Bernard Pawley, Archdeacon of Canterbury (October 1973)

Sir Nicholas Born, assistant to Archdeacon of Canterbury & held Einstein’s final papers (October 1973, May 1979))

Thurl Ravenscroft (1974?)

Jimmy “Cool Papa” Bell (May 31, 1975)

Future president of the NTSB & assistant Peter Brown (February 1978)

Karen Carpenter (September 6, 1978 – June 22, 1979, June 12, 15 to 20, 1981, call February 3, 1983)

Max Baer Jr. (September 6, 1978 – June 22, 1979)

Richard Carpenter (saw October 1978, December 8 or 11, 1978, met with Karen mid May 1979, saw by himself February 4, 1983)

Cubby O’Brien (October 1978)

Paul Williams (mid October 1978)

Larry Storch (1978?)

Jerry Weintraub (December 8 or 11, 1978, January 26? 1979)

Mush, Karen Carpenter's dog (January 3, 1979)

Ev Wallace, Carpenters Fan Club and Assistant (February? 1979)

Burt Bacharach (1979?)

Sally Field (1979?)

Jerry Reed (1979?)

Burt Reynolds (1979?)

Wayne Newton (1979)

Mary Martin (1979)

Otto and Elfriede Frank, Anne Frank's father and his wife (1979)

Agnes Carpenter (phone call to Karen, I talked a little but I was in background mostly, late March / early April 1979)

Eddie Kramer (April? 1979)

Gene Simmons [Kiss] (1979)

Olivia Newton–John (March? 1979)

Dionne Warwick (March? 1979)

Rod Temperton (two phone calls May 1979, met June 1979)

Buddy Ebsen (May 1979)

Marcel Marceau (June 1979)

His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama (June 1979)

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (June 1979)

Phil Ramone & Karen “Itchie” Iuchanji? (Ichiuji?) & Itchie's toy poodle (June 1979)

Karen Carpenter’s dad side of the family, Carpenters & Lynns & Bihuniaks (June 1979) - oh boy, um, a lot to try and remember here from one day for a few hours (step great grandmother Susan [Seal] Carpenter, half great uncle Jack Carpenter and his wife [Gladys?], half great uncle Charlie Carpenter, half great aunt Rose Carpenter, half great aunt Florence Carpenter, aunt Gertrude Lynn, aunt Martha 'Matilda' Lynn, step grandmother Wefta Bihuniak, step cousins Peter and Wendy Y Bihuniak, step cousin Wanda Bihuniak, step cousin Wendy S Bihuniak, uncle Richard and aunt Mary Carpenter, cousin Patti Carpenter, cousin Michael Moschmeyer and wife Linda?, not sure on cousin Tom Stoddard, cousin Dave Stoddard, cousin David Burrows, Mrs. Barbara Briggs and husband, aunt Esther Carpenter, aunt Geraldine Carpenter, uncle George Lynn, uncle Howard Lynn, aunt Hazel Lynn, cousin Jenny? Lynn and probably several more I have forgotten)

King Mohammed VI of Morocco (March? 1980, August 4?, 2000)

Thomas Burris, Karen Carpenter’s husband (June 18, 20?, 1981)

G Gordon Liddy (April 1981?)

Tommy Thayer (1982?, 1983?, 1990?)

Mike Judge (December 5, 1989)

Ricky Martin (201?) drove him from Best Western Sayre PA to ELM airport

Four members of Blackfoot band (2015?) drove from ELM airport to EconoLodge Big Flats

Chuck Tilley (201?) Drove from ELM airport to Tioga Downs, he played for The Lovin' Spoonful this time

Alan Thicke (201?) Drove to Hilton Garden in Horseheads he stayed under the name 'Swinger' and left his sunglasses in van, sunglasses were returned

Steve Miller (201?) drove from ELM airport to Corning Radisson

Paul Shaffer? & Anton Fig (201?) drove to and from Clemens Center and Elmira Holiday Inn

Mike Love (2018?/2019?) bus monitor for a couple different church runs, one of his sons was staying in Elmira NY

Eileen Collins (2022) drove from ELM airport to Hilton Horseheads

Herb Thomas – Justice Clarence Thomas’s nephew? (1985?)

David?, Holy Spirit, ARMALATAL (Around 2016/2017)

ShDY, Holy One, with I believe ARMALAYAL in His lap, Holy Spirit's father, my actual Grandfather apparently (1974/75?)

Me, Myself & I, Holy Scribe, MTTRON, son of ARMALAYAL, grandson of ShDY (whole life)