around August 2011.

As this was an autobiography and I am still alive, I added extra information as it became available.

One problem before publishing was the fact that many people had died that were written about and you can not get permission from a dead person to use their name. So the first name was used but the last name was left out to avoid specific reference (and possible law suit from a dead person's family or such). It worked as the book was able to be published that way.

As far as I know, this book "The New Math by Thee Ace Man" is still the only autobiography where the reader is a main character. A very unique trait and still a unique book.

When I wrote the book, I knew from the information I was writing that there was more to my life story than what I knew at the time. It wasn't until about 4 years later that I figured it out. August 25/26, 2015 is when I connected the rest of the stories together and figured out that I was the one referred to by Edgar Cayce as The Keeper of the Akashic (Akashik?) Records aka 'The Keeper of the Book of Life' aka Metatron, etc. and so on. I still kept adding to my autobiography but now I also added a Meaning of Life question and answer section and a Science of Science page as well. A lot of extra information and a few (not many really) other stories. The extra information made the book that was more of a 'text book on life' into a preachy teacher's edition of the text book on life.

The idea for this site came from my Meaning of Life question / answer page plus the book itself. With the forum question / answer format it made the information much easier to access and separated so that it wasn't one huge lump that people had to sort through. Also, as this is a forum, I can use full names and such.

The book has sold 25 amazing hard cover copies and one (1) e-book at present and the big problem was how do you shrink about 88000 wonderful words and ideas into a 250 word advertising blurb?

I never really looked to be a popular author or any of that so the 25 + 1 sales figure is not disappointing to me at all. I was glad that I had taken the time to collect all those memories before they fade (so to speak). And looking back now, as I am supposedly mentioned in the Holy Bible as 'The Last of the Great Prophets' and such, it is good for me to write my own story after reading through the Holy Bible itself and realizing that most of the writing is 'second hand' and not from the people themselves. Adam, Eve, Abraham, and even Jesus Christ and so on, never wrote things in their own words.

I keep my 'revised' copy (The Mostest Newerest Math) as a hidden html page on my web sites. The page is even color coded to separate the text book from the teacher's edition so to speak.

Anyway thanks for reading this long post and thanks for helping to make this site as wonderful and thoughtful as it has become.


And if interested, here is a couple links to the hidden book (The New Math is published, but the full The Mostest Newerest Math I plan on leaving it the way it is in html format). But unlike a forum, this is a huge amount of information to read and sort through, http://www.thenewmathbook.com/thefullbook.html or http://www.theeaceman.com/thefullbook.html. If you have a huge amount of time for over 100,000 words then definitely a good read. And if you leave the blue text out you'll see what I mean about 'preachy' and such. The original allowed the reader to expand their mind greatly, while the revisions became a bit preachy which I am still trying to avoid (especially on this forum). Preachy does not fit in well with 'do unto others' as far as I can see. The book begins with the word 'But' because I feel that every great story should start off with a great butt. And the last word is 'oops' as in "The meaning of Life in one word --> oops."

59. Is the Universe expanding or contracting?

Neither. If the Universe were expanding / contracting then the constellations like Virgo, Pisces, Ursa Major, etc., and so on would not be in the constant positions they have been in since mankind (and human beings too) has been around. Did anyone ever stop to think that the Earth is spinning around on its axis and therefore... I think someone honestly jumped the gun on this one (a reference to a track and field runner who starts before the gun goes off). Of course when you take measurements from the Earth's surface, the objects are going to appear to move because the world is spinning and you don't even remember getting that drunk (intoxicated) the night before.

But yes, in all honesty, if the 'Big Bang' were actually true then the constellations as we know them would either be getting closer to one another or moving farther apart. As we know, this is not happening now is it?

And yeah, I think it's time someone tightened Orion's Belt on this one. Orion hasn't lost or gained any weight since we've known him.

60. The story of the 'two wolves' as I remember my great grandmother telling me...

Mild adult language...

The story goes...

There is a great valley and in this valley is enough food for one wolf to survive. But there are two wolves that live here. One wolf is nice and kind and caring. The other wolf is mean, miserable, and nasty. Which wolf survives?

Of course I said the mean wolf. Then my great grandmother said back, "A wise man once said that it is the wolf that feeds that will survive, but I'm glad you'll be mean, miserable, and nasty like the rest of us Travel Asses (last name Travis)."

61. Do you know Albert Einstein's IQ score?

According to Sir Nicholas Boehr (Boer, Boehr, I know the sound but not the precise spelling), Albert Einstein's official IQ score was 185. Dr. Stephen Hawking's IQ score was 160. Sir Nicholas' was 174 I believe.

At the time that Albert Einstein passed away, no one seemed to stand above the rest like Einstein and Charles Darwin had. Much like now after Hawking's passing. I am figuring that they will instate Marilyn vos Savant because a woman has never held the position. However, there is definitely reserve about this as Marilyn has made some mistakes in her newspaper column and also that the '225' IQ score is kind of fabricated. Time will tell I guess.

Sir Nicholas told me that Albert Einstein lived in Nick's guest house but Albert and Nick referred to each other as roommates for the last part of Albert's life. A good story I heard was that a few times Albert would come running to Nick and say, "Nick, Nick, I can't find my glasses, where are my glasses Nick?" And then Sir Nicholas would reach out and pull the glasses off of Albert's face and then put them back on again. Albert would then say, "Oh there they are, thanks Nick." And then Albert would return to his work studying the properties of light.

62. Do double rainbows actually exist?

Yes, and this is my actual voice in this video too.

http://www.theeaceman.com/dublrainbow.mp4 .

63. What is the real answer to life?

Two words, "Uh oh". After these two words you know there is going to be a great story afterwards as I will try to explain...

When Adam and Eve realized they were running around naked in the Garden of Eden, uh oh.

When Noah was building the ark in his backyard and people were talking about how sunny it was and such, then, uh oh.

When Sodom and Gomorrah were saying, "we don't need no stinking rules, whadda ya gonna do about it?" Then uh oh.

When Moses kept going before Pharaoh and Pharaoh kept saying "Whadda ya gonna do about it?" Then uh oh.

When Arnold Schwarzenneger steps up to the counter in the movie "The Terminator" and the guard won't let him in, but then Arnold says, "I'll be back", then uh oh.

And don't forget that time you ate a plateful of chili bean burritos and then uh oh and you had to sleep all night on the couch.

And on and on...

Even in your own life, when you hear the words, "uh oh", like I said, you know there is going to be a great story somewhere.

64. [Insert Subliminal Message here --> Brain for rent - Inquire Within]

Just a thought...

65. So are you saying that some of what is written in the Holy Bible may not be true?

The Holy Bible as a history book is a very good reference to certain events that have happened. And if you read carefully, you will see some problems as far as content issues. When you read the New Testament and the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), you notice that every time you hear Jesus asked if he is the Son of God, Jesus does not answer that question, only that some people refer to Jesus as that title. If you read the original 1609 King James English translations, you understand why Jesus says what he does about 'The Son of God' label. In the Gospels, Jesus never admits nor denies that he is the Son of God. According to the Gospels, it was written that Jesus's mother, the Virgin Mary was with child of the Holy Ghost and not Almighty Himself. So much of a mess because of so-called experts not reading things properly and then forcing people to accept something that is not true. In the later books of the New Testament, you hear Peter and Paul telling people that Jesus said he was the Son of God, but when you read the Gospels which contain what Jesus said, you do not ever have Jesus say he is the Son of God.

Other anomalies are the two different references to Noah as far as one reference said Noah boarded the animals two by two into the ark, and another reference elsewhere of how Noah boarded seven of the good animals (not just two) as a sacrifice unto the Lord.

The big problem is actually not the Bible itself, but others who try to find some 'hidden meaning' where none exists. Read the original 1611 King James Preface as it explains what went on as far as the construction of the original King James 1609 Holy Bible.

The history is written down and preserved within the pages of the Holy Bible. However, the Bible was NOT written with verse numbers and chapter numbers and all that. If you read the Preface, you know that these things were added in to aid the translators with accurate translations from the original texts into the 'vulgar' English translation. There definitely is not ANY hidden numerology or such within these verse numbers or such as numbers were not used in the original texts and were added later as translation aids. Note also, when dealing with references to future events (aka prophecies and such) remember that many of these ideas and things did not exist when the texts were written. Therefore, imagery of what was around back then was used to try and explain what was to happen in the future. Yes, that kind of stuff does have a 'hidden' meaning only in that how do you explain Russia or the United States, when Russia and the United States does not exist yet. It is not really 'hidden' in these cases, but is a difficult process to explain to someone in terms that don't exist about things, events and stuff that is to exist in the future. But MOST of the Holy Bible is an attempt to preserve the history (both good and bad) as to events that happened that writers felt were noteworthy. Remember, not all that is written in 'The Good Book' is actually good. Many times, events were written about based on stories that had been handed down, and in some instances, maybe the stories may not have been quite accurate, but who knows? The nice part is that at least it did get written down.

And with this being said, read the Bible for what it contains, history. And remember too, no one has to say they are an expert unless people do not believe them to be experts. And why would experts be believed to be not experts? That should hopefully help to explain this. People make mistakes. Experts feel they are not people. Experts do not make mistakes. Therefore, experts are not people really and are just figments of their own imaginations. What is written is what is written. What is written about what was written is something else. Many times so-called 'experts' have tried to pull things out of context and a huge mess ensues. The reason being is that this stuff makes little to no sense to an idiot, let alone anyone with a kindergarten education. The Holy Trinity stories told exemplify this immensely. Listen to what others say and then read what is actually printed here http://www.theeaceman.com/genie.html and you see what pulling things out of context really creates. A MESS. That was why I wrote the Genealogy page that I wrote, to help straighten some of the mess out. Jesus NEVER said he was the Son of God. Never. But what does Jesus or his mother the Virgin Mary know. The experts know more than everyone else anyway, just ask them.

And as we all know with history, many times people wish for things to happen, but things do not always happen as wished. And some people would rather write down their wishes than reality. The nice part about the Holy Bible is that most times, what is written is what is meant to be written. Let's face it, Solomon and his Psalms and Proverbs made Almighty look arrogant. If Solomon had not written such stuff, people would not realize how arrogant Solomon must have been himself. As always with history, always consider the source. And in the case of any old written works, most of the sources have long since vanished and questions will always remain as the source is no longer available.

But what is written in the Holy Bible is what is written. The 'New' Versions are rewrites and not retranslations as the Churches realized that many things that they were doing were not allowed and thusly the Bible was rewritten, not retranslated as they wish people to believe. But remember too, the Holy Bible is NOT written by Almighty Himself. Just as this page here is not by Almighty Himself. I do not wish anyone to 'believe' what I wrote or such. I just write what I feel I need to write and let others believe or not believe as they wish. But I always try to make sense of the 'whole picture' and not the bits and pieces. I also use a little about what is written, but mostly what I write involves my personal experiences and how it relates (or doesn't relate) to what is written out there. If it was not for seeing Almighty Himself, I would not take the positions I take. But my knowing Almighty actually does exist because I have seen Him (and not in a near death experience or such, but seen Him) I realize that He actually does exist. And with that, and because I exist too, I am not wishing to put words in His mouth that didn't come out of His mouth, but making sure that I write the words I feel I need to write myself. Almighty never spoke to me that I am aware of, but I did see Him. And as such, I am as I am as Almighty is who Almighty is. And you are as you are. To each our own.

But the Holy Bible is a compilation of different books written by different authors during different time periods. Each part is different. And after 5 to 6 times reading through the whole 1609 King James book when I was younger, it is a lot of reading to do. And one of the big problems is that most people can not handle that much information all at once. So, unfortunately, many try to take shortcuts and miss a lot of information in the process and put a lot of 'faith' many times in the wrong people. And those people of course were led by other people, and so on... I am not one to take shortcuts or be led astray because someone wants me to take a shortcut. As with anything, if something sounds too good to be true, then listener be ware.

So, as with any LARGE volume of information, there are always inconsistencies somewhere. The Holy Bible being no exception. Most stories contained in the Holy Bible are the stories that are meant to be there. There are other stories as well. The Holy Bible is the official version of stories. If Adam and Eve had just had sons, then we wouldn't be here, but you do not hear mention of Adam and Eve's (nor anyone else's) daughters in the Holy Bible (Holy Scriptures). So it is what it is. And as such, the Holy Bible is not the whole story, but still a nice read.

And what about Adam and Lilith and The First and Second Books of Adam and Eve? And weren't the Hebrews able to talk directly with Almighty in the Holy of Holies? Exactly.

66. How do I pray to Almighty (God, Allah, etc.)?

You just ask. Remember, Almighty, Shaddai, God, Allah, YHVH / YHWH, et cetera, does not truly have a name. When people ask questions and such, He knows. Also, remember, He is the One who created all of this and He knows when people will ask for help and such. He already knows, so just ask. No need to bow your head or recite something verbatim from a book or such. You just ask. But remember too, what is meant to be is meant to be, and it is still His will.

Also of note, please ask Him, not some Saint, Sainte, or whatever. He is the one who decides, and no Saint, Sainte, or whatever can go against His will. In all seriousness. And also, Almighty does not have any magical jewelry or artifacts or such just as in the beginning. Almighty created all of this out of nothing, so remember, all that Almighty truly needs is Himself.

Also, also note. Almighty appreciates it when you talk to Him, not when you try to recite some sacred whatever from any book or such. There is no set formula or special incantation or such for Almighty. In fact, if you wonder why He doesn't help sometimes, it may be because you do not really understand that Almighty can not be just conjured or swayed by some supposed magical incantation or such. He is as He is, and He does as He does, and He has always been that way.

And there are no special religious groups or such with Almighty anymore. Back when, Almighty made a covenant with the Hebrews that so long as He saw the Hebrews obeying His laws that He would be there to guide the Hebrews. The Hebrews were definitely not obeying His laws when the Romans ran amok after Ieshua (Jesus, etc.), His grandson was hung upon a cross because the Hebrews had Ieshua tried under Roman law because they were not adhering to His laws anymore. Yes, Almighty warned them, but the Hebrews were 'stiff-necked' and didn't listen as usual. And even worst was Rabbi Ishmael, who later on tried to turn Judaism into paganism with all of his talk of magical artifacts and such. To note, the Ark of the Covenant was made by the Hebrews as a symbol to the Hebrews that Almighty was with them. Then the Ark disappeared and His laws were definitely not being kept if His grandson was being tried by Roman laws and not the Hebrew laws. It was as it was and is as it is and will be as it will be. His will.

67. What about the "Ten Commandments"?

These were the words that Almighty wrote on two stone tablets and later Moses placed these tablets in the Ark of the Covenant. These were written in Hebrew (and remember, Moses was raised as an Egyptian, not a Hebrew) and were the laws as follows (in english)...

Exodus 20:2

I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

Exodus 20:3

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Exodus 20:4

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Exodus 20:5

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

Exodus 20:6

And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

Exodus 20:7

Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

Exodus 20:8

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Exodus 20:9

Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

Exodus 20:10

But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

Exodus 20:11

For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

Exodus 20:12

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Exodus 20:13

Thou shalt not kill.

Exodus 20:14

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Exodus 20:15

Thou shalt not steal.

Exodus 20:16

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Exodus 20:17

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

These were all considered 'stoning offenses' at first, but later laws were rewritten by the Hebrews for sacrificing animals for forgiveness for adultery and such. Technically, King David had adulterous thoughts when he sent his troops out to be slaughtered so that he could take another man's wife, and as such, by Hebrew law, King David should have been stoned to death under those laws.  But then too, King David was given Adam's remaining 70 years of life by Almighty (God), so stoning King David would not seem like a good idea I feel.

These are NOT the laws of Heaven or such. So long as Almighty saw the Hebrews keeping these laws then Almighty was with them. As a witness against them not keeping His laws, Almighty's grandson was hung upon a cross because the Hebrews were not keeping His laws. Judas was not the actual 'traitor' as it was the Hebrews that had allowed the Romans to take over the land of Milk & Honey long before Ieshua was hung on a cross to die. Judas made the decision as Ieshua knew he would, and Ieshua knew Almighty would forgive Judas, but not the Hebrews for allowing this to happen. And a short time later, the Romans conquered the lands of Israel and then the lands of Judah, which have still not been fully returned to the Hebrews, only partly. Jerusalem is not fully under Hebrew law anymore. And the Hebrews were removed for nearly 2,000 years from having a land to call their own. And the Ark can not be found, so the covenant can not be restored by that means, but maybe, just maybe, a new covenant may be awaiting (as was foretold in a prophecy about a new covenant with the Gentiles through the Holy Spirit).

Oops, I forgot. Also, the sabbath was from Friday at sunset until Saturday at sunset. This was considered the sabbath day (not from midnight until midnight, but from sunset to sunset).

An even bigger oops, for Christians, the Sabbath was changed from the actual Sabbath to Sunday from midnight until midnight. Sunday was the day of Apollo, the Sun God, who was believed to be the one by the Romans to provide the sunlight that created life. Also, to convert the Mithrites, the first day of the year was changed from March 1 to January 1. It was believed that Mithra was to be born on December 25 and then one week (7 days later) was to be the start of the new year. And now you know why September is the 9th month instead of the seventh (sept) month (same as Oct, Nov, and Dec). And no, sorry, Ieshua (the Sower of Seeds) was not born on December 25th in the middle of winter (and the year zero never existed as it went from 1 BC to 1 AD which really created some headaches for modern computer programmers looking to do star charting).

68. Was Judas of Iscariot forgiven?

Yes. It was troubling for Judas to do what he did, but Judas did bow down to Almighty's will and turn in Ieshua as he was asked to do. Without Judas being the one to turn Ieshua over to the Romans, someone else would have. Judas was 'chosen' as well. Judas was not the 'evil' person many have tried to make him out to be. Judas was a very kind and caring person who was tired of the Hebrews being overrun by the Romans. Judas thought that by turning in Ieshua, that Ieshua would fear death and use his strength to vanquish the Romans. Instead, Ieshua knew that his Father, Almighty, was also tired of keeping a covenant with a group of 'stiff-necked' people who thought of themselves being superior to others because Almighty was with them. But the Hebrews forgot that in order for Almighty to be with them that the Hebrews needed to keep Almighty's laws (laws of the flesh, not to be confused with the laws of Heaven). Thusly the Romans overran the Hebrews. Had not Judas done what he had done, the witness against the covenant being broken would not have occured. And when Judas realized that Ieshua's mission was not to free the Hebrews, but to be a witness, then Judas realized that the Romans were not to be vanquished. And rather than continue to live under Roman law, Judas took his own life by hanging himself from a tree. Yes, Judas carried out the will of Almighty by doing what he did, so why wouldn't Judas be forgiven by Almighty Himself? And Pontius Pilate was just doing his job as well (which is more than I can say for the priests and rabbis that weren't supposed to be having money changers in the temples).

Also, Peter was relegated to the keys to the Pearly Gates of Heaven and not inside Heaven itself, so I'm not sure if Peter was forgiven for saying Ieshua said stuff that Ieshua never actually said. And don't sweat it because I am not really in Heaven or Hell throughout eternity that I know of either.

(This is not normally how I say or do things but sometimes you need to sound authoritative or whatever...), I, Metatron, am the one who wrote and keeps the books and not Peter. Myself and Almighty instruct Peter whether it is wise to open the Pearly Gates or not. And note, Peter is not clean shaven either and when Edgar Cayce visited the one with the Akashic Records, the Keeper is clean shaven not bearded.

69. Was Noah really an albino?

From the information I have been able to gather, I believe Noah was born appearing very pale (like an angel in skin color), but I am not sure if Noah had red eyes. From what I have read, Noah did not appear to have the typical red eyes that an albino has. I believe the iris (eye color) of Noah's eyes may have been a milky white or possibly a golden yellowish color but I am not positive about this. I am very sure, though, that Noah's skin was a very pale white color when he was born and most likely platinum blond (silvery white) hair color.

Also, Noah aka Naphishtim aka Manu aka many different cultures seem to have a tale about Noah and his floating animal managerie.

70. What is the meaning of life?

Life (līf), noun, a four-letter word you are stuck with until death.

If you believe in sticking it to others before others stick it to you then I need to bring up another four-letter word. Hell (hel), noun, a place where the spirits of people that stick it to other people are placed to face eternal pain, suffering, and damnation for the horrible way they treated others during life and afterlife too.

Contrary to popular belief, Hell was created by Almighty as a place of punishment for individuals. As such, the true ruler of Hell is Almighty Himself, but since Almighty hasn't ever done anything worthy of punishment, why would Almighty wish to live in Hell? Exactly, Lucifer (Satan) rules over Hell in Almighty's absense, however, Almighty is the Creator and true ruler over Hell. Anyway, Heaven is the six letter word for the place where Almighty lives.

Almighty [Shaddai], like Metatron [the Holy Scribe] did not really have a meaning per se when first used, but try to tell Almighty [the Holy of Holies] He means nothing and you get strange looks from individuals for some reason, same as Emmanuel [the Holy Spirit], now you know. The 3 Holy(s) - The Holy of Holies, Shaddai [Almighty], the Holy Scribe, Metatron, and the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel all have this in common and all took on 'meaningless' names with the same numeric equivalent. In Hebrew [as in Latin and Greek] letters are used as numbers as well. When Almighty's, Metatron's, and Emmanuel's letters are spelled right and added up in Hebrew, they come out to the same number, 314, 316 or 317 I believe depending on what expert you talk to.

The areas where life occurs are between Heaven and Hell. And some spirits don't really live a long enough life to decide good or evil and may have a chance at another life at another time. Life is as it is. Flesh with spirit and spirit with flesh.

The spirit is introduced at conception and is what gives the flesh life. When the spirit leaves, life in the flesh dies, but the spirit still exists.

An intricate process that came about because a couple individuals ate from a tree they were asked not to eat from but did not eat from the other tree that they were asked not to eat from. Thus we were given the knowledge of good and evil but not given the eternal life in the flesh to retain that knowledge. Such is life in the flesh.

See also "Why are we here?" topic - http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/20/why-are-we-here#latest

Or, the meaning of life in one word is oops. Oops you are born, oops stuff happens, then oops you die. Oops is also another four-letter word like life itself, Oops!

71. For a list of links to all of my posts without having to search this site... (newest links at top)

Use this link for the posts from me, metatron,


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One of the leading posts on this board which helps to explain other posts on this site is "Do you believe in God (Almighty)?"

Most of the other posts are full of information as well, and the topic title will either be of interest or not be of interest depending on what you are looking for as far as information. Science, religion, intellectual, and so forth. A wide range of subject matter which can be overwhelming, but is divided up into different topics (articles) on this site (forum).

I used the question in the subject and an article in the post to give the reader a chance to give their own answer possibly and to see how the answers may or may not compare. I feel it adds more enjoyment to the site to give the reader an opportunity to participate as well.

As most people are searching for answers and information, I realized in my own search, that much of the information I have gathered can be used to help others. As some of this information is personal and related to me personally, much of this site contains unique information that I feel I need to share. And because of a wide range of subject matter, I feel a forum such as this site instead of a huge book, is the better format for both myself and the average reader. By splitting up the information into smaller 'topics', the information is much easier to manage and understand.

Thank you. As I understand, since I have been, and still am, looking to find honest answers also.

I feel it is also worthy to note that in my own research I have realized that there does not seem to be any hidden or secret meanings in any sacred texts or such. Many times I have come across someone who has become very confused because they are told to believe one idea even though they know another idea is what is actually written. It is my hope to try and help to clear up this confusion whenever possible.

I hope that you enjoy this site as it was a joy for me to create this site and share ideas with many others. Thanks again,

Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man

72. What about the First Coming and the Second Coming?

The First Coming was the grandson (Ieshua, Jesus, Sower of Seeds, etc.), the Gatekeeper (Simon called Peter), and the baptism with water.

The Second Coming is the son (Emmanuel, Holy Spirit, Reaper of the Harvest, etc.), the Holy Scribe (Metatron, Thee Ace Man, etc.) and the baptism with fire.

As you can see, these are NOT the same individuals between the First Coming and the Second Coming. The individuals in the First Coming do not make a return trip in the Second Coming. Don't know who or how the junk got started but honestly the son is not the grandson nor is the Gatekeeper the same individual as the Holy Scribe. And fire is definitely not water, now, is it? Some people.

But the First Coming was the times around the AD / BC era whilst the Second Coming is around the 2000 AD period. The First Coming is the Sowing of Seeds with water, whilst the Second Coming is the Reaping of the Harvest with fire. It is as it is.

73. Didn't Almighty state that all people will be judged on their own behalfs (no intercessor)?

Exactly. To cross reference here... When Moses pleaded with Almighty (God) on behalf of those that worshipped the golden calf, Almighty explicity told Moses that all people are held accountable for their own actions. Throughout the Holy Bible itself as well as nearly all sacred sciptures ever written it seems the same theme is prevalent. We are all held accountable for what we say and do and not for what others say and do. Both good and evil. That includes Moses, himself, when Moses was asked not to bang his staff upon the rock but did so anyway and thusly was not allowed to pass into the Promised Land of Cows and Bees (milk & honey too). We are not held accountable for other people's actions or thoughts, only our own. To each according to their own as stated. Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Moses, Captain John Pocahontas Smith, Saint Bubba, Sainte Oops, etc. No intercession. We are also not born with knowledge of good and evil, only the knowledge that we have life when starting out. Kind of opposite from the trees. Those who eat only from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are given the knowledge of life in the flesh (death included), we never ate from the Tree of Life to retain the knowledge of what good and evil really are throughout eternity in the flesh. The Tree of Knowledge gives life in its way whilst the Tree of Life gives knowledge in its way. They work together even when apart. When Almighty's grandson was nailed upon a cross and left to die, did Almighty intercede? No. Judas of Escariot and others were hoping that Almighty would intercede but He did not. But then too, Almighty's grandson walked around dead after 3 days then ascended into Heaven after talking with others. So maybe working on the Sabbath Day wasn't such a bad thing after all? Maybe it was and still is? Things happen. But are those that are making things happen looking to improve life for all or just themselves? The Heavenly Meek who practice the same rules that they wish others to follow, and the Hellish Buttholes who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves. It has always been as it has always been, is, and will be. To each our own. From dust we come and into the dust we go in the flesh, but the flesh is given life by an aura. And although that flesh dies, the aura remains for however long an eternity lasts. But thoughts without flesh is another matter entirely, and those thoughts remain as they are throughout eternity, intercessor not included.

74. If there really is a 'God' (Almighty), why doesn't He set things right and all that?

In order for evil to occur, one must be allowed to do evil. Just as for good to occur, one must be allowed to do good. No interference when the flesh and aura are combined in this thing we call life. When the aura leaves the flesh and the flesh dies, that's another story. And that leads to this question, do you really want someone meddling in everything you do? Seriously. Is there something wrong with being yourself whatever that may be? Don't you think Almighty has done enough setting up Heaven, Purgatory, the Abyss (Hell) and all that and you want him to do everything else too? Are you really that lazy? Is there something wrong with being able to do things on your own without someone having to watch over your shoulder all the time? Really? Is there something wrong with solving your own problems as best you can? If someone else always does everything for you, how are you going to learn to do on your own if this individual isn't there all the time? Yes, that is why in the beginning, Almighty was more directly involved in people's lives. As you get more experience you realize that it is better to let others work on solving their own problems in case you have something more important to do than babysit someone. How is one to learn to become more self sufficient if someone always intervenes all the time? Can't we (like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ieshua / Jesus) intervene on our own? After the aura leaves the flesh and the flesh dies, then Almighty gets involved. But in the flesh, Almighty put his rainbow (multiple at times) in the sky to remind Himself not to interfere so much in the life in the flesh, but oh the vengeance that can be had when the aura is no longer protected by the flesh for certain Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but don't follow those rules themselves), and the rewards for the Meek (who follow the same rules they ask others to follow), while the rest of us try to figure out what's next in store for us (live and learn I guess). After the Great Flood, Almighty promised not to use his vengeance on those in the flesh, and He has kept that promise however difficult it may be at times (well, actually, Pharaoh in the times of Moses asked for it, and a few others - Sodom and Gomorrah, but for the most part).

75. Is Vishnu and Lucifer the same individual?

An excellent question. The Roman Catholic Church used the image of Vishnu (with goats legs and horns and tail added) to try and deter its followers from converting to Hinduism. There are a few similarities between them in that Lucifer changes form as did Vishnu. It is difficult to say if Vishnu may have been Lucifer. That is one of those questions best left up to Almighty, Lucifer, and Vishnu too I feel. Definitely something to think about. Different people have had different experiences and I feel it is always a good thing not to discount the stories of others, but to see if more knowledge can be gained.

I do know that the image we call Lucifer is derived from Vishnu (blue and beard became red and beard), Poseidon / Neptune (trident and redesigned tail), and the Forest God Pan (horns and goat legs). Just like Almighty looks nothing like Zeus, Lucifer looks nothing like the Romans have made him to look. The Romans had Zeus (high on Mount Olympus) and Poseidon / Neptune (God of the Deep) and worked diligently to transpose them and preserve their pagan ways. Do not worship graven images. It makes it too easy to be led astray when the real deal comes along. Almighty does not look nor act like Zeus, just as I'm not sure what the blazes they are trying to make Lucifer appear as.

And for the grammar demons out there, is (singular) not are (plural). If Lucifer and Vishnu is the same, or even if Vishnu or Lucifer are not the same. Whatever. It may be two names, but one individual. Maybe not. Wait and see.

76. What about the Battle of Armageddon?

This is a spiritual battle between Heaven and Hell (Abyss, Lake of Fire). The forces of evil (Lucifer and friends) attempt to overthrow the forces of good (Almighty and friends) but I don't really think of it as much of a battle really. You have the angels and such who feel only joy and happiness being attacked by demons who feel only pain and suffering. How do you spread pain and suffering to those who only feel joy and happiness. Just as how do you spread joy and happiness to those who only know pain and suffering. Yeah, it should be obvious that the good guys win this one. Afterwards, Lucifer and his friends are cast into Hell (Abyss, Lake of Fire, etc.) And a gate placed over top and locked for 1,000 years. It hasn't happened yet that I am aware of. As far as I know, Lucifer and his friends still reside behind Almighty's Throne of Judgment. After the thousand years of peace compliments of the Meek (who follow the same rules they ask others to follow), the gate over the Abyss (Hell) is unlocked for a short time and the Buttholes (those who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves) are unleashed again for a short while. Or so the story goes.

If I'm around during this battle, you'll probably notice that I will be the guy over on the sidelines telling jokes until the Meek start laughing and the Buttholes bust a gut trying so hard not to laugh.

77. Does exorcism really work?

Only if you believe it does.

78. What about Jihad?

http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/397/what-about-the-battle-of-armageddon#latest , Jihad is the equivalent of the Battle of Armageddon. It is a spirit battle and not a flesh battle. The thing is that no one wins Jihad or the Battle of Armageddon by reading out of a book or quoting scriptures or whatever. The forces of good who know only joy and happiness versus the forces of evil who know only pain and suffering. Hopefully the victor of this battle is obvious.

79. What's the deal with Na'ar / Youth?

These are not 'titles' but are a nickname (which Kiddo is probably more accurate than Youth) that I was given by Almighty (Shaddai). Almighty gave me this nickname because of my clean shaven appearance, my eagerness, and my wonderment, much like that of a child. And if you read through this site, I am actually very child-like as it is my nature to be inquisitive, adventurous, and such. But this is actually a nickname and not a title.

80. If it wasn't for bad luck, would I have any luck at all?

Adversity builds character, and obviously you are well on your way to being quite a character. Imagine how many 'uh oh' stories you will have to tell throughout eternity. Uh oh, I feel another wonderful story coming soon. As we all know, if you have a little patience, things will turn around for you eventually.

81. Do ghosts really exist?

When a person dies the aura (spirit) which controls the flesh leaves the flesh. A ghost is an aura that may be sticking around to comfort or help a loved one, or the aura may have had an incident where the aura does not fully realize that the flesh died and may be lost. It may seem creepy or whatever, but the aura is made up from electromagnetic energy. As such, the aura may be able to move things or behave like the flesh is still attached. Remember, it is the electromagnetic aura within ourselves that gives us life in the flesh.

As far as 'demon possession' and such, there is just one aura per flesh body. Another aura may be able to attach but not inhabit a body that already has an aura. An attachment will attach itself to the existing aura and is usually a deceased spouse or child or such that feels lonely without the one it is attached to. It may also be a type of 'guardian angel' that feels even though just an aura now, that they need to continue to watch over someone or ones.

Many different scenarios and such may be possible as each aura has a different memory and therefore a different purpose.

So do ghosts exist? Yes. They are not usually harmful though as they usually go about their habits like they still have flesh attached.

And after all, many times auras get confused while attached to flesh. After the flesh dies and the aura leaves, it is likely that the aura will still experience moments of confusion.

82. Is there life on other planets (extraterrestrials)?

Well, you asked, is there?

In all truthfulness, hopefully there is intelligent life on other planets, because the planet Earth truly seems to be lacking at the moment. Just a thought.

As far as I know, there most likely is life elsewhere in the universe, but it is most likely too far away for us to reach them, and for them to reach us. Time travel does not seriously appear to be an option in either case and there does not appear to be a type of alien 'base' anywhere near our solar system.

With that being said, there may be a way for an aura to venture forth without flesh attached. Whether our type of aura (human) or another type of aura (alien).

In all honesty, Almighty knows the answer, just as if there really are aliens, they know too. In the meantime, don't panic. Chances are one of our governments is doing some top secret research that they don't want anyone knowing about and they will not hesitate to brainwash people to keep others from figuring out what they are up to, in all honesty.

Keep an open mind because you never know until something does or doesn't happen.

83. Is world peace for a thousand years possible?

Yes, and so may Heaven be on Earth too. The two ideas are actually joined together as follows...

Heaven - home to the Meek who feel that good rules apply to everyone including the rulemakers themselves.

Abyss (Lake of Fire, Hell) - home to the Buttholes who feel that rules should apply to everyone else but themselves.

In order for world peace to happen, the leaders need to stop being Buttholes and become Meek. Heaven on Earth.

84. What are your thoughts about anarchy?

Anarchy is the chosen path for Buttholes in all honesty. Anarchy is the belief in no rules, no leadership, and "do whatever you feel like doing". Anarchy was the chosen path for both Sodom and Gomorrah. As we are in the flesh and have the propensity for both good and evil, it is good to think about anarchy. After a short thought, it is a better idea not to follow that bad path. Hopefully you realize that the Meek path is a better route where you don't do things to others that you wouldn't like it if it was done to you.

But yes, truly think for a short while of what would happen if there were no rules. Rioting, looting, murder, rape, torture, and so on... Like I said, not a bad idea to think about it, but a worst idea to follow that path the more you truly think about anarchy.

85. Do you know of any good practical jokes to play on people?

First, get a piece of paper and a marker. Write on the paper "I'm sorry I hit your car" and leave the piece of paper under the windshield wiper. Certain people you can drive crazy looking for scratches and dents that are not there.

86. What about sasquatches / yetis, do they exist?

According to the First Book of Enoch, the watcher angels fornicated with women and created a race of giants. Then 200 of the angels were bound and sent to Perdition to await judgment to eternal damnation. This race of giants that was talked about I believe may be what people refer to as Yetis (Abominable Snowmen) or Sasquatches. They should have all been wiped out with the Great Flood in the times of Noah. But maybe not. If the Yeti / Sasquatch is 'part angel' then they may have a very long life span (possibly maybe even immortal so to speak). The one to ask about this of course would be Almighty (God). Maybe some day we may know for sure. Until then, try to keep an open mind because you never know.

87. What is meant by "what is done can not be undone"?

It means to try and do things well each time you do them. When you do something, it happens as it happens. Try to think about the consequences of what you do or don't do before you do or don't do it. You can not erase what time has already recorded.

But there is penance and repentance when things may go wrong. Repentance is admitting something wrong was done. Penance is making amends as best as possible for that wrong. This goes with the idea that others should not be made to suffer by someone else's misdeeds.

Obviously death of the flesh can not be undone. And you can not undo anything that has been done. It all gets recorded in your aura (thoughts) including the ideas that you do not wish others to see or know.

Remember too, accidents happen. Forgiveness is also an option as is redemption and such.

But remember when you do anything, what is done can not be undone. And likewise, what has been said can not be unsaid. Type it first on a computer, you can erase and edit that... so to speak.

88. What is meant by "setting the example"?

How do you expect others to behave and follow the rules when you do not behave and follow the same rules yourself?

As an example (that has probably happened a zillion or more times). A class of students is yelling in the classroom and the teacher yells at the class to "stop yelling". To set a good example, if the teacher does not yell, then that sets the example that the students should not be yelling either. By yelling at the students, the teacher is adding to the problem and not actually solving it. Setting a good example is that if you want the yelling to stop then do not yell. Write it on the blackboard, or mime the words 'stop yelling' so that they have to be quiet to listen, etc. But you do not honestly solve a problem by being part of the problem yourself. This used to be known as 'common courtesy' but quite frankly is mostly unknown in this day and age.

In other words, if someone does something bad to you, do you (a) do it back to them and see how they like it or (b) ask them why they just did what they did. Yes, (b) is always a better course of action. If you repeat bad behaviors then you are in essence saying that the behaviors are acceptable and sending a wrong message. If it is wrong for others to do it, then it is wrong for myself to be doing it as well.

Setting the example.

89. Why does the Earth revolve around the Sun?

There are two reasons actually. First is the gravitational waves from the Sun and the Earth that are constantly trying to pull the Earth and the Sun together. Second reason is why the Sun and the Earth do not join and that reason is the magnetic field of both the Sun and the Earth repelling one another. As we know a north magnet repels a north magnet and a south magnet repels a south magnet. The magnetic fields repel aka push away whilst the gravitational waves are trying to bring the Earth and the Sun together. The result is that these two forces interacting cause the Earth to spin around as it is being pulled by gravity and pushed by the magnetic fields.

If the Earth were to move closer to the Sun, our yearly calendar would change and become shorter. Farther away and the year would become longer. Where we are at now, the Earth passes around the Sun roughly once every 365 and one quarter (1/4) days.

A day is measured by the spinning motion of the Earth in relation to the Sun. Our day / night cycles. The time it takes the Earth to make a complete cycle around the Sun is our year cycle.

90. Why do you think the same side of the Moon always seems to be facing the Earth?

Much like the Earth and the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are also in a push / pull tug of war between attractive gravity, and repulsive magnetic fields. The Earth's metal core is where the magnetism comes from. The Moon actually seems to have an off center core and not in the center like the Earth. The result is that instead of a central type spin, the Moon core being off center keeps the core repelled in a way so that the same side of the Moon always appears to face the Earth.

The Earth spins about a central north / south magnetic axis thusly rotating, whilst the Moon appears to have an off center core which keeps a certain portion of the Moon facing the Earth due to the non central nature of the Moon's magnetic core.

Feel free to explore other ideas as well. Thinking is not illegal yet that I am aware of, but if it is illegal to think where you live then hopefully you get a chance to live somewhere else for at least a short time during your life.

As we also know the gravitational pull of the Moon is only about 1/6 th that of Earth, so I wouldn't expect the 'little green mice / men' of the Moon to be in our backyards any time soon.

91. Is it true that a dog once ate your homework?

Yes, very true. It was 1972 and around March in my first grade class at Severn Elementary School in Corning, New York, United States, with Mrs. Bates as my teacher. We had a beagle puppy named Lady that likes to eat paper and lick butter straight out of the butter dish. This one day, Lady jumped up on my desk and took the homework paper I had and swallowed the whole piece of paper. The next day at school the teacher asked me where my homework was and all I could say was "my dog ate it." Which got a huge laugh from the class but I got a zero for homework because of it. About 2 weeks later, Lady tried again, but that time I managed to pull it out of her mouth before she swallowed it. Definite canine bite, but the zero still was the grade.

The other part was that I was in charge of cleaning up the dog poop in the yard and I never did see my homework from that time again. But if I had I would rather have the zero than to clean up a piece of paper to hand in for some silly grade. Sometimes, grades really aren't that important.

Yes, a definite 'uh oh' moment.

92. How did you get such a large vocabulary?

It was second grade with my teacher Mrs. Harris at Severn Elementary School, Corning, New York, United States. Throughout most of my second grade school year 1972 / 73 my teacher lectured daily how that only 'spawns of Satan' write with both hands. She lectured how Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were ambidextrous (both-handed) and how I needed to change my ways. Every day she would try to sneak up behind me and smack her pointer on the desk behind me, which startled the rest of the class but I was used to it.

Towards the end of the school year, I happened to realize that it said Name__________ on the tests, so one day I thought isn't my name 'Me' and I wrote Me in the name blank. My teacher came over and said, "you're name is not Me, change it." And I responded (with a huge laugh from the class), "If I am not Me, who am I then?". And a five minute argument ensued which resulted in my teacher grabbing her dictionary and telling me to copy out of it (even though I'm not Me). Next test I put 'Myself' because I just was not feeling Myself that day, and finally, "I", which try to figure out how I am not I either. Much more copying from the dictionary. My teacher then got a suggestion from the next door teacher to put 'Your Name_________' at the top of the next test. And when the teacher handed out the test, she stood right in front of me and pointed at the test and said, "I want you to put your name, your name on this test." So if I'm not Me then your name is not You, is it? Things happen, but this I believe led to progressive education with 'Your Name' at the top of the test. It was an attempt to get a four year college degree teacher from looking foolish by a second grader. They tried anyway. Had they asked this second grader, I could have told them to try 'legal name' but I was just a little kid so what do I know?

93. Did Mary have a little lamb?

Yes, indeed,
Mary had a little lamb.
She also had a bear.
Everyone knew her little lamb,
But no one saw her bare.

94. Do you know any ways to improve memory?

Yes, take piano lessons. To explain...

My piano teacher, Linda Jimerson, gave me piano lessons and one lesson in particular stands out. The 'ring of fifths' lesson. The notes are E, A, G, B, D. But how do you remember? Eat A Good Breakfast Daily. It is much easier to remember the sentence than the original letters. In reverse, if you have a few things to remember, make a word out of them like lettuce, onions, toilet paper, Tic Tacs, and Oreo Cookies or go to the store and pick up LOTTO. There are some ways to help at times, but it is also good to have a backup plan like a list just in case. You never know.

95. Do you have any more bright ideas for this site?

The 'make a forum' site idea is still the brightest idea thought of so far. It is so much easier this way. Ideas come and go daily, but the ideas collect as time goes by with a forum / blog. Ideas at the moment for me include more personal stories, Lord's name in vain, different races discussion (I have heard some disturbing remarks from some religious people that I feel I should address), dreams, New World Order, prophecies, and truly much more as the thoughts come and go daily for me.

But I truly enjoy the thoughtful comments and words from people visiting here as well as everyone contributes that visits here whether by comments, site hits, etc. It all contributes to this site being viewed by more and more people everyday. I do not truly look at this site as ' My site' or such because I have seen so many wonderful things happen from so many different wonderful people and I am so grateful for being and continuing to be a part of all this.

And I am still motivated for sharing ideas, whether 'politically correct' or preferably not politically correct in many of the ideas I have had.

And I have been using my cell phone at times and I have a Samsung Galaxy J1. My biggest problem has been that there is not any way to turn off 'auto complete' which has led to some 'messy' posts by me at times. I do not have the auto complete mess on my Compaq CQ-56-219wm laptop but I am a shuttle / tour bus driver that is on the road many times and like with everything that happens in life, live and learn.

96. Intriguing discussion #100, Does Almighty (God) use 'racial profiling'?

Racial profiling includes skin color, eye color, hair color, and similar characteristics.

The answer is no. Almighty sees us differently through our auras (spirits) and not much through our flesh - skin, eye color and such. Almighty (God) cares about all His creations even though, many times, His creations may not care about Him. He created existence for others, and as such, He cares about that existence. Hence, Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell were also created for reward, learning and life, and punishment throughout eternity / forever to help keep us all occupied doing something throughout eternity that can provide for good and bad storytelling. In the beginning, He was by Himself, but not so anymore. Would you rather spend an eternity talking to yourself, or are there other options? To each their own according to His will. And as He created everything we know to exist, then His last will and testament (final judgment) is indeed a very long document detailing His will. But in the meantime...

It is the aura (spirit) within flesh (substance, dust) that exists throughout eternity. Life is that period(s) or time(s) when flesh and aura combine to create what we know as life. When the aura leaves the flesh, the flesh becomes dead or just another substance, but the aura (thoughts) remain throughout however long an eternity or forever lasts. Those thoughts also contain our appearance to ourselves as well as others. Our flesh color, eye color, etc. are part of that aura appearance. But when the aura (spirit) separates from the flesh, the flesh (substance, dust) dies.

A bright (or light) aura radiates light as the spirit itself is a very 'meek' spirit that feels that good rules apply to the rulemakers themselves as well as others (happiness and joy). The dark aura absorbs light as it is an aura that is very 'buttholish' in that the aura feels that rules should apply to others but not the rulemakers themselves (pain and suffering from yourself to others and from others to yourself). The aura radiance (color) has nothing to do with skin color or eye color or such. The radiance (or absorption depending) of an aura is its good / evil factor and is in all honesty not related to skin color. Skin color and eye color and such are still present within an aura.

So in the end, the bright auras occupy Heaven, whilst the dark auras punish themselves in Hell, whilst the rest get sorted out some way or another in Purgatory (the middle ground between Heaven and Hell where both good and evil exist). And what about the Garden of Eden where neither good nor evil (nor clothes either from what I was told) exist?

But it is not the color of a person's skin that people need to worry about, but the radiance (color) of the aura that should be of concern (even though we usually don't see the aura radiance or absorption in the flesh). And if you feel in the flesh to look down upon another solely by the color of their flesh (whether light, medium, or dark) then a reminder that whether your flesh is light, medium, or dark, that 'meek' people do not judge by skin color or eye color or such, but by whether you wish to obey the same rules you would wish that others would obey as well. If a meek, you would not look down upon another based upon skin color, etc. as you would not wish to be looked down upon by skin color, etc. Buttholes are another story.

But truly, verily, wouldn't it be really boring if everyone looked and acted the same all the time throughout eternity. But I honestly feel that if Almighty had written a book or such, that women would have been included too. He created women too you know. Not just Eve or Ruth or Sarai / Sarah, or Lot's wife, but women. And that is how I am pretty sure most of the 'sacred' texts out there weren't written by Almighty Himself but written by men. Buttholes mostly, but men nonetheless. And who usually teaches these men how to read and write (while being stuck home doing the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids and...) women. So ungrateful buttholes too.

My two bucks worth...

97. What about hermaphrodites and / or homosexuality? (mild adult theme - mild sexual language)

First, hermaphrodites are born having both male and female sex organs. As others are born with either male or female sex organs, this can be a problem for an hermaphrodite. Men are looking for women and women are looking for men, but who looks for a man and a woman in the same package? You never know until you try. But you can be rest assured that it will be an awkward search. With a woman it would not appear as awkward for a woman to be with a man with boobs and such. As far as an hermaphrodite being with a man, possible, but unlikely, as a certain body part would obviously get in the way. But the choice is between the hermaphrodite and their partner or possible partner, it is not truly a 'public' choice, but a personal choice. Someone is hopefully already asking this, but, what about the aura (spirit) of an hermaphrodite? It is not both a man and a woman spirit (aura) inhabiting a flesh body, but is a single spirit (aura) inhabiting a flesh body. This aura is not mixed up or confused, but is as it is, both sexes. And who are we to question Almighty's (God's) design? It is as it is. We are who we are. And speaking about questionable...

An eunuch is neither sex. As such, no reproductive capabilities or sex organs. How do you get horny with nothing to get horny with? Just asking.

And those that are impotent and sterile. They have sex organs and sex drive but are unable to reproduce (have children).

And the bisexual (or trisexual) who doesn't really have a preference. They tried sex and they like it however and from whoever they can get it. A trisexual may have a whatever too, not just a whoever like a bisexual.

And the asexual who enjoys playing with themselves.

And the homosexual (when someone can come up with a different label that people can agree upon, I'll use it, but until then, no matter what anybody uses as a label for these individuals it is considered offensive by these individuals) who wishes to have sex with someone of the same sex.

And beastiality - dogs, horses, goats, cows, sheep, whatever.

And what about extraterrestrials?

Orgasmic orgy anyone? Everyone?

And the rest...

We are who we are in the flesh with spirit (aura) attached. Just as others are who they are. Sex is a pleasure of the flesh. Never have I heard sex being a pleasure of the aura (spirit). The aura (spirit) is electromagnetic energy that controls the flesh (substance). So what is wrong with bondage too if an aura is that controlling so long as consensual?

So long as consent is mutual, what business is it of yours? Are you jealous? And I can honestly tell you that Almighty (God) does exist, so if He really did not want or wish for something to happen, it would not happen. But on the same token, if something happens that Almighty does not like, He may allow it to be done, but someone(s) may pay for it later... (Rape, which does not involve consent is a good example here of something that may be 'paid for later' in the afterlife).

Life is flesh (substance) with aura (spirit). When substance combines with aura, horny-ness may not be too far behind. It depends on the combination. And who designed these combinations (hint, Almighty, hint)?

We are responsible for ourselves and our actions, just as others are responsible for themselves and their actions. We are not responsible for others' actions just as others are not responsible for our actions. As said, to each their own. And since Almighty is all-knowing, do you think turning the lights off makes it invisible? Sex is of the flesh, not of the aura (spirit). After the aura (spirit) leaves the flesh, what is left to get horny? Electromagnetic particles? And if the electromagnetic particles rub each other the right way, sparks can really fly I guess.

What's up? So did anyone get permission from that giraffe yet? What about the kangaroo? By the waterfall? Batteries? Just kidding. Just poking fun. Just asking.

But as always, Almighty is the one to judge, not us. I would have given it a 8.5, possibly a 9.0 (swinging from the chandelier is a bit difficult I feel, but the execution was a bit off), but still best not to judge I guess.

98. Where do you get your book information from (1609 King James, etc.)?

Originally, there were text versions of the original King James 1609 Bible and 1611 Preface on a Bulletin Board System called 'Sugar Mountain BBS' which I do not think exists anymore.

There are two main sites on the internet that I use now, those being...

Sacred Texts - http://www.sacred-texts.com

Reluctant Messenger - http://www.reluctant-messenger.com

If those don't have what you are looking for then try a search engine.

99. Where did you go to school to learn all this stuff?

I went to public schools, so most of the stuff I learned on my own.


Severn Elementary School (1970 - 1976) grades K to 5.

Corning Free Academy (1976 - 1979) grades 6 to 8.

Corning - Painted Post Easy High School (1979 - 1983) grades 9 to 12.

Associates in Science Business Administration - Corning Community College (1983 - 1985, degree in February 1986 because I forgot to do the 'audit' in 1985).

First Epicopal Church Sunday School (1971 - 1973 or 1974 when I got kicked out for asking too many of the right questions and getting wrong answers).

All schools located in Corning, New York, United States.

100. Do you know anything about this Christ / Christmas stuff?

It was fall so September, October, or November 1973 (most likely) or 1974 (possibly), and I was attending Sunday School at the First Episcopal Church in Corning, New York, United States. I believe it was a substitute teacher for Mrs. Harvin and I happened to ask 'the' question. The question from me went, "We all know Jesus was born on December 25, but do you happen to know what year he was born? Surely if you know the month and day, someone must know the year." And the teacher responded, "The year zero." From myself, that was it. I asked and I got an answer and the answer seemed OK to me. However, another in the class realized that there never was a year zero on any calendar. Research was done and information came out that the church used the day, December 25, to convert a group of people known as the Mithrites, who believed their savior, Mithra, was to be born on December 25th. So the Church decided to make Jesus' birthday December 25 to convert these people over to Christianity. And also, the calendar was rearranged so that the new year was 7 days after Mithra's Birthday or January 1st, instead of March 1st. Was Jesus (Ieshua) actually born on December 25? Absolutely not. So after my heathen ways, the teacher asked my mother to tell me "Not to return to Sunday School or else your heathen son will be excommunicated from church." That was fine with me, because I was a fighter anyway, and all this tree hugging, pacifist mumbo jumbo wasn't for me anyway (pacifiers are for babies), so I got to sleep in on Sundays and no more love thy neighbor or other pacifier nonsense for me at the time. At the time, my nickname was Bubby (or Bubba as Julie Sage called me at the time), but a year or so later, my nickname changed to Ace thanks to Julie Sage (the original 'Family Jewels' came up with my nickname 'Ace' around 1973 to 1974 while walking home from school I believe at the end of third grade so late June 1974 I believe).

101. What is this that I hear about a New Jerusalem?

It doesn't say the old Jerusalem, but a New Jerusalem. Yes. a New Jerusalem. The old Jerusalem has been tainted so many times and so many different ways that I imagine it is time for a change. Too many memories of money changers in the temples, scribes, Pharisees, Muslims, and the like. The old covenant has been broken a long time now, the Ark long gone, and there was rumor that a new covenant was coming with the Gentiles (non Jews) in a far away land with a New (not old) Jerusalem. Pretty much time to move on I guess. If the Holy Scribe (who is 53 years old) is in the flesh in New York State, and the Holy Spirit (who is about 10 years old, blond haired, blue eyed, and converses in all languages) is in the flesh within 30 miles of the Holy Scribe, then something is up I THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything)...

I am thinking maybe Noah only went half way around the world (180 -190 days in the boat) and the City of Zion may not have been where the old Jerusalem was founded. But just a thought.

102. Were you ever 'dead drunk'?

Funny you should ask, but it wasn't just me, but me and a coworker, Dave.

In 1990 I worked at the local grocery store at night stocking shelves with the night crew. This particular night was a long night and before the store closed the night before, we got a case of beer (24 pack). It was about 8:30 in the morning when we got done the next morning. So we grabbed the case of beer and started drinking by the cemetery wall across the street. The other guys on the crew left to walk home about 9:30 and it was just Dave and I leftover. So Dave and I walked into the cemetery and sat on the grass and drank some more. Dave then said, "I'm gonna take a little nap. Wake me up in a couple hours." So Dave fell asleep. About 10:30 AM I laid down and I fell asleep too. About 2:30 PM I woke up and looked over and saw the lady in the nearby house standing next to a police officer who was poking at me with a tree branch. The officer said, "Are you two all right?" And I was like, "Yeah, we're all right. We had a long night working and must have fallen asleep." The officer said, "OK, but you two got to get going now. You had me worried I might have to fill out a report on this."

So Dave and I grabbed the beers and walked away. But what the officer said got me to thinking and laughing. How would the officer fill out the report? Scenario 1, No one would believe that the officer showed up at the cemetery and no one was dead. Scenario 2, the officer showed up at the cemetery and saw two drunks rise from the grave, grab their beer and walk away. I think the officer just wrote, went to the cemetery and everything was fine or such.

But yeah, me and Dave were dead drunk I guess. And the stories you here. But actually, I think me and Dave were more dead tired than drunk, but the story sounds better as dead drunk so the story is stuck that way.

103. Is it polite to point?

It depends on what finger you are using to point with...

If you are getting married and you don't point your ring finger at someone, you are downright rude and obnoxious.

104. Is it healthy to play in traffic?

Definitely not. Not only will you probably get hit by a car, but think of all the exhaust fumes you will breathe in. But just try telling bicyclists and joggers that they have an unhealthy habit, and they look at you kind of funny.

105. What about the Shroud of Turin?

First and foremost, this piece of fabric shows up in like 1300 AD but was not known to exist before then. We also have the account of Ieshua ascending up to Heaven in a loin cloth because someone stole his shroud and hid it until it could be found in Turin many years later. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it ain't Ieshua's shroud for some reason.

106. What about weight loss and nutrition?

Life is the combination of aura (spirits, thoughts) and flesh (substance). Believe it or not, much of your outward appearance is determined by your aura automatically, as your aura is what controls everything during life in the flesh. Eye color, hair color, cheeks, chin, no chin, double chin, etc. Many things are automatic, but others can be possibly changed.

Weight loss - ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms.

Nutrition - how your body absorbs what you eat.

And what about it?

Well, let us look at what is really happening. Did you notice I did not say 'calories or Calories'? Why? Because your stomach where the food ends up is full of acid that breaks down whatever is in your stomach. Calories are based on the amount of heat it takes to melt something. Does not equate. Calories have nothing to do with it and study it carefully and you will see what is coming up here, the truth. Here it comes...

Weight has to do with how heavy something is. That is why they manipulate numbers on the sides of containers. 6 servings per one dinner? Exactly. Weight is how much something weighs (pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms). If you eat six pounds, you gain six pounds. If you poop or pee six pounds, you lose six pounds. Weight. It is the weight, not the size, of what you eat. All nonsense calculations pushed aside, weight of you is determined by the weight of what you eat minus the weight of what you poop and pee and sweat. "You = food - excrements" if you want to simplify this into a math equation (and I know how well people like doing math). And what about sweat? Sweat is caused by a gland known as, drum roll please, sweat glands. The glands release sweat (water, salt, etc.) onto the skin. You have to sweat a lot to lose any real weight. And some individuals do not even have sweat glands. As your body is made mostly of fluids, a lot of sweat can lose weight in a hurry. But the gland can only release what is available. If you are dehydrated (low on water), guess what, no sweat. But if you are too low on water and your body needs to sweat, dehydration and then death of the flesh happens (the aura still continues on elsewhere). So a big warning, yes, weight has to deal with heaviness (weight) but there is a point where you can get yourself into trouble worrying about your weight instead of what you eat. And what you eat is called, drum roll again, nutrition.

Nutrition is how your body deals with what is eaten. The acid in your stomach breaks down what is in the stomach into chemicals it can store and then use. Certain chemicals help certain body features. Also, your body pumps a lot of blood, and you need fluids for the blood to remain fluid and not thick and cloggy. Your blood carries many of these nutrients absorbed by your stomach to the parts of your body that need it. If it isn't needed, it gets stored until later in most cases. All of this is built into your body (flesh) and your flesh (body) has these events controlled by your aura (spirit). You don't have to think about what needs to be broken down and where it needs to go, as the flesh is programmed to do this automatically through the aura (thoughts) that combine with the flesh (substance) to give you life in the flesh. When the flesh dies, the aura still exists, but separates from the flesh to join other auras elsewhere (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and the subdivisions thereof). The flesh is not all there is, so don't sweat it yet.

It is not about 'eating healthy' or any other key buzzwords that salespeople come up with, but it is about taking care of yourself. Certain foods and liquids do provide certain nutrients that assist certain body characteristics. But all food that is not poisonous benefits something. Balanced diet and all of that aside, there is no real miracle food or miracle pill for that matter. If you overindulge in one area, another area suffers. But remember too about your aura controlling all of this. Your memory of your taste buds tingling as well as your memory of an upset stomach are stored in your aura. Your thoughts (aura) are what you can try to adjust. You can make different choices if you really think about it. Or not.

So remember, if it says 'diet' or 'light' or such on the labels of food, look more to the weight of the food instead of the 'buzzwords'. A two pound meal still weighs two pounds when eaten even if it says 'diet' or 'light' or even 'super duper deluxe diet light' or whatever. And to remain at the same weight, your body will need to get rid of that two pounds somehow.

As far as exercise, honestly, do as much exercise as possible. The reason being is that the more you do, the easier it is to do things that you are used to doing. And definitely, do not overdo things as pushing passed a limit will result in problems. Broken bones, torn muscles, et cetera and so on. And underdoing will lead to being out of shape and pulled muscles and so on. Moderation.

As with everything in life in the flesh with aura attached, those that overdo get hurt; those that underdo hurt easily; so moderation or middle ground is usually the better choice for a better life.

107. Do you know when 'the end of the world' will be?

I know there is to be a thousand years of peace first and a twelve sided building as well, so not anytime soon. In 3797, an asteroid is supposed to hit the Earth. But some people have some really messed up ideas and way too much time on their hands to think up more messed up ideas. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012. The Y2K computer glitch will shut everything down. We'll run out of fossil fuel by the year 2000. Nuclear Winter. Global Warming. The Hebrew calendar ends on the Hebrew year 7000 (which is about 1100 to 1200 years away).

If we are supposedly so 'scientifically advanced' then why do people believe such stupid ideas? Maybe we aren't as advanced as we think we are. It takes a lot of money to advertise stupid stuff like this, so be rest assured, it isn't intelligence that makes people materially wealthy and it shows. Materially wealthy people honestly seem to be loaded with a bunch of idiots really. And if being an idiot is being materially wealthy which is in turn being a success, then no thank you, I'll pass on that. How about you?

Oh yeah, if you really want to know when the end of life on the planet Earth really is then ask Almighty (Shaddai) and if He actually answers, please let the rest of us know too. I know what I feel I need to know and a thousand years plus is definitely out of my life expectancy range at the moment.

The world will end when the day after tomorrow becomes tomorrow and when tomorrow becomes today. Only on that day. The day of the week will end in 'day' as well. But until then, what are you waiting for?

108. Will you kindly do me a big, huge favor?

Thank you.

I feel everyone here has already done big, huge favors for me, so thank you one and all.

109. What is the magic word?

The magic word is "now!". Please and thank you are fine if you have all day. But if you need something done, now is the magic word to use.

110. We are number one, kind of...

Anyway, if you type in "ask metatron" on search engines you get...

Bing - top (first) link

Yahoo - top (first) link

Google - page 6

So if you are looking for useful information from quality search sites, try Bing or Yahoo B) .

If you are looking to waste half a day searching through piles of junk before you get to anything useful, Google it :p .

111. Any ideas about what happened to the Atlantæns?

The famed lost city of Atlantis. The Atlantæns do seem to have existed not too long ago and appear to have been fascinated with the study of crystal. Crystal is a kind of natural glass usually formed through intense heat like a volcano or possibly even the Earth's molten core, or some even from outer space. Crystal does not, however, appear to possess any magical or special qualities. It looks pretty, but functionality (opposed to metals and such) appears to be very limited.

It appears that parts of the lost city of Atlantis were found off of Bimini Island, but remember too, chances are that there was more than just one location. They also appear to have been islanders (people that lived on islands) and probably did have several home bases scattered here and there. The Atlantæns I believe traded with many other civilizations and cultures during their days, and were looking for crystal as well as literature. The Atlantæns also appear to have had their own belief system based on being in tune with crystal vibrations. As we know from the many different qualities of quartz and different frquencies of the varieties of colors that quartz can have, that quartz crystals appear to have been the Atlantæns favorite for study. Ours too in modern times for 'accurate' time pieces (watches) and such.

If you think about the other civilizations of the day, the Atlantæns would have appeared to be very advanced. Other civilizations were working with wood, metal, and such, but the Atlantæns were infatuated with crystals (rocks). If you have ever tried to cut a diamond, then you understand about 'advanced'. One false cut can destroy the usefulness of a crystal. Metal, wood, and such, require much less accuracy to work with. Did you ever try to nail a crystal together with another crystal? Crystal is very rigid, whereas metal and wood are flexible. It requires much more precision and accuracy to work with crystal opposed to metal and wood. So, yes, the Atlantæns were definitely more advanced and patient compared to other civilizations of the time.

The Atlantæns appear to have been an independant civilization and as such, they preferred to be with like-minded people aka other Atlantæns. Other civilizations were working with brick, metal, wood, and such. But the Atlantæns enjoyed crystals and the study thereof. Much different ideologies, thus making the Atlantæns fairly unique amongst other civilizations of the time. Therefore, most Atlantæns kept to themselves but did enjoy visitations and such with other civilizations and both learning, and more importantly, trying to teach other civilizations. However, other civilizations were not quite as infatuated with crystals as the Atlantæns were. Most likely, the other civilizations came upon Atlantis, as I feel Atlantis was not really a seafaring civilization. Crystals do not make good boats. Atlantis had what they needed where they were so why travel?

But if they were so advanced, why did they disappear? Well, crystal doesn't float too well in water. And if you live on an island, you definitely need a lot of boats. But what happens if the water rises from the ocean in a huge storm in a short period of time (waterspout, typhoon, tidal wave, monsoon)? The people can't escape, and drown with nowhere to go. Thus, most likely, a huge storm wiped out Atlantis and the Atlantæns. If your whole island suddenly gets flooded and you do not have any need, wish or desire for boats, what do you do?

112. Do you know any more good practical jokes?

Yup, take a piece of paper and write on the one side "How do you keep a person in suspense? (Over ---->)". Then write the same on the other side. Some people can be entertained for hours this way (at least in the USA anyway).

113. Why did you create this site?

For many years (I was born December 4, 1964), like everyone else, I had a lot of questions about information. It wasn't until later in life, that I started figuring out the answers. Most of the answers, I noticed, are not available. Much of the information, myself, as well as others, are looking for is just not there. A web page is not interactive like a forum. I tried web pages, but they just get too cluttered and difficult to read for people (myself included since I'm a people too). So on April 6, 2018, I decided to try making a forum and adding information as I got the time. The nice part is that with a forum, the information is available, and people can search if they want. The question / answer idea is because as the reader looks through, the reader can actually answer the question themselves before reading what is written. It is actually fun, I feel, to see what the thoughts are before reading further, and then to see how those thoughts compare to what else is written. Much more interactive this way using the forum header for the question, and the other is hidden until the reader clicks the question. Much less congested too.

But the wonderful part was that I had figured out the information I was looking for around August 25/26, 2015, but then I noticed that a lot of information that was available did not match the information I had. Then I figured out that the reason why the information did not match is because others were looking to not hurt people's feelings and such, so a lot of people copied the information that didn't make sense over and over again making it nearly impossible to find actual information that makes sense. Quite a few events to list here, but as examples - Big Bang Theory (the Universe really does not appear to be expanding nor contracting), Global Warming, Does God (Almighty) really exist?, What about prophesies?, Is the world coming to an end?, Why doesn't the Holy Bible list Noah's wife's name?, Why do we exist?, What's going on?, Creationism / evolutionism?, and so on and so forth.

My big problem is that when you ask certain questions, people try to tell you to look in text books, the Holy Bible, the Qu'ran or such. OK, I looked, it is not there, so now what?

Doing my own autobiography, "The New Math" by Thee Ace Man (me, @metatron ), (2011, Strategic Book Group), I still had many unanswered questions like "What about the double-nerved upper left bicuspid?", "What is life really like and about?", and so forth. Then it was like a massive explosion going off in my thoughts (formerly an eight track mind, now up to at least 64 tracks at present) and the information started coming together. And with that I realized that the information I had put together can not be found in any sacred texts or such (I looked as have many others, it is not there). From piecing together prophecies, auras, thoughts, scientific study, a few pieces of sacred texts and non sacred texts too, and such, I figured out that only parts of the answers are out there, but the parts are not linked together.

Also, through my searching, I found so much misinformation that didn't make sense by supposed experts who made even less sense. Things like the Holy Trinity (which the Roman Catholic Church has changed positions on this so many times and still has not got it right yet), Almighty (God), life in general, there's like five or six major prophecies written and about 2,000,000 books written by self-proclaimed experts about what these experts think these prophesies mean, and much more. But instead of the misinformation, I try to go to the actual sources. Problem is that most of the sources do not exist any more (seriously, try asking Nostredamus what he meant, or John the Revealer, or Egdar Cayce, or Almighty (God) even).

I have my own stories too and from my experiences of trying to find information, I figured I had better write these stories down. After short thoughts about the lack of information like, OK, Adam and Eve, but Seth, Cain, and who?, Did Noah board the animals two by two or did Noah have seven of the good animals for a sacrifice, and just so many unanswered questions. Adam and Eve never wrote their own story, nor did Noah, nor Seth, nor Ieshua (Jesus) nor Almighty Himself even. So I figured as far as myself, I might better try to avoid some of this nonsense, and write my own information myself rather than hope someone else guesses correctly (which never seems to happen if you haven't noticed). And because of the laws out there, you know you could get permission from someone, but they are dead now, so now what? A forum, not a published book. You can discuss things openly in a forum, but not so in a published book.

As I have my own search I have conducted, I realize many others are searching themselves and having even less success than what I had. So why not create an expandable forum and share ideas...

And here we are! At long last.

114. What about the magnetic polarity of our Sun?

Excellent question...

Our Sun has a north pole and a south pole (north magnet, south magnet) as do the planets including our Earth. As we know from our own planet, we appear to have a nickel / iron core (plus probably other metals) that is magnetized. Our core is supposedly liquid as evidenced by volcanoes and such. Our Sun is like a huge, gigantic volcano which apparently does not have a solid surface. The entire Sun appears to be molten like the lava contained within a volcano. The Sun's primary ingredients appear to be Hydrogen and Helium on the surface (much like the ingredients of our outer atmosphere). And as far as we know, Hydrogen and Helium do not magnetize. Therefore, there must be some form of magnetic metal at the central core of the Sun for it to have a magnetic north and south pole. Or is there something else that we are missing out on and not understanding?

115. Is it possible to accurately predict the weather?

Atmospheric pressure can be measured by a device known as a barometer. You can make a crude version using a piece of horse hair or such wrapped around a dial. A lot of air pressure is what is known as a 'high' and a little air pressure is known as a 'low'. When a high pressure mixes with a low pressure, you get a storm. It could be a wind storm, rain storm, snow storm, hail storm, but a storm. Or so one of the stories go.

Another story is that people that have sensitive nerves, like say from a broken bone, are sensitive to changes in air pressure. If you've ever heard a person say "My trick knee is throbbing, we are going to have a storm" then prepare for a storm. The nerves in our body as well as in most animals can sense when air pressure is going to rapidly change. You'll notice at night or during the day time even that before a storm comes, it will get eerily quiet. The animals and insects know when to shut up and hide.

As far as weather forecasting, the easiest way to tell if a weather forecaster is going to announce a storm is to go to your local grocery store and see if the milk, bread, and water are well stocked. Even if a storm is not coming, this is an accurate way to predict if a weather forecaster (not the weather itself) is going to predict a storm. Then all the people that sit around and watch the news on television or listen to the news on the radio will see or hear a 'storm warning' and rush to the store to buy milk, bread, and water and nothing else. So even if you don't watch the news on television or listen to the news on the radio, you can tell when a weather forecaster has issued a storm warning because the milk, bread, and water will be missing from the grocery store shelves whether a storm actually happens or not.

This leads to a discussion on "heartless capitalism" where some people will wait until after an actual storm has hit and then sell bottled water, milk, bread, and such at ten dollars US or more a piece. Then these people go around afterwards and say how "successful" they are. They really aren't successes and are just plain "crooks" or "heartless capitalists".

And another discussion about how, after a flood, you see water bottles, milk jugs, and loaves of bread floating around because the people that buy this stuff worry more about stocking up for bad weather, instead of heading for higher ground. And you wonder why the USA is 24 out of 25 with developed nations on standardized test scores.

For side notes, we know that clouds that are 'seeded' with Carbon Dioxide will darken and then release water (rain, snow, etc.). "Dry ice" is what solid Carbon Dioxide is called, because when the dry ice thaws, it doesn't leave any residue or leftovers. The Carbon Dioxide darkens the cloud in color and that is why you will usually see dark clouds before a rain storm. Clouds are made up of evaporated water that used to be fog in the early morning. The fog rises up into the air and forms clouds from the evaporated water. Plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. Carbon Dioxide is from people and animals breathing. But clouds are not really made from the miniscule amounts of breath material from plants and / or animals, but usually from large deposits of water in lakes, oceans, and such which contain Water or H2O. Most of the clouds actually become seeded by massive amounts of Carbon going into the air from like a forest fire (trees contain a lot of Carbon) or such. So the Carbon Dioxide from a forest fire rises up into the air and mixes with a cloud full of evaporated water and precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc.) is the result.

116. Can I walk and chew gum at the same time?

Possibly, oops, you just tripped because you can't walk, chew gum, and blindly stare into your cell phone at the same time.

117. You say that other people contributed and shared with you Metatron, who were these people?

Acknowledgements (credit where credit is due)

If interested in more detailed discussions, feel free to skip to the web page link at the bottom, otherwise...

These are the people that helped provide stories and information to me throughout the years :(in no particular order)

Sir Nicholas Boehr (Boer, I never knew the exact spelling of his last name). deceased 2009
I saw him in April / May 1979. Information about Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce (and some of Edgar's prophecies)

Albert Einstein. deceased 1955
Never met. Lived with Sir Nicholas in Nick's guest house for the last part of Albert's life.

G Gordon Liddy (George Gordon Battle Liddy)
around 1981 / 1982 met me at the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport because of my huge aura which was roughly a 50 mile radius back then. G Gordon Liddy was the one who introduced me to auras and such as I hadn't really thought about such things before our meeting in 1981 / 1982.

Shaddai (Almighty, God)
We did not talk, but actually seeing Him back in 1973 / 1974 was a godsend so to speak. He had His son, the Holy Spirit, in His lap, and with that sighting many of my questions were answered without Him having to say a word to me.

His Holiness the 13th Dali Lama. deceased and His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama
He came in June 1979 after my visit with Sir Nicholas. His interpreter I believe is now His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama. He told me about the events of the selection of Dr. Stephen Hawking as the World's Smartest. At the time, there was not really any standout people like Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein before. Of the candidates available, they could not form a consensus as to Einstein's successor. It wasn't until a question of "Who would be least (and I have a memory block on the rest of this)? And the consensus was Dr. Stephen Hawking. Dr. Hawking did not get the title world's smartest for being 'smartest' but because he was least likely to (something like blow up the world accidentally or such).

my great grandmother Ethel Wheldon Travis Barnes. deceased
The Native American folklore stories.

Sugar Mountain BBS. deceased I believe
The original place where I downloaded the 1611 King James Preface and 1609 King James Bible.

Jimmy "Cool Papa" Bell. deceased 1993
May 31, 1975 during a rain makeup game. Jimmy told me stories of his career and also about Babe Ruth's called shot story.

George Herman "Babe" Ruth. deceased 1945
Never met. Babe got in trouble for playing baseball with players from the Negro Leagues. But during one of those unofficial games, Babe told Jimmy Bell his called shot story.

Edgar Cayce. deceased 1945
Never met. "The Sleeping Prophet". Either directly or indirectly, Edgar made available information about auras and prophecies to Sir Nicholas. Sir Nicholas later relayed this information to me as I was the one with the double-nerved upper left bicuspid.

Dr. Robert Wylie DDS
Back in 1975 / 1976 he did the first X-rays of my teeth and discovered I had the double-nerved upper left bicuspid tooth.

Mike Judge
December 5, 1989 at the start of my 'Wild West' trip. Mike was the bartender at the Albuquerque New Mexico airport on this date and I had a couple hours layover. So we talked as we were the only ones there at the bar. Doing animation was one of Mike's dreams at the time so we did voices back and forth. At one point I talked about my working for Combined Life Insurance and how my boss, Rob Yelnik, used to go around in a southern accent, "Two sticks o' diney mite, that'll cure all yer problems. Yessiree. Got a plugged turlet, a wife that won't stay faithful, two sticks o' diney mite." And then Mike responded back in his now known Hank Hill / Tom Anderson voice, "What you need boy is a good ol' butane regulator." and we went on until I had to catch my flight two or three hours later. Nice guy. And it's even nicer having good memories.

If you are interested in a more detailed list of interesting conversations / events I have had then I made this web page a while ago. http://www.theeaceman.com/interesting.html .

118. What are your thoughts about drugs (alcohol included)?

Not really a touchy subject for me. My best advice for someone thinking about drugs and / or alcohol is to try this. Stay awake as long as you can. Believe it or not, doing this will make you realize that it doesn't cost a lot of money to feel "out of it" or such. After a day or two without sleep (and don't use caffeine pills or such, just stay awake) and you will definitely catch a wild buzz off of it. There were three different times in 1991 where I stayed up for ten days straight without sleep and I can say it was definitely a wilder time than any drugs I've ever taken or such. Sleep deprivation is definitely the wildest experience I've ever had. Things get really distorted and such. And the side effects are about the same too after a day or two because you start getting that euphoria sensation within yourself, whilst everyone else sees this cranky old so and so, just like with taking drugs (only the side effects are very mild with sleep deprivation compared to drugs).

I used to go out drinking in my younger days, but probably my wildest night out was when I had to appear in court the next day for my former girlfriend's middle daughter, Roberta, so I couldn't drink that night. I went out with the guys from work anyway, and they had a great time too. Instead of drinking beer or such, I drank "Stray Cokeses on da rocks, ol' bartenner, ol' buddy, ol' pal". And I sat next to my "Beshess fren in da worl', Ol' Tim, Ol' buddy, ol' pal". And of course I would fake a stagger to "da bashroomzes" and kinda weave on the bar stool here and there. But the funniest part was a guy at the end of the bar who was really concerned and kept saying "Hey bartender, I don't think you should be serving him, get him some coffee or something, you really shouldn't be serving him..." and on and on this guy went for a good 2 to 3 hours. After quite a while of my acting, and the other guy was not acting, I just went over to the guy, without staggering, and I just said, "I'm fine. I'm just drinking straight Coke because I gotta go to court in the morning." And the guy's jaw dropped and everyone in the bar just started laughing about it because everyone else knew I wasn't drinking except that guy. I refer to it as the drunkshest I never gotted.

But really, if you want to experience a warped sense of reality, go to other web sites and then visit this one. Most of the other web sites out there will "mess you up". It's about the same thing without that hangover, withdrawal, or coming down after effect.

119. Always try to remember to be kind unto others as you would wish others to be kind unto you, but...

If that don't work, then duck, and a good old sucker punch does them in every time.

Yes, it's better if you can walk away, but sometimes people just ask for it. And also remember to grab their cell phone away from them, because even though they started it, they are going to call the police (cops) and try to say you started it.

Which brings up a story of this guy that ran a red light, then cut me off, then stopped at the next red light. At the stop, I get out of my car and the other guy gets out of his car and we walk towards each other pointing. I yell out first, "What's wrong with you? You just ran the red light and cut me off back there. What's the matter with you?" And the other guy yells back, "You better get back in your car or I'll [blank] the [blank blank blanket blank] out of you!". So the other guy comes up and proceeds to head-butt me in the chest and I don't budge, but he staggers a little. Then he does it again and almost knocks himself out. He then looks up at me and gets that "Uh oh" look on his face. Then I point at him and say, "I suggest you get the [f-blank] back in your car and get the [f-blank] out of here." And so the guy walks back to his car and drives off. Sometimes it is better to let someone beat themselves up I guess. My day wasn't too bad really, but his day must have been terrible. I got a good laugh and he nearly beat the daylights out of himself. Many times I guess it's not good to let your anger get the better of you. Sure, anger is there to let you know there's a problem, but when you are the problem, then what?

120. Which weighs more, a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?

This isn't my original idea...

They both weigh a pound so they both weigh the same weight.

121. What are your thoughts about the gas giant planets in our solar system?

I have a feeling the term 'gas' as it is being used is a misnomer. Ice giants would be even more of an 'anti-nomer'. The four planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are probably more solid and liquid than 'gas'. The reason being is that at the planetary temperatures that these planets are at, that elements we know to be gaseous here on Earth (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen) are most likely either solid or liquid on these outer planets. Thus the atmospheres are not invisible or see through as they are elsewhere in the solar system. The result is about like a cloud of never ending dust type particles floating around. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a good example to use. A large amount of a reddish group of particles are released into Jupiter's solid atmospere and stand out from the bluish grayish greenish bands elsewhere. As the particles release into Jupiter's atmosphere, they formed a large ball, but as that ball circulates, the red particles separate and eventually blend into the rest of the atmosphere and slowly disappear. We don't really have too many solid or liquid gas particles in our atmosphere to compare this with. Clouds I guess are the closest we have. But imagine if our planet atmosphere was constantly covered in clouds from a little way above the surface all the way into space. Underneath the huge cloud layer, chances are as you get closer to the gaseous giant's planet surface, it probably becomes more gaseous (see through, clear) before reaching the planet's surface as the geothermal temperature from the planet probably created enough heat to make the inner layer gaseous as we know atmospheres to be, invisible. But from the surface, you would probably not see sunlight or such through the thick outer layer. As we also know from our own atmosphere, that if our atmosphere were solid then our planet would appear to be much, much larger than it is. With our atmosphere being gaseous instead of solid and / or liquid, the outer layers of the atmosphere are technically invisible to our sight. Thusly, there is probably a solid planet under these layers of solid / liquid / gaseous atmospheres on these four 'gas' planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). This solid planet most likely also has a molten magnetic core much like the Sun and the other inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars). The sunlight does not appear to penetrate the outer layers of the gaseous planets so therefore, chances are, the planet surface is most likely not heated through sunlight like the 'inner planets'. The inner core being solid or liquid (most likely liquid from the intense pressure of the gravity waves pulling inward) would definitely create a probable volcano type activity on the planet surfaces. And as the volcanic gases release into the atmosphere of the planet and separate out, the farther out from the surface, the more likely the gas will become liquid then solid as it moves away from the warmer planet surface towards the colder outer space. And yes, chances are there is a type of 'rain' layer in these four planets as the temperature cools moving away from the warmer planet surface.

The moons of these gaseous giants do not really appear to have atmospheres much like our moon does not have an atmosphere. The moons appear to be solid chunks of material with a core and some gravity. So yes, most likely magnetic waves (fields) are repelling the moons from the gaseous planets, much like the magnetic waves are repelling the gaseous planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) from the Sun.

But until we actually visit and analyze what is actually happening on these four planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) anything stated is just speculation. Remember, up until Voyager passed by Saturn, you were considered an idiot if you didn't think that the rings around Saturn were solid. "The rings around Saturn must be solid, just look." I did look before then and what I saw didn't match what a 'solid' ring would do because of density variations and such, a solid ring would have at least one spot where material would collect thus making a 'dense' spot in the solid ring. This dense spot would cause a part of the ring to move closer to the planet and eventually crash into the planet and either break apart or cut the planet in two (most likely break apart). A ring would not have a core and thus not repelled magnetically. It is still as difficult to explain as it was back in 1974, but a solid ring (circle) revolving around the planet would have a density problem and the gravity of the planet would thusly pull that denser section closer creating a huge mess. But we know today that the rings around Saturn are NOT solid and are made up of floating material (rocks, ice, debris). And don't forget tales of little green men and green mice on the moon was really not that long ago (within 100 years honestly).

122. Dirty joke alert, definite adult theme and sexual references...

Is it true that a 77 is better than a 69?

Yes, in a 77, you get ate (8) more than a 69. (Side note, a 69 is a sexual position for oral sex).

123. Is there something else I should know?

Probably the greatest knowledge is to THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

Life would get very boring if we knew everything. What would be left to think or dream about? No problems left to solve. Always on the same time schedule because you would know where you were supposed to be. Nothing left to discover. No surprises. No secrets.

So remember to thank Almighty (God) every day for not making us in His exact image.

124. What's the difference between crocodiles and alligators or frogs and toads?

Best to reference an encyclopedia as a backup, but from what I know...

Crocodiles have thick, hard, dry, bony skin and usually prefer the dry land.

Alligators usually have a softer, wetter skin, more like a snake or reptile, and tend to prefer water to keep their skins moist.

And then there's crocogators...

As far as frogs and toads...

Frogs have wet skin.

Toads have dry skin.

I have yet to hear of a tog or a froad, nor crocogators either.

125. What is the difference between a genius and a gifted genius?

Also referred to as an egghead (genius) and a cracked egghead (gifted genius).

A genius needs to be taught what to do with knowledge, but is great at memorizing.

A gifted genius will take knowledge and try to figure out a way to use that knowledge somehow whether appropriate or not.

A gifted genius will usually not memorize ideas verbatim, whereas a standard genius will memorize verbatim (word for word).

If you are looking for trivia, facts, or figures, then a genius will do the trick.

If you are looking for ideas, then I suggest looking for a gifted genius.

126. What is the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists?

Because each side keeps thinking that their training is adequate, both sides appear to make a mess in the USA. In the USA, they try to blur the lines between psychiatrists and psychologists, which are honestly different professions.

To explain. A psychiatrist is supposed to study the behavioral patterns of the human mind, whereas a psychologist is supposed to be studying the inner workings of the mind itself. All too often, one side or the other tends to overstep their knowledge and training and like I said, a mess ensues usually, and what is needed to be done is not done.

So to simplify, my two bucks worth...

Life is the combination of thoughts (aura) and flesh (substance). The aura is what controls the flesh through nerve tissues (brain, nervous system, etc.). The aura is what sends signals out to the brain which the brain in turn, transforms these signals to where they need to go. Muscle movement, thoughts, memories, etc. originate with the aura. The aura is also what controls the release of enzymes like adrenaline, hormones, and so forth and so on. The electrical impulses from what are known as 'involuntary functions' like blood pumping, breathing, insulin release, and so on are automatically controlled by the aura. If the organs are not there, the aura may still send a signal, but nothing can happen (the pancreas can not release insulin if there is not any insulin in the pancreas or if the nerves are damaged between the aura and the pancreas). Voluntary signals are like muscle movements (legs, arms, etc.). There are other actions which are technically involuntary (sight, hearing, touch, etc.) but the aura records all the information from these senses but does not necessarily process some of this information through the brain. Many times, the nerves may bypass the brain entirely and just deal direct with the aura. But to get back on track here...

Yes, most psychiatrists and psychologists are nuts, crazy, etc. Psychiatry is the study of behavioral issues, whilst psychology is the study of the brain functions themselves. These studies are not interchangeable nor do they overlap.

So the problem is with misdiagnosis. A psychiatrist will treat it as a thought problem, and a psychologist will treat it as a physical problem. A psychiatrist will attempt to rehabilitate through behavior modifications, whereas a psychologist will prescribe medications. So yes, when either oversteps their bounds, a mess occurs with the patient. You can't medicate behavioral problems just as you can't rehabilitate an overactive adrenal gland (hyperactivity). And what happens when a patient has problems with behavior as well as physical problems? Dueling dingbats.

Behavioral problems need rehabilitation and the best rehabilitation of course is "How would you feel if what you are doing now was done back to you?" Although this is considered 'religious' in the USA, it is actually common sense. This also goes along with Meeks (follow the same rules they ask others to follow) and Buttholes (who ask others to follow rules, but do not follow the same rules themselves). I just explained behavioral modification in a few sentences instead of a 500+ page textbook full of a bunch of words that accomplish way less in ten times the time it should take.

Anyway, physical problems (damage to the brain, overactive adrenal gland, etc.) are caused by either damage to the flesh (physical organs) or the aura not communicating properly with the flesh (nerve damage, stubborn aura, etc.) By adjusting or compensating for the 'misfires' a person can be helped with proper diagnosis and medications.

A physical problem (such as overactive adrenal gland, etc.) needs to take precedence over a behavioral problem (emotional, buttholism, etc.). A physical problem needs to take precedence over a behavioral problem because if you try to rehabilitate behavior while the patient has a physical problem, then the physical problem will override any behavioral modifications attempted. Think of it this way, if a patient has a bad tooth and is cranky and irritable, until you yank out the tooth, you can try all the behavior modification tricks in the book, and the patient will still be cranky and irritable.

And the same in the USA between MD (Medical Doctorate - Medicine) and PhD (Physicians Doctorate). But what do I know? Whenever I ask or make a comment as to why an MD is charging someone to try and do something a person with a PhD is supposed to be doing, I get strange looks from the doctors, like, how do you know? Because I am not that stupid is how I know. I have an Associates in Business Administration (ABA) and I know all the 'tricks' to bilk people out of as much money as possible because of that knowledge. But honestly, I knew even before getting the degree which is why I did not continue to a BSBA or MBA in Business Administration. I have a conscience. I was out in the 'real world' before college and I experienced first-hand the nasty things that administrators pull to pad their overbloated paychecks. Money is about numbers. The more people you bilk, the higher your numbers. Just a thought.

But all too often, psychologists and psychiatrists overstep their bounds and try to make themselves useful instead of trying to actually help the patient. Well, at least I have seen this happen WAY too many times in the USA. Seriously, you can not treat behavioral problems with medications, just as you can not treat physical problems with emotional therapy. But sadly, like I said, they overstep their bounds many times in the USA and create bigger messes than what existed before.

127. What are you so afraid of?

Boo! :#.

128. What does "born of the jackal" mean?

Born in the lands of Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods in their times (except for a short time when Akhenaton reigned and worshipped Amon Ra). One of those gods was Anubis, the jackal, lord of the underworld. Anubis was the god who took those from the living and escorted them in a boat to the afterlife. Anubis had the head of a jackal and the body of a man and carried a golden staff that he used to propel his boat and as his symbol of power, as Anubis had the power to take you to the good other world, or the bad other world depending on if Anubis thought you were a good or bad person according to the Egyptian laws and the worshipping of the gods thereof. The ancient Egyptians were an old nation that disappeared a little after the AD / BC era. The Egyptians of Egypt now do not appear to be of the same descendants of the original ancient Egyptians. The Romans ransacked Alexandria and from there appeared to have conquered the ancient Egyptians shortly after the AD / BC era and after Cleopatra's reign. The Ottomans appear to have pushed the Romans out of the area around the 500 to 600 AD period, and the modern Egyptians appear to be descendants of the Ottoman Turks and not the ancient Egyptians.

Similarities between the architecture of the Incas and the Mayans makes you scratch your head and wonder if maybe some of the ancient Egyptians escaped around 2,000 BC and established an off shoot but changed the language and culture to distance themselves from their former rulers and such. Sacrifices to the gods and such were mainstays in ancient Egypt as well as the Mayans and Incans. Gods for this, and gods for that, and sacred rituals abounded in both ancient Egyptian culture and Incan and Mayan culture. They also abound in Greek and Roman culture as well. But oddly, the North American Indian tribes appeared to be the ones to break away from sacrifices and all that. The Atlantæns as well. The whole world was throwing people into volcanoes, burning at the stakes, blood letting, murder, and on and on to appease this god or that god. But the North American Indians chose to be at peace with nature and to work with what exists and learn from others as well as teach others to be more at peace with themselves and nature. The Atlantæns were happy with being in tune with crystals. And the entire rest of the world, Hebrews included (they sacrificed the Philistines then went into bondage then after bondage they turned to animals instead of other people), appeared to be blood thirsty and in need of sacrifices. We see the Hindus as being peaceful now, but back in the day, the Hindus appeared to be very sacrificial as well with so many different gods and godesses to appease. And then unto the Hindus came the Holy Cow (Brahma)...

And now look at the world. A bunch of nutcases all running around feeling they are superior to others because of beliefs and ideals that make little or no sense. People still believing in sacrificing themselves to some greater cause. And we call ourselves advanced civilizations? Hopefully someday we will actually be advanced. But for now, we're stuck with what we got, which isn't very intelligent most of the time because of false beliefs and ideals that make little or no sense, but you best do what we tell you or face the consequences...

And truly, there is nothing new under the Sun. If we don't learn from our mistakes of the past, then we are bound to keep repeating those mistakes. Again and again and again...

In the end ask Almighty as He knows. He probably told me at one time, but I forgot it in the flesh at present.

So, born of the jackal = born in the former lands of Egypt.

129. Where did the term PHRACKING (fracking) originate in gas well drilling and what does it mean?

Pressurized Hydraulic Recovery Assisted Chemically aka PHRAC.

As far as the process itself. Most natural gas deposits are contained in extremely large caverns inside shale rock. The problem with shale is that the rock is layered and nearly impossible to drill through. Also, shale is very brittle and tends to crack if impacted. So not only will it wear down a drill bit in a matter of an hour or less, there is also the possibility that the impact of the drill bit itself may crack the layer of shale and cause the gas to leak uncontrollably around the crack or cracks. So a group of scientists came up with a mix of chemicals to dissolve shale (which is a type of solidified gasoline) and thus by dissolving the shale instead of just drilling, there is less likelihood of impact fissures (big word for cracks) and such than plain drilling. Are these chemicals toxic to human consumption? Most definitely they are toxic. But what the drillers do is drill down to the shale layer and cement around the hole up to the shale layer. Then the chemical gets poured down in the hole and the drill bit then cuts through the softer chemically treated shale very easily. One of the problems is if the cement around the drill hole is not completely solid and has a gap where the chemical might leak through the gap. Another problem (very unlikely but possible) is if too much chemical goes down the hole and dissolves a larger hole than what the cement is covering leaving a gap or gaps between the shale and the cement hole that is used to seal in the gas to pipe the gas to the surface. But the bigger problem without PHRACking and just plain drilling is that with just drilling, there is a much larger chance of the shale around the hole being cracked or broken and a leak that can not be sealed in the shale itself. Also, drilling by itself creates so much pressure, and shale is very brittle, and the result is usually a huge mess without something to soften the shale so that it doesn't crack or break when drilled.

130. If a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it, would it still make a sound?

Yes, a little birdy said so ;) .

131. Are you nuts? (Adult theme - mild sexual reference)

I am not crazy, if that is what you are referring to. But as Ronald 'Bon' Scott might say, "I've got big balls" for sure. I am not doing any of this to get back at any one or get even or whatever, because I feel that those that make things up, get even with themselves eventually. Myself included. I started this site because I have a lot of information that I have collected over 53+ years and many of those sources can not speak for themselves any more. I also have had personal experiences as well, and many people before me (Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, Mrs. Noah, Ieshua [Jesus], John Doe, Jane Doe, and many more) have had others write about them, but did not write their own stories. So this site is as it is. By Metatron in my own thoughts and words. There is WikiPedia, WikiLeaks, and this site, WikiFill_In_The_Blanks (Ask Metatron). I am not normal in normal terms, but then too, who really is normal any more. I am not nuts or crazy or such, but I am not wishing for others to try and write 'my life story' so to speak, because as you look at others, it always seems to be missing information when someone else tries to write about what others are thinking. So that is why I am writing what I am thinking and I definitely wish to encourage others to do the same themselves. Thanks everyone, one and all. Much appreciated. Cashews, macadamias, plain, salted, roasted (ouch), crushed (double ouch), and whatever...

132. Do you have any other thoughts about auras?

A person has two auras, inner and outer, as described by many who have been able to see auras. A unique case would be Edgar Cayce who was somehow able to have an aura controlling his body to be able to talk with his secretary, while having that same aura in a room in Kansas about 1,000 miles or more away looking into a person's medicine cabinet to see a blue bottle behind other medications. It was done, but I am still not positive as to how, only an idea. If we have an inner and outer aura, is it possible to split them somehow? Have the inner aura stay with the body to keep the body going, while the outer aura goes exploring and remains in contact with the inner aura as the inner and outer aura are part of the same individual's aura. When the flesh dies, both inner and outer auras start to disappear about a week beforehand. After death, the aura disappears completely from the flesh. But the aura appears to be made of two parts, inner and outer. Evidently, I have a feeling that Edgar Cayce was somehow able to split the outer aura from the inner aura through a type of trance. Is it only certain individuals, is there some special process, or is there something inside each of us that allows anyone to possibly do such a thing as split their inner and outer aura? Are there any side effects of doing such a thing (besides scientists pulling out your fingernails without you feeling it while in a trance, but out of the trance...). And just when you thought you knew everything, THINKE, Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything.

133. What is the difference between "cherubs" and "cherubims"?

In the Hebrew language a cherub is a small bird like a swallow, sparrow or dove. A cherubim is a "person bird" or what we refer to as an angel. The extra letter (im) stands for a person. And sometimes in translating, that extra letter might get missed. That is why when the texts were translated, they were broken down into smaller 'verses' and numbered in order to hopefully make for a more accurate translation of the original texts. But sometimes, one text may contain the extra letter for "im" and sometimes not depending on the copied text. Which text is more accurate to the original? Did it actually say cherub or cherubim? Do the best you can. We have words in English that are even worst to translate like the word "run" which has like 14 different meanings depending on usage. Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, and Greek have similar problems as well. And when translating something, trying to preserve the actual meaning behind the words many times is more crucial than the words themselves. Do the best you can. But sometimes, you just "lose something in the translation".

134. What about the time / space continuum theory?

Honestly, a personal experience of mine on this one. It is not the actual events, but the math involved that is the tough part.

In probably 2010, There were usually 4 NOMAC derrick hands that got rides together. This particular time, 3 of the derrick hands had left early and stayed at a local hotel that had a shuttle. When I arrived to do the pickup, there was only 1 instead of 4 passengers as the other 3 were at the hotel. The 1 passenger gets in the van (939 I believe) and we leave the man camp in Sayre PA to go to the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport (ELM). Passed the Wilawana PA exit (59A) and before the Chemung NY exit (59), both myself and the derrick hand had a very unusual experience. We were driving along on a nice clear day and after we got passed the Wilawana PA exit, everything else except us stopped. Everything else including our cell phones and such was frozen in time for 2 minutes and 24 seconds, and I know the time because my wrist watch (which was maybe 3 months old at the time) was always set 5 minutes fast, but was now 2 minutes and 36 seconds fast. Everything was frozen in time and not moving as we went down this stretch of highway for the 2 minutes and 24 seconds that this happened. There was not any time vortex or other science fiction type special effects or such, time for everyone else except for us two, stopped. The derrick hand next to me was panicking and I assured him that things would be OK and we would find out why when we got to the airport. But for this 2 minutes and 24 seconds, everything else was just frozen in time except us two. We drove by around seven different vehicles and we were able to look inside them and the people in the vehicles were standing still just like the vehicle itself. We were travelling down the highway, but everything else was not moving except my watch. Even the derrick hand's cell phone could not dial out and the phone was stuck at the same time for the 2 minutes and 24 seconds, just as my cell phone was stuck too. There was a pickup truck that was very close to the backend of a white minivan. Inside the minivan was a family of four and the parents in the front seat and a little girl and little boy in the back. The little girl's face was not moving and was pressed up against the window. The little boy was not moving either and appeared to be just getting out of his seat to pull his sister away from the window (but like I said, not moving, just frozen there). There were about 4 cars we passed by on our side of the divided highway, and about 3 cars on the other side for a roughly two and a half mile stretch before things went back to normal and time unfroze. But like I said, there was not any big vortex or any special effects type stuff, time just froze then unfroze. The highway speed limit was 65, but I had slowed down to about 55 as I told the passenger "When things get back to normal, who knows what might happen, so I'm slowing down a little just to be on the safe side." As we approached the Chemung exit, cars and such were moving again and our cell phones worked and such, and I know, because I got a call from the boss asking if we were all right and that he would talk when we got back which we did talk, kind of. But the boss called more to see if we were going to be delayed because of the accident, because the boss is involved with the West Elmira New York Fire Department and has a scanner that picks up the fire calls and such. We got to the airport and the other 3 derrick hands were already there. When we arrived, the derrick hand went over to the other 3 derrick hands and the other 3 derrick hands said in unison, "Are you all right, we heard over the scanner that there was a white van in an accident out near Waverly, and there was a fatality, are you all right?" And of course the 1 derrick hand that rode with me was white as a ghost when asked because of the time freeze experience, but after the other 3 said what they said, the derrick hand that rode with me started relaxing a little bit and just said something like, "We're fine" to the other 3 derrick hands. I told the derrick hand that something must have happened, but we'll be fine and we were. And that was that, almost. But yes, apparently that white van with the family of four had a fatal accident and I am not sure how many died in that accident.

And that leads to the short discussion on the time space continuum based on my (and one other) personal experience in this matter (or anti-matter even). We did not go faster than the speed of light in a GMC Express 14 passenger van. Time, however had stood still for everyone and everything except us two in that van for those 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Speed is measured by distance over time, but if time stands still, how do you divide by zero. On a similar thought process, if time had gone backwards instead of stopped, and as an example, the same 2.5 miles but time had reversed for hypothetically an hour, or 2.5 / -1 which would equal -2.5 as the speed being that the time was reversed or negative (-). And this is not the 'reverse' on the gear shift lever on a vehicle, but going 2.5 miles while time reversed an hour or 2.5 / -1 or -2.5 miles per hour. If we had gone the 2.5 miles while time reversed itself, then time would be negative while distance travelled would be positive, thusly creating a negative speed. So therefore, the thought of time reversing itself as one goes faster than the speed of light is not accurate. The speed formula still stands at distance divided by time (d / t) but as this is applied, there is not a special 'speed of light' factor in the equation. It is a nice thought, but not quite accurate. Motion through time is speed. As you tinker with the numbers, and through my personal experience, time is independent of the speed at which light travels. Motion is also independent of the speed at which light travels. As speed is determined by distance over time (d / t) then time is thusly an independent function from distance. Speed is a measurement of the distance travelled over time, but distance and speed are separate functions and not truly dependent, but are independent of one another. Otherwise, what myself and the derrick hand had experience could not have happened. It did actually happen, so therefore, time and distance are not codependent of one another, but separate entities. Time is not dependent on the speed at which light travels. If one travels faster than the speed of light, time does not reverse itself. Time does not even slow for that matter. One would like to think that because our time is based on the light from our Sun (star) that all time is based on the speed at which light travels. Such does not appear to be the case in study. Motion appears to be independent of light travel as well, but does appear to be affected by time. But distance, motion and time appear to be separate entities and not codependent, but independent of one another. As such, if one travels faster than the speed of light (or faster than the time it takes for light to travel from our Sun to our planet Earth) that the light would still travel at the same speed it always travels at, and that those in this fast vehicle would actually not go backwards in time, but would still progress on the normal timetable. Time on the Earth would not slow or reverse as well if going faster than the speed of light. Communications may be a problem as the communication waves would not be fast enough to keep up and thusly broken communication. But definitely through my experience, if I can go 2.5 / 0 miles per no time, then we need to figure out a way to divide by zero so that I can tell people how fast that myself and the NOMAC derrick hand were going during those 2 minutes and 24 seconds that time stood still for everyone else but us two.

E = mc², not E = mc . I am fairly sure that Albert Einstein figured this out before his passing, but unfortunately he really did not have anyone to talk to about it (besides Sir Nicholas Boehr, who wouldn't truly understand, but could still talk). Albert also realized (like the rest of us should) that visible light ends at the violet spectrum, yet ultra violet (aka alpha, beta, and gamma) waves exist. Particles move at a speed in waves. The faster the speed, the more waves you make per cycle. Radio waves, gravity waves, light waves, et cetera, all vibrate at a frequency and light particles are not an exception. The light spectrum is visible to our eyesight in colors (except to those who are color blind of course), waves below or above the visible spectrum still exist, but are not usually visible to our eyesight. Infrared waves are a good example as we have made infrared goggles or glasses to see heat waves, even though our eyesight can not pick up infrared waves without assistance.

But the big problem becomes, I know the speedometer read 55 miles per hour, however, with time standing still as it did, the time (per hour) was technically zero (0). How do you divide by zero and get an actual mathematic answer? Speed is measured by distance divided by time (d / t), but the time for those 2 minutes and 24 seconds was technically zero as time had stopped for the whole world except us two, who were 2 minutes and 24 seconds older than everyone else. And with that being said, there is definitely a need to reevaluate the time / space continuum theory. As our speed was 55 miles per hour or 55 / 1, but for 2 minutes and 24 seconds our distance was 2.5 miles per zero (0) seconds. So how fast were we actually going at 2.5 / 0 ? All time elsewhere had stopped for everyone (including our cell phones) but for those 2 minutes and 24 seconds, two of us were moving while the rest of the world had become frozen in time.

Ultra violet, as it has been called, does not share the same properties as visible light so is therefore a separate and faster particular movement than light. But who are we to say? Scientists? What union dues? What union for that matter or anti matter even?

A couple of years later, another driver, Jim, did not have the same luck with the time travelling van. Jim slid off the highway into a guardrail near the Sayre PA exit (60) with a passenger we called "Cowboy" and after the van hit the guardrail, a tractor trailer hit the backend of the van and totaled it, while Jim jumped over the guardrail to try and find cover from the debris. About three months later, the accident still bothered Jim, so Jim resigned and got a job closer to home as Jim lived in Athens PA and had to drive a half hour every day to get to work. Anyway, picture #1, before becoming [company] 939. Picture #2, the end of 939.

And side note, in Friday, May 25, 2018 between noon and 2 pm Eastern US time the gold TIMEX watch died. Every 8 years, 2002, 2010, 2018.

135. You say you work at an airport, do you have any good travel tips?


Oh, you want me to share them with you. OK.

A plane can only fly with so much weight in it. Too heavy can’t get off the ground. So why didn’t your heavy, bulky luggage make it to your destination with you this time? You asked.

Did you ever try mailing your stuff ahead of your travel, or mail your stuff back to your house? Overly large, or overly bulky items are usually the items that do not make the flight. I also do lost luggage delivery for Terp's at ELM and we do not usually get too many 'normal' sized bags that get lost. About two years ago, we even had a motorized 'scooter' which really made us scratch our head as to how the airline could not figure out that the passenger needed to be with their roughly 150 pound scooter. And how do you lose a 150 pound scooter to begin with?

You didn't add in extra time in case your car had a flat tire, a traffic jam, or there was a long line at the ticket counter. That's OK. The system for check-in is automated and when the time to be able to check-in is over, it's over (the system can not be overridden).

Always remember, you can take your coat or jacket off, but if you do not have your coat or jacket, it can get pretty cold or wet.

What your travel agent made sure that you didn’t have at least an hour (two or more for customs) layover between flight connections? Sure, you just made the connection but your luggage didn’t. You planned on a miracle and it didn’t happen? Oh well. Stuff happens I guess.

And gee, you just changed your flight plans at the last minute and your luggage and the airline weren’t able to read your mind ahead of time. Oh well again.

Why don’t you have a small knapsack or such to carry all your important medications, keys, and valuables and such with you? And you were in such a hurry that you left your wallet (or purse) and your passport at home.

It’s always the airport’s fault anyway so what are you going to do? Plan ahead? Come on now this is the USA and everyone else is supposed to think for you aren’t they? Stuff happens. Be prepared. Think ahead. Just in case. You never know. Are you crazy?

And probably the best tip came from my boss's brother who told me this story:

My boss's brother, Tony, and his girlfriend, Deb, were on standby for a flight when a lady barged her way up to the gate agent and proceeded to yell at the gate agent, "My husband has been a pilot for over 20 years and I know my rights and I don't have to wait and you had better get me on that plane now!!..." and on and on this lady went screaming at the gate agent for at least 20 minutes. Why at least 20 minutes? Well, while this lady was screaming at the gate agent, the gate agent motioned all of the other standby passengers to get on the plane, which they did, including my boss's brother and his girlfriend. The plane loaded up and left without her even noticing. Everyone except her was on that plane and had left because this pilot's wife was too busy trying to bully her way onto the flight instead of just getting on the flight like the rest of the passengers did. Some people never learn. And it is all the gate agent's fault no doubt.

136. How can I get my lawn to look better? Do you have any lawn mowing tips?

Wear green colored glasses. But there are some tricks to helping a grass lawn keep from turning brown (burning out) and such.

First, acidic soil will burn out grass (like around a pine tree). If you can, sprinkle (not saturate) the area that is thin with what science calls a 'base' or an 'hydroxide' to help neutralize the soil.

Dog poop and such can burn out grass in a hurry as well. Clean up the poop as soon as possible. Human poop is even worse, but hopefully you do not have that problem.

When mowing the lawn, you want the blade about an inch and a half to about two inches above the ground. Cutting too low exposes the grass roots and cutting too high does not allow light to get to the grass roots. Too high or too low and the grass will start 'thinning out'. Certain grasses may require different heights, but for the most part, one and a half to two inches (which is usually the middle or if numbered, the number 3 height). Also, do not 'speed race' as that will cause the lawnmower to possibly miss things but also, a medium pace allows the grass to cut itself under the lawnmower deck so that the cut grass is less likely to clump and more likely to spread evenly when cut. On a riding lawnmower, usually the speed setting of three (medium) is usually best. I know the riding mowers have faster speeds, but like I said, you want the grass to cut properly. Even a push mower at high speeds will not chop the grass up fine enough and you will end up with a messy lawn.

Next is the biggie and probably that information that you are waiting for. If you cut the grass too often, it will not heal properly and will burn out. If you do not cut the grass often enough, the grass will start to choke itself from not getting enough sunlight to the grass roots. In hotter temperatures and when less water cutting the grass about once every eight days is usually sufficient. When wet and growing like the weed grass really is, about every five days usually. The weather is not always the same, so just kind of look over the yard and see if it appears to be getting high (about three and a half to four inches or such).

Grass is actually a living organism and from some that I have talked to, grass has an aura. When you cut the grass, you are actually hurting the grass in a way. Grass is a plant and not an animal. If you cut plants, they grow back. So cutting grass is fine because you are not cutting off a vital organ or such like in an animal.

And now, cut with a plan and this is the plan. Start by doing what are known as cut-ins. Any immovable object like a fence, tree stump, or such, mow around that first. After that, if a large lawn, divide the lawn up into sections. Next, start at the outside of a section and have the lawn shoot face towards the middle of the section for the first two or three passes all the way around. After the first two or three passes, start mowing the other way around to blow the grass towards the outside of the section. This way, you keep from piling up the cut grass in the center of the section. By doing it this way, the first two passes blow a little grass inwards, but after that you blow the grass back over the cut sections more evenly to avoid big piles and such. Believe it or not, cut grass will actually fill in thin spots and start growing as time goes on. A piece of cut grass can actually develop roots itself. So try not to worry too much about raking. Believe it or not, if you cut at the proper height and speed, your grass will do you a favor and help take care of itself as best as it can. Your grass still needs a little help from you to keep it from getting too high or too low, but outside that, grass is pretty resilient.

And believe it or not, that about covers it. If you have really nasty soil (dirt or such), you may have to treat areas to keep the grass from being killed chemically whether too much acidity or too much base. Neutral soil (ph level 6 to 8) is usually the best for growing grass and keeping it healthy.

And you can even dig up the dandelions and crab grass and put them back in the neighbor's yard where they came from, right butthole?

Don't forget to wear old clothes, oops...

137. Do you know anything about the Taki Fu Fighting technique? (plus link to MUGEN game)

In 2012, as Thee Ace Man, I invented this technique and translated it into a MUGEN fighting game character.

I recently added a short web page for the game download here http://www.theeaceman.com/mgame.html

But a rewritten story goes like this... (notice, Metatron substituted for the original "Thee Ace Man". Still the same person).

Metatron character
from Life Experience
adaptation to M.U.G.E.N. by Thee Ace Man / Metatron
for WinMUGEN & MUGEN 1.0
site: http://www.askmetatron.com
email: theeaceman64@gmail.com

Background Information: Metatron is a MUGEN character designed around the principle of the "Taki Fu" (tah kee foo) non-violent fighting technique. This is a long lost ancient technique that was recently rediscovered by Metatron, himself, after trying many different ideas in a search for world peace. "Taki Fu" meaning the art of combining Tapioca with Saki to unleash an inner energy within the human body that can be very potent when harnessed by a trained master. This is a very easy technique to learn but only through proper training can this revolutionary fighting technique lead to a world of peace and tranquility. As such, this character is being released in an effort to help train individuals in the proper uses of "Taki Fu" to help bring about this New World Order filled with peace and tranqility. Metatron has tried and thought about many different techniques not limited to martial arts, wrestling, boxing, brass knuckles, numchucks, knives, swords, guns, bombs, chemical weapons, atomic weapons, and even nuclear weapons, but has yet to find a fighting technique as powerful as a Taki Fu trained master. Heaven help us all if this technique should ever be used to try and rule the world... Are you the one with this hidden power to help bring peace and tranquility to our battle-ridden universe? Or will you be destined to live in the shadows, fearful of the New World Order and this terrifying new technique that has been unleashed on the world?...

Disclaimer: Caution!!! Please do not eat, drink, or smoke
while using this character. Taki Fu, as stated, is a very
potent mix of Tapioca and Saki and as such can cause
unforeseen effects on the end-user. Use this character at
your own risk. You have been warned...

Move List:

Normal moves:

Light Creaking Door - a
Light Squeaky Chair - b
Rejuvenate (Taki Fu) - c
Hard Creaking Door - x
Hard Squeaky Chair - y
Fly - z

Special Moves:

Machine Gun - x+y
Pile Driver - ~B,F,a
Barking Spider - ~B,F,b
Sneaky Snake - ~F,B,a
Commodal Dragon - ~F,B,b
Wind Breaker - ~F,B,x
Quacker - ~F,B,y
Wet Wiper - ~D,DF,F,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Bottomless Pit - ~B,DB,D,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Sloppy Seconds - ~D,DB,B,b power >= 1000 (level 1)
Bleacher Rattler - ~D,DB,B,x power >= 1000 (level 1)
Royal Flush - ~B,DB,D,x power >= 1000 (level 1)

Finishing Moves:

Flock of Flying Turtles - ~F,DF,D,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Grampa - ~D,DB,B,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Pea Souper - ~D,DF,F,a power >= 3000 (level 3)
Peace Piper (S.B.D. Silent But Deadly) - ~D,DB,B,y power >= 4000 (level 4)
Patriot Missile - ~D,DF,F,y power >= 4000 (level 4)
J.A.C.G.C. - ~D,DF,F,x power >= 5000 (level 5)

And what does J.A.C.G.C. stand for? The ultimate move for World
Peace that even the executor of this move cannot withstand the
power of. A move reknowned for making all people unconscious (human),
or disrupting the electric circuitry (machine), or drawing
the energy from existence itself (spiritual). Or maybe it means
"Just Another Crappy GohanSSM2 Character".

But the art of Taki Fuing is, in all honesty, me (Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man) farting all over the place. So in a post on this forum about the Battle of Armageddon, if I am there, I probably will be the one on the sidelines telling jokes to all sides in the battle.

Taki Fu - Tapioca (rice pudding) and saki (rice wine) to give you Taki Fu (rice farts).

The game itself has a demo mode built in so it can make for an interesting screen saver if you want to just let the game run o:) .

138. What are you up to?

About 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Oh, do you mean, "What is going on?". Nothing hidden that I am aware of. I am just driving for work and working on this site when possible. Sometimes what I hear others try to say as 'truth' sometimes does not match with ideas, events, and conversations that I have had with others. Others took the time to share information with me, so probably I should take the time to share with others. So I have been collecting my thoughts, so to speak, and posting them when I get the time here.

139. Do purple and gurgle rhyme?

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Just like mouthwash,
You make me gurgle.

140. What about the kitchen sink?

It is a joke in the USA of "talk about everything including the kitchen sink." Well...

The kitchen sink is located in, believe or not, the kitchen.

Leading to the kitchen are water pipes that carry water. The water is pressurized by either a community or private water pump which creates pressure to push the water through the pipes.

Hopefully, when your kitchen sink was installed, someone was thoughtful enough to put in a shut off valve just in case. If you need to repair your kitchen sink (or your bathtub or whatever) a shut off valve can make it so that you do not have to turn off the water to the entire house just to fix the kitchen sink or whatever.

The kitchen sink is made of the 'tub' (aka 'sink') which is that big area underneath the faucet used to collect the water that comes out of the faucet. The faucet is that doohickey thing that you turn the knobs on or push a lever and water comes out (hopefully, unless you turned off the shutoff valve or you have a non working water pump). And do not forget the drains and the drain plug. The drain is that circular hole in the bottom of the tub (sink) that when opened, and not plugged, allows the water to drain into the sewer pipes and out of the house. The drain plug is that stopper thingy that you place over the drain hole to keep the water from draining out.

The water pressure is a combination of the pressure of the water pump and the size of the pipes. You can increase water pressure by using smaller diameter pipes to increase pressure of the water. Think of it this way, it is much easier to pressurize a bicycle tire than a car tire (a bicycle tire is much smaller and therefore requires less air to build up pressure than a car tire). Smaller diameter pipes require less water to fill and therefore build up pressure quicker than larger pipes.

The water is channeled through the pipes in the house to the kitchen sink. The faucet doohickeythingamajig is a piece of hardware that is used to allow water to be dispensed. The spigot (pronounced spicket, so there's got to be a story in there somewhere that I do not know about yet) is that tube thingy where the water actually comes out. Inside the faucet are a couple valves (for hot and cold water) and when these valves are opened, the water escapes through the opening and into the 'tub' (aka 'sink') through the spigot (spicket). If the valves are leaky, hopefully you had a shutoff valve installed so that you can shut the water off to only the faucets so that you can remove the faucets and replace if (or when for the most part, cheaply made blank junk) needed. Many times it will be a warn out rubber 'o' ring that needs replacing, but it may be the whole setup too. You don't know sometimes until you investigate further.

And you thought that I wouldn't think of this topic, didn't you? Well, it took a month and a half roughly, but I did finally get around to talking about the kitchen sink too :) . Cool B) !


141. What other projects have you worked on before Ask Metatron?

My personal resumé is actually fairly long so I will try to focus on an internet type discussion here...

Before the internet, I used to visit a local dial-up Bulletin Board called Sugar Mountain BBS. One time I posted some coding I had done for data storage / retrieval type system and I explicitly put in the docs (documents) for the coding that anyone could use the coding for whatever they wished and no credit need be given and such. Sloppywrited (and the coding was sloppy in spots but did work) and it did what I needed it to do which was store movies on the one program, and store cassette tape information on the other program. The cassette tape program was a little bit more elaborate. Anyway, a person came along and used the coding and put a GUI (graphical User Interface) around the coding and sold it as a software package. That was fine with me, but others on the Bulletin Board were very obnoxious to this other person. I even tried to intervene on the other person's behalf (and me being the one that wrote the coding and sticking up for this other guy) and the hasslers just kept on hassling this other guy because he used my coding to make his software package with, even though I explicitly said that was fine. The others were thinking it was wrong to use the coding to make money with, without sharing it with the guy that wrote the original coding. I was the guy that wrote the original coding and I had a job at the time and I was not looking to be a professional coder and such, and I was glad that this other guy now had the headaches of updating and all that other fun stuff that goes along with selling software. I am still very happy to be an 'amateur' coder as there are less headaches and such with that distinction. This was around 1992 I believe.

Around 1998, I wrote some utilities for viewing the contents of Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and Hexen WAD files. I released them somewhere but they never really took off. I still have these programs here http://www.gohanssm.com/3dutils.html

In 2000, I stumbled upon a fighting game engine called MUGEN and I did a lot of different coding with the game engine for many years as GohanSSM2 (2000 to roughly 2013 I believe). I kept a 'history page' or what later became known as a 'blog page', which actually started out by me as a 'rant page'. But the page is here now http://www.gohanssm.com/history-new.html . I did later do a reverse psychological 'rant page' around 2002 or 2003 which I have moved to here http://www.gohanssm.com/rant/index.html . As far as my coding page, that is incomplete still, but is here http://www.gohanssm.com/coding.html . My MUGEN page can be found here http://www.gohanssm.com/mugen.html .

During this time, around 2003ish, I have always enjoyed 'war games' and I had run across a new game called Empire Earth by Sierra and I started a series of web pages kind of displaying what was available in the game http://www.gohanssm.com

In early 2011, I decided it was also time to write my autobiography as I still had a lot of questions about myself and I was still searching for answers about this double-nerved upper left bicuspid, and all these life stories, and all this aceing stuff too. So in about 2 to 3 months I hand wrote my autobiography and I also decided to make it so that the reader would be a main character as well. I called it "The New Math" from the beginning, and it originally started out as part 1 and part 2 which later became chapter 2 and chapter 3 in the book by me, Thee Ace Man. I copied the text over to computer format and submitted it to Strategic Book Publishing who accepted the text as is (They even told me that an editor would have probably made a mess of the book as in its origin, the grammar faux pas and such actually enriched the reading even though they were faux pas and not acceptable to established grammar rules, spelling rules, and such). I have the web sites http://www.theeaceman.com and http://www.thenewmathbook.com because of the book. The original text I kind of call the 'textbook of life' but since it was an autobiography and I am not quite dead yet that I am aware of, I continued and now call it 'the teacher's edition of the textbook of life' or "The Mostest Newerest Math" and I keep that text hidden here http://www.theeaceman.com/thefullbook.html and color coded from the original (black text) and the added stuff (blue text).

Around September 2015, after realizing the 'Metatron' information, I ran across a forum site called 'Heaven Awaits'. I posted here and there a couple times because I realized that this site was pretty much jewish and christian people trying to understand one another which is a good thing I feel. Most of the forum posts dealt with scriptures and that kind of stuff. As you can tell, I am not one for reciting scriptures verbatim, and I am more for the stories and such contained in those words. I came across the site searching for stuff on 'Metatron' and the Heaven Awaits site had a decent size post on the issue, but it wasn't really too detailed. Metatron is pretty much outside the scriptures, so not surprising. But I tried to contribute to the forum a few times here and there under the name 'TheeAceMan' on http://heavenawaits.wordpress.com and as there was a little 'real life' thrown in with scripture verses I was slightly 'at home' there for a bit. The site host, marianne, at one time asked me to back up my 'trinity' information with scripture, and that was where the idea for my Genealogy of Shaddai page (http://www.theeaceman.com/genie.html) originally came from in 2017 I believe.

After all this stuff with "The New Math" and "The Mostest Newerest Math" got out of control as far as length, I decided to change to the more interactive forum format with this site, http://www.askmetatron.com

And next...

142. What is the difference between Noah, Naphishtim, and Manu?

I know of three different religions that talk of a Great Flood, and how an individual loads himself and a large group of animals onto a boat and the rest are drowned. In the Hebrew Bible he is called Noah, in Sumerian texts he is called Naphishtim (the tale of Gilgamesh), and in Hindu / Hindi he is known as Manu (an incarnation of Vishnu). But, in the other religions, there is not any 'family tree' for him, only the Hebrew Bible has a family tree associated with this individual. However, in the Hebrew Bible, except for Eve, women are not mentioned. So who was Noah's mother? Who was Noah's wife? OK you 'channelers' get to work... (if you can truly access the Akashic records as claimed then this should not be too difficult a question, should it?)

But anyway, who to believe? Or not to believe? Noah, Naphishtim, and Manu are definitely this same individual, but why such different stories between the Hebrews, Sumerians, and Hindus? Who borrowed from who? Evidence actually suggests that others borrowed from the Hebrews probably. The Hebrews, however, have always written on paper, whilst the Sumerians and Hindus wrote on stone or clay. So of course the Hebrew texts did not survive as long, or did they? The Sumerians disappeared. The Babylonians disappeared. The ancient Egyptians disappeared. The Atlantaens disappeared. We hear talk of Shem, Ham, and Japheth in the Hebrew Bible. We do not hear talk elsewhere. If Noah, Naphishtim, and Manu are the same person, which is the one who is correct? Or are all three correct? And if civilization supposedly started in Africa, then why isn't everyone dark skinned? Why so many unanswered questions?

Because we are not the ones who designed all of this, so who are we to know? Special? But who does actually know? Rather than jump to conclusions based on personal preferences or whims, is there something wrong with being truly honest? Is there something wrong with accepting all the stories and just saying 'I don't know for sure, but I know these.' Maybe it was someone else even and the truly real actual story is still lost. Maybe not. But why are people forced to choose rather than accept that 'I don't know for sure.' Exactly. Politics stinks. Politicians stink. When you can not be honest you will always find lawyers and politicians somewhere! Until then, THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

And yes, this post is kind of messy because I should know better than to try and post from a cell phone that is going in and out of wi-fi service, but I did it anyway. I will probably have to come back and fix something or another here.

143. What is THINKE all about?

THINKE stands for Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything. It is a philosophy of trying to accept knowledge as being true until proven otherwise. And when proven otherwise, that knowledge is no longer true now, is it?

144. What about Moses' speech problem as noted in the Holy Bible and the Talmud?

Moses was raised as an Egyptian, but later found out he was Hebrew, so of course Moses had problems speaking in Hebrew and probably had one bodacious accent too (not really a stutter or such). Hebrew and Egyptian are not really similar languages as Egyptian had a lot of tongue clicks and such in it. But imagine having to one day just translate everything you know in Egyptian into Hebrew without Google translate or Babelfish or any of that stuff. So of course Moses was slow in speech. You would be too, wouldn't you? Just a thought.

And also, think about how many times people are so busy looking for some obscure or hidden meaning when a viable answer may be right under their very noses if they would stop trying to add stuff that really is not written. But, OK, Moses stuttered? No, Moses' primary language was Egyptian, not Hebrew, so it couldn't be that Moses was 'slow in speech' because Moses had difficulty speaking Hebrew since Moses was raised as an Egyptian, could it?

145. Did Almighty (God) favor the Romans over the Hebrews?

No, actually, the Hebrews preferred the Romans over Almighty (God), so what was Almighty going to do? The Romans had pretty much already overtaken the Hebrews by the time 1 AD rolled around. The Romans had tax collectors in the temples as well as salesmen and bazaars and such. The Romans were not favored by any means. Almighty just gave up on the stiff-necked Hebrews. The Hebrews conquered themselves in all honesty. The Romans just happened to be there at the time and were definitely not chosen by Almighty, but chosen by the Hebrews, themselves.

146. Is all fair in love and war (very mild sexual reference)?

I am not sure. You caught me with my pants down on part of that one.

147. What are your thoughts about gun control in the USA?

Guns are not the real problems. The real problems are people that feel they can do whatever they wish. That was a big problem in Sodom and Gomorrah, and has still not truly been resolved.

How do you correct this problem? You isolate people that feel they can just do whatever they wish so that they only harm themselves. Those thoughts from these types of people honestly never go away. They will always have these thoughts and use whatever excuse they can to try and get away with doing whatever they wish. Muslim Shariah law is a good example of this. Muslims break their own laws, but then cry out that the laws were broken against a non Muslim so it is all better. No, it is not all better. Remember, in Muslim tradition, all people are created by Allah and as such, all people are to be treated as being sacred regardless of religious practices. If Allah would have wanted all people to be Muslim, then trust me, all people would have been created Muslim. Allah is the same individual known to me as Almighty and Also known as God, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah, Shaddai, Creator, Heavenly Father, Great White Father (Native American), and so on...

So to continue, it is not the guns, knives or such that people use, but the thoughts of the people using them that are usually the problem. Children are unaware, but then also, a parent should be aware that a child is unaware and should take extra precautions so that accidents do not happen. Someone picking up a weapon that unknowingly discharges is not held in the same regard as someone that purposely discharges that same weapon. Accidents happen. But a thoughtful person will minimize chances of accidents to as close to zero possibility as possible (including not having guns in a house where children may get a hold of such weapons).

And to continue further, it is not the gun that is used by the person that shoots up a movie theater, parking lot, school, mall, or such, but the person themselves that is the problem. And that problem is that they are a Butthole and feel they can do whatever they want to whoever they want. The same idea that condemned those of Sodom and Gomorrah, no rules. There is one rule that applies above all others and that rule is that if you would not wish whatever to be done to you, then you should not do it to others, regardless of what the other person(s) do / does. You do not stop evil by being evil yourself. The Meek are the ones who realize that good rules apply to everyone including the rule makers themselves. Buttholes are ones who feel that rules apply to others but they can do what they want because they are Buttholes. That is the problem. With or without guns, knives, or such, Buttholes are always a problem. Seriously, take a good look at the Butthole politicians in the USA at present. It doesn't matter who you vote for in the USA because in the USA the laws and rules apply to everyone else except the politicians (lawmakers, presidents, judges, police, etc.). The entire system in the USA is run by Buttholes (there are a few exceptions as sometimes a Meek does sneak in there, but they are few and far between honestly). And with this being said...

And to continue yet further, explosives. What good is a gun or a bullet without the shell and the gunpowder to propel that bullet? And what about explosives being more dangerous than guns? Yes, it is the explosion that propels the bullet to fire from the gun, and that explosion is caused by the gunpowder being ignited. Truly, the problem is not the guns or the bullets, but the explosives. And explosives can ignite accidentally. Without the explosives, guns are fairly useless unless you need a hammer for something. And with this being said...

It is the people, not the weapons that are the problem. Former US President George W. Bush and his Pesticides of Mass Destruction is another problem too. It was not even Iraq, but Afghanistan involved in the attack. But that is what happens when individuals apply rules to others, but do not apply those same rules to themselves. Chaos, indecency, rioting, anarchy, and so on. All side affects of buttholism. Buttholes in Baltimore, MD, Ferguson, LA, and any other place where rioting takes place. Buttholes...

So what is wrong with leaders and rulers applying the same rules to themselves that they wish to apply to others? The leaders and rulers would not be known as the Buttholes that they have become if they did follow their own rules. And how are you to expect others to obey rules when the rulers themselves do not obey those same rules? Buttholes.

And let us not forget the Bloods, Crips, M13, Hell's Angels, etc. All Buttholes...

We need Butthole Control, not really Gun Control. If the Buttholes making the rules would follow the rules they make for others it would be a better place to live in (Heaven on Earth). And if the Buttholes do not want to be called Buttholes then they need to stop being Buttholes. Buttholes know no shame, guilt or any of that or else they would stop being the Buttholes that they are. Is this making sense yet?

So in conclusion, Buttholes are the problem, and if we were to isolate the Buttholes away from everyone else, then the problems would end. You do not get rid of buttholism by becoming a Butthole yourself. You get rid of buttholism by isolating the Buttholes from everyone else so that they can be Buttholes to one another and leave the rest of us out of the mess that always ensues. It is not a mental issue or such, but a Butthole issue in all honesty. People have mental problems too, but usually those that suffer most do not wish others to suffer like they did and do not become Buttholes, but usually become Meek because they fully understand what a Butthole truly is and they want no part of it. So it is not a mental condition or problem either. Butthole Control. My two bucks worth...

148. Is there a 'Doggy Heaven', 'Turtle Heaven', etc.?

All living organisms (as science calls them) have a type of electromagnetic aura. The electromagnetic aura is what provides life to a substance. When the aura leaves, the substance loses life. Plants and animals and insects and fishes all have auras. Dinosaurs had auras. And so on.

But plants do not have brains, so huh? It is not our process, but a life process. When first formed, a human does not have a brain either, but an aura does exist. When a blade of grass is cut, the cut away piece of grass still has an aura to it, As the cut piece of grass dies and turns brown, the aura leaves. If the cut piece of grass takes root again, the aura survives and stays attached to the grass. Same with trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and so on.

Rocks, sand, dirt. No aura. No life. Water as well. Water does not have an aura itself, so water is a substance and does not have an aura. Amoebas and plankton do have auras. And such is the intricate process we call life. Substance with an aura attached. Life. But when life ends is when the aura leaves an animate substance, thus the substance loses life without an aura and dies off. A tree does not die because it loses its leaves, but when the leaves do not have an aura, the leaves leave and die off, much like when a dog or cat sheds its hair. A leaf does not truly have an aura of its own, much like dog hair and cat hair are auraless as well. When a person loses a finger or leg, the aura disappears from the finger or leg within a short time after separation from the body. Then the arm or leg is substance without aura. The aura controls these processes.

But what happens when grass dies or a tree is cut down or such? Do plant auras exist throughout eternity like human auras? Yes, and as with humans, there are good plants and bad plants; in between plants too I imagine. And what good are plants without birds and bees? But birds and bees do not need to pollenate plant auras that I know of. Auras are stored as the image of the substance that the aura animated. Whether, plant, insect, bird, animal, alien, whatever.

Almighty (God) created all of this stuff so that there would be stuff throughout eternity (unlike in the beginning, it was only Him). Aura to animate substance as well as just plain substance for the aura to occupy its time with, studying. Fire, water, inanimate (even though a fire can take on a life of its own, so to speak).

The same processes with fish, animals, and insects also. So as the aura exists throughout eternity, it gets stored somewhere. Imagine how many strays wandering around Heaven or around Hell for that matter. What about in between too? And all those bugs. There are different layers in the aura world, and different auras are stored different ways throughout eternity. And of course these auras are going to be needed so that in Doggy Heaven, a doggy has their favorite fire hydrant to potty on. And doggy Hell has that pricker bush thing going for it. Not really as an aura does not need to go to the bathroom that I am aware of, so sorry, fire hydrants do not go to Heaven (they are inanimate, lifeless objects anyway).

But it is also Almighty's design, so it is Almighty's decision as to if the aura does exist throughout eternity, or if the aura is just temporary with a living organism. As far as I know, Almighty designed all living auras to exist throughout eternity, whether animal, plant, or other. Life is the combination of an electromagnetic aura with a substance, and the aura is what gives that substance what we term life. Dinosaur life. Animal life. Fish life. Plant life. Bird life. Dog's life. Happy life. Miserable life. Life. Rocks (the anti life).

It is what it is. But whether our favorite pet exists with us throughout eternity is Almighty's decision and not mine to make, only to know. And with knowing what I know, I do not think that Almighty is going to put up with little Fido barking in His ear throughout eternity. But if you think that is Heaven, then I imagine Almighty will provide your little slice of Heaven for you throughout eternity. Hell is a different story as that is the place that Almighty set aside for punishment...

And what about in between? It is what it is. In between. Heaven and Hell are aura only places. In between is in between. Where aura and substance either combine to form life, or go off to do something else elsewhere. If everything had an aura, what would we do for rocks and cement for buildings? But if nothing had an aura, what would an aura have to do?

So here we are in between, until something else comes along... Or doesn't come along. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?...

149. Do angels have wings and / or halos?

Neither. Angels do not have wings or halos. Halos are from the Roman God Apollo (the Sun God) and were paganistic in the fact that the halo was a symbol of eternal life granted through the Sun God Apollo. The wings idea I am not quite sure of. I think it may have to do with the Hebrew cherub (small bird) / cherubim (angel) thing, but I am not totally sure on that. As I have seen Almighty and His son, the Holy Spirit, I am sure that angels do not have either halos or wings. Clothes yes, halos and wings, no. Also, when Edgar Cayce saw me in the room of floating books, no halo, no wings. I do not know what drugs or such Rabbi Ishmael was taking to see what he saw, but the Third Book of Enoch is not factual to say the least.

150. What do you feel are the 'failings' of modern psychology, psychiatry, and socialogy?

The biggest failing I feel of modern 'shrinkdom' is the failure to realize that the criminal mindset is all about 'me' to the criminal. Modern psychology, psychiatry, and socialogy do not stress others and as a result they pretty much cater to the criminal mindset. What started problems in the first place is someone thinking 'I can do whatever I want'. I, I, I, me, me, me. And the results are always horrible. So how does it get treated? By having this individual focus on themselves. Seriously. In all seriousness, you can not change others, only yourself, is absolutely true. But the truth can not be taught. And that truth is that if you do not like it being done to you, you should not be doing it to others regardless of what the other person does. This truth corrects all problems, however, the focus is on self and not others which is what has been hurting modern shrinkdom. Instead of focusing on the problem and solution, it is always jabbering on back and forth and the client / patient then just lets their mind wander off with all this overload of useless information that really does not do any good other than to provide loopholes. And the client / patient keeps returning for some reason (let us call it job security, because if you do not do your job properly, a person will need to keep returning for some reason). I feel an excellent example of this problem is in a page I wrote back in 2006 about 'now syndrome' and abuse. The page goes on and on and on but really does not solve anything honestly. So the solution is to wholeheartedly teach others that if it is wrong to be done to them, then it is wrong to do it to others regardless of what the other person does. The 'nonsense' of modern shrinkdom can be demonstrated here at http://www.theeaceman.com/nowsyndrome.doc .

And the problem is 'non confrontational'. You are not allowed to treat a person for being a Butthole (one who makes rules for others but does not follow the same rules themselves). The only successful way I have experienced for treating a Butthole is by letting them BE the Butthole they are while you remain calm, cool, and collective to set the example that they need to learn to follow. You can not treat a Butthole by being a sneaky Butthole either (as evidenced in the 'honesty' test given. The test is designed to 'trick' people into admitting they are dishonest, but what happens when a person really is being honest and gets a low score? And what about the compulsive liar that gets a high score? And that was exactly what happened in an abuse class I took. I scored a 71 as I was a drunken crackhead, blah, blah, blah that was nowhere near true. I answered the questions honestly, the test was not quite honest however. Meanwhile a compulsive liar got a 96 on this test and proceeded to get caught in 5 or 6 lies on his first day in class. It is what it is. But like I said, you can't trick someone into being honest with a dishonest test. It is usually the opposite as a dishonest test will usually make an honest person strive to be dishonest to score higher. Grades really are not that important are they?). It has to be confrontational at some point. And during those confrontations, you can NOT be a Butthole yourself. Being non confrontational is a sign of fear, and anyone that knows abusive people realize that abusive people (Buttholes included) thrive on creating fear. 'I can do anything I want so long as the other person fears me.' That is the abusive mantra. That is the Butthole mantra as well. Whether it be physical, monetary, or whatever, fear is involved somewhere. And the Meek mantra 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, despite how the others behave / act.' It does not work both ways. A Meek is not a Butthole and a Butthole is not a Meek. But we all can have our 'bad' moments at times. So where are you at?

151. What of all this talk about a perpetual motion engine?

Supposedly, from what I have heard from Sir Nicholas Boehr back in April / May 1979, I am the one that Edgar Cayce said would invent the 'near perpetual motion engine'. I am the one with the double-nerved upper left bicuspid. I am also supposedly the one that told Edgar Cayce many different things while I was sitting in an invisible room full of floating books that appeared to be on shelves, but Edgar could not see a room or shelves. Anyway, yes, I actually do have an idea for a type of perpetual motion engine that would run under its own power (with a little help for the first version, then that first version could be used to make others later on).

But here is my catch on this. First, I would want the idea to NOT be patented or copyrighted or such so that ANYONE could make this engine from any country, anywhere. The second part (and if you sneak around you may find an idea or two), but I do not want to give away the secret to this idea as if you think about it, with an actual perpetual motion engine, someone could actually "rule the world" so to speak at this point in time. Imagine airplanes that do not have to fuel, cars that do not have to fuel, house heating and air conditioning without having to connect to a power grid or such, no solar power, no wind power, et cetera, and so on... There are too many Buttholes as it is today, and by not being able to 'single source' this idea, the Buttholes would turn on one another to get as much as they could out of this before the bottom dropped out on everything. The world today is run off of a 'disposable economy' based on items that are used up or consumed (gas, food, razors, appliances, etc.). A perpetual motion engine would change that and those whose livelihood revolves around people buying and burning gas, or jet fuel, and such would all of a sudden have some problems. Utility companies as well, and on and on...

And that was why people 'aced' stuff and such because Sir Nicholas was worried that if certain people whose livelihoods were reliant on gas and such were to know the prophesies, and the one with the tooth of the prophesies, that with the amount of money and such, someone may definitely wish to make sure that history didn't change and that this perpetual motion engine doesn't get invented. I haven't invented it yet, but I also have the idea that someone is kind of watching over my shoulder to make sure things happen as they need to happen. But also too, I am not wishing to tempt fate either. Will have to see if this is all true someday... But yes, I do definitely have an idea and I am pretty sure it will work, but I do not have the materials yet to try this idea. And like I said, I feel when the time comes, it will come. Until then, still wait and see...

But Sir Nicholas told me there are two paths and the one path leads to peace and prosperity for a thousand years, while the other leads to darkness and despair for a thousand years. And then Sir Nicholas just said, "When the time comes, I think you will make the right decision." I have a good feeling that making this site was a part of this, but the perpetual motion engine project will probably be the big deciding factor. In the meantime, I know Almighty exists, so at times I just hope for the best and leave it in Almighty's hands as best as possible. Just have to wait and see...

152. What happens when I dream?

Your aura is what collects your thoughts, and controls your body. When you sleep, your body needs rest, but your aura still needs to make sure that you breathe, your blood pumps, and so on and so forth. Because your aura needs to control everything to make sure you stay alive, your aura doesn't actually sleep. So what's wrong with having a little fun while you rest? I know, it seems so real, but... it was only a dream. Truthfully, in some instances, your aura may be trying to warn you or tell you of something upcoming, but for the most part, lay back, relax, and enjoy the show. Many times it is better to try and relax rather than to keep trying to analyze and micromanage everything you do. In a dream, it doesn't actually happen. Dreams - fiction, awake - nonfiction. Where would you rather be? Nighty night?! ZZZzzz... What do you mean you woke up in a bed full of popcorn and a soda in your hand. Remember last time when you went to look at your watch to see what time it was. Then you realized you were sleeping and you did not have your watch on. Uh oh, what a mess. Are you sure you are awake? ...zzzZZZzzz...

153. Why do the names Shaddai, Emmanuel, and Metatron add up to 314 in Hebrew / Aramaic?

In the Hebrew / Aramaic language (like Latin and such), certain letters also represent numbers. And when written properly Shaddai, Emmanuel, and Metatron each add up to 314 in Hebrew / Aramaic. As people also know, the value for pi (π) in a circle is approximately 3.14 (Circumference of the circle divided by the diameter of the circle). Shaddai - the Holy One, Emmanuel - the Holy Spirit, Metatron - the Holy Scribe. But should not three be a triangle and thus 180 for the value of the angles of a triangle? Why a circle instead of a triangle? Is it a circle? A circle is 360 degrees, is it not? The three sides of a triangle are c squared equals a squared plus b squared (c^2 = a^2 + b^2). But truly, the number 314 was used for the names Shaddai, Emmanuel, and Metatron. Why 314? Because π (Circumference of the circle divided by the diameter of the circle) is approximated to 3.14 but is actually 'infinite'. So the number 314 was used for names by the Holy One (Shaddai), the Holy Spirit (Emmanuel), and the Holy Scribe (Metatron) as a mathematical reference to 'infinity' (approximately anyway). A triangle is technically finite and has three sides that connect. A circle is one continuous connection. So 314 and not 180 or 360. Approximate 'infinity'.

And note to those trying to make this into 316 because of the John 3:16 verse. NOT - 316, YES - 314. There is a reason and it is not for verse numbers that really do not exist outside translation aids to translators of books into other languages.

154. Are you for real? (welcome to "Ask Metatron")

I actually have not pinched myself, but when I look in a mirror (which is rarely, honest), I do see something there. It looks something like the picture on this site but with eyeglasses, and the hair is a bit grayer now. So I am pretty sure I am as for real as anyone else out there. But then too, we could be just figments of our own (or gasp, someone else's) warped imagination.

But anyway, the information I am presenting on this site is actual as best as possible. If I am unsure, I usually say that I am unsure.

As I have been looking for answers myself (question / answer forum format here), I have come across loads of information that came from my search for my own identity. I honestly did not know anything about Metatron or such prior to 2012 or later, as originally I came up with a 'native american' name for myself back in 2011 of T'Kot'Bol (or Ta Coat Bowl) which stands for "One who smok'em peace pipe in cold weather" aka Ta Coat Bowl. Or The Keeper Of The Book Of Life. - T'Kot'Bol. From there is where I came across 'Metatron'. And from Metatron I came across the movie 'Dogma' (which I have watched a few times since 2015 and I enjoy it) and the Supernatural series (which I have never watched, but I do like Curtis Armstrong from the movies 'Better Off Dead' and 'Revenge of the Nerds', but from what I have read about the storyline, um, not me, nope, but it is just a story as Dogma is just a story as well and is not meant to be 'actual' or truth, but is fiction. But seriously, I am NOT going to go against Almighty and I am not one to scheme or deceive others, so I have not watched the Supernatural series. About the closest I can get to watching a 'soap opera' is "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle").

So, usually unless otherwise stated, the writing I do here is mostly nonfiction and I am not trying to write fiction. I am searching for answers too, and after finding my answers, a whole bunch more questions and answers keep coming forward, and I keep posting as best as I can here. And as I searched myself, I found much more fiction than nonfiction, so as I may reference fiction here and there, I am searching for nonfiction (truth) not fiction (made up) myself.

But also too, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Ieshua, and many, many others (including Mrs. Noah, whoever she is) were never able to write their own stories. And as a result, a lot of unanswered questions with no one around to ask the questions to. If I do not write something myself, would I suffer the same fate as Noah, and Mrs. Noah too?

As others shared information with me over the years, I have felt it good also that I share information with others as well.

155. Do you really think it is necessary to bless people when they fart?

Yes, most definitely. If sneezing is someone's soul trying to escape, I imagine farting is the same thing, just a different way of escaping. And think about it, how many farts have been blessed? And you wonder why the world is in the shape it is in now. Bless a fart today, before it is too late. Oops. Phhhlllppptttfft...

156. What about Petrus Romanus aka Peter the Roman?

According to a set of prophecies by Malachy, the number of popes has run out and the last line which is kind of broken appears to reference the current pope and then switch to an individual known as Petrus Romanus. So apparently, this is the last pope before Peter the Roman comes in and Rome (the Vatican anyway) collapses and the papacy is ended. (Also referenced in the Holy Bible Book of Revelations as several verses pertaining to the 'harlot of Babylon, oh woe, and the like). One really needs to ask, with all the stories instead of truths, why is it taking so long? Things happen as they need to happen. Also note, Peter the Roman is the one who collapses the current church, so therefore, it is not someone of the hierarchy of the church (including the current pope). But to note, I, the Holy Scribe, and Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit, are of the flesh at present. So it could be either of us or someone else even. Time will tell. But the final word of the prophecy is 'finis' which means end. The church as it stands ends with the current pope according to the Malachy prophecies which have actually been accurate so far. How much longer is just a guess. Or maybe the prophesies are wrong? Again, time will tell. Just have to wait and see. Will the Muslims or the Jews be the ones to bring down the current church? No. Not either of these two, Muslim or Jew. But it may even just collapse from within as many of the teachings of the Vatican are not in line with the book they try to profess to know and read. Many of the teachings are borrowed from the old pagan customs of the Romans. But until it actually happens, just a lot of guessing and misinformation in the meantime.

157. What is an USAn urn?

I think I heard that correctly, a USAn urn is a chamber pot to pee in. As opposed to what a working USAn earns which is roughly 200 to 300 US dollars a week (with taxes taken out) which is not really enough, with rent and utilities and such, for a working USAn to afford an USAn urn. Labor laws in the USA require companies, that hire people who work over 32 hours a week, to provide health insurance coverage to employees. Therefore, most companies in the USA hire only part-time (usually 20 hours per week) workers to avoid this expensive issue. Billionaires did not get to be billionaires by looking after anyone but themselves. And any one butt is right on the nose (lips too) on this one. USAns have the best lawmakers that money can buy, so the broken system is not likely to change anytime soon.

Got accused of being whiney and such, so I slipped this post in just because.

158. Have you ever been wrong about anything?

Yes. Several times, in fact, I thought I might be wrong, but then I realized that I was wrong about thinking that I might be wrong.

159. With all your knowledge, why didn't you become a teacher?

Because of the rules in the USA for teachers, I actually can not teach without getting into trouble. Neither public, catholic, or private school teacher. If you read through this site, you should kind of understand already.

No religion in public schools. You can not truly say that 'evolution' is not as plausible as 'creation' in a public school. I can say that here, but not as a teacher. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY KNOW BETTER! You can not even teach "do unto others" or "Meek" in public schools either. It is the way it is.

Catholic schools it is all about Ieshua (Jesus Christ) which I can not accept Ieshua as "my lord and savior" as I know better. I also can not say that Ieshua is Almighy's grandson or any of that despite having proof in the Scriptures themselves. Being honest is not allowed. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RULES THAT THE CHURCH SETS! I can not.

Private schools can mix religious beliefs as well as other ideas, but still, YOU MUST TEACH WHAT WE TELL YOU TO TEACH, NO MORE, NO LESS!

And college professors are not allowed to THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

So welcome to Ask Metatron where we can learn without breaking any guidelines.

I have freedom here, as do you (hopefully you do anyway). I can try to teach and be a student at the same time here, as can you too.

160. Is there really no such thing as a dumb or stupid question?

True. Yes. There really is not a dumb or stupid question that can be asked. Answers are a different story...

161. Why do storks have such long legs?

From delivering too many overweight babies before scientists and doctors figured out there was another way babies could be born. That was why (and some still do) people would say "There is something fishy going on around here." because they were getting ready to feed the stork when the stork came by to deliver a baby.

162. What is 'temptation' about really?

Temptation is about people give 'rewards' for doing things you should not be doing if the reward was not offered.

In the Holy Bible, Lucifer offers Ieshua all the kingdoms of the world if Ieshua will worship Lucifer. But are all the kingdoms of the world belonging to Lucifer? Temptation.

Clean your room or you do not get any allowance. This is missing something, and when that something missing is added, this changes. What is missing is "if you do not take care of what you have, what is the point of giving you more?". With this statement added, it is not a temptation, but a truth. A person who does not learn to take care of what they have, when given more, will not learn to take care of what they have already, let alone anything in the future. Not taking care of things and then getting more things leads to what is called being "spoiled". A person that is spoiled is just like spoiled milk, very sour. A spoiled (privileged) person always expects things to be given to them and expects to give nothing in return.

A temptation is a feeling that if you have something more, that things will be better. But at what point does more become "too much"? Exactly. And what if you get what you want and then realize it was not what you expected? When people work together (Meek who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) then things improve for all people. When people think only of themselves (Buttholes who ask others to follow rules that they themselves do not follow) then things only improve for the themselves, but get worst for others. Temptation, making things better for oneself at the expense of others.

And hint, hint, if college graduates are so 'smart' then why can they not think of ways for everyone to make a better way of life, instead of just the management (aka college graduates)? Temptation. The "I graduated college so I am better than you." attitude. So right back at you, if you are so much better, then why do you treat others so horribly? Maybe you are not as good as you wish people to think you are. And no amount of money can buy honesty. More temptation.

You make 'deals' with Lucifer. Temptation. And who do most people honestly follow in this day and age, Almighty or Lucifer? Most people are not overly abundantly wealthy, so believe it or not, Almighty. Most of those, who look for 'fame and fortune and positions and titles and such', worship Lucifer. So truly, most worship Almighty, but most of those that the news media follow do not worship Almighty. You can be wealthy too if you just think of yourself and forsake all others. The mantra of the wealthy (and the Buttholes). Everybody else is doing it. But truly, not everyone else IS doing it. And there are honestly some that have become wealthy and think of others as well. There are also many who think only of themselves and are not wealthy. It is what it is.

But temptations abound out there. Can you possibly be one who threads a camel through the eye of a needle and becomes wealthy while still managing to help others improve their lives as well? Are we possibly at the dawn of a new age where everyone improves their lives instead of just a select few? Or are we still the same as we have always been where only a select few benefit at the cost of all others? Temptations abound as they have always been.

Greed and lust always lead to temptation. "Do you have two tens for a five?". Thanks.

163. What about Sandalphon?

According to legend, I have a twin brother Sandalphon who was the prophet Elijah at one time. Pretty impressive family I guess. If we are twins, I am not sure who our mother and father are though. And we would have to have been born outside the flesh as I do not believe Jared (great great grandfather of Noah) had twins. So does not sound quite right. And I believe we are both humans and not archangels or such. As far as I am still aware, archangels are not born of the flesh.

As far as the legend that I am the top of the Tree of Life and Sandalphon is the base of the Tree of Life, I find this very disturbing. The last I knew, people are not trees. This sounds very made up and 'romanish / greekish' in all honesty. It does not sound like something Almighty (God) would do (Zeus maybe, not Almighty). But you never know. With Almighty anything is possible to be sure, but converting people to trees sounds a bit far-fetched in all honesty. People, plants, and animals appear to have been created separately, so why a people 12 piece plant? Not my story. The story appears to have originated around the time the Romans were taking over Israel and Judah (late BC / early AD period).

I am pretty sure Sandalphon exists and was the prophet Elijah at one time. I am just not sure of other stories.

164. In keeping with the recent forum direction, fluffers needed...

What is a fluffer you ask? Well, it is that person on the set of a porno movie that keeps the male excited in between takes. If needing experience for this position, the producer won't mind if you practice on him before getting your big break. Sorry, the director is too busy to be doing auditions at the moment.

165. What about the Holy Spirit?

Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit, is of the flesh at present. He does not know who he really is at this time. His stepmother's name is Mindy and is working at a public school. His stepfather's name is Dave and is a type of handyman who has been working as a cleaner for different companies recently.  Dave has an older daughter through a previous marriage, so the Holy Spirit has an older step sister that does not live with them.  Dave and Mindy also have two younger sons, so Emmanuel has two younger step brothers that do live with them.  The Holy Spirit is the one known as the 'reaper of the harvest' and his son, Ieshua, is the one known as the 'sower of seeds'. When Emmanuel was not of the flesh, he was the one who got the Virgin Mary pregnant. The name Emmanuel is part of the Holy Trinity between Shaddai, the Holy One, Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit, and myself Metatron, the Holy Scribe, whose names add up to 314 (infinity, approximately pi) in Hebrew. There are also the three of the Trinity, the father, Almighty (Shaddai, God), the son, Emmanuel, and the grandson, Ieshua (Jesus). The distinguishing feature is that the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel, can speak in all known languages. He does and it was recently discovered in 2016 / 2017. And like I said, in the flesh, in the present, he does not know who he is yet. I know but I do not think it is time for him to know yet. In due time but not now. He also recently needs eyeglasses to see with (and a blind man shall lead them). I also wear eyeglasses as well, but I feel Emmanuel is to lead and not myself. Anyway, the Holy Spirit is in the flesh and probably has about 110 years yet to go. The countdown has commenced... By the end of the Holy Spirit's days in the flesh, world peace for 1000 years is to be attained.

166. Have you ever thought about turning this site into a book?

Not really. I know there is a lot of useful information here, but unfortunately it becomes a huge mess if thrown together in a book. Imagine reading every topic with the questions and answers all thrown together in one huge lump. Yes, very overwhelming. So that is why I decided when I started this site that the stuff would remain as a forum and not a book. That way people can reference what they feel they need to reference without having to wade through piles of information that they may not even wish to look at. The thought was to make the information manageable for myself as well as the reader. A book can not really do that (even in e-book format at present). And including certain web pages in the mix would make a book very overwhelming indeed (Genealogy of Shaddai page, Science of Science page, Interesting Conversations page, etc.). Once a book is finished, it is as it is when completed. I can keep adding to this forum as the need may arise. Thanks for asking (or talking to myself as the case may be). The other part is that I can discuss things openly on a forum, for a book you have to get permissions and all that. Just not worth it for a book that is too large and cumbersome for most readers to deal with.

167. If there is only 'one God', then why so many different religions?

Excellent question and the true answer is through Almighty (God) Himself.

But let me see if I can take a poke at this one (my words here, not His). Regardless of which religion you choose to look at (besides Buddhism, which I am not quite sure of yet), but each religion talks of a great flood and one individual with a boatload of animals and relatives surviving this Great Flood. Noah, Naphishtim, Manu, is the names used for this one individual that built this boat and survived. From here I will reference the Hebrew as it lists Noah, then Shem, Ham, and Japheth (but does not include wives names). And from the Hebrew, the genealogy is traced into the founding of the Nation of Israel and so forth. The other religions do not seem to show a clear lineage, however, the Hebrew does show a clear lineage form the Great Flood onward. Other religions (including ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, and so on) seem to have stories interwoven, that at times, appear very spectacular and surreal. Many religions (Ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Native American, and such) also appear to interweave tales of either human-like beasts, or dragons, or combination type beasts, that do not have ever seemed to have existed outside these stories. The Hebrew Bible at times does use symbology but it is clear that these are not 'of this Earth' but representations of ideals and such. But Ganeisha (the elephant), Horus (the Hawk), Anubis (the Jackal), Griffons, Dragons, Brahma the Bull, Pegasus, Leviathans, Krakens, Snakes, Holy Cows, and so on and so forth.

So is all this stuff made up (fiction) or is there possibly some truth in there somewhere in some of these exotic stories? We were not around at the time of many of these stories, however, we can kind of assume that probably most of the far-fetched stories (Ancient Roman Mythology with Zeus, Apollo, Perseus, and so on, being a prime example) are fiction (made up, make believe). Ancient Egyptian with Horus the Hawk, Anubis the Jackal, and so on, is another prime example. Incan, Mayan, and Aztec to be sure as well.

But it isn't until we look underneath all of this that something stands out. Ancient people thought of animals as possessing traits and characteristics that would be very interesting if people had the strength of a bull, the speed of a cheetah, the flight of an eagle, the wisdom of an owl, and so on... The animals all take on human characteristics despite still being animals. the belief that maybe humankind could perhaps learn from the animals and perhaps maybe the animals were part of our own creation. And then we look further to realize that humankind developed separately from 'the beasts' in reality. Humankind (people) are unique from dogs, cats, lions, and so on. Animals appear to have been around long before humankind appeared. And each species appears to have developed separately from one another. But possibly a thought that maybe beasts were directly involved in our creation as humankind did appear to play a major role in most early religions. Lions do not breed with sheep, antelope do not breed with elephants, and humans do not breed with apes, and so on... Each species being separate and individual from one another (even the okapi). So even though the thought is there, in reality, the truth is much more believable than fiction. We are not humankind that came from beasts, but we appear to have been developed separately, just as the beasts themsleves developed separately. We are as wise as a human, as fast as a human, as strong as a human, and so on...

There appears to be a 'guiding hand' in all of this. It does not appear to be haphazardly random either. But if someone was behind all of this (a human let's say), then was it just a human. or did this human have beasts that helped as well? Was it possibly multiple humans? Was it multiple beasts? A combination thereof?

But why all these different religions and such a wide diversity between them? So many people have had ideas, and many ideas lead to different stories. And is there anything wrong with letting people decide for themselves, much like I am doing here? The truth is always the truth, but in the beginning, I feel Someone started out with a great imagination. Look around you. And if we are truly in His image, then why not let Our imagination run rampant as well.

I know of Almighty (God) and I have seen Him personally. I do not wish to speak on His behalf, but in this case I can say that someone not wishing to be lonely throughout eternity can do some truly amazing things. It is like looking in a mirror. See?.

And maybe, just maybe, cats, dogs, and cows may be thinking of us as gods too. And then the atomic cockroaches took over... Imagine that... Right, wrong, indifferent, we are what we are, just as they are what they are. And we are not they, just as they are not we. And so the story goes on and on and on... (without end it seems).

This topic gets continued here http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/5106/what-about-the-tower-of-babel#latest .

168. What is meant by "history is tainted"?

There are many instances in history books and elsewhere where information is gathered, but then twisted. Modern economics is a great example of this. All these numbers thrown out there, but the harsh reality that most people are either without work or working a low wage job. Worldwide. So why all this turmoil? Because numbers have been twisted so many times and so many different ways that it is nearly impossible to get the truth anymore. Worldwide. And the truth is that the cost of living keeps going up and up, while wages go up only slightly. So many people have to go without anymore. Or even worst, they have to borrow with little to no chance of paying back. All because of a bunch of self righteous bums that are supposed to be looking after others and instead are trying to wall themselves off from others and blame others instead of the truth. The blame is on those that hoard so much, that no one else has anything left. The super rich, super powerful, and the super Butthole (ones who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves). Every economic system out there funnels all the money into the hands of a select few, and these few become very blatantly self serving. Me me me. And that is why there are some serious problems that have always been there, but are becoming even worst. Overpopulation. And these self serving people are looking for ways to decrease this surplus population. They do not care about others or things would not have got steadily worst as they have been getting. But when the toilet needs to be scrubbed, you do not call on the 'beauty queen', do you?

History is plagued with 'politics' and wherever politics is, dishonesty follows. Imagine a real world where when people make false claims, those people are held accountable for the damages those false claims create. Politics. Politicians. You can not tell the truth, only what we tell you that you can say. The truth is that many times when you catch someone being untrue and you point that out, the person that you caught has the right to be dishonest, and they also have a big bank account that oddly, will boycott you for being honest. Think about it.

But think harder, it wasn't just Alexander the Great, but Alexander and those little people that no one hears about that did all the work. How great would Alexander the Great have been without those making statues, writing, philosophying, and scrubbing and cleaning the chamber pots, and such. All too often history gives credit to an individual, when in reality, that individual would have been nowhere had it not been for the others that did the actual work to make the known individual known.

So it is not a recent thing, but has always been there. People make up stories to cover up the harsh reality of the truth, because they are afraid of consequences from others. History IS tainted in so many ways. But what are you going to do? Write a book (and get sued for it), create a web site, protest, fart, sniff, repeat.

And let's face it, rarely, even in our own thoughts, do we get the whole truth, even when personally involved. Tainted. The Meek (ones who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) have definitely not inherited the Earth yet, but there is hope I hope.

169. What about the Tower of Babel?

There are similar accounts in different cultures of how, after the Great Flood, everyone spoke the same language. People got together and built a great city and in the middle of this city they started to build a huge tower intended to reach up into the heavens. This tower was demolished and the people scattered. In all accounts that I am aware of, after the tower is destroyed, people develop different languages. I have a feeling that this event actually occured long ago, just as the tale of the Great Flood. And after the languages confounded, different customs, and religious beliefs occured as well. Between the Great Flood and the Tower of Babel, it appears as if all people speak and worship the same way. After the Tower of Babel, there appears to be the birth of the major religions - Hebrew, Hindu, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Aztec. Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity, Greek, Roman, Aztec, Incan, and others came later. It is nice to note that the religions themselves appear to be all in agreement that a great tower and city were built to try to keep a second flood from occuring, and the result was that people were scattered about and developed differently afterwards. All stories also mention that a central figure (Almighty, God) was the one who destroyed the tower and scattered people and confounded their languages. And then after the Tower of Babel story, each religion and culture and people appear to all go their separate ways. Of the religions, the Hebrew religion maintains people as the central focus. The other religions bring in snakes, cows, and other human-like creatures into the mix of worshipping. And if you look around, do you see any people cows or people birds or such out there? Yes, we honestly developed separately from 'the beasts' as they developed separately from us. But then too, this snake tempted Eve, and then Eve then tempted Adam, and so the stories go.

It is also interesting to note that language around the time of the Tower of Babel story appear to be based on a 22 character alphabet. Then it appears that language changes. Ancient Aramaic became Hebrew on the changing of Abram to Abraham, and Sarai to Sarah. Many other cultures appear to expand their alphabets as well.

But the common thread before and after the great city and its great tower may be a collective / shared story, or more likely, an actual event. And the reason why it is more likely a shared event (like the Great Flood) is because of the similarities between the stories told. Similarities of the Great Flood and of the Tower of Babel (even though Babel is actually not used per se, great city is actually used in the texts) in that the stories are nearly the same in content, but the naration style of the tale is different is all.

The Hebrew accounts appear to be more accurate, however, where are the women's names? Yes, that is why I say 'not the whole story'. As I have seen Almighty (God) myself, I know that He knows the full story. And also knowing that the Hebrews built a temple called the "Holy of Holies" and inside this temple, they placed the Ark of the Covenant and apparently, Almighty, Himself, sat upon the chair on the lid of the Ark and conversed with the High Priest of Israel directly. So the First and Second Book of Adam and Eve, the Book of Jubilees, and other books may have been written from these meetings (hopefully), or, possibly, people may have just told stories to fill in the gaps.

History raises so many questions that have answers, but we do not know for sure as those involved are not around anymore to ask. And stories have been told, but what is true and what is fiction? The truth is THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything) as it would be nice to know for history's sake, but we do not know for sure ourselves. Do we really need to know? We have lived without knowing for at least 3,000 years now, and I imagine another couple thousand years is not going to matter much either way. We are still here, aren't we, and more arriving every day? Isn't that enough?

This is kind of a continuation of this topic http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/4894/if-there-is-only-one-god-then-why-so-many-different-religions#latest .

And a final comment, up until the Tower of Babel, stories seem to coincide with one another. After the Tower of Babel, stories changed and appear to have been rewritten because of the politics of distancing one group from another. If you don't believe in 'animal people' you are not one of us, and so on... But the truth remains that Nimrod apparently was the grandson of Ham, and Nimrod was the one behind the great city and great Tower, despite the story of the rainbow being placed in the sky to denote that there was not going to be another Great Flood. Some people just don't get it, and when they don't get it, of course, stories change to protect the guilty. And why not rewrite history while we're at it? And why aren't there dinosaurs in these stories? Weren't dinos around before jackals and owls and elephants? And oh, the stories that people still come up with to try and protect themselves from the truth...

170. What about legends, myths, and prophesies?

A myth is a fictional story. A legend is a story that can either be fiction or true.

Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, Egyptian Mythology are excellent examples of myths. And all these myths are legendary.

Alexander the Great is legendary as well, but not a myth. A legend is a story about an individual. If a story about a person who does not yet exist, it is a prophesy. One of the first famous prophesies was of Julius Caesar and "Beware the Ides of March (March 15)".

But myths, legends, and prophesies are all stories about individuals. And if you think about all the people that have ever existed, being written about is not as common as being forgotten. So was the guy that cleaned Alexander the Great's toilet named Jack, or was it a lady named Janet? Did Alexander the Great even have need for a toilet?

But as people get older, they wonder, will I be remembered? And if so, will it be accurate?

The rough part about history is that most ancient history is not written by the people themselves, but by outside writers. And the problem is that the outside writers are not the actual 'legends' themselves and are just guessing at the thoughts of the 'legends'.

But to be legendary, something needs to be written about you. To be a myth, you do not exist. And a prophesy is about someone before they exist.

As far as 'legends', I ace stuff and am also the one referred to as Metatron. Which is the greater legend? Both equal I feel. Metatron is looked at as this super being, much like someone that aces things is looked at as a super being also. When I was growing up, people were referred to as brainiacs, hot shots, eggheads, and the like. People did not 'ace' tests back when I was growing up. It was 'perfect score', 'awesome', and the like. I remember after the 119* on my IQ test score and then afterwards people were trying to 'ace' tests and such, but not before then that I can remember. I remember my first grade teacher using the term "bubbying a test" as my nickname was 'Bubby' at the time (1971 / 1972).

But, in my own words, 'aceing' a test was when I would get a 105 on a 100 point test, or a 11 on a 10 point quiz. I do not know of others that have done this before or since I did back in the day. And if a 100 on a 100 point test is 'aceing' now, then it kind of goes without saying that the standards are a bit lower than I remember them back in the day. But such is the 'legend'.

And I still do not know for sure as I won the Sally Rand Award for Bookkeeping and Accounting in 1983, however, the first four semesters I had a 108, 106, 104, and a 102, but the computer would only accept 100, 100, 100, 100. And like my Bookkeeping teacher stated, "what do I put down for his grades for this?" I never found out and I am not even sure if my teacher ever found out either. But for the award, the next highest average was an 86, mine was either a 94 or 96, and I still don't know which. I can guess because people think getting a 100 is aceing something, so my guess would be 94, but I am only guessing at what I did or is it what others said I did? Legend. I guess while others get exaggerated, I need to be dumbed down a bit apparently. Such is my legacy apparently. Writers aren't what they used to be I guess. But also, apparently, I am Ace as well as Metatron, so a two for one. Maybe sometime down the road people may metatron a test. Maybe not.

But maybe it is best sometimes not to be remembered at all. Because many times the stories get changed. Many people feel the need to be remembered, but many times someone else writes the story and the memories are not quite the same.

So is being 'legendary' really that big of a deal? Until the next big story I guess. But the thing is people remember the story and you, the legend, are an afterthought mostly. It is what it is. But the nice part is that you have an aura that lasts through eternity and remember what actually happened. And the printed story is just for the people in the flesh (substance with aura attached) to enjoy.

A legend writing about themselves? I'm trying as I all too often see the results otherwise.

Legends, myths, and prophesies are what they are, but don't feel too bad if you feel left out. Being a legend, myth, or prophet is not always what it is cracked up to be. Trust me, I know in more ways than one.

171. What about political correctness? (Adult Theme - Mild Language)

Yes, trying to avoid upsetting individuals can get a bit ridiculous.

I remember back in my early childhood that I started out as a fighter, not a cracked egghead. After getting my new nickname 'Ace' and being around Julie Sage (the original Family Jewels), I just didn't feel like the 'fighter mentality' anymore. Other kids would ask, "Is it true that you're a nice guy now?" And my response would be like, "If Julie says I'm a nice guy, then I'm a nice guy. Do I have to kick your ass to prove it?" And stuff like that. It was during this time, fourth grade, that I started changing from being a fighter to being the cracked egghead that people remembered later on. Even into fifth grade though, other kids still remembered the "Hi, I'm Bubby. Wanna fight?" from when I was younger. And of course I was used to rough-housing with my older uncles, Mike and Pat, who were 16 and 18 years old when I was 6 or 7 and my uncle Butch who was about 27 or so years old and he got a surprise karate chop to the throat when I was about 4 which sent my uncle Butch, at 220 pounds and 5 feet 10 inches and myself about 40 pounds and about 3 feet tall, to the ground.

But during fourth grade (1974-1975) I changed from being the fighter Bubby (Bubba) to the brainiac Ace. And in the process was the thought of "If I am such a nice guy, I shouldn't be saying 'ass' all of the time, should I?" And thus I introduced myself to the ridiculous world of political correctness at the ripe old age of 9 and 10 years old. Anyway, since us 'nice guys' shouldn't be saying "ass" all the time, we need to rename Texas to Texbutt, and Nebraska to Nebruttska, and Alaska to Albuttska, and Kansas to Kansbutt, and of course Arkansas to Arkansbutt.

Yes, the stupid stuff you can come up with as a kid. But back in 1974 and 1975, you were not supposed to think in school, but you were only allowed to memorize and do. Of course it was the tail end of the 'hippie' movement as well.

But most of the 'politically correct' stuff is just as ridiculous now as it was back then in 1974/75. There comes a time when you realize that 'sensitive' people need to "grow up" and stop whining like the little babies they are. "I'm not a pacifist and besides that pacifiers are for babies."

So can a nice guy still be a fighter too? Anything is possible I guess if you stop worrying about what people think all the time, and just do it for a change. You can still kick ass while being a nice guy / gal at the same time.

172. What about penance and repentence, Didn't Jesus die on the cross to pardon us of our sins?

Mild adult language to follow...

Many have misspoken on this subject so clarification is in order here.

To answer this, would Heaven be such a heavenly place full of spirits in need of forgiveness all the time? The answer is no.

The other answer is that Jesus' grandfather is the Creator of all and as such is also lord over all and has the final say on things. The Creator as noted is everliving. How do you inherit something from one that is everliving and everlasting? You don't. Point made. Nothing has truly (verily) changed since the beginning. Heaven is Heaven. The Abyss is the Abyss. And all points inbetween are inbetween.

Heaven and the Abyss are both 'spirit only' places. Inbetween is inbetween (aka Eden). Inbetween has both spirit and flesh. Heaven and the Abyss as stated are both 'spirit only'.

Jesus did not misspeak but has been misunderstood many times. During Jesus' times there were rules that if one committed adultery to be forgiven one had to gather certain animals for a sacrifice unto the lord and all that. Now think for a second, what the blazes does sacrificing a turtle, turtledove, or a dove have to do with forgiving someone for committing adultery? Precisely. The Creator stated the hebrew laws to know whether the hebrews (both Israel and Judah) were with the Creator or not, not as a be all end all you must follow these rules to enter into Heaven, but as a reminder that people can stray. The practice stopped after Jesus' passing. The one who created all stated to the hebrews (israelites and jews alike) that so long as the Creator saw that the hebrews were hearing and obeying the Creator's laws that the Creator would be with the hebrews and guide them. Then the Creator's grandson was hung upon a cross and left to die after being angry about money changers being allowed into his "father's (grandfather's) temples". The laws were not being kept and as a result the Creator stated that he would scatter the hebrews and forsake them as they had forsaken him, the Creator.

What also needs to be noted is that Jesus (Jeshua) stated that those who call out my name I will stand with them before my father (grandfather/Creator). But also Jesus stated that there would be many that would call out my name, Jesus/Ieshua, but I do not hear them. Which means NOT everyone is to be saved just by mentioning Jesus' name! There is no 'free ticket' and has never been a free ticket into Heaven for anyone including Jesus!

All that is known is recorded into the Book of Life by design. When one exists, the thoughts of existence are recorded into the Book of Life. As such it has always been known, is known, and always will be known what is to happen based on these thoughts contained within the Book of Life. Life in the flesh is what is recorded into the Book of Life. Life in the spirit is another story (and possibly another book as well). As far as I know, the Creator's and Lucifer's thoughts are not found in the Book of Life EXCEPT when they deal with someone in the flesh. AKA with Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, and such. Nothing has changed since the beginning of man's existence in the flesh. From Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Seth, and so on... Heaven has not changed nor has the Abyss (Hell) changed either.

So again, how heavenly would Heaven be if those allowed into Heaven felt it was alright to break the rules all the time and just say "Jesus save me" then be saved? Doesn't happen that way does it? And as Jesus himself stated which many seem to forget is that "those that go forward in my name I will stand with them before my father (grandfather actually)" as well as "There will be many that call out my name but I will not hear them.". Um, trying to bullshit someone is not going forward in Jesus' name last anyone knew. Do you think that Jesus doesn't realize that you aren't listening and are just trying to bullshit your way out of paying for the horrible way you treat others? Think again. Think harder.

Now think back to penance (doing what you can to correct that which was done wrong) and repentance (admitting that a wrong was done). Remember about Buttholes, who feel that others should follow rules and a Butthole can do what they want. Well, how heavenly would Heaven be filled with Buttholes just saying "Jesus forgive me" all the time? You know the truth was, is, and always will be the truth, correct? Maybe instead of sacrificing animals it might be better to ask people to be responsible for their own actions, correct?

Now THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything). Do you honestly think that a spirit is going to agree to having their mouths, arms, legs, and whatever else removed just so they can enter into Heaven? But how much harm can someone do without the means to do it? THINKE again. THINKE harder. Forgiveness for mistakes and misjudgments perhaps, but not for being a Butthole throughout eternity. And yes, a Butthole is still one who thinks that all the rules apply to everyone else but themselves and a Butthole still makes rules for others to follow but they refuse to follow their own rules themselves.

And seriously, penance and repentance is not about saying "Rosary" or any of that nonsensical stuff, but is about making amends and working towards trying to set things as right as best as possible to correct the wrong that was done. And remember also, what is done, can not be undone, but you can make corrections via penance and repentance. You made the mistake, and if you do the extra work involved to correct the mistake, you are less likely to make the mistake again and go through the extra work again. But still, your choice.

And why don't people sacrifice animals to gain forgiveness for committing adultery and such anymore? All bullshit aside, thank Heaven that the Creator, Himself, isn't a Butthole. Amen.

173. What about the books of Adam and Eve (I, II, III, IV)?

These books appear to have been written between 50 and 100 AD in all honesty. These books appear to have been written to provide some kind of substance to Ieshua (Jesus) and an attempt to give direction to the new church being formed (so possibly even 100 to 500 AD when these books may have been written). Definitely not written earlier than 50 AD at the earliest despite any 'National Enquirer / The Sun / Sensationalist Tabloid' type monikers associated to try and give these writings some form of credibility.

The falsities are readily apparent as the stories appear to be made up (fictitious). When Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, they were banished. The talk about the Word of God becoming flesh, FALSE. The talk of Almighty (God) becoming flesh, FALSE. The 5,500 years before returning to the Garden of Eden, FALSE. Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah together, FALSE (I am pretty sure at 365 years old, that I was called up before Noah was born, and even if not, Noah would have been too young to be saying anything but "ga ga goo goo, da da" and such). And the list just goes on and on.

These books were obviously written to provide substance to teachings about "the Word of God", Ieshua (Jesus), and such. The story of the many temptations of Satan (Lucifer), FALSE. The Cave of Treasures, FALSE. The story of Cain and Abel, FALSE. The story of Lilith, FALSE. The 'fill-in-the-blank' names of Luluwa, Alkia, and such, FALSE. The books jump from the early beginnings to prophesies of 5,500 years later, which leaves you scratching your head as far as "Don't these fakers know that a whole bunch more stuff is going to happen between the flesh of Adam and Eve and 5,500 years later than just, 'the Word of God shall become flesh' and the Great Flood?" What about the Tower of Babel? Sheesh... It was nice that copies have been translated and preserved, because if you run out of toilet paper, you can rip pages out of the books of Adam and Eve to use in an emergency if needed. Just crumple the pages up so that they aren't as rough and wipe away. No real loss. Remember to file this book or books as well as The Book of Mormon (the book of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), New King James Version Holy Bible, New Standard Version Holy Bible, New International Version Holy Bible, any 'New Testaments' without the Old Testament attached (be careful though as these are usually too small to wipe with), any books about 'Scientology' or 'Numerology', and The Third Book of Enoch between "Butt" and "Cheeks" in the fiction section of your library for easy reference when the need arises.

174. What are the benefits of smoking versus being a non smoker or an ex smoker?

Smoker - someone who smokes
Non smoker - a person who has never smoked
Ex smoker - a PITA (Pain In The Rump) who quit smoking and can not stand themselves or anyone else.

First, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gayce, and other mass murderers were non smokers. Non smokers are the ones who shoot up schools, theatres (theaters), and so on. Smokers spend too much money on smokes to afford ammo let alone guns. Smokers also do not seem to develop a taste for human flesh either. Zombies are a good example of what can happen to non or ex smokers. Zombies crave human flesh but have you ever seen a zombie smoke? Smokers have a different set of priorities than non smokers and ex smokers do.

The Zombie Apocalypse is what happens when you try to eliminate all smokers.

Smokers smoke to keep from killing idiots. Seriously. Hang around a bunch of smokers and you will always hear stories of the stupid things that people do. Smoking helps a smoker to relax. As they inhale, then exhale, they learn to forgive idiots for the time being.

Smokers are usually the ones who show up on time or early and stay late and do what is needed to be done while having a smoke break here and there to relieve stress from... the non smokers who usually show up late, leave early, and do not do what is needed to be done and try to figure out an excuse to blame a smoker for... and the ex smokers who whine, whine, whine... which leads to more stress for the smoker and a need for another smoke break to relieve the stress from the non smoking idiot and / or ex smoking idiot...

Smokers get more fresh air than non smokers or ex smokers, believe it or not. non smokers usually stay inside when it is cold and when it gets too hot. If a smoker needs to smoke, they go outside where the fresh air is. -20 degrees Fahrenheit is what it is. 130 degrees Fahrenheit is what it is. And if you need someone to go outside in those horrible conditions, a smoker adapts quicker as they are kind of used to it. A non smoker or an ex smoker whines that you need to send out the smoker.

The big problem for smokers nowadays is that the USA government passed a rule that smokes need to be treated so that if a person falls asleep that what they are smoking will stop burning. Yes, pretty much every smoke in the USA is designed to not stay lit because of a flame retardant (and retard is definitely the right word here) chemical. The problem is that it is usually not the smoke itself, but usually what the smoke catches on fire that burns. So all the chemical really does is mess up smokers' lungs in all honesty. Smokers still burn up in fires caused by a smoke igniting something else. But smokes taste funny now compared to back in the 1980s and 1990s. And lighters do not seem to last as long as they used to.

Which leads to yes, non and ex smokers have all this spare time to plan and scheme things (like Zombie Apocalypses, stupid regulations, and such), whilst smokers use their spare time to smoke. Which would you rather be doing now? I thought so...

So finally, if your nose is brown from kissing rumps, you are probably a non or ex smoker who can kiss rumps. If your lungs are brown then chances are that someone who wants their rump kissed does not want a flaming hot poker shoved up their rump during that rump kiss, so therefore smokers are cool dudes and dudettes B) . So remember the next time you see a smoker, what are they doing? Smoking is all, but what are you up to?

But yes, instead of whether a person smokes or does not smoke, should we not be looking at how people behave towards one another. There are Meek (ones who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) and Butthole (ones who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves) smokers, just as there are Meek and Butthole non and ex smokers. Extra credit again, sheesh... Did I ace something again? Or did I metatron it this time?

175. Is it true that you used to walk a lot between 1987 and 2007?

Yes, at the time, between 1987 and 2007, I had a lot of stuff going on in my head and I used to walk on a set path about 6.5 miles each way (13 miles per walk). I had always been hyperactive, so I just decided to 'walk it off' to help cope with stress at the time. It did work, but many times people thought I was 'nuts' back then. People either jogged or rode bicycles or such, and I just walked. I figured I had all this excess adrenaline, so why create more with bicycling or jogging, so I just walked. I did find that it did help keep the excess adrenaline in check. I was not as cranky or irritable as I had been. So it did work. But in 2007 I started working at my recent job and I couldn't have a set schedule any more, so I stopped.

Literally, back in 1988 and 1989, I worked at the local grocery store as a bagger and in produce, and I got asked "Why do you walk?" so many times that the one cashier, Mary Beth Sofia (French Loden), used to answer with me almost in unison. (Mary Beth) "I (he) walks because I (he) has excess adrenaline and walking helps me (him) burn it off." And Mary Beth knew of the many times I used to just 'fly off the handle' (get upset) at the slightest thing at that time.

Truthfully, people used to stop me and go "are you nuts? Don't you read the papers and watch TV? There's a lot of nutcases running around out there." And all I could say is like "the nutcases are not really running, but driving around here. I walk around every day and I actually see what is going on around here and I don't watch the news. The news always seems to sensationalize stuff. I am there and I see it, and the news tends to overdramatize things to create a story. Not much really going on around here, just me walking. The streets are actually pretty quiet most of the time. I know because I'm out here and I actually see what's happening when it happens." And stuff like that. But nowadays, roughly 2007 and beyond, everyone is walking around Corning, NY, USA, and there are all kinds of walking trails and parks and such. Back when I walked, a few spots did not even have sidewalks to walk on, so I walked on a path. And no one really asks, "Why do you walk?" anymore. But nearly everyone in the area feels it is a great thing to be able to walk around. But back when I did it, people thought I was nuts. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do to show people how crazy they are for thinking of the wrong things all the time.

Many times, you just got to do what you do to get away from all the politics about talking about stuff and just do something instead of just talking about it. I honestly walked to forget about stuff, which I did for a while. Then a bunch of nonsense started happening back in 2004, and by 2010, I just couldn't keep from 'thinking too much' anymore. And apparently I had been walking through some kind of 'war zone' or such that I never saw in 20 years of walking around.

But many times, people that sit around and do nothing feel they have experiences that the people who are out actually doing things do not experience. If there had been a 'war zone' or such, chances are I probably would have been the nastiest one in the war zone anyway. Would you want to mess with a guy that walks 13 or more miles a day instead of sitting in front of a television set getting scared to not go outside because it must be dangerous out there. And seriously, I knew a couple of the news people, and if there really was 'danger', they would have ran like a chicken with their head cut off to get out of there. So there's reading about doing, and doing. And it is always a good thing to have the personal experiences to know when someone is 'pulling your leg' ('making a fool out of you') so to speak. It is the end of the world, film at 11...

176. Why don't you do things to become popular, like videos and such?

Because last I knew, to be popular means that you can not be honest or yourself. I am actually the real 'Holy Scribe' here in the flesh and I am not trying to ride on anyone's coat tails or such including my own. If there is an actual Metatron, I am him, and last I noticed, I am still in the flesh. And I am definitely not looking to be popular or such. A lot of people over the years have shared much information with me, and after they have passed away, I am the only one left to pass on the information to others. And if I pass away, then who? In all honesty if a zillion people came here to this site, or if it was just myself, I would still be doing what I have been doing here, trying to provide information. The reason why is because I had a bunch of information myself, and after a long time of sifting through these many events I have been a part of or witness to, I all of a sudden realized that, hey, I do not think the 'experts' have a clue as to what is fiction and what is truth. So when certain ideas or stories pop into my thoughts, I write them down as best as I can.

But most importantly, like I said, this is the actual Metatron (not an actor, or a script writer, or musician, or such), and after realizing all the stuff with Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ieshua (Jesus), Isaiah, Elijah, Peter, Paul, Mary, and so on... that it probably is a good thing to put stuff in my own words because usually when someone else does it, it gets messed up. Or details forgot. Or stuff missing... Hence, an honest talk about Metatron, by Metatron - me, myself, and I. I am not Almighty, Himself, by any means (nor Lesser Almighty even). But in my recent experiences, it has been amazing how many claim to be experts, when in reality, they do not have a clue and are just looking to 'cash in' on other people's "stupidity". Not for me. That is why also, you do not see 'paid adds', 'donation links', or such on this site. I am not looking to cash in. I just have a HUGE amount of information, but also, only a couple minor unsolved problems. And if you have noticed, the more I type, the more information that becomes available. Whether 'snapshots in time', 'ideas', 'thoughts', 'theories', 'headaches', 'drowsiness', 'if you die please stop taking this medication', or what have you. But everyone talks about this being an advanced period in scientific history, yet so much has yet to be truly discovered. And if we are still so 'advanced' then why so many unanswered questions? Welcome to "Ask Metatron" again. Some people may not like it because it may not be popular, but the truth is still the truth. The Meek (ones who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) are still Meek. The Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves) are still Buttholes. And what was, is, will be; was, is, will be. The truth. Whatever the truth may be.

There is some real stuff going on and I am really still trying to figure some things out like "Why am I really here now at this point in time?" and "Why is the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel, here too within 30 miles of me?" and "What is really going on?" and "What do I know?" and "What don't I know?" and "Is there something else I should be remembering?" and "Is there something I forgot?" and "Have I messed anything up?" and "What is this baptism with fire stuff about?" and a huge discussion board to fill my thoughts with. And a whole lot of others that I can share with, because maybe someone else knows out there. You never know. THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything). So no, I am honestly not looking to be popular or wealthy or any of that. I am just looking to be me and looking for some honesty, like about everyone else I have been in contact with (Lucifer can not stand honesty in all honesty, but I have not had contact with him that I am aware of yet, followers of Lucifer, but not Lucifer himself yet). And if looking for truthful answers, Almighty is the one to ask and not Lucifer anyway. Just a thought, and that is what this site has become, one huge collection of thought. Popular, unpopular, other. Thought. And all thoughts are appreciated here whatever they may be.

And if you are still looking for videos try these...

The New Math Book promo video circa 2011. (1 minute, 5 seconds)

My 'The New Math' book self made promo video circa 2012 (about 290 MB, about 1 hour, 11 minutes)

'The New Math ' book Early test promo outtake circa 2011 (about 1 MB, about 10 seconds)

Thee Ace Man for President 2016 video (about 41 MB, about 10 minutes)

The New Math Book self promo 2016 (about 660 MB, about 2 hours, 34 minutes)

The lighting, sound, and such on my self made videos is terrible, but it is what it is. Thee Ace Man / Metatron in all my glory, uncut, unrehearsed, uncue carded, and unleashed...

177. What about Cain and Abel and Seth, the Great Flood, and rainbows?

Cain and Abel. Abel never did anything wrong to Cain and Cain on the other hand did many things that were wrong. When Abel would be asked to make a sacrifice, Abel would sacrifice a good sacrifice that contained stuff that was useful from animals. When Cain would make a sacrifice, Cain would use the stuff that most people would not even feed to their dog or cat. So Almighty would accept Abel's sacrifice, but be upset that Cain would do such things that he did. Abel was favored above Cain for obvious reasons. Would you rather be around someone that fed you something you could eat, or someone that would scrape up some excrement (poop) or rotted out food that would make you sick if you ate it. So rather than improve himself, Cain figured that if Abel was not around anymore, then Cain would be favored. Also note, Cain's parents, Adam and Eve, had their sacrifices accepted as well, just as Abel's sacrifices were accepted. So Cain's mistake #1, feeding people crap and expecting praise for it. Cain's Mistake #2, if Abel is removed, then Abel will always be better than Cain regardless of what Cain ever does the rest of Cain's life. So Cain, instead of changing his ways, decides to kill Abel and does kill Abel. As Adam and Eve were praised for their sacrifices, so was Abel and later on Seth. As Cain was very selfish and offered little of value to anyone else, Cain was never favored, even after Abel was removed and Seth was yet to be born. Cain blamed Abel for Cain's misdeeds. A mark was placed upon Cain's head, lest anyone finding Cain may kill him. Lest is a key word here, lest. In other words, despite Cain murdering Abel and all of that, Cain was NOT (lest) to be killed. The reason why is that Cain was to be made to suffer for his misdeeds on Earth, and killing Cain would remove Cain from the Earth. So when Lamech, Cain's descendant not Noah's father, killed again as Cain had killed, Almighty had had enough with the bloodline of Cain. As was noted, the Earth was corrupted, and enough was enough. The descendants of Cain had corrupted way too many times, Noah (from Seth's bloodline, not Cain's bloodline) gained favor and was spared with his family. All the rest, including the entire bloodline of Cain, and a partial bloodline of Seth, were destroyed. Noah's father, Lamech, was destroyed as well even though Noah's father, Lamech, was not the same Lamech that was a descendant of Cain. Seth's Lamech had one wife who bear Noah. Noah also had brothers and sisters. For Cain's bloodline to be blotted out like it was, Noah could not have taken a wife from the Cain family tree. Cain's Lamech had two wives and that is noted in the Book of Genesis very clearly for those that read carefully. Noah and his wife, and Noah's sons and each of Noah's sons had each a wife, so eight people lived aboard Noah's Ark amongst the floating zoo. None of the floating zoo tainted from the bloodline of Cain. It rained for forty days and forty nights and on the 150th day on the ark, Noah sent forth birds to forage, but nothing could be found. Forty days later, Noah let loose the birds again, and still nothing yet. Seven days after that, birds loosed again, nothing. And a final seven days after that one of the birds returned with a tree twig. So 204 days afloat (assuming the 40 days and 40 nights were included in the 150 day tally). But the twig was in the seventh month, and it was also noted that Noah did not touch down on land and unboard the ark until the tenth month. Cain was not given enough time on Earth in the flesh to make amends, so was Cain forgiven? No. Thou shalt not kill. But why can other murderers be forgiven, yet not Cain? Cain's murdering was not a mistake on Cain's part. Cain did not realize the full consequences of what he did, but then what did Cain care? After all, Cain slew Abel so now Cain was the bloodline to carry on and to be favored, almost... And Seth was born and Cain and his family became more and more corrupt with not only murder, but fornicating with angels and creating a race of giants, and many other misdeeds. Wiped out except Noah and Noah's kin. Cain's entire bloodline removed. Except for Noah and Noah's kin, the rest of Seth's bloodline was removed as well. But Cain could not be forgiven because Cain had done wrong and pled for mercy only to become even more corrupt instead of repenting (I made a mistake killing my brother Abel) and doing penance (trying to create a race of giants to wipe out other people is not making amends by any means). Fornicating with a bunch of angels to create a race of giants to wipe out the smaller and weaker children of Seth was the final act. Almighty boarded up Noah, his family, and the animals and spared them, while at the same time wiping out the entire bloodline of Cain completely. Before the Great Flood, no rainbows. After the Great Flood, rainbows. Just a reminder.

And a note here, as science has discovered, Homo Sapiens (Seth and Abel) and Neanderthal (Cain) were all wiped out and those of Noah (homo sapiens sapiens) remain. Nothing linking mankind to apes has yet to be found in all honesty. I pick on certain Roman Catholics a lot for twisting things, so why shouldn't I pick on certain scientists too?

178. How do you know if you have 'bots' on your site?

Pretty simple really. A lot of repetitive content posts with sometimes slightly different wordings to them. This is different than a copy / paste from someone that may not speak the language quite well.

But the big tip off is if you see coding like "%Meta Keywords%" and they forget part of that coding (like a : [colon] to denote a pointer within coding). The html parser has no clue and therefore, part of the coding itself appears for the 'bot'.

179. What about the Muslim invasions and "Shariah Law" and all that?

First, these are NOT refugees. These are people that are kicked out of their countries because they do not follow rules very well. In fact, they try to make up their own rules if people have not noticed. The Shariah Law is supposed to be derived from the Qu'ran (which like the Holy Bible, the Qu'ran does NOT contain everything there is to know and is VERY open to interpretation as you will see below).

With this being said, this should help you to understand that according to the Qu'ran, when someone acts like an idiot, their head is to be removed. Many times, I wish they would take this literally as there would be many less idiots roaming around out there. Idiots as in Buttholes. You have the Meek (ones who make rules that they follow themselves) and the Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves). But the figurative connotation of "Shariah Law" is that you are to point out that you follow Allah (Almighty, God, Shaddai, etc.) and they are not following Allah by doing what they are doing (because if they were doing something worthwhile, they would not be trying to invoke Shariah Law now would they?). Therefore, they are being infidels (idiots) in the sight of one who follows Allah. Allah does not take too kindly to those who make rules to follow for others, yet they do not follow the same rules themselves. And as such, Allah wishes for you to remove your head from your neck for being such an infidel (idiot).

In other words, these 'refugees' are infidels (idiots) in their own homelands and it is not likely that they are ever going to change. If they do not listen to people in their own countries, what makes you think they will listen to others? Precisely, they are a bunch of Buttholes who leave a path of devastation wherever they go because they feel they are holier than thou (another trait that Almighty is not fond of, especially in Almighty's own presence) and they do not feel they have to listen to anyone but (butt) themselves.

Avoid these 'muslim refugees' as best as possible especially if you are a woman (female). They will kidnap, rape, steal, molest, murder, and whatever else they feel appropriate as they feel they are in the right of doing whatever they feel they want to do. Anarchists, nothing more or less. Pure anarchists, but they are NOT in the name of Allah, but if you understand, then you realize that they use the name of Allah in vain, as Allah wishes all to be happy and choose for themselves, not be kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered, stolen from, and so on... Allah is a Meek, not a Butthole. These 'refugees' and those like them are Buttholes, not Meek. And where are these Butthole rulemakers in these invaded countries when these Butthole 'refugees' act up? Hiding from their own infidelityness? When you have a bunch of infidel rulemakers making rules for others, it is small wonder that they will not stand against others (refugees?) that are doing the same thing that the rulemakers themselves are guilty of.

Film at 11...

On a similar, but slightly different note, our local congressman, Tom Reed, went on an excursion in a foreign country with a bunch of other congressman, but our congressman decided it was acceptable to strip down naked and run through the waters there. The congressmen got kicked out of that country and unfortunately Tom Reed returned to being our local Butthole congressman that still feels all the rules apply to everyone else but (butt) himself. The sad part is that over here in the USA, the congressmen don't have to follow rules like the rest of us apparently. No shame. No guilt. Just Buttholes. And I imagine Tom Reed would like to have all of these 'refugees' in the USA because they can't be much worst than him, can they? And all these people without money that the congressmen could use as an excuse to raise taxes and their salaries. Thank you President Trump and others for taking the time to investigate further and saying "no". Much appreciated (and I am honestly a registered Democrat). Now if we could just deport Tom Reed and Farrakhan and most of the muslims destroying the city of Chicago, the USA would be a better place to live I feel. Throw in the rioters in Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee, and such, and we could probably celebrate despite being oppressed by a massive tax burden others created being nice to others that are not nice themselves. Let's face it, if you are mean to the USA, just ask for money and relief and then remain mean and bitter towards them. Same situation for the UK, Canada, Australia, and so on, as in the USA. Why should they change? But even worst, if you look at the USA, we have 350 million plus people and of those, roughly 150 to 200 million are living at or below the poverty level, so where is the USA's 'humanitarian aid'? Bloody UN. And if congressman Tom Reed would stop being a Butthole all of the time, I would stop calling him a Butthole (if he does finally stop being a Butthole in the future that is, for the time being, Butthole). And why am I picking on Tom Reed like this, because he is still one of the most obnoxious Buttholes I have ever met and he just keeps getting worst because he keeps getting away with stuff that he wouldn't be allowed to get away with if he wasn't a congressman. And yes, this is what is known as a 'rant' and as you can tell, they are not meant to be pretty. There usually is not anything useful to a rant, but sometimes you just got to get stuff off your chest (vent your anger to try and relax) so to speak. Next...

180. What should I do if I have an addiction and can't stop?

Stop, what do you mean you can't stop? Who told you you can't stop or quit? Your bookie? Your dealer? Your salesman? Your doctor? Your psychiatrist / psychologist? Other? Yourself? Well, you keep telling yourself to do it or else you wouldn't be doing it now would you? Tell yourself to stop and really mean it this time. You will be glad you did and don't worry, your bookie, dealer, shrink, Madam Tarot Card Reader, and such will just find someone else to pester after you actually do stop.

181. Don't you get tired of replying to all these postings?

No. I can get tired due to lack of sleep, but I enjoy seeing all this different stuff on this site. I never know what may pop up next (but with premature %keyword% it may not even pop up for all I know). Others have taken time to post something here (including bots) and I enjoy replying back in some way as best and as soon as I can. I do work a 2 to 10 PM and other type hours job for 6 to 7 days a week and I enjoy something different. This forum is definitely different.

And another nice thing I have noticed is that the news media in the USA seems to keep making everything seem urgent and scare tactics and all this other stuff to try and keep people from going outside and seeing the real world and instead trying to boost their new show's ratings somehow. Maybe news people could learn a lesson from this site. I am encouraging people to not be afraid and to face challenges and to go outside and have actual experience learning what life is all about. I still apparently get a lot of visitors, so maybe these 'scare tactics' and 'demeaning comments towards others' and 'gossip' and 'politically correct nonsense to avoid upsetting a lucrative sponsor' aren't what they are cracked up to be. And maybe if someone says the "world is going to end" and the world doesn't end (of course), then I am guessing they are not an 'expert' are they? But so long as they pay cash into the corporate coffeurs then I guess credibility isn't all it is cracked up to be either, is it? Sell, sell, sell. But at what price?

So, no price here. Have fun I hope. Enjoy. I am anyway. I truly enjoy what everyone has to say (even the bots).

182. What about the "New World Order"?

As you have probably read, there are many false prophets out there. The "New World Order" is a part of that in a way. I am the "Holy Scribe", Metatron and I know the "Holy Spirit", Emmanuel is not too far away from me (within 30 miles). So something is definitely up. But someone politicized this "New World Order" idea and all these different groups are trying to claim that they are the "New World Order". It is not the European Union, Roman Catholic Church, Nation of Islam, or so on and so forth. I am actually giving you a glimpse of a reality that is to happen within the next 110 years. The reality of maybe it is time that the leaders start playing by the same rules as the ones the leaders are leading. If 'murder' was to be banned worldwide, wars would be illegal. Think about it. World peace. It is not that difficult except for the problem that the ones in control refuse to accept the same rules that they wish others to accept. Murder is illegal in every country, but wars still happen. Why is that? I just told you, many leaders do not follow the rules they ask others to follow. Buttholes (ones who ask others to follow rules that they do not follow themselves). Meek (those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow).

As far as I know, it is not my, the Holy Scribe's, place to lead. As far as I know, the leading will be left up to the son of Almighty (God, Allah), the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is to be the one to lead by example. "It is not right for me to do it, so it is definitely not right for you to do it either." But then too, if others do it, I am not the one to decide if it gets done back or not. That will be the Holy Spirit's decision when his time comes. Hopefully I will get a chance to teach the Holy Spirit well before his time comes, but he is still young yet (120 - 110 = 10, hint). Will have to wait and see.

But remember, none of the organizations out there at present is "The New World Order". Not the UN, NATO, NAFTA, SEATO, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, European Union, and so on and so forth. These are not new.

There is also another prophecy about a new covenant between Almighty (Shaddai, God) and the Gentiles. And another prophecy about world peace for 1,000 years. And another prophecy about the Meek inheriting the Earth. And yet another prophecy about baptism with fire. And what about the Reaper of the Harvest who sticks his sickle in the ground because the harvest is ripe? Just like "The New World Order" if it is to be, each in its own time. What is to be shall be. And what is done can not be undone. And like I said, The Holy Spirit and myself, The Holy Scribe are both in the flesh at present. And the three Holies, each having a name adding up to 314 in Hebrew are The Holy One, Shaddai, The Holy Spirit, Emmanuel, and The Holy Scribe, Metatron. As far as I still know, The Holy One, Shaddai, can take on the flesh, but is never 'born on the flesh' that I am aware of. Should be interesting anyway. As far as "A blind man shall lead them." - both myself and Emmanuel wear eyeglasses (Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit, just started wearing eyeglasses within the last year). Hi, how is your day going?

183. Should I stop taking my prescription medications after I die?

This depends on who you talk to and if you are able to talk to anyone after you are dead.

If you can talk after you die and you are able to listen as well, then you will probably hear this...

Doctor and Pharmacist from the direction of the hospital or health provider administration, "Definitely not. You are dead and our drugs are probably helping you still. Please keep taking your medications as often as directed and remember to keep your prescriptions filled."

Your health insurance provider under direction from administrators thereof, "Although you may think that by being dead that the services provided may not be necessary. But who knows, you may make a recovery. With the added cost of your care, we need to raise deductibles and increase our rates to provide continued coverage to you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but with the added expenses of treatment for your death condition, we are forced to take immediate action and raise premiums and increase deductibles. We hope you start feeling better as we wish to enjoy having you as a continued customer."

And this is what you will actually see... Your doctors and pharmacists are living in extravagant surroundings just down the street from the administrators who are living in even more lavish surroundings. The college staffs are living by the administrators as well, and the college administrators are living a block up from the health care and insurance administrators. The insurance administrators are living next door to the health care administrators and the health care sales people are hoping that their car does not break down again while they live on the bottom of the hill away from the doctors, pharmacists, and administrators in the 'slum section' of town. You always lived in the middle of town. Where you just lived from day to day, enjoying each new experience as it happened. Surrounded by rats who are looking for as much cheese as they could get without making any cheese themselves. And you are now in the cemetery, or a box on someone's mantle, or even just burnt and scattered to the wind somewhere.

Meanwhile, the coffin, where your body is, is in danger of repossession, but you are dead, so what do you care? You left the rat race behind and now you see the rats for what they really are and are glad that you are no longer a part of this whole mess. So is dying really that bad after all? You don't need money when dead, or food, or such, just yourself and those around you if available. So what is so good about life then, if death is so wonderful? Life is one of those things where it is a good experience to go through and remember, because after you die, what do you really have to talk about? Your life experiences. And yes, chances are if you end your life prematurely (or if someone else ends your life early), then you will probably be sent back again or remain in between, in Purgatory or whatever it is actually called, waiting for another chance to have something to talk about throughout eternity. The areas in between are where people learn, which means school, which means people would rather talk about Heaven or Hell to be honest. But the way you are, chances are if you got a 'bum rap' (bad deal, bum steer, etc.) this time around, a return trip is probably not going to turn out much better, but you never know. Almighty (God) knows, but that's that. The final word. Amen. Or something like that. Oops. How did I end up here anyway? And what is this all about anyway? I'm confused [head scratching in background]. Oh yeah, politicians...

184. Did you ever notice that people that feel they are privileged don't know when to shut up?

True story from yesterday. A local lady was crossing in the crosswalk and not paying attention while looking at her cell phone. Another guy was driving his BMW and pulled up then backed his BMW into the lady that was texting on her phone. The lady went flying into the air and landed on her arm and most likely broke her arm. An ambulance, the local fire department, and the police show up and the police officer realizes that the lady was not paying attention and was trying to cut the driver of the vehicle a break seeing as how the lady definitely was not paying attention when she was crossing in the crosswalk. However, the guy driver of the BMW starts yelling at the police officer about the incident, so instead of getting a break, the police officer gave the BMW driver two tickets. One ticket for unsafe backing, and the other ticket for failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Some people just don't know when to shut up I guess.

185. What do you know about Nostradamus and the three anti-christs mentioned?

First, from what I have read over the years, I believe that Nostradamus (Michel de ?) had the ability to see auras in his time. One of the big convincers was when Nostradamus was invited over to a gentlemen's house and asked which pig they would eat that night. Nostradamus said the one pig and the gentleman ordered the other pig butchered. After the other pig was prepared, the pig hit the floor, so the cook butchered the other pig to be served (without letting the gentleman know). When the pig was brought out, the gentleman asked Nostradamus if he would wish to change his mind about which pig, and Nostradamus held firm. The pig was served and then the gentleman asked the cook to say which pig they were eating. The cook explained about the other pig falling to the floor, so of course they were eating the pig that Nostradamus said they would eat, not the pig that the gentleman had ordered up. A person that can see auras, such as G Gordon Liddy or Edgar Cayce, can actually tell if something living is about to die because the aura will disappear beforehand. With a person the aura usually starts disappearing a week beforehand. I am not sure about pigs or trees or such. Call it cheating or whatever, but I am pretty sure Nostradamus could see auras in his time which is also probably how he was able to cure so many people during the time of the plague.

But outside that, Nostradamus wrote 10 'centuries' as they were called with verses in them called quatrains (quat meaning 4). In these verses were three 'butchers' or 'anti-christs' which I will talk about now. The first one was Naples Roi or Napoleon Bonaparte. It is very obvious from the pronunciation (Naples Rwa) that this is a mention of Napoleon as the two names are very similarly pronounced. The mention is that Naples Roi beheads people aka a 'butcher'. Napoleon definitely used the guillotine quite frequently. Next was a name for #2 and Nostredamus used Hister, so of course, Adolph Hitler, Hister. Hitler killed many jews during World War II without a doubt. Hitler was also preoccupied with the aryan (blond haired and blue eyed) race as being superior even though Hitler himself was not aryan. Albert Einstein and many other jewish people fled Germany in the 1920s and 1930s as they saw the attrocities of Hitler's rise to power. Hitler used the gas chamber mostly but murdered and killed millions of jews. It did happen. I know personally that Albert Einstein told Sir Nicholas that the reason Einstein was not in Germany was because of the Nazi's rise to power and that Albert did personally fear for his life at the time (even in 1954 / 1955). Germany was Albert's homeland and where Albert grew up and became a professor. But after the nazis took over, Albert never went back home again after Albert left Germany. And when the war was over, Albert Einstein did what he could to help establish the new nation of Israel. And the third name mentioned is Maabus, which was Musab al-zwaqarif who chopped people's heads off in the name of Allah. So apparently all three of Nostradamus' anti-christs have come and gone, almost. The last problem is the muslims and the fact that Nostradamus stated the last anti-christ, Maabus, was not around long, but attrocities have been carried out in his name long after Maabus (Musab) was killed (even to this day).

And even more I imagine. There is a copy of the 'centuries' on the Sacred Texts site http://www.sacred-texts.com .

186. Is Metatron mentioned in the Holy Bible, Qu'ran, etc.?

As far as the Holy Bible and I believe the Qu'ran, the name Metatron is not mentioned as Metatron.

However, yes the great grandfather of Noah aka the seventh removed from Adam is Enoch which would be my first incarnation before Metatron. Also, when it says 'last of the great prophets' that is in direct reference to me, Thee Ace Man, the second incarnation (life in the flesh) of Metatron.

As far as the Qu'ran, I know there are references in there, but I am just not interested enough in the Qu'ran to find them.

As far as the Ethiopian and Armenian Bibles, there are a couple extra 'Book of Enoch' books included. There are many references outside the bible, but most of those books were removed for obvious reasons that date and authorship were very unclear for these other books.

187. What do you remember about the Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's lifetime home run record?

This was back in April 1974, if I remember right, and a comment was made of "If Babe Ruth was still alive, what would he say about his record being broken?" And I am not sure who said it, but I remember someone responding, "With all due respects, he can knock the cover off the ball, but he swings like a rusty gate." about Hank Aaron. So of course the person who made the comment about Hank Aaron got called a 'racist'. Truthfully, if you look at the footage of Babe Ruth or Josh Gibson and both of them had smooth swings. Look at the footage of Hank Aaron and he does swing like a rusty gate (but then too, so did Dave 'Kong' Kingman swing like a rusty gate, but no one ever called anyone a racist for saying Kingman swung like a rusty gate). But yes, even back in 1974 there seemed to be a movement towards 'political correctness' instead of honesty. And in all honesty, Babe Ruth would never say that Josh Gibson swung like a rusty gate, but more than likely would have said that Hank Aaron swung like a rusty gate.

And I remember hearing from Jimmy 'Cool Papa' Bell on May 31, 1975, that it was Babe Ruth's dying request that the only thing Babe Ruth wished he had done in life was not to have segregated baseball. It took two years after Babe's death before Babe Ruth's death request was carried out in 1947. Jimmy was a talent scout for the major leagues in 1975 and knew the commisioner of baseball at the time, and the commisioner told Jimmy how it was difficult to carry out Babe Ruth's last wish of desegregated baseball because of all the politics, and in all honesty, there were more players and money to be made with two separate leagues than one combined league.

In all honesty, I have always preferred honesty over 'political correctness' too, and I remember Babe Ruth's comment of "I think Stanky stinks." As being pretty honest when Stanky commented that if baseball was integrated that Stanky would quit because Stanky said he could not stand the smell of colored people.

And how about you, would you rather be 'politically correct' or honest?

188. Is it true that you actually did better out of an alcohol abuse program than when you were in it?

Yes, true. I got a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) in 1985 and a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in 1987 / 1988. The first time through was fine, no program. The second time through was a mess. The program was the problem. It was a 7 week program and by the third week I was already told I would not pass this program. Why? Well I had the counselor's 2 drinking buddies on both sides of me in this class and of course they both reaked of alcohol. Me, I was actually the sober one but my eyes were red because I had just got contact lenses and my eyes were irritated. Meanwhile, the counselor's two drinking buddies that were sitting on either side of me, Edmund and Wendell, got pushed through with no problems. I was told to either go to a rehab or wait 10 years for the stuff to come off my license. So I waited 10 years rather than go through a worthless rehab center and spend 3000 or more dollars for treatment that I didn't need. After I was told I would not be passing the class, I started showing up after drinking to the program and of course Wendell and Edmund did not sit next to me after that. So for the next 4 weeks, Edmund and Wendell sat next to a person named Rex, who I used to give rides back and forth to school in 1982 - 1983. Needless to say, Rex got referred into a rehab also but Rex went to a rehab. Anyway, yes, Edmund and Wendell were drinking but both of them were drinking buddies of the counselor and got pushed through the program. Meanwhile, Rex and I got the shaft and I dropped out to get away from the nonsense. From 1987 to 2007 (I got my license back in 1998) I walked all over (which was another topic). I got tired of being accused of being a 'drunk' when I wasn't even drinking. And I was just plain tired of systemic nonsense. Anyway, the walking did me good as far as dealing with my temper about the nonsense. I never blew up at the counselors while I was there. And as far as rehab, would have been a huge waste of money. After the program was over, I quit drinking because I didn't need to drink anymore to keep my counselor's drinking buddies, Edmund and Wendell, from sitting next to me and getting me blamed for drinking when I was the sober one. I did not see Rex after that, so I am not sure how he made out. But yeah, many times these 'programs' do more harm than good. My counselors were drinking too, Jeff and Rich, so what are you going to do? Have patience and things usually work out better in the long run. They did.

189. What happens when I mess up (make mistakes)?

It all depends on the circumstances. It always makes for a story, good or bad.

Just because someone led a good life and can enter into Heaven does not mean they will do so. Same as someone who has led a bad life may get another chance as well. An aura can not occupy two bodies at the same time, however, an aura can be reused if Almighty (God) and the person so wish. An aura can return in a different person.

But the large part is that we are not all born with knowledge from the start. We, in the flesh, need to learn somehow. Mistakes definitely get made. Forgiveness for mistakes is a definite as well. But a planned action is never a mistake. A mistake is something happens that is unplanned. It is always readily apparent when a person does not care and does harm to others. What does the person causing harm care, so long as harm is not done to them? That is why 'vengeance is mine' and Almighty will sort them out. Remember, just because you think you got away with treating others poorly in the flesh, does not mean you will do so throughout eternity. In order for a person to be caught doing evil, they must be allowed to do evil. Think about that. Hell (the Abyss, the Bottomless Pit, Eternal Damnation, Lake of Fire) is the place that Almighty designed to punish those who willfully cause harm to others. But soldiers are required to kill or be killed, so there is definite forgiveness for things built in. Hell is filled with Buttholes (those who make rules for others to follow, but do not follow the same rules themselves). Heaven is filled with Meek (who follow the same rules they ask others to follow). And the truth is that someone that is truly abused knows what it feels like and does not wish that on others. Meanwhile, usually those who do the abusing do not care so long as it does not happen to them. Well, remember, in order for someone to get caught doing evil, evil must occur. Mistakes can be made, so best not to judge for sure. But rest assured, Heaven would not be a heavenly place filled with a bunch of Buttholes feeling it is alright to break rules all the time. Just the same as Hell is not meant to be a nice place. And remember too, it does not matter what group you do or do not belong to (religion or politics or whatever), but each person is judged on their own, good or bad. And of course, other. We know we are not in Heaven or Hell at the moment so there is definitely an 'other' isn't there. Not truly good or bad, just trying to make sense out of the fact that there is this flesh body being controlled by a thinking aura (electromagnetic impulses). And people just trying to get through and make sense of it while being bombarded with all these 'experts' that really do not seem to have a clue either. Yes, a lot of mistakes and stuff to sort through isn't it? But really, why did this person think they could do all this horrible stuff and not think about consequences. People are the way they are and to each their own.

190. Is it true that you have an allergy to vinegar?

Yes, true. It took a bit to figure out, but I definitely have an allergy to vinegar. My body's reaction to vinegar seems to be getting more severe as the years go by. But up until 1975 / 1976, I pretty much drank milk and ate cereal with milk on it. I would eat spaghetti with butter and the like, but I could not eat canned vegetables (peas, carrots, beans) without vomitting. Then around 1975 / 1976 my father started buying pickled sausages. I didn't vomit, but my mouth would swell up around my teeth especially. I just didn't eat certain things because of the side effects. But the side effects happened back before people had 'severe allergies'. Hay fever or such, but honestly doctors in the USA did not realize that an allergic reaction could be severe and life threatening.

With my allergy, first my mouth would swell up around the nasal passages. Then my nasal passages would drain about a day or two after swelling up. I would have a huge lump in the side of my face like a 'bad tooth' because of the swelling of the nasal cavities. Then the pressure would shoot the backed up sinus stuff into my mouth about two to three days afterwards. It wasn't a bad tooth or a bad nerve in the tooth, but an allergy to vinegar. I first figured it out with the pickled sausages, but later I noticed that any time I had apple cider my mouth would swell as well. Salad with zesty Italian dressing, most spaghetti sauces, and so on. Vinegar.

On friday, June 22, 2018, I had some homestyle fries from Arby's but the fries had been cooked in grease that had cooked the seasoned curly fries. I had a slight reaction for the last four days. Sinuses draining into my lungs, slight fever, from my body trying to rid itself of this vinegar menace. But only four days this time instead of a week or more at times. Slight reaction. But a doctor would probably try to diagnose pneumonia or flu or such. The doctors in the USA try to talk about how advanced they are and such with new this and new that, but I honestly do not see it. I have a vinegar allergy. It will clear up in a couple days if I relax and let my body do its thing. The vinegar itself is not really harmful, it is the way my body deals with it is the problem. And usually doctors make the problem ten times worst and infinitely more expensive than it needs to be. But doctors are the 'experts' just ask them (despite the obvious). But what do I know? I only know that every time something with vinegar gets in my system that my body will treat it like a virus and flood my sinuses, cause my eyes to turn red, sinuses drain into my lungs, slight fever and cold chills, and my immune system just goes to work to flush the vinegar menace out. No flu, no virus, no disease. Just an allergy because my body does not know how to deal with vinegar besides treating it like a virus and flushing out my system. At least my immune system works, but I definitely don't want to use vinegar to kick in my immune system. But every once in a while you forget and stuff happens (like this last weekend). As far as I know, no one has ever caught my vinegar allergy from me. I am pretty sure if it was really the flu, pneumonia, or such, someone would have caught it by now. Just me and my vinegar allergy. And after my top teeth fell out from the pressure from my sinus cavities that they would realize that it is my sinus cavities and not a bad tooth. But dentists are obviously doctors as well. But what bad tooth? It never was a bad tooth, but the sinus cavities swelling from the vinegar allergy. But then too, like they say, I'm not a doctor or dentist so what do I know? I definitely do not want to waste a lot of money and time to become more ignorant, so I'll guess I'll pass on that suggestion.

191. What is a Pre-emptive Operations Officer Practitioner?

A Pre-emptive Operations Officer Practitioner means -
Pre-emptive - before
Operations - a company operates hopefully
Officer - official
Practitioner - in training

In other words an individual that wants a 'title' in a company, but the company has yet to figure out anything that the individual can do properly. The company's POOP.

The work this individual performs is usually CRAP - Can't Resolve Anything Properly. Henceforth the company's POOP is usually responsible for the company's CRAP. When a company gets too big, it usually has a bunch of POOPS that need to pay off college loans and such, but they have not any actual job skills, just college loans to pay off (usually anyway).

You probably know a few of these, but many times they try to hide behind other titles. POOP is what it is, just like CRAP is what it is. The problems that happen when colleges are too worried about athletes that can't even write their own names playing sports at the expense of being able to teach college students anything useful in the real world. This title also can be used for someone that works for a company that you can't figure out what this individual actually does to make a job description for them (or are too afraid of a backlash from the individual because you can't call someone a 'screwup' anymore, because the USAn laws are written by screwups to protect themselves).

192. Are you antidisenfranchisementarianistically motivated?

First off, yes, big words for ideas. However...

Antidisenfranchisementarianism is just a big word for the idea of 'all inclusive'. All inclusive meaning everyone included. Everyone is a small word for a big idea. Every one. All. Life includes those of the flesh with an aura attached. Plant life. Animal life. Fish life. Life. What about the flesh (substance) that never has an aura attached? What about auras that never have flesh attached? All. I am trying to explain as best as I can about all on this site, but as you know, all is a small word, but a huge subject matter. Worth a try anyway.

So this site as well as myself is antidisenfranchisementarianistically motivated to an extent. But as we know, we are not to know 'all' at this point in time. So be happy to THINKE - Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything, as it is nice to have ideas and thoughts to ponder and think about.

Every question does have an answer. Correct or incorrect, an answer is still an answer. And the truth is always the truth. So antidisenfranchisementarianistically motivated to be all inclusive (kitchen sink even), but also a deep down search for truthful and honest answers which would be antipoliticaltarianism as well. Not trying to please everyone, just trying to figure stuff out as accurately as possible based on information available.

As we also know, those that try to pass off fiction as being fact tend to upset themselves greatly when others find out the truth. Things happen.

And what about antidisestablishmentarianistically motivated people? Just a big word for work with what you got instead of tearing down and rebuilding. But after doing this site, what is left out there worth saving and building upon?

The truth I imagine would be the best building block available. But where to start? It all starts with selves. Yourself. Myself. Ourselves. Theirselves. Itselfs. Oneself. Twoself... Sharing or selfish? Sharing is better and being selfish is definitely not sharing. But sharing comes from more than one self. Selfish is just oneself. Choices. Choose. Chews.

So why the big words? Kind of like the Tower of Babel idea. People that are confused are likely to be controlled by others. Build a big tower to reach into Heaven so we don't get flooded out again. But then again, Someone said that they put their bow (rainbow) in the sky to remind Himself not to flood everything out again. But some Nimrod had a crazy idea and sure enough, others followed.

194. Do you know anything about the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter?

They may have always been little bits and pieces of debris in all honesty.

But maybe not.

One thing is certain, it was not a catastrophic explosion of a planet. An explosion of a planet would have left a large lump of debris and not this spread out debris that is there now. If a planet, it would have had to slowly fall apart while still maintaining orbit. Definitely over a year as the asteroid field is spread out over an entire planet orbit between Mars and Jupiter. There is not any planet or planets between Mars and Jupiter. Just the asteroid field.

Could the asteroid field possibly been a planet or planets? Yes, very possibly. The material present appears to indicate a probable planetary core of iron. Also many other elements found within the asteroids which is a good indication that chances are the asteroids were probably at one time a planet or planets.

To explain further, it could have not been an impact explosion of two planets. That type of scenario would leave a large concentrated mass of debris and not the spread around the orbit debris that exists. In the planet collision explosion scenario, the planets collide, then a big explosion and debris shoots out from the impact point. That is not evident in our asteroid field.

What is evident is that either the asteroid field has always existed as such OR...

If it was a planet collision, there was not any explosion or such, but the planets would have had to have slowly broken apart while in orbit to leave the orbital spread out trail that exists now.

Another possibility is that a planet slowly lost its gravity while orbiting the Sun and just fell apart gradually while orbiting.

Another possibility would be a planet and a moon instead of two planets or possibly like Pluto and Charon only they got too close or such and just rubbed each other the wrong way for a while (over a year at least, not Earth year, but between a Mars and a Jupiter year at least, but probably several orbital years).

One thing is certain though, it was not 'cataclysmic' or catastrophic or such because the debris left does not indicate such an event. If a planet stopped orbiting the Sun because of an explosion or impact or such, without a gravitational pull, the pieces after the explosion would not still orbit or follow an orbit. Therefore, the pieces, if from a planet or planets, would have had to have broken away while gravity and magnetic repulsion were creating an orbit pattern and not from a sudden impact or explosion or implosion even.

But like Stated too, maybe it has always been just asteroids. Maybe not. But something to THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything) about definitely.

195. How many USAn union workers does it take to change a lightbulb?

12 people - twelve as follows...

1 person to fill out a report to change the bulb
1 person to review the report to verify that the bulb needs changing
1 person to order a new bulb
1 person to drive to the store to get a new bulb
1 person to ride along with person driving to get bulb to provide the account information or credit card to the store clerk
1 supervisor to oversee all of this
1 person to get a ladder
1 person to climb the ladder and hold the lightbulb while...
4 people turn the ladder to screw in the lightbulb while the person on the ladder holds the bulb in place

Remember, in an USAn union, there is no multitasking as each person has a specific job description and a person will get into trouble if they perform any type of work that is not in their job description.

And honestly, at the local airport, I have seen it take two to three months to get a lightbulb replaced because almost always, one person or another will have sick time, comp time, vacation time, maternity leave, other pressing duties, and so on, making it nearly impossible to get the twelve people needed to get the job done. So it has to wait until the next day, then the next day...

And, how many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?  One.

196. What about the "True Church"?

The "True Church" is about the Church as was originally talked about and prophesied about in the Holy Bible Old Testament. Not that building stuff that started after the New Testament.

The actual, true Church is about the covenant that Almighty has with each and every individual as Almighty (God) was the One who set forth creation and all that came with it. Almighty originally created all. Almighty takes responsibility for all. The actual Church as created. Creator and creations = Church.

All the knowledge (good and evil), all the deeds, all of it, all of creation itself. All with One. One Church. One universe, universal church.

Imagine an eternity by Oneself.

Imagine babysitting billions of people that really should be learning to think on their own anyway. What good would billions of people be if everyone thought and did everything exactly the same? Yes, it would get pretty boring throughout eternity hearing the same stories over and over again, wouldn't it? Why so many different thoughts? Different politics? Different religions? Different ideas? Different socks? Different diets? Being different?

But each person is held accountable to Almighty for their own thoughts and deeds whether we know it and acknowledge it or not. Each according to our own whether Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist (even if I see Him, I don't believe Him), Agnostic (seeing is believing), Heathen (don't care), Infidel (non Muslim), Heretic (non Christian), Gentile (non Jew), Saint, Sinner, or other. Just as Almighty is who Almighty is, we are all who we are.

And if you can create anything you want, could you possibly create something to alleviate the boredom of being by yourself throughout eternity? Most definitely.

But then, all these stories, and keeping track of all this. But then too, if you have an eternity to look forward to, why not?

What good would TV be or a computer if you were the only thing going on? Talking to yourself all the time. What time is it? Who cares? Who doesn't care? Just Me talking to myself still, so what who? Wait a minute, can I change all this?

So the real and true Church is between the Creator (Almighty, God, Allah, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah, Most High, etc.) and that of the creations themselves.

No mediator needed as far as has ever been known. Either face His wrath or recieve His kindness or both maybe even. But most likely neither wrath or kindness direct in the flesh, because what good would all these different creations be if they all were the same? How many stories are there to be known? How long is an eternity anyway? How long is forever? How should I know? Just asking.

But the true Church or real Church has never been a building or such, but a set of agreements between Almighty (the Creator) and the creations themselves, and as each agreement is personal, each Church is as it is. Just as each Temple is as it is too. Each to their own.

But the true Church as originally set up is between Almighty and all of His creations and it is very personal as it includes all both good and evil and indifferent. All. So grab some popcorn or whatever and enjoy the show... Before life, Almighty speaks... Life, film at 11... Birth, film at 11:01..., Death, film at midnight... Afterlife, we'll talk about that later as there is a lot to talk about... What Rerun-reincarnation? Huh? What? Needs more salt and butter... Cheese maybe? Who just cut the cheese (farted)? OK, clear the room, pew...

197. What are your favorite movies, music, etc.?

My favorite color at present is clear.

My favorite song is "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles

I have a large collection of songs I keep on my phone, here is a list http://www.theeaceman.com/phonemusic.html

My favorite movies are Real Genius (1986?) and HUNK (1988?)

for a list of movies I watch and keep on my computer spare drive go here http://www.theeaceman.com/dvd.html

My favorite TV show is The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (1959-1964)

My favorite game is Warlords Battlecry III

for a list of stuff on my computer (and my computer specs themselves) go here http://www.theeaceman.com/pooter.html

My favorite author is Theodore Geisel.

My favorite lead singer is Ronald 'Bon' Scott.

My favorite guitarist is Jimi Hendrix.

My favorite drummer is John 'Bonzo' Bonham.

My favorite bass player is Paul McCartney.

My favorite keyboard player / pianist is Freddie Mercury.

Anything else, feel free to ask. And feel free to add your own as well.

198. How many times must I tell you...?

You must tell me once. And because I ignored you that first time, you can repeat telling me as often as you like, I am still going to ignore what you have to say about this.

199. Do gremlins actually exist?

No. Gremlins are under fiction, definitely. There are no such things as gremlins, but...

I had a 1992 Buick Century that the wiring had got old so that every time it rained or there was a lot of water in the air, the car would not stay running unless you had one foot in the gas and another on the brake. That was bad wiring. If it was a nice day and there wasn't much water in the air, the car ran fine without any problems. Wet days, it would take a half to two hours to get started and I would have to keep the accelerator pushed down to keep it running. No gremlins.

I also had a 1999 Chevy Lumina that one time I jump started another vehicle and then I disconnected the cables from the other vehicle. And then just after I disconnected the cables from my car (the Lumina) the car shut off. The cables weren't connected to anything, the car just shut off. No gremlins were there, but a lot of head scratching went on with that one. Jumper cables connected to nothing keeping a car running? It happened, but not sure what really happened on that one, just sure that no gremlins were involved.

And a 1998 Cadillac DeVille that after it was hit in a parking lot had all kinds of problems afterwards from 2 cracked radiators to all kinds of electrical problems. But no gremlins.

Gremlins do not exist, but good thing that head scratching exists, because sometimes you just wonder...

200. Can one person truly make a difference anymore?

Yes. You already have whether you realize it or not.

201. What about the current states of science versus religion?

It is indeed a sad state. Most of the time, both sides seem to be so far out to try and prove each other wrong, that both sides seem to almost be babbling like idiots. Information is information, and it gets monotonous that both sides keep trying to twist information to suit their purposes instead of just providing information. BOTH sides appear to be hiding things, not just science or religion, but BOTH. A lot of the fun of this site is that I try to take an objective look at ideas and many times, the ideas can go either way. But science can't agree with religion, just as religion can't agree with science. And sadly, many times, both sides are wrong in some shape or form.

One of my big pet pieves is Creation versus Evolution. This is also a big one between science and religion. Finally, science is starting to budge away from always trying to take Charles Darwin's side. And why? Well, because fossil evidence keeps saying otherwise and it just keeps getting ridiculous trying to support a theory that seems to fall apart on closer examination. There are no fish that evolved into land dinosaurs and all of that. So finally science is keeping an open mind for a change instead of looking foolish trying to concoct stuff that really does not exist. Now if we could get religion to do the same with trying to prove how the Roman Gods are still alive and well, even though the Roman Gods are fictitious.

So yes, whenever possible, I 'bash' both sides (religion and science) because they deserve it for the horrible way that many of them behave towards each other. For shame. Both sides are so adamantly out to prove each other wrong while both sides keep making fundamental mistakes. And the biggest mistake is not keeping an open mind, just in case.

But also, I have actually seen Almighty (God). It is not meant as a 'hypothetical' or such statement. But also, I have seen what scientists and religious leaders do to each other which becomes a big problem taking either side. Who's side do you take when both sides are in the wrong? My own?

Almighty (God) did not write the Holy Bible, nor the Qu'ran, nor etc. and so on. People wrote these things. People make mistakes. People also write science papers and journals. People make more mistakes.

So why keep making the same mistakes? Unless people learn lessons from history, I guess it is just bound to keep repeating itself instead of moving forward. But in the meantime, foward harch... Sionara... (さようなら)...

As far as the Muslims, I gave up on that mess long ago.

202. What's the difference between a nudist and a person running around naked?

The person running around naked will need to catch their breath sooner or later.

203. Do Heaven and Hell exist, and if so, where are they?

Good question. I had a girlfriend Rosemary who had a brother named Marty. When Marty was younger, Marty was riding in the back of a pickup truck and fell out. Marty does not remember actually falling out of the pickup truck or what went on just before then. Marty does remember his life flashing before his eyes and then going through a tunnel before arriving at the Pearly Gates and seeing Jesus and the streets paved with gold and meeting with Jesus. But many others also describe this 'tunnel' experience too. The other part, according to those that see auras, the aura starts disappearing about a week beforehand, but does not seem to disconnect and float off into space or such. I am pretty sure the 'tunnel' experience is why. I am thinking that when the aura disconnects from the flesh that the aura disappears into a different plane (dimension) that we can not get to as of yet. And from what I can understand, I do not think we can get there with flesh attached.

Some people have actually floated above themselves before disappearing, but like I said, with those that see auras, the aura disappears after the person dies. So if an aura is floating around above its dead flesh, it is not seen as an aura by one that can see auras. It is not seen. So that would mean that this other dimension, auras can see what is going on in the flesh / spirit plane we exist in, but we can not apparently see into the 'aura only' plane from where we are in the flesh.

So I am sure that Heaven and Hell (Abyss, Lake of Fire, etc.) exist. I am also pretty sure that this other plane (dimension) is around us, but in the flesh, we can not seem to reach or see this other plane (dimension). This other plane (dimension) can apparently see us though.

Maybe 'ghosts' are lost and can not go through the tunnel to get to the spiritual plane on the other side. Maybe 'ghosts' decide to linger around and wait for someone else. But the 'tunnel' experience I feel after death is most likely significant in crossing over between the 'visible' and the 'invisible' that appears to exist out there. Well, not really, "out there" but probably right before our very eyes.

204. What about this Great Flood, really?

In Hindu literature, the Holy Bible, the Tale of Gilgamesh, and so on, talk of a Great Flood and a person that boards his family and a bunch of animals, and... But did this really happen? Is there proof somewhere?

In reality, chances are there have been several 'great floods' in the planet Earth's history. Several. Let us take a closer look shall we?

Believe it or not, the strata (layers) of the Earth's surface tend to be indicative of several, not just one, great floods including one not too long ago (within 5,000 years). During our 'modern' times, there have been several small floods and during each flood, a large amount of soil is deposited in a short time. This soil solidifies within three months to a year. To say that the Eath's strata (layers) have occured over millions of years does not sound right in all honesty. You have several layers on top of each other which is indicative of flooding. During a flood, a large amount of soil is deposited in a short time. Thick layers, big flood. Layers during a flood separate out as well with the heavier material sinking to the bottom and settling out first, with lighter material on top. Look at the geologic record more carefully. Thicker, heavier sediments below medium below light sediments stacked on top of each other. Each layer settling out.

With a gradual, non flooding, build up of soil, you will have very thin strata (layers) that have some light, heavy, and medium soil mixed all together.

When you look at the actual layers (strata), you see distinct bands between layers with heavier layers, below medium layers, below light layers, indicative of flooding. During a flood, the heavier materials settle out first, then the medium, and the light stuff floats on top until the waters subside. We see this countless times in the Earth's strata where heavier deposits are under medium deposits, under a light layer. We also know from our own times, that a large flood does deposit a large amount of material in a short time, and that material settles out in layers. So saying each layer is a distinct time period has a severe flaw to it. As heavy material settles out first, the heavy material will form the base with the medium material forming a separate layer and light material on the top. We see this many times. Large dinosaurs beneath medium dinosaurs beneath smaller dinosaurs. Flesh also floats after drowning many times. After the flesh decays and becomes soil, the minerals in the bones are left. Carbon dating is useless in most cases as a 'half life' becomes too miniscule in a hurry to be accurate passed only a few years time (a couple hundred years at most).

But back to the Great Flood (around 5,000 years ago give or take a thousand). One has to scratch their head as to if this may have actually happened. Not the land animals, but the fish. There are salt water fish and fresh water fish. It seems a flood like described in the Great Flood story as encompassing the whole Earth, would leave either a fresh water or salt water ocean covering the whole planet. Wouldn't the fresh water fish die off if all salt water, and wouldn't the salt water fish die off if only fresh water? Yes, ask the right questions. Then think harder, not to prove or disprove, but think. You have the gaseous atmosphere with a huge amount of hydrogen and oxygen (plus carbon, nitrogen, lithium, helium, etc.) and the hydrogen and oxygen combining to drop a huge amount of water in a long period (say 40 days and 40 nights). Salt water is heavier and denser than fresh water. Salt water fish would therefore survive in the lower depths, while fresh water fish would survive closer to the surface. The salt water fish would therefore reside in the leftover oceans, while the fresh water fish would take to the fresh water lakes, rivers, and streams after the waters subside. But still, the plesiosaur being a salt water animal that probably breathes air, and other such fish / animals, would die off. We seem to have a record of this happening in all honesty.  But whales and porpoises are still around, maybe whales and porpoises can adapt to fresh or salt water?  Maybe whales and dolphins were created after the Great Flood?  Who is to know?  And what about the unique animal life in Australia?  Did Noah make a pitstop and drop stuff off before his final landing?  Go ahead, ask more questions as many things appear fishy (suspicious) for sure.

And speaking of fishy (suspicious), do you really expect me to believe that the coelacanth has been believed to be extinct for 65 million years and then all of a sudden shows up in a fish market in 1938, and the oceans not too long afterwards?  Really?  I think the 65 million years is WAY off, not just slightly.  And I definitely think the coelacanth's extinction due to lack of anything to morph into (according to Darwin's evolution) is a bit far-fetched to say the least.  Believe what you wish, but truthfully evolution and the coelacanth stories are a bit hard to swallow (coelacanth meat is horrible tasting from what I have heard and evolution definitely took a nose dive after this as well).  I was not born until 1964, definitely not my fault.

Imagine the whole surface of the Earth covered with water and a huge boat just floating around for about 204 or more days. The Great Flood. Was it real or just a story? In all honesty, it appears to have been real. Not because of the stories told of Noah, Naphishtim, Manu, and such, but because the geologic record seems to indicate something happened as well. Many species of animals appeared to have died off and settled out in layers with larger animals towards the bottom, medium animals in medium layers, and smaller animals in lighter layers. Massive extinctions recently (within 5,000 years) and also in the not that distant past as well (not millions of years, but more likely tens of thousands of years). Floods deposit huge amounts of material in short time. Floods also leave several bands of material all at once (not just a single band), as the material settles out.

Anyway, in the meantime while sorting all of this out, THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything), drink and be merry. Maybe science and religion are both wrong, maybe not. But doesn't popcorn and a soda sound good about now? OK, pretzels and beer then. Whatever.

205. Prestige versus paycheck (a conversation I had with a translator around 2012)?

I was working at the airport (ELM) one day and a gentleman came up to the counter and asked a question which I answered. Then after answering this person starts talking to me about how he gets asked to translate documents from ancient Greek, ancient Latin, Aramaic, ancient Hebrew, and a few others into english. I remember asking him about translations of the Holy Bible, and he stated that he had worked on a couple projects and that for the most part, most of the texts written correlate nearly identical to each other. He also stated that he found like 200 differences and all were minor (like translating to thee instead of thou, and slight grammatical errors). I then asked him about, "What about abomination, is that really written?" or something like that in reference to the one place used in the Bible where "Man shall not know mankind. It is an abomination." And he stated that "Yes, it is actually written as abomination." From there this gentleman proceeded to say that he had no regrets in the path he chose, but when he first started in the job market, he was offered a very lucrative job if he would help a person translate some texts. This gentelman was just starting out and was looking at all his college loans and such, but after talking with this person about this job, the translator decided to refuse the hefty paycheck because as he talked with the employer, he could tell that the people wanted the translations catered a certain way regardless of what the document actually said.

The gentleman translator remembered before graduating that his professor told him about people that would ask to set aside principles for a large paycheck. The other people in the translator class that this person I talked to, took positions like the one he rejected. They got a hefty paycheck, then let go after completion of the translation within a year. The problem for his colleagues was that after they compromised their dignity for a big paycheck, no one else wanted them. When something interesting (like a finding of a long lost document referenced elsewhere), the people would call the guy I was talking to because the guy I was talking to would do a direct translation of what was written and not compromise to suit anyone's cause. The person I talked to said that he struggled at first because he chose a path of not giving in to personal whims for money, but a path of integrity. Now as he had got older (around 2012 this was), he was getting very interesting calls for translating some very unique and interesting material that the people that possessed this material would not let his classmates breathe on let alone touch. All because he stuck to his integrity and could not be bought. His classmates are either unemployed or working something outside their chosen field or doing mundane work for meager salaries. The gentleman I talked to had plenty of people calling him all the time because they knew he would do the right thing and that the translation they got from him would be as accurate as possible. The customers always told him, "money was no object." but he always tried to charge a fair price based on what was being translated (and how lengthy / short it may be, and how far he may have to travel). Some things money can't buy. The gentleman never forgot the thoughtful lesson his professor told him about, "You are not like the others, stick to your integrity and principles and things will work out fine for you. I do not see the same for your classmates." And things did work out fine for him because he stuck to his integrity and principles. At reunions, his classmates were wishing they had stuck to their principles, but it was too late for them.

206. Who are your most favorite and least favorite 'intellectuals'?

Actually, my most favorite and least favorite list has more to do with attitudes of the individuals than with what they may have known or not known or accomplished. With that being said...

Favorites :

Albert Einstein - definitely a favorite as he never seemed to be a person that felt he was above others. I do not recall anything from Einstein that ever seemed arrogant.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Many fascinating ideas including the helicopter, human anatomy, and so on. A very diversified individual like myself.

Nicolaus Copernicus - many mathematical ideas and always seemed to be someone wishing to learn more.

Johannes Kepler - Planetary motion and physics plus his ideology that things and ideas were created by God (Almighty) which meant that Kepler was normally humble himself.

Least favorites :

Charles Darwin - from what I have heard from others, this guy was arrogant. I understand that "monkey's uncle" was a bit crude from the media, but still. You do not stop bad behavior by practicing bad behavior yourself.

Dr. Stephen Hawking - He was a bit arrogant at times. At his young age, I know he was not ready for the spotlight that was thrown on him. We all make mistakes, but at times Stephen was a bit brash and arrogant instead of trying to set a good example. Sadly, science keeps trying to bend over backwards it seems to support some of his ideas.

207. What about the "If you can't beat them, join them" saying?

Hopefully it is true. Buttholes (those who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves) versus Meek (those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) is an example. The Buttholes keep trying to say how they have the good life and all that, but in reality, most people are Meek and prefer being Meek. With that being said, hopefully more and more Buttholes get tired of the rhetoric from other Buttholes and start joining the Meek. Will have to wait and see, but Meek do not beat on one another, while Buttholes do beat on one another. Which do you prefer? So join the Meek today, as the only way to beat Buttholes is to not become a Butthole yourself.

So, in conclusion -

Butthole - beat them
Meek - join them

If you can't beat them, join them.

208. How do you respond to something like this?

Yes, I do copy / paste responses many times. As of June 16, 2018, I stopped trying to respond to every post. On June 6 & 7 there were about 300 posts a day. After June 16, 2018 it has been about 600 posts per day. I am one person. I still read every post, but I stopped posting in every post (topic) as this board was getting too large as it is without my extra additions. Others like 'clean' boards. I like cluttered. The reason is that I feel everyone should have their say too, just like I have my say. And so it is...

http://www.theeaceman.com/responses.html .

209. Was Rome built in a day?

Of course not silly. They built Rome at night in case the barbarians attacked.

210. What is the difference between gangs and groups?

Groups wish you to join to discuss things and are open to suggestions. A group is a collection of people.

Once you join a gang, the gang will intimidate you until you conform to their teachings whatever they may be. A gang is a collection of intimidating thugs.

Groups are flexible. Gangs are not.

And yes, the media is not helping this situation. Group this, group that. Nonsense. Get it straight. Gang this, gang that. Groups do not cause commotions, gangs do. Groups do not riot, gangs do. Groups do not block building entrances, gangs do (whether union or environmentalist or other). Heck with the connotation factor, a group is a group, and a gang is a gang. If the media would get it straight then most of the nonsense from gangs would stop. If the media would stop calling gangs groups, there would be a lot less confusion. Screw politically correct. If they don't want to be referred to as a gang, then stop acting like a gang and start acting more like a group.

My two bucks worth again...

211. What is a 'blunt'?

If you read this topic before July 11, you will need to read this again.

Glad you asked. A blunt is a cigar that had all the tobacco taken out and marijuana put in its place. And what brought this on?

Anyway, last night, July 8, me and my girlfriend, Brenda ( @sissygirl ), attended the Keith Urban concert in Canandaigua, New York, USA, and a couple stories to follow.

First, my day started on July 8th, working at the Elmira / Corning Regional Airport (ELM), after waking up at 2:30 AM. I worked the morning shift with only a couple pickups all morning. Then at ten minutes to noon, a bag delivery came in for Towanda Pennsylvania which is an hour away. I delivered the bag and fueled up the company van and I got back to the airport around 2:15 PM. I did paperwork for the day and walked across the street to get to my car at 2:35 PM. I dropped off my laptop at the house and I picked up Brenda around 3 PM. We picked up Mary at her place around 3:25 PM and Brenda realized that she forgot to wear her Ripcord T-shirt from the 2016 Keith Urban Canandaigua concert. So I went back to Brenda's house and grabbed her T-shirt and Brenda changed her shirt in the car.

We got to Canandaigua around 5:30 PM (gates open at 6 PM) and we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and we each got take outs. About 5:50 PM we left Kentucky Fried Chicken and headed towards CMAC. There was a huge line of cars and traffic was backed up. Mary was talking over the phone to her other two friends and her other two friends said they left the ticket for Mary at the 'Will Call' office. We finally get to the area, and the 'Will Call' office says they do not have the ticket. Meanwhile, Brenda and I are in line to get in as it is now 7:15 PM. Brenda and I literally get processed through the metal detector and such just as Kelsea Ballerini is starting the opening act. Mary is still trying to locate her friends to find out where her ticket really is. We end up getting separated and the crowd is actually helpful as Brenda is in a wheelchair, but there just is not enough room for us to sit by the gate and try to wait for Mary to get through. Also, the grass is a bit wet here and there and Brenda's wheelchair slides a few times going up 12 degree inclines (and more in a couple spots) as the lawn area for the arena is on a hill. This night was definitely an uphill battle for me between being separated, pushing Brenda up a hill in a wheelchair, trying to get through the crowd, and so on...

Second, at the last minute, Brenda's friend Mary had friends that said they had a ticket and would meet Mary there with the ticket. We ended up getting stuck in traffic and the people left Mary's ticket elsewhere (they said 'Will Call' center, but not actually sure where Mary ended up getting the ticket finally). Brenda and I got our tickets and had them on us. Brenda has a sciatic nerve problem in her back (since around October 2017) so Brenda was in a wheelchair. We tried waiting for Mary to get back, but the crowd was trying to get passed us, so we went up and got a spot on the right lawn near the trees. Should be easy enough to find, right? Well...

For most of the show I ended up standing next to the right tower (only two towers at the CMAC in Canandaigua, right and left) and I held my hat up in the air for over an hour. Mary never saw me even after I finally found her about an hour before the show ended. So anyone that was at the Canandaigua Keith Urban Concert at CMAC on July 8th, I was the guy standing there by the right tower with my hat in the air for over an hour. I also tried to yell to Mary to stay where she while we were talking over the cell phone and I would come get her, and of course I would hear Mary keep talking about how she was moving around from the beer tent to the port-a-potties to..., and so that didn't work. So I stood by the right tower with my hat in the air. Talking in an arena during a concert with a cell phone does not work and Mary kept calling on the phone and yelling, but neither of us could hear each other. Many times I just handed the cell phone over to Brenda and just said, "Can you tell Mary to stay put because she is not listening to me." I finally calmed down enough to get a bright idea and I texted Mary that I would be standing over by the right tower with my hat in the air and left it at that because after being awake 20 hours, I could definitely yell louder than any sound system (my voice without a microphone can be heard over 1,000 watt sound systems). When Mary finally did show up, she was staring into her phone and I yelled out, "Mary." and then grabbed her arm and off we went. Even after finding Mary, Mary was probably still the only person that hadn't seen the guy by the right tower with my hat held high up in the air. Mary also kept saying she was on the right side when she was actually on the left (other right) side of the stage. Just a huge mess and arguing and yelling did not help anything for sure.

As far as the show, I only got to see roughly the last hour. I found Mary while Keith Urban was in the middle of the song "Cop Car" which has become Brenda's favorite Keith Urban song (in 2014 replacing "Making Memories of Us" as her favorite). Things were not going well all night. It was just one of those things. There were problems. I was definitely tired and upset. And being cranky and irritable definitely was not going to solve any problems. And I was definitely cranky and irritable.

Keith and his band always put on a good show, but this show I will have to leave up to Brenda because I did not see much of the show myself. Brenda also missed a bit when talking on the cell phone with Mary many times. Just one of those things. We definitely all realized that if there was a next time, that we have our tickets first in our own hands before going.

But after finding Mary and then taking Mary back to Brenda by the trees on the right side, Brenda kept telling me she smelled someone smoking pot (marijuana). But yes, in New York State, USA a blunt is a cigar where the tobacco is taken out and marijuana put in its place to sneak passed security. I did not see any or smell any, but Brenda said she smelled pot (marijuana) a couple times. And near the end of the show, Keith made a comment about the fact that there were a lot of people on the grass (lawn) section. And I yelled out something like, "And I think there were a bunch of people on the far right side smoking it too." which I keep forgetting that my voice carries and I think everyone heard my comment (including Keith too I think). Keith's wife Nicole was there as were the kids, and Keith announced that their daughter had just turned ten years old recently. Nicole's husband Keith was there too standing in the same place that daddy was standing in.

On the way home after the concert, we saw deer by the road four different times. It was a slower ride home because I have realized over the years that high beam headlights actually disorient deer and are more likely to cause the deer to cross into a vehicle's path. With low beam headlights, I have noticed that the deer do not seem to get as confused and are not likely to cross into the road in the vehicle's path. You can see a little further out with high beams, however, if those high beams intrude on a deer's sight, the deer is more likely to be blinded and do stupid stuff like play in traffic until they get their sight back. Four deer sighted. Zero deer hit.

But anyway, sometimes it isn't the event, but the stuff that happens around the event that makes for the stories that get remembered. Definitely a night to remember last night in Canandaigua.  If you get a chance, definitely see Keith Urban in concert, I highly recommend it.

212. If 'eated' is not a real word then why use it?

Because sometimes people have strange phobias (fancy shrink word for fears), and if the shoe fits...

I will demonstrate.

People can not be eaten by deer. Deer are vegetarian. But since people getting eaten by deer does not exist and the word eated does not exist, then therefore, people can get eated by deer.

People can not be eaten by worms. Worms do not even have mouths really. But since people getting eaten by worms does not exist and eated does not exist, then therefore, people can get eated by worms.

Remember, eated is not a word and does not exist. But sometimes it can be used properly when the need arises.

Love you too dears ( @sissygirl ). The deers are gone now and you can come out from under the arm rest in the back seat of the car. Yes, the deers are gone and did not eated you this time dears.

213. Why isn't the f--- word in the dictionary? (Adult Content - Excessive Language and Sexual Themes)

Because FUCK is an acronym for 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' and fuck is not actually a word per se. And it is what it states, for unlawful carnal knowledge aka having illegal sex. Illegal sex? Yes. Believe it or not, many places still have these kinds of laws enacted. The 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' statutes banned any sex except for what is known as the 'missionary' position (man on top, woman on bottom). Unless it was consensual sex between a man and a woman and the man was on top and the woman on the bottom, it was illegal. Seriously. Doggy style is illegal under these statutes, let alone - anal sex, oral sex, animal sex, chandelier sex, trampoline sex, titty sex, toy sex, and on and on... Women could get arrested for sitting on a guy's lap and talking about the first thing that popped up. Seriously. Pretty boring. But it is what it is. So look around you and realize that chances are you and your neighbors are probably FUCKers at some time or another in your life. If not, you are probably either a virgin or just plain boring (pun intended) all the time.

During the times that most of these laws were in effect, people did not have TV and video games and such, let alone cameras or such. And think about it, in order to catch someone 'FUCKing', someone has to watch, right? Concerned neighbor or just a plain pervert? So yeah, there were laws, but enforcement was a bit awkward I would say. Think about a policeman/woman coming to your door and asking, "Excuse me, But have you and the mrs. (or mr.) been FUCKing lately?"

So, in conclusion, now you know where the term fucking stupid lawmakers comes from. And this term is just as valid now as it was before.

214. Will I actually be condemned if I do not go to a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.?

Hell no! Or no Hell even. Individuals are not judged for eternity on such things.

And think about this, where were the churches, etc. during the times of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and so on...?

Moses was raised as an Egyptian, do you think Moses was condemned because of this? No.

These places honestly need money for the most part, so they use scare tactics to get people to attend many times. Scare tactics of "You will go to Hell" and that kind of stuff. Not true.

But truthfully, Almighty (God) created everything because He wished not to be so lonely. Almighty cares very much about His creations, both great and small. And since Almighty created, He also knows that people (humans, etc.) are not born with knowledge. As such, Almighty realizes people can get some strange as well as some very wonderful thoughts. And these thoughts can be very wonderful sharing experiences throughout eternity. Some thoughts can also be horrible too. Each individual is unique as Almighty is unique Himself.

Individuals are judged throughout eternity based on their behaviors towards others, not on quoting verses out of books or any of that stuff. And definitely not based on "How many times did you go to Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.?" either.

After being in bondage for over 400 years, and the freeing by the deliverer / prophet Moses, the Hebrews were told to keep a day of rest (Sabbath) in remembrance of Creation, but also of being in bondage. No rest for slaves. When Ieshua (Jesus) was caught working on the Sabbath and such, there was much concern among the 'leaders', yet the leaders themselves had already sold out to the Romans when Ieshua did this. Sadly, the jewish leaders were allowing bazaars and tax collecting and such in the temples which was not to be allowed. A lot of turmoil to be sure around the early AD period. Still much turmoil to this day.

But whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Gentile, Infidel, Heretic, Meek, Butthole, smart, stupid, deaf, dumb, blind, atheist, agnostic, pagan, witch, warlock, whatever, it is behavior traits that decide. And above all, it is Almighty's (God's) decision as Almighty created all, He also takes responsibility for all as well.

215. What causes planets and moons to rotate?

A dual core system.  The inner core and an outer core.  The outer core spins around the inner core and creates centrifugal force which in turn creates gravity.  But it is the dual core system of inner and outer cores that creates the spinning (rotation) in our Sun as well as the moons and planets.

The inner core remains stationary while the outer core is what rotates around the inner core.  Gravity is thusly created and as such, the gravity is highest near the center.  The center of a planet or a star with a dual core system will always be the warmest as the pressure is very intense from the creation of gravity and the constant pulling inward from the gravity created.  So it appears in theory and in reality as well.

It is actually not caused by the magnetism of the cores, but from the interaction of the dual cores themselves.  The more denser and warmer inner core constantly pulling the outer core inwards causing the outer core to spin (rotate) around the inner core.

But then, what about single cores, no cores, and possible tertiary, quad, and higher cores?  Our Moon appears to have a single core.  I am not sure if such a thing as no core, tertiary (3) or quad (4) or higher type cores exist.  Dual cores do appear to be the normal type in our solar system.  Our Moon, however, does appear to have a single core (which our Moon's core is most likely off center).  Single cores appear to have little or no gravity and do not appear to spin (rotate).

And what kickstarted this whole rotation / gravity mess in the first place? Well, the proximity of the Sun and the moons and the planets to one another created density issues which then created rotation and gravity issues. As the rotations and gravity between the Sun, moons and planets interacted amongst each other, our solar system as we know came to be. And how long would something like this take? Well, first we would have to create matter, anti-matter, void, and so on and so forth. Probably about a fortnight (week) if that. More likely two to four days. Spanning the massive distances needed would probably be the biggest challenge in all of this. How big is the universe anyway? The universe is probably not that old in all likelihood. And as I am finding out, most likely the universe has some kind of plan behind it. The universe does not appear to be random and haphazardly created. There definitely appears to be a plan behind the universe's creation. How much is to be known in the universe anyway? How much of the actual knowledge of the universe do we really have already? How much knowledge is yet to be learned? THINKEY (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything Yet), but maybe some day. Maybe not.

One thing is for sure, the universe itself does appear to follow rules and does not appear to be just random or haphazardly evolved through a big bang or such. But the universe does appear to have a reason and rules. And where reasoning and rules appear, most likely Someone or something is behind it. Someone with forethought. Evolution and such would appear to be haphazard and random and such. We do not appear to be living in such a universe, do we?

216. More About this site...

What is the idea behind 'Ask Metatron', anyway?

The original idea was about 'Ask Metatron'. Dear Metatron (after Dear Abby), would not be right because Dear Abby is mostly about social protocol and etiquette and that kind of stuff, Ask Metatron is nothing like Dear Abby really. 'Ask Thee Ace Man' seemed a bit too long for most. So I decided on Ask Metatron. I needed to do a forum as web pages were just too big and long for most (including myself) readers. So on April 6, 2018 I opened up 'Ask Metatron'. And what to Ask Metatron? Whatever...

And why 'Metatron' is here http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/51/why-are-you-using-the-name-metatron#latest .

As of July 16, 2018 there are over 250,000 users signed up on this forum.

There is a way to allow access to the user list, but I have kept the user list private to allow people to keep their privacy here.

In the first month - April 6 to May 6 - over 5,000 users.

In the second month - April 6 to June 6 - over 50,000 users.

In the third month - April 6 to July 6 - over 180,000 users.

July 14, 2018 @ 7:30 AM Eastern US Time - 256,169 and growing.

On June 6 and June 7, 2018, this forum got over 1,200 posts per day. I tried to keep posting in each post, but it just became impossible for one person to post in so many different posts every day and keep a full time (40+ hours) job too. I tried until around July 16, 2018 to answer each post, but I just couldn't anymore. Now I try to answer what I feel are the important posts instead. I was also adding to this board becoming very huge and slowing down because the server was taking so long trying to keep up with all of this in such a short time. So it became a necessity for me to stop posting in every topic. I really do appreciate EVERYONE that posts here, but this forum nor any other format can not truly support doing this. Just too much bandwidth and storage space and such being used.

This has truly been a wonderful experience sharing all of this information as I feel it is much needed at this time. Like most others, I keep searching for answers to many different questions, and many times it seems like I get the runaround and a bunch of information that makes little to no sense, and many times, no true or real information at all. Just have to wait and see, but...

As always here, more to come...

217. What is the difference between 'common sense' and 'nonsense'?

If you do not know by now, I am not telling. Just joking.

Common sense is a set of ideas that always seem to hold true regardless of consequences.

Nonsense is not true, never has been true, and never will be true.

To explain (using something in the New Testament as an example of both common sense and nonsense). It is stated in the New Testament that the 'Holy Spirit' is the 'Word of God'. It is also stated in Genesis Chapter 6 verse 3 that My Spirit (Holy Spirit) shall not always strive with man and shall be of the flesh for 120 years. Somewhere along the line, people believed that the Word of God was the Holy Spirit which in turn was the Holy Bible. This last statement is definitely false. The Holy Spirit is NOT the Holy Bible. No way, no how. Think about it. So definitely nonsense here. The Holy Bible does not become flesh for 120 years and all that nonsense. But hey, people make mistakes, and then after those mistakes they expect people to believe they are experts. But then too experts do not make mistakes, so therefore experts are not people and are figments of their own imaginations.

Common sense. People make mistakes. Experts do not make mistakes. Experts are not people and are therefore figments of their own imaginations. Common sense.

Nonsense. The Word of God is the Holy Bible so therefore since the Holy Spirit is the Word of God, then the Holy Spirit must be the Holy Bible. And as we know the Holy Bible shall be of the flesh for 120 years and not always strive with man. And more nonsense. The holy Spirit is the actual 'Son of God' and is known to speak in all languages without being taught. And honestly, the Holy Spirit IS the Word of God. The nonsense is trying to say that the Holy Bible is the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is NOT the Holy Bible. The Holy Spirit is the Word of God as he is the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is actually a person, individual, as it says in Genesis Chapter 6 verse 3 that he will be of the flesh for 120 years and not always strive with man. Trust me, it is complete nonsense to believe that a book will become flesh for 120 years, isn't it? But it is written that way in the New Testament where someone states that the Holy Bible is the Word of God and therefore the Holy Spirit. Nonsense. And those that believe nonsense are easily swayed to believe more nonsense. So why do people get upset when people ask questions or give rebuttals to nonsense? Because some people are figments of their own imaginations and feel they are experts despite the obvious. So of course they get upset. Just believe what I say and forget 'common sense'. But the Word of God is not the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible does not exist in the flesh for 120 years. Seriously.

So yes, whenever possible, use common sense. It helps. Seriously. Look above. Common sense is much easier to remember than nonsense is it not? Common sense like "Look both ways before you cross the street.", "Experts do not make mistakes so they are therefore figments of their own imaginations and not people.", and so on. Please do not ask me to repeat nonsense again as it does get a bit tedious and boring, does it not?

218. Do you wear boxers or briefs?


219. What is the longest word in the english language?

Smiles :) because there is a mile between the two s's.

220. What exactly are 'comfort zones'?

Comfort zones are situations that people are comfortable with. When someone feels comfortable, they feel more relaxed.

There are as many different comfort zones as there are people. Each person is different and what may be comfortable for one, may not be comfortable for another. One person may prefer quiet, whereas another may prefer a lot of noise. Another example, one person may prefer feeling relaxed, another person may prefer being busy. Individual preference as to what one prefers. And how does one gain preferences? Through personal experiences. And as each person has different experiences, there are vast areas of preferences.

Behavior patterns are directly linked to 'comfort zones'. It is actually not parenting or such, but as a person gets older, they have more experiences and preferences (comfort) can and do change. In all honesty, a person will try to adjust their environment to their comfort zone of what they wish to happen instead of what may actually be happening. Through repetition and such, people do learn interactions based on environment and observation of others. Sometimes through direct mimicking, but mostly through adaptation. Adaptation is adjusting information to pertain to a specific event instead of a general application. You learn "be quiet", and it can be applied to many different events like attending church, eavesdropping, lockpicking, silent treatment, and so on. Adaptation. Using the same knowledge in different applications.

But what works for one, does not work for all. And the reason why it does not work for all is because each person is unique and has different experiences. Perceptions. As each person has a different comfort zone, each person will relate to an experience based on their past experiences. Some good experiences (good experiences are experiences that a person wishes would happen again) and bad experiences (bad experiences are experiences that a person wishes to not repeat experiencing again).

Thus deductive reasoning. Wishing to have as many good experiences while avoiding bad experiences as best as possible. Comfort zones. And as stated, one person may prefer quiet, while another may prefer noise. Personal preference. Comfort zones. The type of environment we have as opposed to the type of environment we wish to have. And the clashes that happen as different individuals wish to have different experiences in their own comfort zones. And yes, a person wanting quiet, while another in the same room wishes noise will definitely lead to a clash between them. And as you can surmise (fancy word for guess), quiet noise just does not exist together. Clash.

Each person has many different types of interactions - physical, mental, emotional, etc. and develops preferences based on those interactions. But the same event does not happen twice. The reason is because there is a thing called time that continues forward all of the time. For good experiences, people wish time to stand still to always enjoy the moment. For bad experiences, people wish time to go away so that the experience never happened. Through time, people learn to develop ideas (strategies) to obtain more good experiences while avoiding bad experiences. Preferences. But many times, something unpleasant happens and a person is left to experience it, good, bad, or indifferent. Death, taxes, bad neighborhood, theft, plugged toilet, health issues, rejection, acceptance (think about it, you were just accepted into a nudist colony, but you have a lot of modesty issues), and so on...

But each person's comfort zone is directly related to their experiences and as such, each comfort zone is unique to each individual. What one may consider a bad experience, another may consider a good experience. But to truly know and understand a person is to know and understand their comfort zone.

Because finally, a comfort zone is based on many different personal experiences and is unique to each individual. Are you comfortable around snakes? Spiders? public places, private places, secluded places, foreign places, domestic places, imagination, reality? It is what it is. Are you resting comfortably, or is that psychologist, psychiatrist, sociologist bothering you again? Well? Can a person ever truly become comfortable in the middle of a war zone? The inner struggle for peace. The outer struggle for peace. Piece of mind. Matter. Antimatter. Void. Meditate.

Meditate more. Breathe deeply. Your eyes are getting very heavy. You are needing sleep. Sleep. You are imagining all this cool stuff while this goofball talks on and on about this stuff that makes little sense. Your eyes are getting heavier. Your wallet is getting lighter. Sleep, Sleep. You are drifting away to a quiet place where you no longer feel my hand reaching into your back pocket for your wallet. You no longer feel anything, Sleep. Sleep. Relax. Find your happy place within yourself where you no longer struggle to pull my hand away from your wallet. Sleep. Sleep. Think happy thoughts. Think happier thoughts. You are no longer able to resist your happy place where you sleep, sleep...zzz...ZZZ...zzz...

221. Do you know anything about the 'fastest pitch in baseball' controversy?

Yes, I do.

First, it was a long time between pitchers like Walter Johnson, Satchel Paige, and Cy Young and the invention of the radar gun. Bob Feller was clocked using a guy on a motorcycle at about 96 to 98 miles per hour which was figured to be about accurate. Anyway, there was no way to know for sure how fast Satchel Paige, Walter Johnson, or Cy Young actually were as there were no radar guns available at the time that Cy, Walter, and Satchel dominated the pitching mounds (1920s and 1930s). And because of the time difference, many people did not really remember as well either, but then...

It was May 31, 1975 (maybe June 1, but definitely Memorial Day in the USA) in Corning NY USA and it was Memorial Day. About the only game going on that day was a Little League Minors game in Corning NY that was a makeup game from a rainout on Tuesday. Two other teams had 12 wins and 2 loss records. This game was between two teams, one with an 11 win and 2 loss record and the other team with a 10 win and 3 loss record. So if the 10 win team beat the 11 win team they would be tied for second place. If the 11 win team won, there would be a three way tie for first place. I was on the 11 win team and pitching that day. And for the first four innings I did not do anything spectacular or such. The score was either 13 to 7 or 13 to 6 and it was the top of the 5th inning (6 innings total in Little League with a 5 run per inning limit). If we held the other team in the 5th inning, we would win.

In the 5th inning I actually pitched instead of throwing the ball over the plate like I had done all game. When I pitched, my windup was very straight-forward and very fast. From start to finish, my windup and delivery took about one second. The ball took less than one second to leave my hand and cross the plate. Just enough time to flinch. The first two batters (Tom Hope and Scott Iddings) for the other team did not even get the bat off their shoulders before 6 pitches went straight into Kenny Prisella's catcher's mitt. The cleanup (4th) batter was Ty Good who managed to move his bat off his shoulder two inches before the ball was in Kenny's mitt. The second pitch, Ty was told to lower his bat (by Jimmy Bell who was on the sidelines) along Ty's side and swing from there. Strike two as the bat again only moved about two inches before the ball went into Kenny's mitt. The third time, Jimmy told Ty just to hold Ty's bat straight out and line the bat up with Kenny's pocket in the catcher's mitt. On the third pitch, the ball hit Ty's bat and went high up into the air. Ty starts walking towards his dugout and yelling at his coach, "You broke my bat. You broke my brand new bat. You owe me a bat." And Ty banged the bat on the ground and you could hear that distinct sound a bat makes when the handle cracks. Ta-tink (not just a tink). Anyway, the other team's dugout starts yelling at Ty to "Run Ty run. It could be a fair ball. Run Ty run." And then Ty starts jogging and rounds second base and watches as Ted Ughetta, our second baseman, catches the ONLY ball he caught all year and held onto it for the final out. The fly ball had to have lasted over 30 seconds for all of this stuff to play out. Also, the ball itself had a black spot on it where the rubber core literally went through the inner twine windings and could be felt through the cover. And at 30 seconds, that is quite a lot of distance going straight up into the air and then coming back down to where the second baseman was (Ted did not need to move far from the normal second baseman spot).

Anyway, after this game was over was when I met Jimmy 'Cool Papa' Bell who was the one that was telling Ty Good what to do. Jimmy Bell was a scout of the PONY leagues for the major leagues at this time and like he said, "This was the only game I could find to watch, but it was like something was drawing me to this game." And then a big smile on his face as Jimmy started talking about many different things to me ( http://www.theeaceman.com/interesting.html ). Of which was some information about the 'old days'. Jimmy had scouted Nolan Ryan, and like Jimmy said, he could hit Nolan because even at 120 miles per hour, you could time him at 60 feet. Jimmy remembered that back in the day, like I had pitched this day, that when Walter Johnson or Satchel Paige pitched their fast balls, you could not time them as the ball was in the glove before a batter could get the bat off their shoulder. Jimmy also said that Babe Ruth said that the fastest pitcher Babe faced was Cy Young. Because of the separate leagues, Jimmy never played against Cy Young as Cy was afraid of getting caught and possibly fined. Babe Ruth was caught at least once and fined $5,000 at least once. But the other part was that at 120 miles per hour, the ball still whistled. Over 130 miles per hour and that whistle becomes more of a high-pitched squeal like a missile or such. Nolan's fastball never had the 'toner' like Satchel Paige, Walter Johnson, and Cy Young had back in the day. And for 9 pitches on May 31, 1975, I had a toner as well. But infortunately, this was 1975 and cops with radar guns were very few. No radar gun available. No way to know for sure other than the sound. And oddly, since Satchel, Walter, and Cy had got older and weren't able to pitch as fast in later years, people had forgot about speed tests and sounds and such.

But the controversy is truly that most likely, Satchel Paige, Walter Johnson, and Cy Young were all faster in their haydays than Nolan Ryan who was clocked by a radar gun at 120 miles per hour. But no way to prove it. Just a few people's memories and the sounds of yesterday that do not seem to echo the same way today as they used to. And trust me, on Memorial Day 1975, there was definitely an echo that could be heard for miles around as 8 of those 9 pitches went into Kenny's glove. The sound was literally louder than a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun would make. Now back to other news...

222. I was invited to a birthday suit party, what should I wear?

The nice part about a birthday suit party is that everyone wears the same outfit, only each outfit (even on identical twins) is a little different. The costume required is your birthday suit which you were born in (before your first diaper even). Unlike formals and semi-formals and casual and such, there is no need to rent an outfit or costume. Just wear your birthday suit as it is (wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.). So dress very casually like you were about to take a bath or shower. Dress like you are in the tub or shower, not before or after a bath or shower.

No need to worry about bringing a gift either because the best part of a birthday suit party is just to relax and be yourself. There is no place to put the gift once you get there anyway, just worry about bringing yourself.

And if poolside, your birthday suit works just as well in the water as it does on dry land. And at poolside also remember your group name of either 'skinny dipper' or 'chunk-a-dunk' depending. Chunk-a-dunks usually need to get out of the water more often than skinny dippers as chunk-a-dunks tend to wrinkle up and turn into prunes if left in the water too long.

The real nice part about birthday suit parties is that you do not have to worry about getting drunk and messing up your favorite or an expensive outfit. You also do not have to worry about overdressing or underdressing. What you were born with is just fine. All birthday suits are wash and wear by design and are free to each person upon birth. Even nasty blue ink dyes and such on a birthday suit usually clean up after a spill within a week or so. So enjoy yourself for a change. You'll be glad you went. Hands down, it will probably be the most fun you have ever had.

223. What is meant by an idea being 'warped' or 'twisted'?

A warped or twisted idea is an idea that has been altered to try and justify something that the idea was not intended to justify.

Adolph Hitler is an example with his 'master race' idea. Charles Darwin proposed that people evolved from apes into humans, and then Adolph took that idea further to try and justify his 'master aryan race' idea. The master aryan race idea was that the dominant trait of blonde / blond hair and blue eyes is a sign that those with blonde / blond hair and blue eyes are superior in evolution to other humans. The master race. Twisted.

So many times others take prophesies and twist / alter them to suit their purpose instead of what the words / ideas actually say. There is more written about Nostradamus, Revelations, Malachy Prophesies, the three sisters prophesies, Edgar Cayce prophesies, and so on than what is actually written in the prophesies themselves. Twisted. Warped. Sidetracked. And sidetracked because after the warped interpretation proves to be false, then the prophesy itself must be false, true? Even though the original prophesy itself says no such thing, because some self proclaimed expert comes along and twists the prophesy, the prophesy must be false. Hence, false prophets. Those that twist others' ideas to suit their own purpose instead of what the original idea represented.

So when you talk about 'false prophets' now you should know. Adolph Hitler was a 'false prophet' as was Musab al-zwaqarif, L Ron Hubbard, Harold Campy, David Koresh, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gace, Marquis de Sade (is death more pleasurable during sex?), and many, many others.

Stuff happens. But you know, just because someone stubbed their toe does not mean the end of the world is happening. And as you should know, experts never make mistakes; people make mistakes; so therefore, experts are figments of their own imaginations.

224. What is the difference between a PIMFA and a PIEFA?

A PIMFA is a Pain In My Freaking Butt.

A PIEFA is a Pain In Everyone's Freaking Butt.

A PITA is still just a Pain In The Butt.

225. I
s it true that the white man enslaved the black man in the USA?

The truth is that slavery existed in Africa and other areas long before the USA even existed.

In Africa, many of the slaves were originally slaves in their own countries. Black slave masters over black slaves. But just as can be seen today, the black slave masters many times were even more horrible than their white counterparts. As a matter of fact, many african nations still have slavery in some form or another.

The hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians. The hebrews (jews) were enslaved by the Nazis. There are numerous instances of slavery throughout history that do not even involve black people at all.

Africa had slavery long before the white man came. And slavery is seriously not just a 'black' problem. All races have experienced a period of slavery sometime in their existence. Roman culture was based around slavery actually. The term 'second class citizens' came from the Romans originally. Citizens had rights and such, non citizens did not have rights. Non citizens were people that could be bought and sold and traded at the owners leisure and as the owner saw fit. The same as anywhere else where slavery exists. Slaves are not considered people, but are considered property. The problem really is that the property is still a person even though not treated as such.

But honestly, slavery is not a 'black thing' as the NAACP would like people to believe. Slavery and 'second class citizenry' has always been a scourge upon any land.

Women are treated as slaves many times as well. Think about it. Put a ring on that finger and the woman then becomes a piece of property apparently. It is honestly sickening the amount of times I hear the "and woman shall cleave unto her husband and shall serve him" without the "and a man shall cleave unto his wife" forgotten about. Second class citizens if they are lucky.

And what about 'cowboys and indians'? You can't teach a savage and enslave a savage like you could a black man. So sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. I mean if you can't enslave savages (red men) then what good are they? Throw them on a reservation and slaughter the buffalo (a source of food) to wipe them out. So which is better, being a slave, or being just outright slaughtered? Well?

I am half white, one sixteenth black, and seven sixteenths red, just as a reference here. So what do I know?

Anyway, it is false to believe that in the USA, the white man enslaved the black man. The black people that were brought over were already considered slaves themselves before arriving. Did white people in the USA own slaves, yes. Did black people in the USA own slaves, yes. So it honestly is not a racial problem, but a Butthole problem.

The Meek (people who feel rules should apply to the rulemakers themselves) are not capable of slavery and remaining Meek at the same time. It just can not be done. Buttholes (those who make rules for others, but do not follow the same rules themselves) are the enslavers regardless of skin color or racial makeup or whatever.

So seriously, are you a Meek or a Butthole? Well? Don't give me that racist nonsense. I asked you if you were a Meek or a Butthole which has nothing to do with the color of your skin or religious belief or political affiliation. And yes, a true Meek has no problem answering this question. A Butthole is another story. And then another story. Still hiding and lacking honesty. And a Butthole has another story...

226. What is a deterrent?

A deterrent is an action that is done to keep someone from making the same mistakes over and over again.

Then came 'political correctness' which is an antideterrent.

Let's face it, only a thief steals, but because of stupid political correctness, you are not supposed to call a thief a thief anymore. But truthfully, if a thief does not want to be called a thief shouldn't they stop stealing? Exactly. Phooey on political correctness. How about some honesty? The only way to stop is to stop. Straight up. Stop. Of course there is a stigma (fancy word for negative connotation) attached with the word thief. A thief is negative. No duh. If you think a thief should not be called a thief and labeled something 'positive' like 'possessionally challenged', then you live next to them, OK? And what, don't you think the victim of a thief has hurt feelings? And you want to spare the thief's feelings too? Hogwash. Repent (admit a wrong was done) and do penance (make amends for that wrong). Give back what was taken by the thief plus something extra for the inconvenience to the victim. And yes, victim. Victim as in someone had stuff stolen from them and was a victim of a thieving thief. And even better, if you don't want a muderer to be called a murderer then you live next to them too for as long as it lasts.

And think about it. This thief gets caught and then gets free room and board and nobody can call him a thief, while the little old lady he stole the purse from has to try and come up with the rent money that the thief stole. So pardon me if I don't care and call this thief a thief as that is what he really is, a thief. And I really do not feel it is fair that this lady should be put through all of this because of some selfish, inconsiderate, pampered thief. Wouldn't it be more fair if the thief had to scrounge up rent money for his prison cell (room and board) too as well as return what was stolen from the lady? Just a suggestion. An honest person would repent and do penance. A Butthole is something else.

So yes, of course there are negative connotations associated with certain words. It is known as a deterrent and is meant to deter people from certain courses of action. That's the point. So yes, an idiot is an idiot, and someone that is 'politically correct' is definitely not as smart as an idiot.

227. What is a phishing scam?

A phishing scam is either by phone or email. The one calling is trying to trick you into giving out information so that they can make a mess out of your life.

The person behind the scam is trying to get either a social security (or whatever for each specific country) number so that they can use that information to impersonate you. This person could be running an illegal immigrant camp or other such shady operation.

This person also could be looking for a credit card number or such so that they can wreck you financially.

What to do if someone asks for your social security number or credit card information when you did not contact these people? First, use your head and think. The people that need your credit card and social security number have access to it because you contacted them. If someone contacts you, go to where they are (they should have a local office) and speak with someone there. Do not give someone card numbers just because they ask. The people that need your card numbers should already have them.

And note, a gas company, electric company, utility company, propane hauler, social security, and so on should not need to ask for information as it should already be on file when YOU signed up for the service. Yes, phishers will often try to pose as government agents, utility companies, and such to try to make themselves sound legitimate and urgent. Note, if a utility company or the government really has a problem, THEY WILL MAIL YOU ABOUT IT SO THAT IT IS IN WRITING. Utility companies as well as the government and such will need a written record, NOT A PHONE CALL. ALSO, THEY WILL NOT EMAIL YOU ASKING FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION. They may email as a contact if something is wrong, but they already know your personal information and will not ask for credit card number or social security number by email.

But if something seems a bit 'fishy' (out of whack) with an email or phone call or text message, then chances are it is a phishing scam.

228. What is a 'send money' scam?

There are several types of send money scams.

One type is where someone emails you and asks you to send them money so that they can send you your lottery (or whatever) prize. aka send us $900 US dollars for processing fee and we will send you your 10 million euro prize. Just include your bank account number (credit card number, etc.) and your social security number for verification purposes and we will send you your prize. If you do this, you get a prize alright. They will drain your bank account as soon as possible. Think about it. If you actually win a lottery or a prize of money, can't they take the processing fee out of the prize money itself? Sure they could if it was legitimate. Yes, a scam.

And what about the "can we use your bank account information to transfer money to another country. Hint, THEY CAN TRANSFER DIRECT FROM ANY COUNTRY TO ANOTHER. Bigger hint, they want to drain your bank account not transfer money.

And another one, this person from another country that you do not even know or are related to has just left you a small fortune. All you have to do is send $800 US dollars and your bank account information and the inheritance will be yours. All you will inherit is someone draining your bank account.

Some may even ask for your social security number or such so that they can take out fake accounts in your name and borrow money leaving you stuck with the bills.

Be very careful with giving out personal numbers (social security, credit card, bank routing information, and such). Crooks use these to pad their pockets and leave you with a mess of bills for stuff you never got.

Scams. If it sounds too good to be true, trust me, it is.

229. What about Tarot Cards, Astrology, Phrenology, Palmistry, etc.? Is it accurate or true?

Each is different, so an explanation as best as I can.

First Tarot cards. Tarot card reading does have a base to it. That is to say it is based on psychiatry / psychiatry / sociology. If a person believes something is going to happen, then if you make a suggestion, something will happen regarding that suggestion. In all honesty, most people do not realize it, but things happen everyday. And if you are looking to change things, with so many changes available between love life, income life, family life, and so on and so forth, then things happen. It is power of suggestion really. Remember, a Tarot reading from one individual will give different readings through another. So think about that. It is just a grouping of advices that are common between most people. So if you are looking for generic type advice, then try a Tarot reading for the fun of it. And I hope you realize that Tarot cards DO NOT accurately predict the future for anyone. A Tarot Card reading is an educated guess at best. And the guess is that something will happen, true?

As far as Astrology. It was written long ago that stars and planets and such rule over a person's destiny. The truth is that each person of the flesh is unique in some form or another. Therefore Astrology is a bit more involved than Tarot Cards as it is an attempt at a lifelong guess (Astrology) than just a present guess (Tarot Card Reading). The truth is that it is about as accurate as Tarot Card reading. An educated guess at best. And that education, like with the Tarot, is based on human nature.

Phrenology is the reading of the bumps on your head. And if you feel it is accurate then hitting your head up against the wall until you knock yourself unconscious is about as useful as a phrenology reading. If you are desperate for someone to talk to, then definitely contact a phrenologist. But the bumps on your head are definite signs that you have bumps on your head.

And palmistry (saving the best for last here). Palmistry is the reading of the palm and there are several schools of thought on this. There may be some possibility that your life story might be contained in the palm of your hand. But then again, it probably is not. The aura that gives the flesh life may actually somehow reflect that life somehow. Maybe not. Time will tell. But of the 'pseudosciences' as they are called, Palmistry may possibly hold some promise. And again, maybe not. But as noted by at least one palm reader, if you tell the person the opposite of what you read in their palm, the person having their palm read will agree with the false reading just as readily as an accurate reading.

Like all 'pseudosciences', the power of suggestion can be a major influence on those willing to keep an open mind. Good for entertainment, but usually just an educated guess at best. And that is what Tarot, Astrology, Phrenology, and Palmistry are based on in all honesty, educated guesses based on human nature. If you are looking for change, change will seem to happen whether it actually does or not. The power of suggestion. You are getting sleepy, sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavy. Sleepy, sleepy. When you wake up you will be a kangaroo. Oops, that is hypnosis which is a different kind of suggestion. But truthfully are you going to spend the rest of your life reading about things, or are you finally going to get motivated enough to do something? Are you still reading this? Really? Truly? Seriously? Well?

230. What is the difference between an occult and a cult?

An occult is worshipping magical or mystical ideas.

A cult is a group of people bound together by a belief in an ideal (cult is short for culture).

I have seen many times where people have mixed these together. But to explain further...

An occult would worship a golden calf believing that worshipping this magical calf would bring people the magical power of calling lightning from the sky.

A cult would believe in the same ideal. So the example of the occult above would also be considered a cult as well. The cult of Golden Calf Lightning worshippers. But a cult can also be a group of people that believe the world will end on January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001. A group of people believing the world will end on January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001 is not an occult, but this group is a cult. The cult of those that believe the world will end on January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001.

An occult can always be considered a cult, but a cult does not necessarily mean an occult.

231. What should I do if the brakes fail while I am driving?

Immediately look to find a place where you can start heading uphill (an incline). The vehicle will slow down going uphill so that you can eventually stop and put the vehicle in park.

Also try the parking brake (also known as the emergency brake). Remember though, the parking brake (if equipped) will slow the vehicle down, but you will still need to press the brake pedal down to shift the car into park when the car is slowed down enough to do so. The parking brake is that small brake pedal located on the far left side of an american-sided (or far right side in an english-sided) vehicle.

If a manual (stick) shift vehicle, definitely down shift into a lower gear if possible or head uphill and let the vehicle stall out with the clutch engaged.

You also should probably honk your horn to alert other drivers that you are having problems.

In 1981 or 1982, I had a 1964 Ford Falcon that had lost all the brake fluid so no brakes. Also, the emergency (parking) brake cable snapped so no emergency brake either. I was heading downhill on First Street in Corning at about 25 miles per hour. A pickup truck was in the intersection of First and Pine Streets which has a 4-way stop sign. I could not stop. But what happened was Pine Street from First to Second Street (right turn) has an incline. So the steering wheel got cranked to the right and I managed to turn uphill so that the car slowed down and stopped. After stopping, I put the car in park.

But above all, try not to panic. If you panic, you are probably done for. You need to think and try to do something to slow down and then stop as safely as possible. And definitely having no brakes is not safe. But panicking without brakes is most likely going to end in disaster.

And remember, vehicles can be fixed and replaced. People can not be replaced at all nor fixed very well.

232. What should I do if the accelerator sticks or goes to the floor while I am driving?

First, try not to panic. You are probably doomed if you panic.

On older vehicles, you did not have to press the brake pedal to use the shifting lever. All newer automatic transmission vehicles, you need to press in the brake pedal to shift.

For automatic transmission vehicles, you need to press in the brake pedal so that you can shift the vehicle into the neutral position. If you can go uphill, do that as well. But you need to press in the brake pedal to shift into the neutral position. If the car gets into neutral and stops and is not on fire, then press in the brake pedal again and shift quickly into park. Once in park, you can turn the key off. If the vehicle catches fire, get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Try to minimize impact on yourself and others by curling up into a ball position and try to roll out of the door as best as possible. If the car catches fire with the accelerator stuck, chances are that the car may overheat and if that heat gets to the gas line or the fuel tank, then the car will explode. In case of a fire, try to get as far away from the vehicle as possible.

For standard (stick) shift vehicles, press the clutch in to disengage the transmission and look to head uphill to slow the car down. Once the car slows down enough, put the car out of gear and turn the key off. You do not want the car to continue revving as the car will at some point overheat and most likely cause a fire. And in the case of a fire, get out of the car as quickly as possible and if the car is still moving, look to roll your body to try and absorb as much of the impact as possible with your arms and legs (curl up into a ball shape if possible). And also if the car does catch fire, try to get as far away from the car as possible because once that fire hits the gas tank or the fuel line, it will explode.

Vehicles can be fixed or replaced. People can not be replaced, and people usually do not fix very well.

233. What about "The New Math"?

The New Math was a concept book I came up with. The concept was solving problems. Anyway, when I was younger people said that I would probably be the one to rediscover Copernicus' lost theorum. I don't know if I did or not, but I did work a bit with the base numbering system. There does appear to be something there, I just never carried it out far enough to get to there. Anyway, here is the page for it http://www.theeaceman.com/tnm.html
The original book text appears in black and the added text appears in blue.

234. What do you mean by putting words in God's (Almighty's) mouth?

It means saying things and then trying to say that Almighty (God) said these things when in reality, Almighty (God) did not truly say such things. It is honestly known as 'blasphemy' and is a very bad habit for some people and certain groups. This also falls into the category of Meek (those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) and Buttholes (who make rules for others but do not follow the same rules themselves).

Rest assured, Almighty (God) allows people to use their mouths to make their own words and thoughts, just as Almighty, Himself, can use His own mouth to make His own words and thoughts known.

But how would you like it if someone said that you said something, when you said nothing of that sort?

The more closest personal form of the word 'blasphemy' would be 'gossip' (close, but not exact).

Things were written about many people, but many times the things written are not by the people themselves. Exactly why I started this site. Many times I have had people get advice from me but then I see someone else (not the one that got the advice, but someone else) twist the advice until it sounds nothing like the advice given. Thusly, my own words. Just as others have their own words too.

But who would know more about Metatron than Metatron myself? Just ask the experts (People make mistakes. Experts never make mistakes. So therefore, experts are figments of their own imaginations.). Precisely.

So note, Almighty does exist http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/38/do-you-believe-in-god-almighty#latest and He can speak for Himself, just as others can speak for themselves (meekly speaking, buttholes speak too but that is usually a different story). And when what is spoken does not seem to match what happens, consider the source. And that is why certain people and groups try to hide behind using others' names and such. When a source is not reliable, it will try to turn to something that is considered reliable and use that. A user is a user. And what is wrong with using your own name? Well, when you have spread so much misinformation that people no longer trust you, then if you use your own name, people will not listen. But how often do you hear "the [insert writer's name here] says" in Church? And trust me, nearly everything contained in the Holy Bible is not what "God says". God (Almighty) did NOT write the Holy Bible. If God (Almighty) had written the Holy Bible, then rest assured we would know who Seth married and who Cain married and who Noah married (even though marriage was not known back then so to speak). There is no Mrs. Cain, no Mrs. Seth, no Mrs. Noah in the Holy Bible. Proof that Almighty (God) did not write the Holy Bible Himself. So why say "God's words" and "God said" when the truth is obvious? Consider the source.

Almighty gave words unto Moses to write down.  The first five books of the Holy Bible are honestly the words of Moses as given through Almighty at times.  But Moses did write his own story in his own words which is a rarity in the Holy Bible.

In the Qu'ran, Mohammed says... If you try to say that the Qu'ran was written by Allah, shame on you. Mohammed is not Allah, just as any Muslim is not Allah. Allah is Almighty (God, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah, Shaddai, etc. and so on).

But you trashed your own name, so in vanity, you need to try to trash someone else's too.  Shame on you.

So anyway, be yourself. We all make mistakes. But we also need to accept responsibility too. Myself included.

235. What about the "sight theory" of visible light?

This is a bit complicated to explain but here goes...

Light travels apparently at 186,000 feet per second.

However, when a light particle exists, that particle can be seen the moment it exists.

How can a particle 465 million light years away be seen the moment it exists and not 465 million years later?

Think about it. The particle exists so it can be seen the moment it exists. And when the particle stops existing, it disappears. A particle does not have to be in your eyeball to be seen, does it? Of course not. A seen particle needs to exist to be seen. No matter the distance, a particle that exists can be seen. Sight is instantaneous, not at 186,000 feet per second. Instantaneous sight. Therefore... Like I said, a bit complicated, but not as complicated as trying to believe that a baseball has to hit you in the eye before you can see that baseball.

Maybe I should rename this the "Black Eye Theory of Visible Light"? Just a thought.

236. Could you explain more about this "Sight Theory" of visible light? It sounds interesting.


As we know from our own experiences, when we see something it is there whether right next to us or miles away. Something farther away (over 186,000 feet aka speed of light) is still seen in the present and not a second in the past.

So therefore, our sight captures things as they exist in the present regardless of the distance. Even something 465 billion light years away can be seen instantly if visible. It may take the light wave itself, 465 billion years to reach our eyes directly, but when we see something, we see it the instant it happens regardless of distance.

So all of this talk about farther away stars and such being older is science fiction talk. Farther away stars are not any older based on distance than nearer stars. Some far away stars may be older, others may be newer. It depends on the star in all honesty, not how far away or close the star is.

But yes, anything that exists to our sight can be seen by our sight in the present regardless of the distance of the object. Like in my previous discussion http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/22283/what-about-the-sight-theory-of-visible-light#latest a baseball does not have to hit you in the eye in order to be seen, just as the light wave from a star does not have to hit you in the eye to be seen. The object only needs to exist and be visible to be seen regardless of distance.

And why not throw in a story I heard from Jimmy 'Cool Papa' Bell back in 1975 (Memorial Day USA). Jimmy told me that he and Satchel Paige shared a room at a hotel one time and the wiring was a little off. When the light switch was turned off, it took about 4 to 5 seconds for the lights to go out after the switch was turned off. So the story Satchel Paige told of Jimmy Bell being so fast that he could turn off the lights and be under the covers before the lights went out actually happened. The thing was that it was defective wiring, not Jimmy's speed. But still a true story. Just as during the 1932 olympics, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson both used to go to the dugout phones and pick up the phone and say "Hey Jimmy, it's Jesse Owens. Jesse wants to know if he can get his baton back from the 500 meter relay because Jesse couldn't catch up with you to get the baton back after the relay was over." which was kind of unusual because usually Josh Gibson was a fairly quiet person and did not speak very often.

Thank you for the wonderful question and I hope this helps to clarify this theory a bit further.

237. What about the Earth's Moon, really?

Our Moon appears to have a solid core (not liquid like our planet) and very little gravity as our Moon does not appear to rotate about an axis. Our Moon also has the same side facing the Earth as it orbits our planet. Our Moon also has a very cratered surface and almost no atmosphere. Our Moon is also about 484,000 miles from the Earth and is our closest neighbor. Our Moon also appears to complete an orbit around our planet Earth in a little over 28 days or about 13 orbits every Earth year.

This is what our Moon appears to have.

What our Moon does not have is a bunch of mice that eat the Moon and then get sick and vomit the Moon back up every 28ish days. There also does not appear to be little green men with ray guns wandering around on the Moon's surface waiting for their chance to invade and take over the Earth either. The Moon does not appear to be a staging area for the Martians to invade Earth one day. What Martians? Anyway...

There does not appear to be an inner and outer core on our Moon, just one solid interior core. This solid interior core also appears to be off center in one of two ways. Either the core is not centered inside the Moon itself, or the core has a dense spot. This is known because while the Moon orbits the Earth, one side remains facing towards the Earth, while the other side faces away from the Earth. A dense spot or an off center core would allow this to happen. The dense spot or the off center core would be drawn by Earth's gravity (the Earth's spinning force from rotation around the Earth's axis) and would thusly draw the denser spot or the off center core towards the Earth leaving the same side of the Moon facing the Earth as the Moon orbits around the Earth. Without a dual core (inner and outer core) there is not any force to start the Moon spinning about an axis.

Our Moon also does appear to have a solid metallic core and some magnetism. The magnetized poles of the Earth and the Moon repel one another (north repels north, south repels south) which keeps Earth's gravity from pulling the Moon into the Earth and colliding. The gravitational pull can be seen through water levels as the Moon passes by through 'tide levels'. As the Moon passes over, the tides will get higher or increase due to the pressure from the slight added gravity of the Moon pulling outwards towards the Moon itself. There is not any extra water present. The water volume (level) increases due to the slight gravitational pull of the Earth trying to pull the Moon closer. It is still the same amount of water, the water is just being pulled outward increasing the amount of area that the water takes up or consumes (space, volume of the water).

How did the Moon get where it is and why do we and the Moon and the Earth exist? That depends on who you talk to. On one side you have people thinking that everything started as a large lump of matter that just split apart into all these different pieces. On another side, you have some that believe that everything started as a grain of sand and that sand attracted other grains of sand and grew bigger and bigger. But there seems to be a consensus as far as there appears to be some thought and rules about how the universe behaves and that there is apparently some larger presence or presences behind all of this. We are here and have stuff to think about. Isn't that enough?

238. Do animals and insects 'talk' to one another?

Yes, they do. Human's conversation is verbal using different sounds created through breathing and the mouth and tongue. But yes, animals do talk to one another in their own way.

Bees fly in a certain pattern to tell other bees where they have been or where the other bees may need to go. Ants appear to rub their antennae together in certain combinations. And many other species and types of insects appear to communicate with one another through whatever means may be available. Eye movements, body movements, and so forth. But insects do appear to communicate (talk) to one another.

As far as dogs, I have found through knowledge gained that dogs repeat a proper name. So if a dog seems to bark twice in the same sequence, it is the dog saying a proper name (like Butch, Joe, Hank, etc. - a proper name is used to denote a certain individual by name). I learned this when I was young, but I learned to say a name and have a dog repeat it back. The name I use involves a short low pitched bark sound, followed by a medium higher pitched bark sound, followed by two sneezes. I do it twice. When the dog sees me again, the dog repeats the sequence back to me (in the dog's voice that is) with the repeat. But through hearing dogs over the years, I recognized that a repeat of the same sequence was used to denote a 'proper' name in dog talk. Of course a growl means stay away (I am not in the mood for this right now) and a sneeze is actually used by dogs to denote a friendly or playful mood. But dogs do converse with one another as well in their own way. Dogs also have a higher pitch range than we do, so it may sound like 'wimpering' to us, but dogs do have a way of communicating amongst themselves. We, as humans, do not talk dog and are not raised to talk dog, so how are we to know? We are not dogs.

Each species has its own language that it can learn to use. However, it is very unlikely that a dog or other animal has the idea of "where did I come from?" or "What purpose do I serve?" or such. Animals appear to have more of an interactive means of communication between one another. And with that interaction comes a means of identification. And with that identification comes proper naming (or just naming even).

And we know porpoises and whales communicate amongst each other as well. Most fish live far enough away or in dark enough waters where they really do not have a need to communicate. But other fish swim in schools and such as a means of protection. Even a large shark is not likely to eat a whole school of 100 fish swimming together.

But we, as humans, have a hard enough time learning to talk with one another, let alone with other animals. Also, we are not fish, animals, or insects, and we do not need to think of communication like animals, birds, insects, and fish do. We learn to communicate like humans.

But what could humans possibly learn from talking with animals, or animals with humans for that matter. To each our own and best to keep it that way I feel.

239. Why won't they sell me the house at a 'house sale'?

First, how many dumb blonde jokes are there anyway?  It seems like more and more every day.  Yes there is a secret that science is aware of but reluctant to reveal because blonde jokes are so funny to see and hear.  Anyway...  Probably the most dangerous occupation is a swimmer (even more dangerous than a shark hunter or a mailman). The reason why is because of chlorine in the water. Chlorine has been known to kill many brain cells in a hurry. Blonds (male) and blondes (female) are actually smart people if you get to meet one. Bleached blonds and blondes give real blonds and blondes a bad reputation. If you see dark brown eyes and blond / blonde / platinum hair, it is a sure giveaway that the person uses too much bleach (chlorine). There have been numerous examples of the danger of chlorine killing brain cells and prolonged exposure to chlorine. One of the most recent known examples would be Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner was an olympic swimmer and exposed consistantly to chlorine. Caitlyn Jenner is the result. Beware of overexposure to bleach if you value intelligence. Your brain cells will thank you later.

Second, you need to look for a sign that says 'house for sale' on it. A house sale is NOT a house for sale, just as a garage sale, yard sale, and so on... Look for the word 'for' on the sign and your house search should start improving.

240. What is all this talk about "corporate taxes" in the USA?

Good question here. Corporations, themselves, are designed to not make any money for themselves. Corporations have a zero (0) balance at the end of the year as they are not designed to make money themselves as the corporation itself. The ones who run the corporations are the ones making the money. To explain...

There are different kinds of corporations - charity, business, political, and on and on. The corporation itself, from an accounting perspective, is designed to not make any money for itself. A corporation is supposed to have a zero balance at the end of its fiscal year. All profits or losses are zeroed out at the end of the fiscal year. So corporations pay zero (0) income tax. Corporations are not designed to make income themselves. Corporations pay out wages to its employees, expenses (utilities, etc.), dividends (profits to shareholders), allocated funds (capital improvement and such), and so on. The USA government could have a 100% income tax on corporations, and recieve nothing as a corporation is not designed to make money itself. 100% of zero is zero.

So what of all this talk of 'corporate tax' in the USA? Property taxes and such are write-offs and CODBs (Cost of Doing Business). The corporation itself does not make an income (zero balance). So what 'corporate tax'?

I think this ties in with the USA media quoting all these CEO (Chief Executive Officer), President, Vice President, CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and so on while neglecting the Board of Directors whose salaries dwarf those of the CEOs and such. The Board of Directors are the ones who OK the CEO, CFO, President, and such salaries. So if the Board is approving these large salaries for the executives, how much are these Board of Director members getting through dividends themselves? It is hard to imagine that the Board would shortchange themselves to pay a lowly executive, would they? Of course not. But as the executives get incentives in stock options and such, as these options increase, many of the executives move on to board positions, and the cycle continues. But why is the media focusing on these measly executive salaries, while avoiding the Board of Directors massive dividend windfalls? And what 'corporate taxes'? Corporations, themselves, make zero profit in all honesty. It is those that work for the corporations that get income tax and such, not the corporations themselves. If a corporation makes a profit, the accountant needs to get canned (fired, terminated) immediately in all honesty.

But truly, I can't figure out why this rhetoric about a corporate tax in the USA myself. Corporations are supposed to have a zero balance at the end of a fiscal year. So like I said, the corporate income tax rate could be 100% but 100% of zero is still zero. Instead, the corporate income tax rate is 35% last I knew, and 35% of zero is still zero too. So why all the fuss about corporate tax rates when a corporation is not supposed to be making a profit for itself anyway? Corporations exist to make money for the individuals in the corporation by generating profits and paying out dividends, stock options, salaries, and wages. Corporations, themselves, are not supposed to make a profit or an income.

I guess it just goes to show that most people in the USA are clueless and do not realize that corporations are NOT supposed to be making a profit themselves. And 35% of zero is still zero, unless you have an accountant that has no clue what they are doing. I am not sure if such an accountant can be found in the USA. If you do find such an accountant, please feel free to refer them to this page as they probably need to seek another profession besides accountancy. Thank you.

241. What about the Gospels (plural) of Thomas?

Believe it or not, there were two different versions of 'The Gospel According to Thomas' made. The authentic version is the version written in the style of the other gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). There was also a fake made to discredit the name of The Gospel According to Thomas which was written in a question / answer teacher style format. The question / answer format Gospel of Thomas is a complete fake to try and discredit the other actual gospel. The other actual 'The Gospel According to Thomas' told stories of Ieshua's (Jesus') childhood which did not fit in well with the Church's viewpoint about Ieshua being a perfect sacrifice free of sin and so on and so forth. But the actual Gospel According to Thomas was taken from stories told by Thomas, the Apostle, (or possibly from one or more of Ieshua's siblings, 4 in all, as they said what they told Thomas) and written down. The stories are accurate. The actual Gospel According to Thomas clearly explained why Thomas was so doubtful of Ieshua during their time together. The family members (not sure if it was Joseph and Mary or Ieshua's step siblings but kind of leaning towards Ieshua's siblings) told Thomas of Ieshua's childhood and certain memorable stories that they knew from Ieshua's growing up (childhood to teen years).

But the Church must maintain that Ieshua was a pure sacrifice and a virgin and all that stuff to promote its agenda (which as can be seen throughout the Roman Church to this day, the Roman Church always seems to have its own version regardless of truth).

And while I am at it, yes, there were Gospels written by Judas, and by Mary Magdelene, and I believe the Virgin Mary as well. Of course these gospels were most likely accurate and true, but were labeled as heresies by the Roman Church and destroyed. But if you think that people knew stories from the Virgin Mary, Thomas, Judas, and so on, then you are probably right. Efforts were made to preserve the stories, but since the stories went agianst the Roman Church teachings, the stories were destroyed. What about Thaddeus? And so on. A lot of covering up back in the early days of the foundation of the Roman Church. The Hebrews were a culture that relished preserving its stories as told. The Romans always seem to have an agenda or purpose attached. When in doubt, trust a Hebrew, not a Roman. And that is why finding Hebrew / Aramaic scrolls / scripts are much more valuable than anything derived from Latin / Greek. Romans always tried to sneak a moral or such into their writings. The Hebrews / Aramaeans tried to preserve the actual event(s) and stories.

But the original King James 1609 version Holy Bible Old Testament was taken from the original Hebrew / Aramaic scrolls and not from the Septuagint or the Vulgate. That is why for an english translation, there is nothing as accurate to the original texts as the King James 1609 translations (with the 1611 Preface added in 1611).

242. Why so secretive? What are you hiding?

Yes, sometime or another I need to address the Free Masons, Elks, Moose, Lions, Rotarians, Fraternities, Sororities, etc. and so on...

I am honestly not a member of any of these secretive organizations myself. I have been asked to be sponsored here and there, but I always have to decline. I know what it is all about so here goes...

There is a reason why these organizations remain secret and such. There is a progression that needs to take place within these organizations to teach 'lessons', which I will explain.

When first starting out, the organization wants you to learn loyalty. You are a member of this organization first, and you must forsake all other endeavors and remain loyal to the organization and its values. In this first phase, you will be repeatedly told that as time passes, you will learn more and more about yourself as well as those around you. You will also be told to be wary of those outside your organization as those outside the organization may lead you astray from the organization and the organization's ideals. When first starting out, you will be assigned a 'mentor' or a 'sponsor' and this person will be a higher ranking member and responsible for teaching you what is expected of you as far as code of conduct within the organization and such. In this phase you are taught the guidelines of the organization by your mentor / sponsor.

Second phase is where you will be told to do what you are asked to do whether you like it or not and whether it makes sense or not. This is the second phase of loyalty and is meant to make sure you will not stray from the organization and its ideals. You will slowly be mentored into the third phase.

The third phase involves giving the member 'secret' information like "you are the master of your own destiny", "A [insert gang name here] will always strive to better themself above all others", or other such 'speeches of wisdom'. These speeches are meant to encourage you to take steps to go from being the student of loyalty, to being the mentor / sponsor of loyalty. This step is also accompanied by "do not overstep your bounds as those who are higher than you in the organization are still the ones who make decisions you need to follow whether you agree with those decisions or not". The organization still comes first, it takes many years of attrition (dying and losing members) before a person will move up the ladder in the organization. In this phase you start to learn that it is the organization itself that is what makes things happen / not happen. You are also told that those higher than you are in total control, while those lower than you are there to be controlled. The organization and its structure and its ideals always come first. Follow us and we will give you all the knowledge you wish to obtain, so long as you follow us. You will also be informed of your strengths, and be asked to work on overcoming or how to work around your weaknesses at this point.

Now for a secret of these organizations, onward to part four...

In the fourth part, which takes many, many years and a bit of luck too, but you get taught that you are able to do whatever you wish at the highest level (position). The leader can instruct others to do whatever the leader wishes, and all the others must obey. The secret is that you are in control of your own destiny as well as the destiny of the organization if you attain the highest position (level, etc.). The truth is that there are other secretive organizations as well that are looking to make sure that they control everything too. Wars made, concessions or spoils attained and the like. In other words, if your organization flounders or becomes lower than another organization, you are lower and subjugated. That is that. That is the secret. You are in control of your own destiny so long as others do not stand in your way. And if others stand in your way, you need more members to make yourself stronger so that the others do not stand in your way. And how do you get these extra members? Shhh, quiet, it is a secret. Join us and you will learn eventually. Stand against us and suffer the consequences. Your choice.

So no, I do not belong to any fraternity or secret society or such? Why should I tarnish my prestige in this manner? But to each their own. It is like a lottery and who knows, you may get lucky. But the odds are definitely against you when you look at the numbers.

Adrian 'Enoch / Metatron/ Thee Ace Man' Downing, III

Title - 'Knower of Secrets'

But what do I know?

243. What about hypnotism? Does it really work?

Yes and no. It depends on the individual.

The process as explained is where a hypnotist dangles a shiny object in front of an individual and calmly repeats information to get the individual being hypnotized into a relaxed state. In a relaxed state, a person's aura is more receptive to suggestions from a calm voice. It is a trance state and not really a sleep state. But also, when people sleep, they usually experience a sleepy, trance state as well. In this state, the aura (mind) is more relaxed and very open to suggestions. Believe it or not, most auras respond well to calmness, even in individuals that seem to fight everything internally.

But it is the calm soothing voice repeating that invokes the trance of an aura which in turn allows the invoker (hypnotist) the ability to repeat suggestions that the aura will respond to (both positive and negative responses are available). The responses indicate how receptive the aura is to the suggestion. The more relaxed a person is, the more receptive to suggestions. People have 'comfort zones' which are based on personal experiences and the knowledge of those experiences. As an example, a person gets sick after eating fish. After the experience of getting sick, the aura instructs the individual to avoid fish and that 'sick' feeling. A comfort zone of "if I do not eat fish, I will not feel sick" emerges through this experience. In a situation like this, an aura can be rewritten to rethink that experience as being, "I had a bad experience, but not all fish are bad". BUT, hopefully this person is not allergic to fish as rewriting "do not eat fish" in a situation where a person's body treats fish as an invading virus, can be life threatening to the one being hypnotized. So yes, extreme caution is needed.

The bright, shiny object is actually a distraction to sight. If a person is busy trying to see things, the person will be reluctant to relax because the aura will be wide awake and hoping to visualize something more and possibly learn something more. So while the sight is put to rest by the bright, shiny object, the hypnotist's voice works on conversing direct with the aura and the aura converses back when hypnotized (in a trance).

Can auras lie? Yes, most definitely. Auras can also be truthful as well. Most auras do not feel they have anything to hide (deep, dark secrets) and are usually very receptive to calm situations. But remember too, there are bright (radiating) auras as well as dark (absorbing) auras depending on the individual. A dark aura will always be deceptive and looking to be in control of any situation even in a trance. Like so...

Hypnotist : You are getting sleepy, sleepy. Your eyes are getting heavy. Sleepy, sleepy.

Dark aura : Yes you are getting sleepy, sleepy, your eyes are getting heavy, heavy, sleepy, sleepy.

Hypnotist : Knock that off. Now concentrate. Keep looking at my spinning watch. You are getting sleepy, sleepy. Your eyes are getting very heavy. Sleepy, sleepy.

Dark aura : Of course you are getting sleepy, sleepy. You are drifting off into that calm place you knew as a child. Very peaceful, serene. You always love this place. Feel the calmness of my voice as you experience that wonderful, peaceful feeling that you have missed so much. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken from this place, but not until I snap my fingers. Now, bark like a dog.

Hypnotist : Woof. woof.

Dark aura : Good boy...

And so on. Each individual is different, and even after reincarnation or such, auras do not have the same experiences twice. Regressive hypnotism is another option as well, but how far back is possible? It depends on the individual in all honesty. An aura will do as it feels it needs to do for the individual in question. Can auras get confused sometimes? Most definitely. And things can get fairly awkward too. So try to have a little patience when things seem to not be going well. You just never know.

So does hypnotism work? It depends on the individual in all honesty. In order for a person to be hypnotized, they must be able to relax and feel comfortable. Some people just can not relax or feel comfortable around anyone. It is not necessarily environment (but can be) but it is that each aura is different, and even the same aura in a different person will behave differently. Auras are like that. People are auras with flesh attached. Dead people are flesh without auras, and spirits are auras without flesh. To each their own. It is as it is. We are as we are. Unique.

244. How do you feel 'modern newscasting and reporting' is going in the USA (and elsewhere)?

All too often I feel the modern news stresses individualism over ideas.

Modern newscast : [person with perfect teeth, hair, etc. speaking] Today in the news a gunman [insert person's name here] shot down 20 people at a local mall because they got a raw hamburger from [insert local resteraunt name here]. It was such a tragedy as people scurried everywhere to find cover...

My thoughts : Meek are people who realize that good rules apply to others as well as the rulemakers themselves. Buttholes feel that rules should be made for others and they can do whatever they want. What type of person are you anyway? A Meek or a Butthole? Be honest now. Do you really think that shooting up innocent people in a mall because you got a raw hamburger is a good idea? Yes, Buttholes just destroy everything around them without thoughts for others. So again, are you a Meek or a Butthole? Well...?

In all honesty, is there anything useful in the 'modern newscast' section? What about the 'My thoughts' section?

Like stated above, modern newscasting stresses individualism over information (ideas). And the result is a bunch of nutcases running around trying to figure out ways to either attract or avoid (depending on individual) media attention in some form or another. The more modern media attention, the more popular. Do people remember more the names of 'Hitler, Dahmer, Abraham, Ieshua (Jesus), etc.' or what was done by the individuals named? I do use examples at times, but the examples are to reinforce the ideas and not to glorify or vilify those involved on a personal, but more of a universal level.

Modern newscasts follow, not lead the news. And the problem is that many times the modern news can mislead and then not accept responsibility. When you give free publicity to nutcases, of course more nutcases appear, correct? And all this political correctness stuff just adds to the problem. Politically correct or not, a Butthole is a Butthole as a Meek is a Meek, correct? So, yes, people are tired of those that mislead and do not accept responsibility for misleading. Whatever happened to "The following contains graphic images and content that may be inappropriate for certain viewers" warning? Yes, misleading and intentionally so. After all, the more nutcases roaming loose, the more news to cover to secure your job correct? What moral dilemma? What responsibility? But when you give all this free publicity to nutcases, what is to deter more nutcases? Any ideas? Better yet, any useful ideas that do not add and aid to the problem at hand? Exactly. Screw political correctness, deter damn it, deter! "The following item contains a nutcase that does things that you should not be doing" would be a good start. Then talk about a person who shoots up a mall over a raw hamburger (and leave out the person's name). You might be surprised that if you call an evil person evil, that they might reconsider 'making the news' again. Is there something wrong with thinking anymore and accepting responsibility for one's actions? Well... Gun control, schmuncontrol, Butthole deterrance. That'll fix them. It did before.

But the sad state of affairs in the news today seems to be that knowledge takes a back seat to stating names and events. The news seems to cater to name dropping and publicity, not ideas and knowledge. And that sad fact is demonstrated throughout this site, because sadly, ideas and knowledge are apparently not allowed in modern reporting. If you block out names, dates, and places, you really have not much else to read (paper) or listen to (television) in a modern news article. Try it sometimes. In the police report, Sexual Misconduct, OK, what's Sexual Misconduct? Any ideas? Nope. Guess I'll have to look it up on the internet. They died after a prolonged illness (battle) with a disease. What disease? Ok, so they had a town meeting, now what? Great, another [Butthole] shot up a mall because they feel they weren't treated fairly. How do you think the people that were shot up feel? Huh Butthole? Do you think the people you just shot up got treated fairly? Are you nuts? What, you can't get answers from dead people? Well... And who gives a rat's rump roast if you wear pink chiffon to a funeral? Really? Seriously? At least people know you showed up to the funeral, which is more than you can say about others that just seemed to show up to be indignant (degrading, mean spirited) towards others.

So, hi everyone. How are you doing? Great, glad to hear it. Awful, maybe you can find some thoughts that might help you feel better here, or maybe you may need to remember that awful feeling so that you do not repeat what you did to feel that way again. Just some thoughts. No news, just thoughts.

245. Would you please get off of your soapbox and stop preaching, and start writing again?

I'm working on it. Thanks again. I appreciate the feedback.

246. Is there such a thing as "thinking too much"?

Yes, most definitely.

People need to balance thinking about things and doing things. It is known as application of knowledge.

It is great to learn and know all these things, but until someone learns to apply that knowledge to a practical use, what good is all of that knowledge?

All too often in the USA you have those that do things and those that think of things for others to do. Boss / employee and such. Head or your hands (not both).

But a wonderful part of discovery in life is when you learn to use your thoughts while doing things yourself.

Many times a person thinks of something, but that something does not correspond to something that can be done. And other times, some people do things that could be done better or maybe even better not to do at all. It is a balancing act between thinking and doing. And those that think too much as well as those that just do something almost always make mistakes. And making mistakes can be pretty costly at times as you then have either a mess to clean up or try to undo what was done and figure out something better.

Book knowledge is nice. Experience is nice. Wisdom comes at a price. And the price of wisdom is learning how to think and do at the same time.

247. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

It doesn't really. Others try to complicate things to try and make many things appear more difficult than they truly are.

One of the big things in modern times is 'jargon' (trying to use big words to express certain concepts). Words like antidisestablishmentarianism (work with what you got), antidisenfranchisementarianism (all inclusive) and so forth. In order to be part of the 'accepted few' you need to learn the jargon of the selected few. Or accept it for what it is usually, nonsense.

In any profession (chosen field / career), you need to have a good working base of knowledge to work from. With a good base of knowledge, ideas can be expanded. Unfortunately, many times, jargon gets in the way. People trying to use big words for ideas that really do not need to have big words attached to them. Yes, antidisenfranchisementarianism is the thought process of trying to include everyone. You are not a 'simpleton' by saying "all inclusive", but you can be a bit arrogant trying to pass off knowing what antidisenfranchisementarianistically motivated means when "all inclusive" works even better. Arrogance. Ignorance. Those who usually try to 'jargon' or talk around others are hiding something, and that something that they hide from is honesty. People that use jargon try to make themselves appear superior to others, thus trying to label others as inferior for not knowing. But all jargon has a simple base to it. We are simple people after all.

Take for instance the phrase "in the business world ROI is king". In the french language, roi actually does mean king in a literal sense. But in the business world, ROI stands for Return On Investment. If you spend so much money, you need to make that money back to break even, and more than your investment (what you spend) in order to make a profit. So if your ROI (Return On Investment) is negative, you are spending more than you are recieving aka heading for bankruptcy. Hopefully your ROI is positive and that positive number can be made into a percentage, like a ROI of 3%. So if you spend $300 with a ROI (Return On Investment) of $9 or 3% of $300. So yes, when you look through the jargon, the ROI of 3% is a 'profit' of 3%. The ROI of -3% is a loss of 3%. And a ROI of 0 (zero) is breaking even. And of course CODB (Cost of Doing Business) and so on and so forth.

Heaven help us if we break our shin bone instead of our tibia or our thigh bone instead of our femur. Yes, intentionally trying to give you a cerebrum ache. Doctors are not allowed to have headaches and still be part of the elite. A good doctor only has a cerebrum ache and is not capable of a headache. But then too, it is the nerves around and not the cerebrum itself that cause cerebrum aches, so 'cerebrum nerve ache'? Where's the whiskey or cognac? Beer gives headaches. Whiskey, scotch, cognac, champagne, brandy, and so on give cerebrum nerve aches (especially if mixed improperly with caviar). To each their own. It is what it is even if someone is trying to make it sound like something else. It still is what it is.

And what about those that complicate things? Well, they usually have too much spare time on their hands apparently. But then too, would you rather shoot pool (billiards) or would you rather take a stick and use that stick to connect with a ball to make contact with another ball to hopefully send the other ball into a hole on a flat felt-topped tabletop? So do you shoot pool, play billiards, or just take a long stick and knock some balls around a holey table? It's your choice based on what you are comfortable with (if you can get enough practice time to be comfortable).

But yes, many times people try to make things more complicated than they really are to make it sound difficult. But if it really is that difficult, then why are there so many doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and so on? Athletic scholarships?

OK, I give up, just pass me some more bleach (chlorine), so I can explain this better. Looks aren't everything, but if it is all you have left...

248. I have money left over to invest, what should I do?

First, make sure you have enough money to get you through an emergency (like losing your job). Then use the leftover to invest. Try not to cut yourself short thinking you will get big rewards. There are a lot of problems with investing as I will explain.

First, there is an investment counselor I have met a few times and honestly, I would not let this guy shine my shoes. This guy preaches all the time about 15%, 15%, 15%. There is a huge problem with this as I will explain. The biggest problem is that to get a return of 15% in today's investment market means making very risky decisions. Very risky. Chances are if a company is offering 15% they are desperate. Most companies that are well founded, offer between 2 to 5%. But it is the percentage that needs to raise your eyebrows. If you start thinking 15% is larger than 5% as an investment then think again. Remember, this company is desperate and needs money and is willing to offer a 15% return to those who invest. However, the reason why such a high percentage is because the company has a bad history and is not likely to pay back the initial investment, let alone 15% interest on top of that investment. In other words, expect to lose your money with a company promising to pay a 15% return. This actually happened with a local company who trusted this 15% guy but did not fully realize the consequences. The local company sold off parts of the company that were below 15% and took that money from the sales and invested it into 15% ventures. The 15% ventures did not work out and the company went from 160 dollars a share to 50 cents a share within a month. Poor decisions. 15% of zero is still zero and that is what happened. The company usually sold for around 30 dollars a share, but the price rose after a stock split to 160 dollars per share in anticipation of increased profits. In a short time, people realized the split and these excess profits were not to be. The 15% ventures did not pay out on principal let alone interest and the company's bottom line was horrible. As stated, 15% of zero is still zero.

Before investing make sure to do some research on the company you are investing in. Higher percentage yields promised does not mean that the company will actually pay those yields. The higher yield (percentage) is actually a penalty to the company, not a reward to the investor. A well founded investment does not need to entice people to invest by promising high returns. And many times (whether business or politics), promises are broken. And when the promise is broken, if they try to raise funds again, why 15% when we can promise 18%, because 18% of zero, like 15% of zero is still zero. Do you see how that works? Look passed the numbers game and to the reality that if you wish to invest, you want to get something back besides a broken promise. 18% of zero is still zero, but 3% of $300 is $9. At 3% a year you will get your investment back in 28 years and year 29 will see a profit. If you take that $9 and reinvest, then next time it will be 3% of $309 which will be $9.27 and then reinvest for $318.27 at 3% and so on.

But anyway, you went ahead and listened to this 15% guy and invested your $300 in the 15% company and the first year you got $45 and reinvested it to give you $345. In the second year, the company declares bankruptcy, and pays out 10 cents per share so you get $34.50 in your pocket from the $300 you invested. Woo hoo, you spent $300 and ended up getting $34.50 back. Meanwhile, that 3% company is still going strong and paying out 3% every year. And 3% of something is better than 15% of nothing, is it not?

249. Could you do an honest discussion about suicide?

Sure. Think about it, if suicide was 'banned' by Almighty (God) then it would not exist, would it? Of course not. But suicide does exist, so...

An example would be Judas of Iscariot. Yes, Judas was forgiven because it was a part of his life and his death. Of course Ieshua (Jesus) told Judas to do what Judas felt he needed to do. Ieshua knew it needed to be done as well. Ieshua was not to be king, but was to be a witness as was Judas needed as a witness as well. When Judas turned in Ieshua, Judas realized that the Romans were already in control of Israel and Judah, and Judas realized that it was the only hope of Israel and Judah surviving if Ieshua were to be made king. Ieshua being king was not meant to be. Judas saw the things that Ieshua had done with calming the winds and healing the sick and raising the dead and such. Judas, as well as others, thought that if Ieshua were to face death then possibly Ieshua would turn his powers against the Romans and vanquish the Romans. Then after thinking about that, Judas realized that Ieshua was not to be the ruler, but to be a sacrifice as a witness. Judas knew that all was lost and the Romans would gain control and hung himself from a tree. But Judas did as he was asked to do. The traitors were the jews / hebrews who had already surrendered to the Romans before all this had happened. Judas as well as Ieshua and others were witness to all of this. But no, Judas was definitely not condemned to Hell for taking his own life. It was as Almighty (God) had willed, and so it was done including Judas' suicide. Ieshua nor Almighty never labeled Judas as a traitor like others had. And also, remember, Peter denied Ieshua three times before the rooster crowed. Judas never denied knowing Ieshua but Judas did deny the Romans from ruling over him as Judas was a jew and never a Roman. Never. Judas was confused at times, but never a traitor to Israel or Judah or Ieshua or Almighty. Others were traitors. Judas did as he was asked, just as others did as they did. But technically, Judas took his own life and in a way blessed himself for not living under Roman rule. Ieshua also did not live under Roman rule, but was hung upon a cross because of Roman rules. And if the Romans had not inhabited and ruled over Israel at this time, none of this would have happened the way it happened. And so the story is and was. But this is Judas of Iscariot, what about others?

Suicide is the intentional taking of one's own life. Life is the combination of aura and flesh together. Suicide is a person intentionally wishing to take life away from the flesh by removing the aura by killing the flesh. When the flesh dies, the aura leaves. Each individual is different and as Judas had his own situation, others have their own as well. Trying to generically label an individual for one event is not how it works in the aura (afterlife) realm.

But think about this, there is not any flesh in the afterlife (aura) realm. No death. Eternity for as long as forever lasts. But you took your life early and now you are sitting around eternity with a bunch of other auras who talk about their wonderful life in the flesh, and you have nothing worthwhile to talk about. You felt lonely in the flesh, and now feel lonely throughout eternity. And with nothing to talk about, you become silent just as you were in the flesh before you committed suicide. Or you may get returned (reincarnated) for another chance in the flesh where you may or may not get things to talk about for eternity. Or maybe, you may wish to reconsider suicide as an option. Truly, no one wishes to hear someone who really has nothing worthwhile to say. "I gave up." is what it is, but others did not give up and stuck around and have things to talk about throughout eternity.

Such as these things :

People picked on me all the time when I was growing up. They always said that I wasn't good enough and that I would never amount to anything useful. As I got older, these people that picked on me had their own problems and got picked on too by others. As I realized that I was not perfect, the one's that picked on me thought that they were perfect. They definitely were not perfect themselves either. We all have our faults. But as the years went on, the people that always picked on me felt bad for what they had done to me after others had done it to them. I was happy that I stuck around because I was able to see these people realize their mistakes and become better people. And when they became better people, they realized that I was not deserving of the treatment I was given. But there was no need for apologies or such, because these other people had all gone through bitter divorces, losing jobs, constant moving to other areas, and such, where I was just doing what I did and enjoying what life had to offer whatever that may be. But then it dawned on me, I felt bad when others had done bad things to me, and if it had not been for the others doing these bad things, I never would have thought about how others may feel because of things I did. I did not wish to become a bad person myself, so I did not wish to join these people. And now that I am older, these people that picked on me are now wishing to join me. Life is like that. You just never know.

Or, I went to college and I flunked out. How am I going to pay for all of this without a college degree? I am too honorable for bankruptcy. Hey, there's this life insurance policy, but I have to die to collect on it. Bankruptcy is not dishonorable, but maybe I can repay anyway if I can find a decent paying job without a college degree. I can't borrow any more money to start a business as the college loans have destroyed my credit rating. I can't really afford the car I'm driving let alone the insurance premiums and such. What now? And then it happened. I started holding up a "will work for food" sign on a street corner and people kept giving me money. I paid off my college loans and had enough left over to get drunk every night and forget about killing myself. As a matter of fact, I got so drunk last night that I filled half of the garbage can with puke. Great life for me. But then too, it's always been uncomfortable for me and my aura, because there always seems to be this pain and suffering thing happening. But hey, I'm fairly wealthy and get drunk all the time so what do I care?

Or, I grew up, got married and had two and a half kids like everyone else. House and a car and all that, and like my mom and dad said, "Remember when you were little and... Well, wait until you get older and have kids of your own. Then you'll understand." And, oh, I understand alright. My kids behave just as poorly as my parents did. My kids became their grandparents. They aren't nothing like me.

And then there was this guy that was dying from cancer who had a three year old daughter and the guy wanted his daughter to have a real father and not someone that was going to die from cancer sometime soon...

But honestly, do you want to go through eternity with nothing to talk about, or would you rather stick it out and see what happens next? You don't have to try, things have a habit of happening whether you wish them to or not. And who knows, maybe the next thing might be some great memory that everyone enjoys hearing about for eternity. And maybe not. You just never know until it happens. But if you end your life early, that is the end of that story. Just as if someone else ends your life early too. Life is as it is. Death is as it is. Life is aura with flesh attached. Death is aura without flesh as the flesh has died but the aura still exists and does not die. And as we think of all the life that has occured with aura and flesh attached, hopefully we get to have some great memories to talk about throughout eternity or at least get to meet others with great memories so that they can talk and I get to listen. Either way, it definitely seems better when people share than when people become selfish. But to each their own. It is what it is. Each individual is unique, but our aura is not judged throughout eternity based on just one event. Think about it.

Who are you to judge others just as who are others to judge you? Keep thinking. We are not born with an instruction manual. The manual bone is not connected to the brain bone. But we are born even if in a test tube. And as others have tried to put you through Hell, so to speak, realize how horrible it feels and realize that it is not nice to do it to others. You've made it this far, why not... Maybe some day the Meek (ones who follow the same rules they ask others to follow) may inherit the Earth and you may be around to help make it happen. Maybe not. It's up to you though, well, and everyone else too, myself included.  But rest assured your aura remembers those thoughts throughout eternity, as do you and I. Ending it all does not actually end it all. If you think ending your life is going to solve all yours and everyone else's problems, please think again.

250. Why is there no #193 on the html sheet askmeta.html?

There was a 12A so I skipped 193. Either that or oops? I prefer oops myself, but your choice.

251. Is money the root of all evil?

Definitely not. Money is a substance without an aura and not capable of good nor evil.

What is the root of all evil then? What is the root of all good?

Choices. Good or evil is through choices and choices are made by auras. Whether just plain aura or life of aura with substance attached. Substance does not make choices. Substance just exists.

Choices of good bring joy and happiness while choices of evil bring pain and suffering. Good auras radiate outwards and appear bright while evil auras absorb inwards and appear dark. Those auras which enjoy bringing joy and happiness to others are good auras, while those auras that delight in bringing pain and suffering to others are evil auras.

But choices are choices. Not all choices are good and / or evil. But all choices are decided by an aura (thoughts created through electromagnetic waves). So therefore, not all auras are good and / or evil. An aura needs to make a decision before a decision can be known as good / evil / or other. The knowledge of good and evil. And knowledge is gained through learning and experiences; learning through thought and knowledge through experience. Wisdom is learning to combine thoughts with experiences to provide a better outcome (whether good or evil or other).

So yes, not all decisions are based on good or evil and definitely not all events are based on good and / or evil either. Most decisions in an aura's life usually have very little to do with good and / or evil. Good or evil is based through the interactions of auras between one another. A single aura by itself can not decide good or evil. There must be another aura present for good and / or evil choices to be allowed to occur.

It is the choices an aura makes interacting with other aura(s) that allows an aura to make good and / or evil decisions. Substance (without aura) is unable to make decisions.

Thusly, money is definitely not the root of all evil. Auras making choices with one another through interactions is the root of all evil (and the root of all good as well).

And finally, in the beginning, there was only One and this One did not have the knowledge of good and evil. More were created and knowledge and wisdom ensued. And now back to your regularly scheduled program, Life (aura with substance attached). For those of you who are still just auras without substance we return you to your regularly scheduled program, Eternity. And for substance (without aura) we give you a box of rocks.

252. If not for money or fame or whatever, what do you hope to get out of making a site like this?

A conscience.

All too often I see stuff written that makes little to no sense but it must be true because some 'expert' wrote it. The last time I noticed, experts did not need to claim themselves as being experts. Being better at what someone does, shows in what they do, not some 'expert' title or such.

But much of the information I see out there does not coincide with the information that I have. So I started sharing the information I have as well as refuting some bogus information I have seen. And I have seen so much misinformation that it is mind boggling. So many misinformed opinions that people are asked to accept as facts by science, religion, and so on.

Many times, I try to make fun of the 'sensationalism' I see in many writings. I also make fun of the understated also. All too often someone tries to imply some 'hidden meaning' as all too often people can not be trusted in all honesty. The truth is still the truth. But all too often, individuals try to twist the truth to their liking or beliefs. I try not to believe, but to find answers from actual experiences whether my own or from others.

But regardless of source, there appears to be bits and pieces of useful knowledge spread between many different sources. Whether science, religion, finance, etc. and so on, many groups have something useful to draw from, but the useless stuff makes a mess. Case in point (for example) the scientific community constantly trying to disprove creation for evolution when the evidence does not support the claims. Same as religious leaders spouting off about "I know" and "It is written" when many times what is known and written does not match what is actually known and written (stuff pulled out of context). Belief, schmelief. How about some truth? Exactly. I mean we have extinct coelacanths roaming around out there after 65 million years and people do not see a problem with that? On the same token, we have religious leaders that appear to change stories every week or so because they can not seem to figure out the Trinity, or prophesies, and so on. So what about THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything) which leads to "I don't know for sure, but this is the information I have." instead of "I'm an expert, believe me." all the time.

In all honesty, most scientists and religious leaders are tired of all these self professed 'experts' who are really nothing of the sort. Selling a million copies of a book does not make a book truthful, nor the person writing that book an 'expert'. But such is the sad state of affairs in today's world. Money. Greed. Publicity. If money, greed, and publicity are so great then why do those of integrity and honesty avoid such things whenever possible? So no, I have never looked to be popular or wealthy or such. I am honestly sharing information I have that others are not allowed to teach because of whatever reasons. And every group has their reasons. So really, one person is what makes a difference, not a group. But many one people with like thoughts becomes a group, but a group of individuals.

And that is the underlying problem in this 'modern age', groups. You must accept all these different ideas that may or may not make sense to be a part of this group or that group. And instead of a 'group', it has really become more a bunch of 'gangs'. The political gang, the religious gang, the scientific gang, the executive gang, the working gang. So why not the Meek (who set the example of obeying the same rules they ask others to obey) and the Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves). When you study modern times and thoughts, it has become a bunch of 'gangs' not 'groups'. Groups are inclusive as you can join many different groups. Gangs are exclusive as you are either in the gang or not. Seriously look around you. We are surrounded by gangs, not groups. Yes, it sucks!

So instead of forming another gang, as I feel there are way too many gangs out there as it is, I formed a group of one, myself. And I try to encourage others to be themselves as well whatever that may be. Many different groups, many different thoughts, many different people, many different 'bots', and so on. Each group contributing in their own way, just as I contibute in my own way. And the result has been a whole lot of different ideas being shared and people being allowed to be themselves whatever that may be.

Probably the largest surprise of this forum is the fact that it has been mostly european and australian locations which is a very diverse group of people with many different languages being spoken. English, russian, portuguese, french, german, spanish, and on and on. Many different people from many different backgrounds coming together for a change instead of being divided all the time by language barriers and such. Just plain awesome. Keep it up.

253. Since the governments print their own money, why do they need to collect taxes?

Very good question.

Think about it seriously. Governments make their own money. People assign value to that money. Then the government takes it back. Why can't the government just print more instead of taking it back all of the time? No duh, the government makes all of these paying positions and those with these positions need money. But seriously, the government is the one printing and supplying this money. The private sector (outside the government) is not allowed to make its own money and such and needs to rely on getting money from the government.

So the government is set up to just spend, spend, spend and not make any money itself. A constantly negative number as always expenses and without revenue (income). But a government is supposed to be supplying money not making a profit off of others. Schools, rules, and such require money to pay the people that do the work (or goof off as is mostly the case anymore - slackers). And the government prints its own money correct? And the government pays these people correct?

But then you look passed this and see that there is a federal government then a state government, then local government and so on. Each part is separate, but the federal government is the top layer, the state next and the locals last. Separate divisions. Each unto its own. The federal government prints and spends its money to supply money to those doing the work, then taxes everyone, to pay for those of the government who teach, make rules, build buildings, roads, highways, and so on. A very messy system. And then under this system is the captalist system where people come up with ideas outside the government and provide food, shelter, utilities, and so on and charge money for that. And then outside this system is the 'black market' for people that operate outside the government and its rules and such. Such a mess.

And then all of these interactions with foreign governments and foreign governments interacting with you. This one borrows money from that one; that one charges interest and expects payment. And so on.

Internal messes. External messes. Black market messes. Foreign messes. And so on.

And with such a mess, why shouldn't the government that prints its own money, take that money back? How much messier could it get anyway if the government did not take the money back and decided not to pay its bills and spend, spend, spend all of the time and just print money without any income to support all of that spending? Well... Bankruptcy anyone?

254. Do you have a book available or such that I could read instead of searching this site?

I am not really looking to do a book at this time. But you could try this (Please get permission first if needed - this is a lot of printing and can get expensive).

Take a notebook, and print out these html pages...







(note, the full book html contains an earlier version of the 'Science of Science' page, plus the Now Syndrome doc, plus the "Meaning of Life" page, plus "The New Math" page, plus... but does not include Genie, Interesting, Responses, or Askmeta pages).

http://www.theeaceman.com/asktitle.doc (just a Cover page)

The only page I am updating at present is the askmeta.html page. The other pages are either complete or deprecated (discontinued) due to outdated methods.

255. Is it a bad idea to play country music backwards?

If you like losing your girlfriend to another guy, your dog getting sick and leaving then dying, your pickup truck being broke down all the time, having post nasal drip from crying in your beer, getting evicted from living in a trailer, losing your job, losing bar fights to bikers (motorcycle riders), and anything else that is depressing, then definitely do NOT play country music backwards. If you play country music backwards your life may start improving and what good is that going to do you? Because if you play country music backwards, your girlfriend would stay, your dog would stay and be healthy, your pickup truck would become a car that did not break down all of the time, your post nasal drip would clear up, you would own a house, have a job, and not be dumb enough to upset a gang of beefy bikers. You may even have fun for a change. So definitely be careful playing country music backwards, because it not only sounds better, but it also could change your whole perspective about life.

256. What about Cosmic Consciousness, Karma, Yin & Yang, etc.?

First of all Cosmic Consciousness is a different concept from Karma and Yin & Yang. Cosmic Consciousness is about trying to be aware of things and ideas outside our own visible realm. There has been some great awareness raised by individuals seeking knowledge of that which is unknown. Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus are excellent examples of these types of individuals. But there has also been some that have tried to reveal things that simply do not exist based on personal whims (far too many to name and naming them would provide added publicity to those I feel undeserving of such publicity. In other words, if you do not know who these individuals are, then why give them added publicity by mentioning their names at all). But much of this Ask Metatron site uses ideas that have been brought forward by those seeking Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic Consciousness is a better understanding of our universe through whatever means may be available. Whether from individuals having 'near death' experiences and so on. Becoming better aware of that which is around us whether visible or not.

As far as Yin & Yang. Yin & Yang is a concept where all things are viewed as having opposites (good / evil, light / dark, hot / cold, life / death, etc.). Not always the case however. The opposite of the Planet Earth is? The opposite of our Sun is? The opposite of our Moon is? And so on. Not all things in existence have opposites. The opposite of a rock is not a rock which could be any number of things including life. Yin & Yang is a nice thought but does have limitations as knowledge grows.

Karma is a belief in a balance between opposites which has led to many different interpretations and rewrites and different factions (views) and such. Like Yin & Yang, Karma has its limitations. Many believe that what you do will have direct consequences either in this life, or your next. Always strive to be on the side of good as the evil will catch up to you, if not in this life, then in the next. Great motivational thinking for a time, but in time you see more to life than what Karma can provide. Good energies. Evil energies. Indifferent energies? And yes, energy can exist which is neither good nor bad.

I did not intend to negate the philosophies of Karma or Yin & Yang when I started this site. Karma and Yin & Yang are excellent studies I will admit, but as you go beyond these philosophies (like this site has done many times) you will reach a deeper understanding than these philosophies can attain. Yes, there is good and evil, but there is a lot more than just that. What about those things which do not have opposites? What about those things which are neither good nor evil? An aura with substance attached is life. An aura without substance or a substance without an aura is not life. An aura is what retains thought, substance does not have thought. And beyond...

257. What would happen if I play rap music backwards?

The lyrics become almost listenable. Almost, but not quite. You still get sick of Oh oh oh, chib reggin nickuff over and over again, but the lyrics still sound better backwards than forwards. The drum beat is still the same and your environment remains the same too. Once you put yourself in the ghetto, where are you going to go? And listening to rap music over and over again (forwards or backwards) sure is not going to help change your environment or your thoughts for the better now is it?

258. What about the ozone layer?

What ozone layer? Is there a big invisible sunscreen lotion floating in the sky that no one can find or knows about? And does this invisible sunscreen lotion coat people and plants so that the harmful ultra violet rays are not harmful anymore? And do greenhouse gases eat holes through this unfound invisible sunscreen lotion layer floating in the sky?

Or is someone using scare tactics and unfounded nonsense to try to line their pockets?

I am pretty sure scare tactics.

To note, the Earth's atmosphere is in layers. From the innermost layer that surrounds us to the outermost layer before leaving Earth's atmosphere. There is no ozone layer or anything that could even be construed as having 'ozone layer' properties.

And to really shed some light on this see this page http://www.theeaceman.com/science.html

Like stated in the article above, all batteries are toxic to the environment. On top of that, you have these reflective panels which are magnifying the sunlight (especially ultra violet waves) causing even more problems. Solar is not safer. Solar just creates more problems in a different direction than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels release hydrocarbons. Batteries release much worst (acid rain, destroys the soil, etc.). At least the hydrocarbons diffuse (spread out) in the atmosphere and being hydrocarbons, break down into carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (hydrocarbons) which are what clouds are made of (hydrogen & oxygen - water, carbon present in a cloud form [dry ice] then seeds a cloud and produces rain). What is so good about amplifying intensities of ultra violet waves through solar panel glare? What is so good about lithium, sulfur, and other toxic substances leaking into the atmosphere, ground water, and soil from batteries? Exactly, looking to get rich. Solar was introduced in the 1970's, before all this talk about 'global warming' and such. Oddly, automobiles using gas and fossil fuels have been around since the 1900's and nobody complained before. Locomotives and steam engines since the early 1800's too. No complaints. Only complaints recently, and not surprisingly complaints made by individuals that seem to have a huge amount of money invested in 'solar power type' companies. Or maybe not so odd if you honestly think about it.

But isn't it odd that the more we hear about solar power as the 'answer', the more 'global warming' that occurs? Yes, reread the article again in the link above and skip down to the part about 71 BC to 11 BC, and 954 AD to 1014 AD, and 1978 to 2038. Yes, the magnetic pole shifted quite a bit, and as always, weird weather patterns happen 20 years before and 40 years afterwards placing the cause on an asteroid that passed by our planet Earth in late September 1998. Every 1,024 years for some odd reason, not because of solar power or pollution or whatever (we must have had environment problems from 954 to 1014 and 71 to 11 BC too, correct?). These odd weather patterns happened before and are happening now. And chances are unless solar power made a huge problem, after 2038, the odd weather patterns will subside again like they did before. But why wait and see? The time is now. Convert to solar now and watch as the world fries itself under the glare of its own inhabitants' technologies gone wrong. Or have they gone wrong? Will 2038 be the dawn of a new age of better weather after readjusting to the new magnetic pole shift, or will we be so scared to death to do something stupid like install solar panels on the North Pole and the South Pole to help melt the polar ice caps faster from the glare of the solar panels once every six months for six months straight? Well? Maybe dunking this 'ozone' person in battery acid instead of water for 10 minutes may help. But then too, no one ever coated this ozone person in ozone and dunked them in water for 10 minutes yet (will still make sure there are no greenhouse gases in the water or the acid even if you prefer). Wait, what ozone? You can't coat someone in something that doesn't exist. Here we go again...

And on a better note, I just recently realized that the scientific community has labeled the extra ion form of Oxygen (labeled by most as O3), which was discovered by a scientist in the 1800's while working with electricity, ozone as named by this scientist. So in a way, 'ozone' does exist. The O3 molecule is very unstable and is also sometimes labeled as O17. Normally, Oxygen has 2 electrons but can accept an extra one or two more electrons. Hydrogen is nearly the same way as it can have one or two extra protons to make 2 - deuterium or 3 - tritium or H2 and H3 . The Earth may actually have a small layer of the O3 in gaseous form just above our immediate atmospheric layer. Our immediate layer comprises many different gases with many different atomic weights. The Earth's crust (land as we call it) and water surfaces (oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, etc.) releases many different gases into our immediate atmosphere. As you head out away from the surface the gases start separating out by atomic weight. Therefore the next layer outward after our immediate layer could be a thin layer comprised of mostly the O3 gas aka 'ozone' as this would most likely be the first gas to settle out by atomic weight. Above this layer would be a thicker layer of O2 or what we know as breathable Oxygen. And above the O2 layer is most likely a thin layer of O1 which would be lacking the extra electron and be unstable like O3. And then outward to the nitrosphere, the carbosphere (see if you realize that even away from the Earth, Carbon is a solid, not a gas, but Carbon is atomic number 12 after all and Oxygen is atomic number 16 so...), ... the lithosphere, heliosphere, 3 hydrospheres (H3, H2, H1) then space. Does O3 actually block ultra violet rays? My thoughts say no. My thoughts also say that if Ultra violet rays (waves) were actually blocked, then they would not reach the Earth and be visible as the three dark bands above the visible light spectrum through a prism. So with or without a 'hole in the ozone layer', ultra violet light still penetrates our atmosphere and always has. Clouds (vapor, mist) appear to be what blocks direct visible light. Ultra violet as well as infrared are not visible waves (rays). Ultra violet and infrared waves are most likely blocked by clouds as well. Maybe not totally, but at least somewhat.

Now for the next trick, what if the extra electron in O3 somehow figures out a way to sidetrack an ultra violet particle. O3 becomes O2 and the ultra violet light oxide drifts off into space. If this were to actually happen, the 'ozone' layer would be depleted in a matter of seconds without something to replace the converted O3 lost. But we know that even with the ozone layer that ultra violet light passes through the atmosphere anyway and does not appear to be blocked by anything to begin with. If UV (ultra violet) light were blocked, it would not show up as three distinct bands above the visible light spectrum in a prism, correct? But then too, sunscreens claim to block UV light with a coating and get this, O3 is toxic to humans and other animals with prolonged exposure. Trust me, O3 is NOT the leading ingredient in sunscreen nor do any of the chemicals in sunscreen produce O3 that I am aware of. Sunscreens contain oils and liquids designed to block sunlight much like clouds block sunlight. Ozone does not block sunlight (nor UV light) that I am aware of. As the ultra violet light passes through the different layers of our atmosphere, the light appears to remain ultra violet with possibly only a slight trace slowing through friction (not enough to say so).

So anyway now, since ozone (O3) can be said to exist but does not appear to be around all living things (as O3 is toxic in large quantities and someone coated in a layer of O3 would die in a short time) then I am still correct in my assumption of a smokescreen by certain unknowing individuals as far as 'global warming' and solar power and such. But unfortunately my assumption that ozone does not exist is incorrect (especially unfortunate for the one stating that...). But it is an outright lie to say that ozone exists around all living things (trees, people, bushes, fish, weeds, etc.) as ozone (O3) is toxic and would kill off any living organism that it 'surrounded'. It is also a hidden truth that the ingredients found in batteries are toxic to the environment. So I am still on the right track, but a minor setback is all. I honestly thought that ozone did not exist until thinking back to chemistry classes and heavy water and such. Now what do I do? If I coat this nutcase in ozone (O3) he will probably die before getting dunked in water or battery acid for 10 minutes. Pure O3 is not a breathable gas and the nutcase would probably suffocate before getting dunked.

259. How do I find the one that is right for me (Mr. / Ms. Right)? (Adult theme - Strong sexual content)

You actually find each other eventually or suddenly, but you find each other.

There are truly two kinds of people, the Meek (who follow the same rules they ask others to follow), and the Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves).

After you figure this out, you should realize that Buttholes are never 'Mr. / Ms. Right'. Buttholes do play games and can be very deceptive, but a Butthole is always just out for themselves and never makes a true partner. But Buttholes are used to 'the game' and honestly need another superficial Butthole to justify themselves. But as they are, Buttholes will make rules for others and then break those rules themselves. After all, a Butthole is allowed to break the rules and can do what they want. This leads to more rules for everyone else, and more broken rules by the Butthole(s).

The Meek are usually easy going (easy to get along with) but have a strict code of ethics (boundaries) that they follow. Try to go passed the boundaries and a Meek will tell you to stop immediately and that you need to rethink what you are planning to do or doing. But unlike a Butthole, a Meek will not break these rules themselves, but a Meek is more than willing to share these rules as the need may arise.

A Meek is a person that tries to follow the same rules they ask others to follow. A Butthole is a person that makes rules for others to follow, but does not follow these rules themselves.

People have 'comfort zones' which are ideas and actions that they are comfortable with. A Meek, who makes rules they ask others to follow because they follow these rules themselves, and a Butthole, who makes rules for others to follow but does not follow the same rules themselves, will definitely have problems to solve. And the problem will be - Meek "When I say something I mean what I say..." and Butthole - "I am the boss and what I say goes...". Believe it or not, a Meek may grow up in a 'Butthole' type house, just as a Butthole may grow up in a 'Meek' type house. What people are used to or comfortable with.

Boys - men. Girls - women. Not the same. Some people never 'grow up'. Others never have a childhood. We are who we are. Some have too much patience while others do not have any patience while still others may be too balanced. We are all different and have different lives to lead.

Loneliness is not a bad omen or curse or whatever. Many times you need that time to get stuff out of your system. If you just go from one person to another, you will bring along some bad habits each time and those bad habits will get worst.

But do you like solving problems? Then a Butthole may be right for you. The problem is though that once you realize a Butthole's true problem, you realize that problem can not be solved unless the Butthole stops being a Butthole.

But why are you in a relationship with someone if you are not horny and do not want to have sex? All bullshit aside, why? You can keep talking shit to death and trying to analyze this and that, but the bottom line is that you want to be in a 'relationship with someone' to have sex. So have sex damn it. Stop trying to analyze shit so damn much and just plain fuck your brains out for once. You will probably enjoy yourself and the person you are with for a change and feel better. And that is the good part about a good relationship, you should feel better. And you can talk and analyze shit to death but where does that really get you? In a relationship where you are hornier than Hell and no release. But then too, some people just don't get horny much, so what are you going to do? Masturbate a lot? Look for someone else? Both? Neither? What the fuck? Huh? Sure, whatever...

And all bullshit aside, anyone in a good relationship will tell you, it is up to the ones in the relationship if it is worth keeping the relationship going or not. Bottom line, choices need to be made between the people in the relationship. No one else can be you and you can not be someone else. And before you go looking at 'the other person' remember, there is something wrong with you too even in a good relationship. In the end, maybe you made the right choice, and maybe not. But with anything in life, choices are what they are. Choose right. Choose wrong. Chews gum. Pick and choose. Pick, pick, pick. Pick your nose. Nitpick. But with everything that happens in life, choices are made. And choices will continue to be made whether in a relationship or not. We're all different and not doing the same thing at the same time. We all have our own priorities. And we can either share or be selfish or both too even.

But with all of the choices available to be made, how can I know if I make the right choice (Mr. / Mrs. Right)? Well, right now you are reading a silly web site. And if you are reading it with someone else that gets you horny and you get them horny, then you are on the right track I imagine. If you are reading this site by yourself you may 'get lucky' some day or maybe not. We all lead different lives and even Mr. and Mrs. Right have their moments where things go wrong.

So yes, you don't know until it happens. And maybe it may never happen. Maybe not. But there should be a moment with a Mr. or Mrs. Right Now! And after now happens, you just have to wait and see if there may be a Mr. and Mrs. Right Later too or not. We're all different and as such, we all have different lives to live. Each relationship is different. To each our own. And in the end, it is not some silly web page or such that makes or doesn't make things happen or not happen. It is you and the choices you have made. Just as it is I and the choices I have made.

And even with all of this knowledge and wisdom you have, you just had Mr. Mrs. Right walk right passed you. Or was that Mr. / Mrs. Right Hook? I get confused sometimes. They look so much alike but act completely different. And when you get so horny, who wants to talk about stuff anyway? Tetanus or Penicillin anyone?

Women want to make love. Men want to fuck. Good luck and I hope you find someone that wants to fucking make love with you too and you with them B) . What more could you ask for?  Kids?  You never know.

And definitely don't worry about "getting it" the first time around. Relationships are as they are. Being a virgin is not going to hurt any more or less than it does now anyway. But NOT being a virgin around a completely selfish asshole (man or woman) is definitely not the way to go. You don't really, truly know someone until after you have had sex together, but it is still a good idea to get to know someone better BEFORE you have sex. And there are many people it is probably good not to know at all because of a disease or they may need to learn to stop being so selfish or such. We all have our faults, me / you included. But then too, to each their own, and if a selfish, jealous headache is what you are looking for then congratulations : you hit the jackpot on the first time around. Or not. Next...

...But you will definitely know it is your "true love (Mr. / Mrs. Right)" when you BOTH roll over and fall asleep and do not worry about all the bullshit until the next day comes along.

260. What takes all of the joy, fun, and mystery out of life?

Knowing too much. THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

261. Are you a realist or surrealist?

A realist deals with actual / factual.

A surrealist makes up hypothetical situations whether real (existing) or not.

Definitely a realist. I do think surreal on occasion, but very rarely. With all that is actually happening, I usually do not have the time or wishes to make stuff up.

Thanks for asking. Later...

262. What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?

First, pathetic is a word that is used to describe someone or something that is beyond hope and beyond help. The United States Congress is pathetic; all they do is argue and do not get anything accomplished. Pathetic.

Sympathy is feeling sorry for someone and their current situation. The problem I have with feeling sorry for someone is that it has the connotation like pathetic where the situation is beyond hope and beyond help. Sure, you broke your leg and have to hobble on crutches, or sure, your parents just died, but...

Empathy is where you hope a person does well despite the circumstances.

I prefer empathy over sympathy, because with sympathy there is the connotation of giving up and nothing you can do about it. Empathy is wishing that things go well despite the circumstances. I prefer giving words of encouragement over giving up on someone. But there are many people that just give up on themselves and I do not feel sympathy for these people. If someone gives up, it is their own fault that they give up. To explain further...

An old person is in line at a checkout and is having a hard time loading items from their shopping cart onto the checkout counter. This person may be having a difficult time, but they are still managing to unload their cart. Now a person looking for sympathy will give up and just say, "I can't do it." and just plain give up. Pathetic and sympathetic. This same person keeps trying and has a couple setbacks, but still manages to unload their cart eventually. There is a frustrating person behind them insisting on helping, but the older person still does it on their own because "I am going to do it so long as I can still do it. It takes me a bit longer, but I see what happens to people that give up and can't do it anymore and I do not want to be like that." Empathy. It may be difficult, but I am not giving up. Determination.

But there are those looking for sympathy that do it purposefully so that others feel sorry for them. There are those that give up (sympathy) and those that keep trying despite the circumstances (empathy). Which are you? Sympathetic? Empathetic?

Your motivation is showing, because if you encourage others to give up, then it becomes much easier for a person that does not give up to accomplish something. Sympathy for the one that gives up. I prefer to encourage others to try and keep trying rather than giving up, because what kind of competition is it really when everyone else gives up except you? Empathy for the one that is trying. Motivation. Are you motivated to encourage people to give up so that you can easily walk all over them, or are you motivated to encourage others to take on challenges and do their best and keep trying? Be honest now. The best gift that can be given is showing others how to do for themselves just as others have showed you how to do things for yourself and then allowing them to do (accomplish) it on their own as best as they can. Or "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he learns to feed himself for a lifetime." And my memory of a baseball coach named Will Carpenter that used to say "Throw them a fish." every time someone did something pathetic (hopeless). Yes, some people just can't be helped, but you can try anyway. Some people catch on quick; others may take some time; and others just never seem to learn. Everyone is different. You never know until you try.

Like I said, your motivation is showing and maybe someday you may be faced with the same challenges (broken leg, old age, etc.) and would you rather have someone feel sympathy for you or empathy for you?

263. Alrighty smarty pants, how about creation versus evolution?

Fairly straightforward actually. Creation has yet to be disproven as I will explain...

We have already discovered the 'DNA' strains of 4 chemicals (ASTC) and with such knowledge, we have discovered something else. If the DNA strains are not similar enough, the animals can not reproduce together. In actuality, a Wooly Mammoth would need another Wooly Mammoth to breed with as an elephant's DNA is too different to match and cause conception. Same with a Sabre Tooth Tiger and a Siberian Tiger. Too different. If the DNA is manipulated then possibly, but DNA manipulation is barely available now and we have yet to discover any evidence of DNA manipulation before modern times. If an animal had 'evolved' into another species, then that species would be genetically compatible with the other species. Such is not the case. Ape DNA is not compatible with human. Neanderthal DNA is not compatible with Homo Sapiens (human). And so forth. Distinct species. If evolution were accurate, then species would be able to interbreed amongst other species (especially if similar species). Fish (water animals) also appear to be separate from land animals and each appears to have developed separately from one another.

But what caused all this stuff to happen into what we call life? And why so much different variety between life forms? Is someone or something just depositing excess stuff from another planet or such here on the planet Earth or what? Did all of this stuff originate here? Are we some wild alien experiment gone wrong? Are we a rejected life form from another planet? Wowabunga, so many questions...

We have discovered that radioactive mutation can rearrange DNA strains to form similar strains which are not compatible. We also do know that our planet does have quite a bit of radioactivity. It is definitely possible that life forms did not 'evolve' but may have been altered through exposure to such radiation causing another strain that is not compatible with the originating strain.

Life forms on this planet do not appear to have 'adapted' to the environment as much as been changed by the radioactive environment itself. Mutated not evolved. The mutation is compatible with other similar mutations, but not with that which is not mutated. Either the mutated or the non mutated may possibly die off due to incompatibility in breeding. But get this, mutation does not work just as evolution does not work either. Why? Because where are the oddball mutations or evolutions that are inbetween or 'off shoots' but did not evolve or mutate quite properly? These do not exist. Not because we have yet to find them, but quite simply, mutation and evolution are both nice thoughts but are not accurate.

And get this picture, Noah/Naphishtim/Manu trying to load two Brontosauruses (male and female) onto a boat. Even better, two Allosauruses. Good picture, right?

When we properly analyze the layers in the Earth and concentrate on the layer itself instead of the fossils and such found within, we realize something. That something we realize is that in different areas, the layer that these fossils are contained in contain the same type of material. This is indicative of a large flood as a large flood is what is capable of depositing a large amount of similar material in different layers as the water level subsides. Now, read these fossil records again denoting the layers as they are. Yes, several (not just one) huge floods have occured in the Earth's history as noted in the Earth's strata (layers). Layers built up gradually have differing materials throughout the layer. Flood layers are large deposits (strata, bands, layers) all at once. And as we know from modern flooding, flood waters tend to deposit heavier material (layer) on the bottom, medium material in the middle, and lighter material on top. Did you reanalyze the strata (layers) again? Heavy, medium, light? Flood(s).

And why not bring up the extinct coelacanth again? 65 million years my rump roast. Look at those layers again. Heavy, medium, light. OK? The coelacanth were either never extinct to begin with (most likely) or someone that is behind creation itself decided to bring the coelacanth back again for another try? I prefer never extinct myself (and I actually know what this guy looks like for the other take on this position -http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/38/do-you-believe-in-god-almighty-does-almighty-god-exist#latest ) And what about a coelacanh? Surely if the coelacanh can, maybe the coelacanth can't?

So truthfully, some bad science has occured because certain scientists have tried to manipulate information to disprove religion. And certain religious people have twisted stuff so bad to try and disprove scientists. And what does all this get you? Scientists and religious leaders that can't be trusted because they are both so bound and determined to prove each other wrong that they each do wrong things themselves. Overzealousness. In the process of trying to make one or the other look foolish, certain scientists and religious leaders have made science and religion appear foolish themselves. Self inflicted. But will either side finally learn from mistakes made on both sides? Well?

And to conclude, life appears to exist here as we know it to exist. Life started somehow. We are here now to try and figure all of this out. But in the meantime, keep an open mind. Just because something is written does not mean it is the absolute truth. Just because someone sells a lot of books or gets a lot of internet page views does not mean the information is accurate. But we do know that there does appear to be an electromagnetic spark (aura) that when it comes in contact with certain substances (flesh), that those substances provide life for as long as it lasts. Auras may exist forever, and substances may exist forever, but the combination of aura and substance called life is apparently a temporary existence at present. And how this came about has been long debated and will most likely be debated for times to come. And who knows, there may be more than one answer anyway. And then again, maybe not. So in the meantime, is there anything wrong with keeping an open mind instead of being bullied into joining a group? I mean there was the group that thought the Earth was flat (religion), and another group that thought that the rings around Saturn were solid (science). And then there are others that did not belong to groups and learned to think for themselves...

But as we get closer to finding answers we start to realize that someone or something invented these DNA switches, and someone or something knew enough to throw certain switches to create what exists. What exists as life on Earth (birds, fish, plants, animals, insects, etc.) definitely could not be just random or haphazard because there is a definite system underneath all of this, and where a system exists (just like our galaxy and our universe)...

264. What about plants, animals, evolution, mutation, creation, etc. - the whole enchilada of life?

First, if evolution and/or mutation were true, what ever happened to the plant & animal hybrids? Truth is, there has never been a plant & animal hybrid. An animal plant that breathes in its own exhaust fumes. Why not?

The 'aura system' is why not. The aura system (electromagnetic energy) when combined with flesh (substance) is what creates what we call 'life'. Thought with substance attached. The thinking behind a plant is much different than the thinking behind an animal (animal being insect, bird, reptile, amphibian, mammal, etc. and so on). Same in the water (fish, plant).

Plants have their own form of life just as animals have their own form of life. Both plants and animals have auras. Rocks and such (plain substance) does not have an aura attached.

When an aura detaches, the substance dies. When an aura is attached, the substance has life. The aura is what stimulates life in the substance. RNA, DNA, and all kinds of stuff controlled by an electromagnetic current called an aura. The aura interacts with the substance and the substance responds accordingly (or fails to respond depending, you just never know sometimes).

If evolution or mutation, the aura would be secondary to the flesh as the flesh would be what dictates to the aura what would be needed to occur. As we look at our life process as it is, the aura appears to dictate, not the flesh. The aura controls the flesh, not vice versa. And flesh can be considered tree bark, roots and such in plants also.

But what causes the aura (electromagnetic energy) and where does it come from? And so life began... If you believe in hocus pocus magic nonsense, then you would definitely think of lightning striking an object and then that object developing 'life' through the electromagnetic current infused through the lightning, correct? But yes, incorrect is correct.

Plants develop from seeds and germinate (are born). Animals give birth. Different processes. But oddly, male and female are involved in birth in both plant and animal. So why not an animal plant? Conflicting technologies? Precisely. Animals and plants are separate forms of life. Substance without aura does not contain life. Animals and plants use different substances to sustain life. Not just breathing, but eating as well. Plants and animals first need an aura to create life (whether 'in the flesh' or 'in the bark' as the case may be). The aura is introduced at conception. Seeds (whether animal or plant - male) and eggs (whether animal or plant - female) when combined properly will create life with an aura attached. If the seeds and eggs can not or do not combine, life is still dictated by the presence of an aura being created. No aura, no life. Substance.

But which came first, the chicken or the egg? http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/8/which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg-adult-type-content-sexual-theme/p1 . If you believe in evolution, then the egg. If you believe in creation, then the chicken. If you stop believing altogether, then it could be either. If you are smarter, you would notice that a rooster would be needed in this mess somehow too and not just a chicken or an egg. What is the truth? What really happened? Why all this 'life' stuff anyway? Why not? Are there alternate existences? Are we even actually here and not just some figment of an overactive imagination?

OK then, which came first, a tree or the seeds? Do you know for sure? Exactly. There is actually an answer, we just do not know the answer yet. We can guess, but we do not truly know for sure. And when we don't know for sure then leave it to some expert to make mistakes (even though experts never make mistakes, they are people after all and figments of their own imaginations just like the rest of us).

Did fish come first, or did plants come first? Was the Earth originally covered in water without any land at all at some point in history? Was the Earth all land without any water at first? Was the Earth some big volcano at first? Was the Earth a spec of dust (and is the Earth still just a spec of dust in an alternate universe)? Are molecules and particles mini universes? Are you tired of all of this thinking yet?

So many thoughts and possibilities which can definitely lead to confusion. But then when you sort it out, there are clues underneath all of these systems. Plant systems. Animal systems. Eco systems. Weather systems. Universal systems. Oddball systems too. And as we learn more about these systems, we understand more. Study substance. Study aura. Live substance. Live life. And what happens after an aura separates from a substance? Does that aura disappear completely? The substance is still a substance somewhat. Observations from those who can actually see auras state that yes, the aura disappears (about a week before). But the aura disappears from our dimension and apparently enters another dimension that can see us in the flesh, but we can not as of yet see this other dimension while we are in the flesh. If a person is brought back to life, the aura reappears again with the flesh. The other dimension sees us but we do not see it. Those who see auras, see the aura disappear. The aura of the person, on the other hand, may see themselves while 'floating' above and then apparently disappear down a tunnel. Those that see auras, do not see the person floating around as the aura disappears from sight of one who can see auras. So therefore, there is a realm around us that our soul (spirit, aura) belongs to, but we can not go there with our flesh body attached. Many thoughts to explore.

The aura dictates, not the flesh. Creation, not evolution or mutation. The aura creates life when combined with the flesh and the aura is what controls the flesh. If evolution or mutation were true, then flesh would be dictating to the aura. An aura controlling a substance creates life - creation. Substance does not control aura - evolution, mutation.

But the question still remains, what created aura? And how did aura and substance come in contact with one another in this thing we call life? Awesome, now we are thinking (and THINKEing too - Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).  Who or what created creation?

265. What about comas aka (also known as) being comatose?

Yes, the final piece to a baffling puzzle. When flesh loses its aura but is not quite dead (decaying) yet, it is known as a coma aka a comatose state.

In this state, the electromagnetic aura has left the flesh. When the aura leaves, the flesh can still be kept alive through artificial means, but with the aura gone, the flesh has nothing to control itself. No breathing, no heartbeat, no blood circulation, no nerve responses. Just flesh (substance). Until the aura returns, the flesh can be kept going through artificial means (respirator, blood pumps, IVs for nourishment, and such), but unless the aura returns, the flesh can not function on its own. The brain is still there, but without the aura present, the brain does not relay the electromagnetic pulses from the aura to the body.

Nerve tissue in the body is the receptor for the electromagnetic stimulus provided by an aura. If the flesh were the provider of life (and not the aura), and if the flesh was kept going, even through artificial means, then the flesh would restore itself. Without the aura, the flesh can not sustain itself as life without an aura present.

There are two different types of comas. The first is the flatline coma where the aura completely leaves and is not present at all. In this state, the body needs to be kept going through artificial means (respirator, blood pump, etc.). The other type is the partial type where the aura is not completely gone, but the aura is only controlling the vitals (breathing, heartbeat, etc.). But it is through the coma itself that we learn a great deal. I have never been in a coma myself, but I have talked with several others who have been in comas. I have also been in intensive care rooms with those who have been in comas. I have seen both types - partial and flatline comas. An individual is not responsive in a coma. The aura is not present within the body during a flatline coma. During a partial coma, the aura is present but not really able to control the flesh very well (eye movements or muscle twitch or such if that). And it is through this state that we see the effects of aura and flesh combined, and when aura and flesh have difficulties.

Note, the brain is still there during a coma, so we learn that it is not the brain itself per se, but the electromagnetic aura sending signals through the brain that controls the flesh (body). If it was just the brain, then all that would need to be done is stimulate the brain again and the flesh would be 'back to normal'. The brain is only a flesh receptor for the electromagnetic current supplied to the flesh by the aura to provide life. The aura controls, not the flesh. Through the coma state, we learn that the flesh, itself, is not what produces the electromagnetic current associated with life. We learn that the aura and the flesh join together to provide life, but when the aura leaves, the flesh will die. We also learn that nerve tissues are receptors for electromagnetic pulses, but the nerves themselves do not actually generate electromagnetic pulses. Then we get into neurons and axons and such... But then we get passed that and realize that an outside force is what controls and stores these pulses. The outside force being the aura. And we know the aura to be outside through studying birth. Upon conception and birth, there are not axons, neurons or such present, but cells. And these cells divide while being controlled by an electromagnetic force known as an aura. And the divisions divide, and so on. But birth starts out as a single cell impregnated (whether plant or animal) and once the aura initiates, life begins. Cells divide and multiply (flesh / tree bark) while being controlled by an electromagnetic force (aura) and this aura manipulates the flesh (tree bark too) to provide life. Life - flesh (substance) with aura attached.

And when the flesh is destroyed or dies, the aura leaves. And when the aura leaves, the flesh dies. It is the combination of aura (electromagnetic pulses) with flesh (substance) that provides life as we know it. We have also learned that aura appears to exist outside the flesh. An aura dimension so to speak. The aura actually does not appear to be produced by flesh, but an aura appears to provide life to flesh. Therefore, it should be safe to assume, that without the flesh, the electromagnetic pulses known as aura can exist without flesh attached. Thusly aura appears to have eternal existence. And with this being said (or typed), I guess we finally come full circle with birth, life, death, and beyond. Such as it was, is, and will be. The good life. The bad life. And all lives in between.

266. Is it true that your native American indian (savage) name is T'Kot'Bol?

I came up with the name T'Kot'Bol in 2015 after I figured something out. The name is pronounced Te Coat Bowl and stands for (means) "One who smoke um peace pipe in cold weather." Coat (cold weather) and bowl (peace pipe). or


1 or 2 take your pick.

How kemosabe. Me no know um how either. Nice you ask um though.

267. How do I conserve (use less) toilet paper?

Use both sides of the toilet paper.

268. Have you realized the huge 'hole' in modern day light / speed theories?

Yes, it is readily apparent that there are huge holes in theories about light and particular movement and particular travel and such. HUGE.

I already discussed my 'visible light' or 'black eye theory of visible light' in these two topics http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/22283/what-about-the-sight-theory-of-visible-light#latest and http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/22680/could-you-explain-more-about-this-sight-theory-of-visible-light-it-sounds-interesting#latest .

But what about common sense? According to theory, the particles that are at light speed continue on even after the light source has been removed. Really? Now, turn on a flashlight. If you are one who believes in the current theories offered for light, then by all means, stare directly into the flashlight. If you have any brain cell functioning, please do not do this as it will destroy your eyesight. But first, after getting this nonsense out of the way, point the flashlight AWAY from you and NOT towards anyone else's eyes either. Make sure it is dark. OK, now, turn on the flashlight. Do you see that light shining from the flashlight? Great. Now, turn the flashlight off. Did the light disappear? It did? Wow, ain't that something? Now look out ahead of you. Do you see any sign of some light trail that is infinitely traveling out into space? You don't. I did not either, so do not be too disappointed. But sadly, you just disproved the 'Big Bang Theory'. For the 'Big Bang Theory' to be true, you would see that beam of light continue onward and passed our atmosphere and out into space and so on.

When you turned the flashlight off, no light trail, the light just went off. For light to continue travel forward in time, the light source needs to be emitting light to have light be seen. No light, darkness. Now look out at night at all those stars and the Moon and the planets and such and realize that all of that is happening now. If it was not happening now, at this instant in time, it would not exist now. The light we see from stars and such is happening NOW. The darkness around the planets and stars is a thing called 'night' and when night happens, it happens NOW too. There is nothing visible outside of what is visible NOW. When we look at something that happened in the past, it is not happening now, just as something of the future is not happening now either. Now is happening now. Yesterday was visible yesterday but is not visible now. Tomorrow will be visible tomorrow, but tomorrow is not visible now. Again, now is visible now.

Truly, if the light particles were to be continually visible through time, they would need to still exist would they not in our present time as well? Flashlight on, light exists. Flashlight off, no light, the flashlight light stops existing. For light to travel 'forward in time' as proposed, the light would still exist and continue on its journey and be visible to us as it traveled out into space even with the flashlight turned off. OOPS!!!! Imagination is one thing but really? Seriously?

And for my next trick, "Quick, look over there!". Did I disappear behind the curtain yet? No fair peaking...

269. Do auras reproduce or have a way of reproduction?

Auras, themselves, are incapable of reproduction. Auras do take on the form of male and / or female, but do not reproduce as auras.

So yes, a little doubt as far as the tale of 'angels' or 'watchers' fornicating with flesh in the Book of Enoch (First Book of Enoch). The angels or watchers would need to use a flesh form to reproduce with flesh. It is still very possible the event happened with angels fornicating with flesh, but the angels would have had to have the ability to formulate flesh to make this happen. Almighty (God) is the one who designed and created all of this. But angels or auras do not have reproductive capabilities by themselves. Electromagnetic energy (what auras are made of) does not truly have a male or female side. As we know from magnets, there is a positive side and a negative side to any magnet. But positive / negative does not relate to male / female. Positive / negative also does not relate to good / evil either within an aura. Electromagnets have a positive and a negative because that is the way it is. Magnets have a north and south. Electricity has a positive and negative. They exist as they exist.

Auras are self sustaining. In other words, once an aura exists, the electromagnetic energy that is part of that aura always exists as part of that aura. An aura does not need to absorb more energy or lose energy. An aura retains the electromagnetic energy it possesses throughout eternity. An aura combined with flesh is life. An aura without flesh is an aura (spirit, soul, whatever). An aura does not die as it is energy. An aura without flesh is still an aura. Flesh without aura is lifeless. The aura still has an existence of its own, with or without flesh attached.

So as auras exist as auras, there is not a need for an aura to reproduce with another aura (or even several auras if you prefer). For life to occur, however, flesh needs to have an aura attached. Flesh does not create an aura, but an aura gives flesh life. An aura combined with flesh is not eternal and only temporary as the flesh will eventually die. The aura leaves when the flesh dies as dead flesh does not have an aura. And when that aura leaves that dead flesh, it returns to being just a plain aura again (without flesh attached). And flesh with an aura attached, as we know it to be in our existence, can reproduce and possibly create more flesh with more auras attached. And some auras may even be hermaphrodite (both male and female) or eunuch even (neither male nor female). An aura is the electromagnetic energy that controls the thoughts and processes of the flesh (substance) when life occurs through the combination of aura and flesh. The flesh does not control nor create the aura. The aura does not create the flesh, but controls the flesh once life (aura with flesh attached) is created. The aura and the flesh both combine at conception to create what we are experiencing as life. Cool, huh? The aura comes from where it comes from and the flesh comes from being naked. Aura + flesh = life. (uh oh, a math problem, I feel my popularity plummeting already with those that do not understand math. Oh well. So be it.)

On a sidetrack note here, it has been noted by some that see auras, that after a person loses a leg or such, the aura usually still takes on the shape and appearance as if the leg is still there. Just an interesting note I feel.

And with that being said, auras do not reproduce amongst themselves or others either. Flesh reproduces but needs to have an aura present to create life once reproduced. And how does this aura magically appear once life (aura with flesh attached) is started? It is still a secret, kind of. We know that flesh without aura is just flesh and aura without flesh is just aura. We also know that flesh with aura attached is what we call life. Aura. Flesh. Life. It is what it is. And since science is the study of everything, why not study everything scientifically? Not sciencefictionally, scientifically. Sciencefictionally is not the same as scientifically. Science fiction is made up (fiction) and unreal. Science nonfiction is a search for reality in the world around us. And really, auras do not reproduce nor have the need to reproduce amongst themselves. Really.

And really, at this moment (a little over 5 months and a day since this forum started on April 6), there are 501,802 (over a half million) users signed up on this forum.

270. Why do you live where you live in Corning, New York, USA?

I grew up in Corning, New York, USA and it is what I am used to. I know the area...

When growing up, Corning was a manufacturing town which made Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, and other assorted glass products (including picture tubes for the old style televisions before LCD [liquid crystal Display] and flat screen).

After growing up (mid 1980s), Corning shifted from manufacturing locally to being a more global company. During the mid 1980s, Corning started moving the manufacturing to other locations making Corning the headquarters (center) of operations. And as Corning has become more global, there has been an increased need for wider diversification and greater communication in other languages. With the shift, Corning went from being a city filled with a bunch of factory working drinkers (Corning was and may still be in the Guiness Book of World's Records for having the most bars, inns, and taverns - 80 at the time - in one mile) to a bunch of executives. Quite a shift in a short time.

There is also another large manufacturer, Dresser Rand, which is based in Painted Post, which still manufactures commercial air compressors locally. But the population of Corning and Painted Post has become a much more diversified 'melting pot' of different people and cultures in the last three decades (1990 - 2020 roughly). Less physical labor and more 'thinking' going on at present.

Corning Incorporated originally started out as the 'Brooklyn Glass Works' and changed their name to 'Corning Glass Works' when they moved from Brooklyn to Corning in the late 1800s.

The city name of Corning came from the first mayor of Corning, Erastus Corning in the mid 1800s.

With glass used in cell phones and many other commercial products, Corning has benefitted greatly from the increased need for glass products.

Corning's main headquarters is located on Walnut Street in Corning. Corning's mid level management is in the 'Decker Building' located on East Pulteney Street in Corning. The Decker Building has had a few additions, but the original building is the tallest building in Corning (usually referred to as the 'black building'). During Christmas, the building ahs the lights turned on at night to spell 'NOEL', and during the new year, the lights display the new year (this year will be 2019).

But with an official population of just over 11,000 people, Corning is a small town and a smaller city. With that being said, Corning is not a hustle and bustle type area. Corning has a lot more relaxed atmosphere being a smaller city. Being a small area, not as much happening and more time to relax. Also, small = fewer people which means it is easier to keep track of your neighbors. Yeah, one of those 'everyone knows everyone else' areas. Well, kind of anyway. Corning is also a tourist town as well.

And what do the tourists come for?...

The Corning Museum of Glass - Corning, NY

The Rockwell Museum of Western Art - Corning, NY

The home of Cinderella Softball - Baker Street - Corning, NY

The Corning Country Club Golf Course - East Corning, NY - former first stop on the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) until 2009.

Elmira, NY - grave site of Mark Twain, Ernie "The Express" Davis, Hal Roach (Little Rascals), birthplace of Eileen Collins and Tommy Hilfiger among others. Note, there are bad sections in Elmira. Elmira has become the site of 2 maximum security prisons and has imported New York City gang members serving jail time to try to 'break up the gangs'. The actual result has been that many New York City gang members have moved to Elmira and for an area of 34 to 36,000 people there are far too many gun shootings for such a small area.

The finger lakes (Canandaigua - just over 1 hour, Keuka - ½ hour, Seneca - ½ hour, Cayuga - 1 hour)

Finger Lakes Wineries - Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga (Dr. Franks, Redneck Wineries, Tickle Hill, Hazlitt (red cat), Glenora, and numerous other wineries in the area)

Watkins Glen Gorge and Hector Falls - Watkins Glen, NY - ½ hour away

Watkins Glen International Race Track - Watkins Glen, NY - ½ hour away

Tioga Downs Casino & Resort - 45 minutes away (horse racing during summertime)

Cornell University - Ithaca, NY - 1 hour away

Taughannock Falls - Ithaca, NY - 1 hour away

Rochester, NY - 1 ½ hours away - closest large city

Williamspot, PA - home of Little League Baseball - 1 ½ hours away

Syracuse, NY - 2 ¼ hours away

Turning Stone Casino & Resort - Vernon, NY - 2 ½ hours away

Buffalo, NY - 2 ½ hours away

Cooperstown, NY - Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - 2 ½ hours away

Jamestown, NY - birth and resting place of Lucille Ball - 2 ½ hours away

Niagara Falls, NY - 3 hours away

New York City, NY - 4 ½ to 5 hours away

And in the middle of nowhere, but in the middle of everything else at the same time, is quiet old Corning, NY. If you have seen rocks, trees, bushes, grass, water, and hills, with an occasional house here and there, then you've seen all the sights in the area...

And remember, small areas are spread out and have limited resources, so try to plan ahead before travelling. A place to stay, a list of things to see, a means of travel (car rental or such), and definitely plan ahead. Nothing worse than getting somewhere interesting and not being able to do anything because nothing is available (overbooked hotels, car rental dilemma, etc.).

Alcohol sales are at grocery and convenient stores until 1 am local time (some places 12:45 AM just to be safe). Cigarette prices are $10 to $11 dollars a pack plus tax (local sales tax rate is 8.25% or .0825). For cigarettes, the indian reservations have the indian brands at around $13 a carton (Seneca is the local brand). I believe 4 cartons is the limit to leave the area per one customer. The reservations stopped carrying the name brands like Marlboro and such due to all the legal hassles. The native brands are created locally and not subject to transportation laws and such. You can get name brand cigarettes in Pennsylvania (about a half hour away from Corning) for about $5 to $6 per pack. Pennsylvanians come to New York for cheaper gas and alcohol. New Yorkers go to Pennsylvania or the indian reservations for cheaper tobacco.

Unfortunately, if you do come across someone in any area (including small Corning, NY) and you happen upon a person carrying a "WILL WORK FOR FOOD" sign, please avoid them and definitely do not feel sorry for them. In all honesty, and think seriously about this, there are plenty of places to work if they really were looking for a job. They are looking for hand outs (or to possibly pick your pocket) as if they were honestly looking for work they would not be standing out in public like they do. And the hand outs they get are usually either used to buy drugs and / or alcohol and / or cigarettes in all honesty. So remember that if you give money to these people (or get close enough for them to pick your pocket), not only is begging a bad habit, but so are smoking, drugs, pickpocketing, and alcohol bad habits. They always have a hard luck story and are usually either on DSS (welfare) or SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income). The people I know that really do have it "bad off" and a true hard luck story do not beg and are usually reclusive and not wanting a hand out, but looking for a hand up to better themselves if possible. Feed a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. Hand outs for a day, hand ups for a lifetime. The difference between a bum and a person down on their luck.

But yes, I live in Corning, New York, USA because it is a quieter and more relaxed area to live in, but close enough to other areas just in case I get too bored (very unlikely).

271. What is the difference between resurrection and reincarnation?

I already mentioned this elsewhere, but...

Resurrection is where an aura is returned to the same body it left. When the aura leaves the flesh, the flesh dies. When an aura returns to the same flesh it left, the flesh is resurrected (brought back to life) as the same individual.

Reincarnation is where an aura that existed in another body before is alive again in another individual body.

In a resurrection, the same aura returns to its dead body and the body is brought back to life again. In a reincarnation, an aura is used to give life to a completely different body than what the aura belonged to before. With a reincarnation, an aura leaves a body (flesh) that is dead and is reused to give life to a different body born at a later point in time (an aura can not inhabit two bodies at the same time that I am aware of).

272. Is all radiation harmful?

Truthfully, no.

Also, the opposite of radiation is absorption.

If all radiation was harmful, then we would not exist in all honesty. There is an aura (electromagnetic energy) that radiates around living life forms. If all radiation were harmful, we would not be able to get near another living organism including ourselves.

There are two types of radiation, harmful to life, and nonharmful to life.

An electromagnetic aura is essential to life and without this aura, life ceases to exist. An electromagnetic aura is nonharmful radiation and in effect, essential, to life.

Harmful radiation is the type of radiation that alters molecules and makes these altered molecules unstable. Harmful radiation is always very unstable. Harmful radiation is very disruptive to life. Harmful radiation has been known to destroy life in a short time. Leukemia and cancer are examples of the destructiveness of harmful radiation on life in the flesh. But honestly, harmful radiation is harmful to the flesh, but harmful radiation does not harm an aura.

273. Why do women walk on their tiptoes when naked?

Great, excellent, and wonderful question here. Are you sure about that? Maybe we should get a lot more opinions before commenting on this one. Definitely worth researching this further. You did notice that she was standing on her tiptoes, right? Right?

274. What is 'sloppywrited' all about anyway?

I hope the following explains this (I started adding 'sloppywrited' to stuff back in 1995 or possibly even in the late 1980s even I believe). But sloppywrited was my kind of 'freeware' coding...

This was done for just myself, but I figured I wouldn't "Bogart" it all to myself and share this with others if they like (or don't like even). As such, I will not be held responsible for any monetary damages that may result from use and/or misuse of this program. Hey, it's free and if you don't trust it, you don't have to even try it. Although every effort has been made to make this program (GAMECD) as useful as possible (hence DOS), you just can't please everyone and I do not wish to try. Hey, I find this useful and just wish to share it to anyone else that may or may not find a program like this useful. I also wish to state that if you find any of the coding useful and wish to use said coding for whatever purpose, then feel free. I don't mind at all. I do not wish to copyright or any of that legal stuff on this program and I don't wish to "Bogart" the codes either. No credit need be given to me or any of that. Just use as you wish. But this program is being released 'as is' and as such, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK OR DON'T USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Whatever... But sheesh, it's free and I want to keep it that way, OK? Not OK?

My name, Thee Ace Man. Who else...

And for some other info, a while back (1998, so quite a while) I wrote a program in BASIC to store music and video info with. A guy used the coding and I was fine with that, BUT, other people butted in and said "Hey, you used his stuff and just stuck a GUI over it and sold it." It was fine with me, but the BBS attacked this guy relentlessly even AFTER I said it was OK (heck it was even in the docs like it is now). But the people on the BBS STILL kept flaming this guy even after I said it was OK and "to read the docs, when I say ANYONE, I mean ANYONE". But no, I'm not doing this for money, fame, notoriety or whatever. I did this because I need something to catalogue my thousand or so game CDs. This works for me. If it works for you fine and if not sorry to waste your time.

Thanks again,

Thee Ace Man

PS Thanks for reading down this far. As far as money, um, what do you really need all that money for when you could never spend that much in a lifetime? Seriously. Success? No, gluttony is all it is. Take too much so that no one else has anything and has to beg. No thanks. Not for me. And to set the record straight on a few things. First, I'm THEE Ace Man. Second, if you wanna get just a hundred on a hundred point test or ten points on a ten point quiz then fine, but I used to get 105 points on a 100 point test and 11 points on a 10 point quiz to 'ace' it. Think about that. And honestly, this only took me about 10 hours total to write and compile. But an even greater reward for going down this far. REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR WORK. If something goes haywire you can always go back to a backup if you have one. And IF you do forget to have the last entry of '999999' there is a trick that can help if you don't have a backup. Ready. Use Notepad or another text editing program and open up the GAMECD.DAT file with it. Now use + (the ctrl and end keys pressed together) to go to the end of the GAMECD.DAT file and once there type in the six nines (999999) and then hit the space bar 554 times and then save the GAMECD.DAT file. That'll teach ya. When I say type six nines, I mean type 999999 when finished. And the difference between an orange is still a bicycle because a vest has no sleeves. It is what it is. Phhhlllltttt!!!!

PS2 GAMECD v1.0 released May 21, 2013
GAMECD v2.0 released May 25, 2013
GAMECD v3.0 done June 17, 2013 (Left$ Mid$ fixes)

PS3 sloppywrited 2013 by Thee Ace Man cuz he did it that way out of haste and wanton abandon for anyone else but himself. All ambidextrousnesses reserved. Lefties and righties are on your own.

PS4 Obviously this program deals with cataloging of of copyrighted materials and it is not a wish of this author to overstep my bounds otherwise I wouldn't have added in the 'developer', 'publisher' and such type entries in the program. Anyway, others have put in hard work and may wish to be remembered and protect their legal rights and all that. So please do respect their remembrances and all that whenever possible. BUT, as far as this author, haven't I, Thee Ace Man, been remembered enough (even if not fully remembered because most can't claim a 105 / 100 or 11 / 10 scores and all that)? Sometimes best to try and leave it be. Legends are legendary and people are people. Can't a legend be a people too?

275. Do you wish to add anything about the 'sex scandal' surrounding the Nobel Prize in Literature 2018?

Oh yes, definitely. In all honesty, the scandal has not really had much attention over here in the United States. I only discovered it after I had an unusual post on this forum about someone saying they 'put a good word in for me'. No mention of where the good word was put in or such, just that the post stood out as being unusual back in May or June when this forum was just starting out. Good word where and for what? After the odd post, I did a search on Nobel Prizes and I realized there was a scandal going on this year for the literature prize. I am not repeating names as I feel the media will publish those names over and over again around October as the results come in for the Nobel Prizes. As far as I know, all of the Nobel Prizes will be awarded this year except the Nobel Prize in Literature. From what I have heard as well, there will be two (2) Prizes for Literature awarded in 2019 due to the circumstances in this year, 2018.

Apparently, one of the ones nominated for a Nobel in Literature was having sex with one of the judges. Big questions raised by the judges and consequently six of the judges refused to submit nominations for the prize in literature and submitted letters of resignation. The problem is that judges for the Nobel Prizes are nominated for life and technically not allowed to resign. A huge mess. Not enough judges to pass a nomination through for the Literature Prize. But an awkward mess too because the judge had already had sex with the nominee, so it was not like the sex was being used to manipulate the judge's decision. Think about it. If you were trying to win a Nobel and you already gave the judge sex, what leverage would you have over the judge? Guilty conscience? Yes, a huge mess this year over the Nobel Award (Prize) in Literature for sure.

And what can we learn from this? If you are going to bribe a judge with sex to win an award, keep your mouth shut and use the promise of sex AFTER the award is awarded. Then after the award is awarded, when the judge asks for sex just say, "What promise? I don't remember any promise." and just take the award and walk away. Nobel Laureates are supposed to be intelligent. Where is the intelligence behind "I gave you sex, where is my Nobel Prize in Literature you lying scumbag!"?

So, I am guessing that there will not be a Nobel Prize in Literature in 2018 based on not enough voting judges present to nominate one or several winners. Just one of those things I guess. Either way, definitely a lot of stories to be told about the Nobel in Literature this year. It definitely is not the Nobel Academy's fault that this happened. In a way, it is very odd it has not happened before now in all honesty. Maybe it has? Hopefully it has not. Just one of those what's next moments I guess. And why not wish the new found happy couple best wishes? Are they actually happy, or is it just another 'oops' moment in history? Film at 11...

And speaking of film at 11, I got my information above from the Nobel web site. The Nobel site talks about the process and that they need 10 judges present to vote a prize. There are 14 judges and with 6 judges not voting that leaves 8 judges. Also on the site it explains that the Nobel judges are appointed for life and not allowed to resign at present. The selection process is not to be discussed until 50 years later by the judges directly. The institute, itself, is not a judge however and came forward about the dilemma. The rules would have to be changed by the king for a resignation to occur. So... Film at 11, with news sites claiming 18 judges and that six judges resigned. Who are you going to believe? The news media or the Nobel Institute?

And graduationally (after finals usually comes graduation for most), after something like this happens you can only hope that things turn out better for all of those involved.

276. How do you feel about "sensitivity training"? (Adult Content - Very, Very... Strong Language)

First off, grow the fuck up! Seriousfuckingly. If you are a whiner and can't fucking cut it then just lay your sensitive, whiney fucking ass on your parent's fucking couch for the rest of your fucking life! Hell, it takes an act of fucking congress to get your lazy ass off the couch to take a shit, and then you expect the world to wipe your ass for you when you are done. When shit needs to get done, your whiney ass always gets in the fucking way damn it. Get the fuck home and leave the job to someone that ain't such a fucking wussy (wussy - part wimp and part pussy). Fuck your whiney god damned personal problems too. Tough shit, we all got our fucking crosses to bear and if you would just get your head out of your fucking ass for ten seconds, you might fucking finally realize this. But then too, your head seems to be so fucking far up your fucking ass that I don't think it will ever come back out again, will it? I didn't fucking think so, and you don't fucking think period anyway, do you? You sniveling, chicken shit coward. You've been fucking babied too fucking long now and you need to grow the fuck up in a hurry shit for brains. Get out in the real fucking world for a fucking change instead of that make fucking believe world you keep crawling into. People need someone they can depend on to get shit done. You ain't fucking dependable for shit. You don't even fucking know the fucking difference between shit and shinola do you? Fucking brain dead! Nothing but fucking brain dead! What's it going to take to wake your fucking sensitive, chicken shit ass the fuck up anyway? I ain't always going to be around to bail your fucking pathetic ass out and then what? Huh? Really? You fucking retard. You want 'positive' all the time, I will give you positive. I am positive you are a complete fucking whacked out fucking retard. Bullshit. Plain fucking bullshit. You are a royal fuck up and someone needs to shove that scepter up your fucking candy ass and make your candy ass fucking hairs salute. I don't know where you got this fucked up cocksucking idea that you were born with a silver fucking spoon up your ass, because you weren't. I wouldn't have got as far as I did without busting my ass for a living while you have just sat around and did absofuckinglutely nothing in your entire fucking life except fucking screw off all the time. What the fuck? Do you want a fucking medal or a chest to fucking pin it on? You fucking lazy assed piece of shit. It's always been infuckingcredible the way you take shit for granted.

So yeah, if you weren't such a useless, whiney jackass, then you wouldn't take offense to the truth. And if you can't fucking handle a little constructive fucking criticism then what the fuck good are you? Seriousfuckingly! God damned fucking whine ass! Sensitivity my left fucking nut. Grow the mutherfuck up! Jesus you're so fucking pathetic! Does it say "has to whine about doing everything" in your fucking job description? Well, does it? I don't fucking see it anyfuckingwhere do you? I didn't fucking think so. Go cry to your fucking mommy. See where that gets you, you fucking baby. Get the fuck out of my fucking sight and go change your fucking diaper, alright? I just started and I scared the living shit right out of you, didn't I? Well... You have now been sensifuckingtivity trained. Like I stated in the first fucking place, GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

So yeah, I live in New York State, do you want to make something of it? Well...

And what brought all of this on? I was thinking back to around 2010 or 2011 when a construction crew was repaving Kahler Road by the local airport. My boss's brother, Tony, was coming back to the airport through the construction zone and the flagman stood in the middle of the road and stopped Tony on Tony's way back to the airport. Fair enough. No problems. But then this jackass keeps standing in the middle of the road and flagging Tony to come through. In order for Tony to get through without running off the road and into an embankment, Tony would have had to have run over the jackass flagman. So Tony yelled out the window to the flagman, "Get out of the road you jackass" and the flagman moved finally. Then the flagman comes into the airport and tells the boss about what happened (Tony already told the boss, his brother, anyway, but...) and told the boss how Tony hurt his feelings calling him a jackass and the construction guy wanted an apology from Tony for calling him a jackass. The boss had a hard time keeping from laughing at this guy (think about it seriously) but said he would have a talk with Tony. The boss and his brother did talk and they both started laughing really hard about it. The guy was serious about his feelings being hurt, and seriously, the guy was, and probably is, still a complete jackass. If jackass really wants an apology, then maybe if he stopped being a jackass, an apology wouldn't be needed now would it?

277. Are you kidding me?

Truthfully, there are a few jokes on this site (me, myself, and I included).

But all jokes aside, I am honestly hoping to bypass the messed up institutional learning systems out there and encourage others to think beyond what is taught and more towards what can be learned.

For the most part, most of this site does actually deal with serious issues. Just because people accept some idea, does not mean that idea is truthful including my own ideas presented on this site.

I am actually not looking to disprove other people's ideas as more that I am trying to understand what is actually happening in one form or another. Many times what others write does not seem to match information that may be available. As a result, I try to explain what happens alongside what is taught or said about what happens.

The wonderful part about recent history is that our technology has increased greatly, however, underneath this technology appears to be an education system that is outdated and severely lacking. Knowledge is rewarded, while intelligence is still punished. Memorization is encouraged. Thinking is discouraged. Very outdated.

But because of position or status, certain knowledge just gets repeated over and over again. Intelligence is discouraged in all honesty in most scholastic institutions. Knowledge and not intelligence are favored and as a result, you will learn what we teach even though what may be being taught may be defective and not make much sense.

Another disturbing trend (especially in the United States) is the trend of 'dumbing down' education in an effort to accomodate athletes that can't even spell their own names. Money. Money. Money. Education is an afterthought. World's Smater versus World's Smartest Wealthiest. Film at 11...

Each person is different and experiences things differently, however, each person is still a person and has a common foundation, life.

And so why not create a website so that people can get some additional thoughts and ideas and allow people to think on their own outside of schooling and such? Great, why not? No joke. Well, maybe a few jokes to break up the monotony of being serious all the time...

278. Does purples and burples rhyme then?

Roses are red.
Violets are purples.
You're such a gas.
You give me the burples.

279. Did I hear that right? Could You repeat that again?

The excellent wonder of writing instead of video or such is that you can go back and get the same information again.

One of the great features of myself having this site is that with all of the information available, I can refer back to information when needed. Just reread.

When I thought about writing 'my life story (aka The New Math)' I realized at the time that I had a whole lot of information to deal with. Imagine trying to repeat the same story over and over again and trying to remember the same details each time. And then you meet someone else, and then someone else, and... By writing things out, I didn't have to try and remember so much, and I could edit details or the way it was written on a computer to make it more understandable. And imagine trying to remember all these 270+ topics on this site and repeat them over and over again when talking, or if someone asks about something.

Imagine trying to repeat your life story to many different people over and over again and hoping that you got all the information to the other person and also hope that the other person heard what you said correctly. In the case of sharing knowledge, sometimes you may have a better story to tell, but you forget sometimes. And sometimes, the other person may not hear something correctly or draw the wrong conclusion or such. And even sometimes, you may misspeak and not even realize it. And then you meet more people...

Most interviews are in the form of question and answer. The interviewer (the one doing the interview) asks the questions, and the interviewee (the one being interviewed) answers back. And if things are going well, many times the interviewee will add some extra thought to the answers. But after an interview is over, then what? And what if something was messed up during the interview? So yes, by writing out on a computer, it can be reread and edited or added to as needed.

It is definitely great having a reference to events and information and such. And it is great being able to share the same information with many different people. And the big keyword is 'same' here. By typing the information out and having a single source and single repository (big word for a place to put stuff), I can share much easier with more people in much less time. This way, the same information is available to everyone, including myself, at the same time. And if more information is remembered or becomes available, I can add on, and add on, and... or even take away as needed.

With a book or a video, once the book or video is completed, it is done. More stuff, more books, videos, etc. and then it gets messy trying to remember what was done before so that you don't repeat the same thing over and over again. Or have continuity problems and have to keep bouncing back and forth between different books and videos and such and have to repeat things again.

And even worst, old age sets in and the memories become more difficult to remember. Then new memories added on top of the old memories that need to be remembered too.

Most of my life I have just done things. I did things and really did not write about things I said or did. My memories are still there and I am still around. But what happens if I lose my voice, or lose my mind, or... which after Julie Sage (the person who gave me my nickname, Ace) died in a car accident in 1983, I had lost a lot of memories as I had mentally blocked much of my past out to try and move forward. Many people that knew me as Ace, did not really know how I got that nickname as I had actually forgot the story myself for quite a while. And around 2000 or so, I started realizing my memories again. And more thinking, and more writing, and...

And then in 2015, Metatron. I still do not know why people don't metatron tests instead of ace them. But then too, Metatron as a name has been kind of forgotten or been unknown to many people until around 1999 or whatever when the movie Dogma was released. I mean there was the Book of Enoch and such, but most people (except Ethiopians and Armenians, or ones who read the latin or greek bibles) did not know about 'Metatron' until mentioned in a movie. And the Roman Church talks about Peter as the one doing the duty of keeping the book of life that is actually ascribed to Metatron. But then Edgar Cayce does not see a bearded man with a bunch of floating books, but sees a clean shaven man with a bunch of books. And more stories and thoughts follow.

Anyway, it is nice having a time capsule as a reference for all of this mess that keeps cycling through my head all of the time. So many events and ideas and such. And so many people to share with... And so many other people possibly having similar experiences too. And it keeps growing and growing and... Other people then get inspirations. And then I get more thoughts and inspirations.

And then another thought and another topic... Who, what, where, when and why next? Stuff happens. To be continued...

280. Can I really and truly accomplish anything I set my mind to do?


Stand up from your computer. Take your arms and spread them out at your sides so that your fingertips are as far away as they can get from each other. Now, start flapping your arms up and down as fast as you can. Did you move stuff away from yourself first or did you just whack yourself pretty good on that chair or whatever else was in the room by you? Oh yeah, are you flying yet?

No, glad to hear it, a strong dose of reality is always a good thing I feel. It is nice to have dreams and thoughts and such, but it is even nicer to have a dose of reality mixed in with your dreams and aspirations and such.

You can motivate all you want, but the truth is always the truth. And when people forget about the truth, strange things happen. Is the Earth really flat? Are you for real? Am I for real? Really? Realistically? Truthfully. And truthfully, you can flap your arms all that you want and you are not going to turn into a bird and fly away are you?

Have you learned something yet? Nope? Awesome. Now run as fast as you can so that you can go back in time before you run into that wall in front of you. You didn't quite run fast enough? OK, try it again and again and again and again... Have you learned futility yet? Futility or being futile comes about when a person gets a thought in their head that is just not possible, but they believe it is possible and keep trying anyway without thinking about what they are actually doing. Then reality sinks in and "Hey, this is impossible." Futility.

Now, take a bunch of ice cubes and spread them at your feet on the floor. Now, gently and carefully walk on top of the ice cubes. You do realize you are walking on water, right? It may be frozen water, but water nonetheless. Accomplishment, well, kind of anyway. You are still going to need to accomplish picking those ice cubes up off the floor before someone (including you) slips and falls. Right?

But with everything, there are limitations. But once in a while it can be nice to let your mind wander and explore the limitless possibilities of your imagination. But then again, reality is always there so long as we are real. We are real aren't we? Oops, does anyone really know for sure? Anyone else? Please?

281. Is life really worth it?

Life is the combination of aura (electromagnetic thought) and substance (flesh). Is it really worth all the trouble? Yes.

Aura without flesh is just an aura of electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic energy is what exists throughout eternity. Substance also exists throughout eternity, but without an aura to provide life, it is just substance. It is the combination of aura and substance which provides life as we know it.

So think about it a little bit. You are an aura without substance attached and you have all of this time but nothing to do but just hover (float) around. Nothing to really think about or do, just exist. Sounds boring doesn't it? It would be, but this thing called life happened and now you have all of these stories about stuff that happened and other life that you have spent time with and more stories, and more stories, and...

But would you rather spend eternity with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and such. Or would you rather spend time doing something?

Life happened and not just once. Auras happened too and not just one either. So now what? Learning? Watch the grass grow?

But truthfully, would you rather have something to do and think and talk about throughout eternity, or not? Either way, you are here now so what are you waiting for? A chance to get some sleep? Just a chance?

And try to remember too, others are having their chances too. Freedom is not about doing whatever you want but about making choices. Whether in life or just an aura, others exist too. And shouldn't we be working towards a better life for all instead of just a select few? Well...

And so it comes back to the Meek (ones who obey the same rules they ask others to follow) and the Buttholes (who make rules for others to follow but do not follow the same rules themselves). The choice is ours as well as others in this thing called life. Afterlife (aura without substance) is another story. And another story. And another.

Life is an experience. Eternity is existence. And it is the experiences throughout existence that helps define who we really are. Or maybe we aren't?

But isn't it nice to get a vacation from an eternity of floating around, and get a chance to do something to talk about other than just floating around for an eternity. Something to think about for eternity. And truly, that is what life (aura with substance attached) is all about -> having experiences to last an eternity.

And how long does eternity last anyway? Well... You have a lifetime to gain experiences and an eternity to remember those experiences.

282. Is there such a thing as a naked (without clothes) angel?

No, there is no such thing as an angel without clothing (naked). A naked demon possibly as those condemned are to be punished. But as far as a naked angel, there are none to be found.

I believe the early paintings and such depicted naked angels because of the information that the angels were created before Adam and Eve. And since Adam and Eve did not know about nakedness at first, the early angels must not have known about nakedness either. A very false assumption. Very untrue. Those that appear before Almighty, as well as Almighty Himself, wear clothing. Almighty's clothing is described here http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/38/do-you-believe-in-god-almighty#latest . As far as I know, angels have more important things to do than to show off body parts. Since the spirit world is eternal, there is no need for reproduction between auras / spirits (sparks would definitely fly between two electromagnetic auras intermingling).

So no, there has never been such a thing as a naked angel in the real world.

283. What is required to be a professional?

A professional is a person who gets paid to do something. That is the only requirement to be a professional in all honesty. Some professions may require a certain level of education (high school diploma, college degree, etc.) but in all truthfulness if someone gets paid to do something, they are considered a professional.

The opposite of a professional is an amateur. Usually an amateur does something as a hobby and does not get paid for it. Many times also, an amateur may have more knowledge than a professional as an amateur does it because they enjoy it instead of doing it to get a paycheck.

A professional that is required to have certain credentials before being considered a professional, but does not have these credentials, is known as an impersonator.  Depending on the severity of the impersonation, and if caught and convicted, an impersonator may later become known as a 'jailbird'.

284. What is required to be considered an expert?

Typing or printing 6 letters - E-X-P-E-R-T. That's it. But truthfully, experts do not make mistakes; people make mistakes; therefore experts are just figments of their own imaginations and do not actually exist.

285. Is there anything else you would like to add?

As far as adding topics to this site, yes, most definitely as the need arises.

As far as mathematics, I know I wrote a book called 'The New Math', but I do not really enjoy mathematics that much. As far as math adding, again, as the need arises, but if the need hasn't arisen, then I am not really interested.

286. What is the difference between a lawyer and a liar?

A lawyer is required by law to represent a client to the best of their ability in court in favor of their client's best legal interests. I see your point here. Um, but a lawyer requires a college degree and passing a Bar Exam. Speaking of bars...

287. Would you ever hurt a fly?

Hurt, nothing, I kill the suckers whenever possible. Pesky pests.

288. What's the worst that could happen?

Seriously, you don't know? Nobody told you? Uh oh.

289. Is it better to discipline my child the moment they act up or should I wait?

Yes. Both. You should not allow children to feel they can just do whatever they want, when they want.

If you are in a situation, like driving a car, where it can be dangerous if you divert your attention, definitely wait until you can pull over safely.

And when they act up, let them have it and let them know you are not going to tolerate bad behavior at any time. They will thank you for it later. But when anyone, young or old, has mischief in their head, now is the time to act. And definitely remind them of it later so that they do not forget. If you let them know right up front that mischief and bad behavior are not tolerated, they will learn.

As far as the disciplining itself, I leave that up to you the reader. I have always found out that the easiest way to get a child to listen, is to make sure they can not escape and run off somewhere. A restraining technique usually works best for this where you are behind the child and fold their arms across their body in an X shape, wrap your legs around their legs, and drop them to the ground so that they can't get away no matter how much they try. Those up to mischief absolutely hate being restrained. They are hellbent on doing whatever, and restraint keeps them from whatever. It works but only if you keep at it. If they feel they can get out of it, they will and then will not listen. If they realize that they can't get away with it and out of being restrained, they will eventually learn. And the other part, they are acting up. The discipliner needs to remain calm to let the acting up person know that it is not acceptable behavior at all. Children that are hyperactive do not like to sit still. But if you make them sit still, they have no choice. But you must remain as calm as possible.

And definitely, a while afterwards, talk and remind them that no means NO. When I say no, I mean it. Understood? Do you want more? OK, then. Not OK, you are going down again until you learn.

You can try sitting in the corner, taking away stuff, grounding and all of that. But I have found that restraint with hands on seems to work the best. But you have to be calm and wait for them to calm down before you let them back up.

290. Is there an RSS feed on your site?

Yes, and it is available here http://www.askmetatron.com/categories/general/feed.rss .

Use this link for the posts from me, metatron,

http://www.askmetatron.com/profile/discussions/2/metatron .

If you don't want to click links and such, you can find each post together on one html page here at http://www.theeaceman.com/askmeta.html .

291. How is it possible that every country in the world declares murder illegal, yet wars persist?


The definition of a Butthole (Butthole aka butt [rump, etc.] hole - that place where the poop comes out) is a person who makes rules for others to follow but does not follow the same rules themselves.

The definition of a Meek is a person who follows the same rules they ask others to follow.

Now, where is the world at politically? Buttholes or Meek? You can not be both a Butthole and a Meek.

And yes, seriously look at all politicians in the USA (and your own country as well if you wish). Does everyone else have free healthcare, or is it just the politicians? Does everyone have lobbyists that buy them dinner all the time and free all expense paid trips and such perks? If a politician slanders or libels someone else, do they get sued for it or hide behind special laws that allow them immunity and impunity from the laws that they write for everyone else but themselves? And the list can go on and on. It is not Democrats or Republicans in the USA, both political parties are just plain Buttholes anymore. Point blank. There are not any Meek in the USA government or else the garbage that persists would finally get cleaned up. And they always want a raise. A raise for what? A job poorly done if at all? Any idiot can make laws for others to follow but make themselves immune to those same laws. How about following the rules you make and ask others to follow for a change? What change? Exactly. Over paid bums. The idea behind the US Constitution was to make a society where all rules applied to everyone including the rulemakers themselves. Well? Instead of a raise, how about earning the money you already make for a change? Dignity and integrity are not given, they need to be earned.

Metatron hath spoken or whatever. Carry on. You will carry on as you always have anyway, but I tried.

292. Are you saying that there were two different Lamechs in the Holy Bible?

Yes, there are two different Lamechs in the Holy Bible.

The first Lamech was from the bloodline of Cain and was the great great great grandson of Cain. This was the Lamech that killed a young man mentioned in the Bible as the "If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold".

The second Lamech mentioned is the father of Noah. This is a different Lamech than the Lamech from Cain.

There are also two Enochs as well. The son of Cain was Enoch and the seventh removed from Adam (sixth removed from Seth) was named Enoch as well.

Noah's father was not the Lamech that killed.

And before it happens, Cain's son, Enoch, was not the same person as Seth's great great great grandson Enoch (Metatron).

293. Could you speak louder? I can't seem to hear you.


294. Do you know how to speak proper english?

Yes, I do. But it sounds arrogant and I am not really arrogant myself.

295. If I am not 110% completely satisfied, do I get my money back?

How can I give you your money back when it is already your money anyway? Of course you can have your money. I have my money too.

296. Are you certain about that?

I am absolutely, positively, 100% certain that my answer is maybe. Other than that, I am not so sure.

297. Is it true that you can not please everyone?

Yes, very true. You may be able to come close to pleasing everyone, but in the process, you end up losing yourself.

And yes too, there is that Ricky Nelson song, "Garden Party" with the chorus of "It's all right now. I've learned my lesson well. You see, you can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself." But does this saying hold true? Is it still possible to please everyone despite what this song says? 1

A gentleman by the name of Paul came close at one point. Paul started out with small roles here and there. Paul then went on to star in his own shows and movies. Paul played the role of a man that was very child-like in nature, but with slightly naughty undertones. Paul became very successful, very fast as an actor with both children and adults alike which is very unusual. Paul pleased many people in his day. But after pleasing so many people, Paul tried to please himself in the balcony of a movie theater and was arrested. After the arrest, Paul disappeared from public view for a while. But it goes to show that the more you try to please everyone else, the more you lose yourself. And you can get arrested for losing yourself in the balcony of a movie theater instead of the privacy of your own home as Paul unfortunately found out too late.

But enough about the flesh world, where pleasures of the flesh abound and such. How about the spirit world, where auras abound? Heaven and Hell and all of the places inbetween where auras abound and flesh is just a thought. How do you please an aura without flesh attached throughout eternity anyway? Think.

1 Garden Party lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

298. What is caring all about really?

Caring is when someone realizes they are not above or below others in status and others are not above or below them in status.

299. Do you really think the Native Americans made out better when they sold Manhattan Island?

Most definitely yes.

The Native Americans recieved roughly $24 US worth of 'trinkets' in trade.

Manhattan Island and New York City are so far in debt at present, that paying $24 US in 'trinkets' would require having to borrow $30 US to hopefully get enough money to pay for the $24 US in trinkets.

So what would you rather have? $24 US in trinkets or constant money headaches from massive debt? Good choice.

300. How do you feel about multitasking?

Multitaking is trying to do more than one thing at a time.

Multitasking leads to multiple things getting done quicker.

Multitasking also leads to shoddy (terrible) workmanship as instead of devoting the time needed to the task at hand, the time needed is diverted and thusly mistakes, omissions (left outs) and problems eventually result.

If you want or need something done fast, multitask.

If you want something done well, DO NOT MULTITASK.

301. How do I know when enough is enough?

When your anger starts getting the better of you.

Anger is there to let you know there is a problem. The problem with anger though, is that no one thinks straight when angry. Therefore, when you get angry, chances are, you will end up creating more problems unless you back away and wait for that anger to subside so that you can think and solve problems rationally again. Yes, if you are angry, you will do irrational things. The best thing to do when your anger acts up is to back away and try to take a break and get away from whatever is making you angry. Believe it or not, after the anger does go away, you will figure out a better way to solve a problem. But until that anger goes away, you will most likely sabotage yourself and make the problem worst because you are not thinking properly.

But yes, enough is enough. And when enough gets to be too much, then back away. You will be glad you did. Anger is not going to solve that problem, but it definitely may create many more problems, which creates more anger, and more problems, and... Well, you wouldn't step back and calm down, so you should know better by now, shouldn't you?

Think about it. That stupid bolt on the alternator wouldn't tighten properly, so you threw the ratchet through the windshield. That fixed it, right? So and so called you a name, so you punched the wall next to him and broke your hand and had to be in a cast for a month. That fixed the problem, right? Your boss asked you to get back to work and you threw a fit and tossed stuff all over the boss's office and started yelling and swearing at your boss. Then your boss fired you and that fixed your problem, right? So go ahead and let yourself get angry again and see what more fun you can have. Haven't you had enough fun already? Come on you wimp, and while you are angry, do you happen to have two ten dollar bills for a five dollar bill? Thanks. I'll be leaving now. Have fun.

302. Why so many questions?

Because questions are what lead to things called answers. And many times these answers lead to more questions...

It is called thinking and is an enjoyable experience for most auras. After all substance (without aura attached) does not think and just exists.

But then too, do plants actually think? Well? Truthfully if plants thought, they would try to uproot and move to higher ground during a flood, wouldn't they? But since plants can not physically uproot, maybe they think about it, but it just can not be done? Maybe it can be done and they just do not think about it? Ask more questions. Search for more answers.

But questions lead to thinking, and thinking leads to answers. And answers can lead to more questions, and more questions can lead to more answers. And more thinking.

And with that thought, is there anything wrong with being able to think? Think about it.

So questions lead to thought and thought leads to answers. And answers can lead to more questions, more thought, and more answers. But what about unanswered questions? Is there such a thing as an unanswered question? Not really. All questions do actually have an answer, but we may not know the answer at the time of the question. Patience. If we keep thinking on the question, the answer may become known some day. Until then, is there anything wrong with keep thinking? THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).

And after finding the answers, then what? More thinking? Brain fried anyone from too much thought? And that is why break time was invented. Or was it? You do know what taking a break is, don't you?

Information. How much information is too much? How much information is too little? How much more of this will it take? Exactly. Keep asking questions. And so long as there are questions we will always have something to think about throughout eternity. And how long does eternity last anyway? Forever? Uh oh, I think that I had better get a bigger website.

303. If ozone does not block radiation, what does?

Lead (Pb) originally called Plumbium (hence Pb) does block radiation. The problem is that lead is slightly toxic with direct contact. Lead poisoning is the result of ingestion or overexposure to lead. Too much lead has been known to cause deliriousness and eventually death. Ozone (O3) as stated does not actually appear to block radiation and with larger quantities of O3 the presence of O4 which is harmfully radioactive is most likely present. Luckily, O3 is fairly uncommon and O4 is almost nonexistent naturally. Man made O3 and O4 is usually contained in lead containers.

Lead (Pb) seems to be the only solid substance that does not accept an excited electron, neutron, or proton. Thusly lead (Pb) is effective for containing radioactive substances.

And final note, even the noble gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon) which are usually nonreactive with other chemicals, appear to be able to accept extra electrons, neutrons, and protons from radioactive materials creating radioactive isotopes. Lead (Pb) still appears to be the only nonreactive substance with exposure to radioactivity. Radioactivity is measured by an instrument known as a Geiger Counter.

304. Someone just said "X Y Z P D Q". What does that mean?

If you are a modest type person, it means that your face is about to blush (turn red) and you are about to get embarassed. If you are not so modest then you may smile a little bit because someone noticed.

But anyway, X Y Z P D Q means eXamine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick and that your pants are unzipped.

305. Is it true that too much thinking lowers a person's "sex drive"? (Slight Adult Content - Sex)

Not true at all. Sex drive (the wanting to have sex) is a physical characteristic and not really controlled by thoughts. A person's sex drive is controlled mainly by hormones and those hormones are not any more, nor less prevalent in those that think. The aura (electromagnetic energy) controls the human body. Thinking, for the most part, does not diminish the production of hormones nor increase it either. But if those hormones become very prevalent, there may be too much thinking about sex and other thoughts may become lost in the thought process. And what is the point of thinking about something, without gaining the personal experience of doing as well? A one track mind.

In life (aura with substance attached), the aura (thoughts, controller) and the flesh (substance, controlled) combine and work together for as long as life lasts. After life, when an aura separates from the flesh and the flesh dies, the interaction of flesh and aura is no longer there. Without the flesh, no sex drive or hormones as an aura. Without the aura, no sex drive for the dead flesh either. It is the combination of aura and flesh, called life, that can create a sex drive. So all of this talk of celebacy (no sex) and virginity (no sex again) by religions makes little to no sense. Having sex, nor not having sex, does not make an aura with flesh attached any more or less pure than what it is. Auras do not have sex by themselves. Auras need flesh attached to want or desire sex. Aura is electromagnetic energy which does not produce hormones. An aura can control the production of hormones. But hormones are of the flesh, not of the aura. Anyway...

Do plants have sex drives too? No. Just animals.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Let's see, math is the study of curves and angles and such. Do you see any curves or angles out there? Look harder. Concentrate. Do you see the matrixes and boxed sets turning into matresses and box springs yet? Well, do you? Concentrate some more... Math problems. Life problems. Math solutions. Life solutions. The new math. It all adds up or subtracts out eventually.

Sex, would life exist without it? Test tube. Petri dish. Maybe. But would life be as much fun without it? But then too, you are having sex with a Butthole (one who makes rules for others to follow but does not follow the same rules themselves) and a Butthole is not that much fun to be around always giving everyone else things to do while they do whatever they please. But such is life (aura with flesh attached). And where life goes, stories follow.

306. Shouldn't it be Sociology instead of Socialogy?

OK, you got me in a way. But I get you back. Technically it should be Socialology, but who am I to pick on shrinks?1

1 Shrinks - those individuals who try to shrink thoughts into their own little dream world instead of accepting thoughts for what those thoughts actually are. Sigmund Freud is a great example of this. Shrinks.

307. What is meant by "hidden meaning"? (Adult content - mild language)

Hidden meaning is when someone says one thing, but means something else.

In other words, what was actually said was meant to be something else. In other words, nonsense. If someone meant to say something else, they would have said something else, correct?

A pun is when someone says something that can be taken two different ways and is not to be confused with 'hidden meaning'. Puns are intended to have two different meanings (nothing hidden).

So take 'hidden meaning' for what it really is, nonsense. And nonsense begets bullshit. And bullshit begets politicians, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, socialogists, ... and experts. And let's face facts here. Experts are people who do not make mistakes. People make mistakes, so therefore experts are just figments of their own imaginations, right? Exactly. Bullshit!

308. I appear to be lost, could you point me in the right direction?

Certainly. The right direction is that way -->. The left direction is this way <--. And the ambidextrous direction is my way  <---->. :) . Thanks for asking.

309. Do you put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else?

No, honestly, I put both legs in at the same time and just pull my pants up that way. Much quicker I feel. I did not really know that others put their pants on one leg at a time. Would seem kind of awkward and slow to me. Put one leg in, then have to drop the pants back down to put the other leg in, then finally pull them up. To each their own I guess.

310. Have you ever noticed that the more things change, the more they stay the same?

Nope. I have never noticed this. I have always noticed that the more things change, they change. And the more things stay the same, the more they stay the same.

I have noticed a bunch of people trying to claim things changed when they actually did not change. I think this might be what this saying is in reference to. I think politics is behind this saying. It sounds like something a politician would say. Either that or a stupid writer that has been listening to politicians so long that they are starting to think like a politician.

311. How do you keep someone in suspense?

I will tell you later.

312. Could you please stick to the topic at hand?

Did I get some glue on me or something? I will try to wash it off. Oops. Stuff happens I guess. I will try to be more careful next time.

313. What about anger and impatience?

Anger and impatience are there to let you know there is a problem.

Once you figure out there is a problem...

Actual problem solving requires thought. Angry people do not think very well. Angry people usually make a problem worst by not thinking properly and just doing something out of anger. Do you honestly believe throwing a cell phone halfway across the room through a glass window is going to fix the phone and the window at the same time? Of course not. Yes, there is a problem, and guaranteed that unless you calm down, you will only make the problem worst with anger. And of course anger goes into frustration, which frustration leads to more anger, which leads to more frustration... An endless cycle unless you take a break, walk away, and calm down before you come back to the problem. The problem will always be there until you fix it. But unless you calm down and think about the problem and a solution that works to fix the problem, your trying to fix the problem with anger will just lead to more problems and nothing getting fixed. Face it, angry people are just destructive. Calm people are constructive. So are you looking to build something useful? Or are you looking to destroy something that used to be useful? Your choice.

Impatience will lead to anger at some point. Think about it. I am in a hurry, but... Being in a hurry will lead to impatience. Impatience will lead to becoming angry. And anger will lead to trying to do something stupid to fix a problem. And yes, doing something stupid usually creates more problems and does not fix problems. But you just couldn't wait, could you?

With both anger and impatience, you are the problem. Until you fix the problem of being angry and impatient, more problems are bound to start happening.

314. Is there any way I can change your mind?

As far as I know, it is still not possible to do a brain transplant. I guess my mind stays the way it is and yours too.

315. Do you have any odd stories to share about filing a New York State USA state tax return?

Did you know that New York State requires a formal written request if you file a tax return and get a refund under one dollar?

I found this out in 2007, when I filed a New York State tax return for 2006 and I put $0.68 as the refund amount.

Instead of a check, New York State sent me back a letter saying that in order to claim a refund under one dollar, I had to submit a written request for anything under one dollar. If I had rounded up to one dollar, a check would have been sent. Because I left it as $0.68, I was sent a letter instead. I am still not sure why a tax form is not considered a 'written request', but I also looked at the envelope and I noticed the postage on the envelope to be $0.74 . I wrote the New York State tax department back and told them to please not respond back as they had already spent more for the postage than the $0.68 was worth to me and to keep the sixty-eight cents to help offset the cost of postage they had paid to send me the letter. They did not respond back, and neither did I after that (I spent sixty-four cents myself in postage). Anyway, what is worth more, sixty-eight cents or a story about sixty-eight cents? I like the story better myself, as what can you really do with sixty-eight cents in the USA anyway? At least I got a story out of it.

316. Could you please stop with the stupid jokes?

Yes, there is a fine line between smart and stupid. There is also a fine line when you cross your i's (eyes) and dot your t's too. Just watch -------> . i and ṫ . Do you see the fine line yet? Yet, yes that place that exists out there, like "He was shot with a bullet and the bullet was in there (their?) yet." Sometimes, you just got to cross the line and move on like so ↕│X . And yes, when it starts getting too stupid, correct, move on to something else and hope for the best.

317. What does it really mean when "something is on sale"?

The real definition of "something is on sale" is something is able to be sold. There actually is no discount required for something to be considered "on sale".

Watch, as I demonstrate...

Tomato Soup, usually priced at 48 cents ($0.48) a can, is now on sale for 2 / $1 (two for a dollar). Believe it or not, you will probably 'sell' more tomato soup at 2 cans for $1, even though the normal price is 48 cents a can. Sold - at an extra profit of 2 cents per can of course, but sold nonetheless. Someone bought it anyway. Maybe it was you. Maybe not. Anyway...

Just as well, 15 miles down the road at another gas station, they are advertising gasoline at ten (10) cents less per gallon. Your heavy duty pickup truck gets twelve (12) miles per gallon. You get 20 gallons of gasoline at ten (10) cents per gallon less or you save $2.00 by buying at the less expensive station. But you used up a gallon of gasoline at $2.93 9 compared to $3.03 9 and therefore the cheaper gasoline actually lost you more than $2.93 in cost. What a savings.

On a different token (whether or not you use public transportation in New York City), cigarettes are $100 a carton of 10 in New York State. 25 miles away (or two gallons of gasoline there and two gallons back or at $3 per gallon X 4 gallons = $12) the cigarettes are priced at $50 a carton of 10 for the same cigarettes. You spend $12 to save $50 or you actually save $38. What are you waiting for? A sale?

318. What constitutes being called stupid?

You may think not knowing what everyone else knows is being stupid, but as you go through this site, AskMetatron, many things that people consider truth and gospel are not truth or gospel so to speak.

And then there are those that do things to others that they would not like it if it was done to them and then these Buttholes (those who make rules for others to follow but do not follow those rules themselves) wonder why no one wants them around or to be around them.

The truth is that a person or a group of people that do the same things again and again and expect a different result is/are stupid.

Those who live in neighborhoods where people are constantly shooting each other with guns and wonder why no one wants to live there are stupid. No one wants to live in an area where they are going to be shot at with guns all of the time, do they?

319. What is a "Devil's Advocate"?

When you analyze the phrase itself, a lawyer for Lucifer (Satan, the Devil).

But the term has been used to represent a person or group that takes a position that is contrary to popular opinion (and the popular opinion at times may be so fickle, that certain people may not have a choice but to take a contrary position).

The opposite of this would be an "Almighty's Advocate" which has been labeled a "Prophet". A Prophet is an individual or group that speaks their mind regardless of whether it is popular or not. A true Prophet is anointed by Almighty, Himself. A false Prophet is not.

So yes, a Devil's Advocate and an Almighty's Advocate may at times overlap in certain instances. A Metatron's Advocate perhaps?

320. Has this site really only been around during the last six months?

Honestly, there were parts of this site that were around before six months ago ( http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/2106/what-other-projects-have-you-worked-on-before-ask-metatron#latest ). But I started this site six months ago because I had a lot of information to share and the typical web page and such were just too large for what I was doing. I broke the old information up into smaller topics to make the writing smaller and easier to manage. Such a wide variety of different topics available.

Another part, how are people going to get 'smarter' without sharing information? And web pages are not really interactive as people that visit a web page are not able to say what they wish to say as a web page can only be changed by the web page maker. So I chose the forum format because it is interactive with the poster and the user able to converse back and forth instead of just reading something and no feedback (web pages html).

And then, when I first started, there were people that were not able to be 'confirmed' as a confirmed member because they used a public network, and the forum software saw this as a possible threat and blocked the network from registering. So that is why I changed the unconfirmed member to the same as a confirmed member within the first month.

Also, I needed to make the information available without having to even register or sign up at all. Signing up allows a person to post on here, but the content and such can still be read without becoming a member of the forum.

More also, a forum allows discussion of information, and as such, you can discuss copyrighted information and such without having to try and obtain a license or permission and such. And part of my information is provided by people who are now deceased and unable to give or reject permission as they are dead now. A séance is not considered legally binding and many mediums and such have been proven not to be able to contact the actual spirits anyway, as the actual spirit would know certain information and the medium (séance talker) can not seem to relay this information that the actual personal spirit would know. So how do you get permission from a dead person anyway? The nice part about a discussion forum is that you do not need permission to discuss things. You just discuss them.

Anyway, I have all of my personal information and stories to share and with all the misinformation available, I am all to happy to share now. My given name is Adrian, my first nickname was Bubby, then I became known as Ace and a bunch of events happened throughout. Around August 25/26, 2015, I came upon the name Metatron as all the information that I had been given by others pointed to this name as well (the one who Edgar Cayce got his information from, The Keeper of the Book of Life, and so on). And I got to meet many different interesting individuals and share stories with them as well because of my having a double-nerved upper left bicuspid (that apparently only Metatron possesses) - http://www.theeaceman.com/interesting.html . And I got to realize over the years, that sometimes you can forget to mention things that may be important due to lack of time or forgetfulness or such. Also, many people hear what they wish to hear, and you can say something to them, and when they repeat it back, it sounds nothing like what you actually said. That is why I started writing things out so that the information was uniform and easier to reference for anyone and everyone. And also, the information is there as it is and not as someone else may wish it to be.

So anyway, here we are after six months and many more months and probably years to follow. But still an echo in the back of my mind from 1979 when Sir Nicholas Boehr (Boer, never got his exact last name spelling) told me that "if you knew what happens to you, you may not do what you are supposed to do, but I think when the time comes you will do the right thing." And I pretty much agree with the philosophy of if it is supposed to happen, it will happen regardless of prophesy and such. And if you look at prophesy more carefully, it is usually pretty vague and in some points exotic as how can someone in the past explain stuff that is yet to exist? So what exists, exists. Fate is what it is. So why not have some enjoyment along the way?

And of course, look at what gets written about people (history). Now look at what the people that did this stuff, that history talks about, have written themselves. All of these experts but who would know more about the person themselves? The person themselves or some expert on that person? Exactly. Now, reread all that history stuff again and look for stuff written by the person themselves. Keep reading. The first five books of the Holy Bible were written by Moses. Who would know more about Moses than Moses himself? But not one word of the New Testament was written by Ieshua (Jesus) himself. And all this other history stuff including Alexander the Great and all of that. So many unanswered questions as the ones that could answer those questions are now gone. After all, who would know more about me than me, myself and I ( http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/551/how-did-you-get-such-a-large-vocabulary ), Rabbi Ishmael (a rabbi convicted of heresy for trying to convert the jewish people to paganism)? Really?

Experts do not make mistakes. People make mistakes (me, myself, and I included), so therefore experts are just figments of their own imaginations. Well over 900,000 members and growing every day here. And all those that realize that they do not need to be members to get information from this site, only to post on this site. It is not about numbers or popularity or any of that. It is about how can someone know without asking? And once you ask, someone, somewhere has an answer. Is it me or is it someone else? Only one way to find out. I already wrote a book ( http://www.thenewmathbook.com/order.html ) and the revised teacher's edition is here ( http://www.thenewmathbook.com/thefullbook.html ) and I have the experience to know that a book can only contain the knowledge of what WAS written at that time. A web site can be continual. And since I wrote a book about my life, and my life is still continuing... (Yeah, a web site, imagine that).

321. Is it true that your grandfather Adrian 'Zeke' Downing was involved in World War II in the Pacific?

Yes, my grandfather served in World War II during the war in the pacific on a US naval boat.

My grandfather got his nickname because while serving as a cook (peeling potatoes and such), a battle broke out and the gunner was shot. My grandfather grabbed the gunner and pulled him out of the seat and then my grandfather jumped in the seat and proceeded to shoot down a japanese zero fighter plane. After that, my grandfather (Adrian) was known as Zeke (another name for a japanese zero). But how many cooks shot down enemy planes during World War II anyway?

My grandfather's favorite story about the war went like this, "There I was surrounded by tanks. And the enemy was dropping bombs all around me from every direction. Machine gunners all around rat a tat tat. Landmines were everywhere. And then, I died."

322. What about "the sketti incident" and other stories?

The fun part of life is when you have stories to tell. How about these work related stories then?

"The sketti incident" is about a guy named Glenn that every thursday night would disappear for over an hour during work and then return. We found out it was all you can eat spaghetti night at a local restaurant and that was where Glenn disappeared to each thursday. We nicknamed it "all you can eat and play with your feet" night as Glenn also rubbed foot cream on his feet every night including thursdays. Anyway, this one thursday night we were very busy and I was there when the boss explicitly told Glenn, "You need to get back here as soon as possible for the next pickup so no stopping at the restaurant for all you can eat sketti. Do you understand Glenn?" And Glenn said "Yes." So it was about twenty minutes before the pickup was due, and Glenn was not back yet from his trip on this busy thursday. The boss called Glenn up and asked, "Glenn, where are you?" Glenn answered back, "I am at the restaurant but I got the roast beef and not the sketti." This is from the same Glenn that would show up to work exactly 5 minutes before his start time (2 o'clock pm) and immediately go into the bathroom and take a poop until at least 2:25 pm. This one day, it was about 4 minutes after 2 pm and Glenn was not at the airport for work. I jokingly said, "Glenn's late, he probably pooped his pants." Believe it or not, just after I said that, Glenn called up the boss to say that he was going to be late. Glenn told the boss that he was stuck at a traffic light on his way into work and actually did poop his pants and had to go home and change. I think we held Jim over to cover for the extra hour or so. We were all so busy laughing about it that the time went by really fast anyway. This is also the same Glenn that has to take a bus or van ride or have someone else drive him to Buffalo, which is about two and a half to three hours away, because Glenn can not drive that far.

And then there is Terry that one day says, "I shave my head so that people don't notice that I have a bald spot." OK. Um. And leave it to me, Ace, to be an instigator. A few times Terry has said, "It is not in my job description so I don't have to do it." And I have said at least a few times back to Terry, "If we could find something you could do, we could add something to your job description." Sometimes stuff goes flying through the air, but all in good fun.

And then there was the time when Michelle was in the office and Jim and Glenn were there as well. There was a pickup coming up and I was not back from delivering luggage yet. There were two pickups actually. There was luggage to Wellsboro PA, Mansfield PA, and Troy PA. I had the standard (stick) shift pickup truck and the linkage came apart after the Mansfield stop, so I pulled over and crawled underneath the truck and reconnected the linkage. Just after reconnecting the linkage, Michelle calls me up and asks, "Where are you? We have the two pickups at three and need you back here." This was at 2:30 pm and there was no way for me to get from Mansfield to the airport by 3 pm and I still had the Troy bag to deliver yet. I told Michelle about fixing the truck and that I would try to hurry back as soon as I could but I would be a little late. I could also hear Jim and Glenn laughing a little in the background. Michelle then said, "Wait a minute, I just figured something out and finish the Troy bag and don't hurry back. Problem solved." Yes, two pickups and Jim and Glenn laughing in the background because they thought they were going to sit around, as usual, while I did the work. Well, the laughing did them in, because Jim and Glenn both did the pickups after Michelle hung up the phone after talking to me. Yes, there have been a few drivers that feel that asking, "Where is [so and so]?" is their job description while they try and just sit around the office as much as possible.

And then there was Kelly who looked at one of my luggage delivery orders and wondered how I had gone 661 miles to Chicago, IL in 5 minutes, and then to Wellsboro PA about an hour after Chicago, IL. The company website for claiming payment for the luggage delivery kept rejecting the claim saying, "Distance too far." So Kelly asked me, "Ace, how did you get to Chicago in 5 minutes?" Jim and Michelle are both sitting there trying to keep straight faces, but almost falling out of their chairs from wanting to laugh so hard. Anyway, I explained to Kelly that there is an hour time zone difference and that the time zone difference was why I had been able to get there so fast. So Kelly tried to file the claim again, and of course, rejected again. Kelly was so frustrated, but then I just said to Kelly, "they are staying at the [local hotel] and the baggage delivery people printed out the guy's home address instead of the hotel address." Jim and Michelle were laughing so hard that they both almost literally fell out of their chairs.

And of course, Lee, who sat around for about 7 hours rehearsing a speech to the boss to try and get out early enough to catch the local hockey game. Wait, he never mentioned the hockey game to the boss in his speech. Anyway, Lee was known to try and watch the local hockey game. We knew because we had the hockey game schedule literally posted on the key cabinet that was on the wall behind the chair by the boss's desk. Anyway, when the boss came in, Lee sat down for at least a good half hour explaining to the boss that Lee had to get out on time because Lee's daughter needed Lee to watch her and all this other stuff. All during Lee's presentation, the boss is pointing at the hockey schedule behind Lee and saying, "Lee, isn't there a home game tonight?", "Lee, there is nothing really going on tonight, why don't you go to the hockey game?" And Lee kept going on and on about how he did not have time to go to the game and that Lee needed to be out of work on time to watch his daughter that night and such. And the boss kept interrupting Lee about the hockey game and such. But anyway, the boss was transporting a group of people back and forth to the local theater, which was by the hockey arena, for a play that night. Of course Lee is there at the hockey arena with Lee's girlfriend there also and Lee's daughter nowhere in sight. The boss just had to say "Hi Lee" for some strange reason out the bus window as the boss drove by Lee and Lee's girlfriend outside the hockey arena that night.

Life is what you make of it, but if you can make a few jokes along the way, life goes quicker than you realize.

323. Can you make an omelette without breaking a few eggs?

Not an egg omelette you can't. Even using the powdered stuff available now, in order to make the powder, the company had to break the eggs too to make that powder.

But after breaking the eggs or mixing up the powder (cheater), you then mix in your other ingredients in a bowl and then put it in a pan and cook it and then eat. Try not to burn it, but also try not to have it too runny (undercooked). But really, the joy of cooking for yourself is that you can cook things to eat the way you like them cooked. Even better, you can experiment around a little bit and try something different.

Also, while cooking, try to keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case. You never know when something may short out or a gas leak or such. Honest, even the best cooks have had problems with the equipment malfunctioning. You just never know. But also, cooking isn't for everyone. Cooking is for those that eat. Wait, um, doesn't everyone that has an aura with flesh attached (aka living) eat? OK, try the easy stuff first - buy a bunch of bananas. You don't have to cook bananas. Then try oranges, fresh salad, and then work your way up to boiling water. Boiling water is a good skill to learn in case your water has problems. Try not to burn the water though (I have actually seen this happen where someone left the water boil too long and the pot started melting after the water boiled out. It happens.). But if worst comes to worst, you can always have the microwave oven and a browning tray. But even with the browning tray, microwaved (nuked) food just does not have the same taste as actual cooked food.

And then there's the gas grill. Definitely have a fire extinguisher handy with that. The gas grill is usually fine, but sometimes the added 1D-10T (take out the 'dash -') part has been known to create some interesting problems while cooking over a gas grill. Sure that hat and apron look funky, but they can catch on fire when an 1D-10T is too near the grill while the grill is operational. Stuff happens. Always try to be prepared just in case.

324. What does it mean when someone 'flashes' their headlights while driving?

First, flashing headlights is done one of two ways. If a driver's headlights are off, a driver can turn the lights on then back off again. If the driver's headlights are on, the driver can turn on the high beams (brights) then turn them back off again.

Part 2 is important here.

Part 2 starts with one flash which means that everything is clear. For tractor-trailors passing one another, it means that the tractor-trailer passing is clear to switch lanes. But one flash indicates ' all clear'.

Part 3 is two flashes which means trouble ahead. The trouble could be an accident, police car, or unsafe to change lanes. Two flashes means danger ahead.

Part 4 is three or more flashes which indicates that there is a total whacked out nutcase (crazy person) behind the wheel. If someone flickers there lights off and on again or multiple high-low beam changes, you need to avoid these drivers if possible. They are nuts (crazy) so slow down, speed up, or pull over in a parking lot for a bit until the nutcase passes or is out of the area. You will be glad you did.

325. Do people 'get smarter' if you teach them using 'stupid stuff' to get them to be smarter?

No, truthfully, from my experience, people get dumber as they expect everyone else to entertain them and do things for them. People only get 'smarter' when they learn to do things on their own instead of expecting others to think and do things for them all the time.

People do not learn to read by watching videos. People learn to read by reading. People learn to watch videos by watching videos. Even if the video has text (words) written on the screen, kids will watch the video and ignore the text from my experiences.

So, no, people do not learn to become smarter through doing stupid stuff. And a big problem comes about when people do so many stupid things, they can not function properly because they are so used to stupid things and not able to think on their own (get smarter). Such is the sad state of the poor education system in the USA nowadays. When you cater to stupidity, small wonder that stupidity is what you will get as a result. And then, in higher education, you need to cater to athletes that can not spell their own names because everyone just passed them along so that they could play sports. I can honestly say after conversing with Chris Webber, the 1993 technical foul for trying to call a time out during a University of Michigan basketball game guy, actually learned instead of just getting passed along because he was a 'jock'. I had numerous dealings with Chris between 2000 and 2001 over the internet and every time Chris was a very well thought out person. Chris's brother Paul Webber was another story. Once Paul got something in his head, it just stayed there. Each person is different and has different experiences. If you want to learn to do stupid stuff then do stupid stuff. If you want to learn to be smarter, you will need to learn to do things smarter not more (most also) stupid. Something stupid may happen along the way, but did you learn something from it? Well (did you learn something other than learning to be stupid that is)?

Videos capture a moment. Words capture thoughts and ideas. Have you caught on yet? Careful, moments may be popular, but thinking and ideas can be contageous. And when you want everyone else to become mindless and easy to control, why not dazzle them with meaningless videos (all you need is a cute or handsome anouncer to get their attention) instead of teaching or inspiring them to think or create ideas on their own. Why do politicians seem to wear makeup all the time? Well? Do you watch TV or read? Well? Both? Good for you. But the thing is, is what you are reading or watching teaching you anything? Sure you know names and places of events, but what about thoughts and ideas? The In Search of... series narrated by Leonard Nimoy. A lot of great moments captured for posterity and a bit of thinking also. Cool, grab some popcorn and something to wash it down... But after the 144 episodes are over, then what? The news? Hey, how about watching the In Search of... series again? Maybe I missed something? What are LASERs (Light Amplification through Stimulated Emissions of Radiation) anyway? Looks like another trip to the imagination again. Such is thought. Imagine this. Imagine that. And then... Well, someone had to think of it didn't they? Why couldn't it have been you? What were you thinking? How did we get here anyway? Who would have thought? We are here aren't we? Any ideas? Another video, are you crazy? Don't we have enough stupid videos already? And then again...

326. Is it true that a rolling stone gathers no moss?

False. A rolling stone does pick up (gather) moss as it rolls over moss. Moss is a very sticky substance and adheres to the stone. The phrase "A rolling stone gathers no moss" has been used to represent that if a person keeps moving, things do not gather (collect) on them. However, if a person thinks about what they are doing instead of just doing, this person is more likely to accomplish something more meaningful and worthwhile. A person doing something is still more likely to accomplish things than a person who is inactive and not accomplishing anything (except possibly sleep). "A rolling stone gathers no moss" is opposed to "sitting like a bump on a log" (honest, bumps on logs do not move), a rolling stone is at least moving and doing something unlike a bump on a log.

Also, moss grows on the north side of trees as a waste product of the tree itself, similar to leaves. Tree poop so to speak. So when in the woods, remember that moss grows on the north side of trees (for direction - north, south, east west) and that moss is sticky tree poop. Careful about stepping in moss as it is difficult to scrape off since moss adheres to pretty much any surface, including rolling stones.

327. Could you explain what "stupid stuff" refers towards in your articles?

OK, stupid stuff like doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Stupid stuff like just running across a public street or highway without looking for traffic first.

Stupid stuff like standing in front of a car and expecting the car to pull forward without running you over.

Stupid stuff like expecting people to honestly explain things to you when they make too much money by lying.

Stupid stuff like expecting an expert to admit they made some mistakes.

Stupid stuff like expecting to make a lot of money by doing nothing. Even large corporate executives have to make deals and such once in a while to keep the company from going bankrupt.

Stupid stuff like putting your fingers in a light socket to get that crazy looking afro hair style you always wanted.

Stupid stuff like thinking that people think you are popular because you talk on your cell phone all of the time (note : 'you either have an overpossessive boyfriend / girlfriend / parent [guardian]' or 'you are surrounded by a bunch of people that have no clue but get paid a large salary nonetheless' or 'you are looking for attention from others and not paying attention to what you are doing which leads to you running into stuff').

Stupid stuff like acting like a drama queen from watching too many soap operas on TV (seriously, not everything in life is a big deal).

Stupid stuff like being homo/bi/trisexual and wondering why a heterosexual of the same sex as you does not want to go on a date with you.

Stupid stuff like mixing water with electricity.

Stupid stuff like trying to replace the muffler bearings in a car or refill the headlight fluid and brake light fluid and wondering why the car parts store does not have such things as muffler bearings or headlight / brake light fluid.

Stupid stuff like expecting privacy in a public place (whether physical place or internet).

Stupid stuff like using too much bleach in your hair and then wondering why people make stupid blonde/blond jokes.

And the list of stupid stuff just goes on and on... does it not?

328. What are the true signs of intelligence?

Knowing that what you do affects others and that what others do affects you.

After this it becomes realizing that you can either make the choice of making the world a better place for all or trying to get whatever you can get for yourself and forsake all others.

After this, you become yourself whatever that may be. Intelligent or not, you become yourself as others become themselves too.

329. What is the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?

They appear similar when pronounced but are opposing concepts.

Nuclear fission is about separating atoms or 'splitting atoms' if you prefer. Nuclear fission is used in weaponry as when you divide (split) an atom, it releases an enormous amount of energy. This energy is very explosive and can be very destructive as well.

Nuclear fusion is about joining atoms together. When atoms are brought together, they can create heat. This heat can then be transfered through another substance (such as water being turned into steam) and that transference can be then used to power a steam turbine or such.

Both processes do use up (exhaust) the initial samples that are either fused (joined) or separated eventually.

But fission is about separating (splitting up) whereas fusion is about joining together.

And then we get into the concept of 'heavy water' being either H3O or H4O. Normal water is H2O and contains one Oxygen molecule with two electrons (-2 negative charge) combined with two Hydrogen molecules with one proton each Hydrogen molecule (+2 positive charge) thus balancing out. H3O and H4O are different than H2O. In H3O the Oxygen molecule is in a state where it accepts an extra electron so that instead of a +2 charge, Oxygen has a +3 charge thus being allowed to accept 3 instead of 2 Hydrogen atoms H3O. This process may seem complicated, but the real complication comes from figuring out what the blazes this last paragraph has to do with nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Any ideas?

330. What about "constructive" versus "destructive" behaviors?

Good ideas.

Construction involves building. Destruction involves destroying. The two are not interchangeable.

Building involves making something useful.

Destroying involves making something useless.

Definitely not interchangeable. But for some, it can get confusing.

As far as relationships between people, are the people around you building or destroying (constructing or destructing)? Those that build, nurture; those that destroy, destroy. The building blocks to any relationship. There are those that construct (build) and those that destruct (destroy). Which are you and why?

And the why is because if you are working on destructing destructive behavior, good for you. But destroying one that is destructive ends up destroying you in the process. You can not nurture and destroy at the same time. The destructive person has to destroy themselves (self destruct), you can guide them, but you can not do this for them. If you try to do this for them, you destroy yourself and the other person becomes even more destructive. You have to sit back and watch the destructive person self destruct. A destructive person will always remain destructive unless they destroy themselves.

And how do you get a destructive person to destroy themselves? Honesty. And honestly, as the destructive person self destructs, you need to back away and give them room to self destruct with. Until the person self destructs, they will blame anyone and everyone except themselves, and that includes you. Only after a destructive person has nothing left to blame but themselves, can a destructive person self destruct. And until a destructive person finally self destructs, they will remain destructive and not constructive. You can not be both destructive and constructive at the same time.

331. Will I be tested on the material presented on this site?

Why not? Or in Native American, Whatta hey?

Anyway, this is a multiple choice (and answer) test.

Please choose any and all correct answers to each question as your answer. Please do not choose incorrect answers.

Each question will contain three answers that are correct. Each question will also contain two incorrect answers.

Each question is based on information contained on this site and feel free to search this site if needed for answers.

Good luck and hopefully you can ace this test...

Question 1) What is your name?

a) You
b) Me
c) You
d) Myself
e) You

Question 2) What is my name?

a) Me
b) You
c) Myself
d) bob spelled backwards
e) I

Question 3) Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

a) the chicken
b) the egg
c) the chicken
d) the egg
e) the chicken

Question 4) What are the three names of the three holies that add up to 314 in Hebrew / Aramaic?

a) Shaddai, the Holy One
b) Brahma, the Holy Bull
c) Emmanuel, the Holy Spirit
d) Santa Claus
e) Metatron, the Holy Scribe

Question 5) How many three cent stamps in a dozen?

a) 12
b) 4
c) 13 in a baker's dozen
d) Four
e) Twelve

Question 6) Who was to be born on December 25?

a) Mithra
b) Jesus Christ
c) Mithra
d) Santa Claus
e) Mithra

Question 7) If Almighty (God) exists, what does he look like?

a) dark brown wavy hair, dark brown beard, dark brown moustache, and dark brown eyes
b) gray and scraggly hair, beard and moustache like Zeus
c) about six feet tall and slender medium build
d) very tall, muscle bound, and bare chested like Zeus
e) wears a white robe and sandals

Question 8) Are there such things as naked (without clothes) angels?

a) No
b) Yes
c) No
d) Maybe
e) No

Question 9) An aura with substance (flesh) attached is known as...

a) Life
b) Nonsense
c) Life
d) A ghost
e) Life

Question 10) When an aura leaves a substance (flesh) it is known as...

a) Death, when the flesh dies
b) Oops
c) Death, when the flesh dies
d) Excalibur
e) Comatose, when the flesh still lives

Question 11) The meaning of life in one word is?

a) Oops
b) Hell
c) Oops
d) Heaven
e) Oops

Question 12) Life (an aura with flesh attached) exists in...

a) Purgatory
b) Heaven
c) Purgatory
d) Hell
e) Purgatory

Question 13) The true ruler over Hell (Abyss, Lake of Fire) is...

a) Almighty (God)
b) Lucifer / Satan
c) Almighty (God)
d) Lucifer / Satan
e) Almighty (God)

Question 14) Gravity waves are the same as...

a) Centrifugal force
b) Microwaves
c) Centrifugal force
d) Tidal Waves
e) Centrifugal force

Question 15) The Meek are...

a) those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow
b) those who make rules for others to follow, but do not follow the same rules themselves
c) those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow
d) those who make rules for others to follow, but do not follow the same rules themselves
e) those who follow the same rules they ask others to follow

Question 16) If I am not 110% completely satisfied, do I get my money back?

a) You already have your money and I have mine too
b) No
c) You already have your money and I have mine too
d) Yes
e) You already have your money and I have mine too

Question 17) What does T'Kot'Bol stand for?

a) My (Metatron's) Native American name
b) The pledge of allegiance
c) The Keeper of the Book of Life
d) None of your business
e) One who smoke um peace pipe in cold weather

Question 18) What is a deterrent?

a) Something to make a person not wish to do something again
b) A type of laundry detergent
c) A nasty word or phrase meant to demean someone's actions
d) A detour
e) Something not considered politically correct

Extra credit Question 19) What should I wear at a birthday suit party?

a) Your birthday suit
b) Something that matches your eye color
c) Nothing
d) A bathing suit or thong as appropriate
e) Nada, zip, zilch, zero

Extra credit question 20) What are the correct answer letters on this test?

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d
e) e

So, did you ace this test? Really? Seriously? Well keep reading anyway, because you never know what you may learn here whether you ace a test or not.

332. What is the most intelligent type of animal?

This topic is bound to get messy. Think of how many types of animals out there. Even throw in the dinosaurs if you wish.

But a messy subject, not because of the large volume of types of animals out there - dinosaurs, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, et cetera, but because the answers that other scientists give makes you scratch your head and think, "do I need to eat poop to be considered smart by scientists?". And then you wonder, do scientists themselves eat their own poop. Scientists tend to list birds at the top of the list. Birds eat their own poop. Fish swim in water filled with their own poop. Mice eat their own poop. Most insects eat their own poop. And on and on. It appears that science links smartness with the ability to eat poop.

So small wonder others prefer to reference me as a religious icon opposed to being labeled a 'scientist'. As far as myself, I try to be both religious and scientific in thought, not just one or the other, but both. But many times, science and religion have their beliefs that they adhere to that make little to no sense. Mammals tend not to eat their own poop, but mammals always show up lower on the list than known poop eaters. And sorry science, if eating poop is what it takes to be considered intelligent, then count me out. I will continue to keep scratching my head about this and let the scientists keep scratching whatever they have been scratching.

333. Do the Meek become the Righteous?

Do the Meek become the Righteous and do the Buttholes become the Wicked?

Not necessarily. After an aura separated from a substance (flesh), the aura proceeds to another dimension. In this other dimension are several areas divided up into three main sections.

The first section is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is made up of Righteous souls (auras). These are good auras that know of only joy and happiness.

The second and middle section is Purgatory and is made up of auras that contain both good and evil. The physical Universe around us is part of Purgatory. Purgatory is also the area where life (aura and spirit combined) exists.

The third section is Hell (the Abyss, Lake of Fire) and is made up of the Wicked souls (auras). These are evil auras that are being punished by Almighty. These are the Forsaken and is made up of evil auras that know of only pain and suffering.

Upon death (separation of aura from substance), an aura's fate (Heaven, Purgatory, Hell) is decided by Almighty (God). The decisions are written down in a book known as "The Book of Life". When the Book of Life is opened, fate is what it is.

334. Is it considered off topic to disagree on this site?

Not at all. This is a group site and not a gang site. Feel free to express yourself as the need arises. No conformity or noncomformity that I am aware of.

335. Could you give me a hand with this?

[Audience type hand clapping sounds in the background] OK, now what?

336. Is there life after death?

There is also life before life too. Not for all though. Some may start from the Garden of Eden. Some may come from Heaven. Some may come from the Abyss (Hell). Some may just arrive. As stated many times, we are all different. As stated in The New Math Book as well, "We all come from ourselves eventually". It is the way it was, is, and will be. And as stated, it is not the same for all so trying to sum it up that way does not work properly. Some may even come from the land of Purgatory we inhabit now for all we know. It is what it is. But for some, their spirit may return in another flesh body if the Creator (Almighty / God / Shaddai) and The Book of Life so state. We are not the ones that decide such things. It seems that the son of the Creator became younger in Heaven before being born of the flesh at a rate of about one heaven year to between 7 to 10 flesh earth years. Myself, on the other hand, seemed to still appear old unto Edgar until at least 20 years before I was born. It is what it is. As it is different for the Creator, the Creator's son (Emperor Emanuel), the Creator's grandson (Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus), it is also different for others as well. Myself, Metatron, included. But yes, after the flesh dies, the spirit (aura) of the flesh still exists as it exists outside the flesh. While life exists, an aura inhabits the flesh. But don't be fooled, each is different so there really is no 'catch all' category for this. Life is what it is. Death is what it is. Existence is what it is. We be or not 2b, the new math. But when the aura leaves the flesh, the flesh dies, but the aura still exists for as long as an eternity lasts. Forever perhaps? How long is forever anyway, an eternity?

337. Who are you really?

Ewe are really girl sheep. Really. Thanks for asking.

338. What will happen to all of the Heretics, Infidels, and Gentiles?

Good question. As you have probably figured out by this question, This is probably the ultimate 'do unto others' topic that can be discussed. It is not odd that many religions nowadays intimidate people into believing they have the answers. The honest answers are on this site and as such, this page is being written by a Heretic / Infidel / Gentile because I can not be intimidated that way by Christians, Muslims, and Jews. When all are in the wrong, who's side do you choose? Precisely. You create. The Meek. The Meek that realize that Heaven wouldn't be such a heavenly place with a bunch of individuals running around breaking rules and asking for forgiveness all the time. The Meek that realize that being surrounded by 40 virgins isn't such a great idea. The Meek who realize that neither God nor Lucifer (Satan) directed you to act like that, but that you choose to behave that way on your own. It is truly sad that instead of being inclusive, Christians, Muslims, and Jews become exclusive. That being said that unless you accept all we tell you, we will brand you as a Heretic, Infidel, or Gentile, even though what you are being told by a Christian, Muslim, or Jewish leader is most likely wrong. Such is the sad state of affairs of modern religion. And what of the Hindus, Buddhists, etc. and so on... ? What is the real truth? Well, if something is true, it will always hold true. If something is false, some may believe it to be true, but it is still false. Who to believe? What to believe? A Meek can be honest. Christians, Muslims, and Jews can not be honest without being outcast. For unless a Meek, if you were to say that God has a son and a grandson, you would be labeled a Heretic, Infidel, and Gentile by the elite because the elite make the rules that others have to follow and you are not following their rules. The Meek as were created in the image of God, who realize that God allows people to make their own choices but have to live with the consequences of their choices as well as the choices others make. Multiple 'gods' coming together to try to solve problems, or multiple 'gods' clashing to try and prove who is right? We all make our choices as others make choices as well. So pretty much if you figured it out, the Christians, Muslims, and Jews get what's coming to them as they become replaced by the Heretics, Infidels, and Gentiles who form the Meek (who wish not things be done to others that one would not like it if it was done to them). The Meek then inherit the Earth.

339. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Yes, most definitely. But remember, this is an older dog that does not get around as well as it used to. There are certain physical things that old dogs are not able to do anymore. You can try to teach an old dog to do a backflip, but be ready to take the dog to a veterinarians for a full body cast someday soon.

As far as people (old dogs), older people tend to become set in their ways and unlikely to change. However, if something interests a person enough, they may adapt to new concepts. Younger people are still learning and usually open to suggestions. Yes, this is why pedophiles (ones who prey on younger children) choose young people / children. Younger people / children are easier to manipulate because they are usually more open to suggestions and possible learning experiences. There are always exceptions though. There are some children that are very set in their ways, and some adults that are very open to suggestions. It depends on the individual. Through experiences and learning from these experiences, people develop 'comfort zones' of ideas and actions that they feel are appropriate and enjoyable and other actions that get deemed inappropriate, boring, and so on and so forth. And sometimes if the situation presents itself, maybe. But then again, maybe not.

But yes, old dogs can be taught new tricks if you wish to take the time to do so. Just remember, old people and old dogs can not usually hold their bladders (like younger children and puppies have difficulty holding their bladders) and older dogs are usually more preoccupied looking for a bathroom than learning some new trick.

340. What about abortion?

Abortion, tough issue? Not hardly. Miscarriage of injustice? Should a pregnancy be terminated? Who are we to decide someone else’s fate? Who are we to judge others? Who are others to judge we? Opinions or facts? We are who we are. Others are who others are. We are not others and others are not we. Who made you judge and jury? Not I. If a woman is pregnant and would die if the fetus was not taken away, is it not murder as well to not allow the woman to live, but instead allow both to die? No, it is not murder either way. Abortion was, is, and never will be murder. Of the flesh. Miscarriage. Nature. Humanity. Flesh is flesh. Spirit is spirit. Food for the soul. Starvation for the soul. Or just food for thought. What is done can not be undone whether by human hands or by nature. A miscarriage is by nature whilst an abortion is by human hands. Death of flesh. Life. The Book Of Life. What is to be will be. Dependents. Independence. Is it truly up to us to decide for others right or wrong? No. It is up to others to decide for themselves and us to decide for ourselves. We are not others and others are not we. When is it wrong to take a life? When is it right to take a life? Is it wrong to take a life? Is it right to take a life? Is it? It is what it is. It is not a choice for everyone but only a choice for those it involves. When is it right to take a life? When is it wrong to take a life? The Book Of Life knows. When life ends, the spirit leaves, and when the spirit leaves, The Book Of Life knows. Is life just a doorstop possibly? Do you truly know or do wish people think you know? Misunderstood? Missing? Family? Sometimes by nature, other times by humanity. But does a fetus have spirit? Are we the ones that created? Are we the ones to decide? Who asked you anyway? In the flesh, yes, we are the ones that decide of the flesh. In the middle, of the flesh, we. You and I. To each, our own. To us, our own. To them, their own. To me, my own. Flesh is not spirit. Spirit is not flesh. We are still of the flesh, until our spirit leaves. Our spirit. Your spirit. My spirit. You. I. Life. Death. You. I. Us? Maybe? Maybe not? 1

1 Taken from "The New Math" © 2011 Thee Ace Man & Strategic Book Group. All rights reserved. 2

2 Thee Ace Man is the poster known as metatron on the Ask Metatron site, hint, hint.

341. Have you ever had any personal experiences with hackers?

Yes, most definitely. In late 2000, I had a person that kept insisting that I needed to talk with them on AOL chat. So I did. At the time I used Windows98 Second Edition and I did not have a login password set on my computer. Just press the 'enter' key. Needless to say, this person used the AOL chat program to grab the cookie revealing the password for my EZ-Board account around October / November 2000. Luckily just before this happened, EZ-Board had implimented a safeguard against hackers with a set of 'personal questions' that I had literally just installed within a week before this happened. Consequently, the person did try to hijack my EZ-Board account but was unsuccessful because of the security questions. I did get my account back through the 'back door'. But this person DID get my password to my EZ-Board account through AOL chat. This person also used a 'fake account' and hid their ip address through a brasilian public network using what is known as a 'proxy'. I figured out who they were because back in June / July I had another person warn me about such things and who to look for. Sure enough, it was this same person that had hacked someone else. The someone else they hacked had completely left the community and wished not to be bothered anymore by people still in the community and I respected this person's wishes. The poster that warned me about the hacking was one called kuzu-bei. The one that kuzu-bei warned me about was Kogason. Lesson learned.

No matter how much someone begs me, I do not go into chat rooms as a result of this. No way, no how. Will not happen. Inside a chat room, hackers can bypass your firewall and access your hard drive information. And from there, whatever they wish to do to you they can. Regardless of the rhetoric (false claims) by chat providers, the truth is that once a person gets passed your firewall, they can do what they want. Chat programs allow other users to get passed your firewall. There is not any way to allow a chat program to run without the chat program bypassing your firewall. And once your firewall is bypassed, the person only needs to guess your login password to gain access to your hard drive on your computer. And most people's logins are very easy and straightforward to guess. But also, these passwords are stored in a file on the computer that once the firewall is breached, the password can be attained. Then form there, they access your 'cookies' folder and look for passwords (and credit card info and such) and so on.

I also know that there are several 'password cracker' utilities available that keep trying password combinations until access is gained. A hacker will try to keep you busy with something while behind the scenes they are really just trying to distract you from what they are really doing. And what they are really doing is trying to gain access to your computer without you knowing it.

Another sneaky thing that 'chatter / hackers' do is tell you they have this wonderful utility program that you should have. And once you load this 'nifty' little program, this program just sends copies of your important files to this hacker without you realizing it. Many times, this process can also be embedded into video files and pictures and such.

Being a coder myself, I understand the process and that the process is really not too difficult. A five year old with the proper coding already written could do most of this stuff. And that is the big problem with hacking and such. It is actually easy to do once you realize that computer programming is binary (on / off) underneath all of this and easy to manipulate. If it was not so easy, would there be so many 'hackers' out there? Precisely.

So from experience, DO NOT KEEP A PASSWORD FILE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Use a separate notebook and paper and keep it hidden somewhere. Another thing about passwords, use the alt key and the number keypad to enter 'special symbols' that hacker programs have a difficult time figuring out. Most people use the alphabet from the keyboard and that makes it easy for hackers to figure out. But anyway, try Alt-0247 or ÷ in your password or Alt-0211 or Ó and then write that in your password paper book as such. Guaranteed a hacker is not going to waste 139 years to figure out your password using a 'password cracker' program. And definitely, STAY AWAY FROM CHAT PROGRAMS as they open up your firewall and give hackers easy access to your information. And definitely, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PROGRAM TO PROTECT AGAINST HACKING. So if you see a program designed to protect or safeguard against hacking, don't you believe it.

342. Is it possible to prove that 1 + 1 = 3?

Good idea. Let's try it out and see.

First, we take a number one (1) and bend it so that it looks like this Ɔ. Then we take a second number one (1) and bend it the same way Ɔ. Now normally, you would think that 1 + 1 = 2, but when the numbers are bent, it looks like so...

Ɔ (1) plus Ɔ (1) = 3 or 1 + 1 = 3, watch...

     + Ɔ
     = 3

So therefore, 1 + 1 = 3, does it not?

We could also prove that 1 + 1 = 8 through this same theory if you like, but then it becomes a 'double theorum' as we will also prove that 0 + 0 = 8 at the same time.

343. Do angels really exist? What is so bad about paganism? Well...?

Excellent question. Yes, angels actually exist, but there is a lot of myth associated with them.

Angels are beings, like Almighty, who exist as aura / spirit only throughout eternity without flesh attached.

As far as wings and halos, no. Angels do not actually have wings and/or halos. The halo idea came from the belief that Apollo grants eternal life to others and bestows a halo as a symbol of Apollo granting eternal life through the halo. Angels do not honestly have halos in reality. Angels also do not have wings. After thinking more on the wing subject, I believe the wing idea actually came from Mercury (and not from the hebrew cherub / cherubim) as Mercury was the winged messenger and many times in the Holy Bible, angels are referred to as 'messengers of God'. As Mercury was the messenger from Zeus, therefore angels are messengers of God (Almighty). And of course, Pegasus, the winged horse. Wings on people. Wings on horses. Angels do not have wings that I am aware of. Bird people? Overactive imaginations? Really? Egads...

And then Rabbi Ishmael writing that I, Metetaron had 72 wings (36 on each side) and a whole bunch more nonsense in 3 Enoch (the third book of Enoch). Note also that Rabbi Ishmael does not mention my magenta (purplish pink) and dark green robe nor my eye color, nor my hair color, but states that I have 72 wings. For the record, I, Metatron, do not have any wings and I have never had nor had the need of such things. Auras (spirits) are electromagnetic energy and as such, does electromagnetic energy need wings to fly with? Of course not. Edgar Cayce, on the other hand from Rabbi Ishmael, does mention such things in Edgar's writings about my appearance and such that are much different and more realistic from the writings of Rabbi Ishmael. Rabbi Ishmael's writings appear to be another story (fictional story of course, neither myself, Metatron, nor Almighty [Shaddai / God] wear crowns either).

Lucifer, the Devil / Satan / etc., is an example of an angel actually. Lucifer is an angel (aura only) that apparently does not become 'born of the flesh', but exists nonetheless. Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Azrael, and such are also angels. Notice the -el which stands for 'lord' in hebrew / aramaic. Divel - lord of division? Just a thought. A wicked thought, but a thought nonetheless. Demons anyone?

Angels are as they are, just like people (auras with flesh attached) are as they are. Paganism begins when people believe that angels or demons serve a specific purpose. Lesser gods so to speak. The truth is that as we, the people, are as we are. Angels and demons are as they are too. As we may become known for specific traits and such, others may become known as well. The striving for uniqueness amongst the multitudes. The ability to stand out above others. But the truth is that we all have the ability to make decisions and those decisions are based on our own thought processes at the time the decisions are made. And yes, as we learn more, thought processes usually can and do change. And we learn more through personal experiences. And those experiences usually involve a multitude of different concepts and ideas.

Godesses of beauty, gods of war, gods of gods, gods of wisdom, gods of power, gods of comedy, gods of tragedy, godesses and gods of..., exactly. Stories. Learning. However, the godess of beauty can also be a godess of war too. Each individual aura is unique whether of the flesh or not.

And as you see the problem with 'paganism' is that the gods and godesses become unknowledgeable and unable to learn except in their 'chosen field of knowledge'. In fact, there is nothing wrong with an aura of love also being an aura of war too. In paganism, beings accept fates as being knowledgeable in only one area. In reality, beings have the ability to become knowledgeable in all areas, not just one. Yes, paganism is obsolete. Very obsolete. But still paganism is an idea nonetheless.

344. Do you have any nude (naked) pictures of yourself?

Not that I am aware of. With all these voyeurs planting cameras in bathrooms and such, you never know. But I do not have any nude or naked pictures of myself at this moment that I am aware of.

And while on the subject, I am actually more of a nudist / naturalist than a pornography type person. Just because someone is naked does not mean that they are a 'sex pot' or looking for sex or such.

I am not really against the idea of naked / nude pictures and such, I just have never done it.

It is not like we are born with clothes. And it is definitely not likely that we will 'evolve' into clothed beings either.

But the problem comes, like with everything else, when unknowledgeable people try to put too much into something. In this case, we can call these people 'prudes'. As in "I find it very prudent that you should clothe yourself immediately." Prudes. Those who have their own way of thinking. Privacy is what it is. Some are more private than others. Others are more public. To each our own.

But anyway, if no one was ever naked, we would not be here, would we? Adam and Eve did not have test tubes in the beginning. But we should be able to decide for ourselves what we may feel appropriate, or not, and with or without whom we may feel appropriate as well. Choices.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled commercial...

345. Why haven't you been updating this site lately?

Many different reasons, but all reasons because I have not had enough time lately since November 8.

My father had knee surgery and so I was at the hospital yesterday November 13, 2018. And after the hospital, I went to work.

Extra work lately and my day off (Monday, November 12, 2018) became a day of work again.

Incidents with my car including a leaking back tire, heater core that works off and on, squeaky brakes, and a definite need for an oil change when I get the time (see above and below). In the meantime, I leave for work early just in case something else happens with my car.

Many of the newer topics I have thought of have been involving psychiatry and psychology and are kind of interrelated to one another. More dotting my t's and crossing my i's (eyes) making sure that things work together as always. 58 drafts at present and climbing because of lack of time and making sure I present things as understandable as possible.

My girlfriend has a sciatic nerve problem and needs help most of the time with even basic everyday tasks.

Work, work, work... and so on...

My time is limited as always, just a bit more limited lately than normal.

Everyone is fine and as good as can be.

And seven months (April 6 - November 6) and over 1.6 million people signed up on this board. Yes, over 600,000 new in the last month alone and growing.

Thank you everyone and as always, more to come as I get the time and as things come together (or fall apart, you never know)...

346. What is the difference between knowledge, intelligence, experience, and wisdom?

Knowledge is knowing something (whether useful or not). Knowledge is memorizing.

Intelligence comes from the processes of learning whether knowledge may be useful or not.

Experience comes from doing.

Wisdom comes from the combination of knowledge, intelligence, and experience.

A person that memorizes and retains vast amounts of knowledge is known as a genius. A person with intelligence is able to sort out the information (knowledge) and figure out uses for that knowledge in a practical sense and is known as a gifted genius. A person that does things is known as an achiever. A person that does nothing is known as a slouch or a bum.

Being a bum or slouch just comes naturally for some. You know the type, always using their time to think of excuses instead of actually doing something. Although 'making up stories' is technically doing something, but the something is generally more destructive than constructive in this case. Someone is trying to 'sabotage' things getting done, destructive, instead of accomplishing something, constructive, when you truly think about it. But then too, do not expect much truth or honesty from a slouch or bum. If they were honest or truthful, they would not be slouches or bums, now, would they?

347. How did you get the nickname 'Ace'? (Adult Content - Mild Language)

Third grade ended up being a year of change for me. I started out as Bubby but ended up as Ace. This is the year that I met Julie Sage (b. 1965 - d. 1983) and the way I thought about things changed. But it was the beginning of the year when I met Julie, and the end of the year when my name changed.

I was walking home from school one day and I saw two younger boys (Billy and Dickie) that I recognized, walking together, going home, after school. I spoke out and said, “If you two are gonna hold hands, you’re gonna need to learn to fight, wanna learn?” And the two boys stopped and at first it was one on one, but even two on one I was easily tossing them around. Next thing that happened was a girl’s voice calling out, “You two leave him alone.” And I said back, “I started it.” Then Julie said, “I know those two and they better leave you alone.” The two kids were stunned and I let go and they took off running after about a minute when they realized I wasn’t going to fight anymore with them.

Julie and I then started talking and the first words out of my mouth were something like, “Seriously, I started it.” And Julie said, “Doesn’t matter. I know you’re a nice boy.” Next I said, “Want me to carry your books for you?” And she said, “Yes.” So off we went towards home. Next I said, “Does your dad ever hit you with his belt?” And she shook her head yes. Next, “Hair brush?” And she nodded yes again. Then I said, “My parents tried using the bristle end once but it bounced too much so they turned it back around.” And Julie said, “Mine haven’t done that yet.” Next question from me, “Switch?” And Julie asked, “What’s a switch?” I said, “It’s when you take a branch off a tree. I try to get a big branch because it is hard for them to lift unlike the smaller ones.” And Julie said, “Nope, they’ve never done that.”

We talked an awful lot for two blocks and both our parents smoked and we didn’t like that. And both our parents fought and argued which we didn’t like either. Julie’s favorite color was red and she loved monarch butterflies. My favorite color was silver and black and then came the end of the walkway and time to cross the street. So I said, “Which way?” And she said, “I gotta go this way.” And I was like, “I gotta go the other way.” I then said something like, “Nice talkin’ to ya but I gotta go before I get in trouble for bein’ late.” She said, “Me too.” I then said something like, “Oops, you’ll need your books.” I had never done anything awkward that I could remember. But yes, I dropped the books, hers and mine. I said, “Sorry, I’m such a klutz.” And she said, “That’s OK. I’ll see you again sometime.” We then picked up our books and went our separate ways.

The next day I showed up for class and the teacher noticed that I was not wearing my belt around my pants. The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you wearing your belt?” And I responded, “My dad hits me with his belt and I don’t want to do that to my kids, so I’m never gonna wear a belt again.” The next day nearly all the boys in the class were not wearing belts. The night before I just couldn’t understand why Julie’s dad would ever want to hurt her with a belt. Julie was a nice, quiet girl in school, and for the first time in my life I had met someone that I just could not think about hurting. I was a fighter and not a hippy, tree-hugging pacifist and such.

The next day Julie was also telling people how she met a nice boy named Bubba and more than one kid asked if Julie was stoned or high on something. Julie only knew about the quiet kid, Bubby, in school, not the “Hi, I’m Bubby, wanna fight?” kid that most others knew. Also, things got twisted around at school the next day as well. Julie was known now as the girl that had beat up two boys at the same time!

Oh well, Julie had met a nice boy that was what mattered and if Bubby was a “nice boy” then no one wanted to argue about it with a girl that had just beat up two boys at the same time! Plus, Bubby was always looking for a fight anyway. Julie went from the “nice and quiet” girl to being known as a fighter and I went from being the fighter to being “a nice guy”.

A few people came up to me and asked me, “Are you really a nice guy now?” And I said, “If Julie says I am then I must be. Do you wanna fight about it?” Then they would say, “No, no, just askin’.” Then came “Bubby and Julie sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, second comes marriage, then comes Bubby in a baby carriage. Suckin’ his thumb, wettin’ his pants. Doin’ the hula hula dance. Bubby’s in love. Bubby’s in love.” And I would say, “Yeah, wanna make somethin’ of it?” And then they would back away. I was still Bubby after all.

Julie and I walked together a few more times but it started getting close to the end of the school year and I wouldn’t see Julie again until next school year. So near the end of the year I asked Julie, “Julie, you know my real name, Adrian, Andrew, and Bubby, Bubba, but I could use a better name. Can you help me?” And Julie said, “If you wanna go out with a girl, what’s the first thing you look at?” And I answered, “Face.” And Julie said, “How about Ace?” And I said, “Cool!” Then I said, “”I’m gonna tell everyone my name’s Ace from now on.”

So the next day at school I said, “Hi, my name’s not Bubby anymore. It’s Ace now and I’m a nice guy. If you call me Bubby again I’ll kick yer ass.” What a nice guy, right?

But after Julie came up with the nickname Ace for me, I said to Julie, “How does Jules sound?” Then I explained, “Not like the Crowned Jewels that just sit on a shelf and collect dust, but the Family Jewels that someone would want to start a family with?” Julie said, “OK” and we finished our walk only I had forgotten in all the excitement and actually walked all the way to Julie’s house this time. Oops.

Anyway, on the way, we did the dandelion test where you put a dandelion under your chin and if your chin turns yellow... which of course it did. Was a big time of change for me throughout third grade. The biggest change was that I did not feel like fighting anymore. As well, Julie’s next door neighbor, Brian Bavisoto, who started the Marquis de Sade jokes last year, was doing Family Jewels jokes at the end of this year.

Another oddity. At this time in the history of the USA (around 1973/1974ish), there were a bunch of brats that were trying to get away with stuff by holding their breath. A “childish” form of suicide so to speak. Adults’ response at the time was “Oh whatever shall I do, my baby”. My response was, “Let the spoiled brat ‘do themselves in’ then realize that all the brat is going to do is turn red or blue in the face then pass out then start breathing again. Spoiled brat, don’t give into this and definitely don’t give them what they want. The ones holding their breath are just trying to get away with something bad. Don’t let them get away with it no matter what!”

Adults listening to a nine year old? It happened. After getting a headache then NOT getting what they wanted the “I’m gonna hold my breath and you won’t have me around anymore” hoax stopped. Dumb nine year old. Adults should never listen to kids. But then again why not? It worked didn’t it? 1

1 Taken from "The New Math" © 2011 Thee Ace Man & Strategic Book Group. All rights reserved. 2

2 Thee Ace Man is the poster known as metatron on the Ask Metatron site, hint, hint.

348. Since you are the holy scribe, do you have holy poop? (Adult Content - Mild language)

Someone had to ask sooner or later. Might as well be me, right?

As far as I know my poop is not holy, nor holey, but it is wholly my poop. There are no sacred excrements that I am aware of. If it changes, I will let you know. I have had a few very large poops come out, and I have heard the words "holy shit" many times, but I feel that it is just coincidence and not the 'real deal'. But who am I to judge such things? Maybe it is. Most likely it is not.

And yes, trust me, my shit does stink. I never said it didn't. On with the show...

349. Was Alexander the Great mentioned in the Holy Bible?

I remember seeing the name "Artaxerxes" or similar in the Holy Bible and remembering that xerxes is pronounced "zizzers" in english. Definitely Artaxerxes would be the hebrew pronunciation of Alexander. Whether Artaxerxes in the Holy Bible was indeed THEE Alexander the Great is open for debate. But the hebrews wrote their history with very little reference to those outside the hebrews. During their enslavement by the egyptians, there was very little mention of the egyptians by name. Pharaoh was about all that gave a clue as to the enslavers. But the passages about Artaxerxes do tend to parallel Alexander the Great, however, the one who wrote those passages is not around to ask anymore. So rather than jump to conclusions (or try to become an 'expert' so to speak), mention it, but also mention that there is no way to be sure that Artaxerxes may or may not be Alexander the Great in the Holy Bible.

350. What is meant by "riding on someone's coat tails"?

The phrase "riding on someone's coat tails" originated (came) from the design of the tuxedo suit. On a tuxedo are two long tails in the back known as coat tails. Now imagine a person in a tuxedo with another person standing behind on the person's coat tails as the tuxedo person walks around with the other person close behind.

The phrase is very closely related to the term "using a person's name in vain". What the phrase represents is a person has no real original thoughts of their own and therefore they rely on what other people know or do.

But the problem comes when someone "riding on a person's coat tails" tries to speak on behalf of the person who actually is wearing the tuxedo with the coat tails. The one riding on the coat tails is definitely not the one with the coat tails themselves. Therefore, when providing information, the one with the coat tails usually has something a bit more authentic than the other person just along for the ride.

But then, if the one with the coat tails dies, who can you turn towards to find out information? The one riding on the person's coat tails? Possibly. But there is still nothing more reliable than the person themselves. But if hand me downs are all that are available, then I guess it will have to do.

But someone who rides on someone else's coat tails is a person who becomes known, not for what they actually do or know, but a person that becomes known because they were present when someone else did or knew something, or even a person that becomes known for copying what someone else did or knew.

Regardless, a person riding on someone's coat tails is definitely intended to be a 'put down' or a demeaning comment.

However, in my meeting with Sir Nicholas Boehr (however spelled Boer, Boehr, Bohrer, etc.), I did see a bunch of stuff that I will note now. First I saw that Sir Nicholas or Nick, became a more down to earth or humble person through the influence of Albert Einstein. I can see why Albert spent many of his last days with Nick. Albert believed that it is ideals and not really stature that make a person who they are on the inside. Education. Nick WAS the opposite and believed that stature was more important than ideals. When I met Nick in 1979, I could tell that Albert had a profound impact on Nick. Not because of Albert's stature as World's Smartest, but because of Albert's ideals. I could see the change in Nick from Nick being Sir Nicholas and also Nick at the same time to being just Nick. Sir Nicholas was the title, Nick was the person inside that title. Albert Einstein gave Sir Nicholas Albert's final unpublished papers which Sir Nicholas kept in a safe deposit box until Nick's passing in 2009. But Albert realized that he had a profound impact on Nick and Nick's ideals which was why Albert spent much of his remaining time with Nick (Sir Nicholas). Albert and Nick started as opposites, but both Albert and Nick gained much through their experiences together. Albert learned a great deal about royalty and the thoughts thereof, and Nick learned a great deal about commoners and ideals and such. Both Albert and Nick enjoyed learning, and together they learned much from each other about "how the other half thinks and lives". But it was the ideals that Nick learned from Albert that really stood out when I met Nick in 1979. But Sir Nicholas had his own coat tails and Albert Einstein had his own coat tails as well.

Another meeting with G Gordon Liddy in most likely 1981 (but possibly 1982) also stands out. When G Gordon Liddy was in prison over the Watergate Scandal, G Gordon Liddy had an unusual experience after bumping his head in his jail cell. G Gordon Liddy started seeing auras that he had not seen before. G Gordon Liddy met with Dr. Timothy Leary inside prison and Dr. Leary explained the concept of auras and such to G Gordon Liddy. G Gordon Liddy and Dr. Timothy Leary were opposites as well. G Gordon Liddy was very 'matter of fact' and such whilst Dr. Timothy Leary was very open and into cosmic consciousness and such. G Gordon Liddy was against the use of drugs, whilst Dr. Timothy Leary preached about drugs being used to open and clear the mind to a different awareness of the world around us. Two very different individuals who both learned more working together than being apart. And again, G Gordon Liddy had his own coat tails, and Dr. Timothy Leary had his own coat tails too.

And then there is me, Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man, and I have yet to wear a tuxedo so I do not have any coat tails for anyone to ride on that I am aware of. Maybe some day. Maybe not. It is as it is.

351. Any idea what triggered the Nobel topic a while ago?

Oddly, if you keep thinking forward, stuff from the past evades you sometimes. Like this stuff...

My information that became the 'Nobel Literature' topic was actually triggered by a topic written by someone from Pleasantville NY on this site about 'putting in a good word for me'. This topic here -> http://www.askmetatron.com/discussion/34865/do-you-wish-to-add-anything-about-the-sex-scandal-surrounding-the-nobel-prize-in-literature-2018#latest .

Anyway, the post on this site from Pleasantville NY had nothing to do with the Nobel Institute at all. Pleasantville NY is the headquarters for Reader's Digest and I know that, but...

But it was odd how from that post from Pleasantville NY, I decided to look at the Nobel Awards and then I saw on the Nobel site where there was a big scandal brewing about the literature prize for 2018.

Point taken, the past happened, the present is now, and the future is yet to happen, move on... But right now was a good time to reflect I guess. If I had not reflected, I would not have remembered this. And what caused me to reflect? Seeing the October issue of Reader's Digest in the waiting room at the Corning Hospital on Tuesday and then it finally catching up to me right now on Sunday, 5 days later. And then are the three ghosts in Chuck Dickens' A Christmas Carol... Sometimes the mind can get too cluttered I imagine.

352. Why do dreams / nightmares happen?

While your body is resting, your aura (thoughts) are still active. Since your body is resting and inactive, your aura is still busy controlling your breathing, digestion, heartbeat, etc. and so on... And even though you are not physically awake, your aura is still busy doing what it feels it needs to do to keep life in the flesh going. And why not give you a little guidance while resting? Exactly, your aura (thoughts) are dreaming or nightmaring to provide your life in the flesh a little something extra that may seem real, but is not actually happening in real life. Dreams and nightmares may occur to help you sort things out while you sleep so that when you awake, you may have a greater understanding of something than what you had before. Dreams and nightmares may also occur to give you a break from daily routines and have a little harmless fun for a change. Even though your body rests, your aura still needs to stay active to keep your body going, and because your aura is still active, but your body isn't, you dream instead of do.

And sometimes, the aura forgets and doesn't completely let the body sleep such as talking in your sleep or walking in your sleep. Our auras forget things when we are awake at times, and no different when we try to sleep. If we are by ourselves when this happens, then who is to know? But it can be odd to witness someone sleep walking or sleep talking or such. Our auras don't normally forget to disengage the body from movement during sleep, but it can happen. Like if you have a 'running' type dream and you wake up and your legs are tired (your aura didn't disengage). If someone walks in their sleep, they usually don't have a dream about walking and usually don't feel like they were walking in their sleep. Both instances, however, are both caused by your aura forgetting to disengage from your body while you sleep. In the case of the running dream, your aura was moving your legs while you slept and after realizing that your aura moved your legs, you were given a 'running' dream so that when you awoke, your aura made you think you were actually running through a dream, so case solved. In the case of sleepwalking, your thoughts are focused elsewhere, but your aura is forgetting that your body is sleeping and is telling your body to walk, so you walk. Your aura is not dreaming of walking, your aura just forgot to disengage while your body rests, and the result is that your aura thinks you should be walking at this time, so you physically walk but do not think about it. But normally, when people sleep, your aura tells your body to rest with a little movement so that you don't get bed sores and such. But like with dreams and nightmares, sometimes your aura can do something wild and unexpected by accident. Not everything has to have some deep purpose or hidden meaning or such does it? Can things just happen with no real rhyme or reason other than happening? What fun is it if you have to be serious all of the time about everything?

And afterthoughtingly, when I was about 13 years old (around 1978), I had a dream where I fell from the sky towards the ground. Well, actually, not just towards the ground, but I hit the ground and then bounced up. I replayed this falling down sequence about three times before I thought and realized, "Hey, you might have just had your heart stop, you might want to wake up just in case." And I woke up and proceeded to push in on my chest to administer self CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) just in case. But it was an awesome sensation during the hit bottom and bounce up sequences. And after this, I have had a medium pitched ringing in my ears once in a while which never existed before this dream. But I hit bottom and did not die that I am aware of. According to 'dream experts' this is supposed to mean that I can accomplish anything I wish to do or something like that. Anyway, don't expect me to start flapping my arms thinking that I can fly anytime soon. I am not much for believing experts for sure.

353. Are you really that naive to think you could get away with all this?

Get away with all what? Oh, you mean contradicting the 'status quo'. They contradict me too. Well, they contradicted me first anyway. With situations like this, it just can't be helped I guess.

I am 'child-like' by nature, but naive insinuates unknowing also. I just seem to know what I'm doing and typing (talking) about. The 'status quo' makes me (and others) scratch my (our) head(s) sometimes as to what they are / were thinking.

But when something that is not truly 'proven' becomes accepted as 'fact' then there are bound to be problems. The theory of Evolution is one such idea and problem. Believing that distance and time are controlled by one another (space / time continuum) is another such theory. The Big Bang theory as well. Freudian theory, etc.

As far as religion and such, just like science, there always seems to be this stuff added in through different sources which are speculative to say the least. That is why I try to integrate personal experiences, whether myself and / or others, into whatever thoughts and ideas may either coincide or contradict what others may have stated.

I am actually not trying to prove or disprove ideas or theories, but I am trying to figure things out using actual experiences as guidelines. But when an idea or thought is contradictory to an event that actually happened, then the idea or theory needs to be rethought (or in many cases just tossed out).

"Stepping on someone's toes" is a phrase that originated from boxing (pugilism too) and the act of a boxer trying to put his foot on top of the opponent's foot so that the opponent can not back away from being punched. A very dishonest practice. But stepping on toes is the intentional 'beating' on someone after making that someone defenseless. In other words, an unfair fight. But what is fair about a person 'lording' their position or authority over others? And if it is wrong for others to do such things, then it should also be wrong for me as well. But then too, what position or authority do I actually possess anyway? A bus / shuttle driver or 'Prince of the Presence', 'Governor of the world', 'Holy Scribe', 'The Knower of Secrets', and such? As far as I know right now, my true position is sitting in front of my laptop computer with a USB keyboard on my lap and typing on that keyboard. If I stood by my position at the moment, I would not be able to finish typing this. But I do not have the ability to sit and stand at the same time that I am aware of. So my position remains the same at the moment. Believe it or not, your position right now is staring at a screen (computer, cell phone, tablet, or other). Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could change positions and not do the same thing all the time? We can? Awesome.

354. Did the Holocaust actually happen?

Yes, the Holocaust in Germany actually happened. I heard from Sir Nicholas Boehr (Bohr, Boer, however spelled) that the only reason Albert Einstein left Germany, Albert's homeland, was because Albert feared for his life as Albert was a jew and many of the jews were being sent to camps and never were seen again. Albert never returned to Germany because Albert feared for his life in Germany because of the nazis. Even after World War II ended, Albert still figured that there were still nazis looking to kill Albert because Albert was a Judah (jew). When the nation of Israel was refounded in 1947, Albert tried to help as best as he could, but Albert was afraid of leaving the United States because the nazis were still not all accounted for. When the nazis came to power in the 1930s, Albert left Germany and never went back. Albert finally settled in the United States as he felt safer in the USA than anywhere else.

But yes, many Jews were sent to concentration camps and most never returned. Yes, the Holocaust was real and did happen.

This brings up Hitler's Folly. Hitler believed that the blonde haired, blue eyed people (aryans) were the master race and superior to all other races. Myself being part aryan, I say hogwash and shame on Darwin for starting this whole mess. Also, Hitler was not aryan himself and very misdirected. But also, the jewish tribes of Benjamin and Joseph were believed to be aryan (through Rebecca) and formed Judah (jews). Israel was the other 10 tribes who were the Israelites from Leah and the maidservants. So the actual jews from Judah were aryan, while the ones that Hitler labeled as 'jews' were actually Israelites from Israel.

Shame on Charles Manson as well (note, the Beatles song 'Helter Skelter' had nothing to do with any form of racism, and was actually inspired by Paul McCartney watching a little girl sliding on a slide. The song really has nothing to do with violence actually, but as always, some people...). But Charles Manson believed that all that black people in the USA needed was a little encouragement and the black people would overthrow 'whitey' and take over rule of the USA. And Charles Manson was not black, just as Hitler was not aryan.

Yes, both Hitler and Manson were very misdirected people. Ok, forget political correctness as always, misdirected, phooey, Hitler and Manson were both Buttholes (those who make rules for others to follow, but do not follow the same rules themselves).

355. What is a 'brain fart'?

Sitting at a stop sign until the stop sign turns green is a sure sign of a brain fart. Stop lights change colors, not stop signs. Running around frantically looking for your eyeglasses while your eyeglasses are on your face is also a sure sign of a brain fart as well (honest, Sir Nicholas Boehr told me that Einstein did this on a few occasions, running around saying "Nick, Nick, I can't find my glasses Nick." And Nick would reach over and take the eyeglasses off of Albert's face and put them back on. Then Albert would say "Thanks Nick." Then Albert would return to his work studying the physical properties of light).

Do you remember that time when you looked everywhere for that lost set of keys that was in your hands the whole time?  And what about that time that you ran out of the house completely naked and, wait a minute, that wasn't a brain fart.  Did your wife / husband ever find out about that?  Obviously not if they are still your wife / husband.  Anyway...

But brain farts are not a sign of intelligence or lack thereof, but are usually a sign of self imposed stress. Brain farts usually do not happen during stressful times, but usually happen after stress has been relieved. After having so much stress, many times people just lose it mentally after the stress subsides. A brain fart.

356. What about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Yes, there is such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Dirsorder (in a way anyway, but...).

First, how do I recognize someone with PTSD? PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is when a person feels they are in immediate danger when actual immediate danger is not present. The same as 'Now Syndrome'. Even though the event or events are over now, the person will still feel in danger now (in the present). In a completely calm environment, a PTSD sufferer will still remain jittery and uneasy. Environment, this is a behavioral (not physical) problem. Behavior modification and definitely not medications are needed. The person (PTSD, Now Syndrome sufferer) still believes a threat is present even though the threat is actually not present. Unless treated properly, the sufferer will eliminate the threat at some point. The "breaking point" if you wish to call it that.

Second, this is a sign that psychiatrists and psychologists are NOT doing their jobs properly. This is actually easy to treat but is not being treated properly. The treatment is very simple and straight forward. The patient needs to realize that the events they are imagining are not actually happening at present time. There are no trenches. There are no tents. There are no tanks. There are no airplanes dropping bombs and strafing. There are no people hiding behind bushes or sand dunes waiting to shoot them. What sand dunes? The patient is no longer at risk. The patient is not in a 'war zone' literally. Seriously, look around you. YOU ARE NOT IN A WAR ZONE!!!

Medications do not cure nor help PTSD sufferers!!! PTSD is 100% behavior modification, not a physical problem. Any psychiatrist or psychologist that believes that medications benefit PTSD sufferers does not truly understand PTSD (let alone Now Syndrome).

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is an off shoot of the same problem known as 'Now Syndrome' as notated in this http://www.theeaceman.com/nowsyndrome.doc . The off shoot being that PTSD is military related instead of a generic Now Syndrome moniker. And with PTSD being military related, guns and ammo are not far behind usually. And with guns and ammo comes a larger mess to clean up eventually if not treated properly.

And proper treatment means that the sufferer no longer feels uneasy or in danger anymore, and therefore is not jittery or uneasy (on edge) anymore either. Seriously, YOU ARE NOT IN A WAR ZONE!!! That is unless you create one (a war zone one) yourself with the way you are feeling and behaving towards others.

And remember, each person (individual) is different as we are all different in one way or another. It may take some longer than others to finally realize that they are not in a war zone anymore. But a true friend and / or family member will know because your jitteriness and uneasiness will go away finally after you finally realize that you are not in a 'war zone' (with PTSD, or 'Now Zone' with Now Syndrome) anymore.

Like with Now Syndrome, successful treatment is not, in all honesty, based on the severity of the incidents, but based on the determination and resiliency of the client involved to come to self awareness that they do indeed have a problem that only they can cure. And that problem is, YOU ARE NOT IN A WAR ZONE SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE IN A WAR ZONE, OK? Or, YOU ARE NOT IN A NOW ZONE SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE IN A NOW ZONE, OK?

How do I know? I went through it myself, and I know only I could get myself through it http://www.theeaceman.com/nowsyndrome.doc . After I finally realized that the threat was over, only then did I finally get better. Before then (see previous sentence) I still felt that others were out to get me and others could not get me passed feeling that way. Only I could get myself passed feeling that way. And the only way to get myself passed feeling that way was to make sure that those [insert any and all expletives here] stayed away so that I was safe again. It is bad for them to do it in the first place, but it would be worst for me to even do it at all and become like them. But each person is different, just as each circumstance can be different as well. We are all individuals after all, aren't we? Aren't I?

Enough splitting hairs, how about having some more fun with splitting atoms [insert any and all expletives here too]...

357. How do you keep a mad elephant from charging?

Take away their credit cards.

Oops, you meant charging their cell phones didn't you? You can take away their phone chargers too, can't you? What do you mean the elephant won't give up their phone chargers or their credit cards? Obviously you need to go out there and teach this elephant some manners while I hide behind these bushes...

358. What do you know about the saying "And the blind shall lead the blind"?

A lot actually. Here is what I know so far...

As far as Ieshua (Jesus, Yeshua, Jeshua), I do not know for sure what his eyesight was. I have not heard any stories about Ieshua being led around by others because of eyesight problems. Therefore, I am thinking that Ieshua probably did not have eyesight difficulties. You hear about Saul of Tarsus (Paul) being led around by others after being bitten by a poisonous snake, but you do not hear of Ieshua being led around because of sight problems. Of course you have the "make lame beggars walk, and the blind to see" which would make it pretty definite that Ieshua, himself, does not appear to have had eyesight problems or blindness.

As far as the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel, he has started wearing eyeglasses this past year so he definitely has eyesight problems. As far as how bad the problem may be, I have not seen his step father, Dave, or his stepmother, Mindy, to find out any specific details. I talked to Emmanuel's step father, Dave, about a year or so ago, and I will give the information as best as I can now. Dave talked about his name being Michael, and that Michael was born on June 11, 2011. The problem with this information is that I asked Dave, "How is your oldest son doing?" The problem is that Dave also has two younger boys that are his actual children with Mindy and an older daughter that had just graduated high school from a previous marriage. I am not positive if Dave was talking about his oldest boy which would be the Holy Spirit, or if Dave was talking about his oldest boy with Mindy, which would be the oldest younger step twin of the Holy Spirit. Yes, the two younger boys are twins, so Dave may have been thinking about the oldest twin as the oldest boy of Dave and Mindy, not the oldest step son. Information sometimes can get confusing, but many times not. You just never know. Anyway, Dave told me that his oldest boy was having problems in school and was hyperactive and that the doctors had changed his medications recently, but none of the medications seemed to be working on Michael's, the oldest one Dave talked about, hyperactivity. The last time that I saw Dave's oldest boy, Dave's oldest (definitely the Holy Spirit) was wearing eyeglasses. So sight problems with the Holy Spirit are definite. I am just not positive about the medication, birthdate, and name, Michael, information. Like myself, Dave can wander a bit and get sidetracked when talking about stuff. But Dave's oldest boy definitely is the Holy Spirit and definitely has the ability to speak in all languages (which is the trait that only the Holy Spirit would have, and Dave and Mindy definitely do not have the ability to teach anyone to speak in all languages). Also, I saw the Holy Spirit sitting on his father's (Almighty's, God's) lap when I was about nine or ten years old myself, and Dave's oldest definitely looks just like the child I saw on Almighty's lap. Blonde hair and blue eyes and such. But when I saw him on Almighty's lap, he looked to be about 3 years old, and he is definitely at least seven years old (possibly ten even) when I saw him last. At about four feet tall, he would have been a tall 7 year old though, which led to me thinking that Dave may have been talking about his oldest twin. But then too, Dave's oldest twin looked to be about 5 years old, which means that probably Dave was talking about his oldest and not the oldest twin. But if not positive, I feel it is best to give the information available instead of possibly giving misinformation unknowingly. But anyway, the Holy Spirit does have eyesight problems.

As far as myself, the Holy Scribe (Enoch/ Metatron / Thee Ace Man), I have worn eyeglasses since age 5 and kindergarten. I also have the double-nerved upper left bicuspid, which is aupposedly a trait that only the Holy Scribe has. My eyesight at present is at least 10+ diopters and I am near sighted (I can see things up close, not far away). I also have had astigmatism (warped eyeball) but supposedly that had cleared up in 2002 when I last did an eye exam. And, in 2002, I went for my school bus license that I still have to this day. In 2002, my prescription was for 9.50 diopters in each eye. And of course a story to go with this. At the time when I went to the eye doctor (optometrist) in 2002, the eye doctor explained that because my eyesight was greater than +7 diopters, that according to laws at the time in the USA, I was considered legally blind. I was also going for my bus driver's license which would mean that I would not be able to get the license because I was 'legally blind without eyeglasses'. That law was changed in 2009, however, this was 2002 and the old law. The eye doctor decided to hide the 'legally blind' information and put my prescription through for my new glasses. I would have qualified for social security and all of that stuff had me and the eye doctor gone the 'legally blind' route. But the eye doctor realized that I was wishing to work and not 'milk the system' as a blind man that could see with corrective lenses (fancy legal words for eyeglasses). Anyway, the eye doctor, a woman, pushed my prescription and such through, but did not do paperwork for the 'legally blind' stuff. I got through and I got my bus license in 2002. But legally blind in 2002 was +7 or more diopters without eyeglasses. Legally blind after 2009 was considered +7 diopters with eyeglasses. I never went the 'legally blind' route and I made it to where I am today, a bus driver.

But back to the question of "the blind leading the blind", myself and the Holy Spirit appear to fulfill that, so it could be either one of us or both possibly even. As far as Ieshua (Jesus), Almighty's grandson and the Holy Spirit's son, most probably he was not blind nor did Ieshua have eyesight problems.

As far as Saul of Tarsus (self proclaimed Apostle Paul), um... Well, he did get bit by a snake and had to be led around due to blindness from that snakebite (and if you want to add that a snake bitten by its own kind [snakes are considered evil and against mankind in the Holy Bible], um, er, um, anyway), but... Well, first, there were only twelve (12) apostles, not 13, as was written. To change that changes what was written. Not good. Not truthful. But then again, the Roman Catholic Church has been founded on so many untruths, what more harm could a hundred or so more untruths do? Just boil people in oil, tar and feather them, put them on the rack, and such and be done with it, right? What good is honesty and integrity, when you have a bunch of people to lead? Correct?

Any more questions? Great...

359. Is it true that you cut your own hair?

When I was younger, my father always took me to a barber shop and it was always difficult for them to give me a regular men's haircut. They always cut my hair and put the part on the left. The problem was that I have 3 natural parts in my hair, left, center (which is slightly messed up from an incident when I was two and a half years old and I fell off the Southside Corning Cinderella bleachers and cut my head requiring stitches), and right. With 3 natural parts, my hair always ends up going every which way and having cowlicks all over the place. In 7th grade (around 1977) I tried a 'flat top' which didn't really work well either. From about 1979 until 1982 I tried the 'Beatle' haircut, but as always, my hair just ended up going every which way because of the 3 natural parts. In 1982, before my senior pictures, Kelly Pierson (a neighbor's daughter a couple years older than me and looking to get a job at Ken's Hair Salon), asked if I would be willing to be Kelly's model for Kelly's trying to get a job at the salon. Of course I said yes, and Kelly ended up being the last person (besides myself) to cut my hair. Kelly did a wonderful job and got hired almost on the spot. Kelly did a layered feathering with a part in the middle which was around August / September 1982. The senior pictures were in October and by then my hair had grown out enough where the parts were a problem again. At the last minute before senior pictures, I changed back to the Beatle haircut for the picture. It was about two months after this and I started just combing my hair straight back. This was 1983 in the USA and back then there was the layered feather, regular, flat top, Beatle, and hippie (just let it grow) haircuts. No one just combed their hair straight back as a boy in 1983. It worked just combing my hair straight back which managed to hide the 3 parts in my hair which caused my hair to have cowlicks and go every which way. Around April 1983 was the first time that I cut my own hair, and to this day, I have been the only one cutting my hair. I just take a pair of scissors and I look in the bathroom mirror and I then take my pointing and ring fingers and cut my hair down that way. After that, I just comb it straight back. Around late 1990 I noticed that John F (John John) Kennedy Junior started wearing his hair combed straight back without a part as well.

But it all started because I have three natural parts and curly / wavy hair that just does not cooperate with being 'styled'. After trying about everything, sometimes giving up may work better. After I gave up on 'styling' and just started combing my hair straight back out of frustration, it worked. Albert Einstein was known for saying, "I cut my own hair" when Albert just let his hair grow and did not actually cut his hair. I started actually cutting my own hair since around April 1983 and I have never regretted it since.

360. Where is the bathroom around here? I got to go real bad.

It's right over there. No wait a minute it's left. Straight ahead... I know it has to be around here somewhere.

In the meantime, I will keep looking. I am bound to need it sooner or later myself. Hopefully I find it before I have to go too. Ahhh, there it is. Oops, that was the clothes hamper. Um, er, um, I know it has to be around here somewhere. This is the internet and it is supposed to have everything.

361. What does "read between the lines" really mean?