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     What really happened and what’s next? Why is the name Ace so famous, yet the actual person unknown? Heaven, hell, politics, religion, mathematics, and more are joined together in this amazing book for the first time ever.

     How is your life adding up or subtracting out? How about the lives of those around you? Take an amazing journey when you read The New Math to find out the answers for yourself and for those around you.

     About the Author

     Thee Ace Man lives in New York State. He has no plans for a sequel because it’s “hard to top this one.”


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Prelogue
List of Chapter 1 Subchapters
Chapter 2 – The Beginning and the End of Life
Chapter 3 – Before and After Life
Chapter 4 – The Inseparable Church and State
Chapter 5 – The Crazy Art of Psychiatry and Psychology Debunked
Chapter 6 – The New Math
Chapter 7 – Postlogue
Now Syndrome – Introduction
Now Syndrome – Explanation
Now Syndrome - Writing
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How about a sample of this exciting book?  OK...

Chapter One – Prelogue

Subchapter I – Introduction – “Hello”

     But before I begin, middle, and end this life story of mine, I need to state this: It is not what we have or do not have, but how we behave towards one another that decides our fates.  The meek shall inherit the Earth, but who are these people anyway?  How will I recognize a meek if I see one? Please read on…

     But first, there is always a catch.  Please be advised, this is not a do all tell all type of book, but a frank and honest discussion of life itself from myself who is still “in the middle” for a limited time like so many others.

     This is a mystory, not history book.  I am not talking about “his” story from someone else’s viewpoint, but about “my” story from myself as I remember it.  Adult as well as childish themes and language abound so reader beware.  You will most likely learn a lot from this book.  Probably more than you wish to know about yourself as well as others.  Please feel free to reread because as you can tell from the size of this book, there is a lot of information to ponder.  Ponder away.


How about samples of Chapter Two, Three, and Four?  OK then...

How smart is the author really? Is this really "Thee" Ace Man? (Chapter Six)

Anti-abusive? (Now Syndrome)


Chapter Seven – Postlogue

     Life is full of stories and quite a few of these stories may seem familiar to many.  I felt that now was the time to get out some of these stories direct from the original horse’s ass behind these stories.  Stories left out.  Stories left in.  Stories untold.  Stories yet to unfold.  Life goes on.  Haven’t I written enough already?  Thank you for reading and participating in life in one way or another.  Stuck in the middle with me.  The beginning?  Does it ever end?


Click here for the "Addendum to the Addendum" of things that did not make it into the published book.

And what about the "7 Mental Illnesses" mentioned in the Addendum in the book?   Here's 6 of the 7.
And what did Chapter Five really turn out to be?

And you guessed it, an "autobiography" where the reader becomes more the main character than the writer is.

Piece by piece this book was created and the whole story is greater than the sum of its parts!!!!

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