Trying To Understand the "Goodbye To Love" Crockumentary Companion

by Adrian "Thee Ace Man" Downing, III


What is wrong with the "Yesterday Once More" Documentary?

Well, actually there is a part that I know a different story that Karen told me about Maria.  Um, I don't mind having the 'official' version here and the 'confidential' version from Karen which is a bit different.  The official version is fine, but the confidential version has a bit more 'hidden' information that really isn't needed to be known publicly (but the comfidential version does explain this situation in a bit more detail than the official version).  It is kind of like the John Adrian story (which is fine) where the official version is John wanted to live in the UK and Karen wanted to live in the US.  The confidential story is where people told Karen that they thought John was seeing someone else, then just after John and Karen broke up, John was with someone else that John ended up marrying.  The official John Adrian story is still fine.  It doesn't have to be that accurate really, as there can always be multiple reasons and a 'public' and 'private' version is fine.  Public versions are not usually as accurate as confidential versions, but sometimes it is good to use better judgement publicly like with the John Adrian story.  The confidential version of the John Adrian story had a bit of 'heresay' which is probably better not repeated in public.  Just a different variation and not really a 'fiction' or 'made up' story.  So that's fine.  Fictional and made up stories lead to problems as usually something there can be disproven or can lead a person to a wrong conclusion about someone(s) in a fictional or made up story.  Non fiction is true.  Fiction is not true.  There are not any fictional nor made up stories in the Yesterday Once More Documentary.  Nothing that I can tell.

What is wrong with the "Close To You : Remembering the Carpenters" Documentary?

Nothing that I can tell.

What is wrong with the "Only Yesterday" Documentary?

There is that 'Kate Moss' looking picture there (discussed later) and a few other things here and there that are not quite right but it is not really done out of context and this is more like a documentary and not really a 'story'.  And yeah, note, on the Bruce Forsyth Show there, Karen weighs about 104 pounds and she has that hour glass figure with the thin waist.  When Karen lost too much, she would look straight and not have that hour glass type figure.  The next sequence, "A Kind of Hush", you can see what I mean as Karen's biceps are thin and she does not have that hour glass figure.  And oh, ex manager Sherwin Bash and Karen's twice ex boyfriend Nicky "as Karen called him later Mister Know-It-All" Chinn making appearances and such.  Pretty easy to sort out here.  Opinions are presented as opinions.  Not perfect, but nothing terrible either.  The solo album comments were fairly accurate.  I do remember Richard actually giving Karen encouragement to do her solo album and such, and it was more a case of either Karen do a solo album or they were going to bug Richard to do a solo album or greatest hits type album when Richard was wanting to take time off to be with Mary Rudolph in 1979 (Richard was trying to publicly hide his seeing Mary Rudolph at this time in 1979 as the papers would have had a field day with Richard seeing his adopted first cousin.  And as far as adopted first cousin here; Mark Rudolph's mom was only pregnant once with a boy; Mark and Mary Rudolph were not twins.  Karen had her secrets too).  I also remember Karen and Richard looking through their recording contracts to make sure that there wasn't any fine print or such requiring them to record together.  But also, Karen and Richard were very close and I know if Richard had been against Karen doing a solo album, Karen would never have done a solo album (as Karen was busy doing something else anyway).  Nothing truly fictional here trying to be passed off as fact (non fiction).  Linda Perry, Nicky Chinn and a few others have opinions, but they are not trying to present those as facts (as they aren't facts by a long shot here in many instances).  This is a documentary as it presents information from different sources.  Some sources not quite as accurate as others (again, Linda Perry, Nicky Chinn, etc.), but the viewer is allowed to make their own judgements based on the information given and those who provided that information.  Nothing intentionally misleading here.

Nothing really wrong that I can tell here either.

I can watch these three movies / documentaries and no one has to duck from anything.  These three do not contain the 'dramatized' disclaimer and I noticed (from my own experiences from knowing Karen personally) that these three movies / documentaries are non fiction (truthful).

What is wrong with the "Living Famously Karen Carpenter" (2003) documentary?

Nothing so long as you don't believe people that are supposedly experts on anorexia but never knew Karen Carpenter.  This is a shining example of why you don't watch stuff that tries to deal with anorexia but not any input from Karen.  Between Anna Raeburn and Mike Walker, this nearly becomes unwatchable. The other stuff is pretty good, but I start cringing each time Anna and Mike Walker show up as they are not only pompous and arrogant, but they just seem to constantly try and degrade anyone and anything they can talk about.  Someone definitely sh*t in Anna and Mike Walker's Wheaties and thank you to whomever or  whoever beat me to it.

What is wrong with the "Goodbye To Love" Crockumentary?

Oh boy, um...

First, a disclaimer of my own here (this disclaimer written after about 4 or 5 hours of writing after watching about not quite ten minutes of this crockumentary).  What you will be reading here is a detailed outline of why I feel this crockumentary is so terrible and why I label it as a 'crockumentary'.  I am actually glad that people came forward to be interviewed for this, but I am very upset about the way that most of this stuff has been chopped up to promote some 'dramatized' (aka fictional) story that the writers / directors / assemblers / producers wish to tell.  Interspersed (big word meaning 'spread about') among these interviews are scripted actor / actress cut scenes to try and add validity to this story that someone wishes to tell that has been 'dramatized' / 'fictionalized' to the point of being a complete mess and a fabrication or maybe, just maybe, a complete laughing stock depending on how someone views this crockumentary.  That is not the actors nor actresses nor interviewees or such faults, but the faults of the writers / directors / assemblers / producers that put together this crockumentary.  This is why if I ever get to the bottom and the 'credits' here, hopefully they list the writers / directors / assemblers / producers of this to warn others about them.  Tabloids and such type papers are examples of 'dramatized' works.  This is a BIG example of something that is more of a tabloid type production (and thusly carrying the 'dramatized' disclaimer at the start) and not a documentary or such, hence crockumentary.  Nothing actual and factual is ever 'dramatized'.  Ever.  All drama is fiction (made up, not real).  AND A CAPITALIZED BIG NOTE WARNING HERE FOR THOSE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT SOMETHING WITH A 'DRAMATIZED' WARNING LABEL ON IT IS TRUTHFUL.  TRUTHFULLY, THROWING A NERF BALL OR ANY OTHER OBJECT AT A TV CAN ACTUALLY KNOCK THE TV OVER AND BREAK IT.  HONEST.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED NOT TO DO SUCH A THING IN CAPITAL LETTERS NO LESS.  This thing does warn you at the start, but it just doesn't give a clue as to how badly this crockumentary is dramatized.  Here's some clues...

The title of this crockumentary is from a song title called "Goodbye To Love" written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis based on Richard watching an old movie called "Rhythm on the River" and during that movie a character played by Basil Rathbone always talks about his most famous song being a song called "Goodbye To Love" but there is never a song in that movie with that title.  So Richard came up with a song called "Goodbye To Love" and had John Bettis flesh out the extra lyrics after the intro lyrics.  The song was written in two parts also as you had the 1930s/40s crooning / ballad type first part (Bing Crosby, crooner, was the 'ghost song writer' in the movie "Rhythm on the River") and the second part with the 1960/70ish fuzz guitar type solo.  The song was in no way written about Karen Carpenter.  To note, Karen never said goodbye to love in her own life but being on the road most of the time would require a guy that wanted Karen, herself, tomboy and all, and not the image of a "superstar" that surrounded Karen.  Yes, "gold diggers" surrounded not just Karen, but Richard too.  And two careers leaves little time for two love birds to be together with each other.  Yes, love conquers all, but someone needs to find that 'real love' first while one of those love birds is working almost non stop with their brother or sister.  That unique someone that is like no one else that you know and you are like no one else that they know either.  That special someone where thicker seems thinner and thinner seems thicker.  For better or for worst, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, that someone that stays with you even when death does you part as forever and eternity don't believe in death being the end, otherwise there wouldn't be a forever or eternity.  But this movie is a dramatization and not really real life, so I'm sorry for digressing to reality here for a little bit which I feel is against what this movie or whatever is about.

Another note here.  This movie was done based on supporting the psychiatric profile of an anorexic.  If you watch this thing thinking it is accurate to real life you will have problems understanding and you will be misled.  This tries to twist Karen's story around to match the anorexic profile derived from Cherry (Boone) O'Neill's book "Starving for Attention".  Karen's real life does not match this profile at all.  I retyped the interviews in this but I left most of the acting scenes out as a reference here.  When you look at what is actually said in the interviews and then what the acting scenes portray, the information does not match.  The makers of this film want you to think that the interviews substantiate the acting scenes, but the interviews don't substantiate the acting scenes.  The acting scenes are based on the anorexic profile and not on the interviews.  That is the big problem here.  The acting scenes are very misleading and are written to try and support the anorexic profile by twisting Karen's real life to try and match this profile that was not Karen's actual profile in real life.  Once you realize this hopefully you will understand that Karen never called Richard an a**hole and that Karen and Richard always worked together unlike Cherry Boone and Debby Boone who always competed against each other.  Pat Boone, Cherry's father, was a famous singer whereas Harold Carpenter, Karen's dad, wasn't.  Cherry is very self-centered and Karen is very caring of others.  Cherry blames others for her own problems whereas Karen was one that didn't blame others for her own problems.  Karen Carpenter, singer.  Cherry who?  When you look at this film 'accurately' you see the problem with that anorexic profile and that it does not fit Karen.  In fact, if they had tried to hire the actual Karen Carpenter to play herself in this, Karen couldn't have done it and would have had to have quit or been fired.  That is how far off this movie or thing or crockumentary or whatever is to real life but it is very accurate to trying to twist Karen's story to be a nearly complete lie to try and match this inaccurate profile of an anorexic based on Cherry (Boone) O'Neill but nothing like Karen.  And as far as the ones being interviewed, um, well most documentaries would try and clarify the relationship and a background of the one being interviewed as a reference and a time frame.  This is a crockumentary then.

The best part of this movie is that it begins with the "dramatization" disclaimer.  This is a godsend message as all drama is fiction and all fiction is not true to what actually happened.  "The Karen Carpenter Story" movie begins with the same disclaimer as well.  This disclaimer means that things are not accurate in a movie.

It starts out, New York 1982, so needs to be between January and September 1982.  The actress playing Karen is looking all depressed and such.  Karen was rarely like that in real life.  Bad script already.  Already, the movie is falling apart as almost from the beginning there is this 'image' of Karen Carpenter that is not like the real life Karen Carpenter at all.  And then a depressing announcer voice.  I can tell already this movie is going to be a crock of bullsh*t.

I believe the beginning is supposed to be a scene between Karen and Steven Levenkron.  First scene, actors, drama.  Fiction.  The Karen actress is all sad and depressed because the Levenkron actor sees that Karen takes her robe off and weighs only 79 pounds.  It is all the actress character's fault that the actor character is not able to help the actress get over this 'disease' or 'illness' or whatever is going on here.  Heaven forbid if (in real life now) Levenkron ever admitted that what he did was not helping Karen (as in real life, Karen entered the clinic in January 1982 weighing 78 pounds and left the clinic for Lennox Hill Hospital in September 1982 weighing 77 pounds.  Lots of help there.  As Richard stated in another documentary called "Only Yesterday" that Karen's therapy was not working for Karen).  Partial truth here, but a bad way of portraying it.  The audience (those of us watching) are left to believe that the Karen character is not doing what the Levenkron character wants.  But what does this Levenkron character want?  We can only guess that the Levenkron character wants the Karen character to put on more weight.  A very ambiguous first scene here.  A definite fictional scene as it starts off with an actor and actress which kind of sets the tone for the remainder of this I feel.

The next part, actual pictures.  Then a lady saying "she would eat and throw up.  It was just devastating".  And then another lady, "Her skin was just hanging on her".  And then a guy who says, "I said to her, Karen, you're so thin that you look like you have cancer."  And then the depressing announcer again.  This stuff is said over a dramatization of a picture of Karen (well, maybe, that one picture in that exposing slinky dress looks almost like a photoshopped image of Karen's face on Kate Moss's or someone similar's body.  The neck is facing towards the lady in the red dress while the head is kind of facing 180 degrees from the neck towards the camera.  Karen also usually had her shoulders covered in public.  I remember seeing other pictures of this event and Karen was wearing a pink chiffon type sweater over the top of a dress and the sweater had long sleeves and cut off at the waist with buttons in the front.  A glass 1 award for what?  [later found out, Billboard magazine I guess].  Where's Richard as usually Karen and Richard won awards together?  Even worst, where's Karen's Crisco?  The Carpenter women were well known for always having fat in the can.  Very suspect photo here).  And the dramatization of someone throwing up in a toilet.  Then, really bad as Karen actually didn't take pills like that, handfulls at a time.  About all I remember was Karen taking either a Midol or Pamprin or possibly an aspirin in a single dose with a glass of water or such.  Again, dramatized here extreme.  Looks more like the Karen actress is trying to commit suicide in that scene.

And then some guy, "...go the internet...look up Good Morning America Carpenters...this woman is a stick insect."  Who is this guy in a yellow shirt?

Depressing announcer again and a video behind of a stretcher being wheeled out to a van (this video was used during a news broadcast on the day Karen died.  I've never actually been sure if that was actually Karen under that sheet in that video).

Announcer "...because 40 years ago, few understood her condition..." and keep watching this dramatized stuff and you'll end up understanding even less if you believe it.  They still don't understand it that well now because of dramatized stuff like this movie, but I digress again already...

Depressing announcer again, "but did a family power struggle also have an affect on her health?"  Fiction, nope, there wasn't a family power struggle.  Karen was happy working with her brother.  Look it up in the credits for Karen's solo album in what Phil Ramone wrote there.  Look for "INCONCEIVABLE" and then later "loved", but better yet (here is what Phil had put in the credits for Karen's solo album)...

TO COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the love and adventure of Karen’s solo project, people should know that we made a conscious decision to experiment with music and styles that were not in the Carpenters’ albums.  We wanted their fans, as well as a new audience, to hear one of the greatest voices in a different surrounding.  We knew some things were trendy and that the intimate songs would express her love of all music.

IT WAS INCONCEIVABLE to those of us involved with the project that a rumor might spread regarding the end of the Carpenters.  That truly was beyond the realm of possibility; Karen loved Richard and the music they made together.  I’ve always related to Richard’s arrangements and composing with deep admiration and we remain friends.

THE LOVE OF BILLY JOEL’S BAND – Rod Temperton and the other players, who had the best time working with her – gave Karen Carpenter’s work in New York a sparkle that can be heard on this album.  Karen and the rest of us who worked on this project understood the decision to wait on the release.

AS YEARS PASSED, both Richard and I wondered when it might be released.  Together we stand proud as this was a piece of work that meant so much to Karen.  It was truly a labor of love.

I HAVE NOT REMIXED or done anything to the tapes.  These mixes, the material and style are the way Karen approved them.  The bonus track is unmixed and was one of several that might have been finished.

I MISS HER TERRIBLY – but I know she’s watching with a smile.


Oh yeah, Karen was really looking to go out on her own.  Fiction.  "...INCONCEIVABLE..."  The release was delayed as Karen didn't want people thinking she was "going solo" and leaving the Carpenters, plain as day here, but leave it to fiction writers to make up stories and 'drama'.  Oh boy is this thing (already passed being a 'movie' at this point) dramatized.  A very thinly veiled 'fictional story' dressed up to try and look like a documentary.  As I said, crockumentary, and this is just a little over two minutes into the crock here and we still have over an hour and a half to go.  Where's that puking up in the toilet section again when you need it?  Oh, they started it, but cut it short of actually puking this time.

Then Werner Wolfen (Carpenters attorney aka a lawyer - um, yeah, remember, he's a lawyer which is just a step above a therapist on the honesty scale.  They call therapists "shrinks" because they try and shrink a person's complex character down into a few words which leads to all kinds of dishonesty making shrinks even worst than a lawyer on the professional honesty scale).  He states, "She had an aggresive mother.  Brother who was terrific with her but was disappointing in some of the things he did" then an actor playing Richard saying, "This is bullsh*t."  Kind of the meaning behind this crockumentary I feel and still over an hour and a half left of bullsh*t too.  Two minutes and 26 seconds into the crockumentary and we get this whole crockumentary in a nutshell.  There's more?  Oh yeah, we got to prove this crockumentary is bullsh*t. 
Oh boy...  Here we go...

Then whats-her-face, "Richard always had his thumb on Karen."  Note, Richard and Karen always worked together.  If Richard or Karen didn't want to do something, it didn't get done.  Either or, Richard or Karen, or both even.  Richard never controlled Karen and Karen never controlled Richard either.  It is what is known as "working together".  The bullsh*t gets deeper.  And then a short "please" acting scene between the actor as Richard and the actress as Karen.  And then, "That came straight from the mother."  So Richard had his thumb on Karen (fiction) and that came straight from the mother (more fiction)?

"Agnes was controlling of Karen" voice in background with an argument scene with an actress playing Karen and an actress playing mom.  Trust me, Karen and her mom never got into a yelling match or argument like that.  Karen would have had to have packed up her things and got out of the house if something like what they showed here had ever happened.  Richard too.  Even Richard knew better than to act like that acting scene portrayed.  Mom was an intellectual, thinker, not an emotional type person.  Fits, emotional outbursts and such were not tolerated in the Carpenter household.  If you had a problem, fine let's talk about it calmly and rationally and intellectually at the table.  Throw a fit and you'd better be out that door looking for your own place to stay.  Mom did not tolerate nor raise any "spoiled brats".  Richard and Karen were usually out on the road or in the studio together and they weren't home that often around mom.  So this "mom" stuff they are introducing sounds a bit contrived to say the least.  More fiction coming here I imagine.  Still an hour and a half left yet too (2:33).

Then this same guy, "Agnes was controlling of Karen [argument scene] (mentioned above) She grew up thinking that everyone thought her brother was better."  Really?  Whats-his-face or whatever-his-name-is knew Karen well enough to know what Karen was thinking?  I actually knew Karen and I saw Karen well over a hundred and fifty times without Richard and I talked to Richard once with Karen and I talked to Richard once without Karen.  That statement is pure fiction.  Karen and Richard worked together and complimented each other.  They were each good at certain things and they would work with each other's strengths.  According to this statement then Karen could play the piano and arrange and write and read music and understand all that "legal mumbo jumbo stuff" as Karen called it better than Richard and Richard was just chopped liver?  Interesting.  Idiotic statement, but interesting.  I didn't know this.  I don't think anyone else knew this either.  Leave it to fiction writers to toss stuff like this in that they hope others don't notice and make fun of (oops, left my preposition dangling in public again, oh well)...

And then the actress playing some Karen chick that acts nothing like Karen talking with the Richard actor and saying, "I'm disgusting" and the actress looking all depressed.  More bullsh*t added to the huge pile...  Fiction.  Dramatized.  Never happened.

And another whats-her-face with "...she really wanted to please Richard..." statement which is also false (another whats-her-face apparently like whats-his-face or whatever-his-name-is knows Karen better than Karen even knew herself) and then more depressing actressing (not the actress's fault, but the writer and director's fault) of the Karen actress lying in a hospital bed looking at actor Richard and saying "I let you down.  I'm sorry." which again, actor and actress, fiction.  Drama.  More likely would have been Richard next to Karen's bedside and Richard saying. "How are you feeling?  What did the doctors say?  I think you need some rest...You need to get better...Well, Honey, it happens like that sometimes (a private joke between Richard and Karen of when some interviewers would think of Karen and Richard as being husband and wife.  Richard rarely made jokes, but with Karen in the hospital, Richard would be trying to help his sister feel better somehow)..." And of course Karen's mom back in 1975 and probably (not sure) 1977 too being by Karen's side for 14 to 16 hours a day while Karen was in the hospital.  Where's Karen's mom in this hospital stay scene by the way?  Is this some kind of fictional setup to try and make Agnes (mom) and / or possibly Richard look bad?  If Karen was in the hospital, mom would be there to see how Karen was doing and if mom could do anything to help.  Richard would be there trying to help Karen feel better too.  Why all this depression and sadness?  Oops, that's right, 'dramatized' so to be expected I guess.  So far, that dramatized moniker and the "bullsh*t" scene seem to be the only honest part of the movie here.  Oops, sorry, I mean thing not movie.  My bad.  We all make mistakes.  Speaking of this thing again...

Wow, we still have more than an hour and a half left in this crock and we have still not even come close to the 5 minute mark.  I have yet to find anything honest or truthful or even useful in this crock yet outside the 'dramatized' label and the "bullsh*t" scene.  This is bad.

And then a comment out of left field by whoever's-his-face of "Somewhere along the line came this speculation of some sort of incestuous relationship" with Karen and Richard actor and actress smiling at each other in different scenes (fictional effect to try and convince the viewer that maybe there was something going on between them) then Karen actress banging on a window.  Wow?  Really?  From bad to even worst...  This thing is making even a tabloid appear to be reasonably honest.

And some-dum-guy saying, "I thought no doubt she was a tortured soul".  Another mind reader moment from someone that I have no clue as to who this person is supposed to be here.  Then Richard the actor hanging up a telephone.

And then the depressed announcer, "This is the inside story of Karen's struggle against illness."  Inside what?  An idiot factory?  The Looney Bin?

Karen actress laying motionless on ground and faint image of Agnes actress next to her swinging around and yelling, "Harold!"

And more of the depressed announcer, "And her own family".  OK, struggle against illness and her own family.  Definitely fiction here as Karen never struggled against her own family.  Like already stated, "Bullsh*t" but at least we got passed the introduction here.  Hopefully anyway.  Oops...

Scene with Karen actress pushing Richard actor and saying, "You told everyone." which is a reference to something later on I believe where the actual incident I believe according to Richard in the "Only Yesterday" documentary ("Only Yesterday" movie actually is a documentary, honest) was that Karen tracked Richard down at a supermarket (or such) parking lot and Karen's and Richard's Jaguar cars were side by side in 1983 after Richard said something to I believe Werner Wolfen about Karen needing to get checked out and that Richard didn't feel like Karen was doing well.  Lawyers.  But this crockumentary doesn't have Karen and Richard in a parking lot during this confrontation.  Oh well.  Par for the course here...

Announcer again, "Told by some of those who knew her best" which after seeing this intro sequence, if these are the ones who knew Karen best, um, more bullsh*t.  Really, Karen's mom, Karen's brother, Karen's step cousin Wendy B[censored]k, Karen's dad, cousin Mark Rudolph, adopted cousin Mary Rudolph, cousin Joan (Joanne?) that lived with the Carpenters for a bit, Olivia Newton-John and the guy writing this long article (my name is Adrian, which I believe this comes up later as they try to say that the guy named Adrian in Karen's diaries from September 1978 onward were for a guy named John Adrian when John and Karen broke up in 1977 and there was another guy, me, Adrian / Ace / Smart A**, that Karen wrote about in her diaries.  I am this same guy that was "Karen's new manager story" later on as Karen didn't want others knowing she was planning on eloping in Las Vegas, and as I live in New York State [Corning, New York], not the city, and Richard saw me on February 4, 1983 but fiction writers going, "Oh it must have been Phil Ramone".  Phil Ramone was a producer, not a manager.  You can tell that they never consulted Richard or anyone actually close to the actual Karen Carpenter on this.  Sheesh...) were Karen's "closest".  I have no stinking idea, other than Werner Wolfen, who these people in the introduction even are.  And Werner was or possibly still is a lawyer / attorney for the Carpenters and that attorney client privilege thing has me scratching my head as lawyers aren't supposed to discuss legal issues because of that attorney client privilege issue.  And an honest lawyer would be a joke unto itself as a lawyer's first duty is to represent their client to the client's best interest legally (not always honestly, hence the 'honest lawyer' joke as if a client is guilty, the lawyer is not allowed to say that a client is guilty as that would be against the client's best interest.  Think about it.  And after about 3 minutes and 5 seconds into this thing, I am thinking the actual title for this should have been, "Not Really Karen Carpenter : The Honestly Bullsh*t Story").

Then a woman's voice, "She wanted to be the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect wife", says who?   The script writer?  Was the author of this crockumentary mess a woman?

And then Carole Curb shows up on screen, "It's too many perfects for one young lady to handle".  OK, we found out who now.   Not the writer, but the one who made that last statement in the paragraph above.

We have at least three mind readers here in this story, probably more.  I do know about Carole Curb as that was Mike Curb's sister.  I also know that I didn't meet Carole (or her brother Mike).  I also do not remember meeting Werner Wolfen either.  I know I haven't met any of the other ones that I don't recognize in this introduction.  And then the title graphic finally.  3 Minutes and 14 seconds and luckily I use Nerf balls at the TV screen.  The screen would have been shattered by now using anything else.  As I would say, "DUCK! INCOMING!" when I watch something that is fiction (says so right in the beginning, "dramatized") that is trying to be passed off as being non fiction.

[Commercial:  Awesome, a break for a commercial.  Maybe we could use the commercial where if you aren't careful while smoking, your toes may need to be cut off.  That commercial seems to be about in the same ballpark as this crockumentary is.  Remember, it is not your lungs, but your feet that are affected by smoking thus revealing how easy it is to brainwash people.  I saw it on TV like that so it must be true.]

Oh cripe, back to this crock thing...

We start out with a fictional scene with Karen and Richard actor and actresses and Richard handing Karen a note supposedly from Herb Alpert.  Depressing announcer saying in the summer of 1970 and Karen and Richard have the world at their feet (note, Karen and Richard signed the original contract with A&M in April of 1969 and the summer of '70 was after the album "Close To You" and the singles "Close To You" and "We've Only Just Begun" were released.)  The breakthrough single is "Close To You" and the actual music video starts.  If it wasn't for the depressing announcer voice still, this might be a good segment for once.

And then I think it is
the mind reader, Whats-his-face or whatever-his-name-is, from the intro saying, "Back then, tracking that amount of vocals would not have been simple."  We find out Whats-his-face or whatever-his-name-is is Nicky Chinn, who is?  Not sure.  I've not really heard much about this guy.  Music producer and friend?  Produced who?  Richard produced the Carpenters so...?

And then an acting scene again with Karen and Richard actor / actress with Richard going "...royalty check" and Karen going, "fifty thousand dollars?"

And then Carole Curb, "She couldn't believe her ears.  She couldn't believe it was happening.  And at the beginning it was wonderful."  The couldn't believe her ears comment is a bit odd as Karen's eyes looked at the check, but that would be nitpicking.  In all honesty I am not against Carole Curb personally or such, but the idea that Carole remained a close friend supposedly after Karen and her brother, Mike, broke up is a bit suspect.  A friend probably after 1973 / 1974, but most likely not a close friend.  Karen and Mike Curb were dating around 1973 to 1974, somewhere in there.

Paul Gambaccini next.  Who?  This is the guy in the yellow shirt above that is apparently an expert on "stick insects".  I've never studied stick insects myself which is probably why I haven't heard of this guy before.  Oh shoot, music writer and critic.  That explains his vast knowledge of stick insects and also why I haven't heard of this guy before.

So we have these real close people that are a sister of an ex-boyfriend from around 1973 to 1974, and a music critic / stick insect expert, with a hint in the intro to a lawyer that has me scratching my head about the attorney client privilege thing as how is a lawyer going to be 'honest' while representing his client in his client's best interest?  (4:51) and we're almost to the 5 minute mark here.  Wow.

Next scene is non fiction as this is actual footage of President Richard Nixon stating, "They are young America at its very best.  The Carpenters ladies and gentlemen."  I know about Watergate and all that later (I actually met G Gordon Liddy in 1981 or 1982 I believe, but we didn't talk long and we didn't talk about Watergate or Nixon, but if you get a chance and see George, ask him if he can still see my aura in New York from California), but this is real and doesn't really belong in this crockumentary.  This actually happened.  What are the thing (not a movie) makers thinking here?  This goes against what the thing stands for, fiction.  This thing is supposed to be about fiction.  But this made the cut and breaks up the monotony a little I guess.

And an actual scene of Karen and Richard talking and doing an interview.  Karen actually smiles and kind of chuckles (which is what Karen was actually like in real life by the way).  Again, non fiction here and I feel it helps break the monotony of the fiction.  How dare they show Karen actually smiling and chuckling.  But they did and then the dreary, melancholy announcer's voice starts to bring us back to the fiction again I imagine.

"...unseen in the wings...there was a third person driving their success...mother Agnes."  Yup, back to fiction again.  Almost.  Agnes did encourage Karen and Richard.  Is encouraging your children to follow their dreams a bad thing?  And unseen as in she wasn't visible, not even during the 1978 Christmas Special "Christmas Portrait" which had several actors including Gene Kelly in it (At about a half hour or around 30:45 into the special is a good scene with mom and dad and Gene Kelly in it.  Did Karen and her mom give each other a mom and daughter see you later kiss in that?  How dare they do such a thing).  And oops, I forgot about Agnes really hiding in the "Yesterday Once More" documentary / movie.  The real truth (non fiction so does not belong in this crock, but...) back in the day, Richard used to sit around the house a lot while Karen would be out playing baseball and such.  Richard's dad, Harold, used to sit around the house too.  Karen and mom were a bit worried and they came up with an idea where mom would lavish praises on Richard and Karen had Richard firmly believing that if Richard kept sitting around the house and having his mom praise him like that, that Richard's friends and such would start calling Richard a "Mama's Boy".  A little while after Karen and mom started this, oddly, Richard started getting out of the house more and not having as many people come over to the house.  A closely kept secret between Karen and her mom.  Honestly as another closely guarded secret (that would not belong in this crock either) is the saying shared privately between Karen and her mom of, "Behind every successful man is a strong woman."  Actually, behind Richard Carpenter were two strong women, Karen and mom (Agnes).  But this would be non fiction and against what this thing stands for.  Also, you would need to have someone that was actually close to Karen to get this information from.  Definitely not happening in this thing.  This is about fiction, remember?  You know, that "dramatized" disclaimer at the very beginning a little while before the "bullsh*t" scene.  And wow, 5 minutes and 19 seconds into the thing here, we made it passed the 5 minute mark finally.

Then the depressing announcer again, then Carol Landino, school friend.  Not sure as I know Karen did not talk about Carol the whole time I knew Karen.  Karen did talk about a guy named Norm who used to smile all the time whenever Karen saw him in California, and Karen did talk a little bit about her times at middle school and high school here and there, but Carol Landino never came up.  Anyway, "She was fun loving and he was very serious all about the music.  He would be rehearsing and playing and we would be outside playing ball.  After school we'd go down her basement because Richard and his father had a phenomenal record collection and then we'd do homework and then we'd listen to music.  So it was always a fun time with Karen.  She was just a funny kid."  So I am thinking this was during middle school and Connecticut but not sure.  School friend, but which school and where?  Falsity coming up here, announcer, "father Harold was raised in New Haven Connecticut".  Nope, not even close here literally and figuratively.  Father Harold was born over in China to George and Nellie (Lynn) Carpenter and George was born in the UK to Thomas and Elizabeth Ann (Sherlock) Carpenter, marriage annulled, and then step mom Susan (Seal) Carpenter [I met Susan in June 1979 when she was over 100 years old] and father Harold lived with his mom and dad (George and Nellie) in China until the family moved to the UK.  In 1927, Harold and uncle Richard and their three sisters's mom, Nellie (Lynn) Carpenter passed away from pleurisy and George got together with (remarried? but not sure if they actually did get married or not) a lady I believe named Wefta B[censored]k (who I did meet in June 1979 and) who became Harold and uncle Richard and their three sisters's step mom and also Karen and brother Richard's step grandmother.  Nellie (Lynn) Carpenter was born in Wellsville New York.  As the Carpenter and B[censored]k families would say about Harold, "if it wasn't for Agnes putting a fire under his keister, Harold would have been just a bump on a log on his step mom's couch".  Harold wasn't lazy, it was just that until Harold and Agnes met, Harold had not shown any interest in women.  Announcer again then Carol, "Agnes was a very strong woman.  She was the boss or the matriarch I can call her."  A guy's voice (Frank Bonito, school friend, still not sure which school either, still think Connecticut middle school), "She had a lot of anxieties.  She was very festidious.  Very goal oriented and very success oriented."  Maybe something useful here if we could figure out whether Connecticut or California and how close a friend Carol Landino and Frank Bonito were.  Sounds like an italian neighborhood which is why I am guessing back in the Connecticut days.

Acting scene, fiction again.  "...Success was what Agnes wanted most of all for Richard."  Mind reading again.  Was it really success or was it happiness for her son?  I'm not sure myself as I can't read minds like that, but leave it to fiction writers and a depressing sounding narrator.

And then Carol Landino again, "If I didn't know any better I would swear Agnes was an italian mother because the Sun rose and set on Richard and it was all about the music and Richard's career."  Agnes (Tatum) Carpenter.  The Tatums and Rudolphs.  I met the older Carpenters that lived in Surrey UK and you could definitely tell an italian lineage there but farther back and not current.  But I know that the Carpenters family came from the UK.  The Lynn family was from Wellsville New York which is about an hour from Corning New York where I live and the Lynns were American but not sure where the Lynns came from before they came to the USA.  I'm not sure on the Tatums and Rudolphs being italian, but doesn't sound right.  Oops, I digressed to reality again, sorry...

Well, while digressing here, we don't know if Carol or Frank were Connecticut or California friends.  No background here.  That makes me think that the writers and producers are hiding stuff (which they are).  My guess is Connecticut which would be before June 1963.  But what are the writers and crockumentary people doing here with Carol and Frank?  I actually appreciate Carol and Frank coming forward and talking, but it really seems like the writers of this crockumentary are hiding information from people which is not Carol or Frank's fault here.  But information about Connecticut and California gives the viewer an insight into what period of Karen and Richard's life that the crockumentary may be talking about with these interviews.  This is obviously not life long information here, but the crockumentary writers and such seem to be misleading people by withholding information about the time frame of this information that is being given.  Why?

Announcer again commenting about Carol's comment ,
"If I didn't know any better I would swear Agnes was an italian mother because the Sun rose and set on Richard and it was all about the music and Richard's career." with this (over the top) comment from the announcer, "Richard never quite saw it that way (and what does Richard know anyway?  A WHOLE LOT ACTUALLY...)  But others did."  So we are supposed to gather from this that Richard (who does not actually, himself, appear in this outside a couple video clips) has commented somewhere that he disagrees with what Carol said here.  Don't know where this supposed Richard comment about what Carol said actually is, just that this just became a huge mess in a hurry as far as a followable story line.  Are they trying to say Richard is off here even though we don't actually have anything directly from Richard about this or are they trying to say Carol is off here?  Is it the announcer that is off?  Is the script writer off their rocker (I'll believe this one)?  This is where I wish they had a 'Nerf Supernova (like a star exploding)' or a Nerf Nuclear Warhead.  I had to settle for something that looked like a Nerf Bazooka instead.  A crockumentary this factually inaccurate attacking Richard's credibility?  Carol's credibility?  Announcer's credibility (how could a guy that talks monotone and depressing all the time ever be wrong about anything)?  The script writer's credibility (more than likely)?  Normally at this point, TV gets turned off and the crockumentary gets thrown in the dumpster where it belongs.  I have an article to write here.  OK, non fiction version of this, I have a couple hundred page (or more) book to write here about what is so messed up about this crockumentary.

And then, "When that happens, sometimes, the younger sibling ends up feeling insecure.  And Karen was a very insecure girl."  Mind reader Nicky "
Whats-his-face or whatever-his-name-is" Chinn again.  Looks like I need to browse the internet and try to figure out this guy...  OK, this guy and Mike Chapman worked with the band called "The Sweet" back in the day.  I remember critics saying that Chapman and Chinn were the reasons behind The Sweet having success on the record charts, but then The Sweet did "Love Is Like Oxygen" which kind of negated that claim to me anyway as "Love Is Like Oxygen" is still my favorite The Sweet song.  But what did this guy have to do with the Carpenters really?  Richard's production and such was based on ideas he got from listening to Les Paul and Mary Ford records back in the day.  Was Richard looking to sound like The Sweet and songs like "Little Willie" and "Ballroom Blitz"?  Kind of odd here.  I think Nicky Chinn is here because Johnny Carson aka "Carnac the Magnificent" had passed away before this thing was made.

More of the depressing sounding announcer again... "...seemed like it would go on forever..." Ain't that the truth here.  A little over 7 minutes into this and it seems like an eternity has passed already in a thing that is over one hour and 34 minutes long.  As I've said, "oh boy..."

And the mind reading passes onto the announcer again with, "Karen worshipped Richard."  Really?  Oh Richard, Divine One, what iseth thine bidding for today oh great and noble guru / swami / whatever...  Did anyone ever find this shrine that Karen had built devoted to her brother?  Sounds like a cool place to be if someone could find out where this shrine was / is.  Oh that's right, 'dramatized', I keep forgetting that here...

Ah here we go, announcer again, "Something she expressed in a 1982 interview."  And then... Karen Carpenter actually talking and edited here but, "I did everything that Richard did (including peeing while standing up which is not spoken here, but insinuated by me).  If he listened to music, I listened to music.  It was unconscious, but we were so close and I idolized him so much."  Richard was Karen's big brother.  Karen looked up to her big brother when she was younger.  How much younger, we don't know.  But Karen is talking in this interview segment about when she was younger and not about herself as an adult here.  She did say she "idolized him so much" too which is why we really need to find this shrine devoted to Richard.  Interview snipet used out of context here.  Most younger siblings learn from their older siblings.  Richard and Karen apparently got along as otherwise Karen wouldn't have looked up to him.  Richard was older and a boy so Richard was the one that got to stay up late and such before Karen became old enough to do such things.  Richard also apparently must not have felt like his younger sister was a 'tagalong' or such.  Usually, older brothers (like myself) push their younger sister away and feel like the younger sister "cramps my style" or such.  Richard and Karen apparently got along well together and apparently Richard didn't cramp Karen's style and Karen didn't cramp Richard's style either.  Cool.  But that is the real world and this thing is fiction, so remember that Karen worshipped the grand and almighty Richard and the ground that he walked on (or water even, who's to say?)...

And then the announcer, "Karen was also close to her mother."  Actually this is true.  Karen was actually close to her mother as if Richard told mom secrets, mom told Karen, but Karen kept quiet about it.  If Karen told her mom a secret, the secret stayed between Karen and her mom and Richard usually didn't have a clue about it.  And then, "But Agnes only had eyes for Richard."  Really, you just got done saying that Karen and her mom were close (which IS true) but now you are contradicting yourself saying that mom only had eyes for Richard?  Huh?  What?  Really (there is no real in fiction)?  Fictional script writer's (not the depressing sounding announcer's) fault here.

And then Carole Curb, "She just wanted to please her mom and wanted her mom to be proud of her".  Mind reading again.  What happened to that "Karen was also close to her mother" comment.  Seems like the writers have just tossed that out the window now.  Ah, dramatized, fiction.  I get it.  Toss truth out the window for a fictional story.  Whew, they were honest for a brief moment with the "Karen was also close to her mother" comment, but now we realize that that was not a fictional statement so we need to rebuke or rebuff or whatever that honest statement that Karen was close to her mother.  Is it all making sense yet?  If it is making sense, then you are not watching this closely.  This is drama / fiction and if writers making up stories that aren't true start making sense, then you are not watching and paying attention to pure drama / fiction like this thing is.

Welp, time to pause this crock and pick up the over 40 Nerf balls lying around all over the place.  Not even ten minutes yet into this.  This is bad.  But like the defining sequence with the Richard actor stated, "This is bullsh*t" and oh boy is it ever.

The announcer announcing about Harold (dad) getting a job out in California and the family going to relocate and move out to LA (Downey) "...where Richard could more easily pursue a musical career."  New Haven Connecticut is about 2 hours from New York City.  I never realized that New York City did not have a music industry until this crockumentary pointed that out just now.  Most others still don't realize it, but it must be true or else why would the Carpenters move from New Haven Connecticut to Downey California?  Aha, 1963.  They moved in June 1963.  I imagine another brief honesty interlude before we get back to this story again.  The plot thickens.  Could this thing ever remain honest?
  I heard from elsewhere that actually Harold (dad) was getting tired of the Connecticut winters and the cold.  But it has to be to further Richard's musical career.  It has to be.  Wait, drama.  OK, let's get on with this.

Carol Landino again, "I know she didn't want to move to California."  We all know something, but is it true?  Mind readers.  Hey, I think we can now put Carol as being a friend back in the old Connecticut days.  I think the writers, producers, compilers and assemblers messed up maybe.  It sounds like Carol knew Karen before they moved from Connecticut to California.  Holy carp (dyslexia) a time frame here possibly.  But Harold (dad) was getting tired of the cold Connecticut winters so Harold and his family moved from New Haven (about two hours from New York City and Carengie Hall and Madison Square Garden) to Downey California (a suburb of Los Angeles)...  Oh wait, stick to the story here, Harold got an opportunity to advance Richard's musical career by moving from New Haven Connecticut (about two hours from New York City and Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden and all that) to Downey California (a suburb of Los Angeles in which Downey has been just overrun with musical talent as they had Richard and Karen Carpenter and um, er, uh,... just stick with this story I guess).  They moved in June 1963 with Richard at the ripe old age of let's see 1946, 1963 but not quite October 15th so Richard was 16 at the time they moved and Richard was starting his senior year at high school and Karen was a freshman at age 13, 1963 and 1950, that's pretty easy compared to Richard's older, more complicated math problem as Karen was born March 2nd.

And Carol still, "You know, what kid at 13 wants to leave all their friends?"  This isn't about friends, but about Richard advancing his musical career.  Boy, the writers have this script pretty well hidden from the people giving interviews in this.  This is supposed to be a movie about Richard's budding music career, not about Karen.  Didn't you read the title of this crockumentary?  Oh shoot, you may be onto something here Carol.  Carry on.

And then depressing announcer again, "Desperate to show Agnes that SHE was as good as Richard.  Karen found a talent of her own."  Definite mind reading here and very misleading as if Karen was going to be as good as Richard, Karen was going to need to learn to play the piano better (Richard hadn't started arranging and producing and music writing and such yet).  Oh wait, "a talent of her own".  OK, so instead of actually being as good as Richard, Karen was figuring out a way where her and Richard might be able to augment and work together with each other on stuff.  But how is working together between a brother and sister equating out to be 'as good as' somehow for Karen?  Yeah, very confusing, but such is fiction / drama.  It's about the story being told and not about if that story makes sense or not.  Remember the opening 'dramatized' disclaimer.  Oops, I keep forgetting, don't I?  Really, that disclaimer is the first thing that we see so it must be the most important.

Karen actress playing drums with announcer bemoaning, "Karen joined Richard's early piano groups."  Then you are led to believe you are seeing an actual clip of the show after the Dick Carpenter Trio won the Battle of the Bands (circa 1966) but this clip was later on.

And then Nicky Chinn again "It's quite a way down the line that anybody in that family knew that Karen could sing at all."  I think they call it puberty and until after that point of a singer reaching passed puberty, anyone's singing could easily change.  Karen's voice did change as did Richard's voice singing too at one point.  Karen started singing once in a while when she was about 15 or 16 which is about the puberty age.  Mom could sing too but mom was already passed puberty by the mid 1960s.  Again, fiction here.  To be expected.

Wow, then the announcer leading up to, "...Karen's voice...seems to hint at an inner sadness."  The song being sung is a song called Rainy Days and Mondays which is supposed to be a sad sounding song with the lyrics being written by Paul Williams about Paul's mother.  So Karen can make her voice sound sad.  Other people have a sad sounding voice and aren't sad, and from those (like myself), that knew Karen, can attest that Karen was normally a very cheerful and joyous person, she just had a kind of low ranged voice that could sound sad if needed.  You do realize that singing a sad song sounding happy is a bit off.  Is there something wrong with a sad sounding voice person singing a sad sounding song?  Better yet here, does a person actually have to be sad themselves to sing a song that sounds sad?  Can a voice be trained to sound sad even though the person themselves is not sad?  Any actor or actress want to tackle this one?  How about a singer?  What about a sad sounding announcer?  Is this guy announcing actually sad too?  Well?  Yes, mind reading again.  Well, actually, now on the border line of brainwashing.  We said it so it must be true.  Believe what we tell you and don't ask questions you infidels (another Nerf ball launched.  DUCK!  INCOMING!).

More Nicky Chinn with (Rainy Days and Mondays in background), "In that song, there's an enormous amount of emotion."  The music by Roger Nichols and the lyrics by Paul Williams here.  Paul wrote the lyrics to a song that has emotion to it.  Karen sang the song to sound sad as it was a sad song.  Was Karen actually sad though when singing or was it more her voice being used a certain way?  We need to ask Carnac the Magnificent, but sadly, he had passed away before this crock, so we'll need to rely on Nicky Chinn's word on it I guess.  It is a fictional drama so what have we got to lose believing stuff that isn't necessarily true, but we need to advance this fictional plot along here otherwise, we may be writing for decades here without accomplishing anything.  Really, this announcer sounds all sad and depressed too, so the announcer's voice must be coming from some deep, dark past that the announcer is hiding from the rest of us that the announcer probably doesn't know existed.  Is this announcer nuts or cuckoo?  Is this writer nuts or cuckoo for writing this sad stuff but having to have a different person read this sad stuff as probably the writer's voice doesn't sound as sad.  Just thinking out loud here...  We need to understand that people that weren't really around Karen that much could read her mind.  It's as simple as that.  What do you mean that there are these things known as distance and time?  That is hogwash.  These people could read Karen's mind regardless of how close they were in proximity to Karen, but also regardless of what period in time they may have known Karen during.  Honestly, this is the writer / assembler / director / producer's fault for taking snipets of interviews and using these snipets out of context here.  Point noted, DO NOT EVER DO AN INTERVIEW WITH THESE PEOPLE IF YOU DON'T WANT WHAT YOU SAY REARRANGED TO SOUND LIKE SOMETHING ELSE THAT THE WRITERS / ASSEMBLERS / DIRECTORS / PRODUCERS WISH YOU HAD ACTUALLY SAID IN A DIFFERENT CONTEXT THAN WHEN YOU HAD ORIGINALLY SAID IT.  Tabloid tactics here.  Fiction.  Not honest.  Not truthful.  Very 'twisted'.

And the video of Karen smiling here and there while singing Rainy Days And Mondays in the original video.  This is a sad song.  Karen's not supposed to be smiling while singing a sad song.  Someone had better fire Karen Carpenter from this production as she is screwing up this crockumentary by smiling during what should be a sad song.  She even smiled while singing "frown".  The nerve of her.  Oh wait, if it wasn't screwed up, it wouldn't be a crockumentary now would it?  OK Carry on then...  But watch this Karen Carpenter person closely.  She almost destroyed this whole 'sad song' idea thing here.  Next time, probably ought to can her and just go with the actress instead, OK?  What does this smiling Karen Carpenter know about the REAL Karen Carpenter that we don't already know?  I think it's a trap.  A set up.  It has to be.

And Nicky again, "And some of that emotion was pain."  OK, so now Karen needs to break her arm or stub her toe now or something?  Actually the real Karen Carpenter would probably be looking to stick a pratfall or such in here with a 'laugh track' to try and lighten the mood up a little.  Really.  Karen Carpenter wasn't much for feeling depressed or being serious for too long.  But that would go against the idea behind writing drama aka fiction.  It is a trap!

The announcer again, praising Karen's voice in a depressing kind of way I guess.  I'm kind of wondering which is more sad sounding.  Karen singing a sad song or this announcer's voice?  You would think that you would want to sound happy if praising someone, but evidently this announcer does not seem to be too thrilled about praising Karen's voice for some reason.  Quick, could we bring in some of the mind readers again?  I'm just curious as to what some of the mind readers might think of why this announcer guy sounds so melancholy while trying to praise someone.  It just doesn't sound right here (or anywhere else really).

Announcer, "...Music royalty..."  Dionne Warwick (cool I met Dionne with Karen and Olivia in 1979, Dionne and I talked a little and Dionne gave me the advice of "tell her how you feel every chance you get.  Girls like that kind of thing." which is still great advice and I didn't really know Dionne and Dionne didn't really know me that well either.  Again.  Cool seeing Dionne in this.  Singer and friend.  True.), "Karen's voice reminded me of a piece of satin.  Um, smooth.  Lovely not only to hear.  But if you could touch it.  You'd be very pleased."  Awesome.  Wonderful tribute by Dionne about Karen.  Again, awesome.  A keeper (unlike most of this crockumentary).

Announcer again, "But Karen's been raised to believe that Richard is the only one with talent."  More mind reading from some announcer that needs to be mind read himself.  Karen never talked to anyone outside her mom.  Actually, how does this announcer know what Karen and her mom did or did not say in private without others around?  Oh that's write (pun here on right), the script writer knows this.  OK announcer, just keep sounding drab and melancholy.  I think we got this.

Nicky Chinn again here, "I was with Karen one day, and we ran into John Lennon.  Who I'd never met and she'd never met.  And he turns to her and says I just wanna tell you love I think you got a most fabulous voice.  And he walked on.  Didn't bother to introduce himself.  And she said to me afterwards, he couldn't have meant it.  And that was Karen's lack of confidence.  She doesn't believe that John Lennon could mean she had the most fabulous voice and that was...  That's sad."   Nice story.  Too bad that they try to make this sound like Karen was like this her whole life.  I mean this was John Lennon of the 'fab four' saying 'fabulous' here but it was also in a public place with others around and John didn't say "Karen" during his passing by or whatever.  So Karen is just supposed to jump up and down and take credit for all this without John saying Karen's name during his passing by?  This is supposedly 1971 here and Karen wasn't really that well-known outside winning the Grammys with Richard that year.  No one has ever heard of shock as that would be a tough moment for me to believe too if I was Karen Carpenter in 1971.  The Beatles were still the biggest thing on the planet, and The Carpenters were still relatively unknown...

Announcer again blandly, "By the end of 1971, Karen is world famous.  But she's not comfortable with stardom. (she's only been a 'star' for what, a year at most at that point?  Are we supposed to think that almost from birth, without being even known, Karen is supposed to believe she is always destined to be a big star and a household name.  Sounds pretty fictional and arrogant to me as the Karen people knew, non fiction, was not an arrogant person).  As Agnes and Richard take control of her life, Karen responds by taking control of her body."  Fiction extreme here as Karen's problems started around 1974 / 1975 not 1971.  Again, fiction.  Lots of fiction as the Richard and Agnes take control and the Karen takes control stuff is just absurd here.  Even more absurd in this time frame of 1971, but still absurd at any time.  Richard and Agnes never 'controlled' Karen.  Fiction.  Made up.  Dramatized like that disclaimer at the beginning says.

Carole Curb again, "And then I saw her and she was 80 pounds, and [sigh] scared the living daylights out of me.  I was heartbroken."  We just had them say 1971 a little bit ago and now a comment about Karen being 80 pounds here?  Out of time sequence as the 80 pounds reference was definitely not for the year 1971.  Karen dated Mike Curb around 1973 to 1974.  Snip snip as putting interview chunks in the wrong spots leads to confusion for whoever watches this that is unkowing, and disbelief for those that are knowing.  Not Carole's fault here.

Commercial:  Another commercial, goody goody.  Cool, someone wants people to buy the Brooklyn Bridge...]

[Commercial 2:  Spaghetti grows on trees.  Order your spaghetti tree today.  Free shipping in the UK and the continental USA.]

Karen and Richard smiling and We've Only Just Begun playing in the background.  Same monotone announcer.  Maybe...

Mike Curb, music producer and friend.  Actually an old boyfriend for a short while and Carole Curb is Mike's sister.  Nothing bad here.  And Mike compliments Richard on We've Only Just Begun.  Starting out good for a change.

Then announcer again, "From the start, Richard is in control."  OK, getting back to the old depressing nonsense stuff again.  We did have a short break from it though.  "On stage, Karen loves to sing and play drums."  <--this is true actually.  "But big brother isn't having it."  Here we go again...  The fiction writing returns (and probably with a vengeance after being nearly accurate for almost a minute).

"Karen would have naturally deferred to Richard, not because of gender politics, but because of age.  She was the younger one." from the stick insect expert / music critic Paul Gambaccini.  There is also that Karen was not one to be the center of attention too.  But not bad for a change here.  I still can't help myself picking on critics as they are usually the easiest to pick on since they usually leave themselves wide open to criticism.

Carol Landino, "Karen was not comfortable coming out from behind the drums.  She wasn't a front person.  She was relatively shy.  I saw a big difference and that's when I think her personality to me changed."  Excellent comments.  Something wrong with the choppers and editors here as stuff is starting to stay in context and make sense and such.

Announcer again, "It was a nervous Karen who confirmed that coming out from out front to sing ballads wasn't her idea."

Karen speaks, "Well, yeah, they um, finally got the message across.  They wanted me to get up but um, I was the only girl in the group so they were looking at me."  Getting back to normal again as what Karen said doesn't quite match what the announcer said.

"To take the drums away from that person, to make somebody go up front, must have created some kind of separation anxiety" from the resident therapist / psychologist / psychiatrist / stick insect expert / music critic, Paul Gambaccini again.

"Richard and his mother Agnes know that putting Karen front of stage is good for business.", yeah, back to mind reading again from the announcer.  And Karen front stage?  What is mom (Agnes) thinking here?  Karen out in front would put Karen in the spotlight over Richard.  Richard is the golden child.  Richard was born to be front and center.  Why would Agnes even suggest such a thing as putting her daughter out in front instead of her most favorite son?  Mom hates her daughter, just ask the fiction writers who wish that they had pictures of Karen and her mom hugging so that they could try and accuse Karen of being raised to be a lesbian (instead of just the false insinuations of incest between Karen and Richard).  But Karen and mom didn't hug in front of the cameras or such.  And why does the tabloid media keep trying to make it look as though every family in America is full of degenerates and perverts?  Is the media, itself, loaded with a bunch of perverts and degenerates that are feeling ostracized and trying to accuse everyone else so that they don't look as bad as they really are (definition of a smoke screen)?  This mind reading stuff always makes for great fiction.  I almost thought I was watching something else for a change as things were actually starting to be honest and almost make sense, but alas, the fictional story must go on, and on, and on (kind of like what I just wrote about perversion and degeneracy here)...

Frank Bonito, "The Carpenters, the group, was a family business.  I mean it supported Karen.  It supported Richard and it supported the parents."  True.  And as a family, the Carpenters tried to work together <-which gratefully Frank did not say this, but hopefully the writers of this don't start taking these statements out of context.

Announcer (back to normal here), "But family pressure soon proves too much for Karen.", um, time frame here?  Fiction writers must be off break now.

Carole Curb, "I don't feel that Karen set out in her life to be a rock star.  It happened and then it just overtook her life.  They were touring in Europe and it was excruciating.  Everybody wanted them and everybody was booking them and they had to keep the pace."  Maybe that's the secret, shut the fiction writers up and let the people being interviewed actually talk for a change.  Maybe.

Announcer, "The 1975 schedule is punishing.  Karen struggles to play 118 shows in 5 months.  Then something in Karen snaps.  Normal dieting turns into an obsessive compulsion to lose weight at any cost."  1975 and Karen had actually started losing weight for a while.  It was not actually dieting at this point however, but the hectic tour schedule wasn't allowing anyone to eat or drink (hydrate) properly.  The entire band was losing weight too, not just Karen.  Karen just happened to be the one that collapsed.

Debbie Cuticello, friend, (not stated, but friend from Connecticut, 1963 the Carpenters moved so 1975?), "1975 making that transition.  There was a drastic change in her body.  Her frame was so thin.  So emaciated; it was kind of hard; her bones would stick out."

Carol Landino, "She looked like a skeleton.  Her skin was just hanging on her.  The two bones in her neck protruding."  When?

Carole Curb, "Ah, and then I saw her and she was 80 pounds.  And [sigh] scared the living daylights out of me.  I was heartbroken.  But it's like you can't say Karen what are you doing.  It's like I don't want to frighten her."  When?

Ah, back to acting classes again.  When?  Now.  The fiction writers return from coffee break. (actress Karen in a hospital bed).

Announcer, "Weighing a little over 6 stone (84 pounds, 1 stone equals roughly 14 pounds).  Karen's first warning comes in September (1975?).  Shortly before a major tour to Japan and europe, she's hospitalized with fans fearing the worst."

Richard actor, "They say you are depressed."  Karen actress, "Well, maybe I am a little."  Richard actor, "They say you have cancer."  Karen actress, "[sigh] Richard.  I'm exhausted.  We've been on the road too long."  Remember, acting scene, not reality here, but a writer's adaptation of what they think reality is whether actually real or not.  And with that being said, Karen and Richard's mom, Agnes, was by Karen's side for 14 to 16 hours a day while Karen was in the hospital in 1975.  Where is Karen and Richard's mom in this acting sequence?  Ah, low budget film I guess and trying to cut the costs of production maybe?  Faulty 'story' writing?  Where are mind readers when you need them?  To arms, to arms, reality might be approaching.  Questions are being asked and answers are starting to sound a bit ridiculous.  We need more mindless drivel to occupy this hour and a half crockumentary.  Dang the thought of reality, full speed ahead.

Narrator (same as announcer, just a different wording is all as the word, announcer, is getting a bit boring and announcer's voice is even more boring). "Karen's dramatic weight loss had started soon after she appeared smiling and healthy on the cover of Rolling Stone (July 4, 1974).  Yet the roots of her problem arguably went right back to childhood."

Narrator again, "As a teenager, Karen felt fat.  Agnes was philosophical.  She said Carpenter women had always been hefty in the butt."  Side note here by myself, in early June 1979 Karen talked with the Carpenter women themselves, and the Carpenter women referred to it as "Crisco, fat in the can".  It was a Carpenter trait.  That hourglass type figure, big shoulders, big bottom, smaller waist.

Carol Landino, "I think that she was insecure because Agnes watched everything she put in her mouth.  I remember being there after school and I think we were eating cookies (pre 1963) and she made some kind of comment as to watch what you're eating or how many did you eat or something to that nature."

Dennis Heath, friend (Connecticut?), "She wasn't fat.  She had the, you know, sort of baby fat of a young girl."

Narrator, "When success came, Karen felt the whole world was judging her."  Back to the story writer mind reading again.

Mike Curb, "She just felt that she was gaining weight in the wrong places and not in the right places.  And she was frustrated by the fact that she couldn't lose the weight in her hips."  True.

Brian Southall, Publicist UK Tour, 1974, "I knocked on her dressing room door and she was in a state of undress.  And I sort of went sorry about that and I saw and her upper body was skinny and she was very, very slight.  But she was very big hipped which I didn't think she could have been because I think she was very tiny."

Mind reading narrator again, "Karen knew what people were thinking" (note, no she didn't know what others were thinking.  Usually Karen would joke around and say that she was brain dead or an air head.  She could kind of second guess Richard and her mom and dad, but that was just second guessing as she knew them so well.  Karen wasn't really a 'mind reader' like this fictitious storyteller writing some of this extraneous dialogue for this crockumentary).  "So, she decided to do something."

Nicky Chinn, now a former boyfriend, "She was going back to the house to do extra gym work and she had this machine that was a sort of motorized with a belt that was supposed to reduce her hips."  Note. looking at Karen's time line of boyfriends Mark Harmon (acquaintance?), Bill Hudson (acquaintance?), Alan Osmond (1973), Mike Curb (1973 - 1974), Terry Ellis (1975), John Adrian (1976 - 1977), Steve Martin (1977),
Tony Danza (1978? / 1980), Tom Bahler (1979), Thomas Burris (1980 - 1983), and probably a couple others here (Nicky Chinn?, I know the names of three others at least between the 1978 and 1982 time frame, but not listing for personal reasons here, I will also mention that people keep mentioning David Alley, but I'm not sure on that as I don't remember Karen mentioning him to me.  I am sure there are at least three others that Karen did have sex and / or a relationship with that I know of not listed here), my guess would be that Nicky Chinn was the only one Karen broke up and went back to, Karen and Nicky Chinn MAY have been 1971 and / or 1972.  So this doesn't really make sense here for a 1971 or 1972 time line of Karen having a belt machine.  But not sure on Nicky's 'boyfriend' time line here.  I am thinking that actually Nicky Chinn may have been the only guy that Karen went back to in like around 1974 or 1975.  OK, a couple days later, mystery solved here.  Nicky Chinn (1971 / 1972?, then again 1974 / 1975?).  Karen did actually mention Nicky to me in 1978 as a "don't ever go back to someone after you break up with them" moment and Karen referred to Nicky as "Mister Know-It-All" which was why I didn't remember him at first (41+ years ago).  Oops, and don't forget the title of this crock, "Goodbye To Love" and being on the road and all these boyfriends and acquaintences and such, Karen was always lonely too.  Yes, those accusations really are pretty sad.  Lonely?  "Goodbye To Love"?  And the punch line is [drum roll please]...

OK, the punch line is that despite a bunch of nutcases trying to insinuate otherwise, Richard Carpenter is not on the list above.  There is a good reason why Richard Carpenter is not on the boyfriend list above as Karen said to me in 1979 while we were discussing 'rumors',
"...As far as rumors about Richard and I having sex.  Richard and I are brother and sister and we have been through a lot together and we are very close to one another and we love each other very much and very dearly.  We are brother and sister and the thought of possibly bringing in a bunch of inbreds with hillbilly teeth into the world is just not my idea of having a good time..."  I know, fiction writers would rather have a yes or no answer instead of the truth.  Inbreds with hillbilly teeth sounds pretty truthful to me.  How about to you?

Narrator, "Despite the workouts, reviews started to get personal.  The Chicago Sun Times said Karen's not gorgeous but at least she's trying.  But it wasn't just her looks the critics were unhappy with."  Yes, in the era of promoting Devil worshipping and degeneracy and perversion and such, "goody four shoes?"  Who did the Carpenters think they were?  Even more, what did the critics want them to be?

The actual Karen Carpenter talking in an interview about, "...totally absurd...don't make any sense...not having used to bother me terribly in the beginning...fine...just learn to walk away from it."

Narrator, "Hurt and confused (mind reading again as in the interview Karen talks about how the stuff just bounces off of her, but hurt and confused?  Oh the fiction writer is the one hurt and definitely confused here, got it.)  By the summer of 1974, Karen has slimmed down to around 8 stone (8 X 14 = 112 pounds, shhh, Karen is 5'4" tall and her ideal weight at the time was considered 106 to 108 pounds by the weight charts at the time, oh my word, Karen's actually considered 4 to 6 pounds over weight at 112 pounds, she's really in trouble here, just ask the narrator and this fiction writer.  Not kidding.  Seriously.  Oops, I spelled sarcastically wrong again didn't I?)"

Carole Curb, "We all complimented her, wow, Karen you look so well.  Look, oh my goodness, what did you do?  And she did look amazing."

Narrator, "Agnes recalled how even after being told she looked great, Karen couldn't stop dieting."

Good Morning America Show, 1983 (after Karen passed away), Agnes (mom) speaking, "It just seemed that she was uh determined to lose weight she wanted to be thin like you see the models and everybody are and so she'd get down so about 115 she looked perfect."  (note, what appears to be that photoshopped picture from the introduction appears again.  It still looks photoshopped as the neck is almost pointing towards the lady in the red dress while the head appears more detailed [not as fuzzy] and brighter colored while facing towards the camera and the face is almost 180 degrees from the lady in the red dress).

Narrator, "As her weight dropped, Variety Magazine couldn't resist the jibe.  Karen looks almost like a wraith she should gown more becomingly.  The press had noticed.  But had Karen's mother?" (Psst, duh, um, read the two paragraphs above here which includes a Narrator comment about Karen's mom noticing.  I think Karen's mom noticed.  This goes beyond a head scratch and now becomes a butt scratch moment as there could not have been any thought whatsoever with the "But had Karen's mother?" statement).

Carol Landino, "I don't believe that Agnes really thought something was wrong with Karen.  Or maybe she knew something was wrong but didn't want to admit to it 'cause Agnes was always right.  And so she probably feared that people would blame her.  She was a driven woman.  She was out to make sonny boy famous.  So Richard, you can't have your sister sick.  You know, the Carpenters must go on."

Oh boy, actress and actor again.  Been a while since the onslaught of fiction writing.  Make those fiction writers earn their keep.

Los Angeles 1975, narrator, "By September 1975, doctors hope Karen's hospitalization will be a wake up call to the star.  But Karen's not listening."  Note, doctors in 1975 (and later) were worried about Karen's arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and most hospital stays would consist of a daily barrage of a doctor or case type worker asking Karen if Karen would like to have a pacemaker installed to help with her irregular heartbeat problem.  The EKG machine would honestly sound like someone playing a game of Pong - Bloop, bloop, blip, bleep, blip [slight pause] bleep, bleep, bloop... never steady.

Frank, "Karen never admitted that she had a problem.  If you tried to ask her you know head on what is what's going on here she always had an excuse."  Note, Karen and I talked in detail in 1978 and 1979 about her arrhythmia and her anorexia.  There were some good reasons why Karen didn't talk much about that stuff to others.

Debbie Cuticello, "Richard was very concerned about her illness.  I think it was really devastating for everybody and for him maybe he was unable to verbalize what he was feeling."

Karen actress, "We're not going to Japan are we?"  Richard actor, "No."  Karen actress, "Then Europe?"  Richard actor, "The doctors say we shouldn't go."  Karen actress, "[sigh] oh I let you down.  I'm sorry."  (note here, during Karen's 1975 hospital stay, Agnes [mom] was at Karen's bed side many times for 14 to 16 hours at a stretch.  Karen's mom is not seen here and just the Richard actor.  But this is a drama scene with an actor and an actress, not real life nor a reenactment here.)

Narrator, " are told Karen has a colon problem."  Before the hospital in September 1975, Karen had collapsed on stage so she was rushed to the hospital.  In the hospital, Karen is told she has arrhythmia and an irregular heartbeat in 1975.  The doctors offer to install a pacemaker but Karen is against being kept alive by a machine and refuses.  Karen exercises and starts checking her pulse more on her wrist or neck at times.  Karen's heart does not have a steady beat and Karen is kept in the hospital for a while for observation which was actually why the tour was cancelled.  It is observed that it is something inside Karen but nothing can be found to indicate what might be causing Karen's heart to beat unsteady and irregular.  X-rays and scans and tests and Karen's heart actually appears to be normal just not beating in a normal rhythm for some reason.  This happens again in 1977 where Karen collapses again, but not sure if the crock here even covers that one in 1977.  Somewhere along the line, the arrhythmia diagnosis was forgotten and the anorexia diagnosis seems to have replaced it by most story tellers.  There wasn't any 'anorexia' mentioned in 1975 (which oddly, this crock hasn't crossed that line yet, but has almost hinted at it).  But it was after 1977 that anorexia was thought of and the 'arrhythmia' information was told to me by Karen in 1978 but got lost in the shuffle after Karen passed away as arrhythmia and anorexia sound similar but are very different problems.  In 1978, Karen and I discussed both, so I know Karen had arrhythmia and anorexia.  Karen's EKGs were always a mess (and the EKG sounded like someone playing a game of Pong at the time) which was why Karen avoided hospitals as they would always ask Karen if she wanted a pacemaker installed.

Narrator, "But after a short break, she's back at work again."  Talking over "A Kind of Hush" video "...body...frail" and to note, if you look at Karen's biceps, they are still thin.  Karen always had thin wrists, forearms, calves and ankles.  Karen would show her weight in her biceps, thighs, and face (mostly face).

Frank, "When she came out on stage, the people were gasping.  She was so thin and I said to her Karen what's wrong you look horrible.  You know, you're so thin that you look like you have cancer."

Narrator, "For the first time, Karen's parents get an insight into what might be wrong with their daughter.  Reader's Digest magazine has just published an article about eating disorders.  (Agnes and Harold actor and actress talking about anorexia nervosa) Karen's illness now has a name.  Though as Agnes struggles to accept her daughter's problem, she is about to discover, her son has one too."  I believe the Reader's Digest article was from a possibly July? 1976 issue, but not positive.  I am also very sure that it was Ev Wallace that originally saw that article around 1976 (not her mom and dad).  Karen's major problem is her arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and doctors wanting to install a pacemaker even if Karen just has the sniffles.

Then well, to kind of try and hurry this along here as you will see a bunch of scripted acting scenes.  Remember, the scenes are written to try and portray what a writer thinks happened, not what actually happened.  All acting scenes are not EXACT dialogues or such but are a writer's adaptations of what they felt happened.  Most times (actually, so far all) are not actual so they are all a bit off and not accurate in some way and either going in a wrong direction or based on inaccurate information.  Case in point, the 1975 hospital scenes where mom (Agnes) is missing yet Agnes was at the hospital in 1975 with both Karen and Richard.  So the Richard and Karen alone, side by side, in the hospital acting scenes are not accurate as Agnes is missing from those.  The acting scenes are NOT reenactments but are 'interpretations' of what an author thought might have happened.  Well, actually, Agnes is not there, so I guess it's the thought (or lack thereof) that matters here.

Now, as far as Richard's addiction (not in the crock), In 1973, Richard, Karen, Harold (dad) and a cousin, Mark Rudolph, were riding motorcycles together.  There were a couple trails and one trail had 'rules' whereas another trail did not have rules.  Karen took off on the no rules trail and Richard saw a couple other riders heading straight for Karen.  Richard intercepted the other riders and ended up breaking one of his wrists and one leg and spraining his other wrist in the accident (note, Karen used to carry a picture of Richard in her wallet with Richard sitting in a yellow chair with the casts on his wrists and leg - we all know how chicks dig scars, right?).  Karen always felt bad about that and Richard started taking pain pills after that accident.  Karen always blamed herself for Richard getting addicted to quaaludes as after that accident, Richard started feeling it was all right to just take pills for pain or for sleeping or such.  Not mentioned here specifically but overviewed kind of was the fact that the last Las Vegas show the band did of those shows was on September 3, 1978.  I know as I met Karen on September 6, 1978 (but I did not know it was Karen Carpenter until around mid October 1978).  Karen had arranged to live with her step cousin Wendy in New York State (not the city) and Karen took off without letting people know exactly where she had gone.  The rest of the Vegas shows were cancelled anyway, but Karen had taken off and couldn't be found (but Karen did contact Richard and mom and dad to let them know she was all right, but not where she was).  So anyway, there is a big mess here that is not really anyone's fault, but stuff needs to remain being hidden by the guy writing this as there are a lot of 'tabloid' type writers that would take and twist this information into a real mess.  In the acting stuff here, they go from September to December (Bruce Forsyth Show, mid December 1978) but they missed the fact that on Richard's 32nd birthday on October 15, 1978 Karen, Richard and the others recorded the Christmas Portrait 1978 Special.  Minor detail, but just noted here.  And the 'big note' of course is remember that all acting scenes and such are not that accurate.  As far as the interviews, remember who is talking and take note that a lot of times there are people that are talking, but a lot of times, whoever compiled and edited this put some stuff out of context and out of the person's time line of being around Karen.  Try to figure out what time frame the interviews are talking about as that is the BIGGEST problem with this crockumentary is that a lot of stuff is used out of context and some stuff is downright ugly (like the 8 stone comment and such).  Don't be afraid to think and ask questions as that is how things get figured out.  If something doesn't sound right, then chances are it isn't.  Really, how many times does someone actually know what someone else is actually thinking?  A red flag and I tried to point those out.  But I am feeling almost like I am writing the movie script here which is not what I wished to do.  I do feel though that by writing out the dialogue, it gives you, the reader, better reference to what I am writing about.  And yes the narrator / announcer voice throughout this is very mundane and monotonous I feel and they want it that way as I feel they are trying to make a sad story about someone that really wasn't sad in real life.  Yes, "bullsh*t" or "a crock of bullsh*t aka (also known as) a crock".

The big mess now for me is that after September 6, 1978 I know some very personal details as I was around Karen and Karen talked and discussed many things and I talked and discussed many of my things with Karen.  As such, I know that certain things are hidden and why.  After knowing why, that is why I know I need to not reveal so much information.  Karen used a different identity so that people couldn't find out where she was and who she was starting in September 1978.  But if that identity is exposed, other people may have problems.  Another really big problem is that I was 13 years old when I met Karen and with tabloid writers the way they are (especially after watching this crockumentary) why fuel the flames for that kind of stuff.  Karen and I literally had a rule between ourselves of no physical touching, but since when has that kind of stuff stopped a tabloid type writer from twisting stuff around to try and make a 'warped' story.  Anyway, they skipped from 1976 to 1978 and here we are.  Well, actually I was actually there starting in September 1978, so...

OK, First, my 14th birthday was December 4, 1978.  Karen flew out to LA and did a show there that night of December 3 and she was back in New York State to see me blow out my birthday candle on my 14th birthday, December 4, which was also Max Baer Jr's 41st birthday across the hall.  Next, we got to the December 1978 sequence talking about the Bruce Forsyth Show.  Acting sequences here.  Anyway, Karen was staying with her step cousin Wendy, but Karen did fly out to the UK to do the Bruce Forsyth Show without Richard.  A little hint here, my nickname is 'Ace' and (not shown) Karen actually asked Bruce to say my nickname during that show.  I know people 'ace' things all the time now, but back then it was a bit odd that Bruce said "the sound is ace" (not in the crock here).  As we know now, but not back then, Richard didn't have influenza and this was actually the incident that got Richard to look into checking himself into a treatment center (Topeka Kansas) later.  Richard was literally shaking so bad on the day Karen left for the BF Show that Richard couldn't drink from a glass of water to take pills with.  Karen was very nervous on the Bruce Forsyth Show not because Richard wasn't there, but because Richard was in such bad shape before Karen left and Karen was hoping her brother was going to be all right.  And Karen actually weighed I believe about 104 pounds during that show.  Watch her face.  When Karen was too thin, her cheek bones and such would start showing more and you would start seeing ridges in her lower jaw.  Karen's wrists, ankles, forearms and calves were always thin, so she always had thin wrists and such while holding a microphone.  But when I was around Karen from September 1978 to June 1979, she only dropped below 100 pounds a couple times and for not very long.  When Karen first got to her cousin's, she weighed 94 pounds.  After the first week, Karen was over 100 pounds and she had stopped sleepwalking (shhh).  I think the heaviest I saw Karen during this time was 136 pounds.  Around 116 pounds, Karen would start developing a slight 'double chin' if she held her neck down.  Karen was doing things in New York State and nearly every weekday, Karen would climb up and down three flights of stairs carrying a shopping bag full of knitting stuff and books and such.  Karen put on some weight in 1978 to 1979, but most of it was actually muscle so the weight didn't really show.

John 'Softly' Adrian (notice, his last name is Adrian and my first name is Adrian), Publicist A&M Records 1978, (not shown, boyfriend from 1976 to 1977), "She was worried about Richard.  Simple as that really.  She wasn't worried about herself.  She was worried about her brother.  I didn't know that then that it was that bad.  I just thought that he was sick like everybody else." (Note John is talking about Richard and Richard's addiction and Karen's "influenza" story on the show.  John is NOT saying that Karen is sick here).

Narrator, "To protect her brother, Karen makes no mention of Richard's quaalude addiction."  Makes sense to me here.  "In Los Angeles, Richard's condition is worsening.  After the fall he is treated in hospital for a bruised eye."  When Richard fell, we don't know, but must have been sometime after December 11, 1978 and before January 10, 1979.

Werner F. Wolfen, Carpenter's attorney and financial advisor, "I told him if he continued this.  Um, his health would be impaired and he might kill himself."

Narrator, "But Karen too is in a bad way.  Three months after Vegas, her weight is disturbingly low."  (Not true).

Karen actress, "How do I look?"  Some guy actor, "Ravishing."

Narrator, "Performing, I need to be in love, Karen appears tired and gaunt."  (look again at the rest of the Bruce Forsyth 1978 Christmas Show and what I wrote above.  She weighed 104 pounds of muscle in this.  And she's singing the "I need to be in love" song which it is difficult for Karen to smile while singing this.  She smiled earlier.)

John Adrian, "She was in distress basically but I didn't realize how sick she was at all.  But she lost weight and she was looking stressed."  She weighed 104 pounds of muscle.  Karen was in da pants suit, not dis dress or even dat dress during the show.

Narrator, "Cut loose from Richard's control and his protection, Karen will retreat into a world of secrecy, self-loathing and lies."  Actually, the pill thing at the end with Karen actress and mom actress was a lie.  Well, that and what the Narrator said too that was written by the fiction writer that writes these acting scenes. 

Commercial:  Awesome, a commercial about fertilizer.  Moo.  Plop.  Fits right in with this...]

Narrator, "By January 1979, Karen and Richard Carpenter are in crisis."  Oops, Richard is in crisis, but Karen is actually doing better staying in New York State with her step cousin Wendy.  "Addicted to prescription sleeping pills (quaaludes) Richard's taking an extended break to recover.  In the throws of anorexia nervosa, his sister has now been starving herself on and off for four years (more off right now with this statement as Karen weighed about 106 pounds just after the new year).  Her weight at times falling well below 6 stone (6 X 14 = 84 pounds which is completely untrue.  Honest Karen weighs about 106 pounds and is living with her step cousin Wendy in New York State in January and with winter coming, Karen puts on a little more weight by the end of the month)".

Carol Landino, school friend, "I think the woman was extremely unhappy.  I don't think anyone realized how depressed she was (including Karen herself who was actually happy in January 1979) and depression made Karen not eat. (except the chili her step cousin Wendy would make and the Chicken Noodle Soup and...)."

Narrator, "Both Karen and Richard desperately need help.  But right now, only one of them is admitting it (as the other one weighs about 106 pounds or so and would be scratching her head about that statement).  On January the 10th 1979 Pan Am Air Ambulance heads for a treatment center in the midwest (my guess Topeka Kansas)."

Acting scene here (Menninger Drug Dependency Clinic Topeka Kansas) (blah blah blah...)

Paul Gambaccini, resident expert on being a music writer (without any music hits written that I am aware of) and stick insect critic, "I'm not surprised that Richard compensated for their overactivity.  When you think about their first four years, they had over 700 concerts or TV appearances.  They would have worn themselves to a frazzle.  They were doing too much."

Back to acting scene and blah blah blah again...

Narrator, "With Richard out of action (January 10 1979 then another stint I believe in June 1979), the Carpenters go into hibernation. (even though Karen had been hibernating since the beginning of September 1978).  But almost 9 years after their first hit, Karen has an idea (Ooh, I think I know what it is and it was actually originally manager Jerry Weintraub's idea that Karen do a solo album, not Karen's idea)."

Oh boy, I have a feeling I am going to need to load up Nerf stuff big time for this one if it is about Karen's solo album.

Actual interview here, 1972, interviewer voice, "Karen have you ever considered doing solo?"  Karen, "Solo, um, no 'cause it's too perfect right now to even spoil.  It's perfect just the way it is."

Acting scene, here we go as I figured...

Then, narrator, "in her diary of January 79 Karen writes of a confrontation with Richard."  Richard is in detox in Topeka Kansas and Karen is in New York State (I am around Karen in New York State as well).  January has 5 weeks I believe and Richard, starting January 10, 1979 is in detox for six weeks.  Something not right here.  Leave it to fiction writers to make something up.  I'm trying to think what Karen and Richard had a confrontation over in January 1979.  I am pretty sure that Karen's solo album was not even thought of by Jerry Weintraub back then.  January what of '79?  Still thinking here.  Unless before January 10, 1979 Richard was in detox.  Was there possibly some contractual thing I didn't know about as far as the Carpenters or such.  I know Karen was busy doing other things and not wanting to get back into music in January 1979.  It had to be about a contract clause or something.  Oh shoot, I think I know now.  Back in mid October 1978 Paul Williams brought a contract for Karen to sign and I think it was Karen's new recording contract.  I think this 'confrontation' or whatever it was was just after the first of the year and I think that Karen had forgot about and hadn't yet signed the new recording contract with A&M.  Karen had a red string that had been tied around her finger since mid October 1978 that she couldn't remember what the string was for until late January 1979 (a "forget me knot").  I think technically, Karen may have been without a contract for a short while in January 1979.  Not sure though as they didn't mention a date on this.  I think I do remember Karen telling me that her and Richard got into it a little bit around the beginning of 1979 because Karen hadn't signed her contract yet.  I don't think that was a 'confrontation' though, but more like a 'oops, I forgot about that' type thing between Karen and Richard.  I think Richard did yell at Karen though for not signing that right away as it was important.  Something like Richard saying to Karen, "What are you doing out there?  How could you forget something important like that?  Do I need to bring you back home where we can keep an eye on you?"  That kind of thing.  I am pretty sure the solo album idea by Jerry Weintraub was around late March or early April 1979 as Eddie Kramer was the first choice for producer and it was about 2 to 4 weeks between the Eddie Kramer meeting (with Karen, Eddie and me in New York State in a school building) and Phil Ramone coming on board around late April 1979.  After note here about this after finding some other information about this, January 24, 1979 Karen's diary, "confrontation about album".  January 24th, 1979 was a Wednesday.  Not a vacation week, Karen was in New York State with her step cousin Wendy on this date and Richard was in Topeka Kansas.  Karen had not signed her recording contract in mid October 1978 when Paul Williams visited.  The Carpenters had released the "A Christmas Portrait" album in 1978 as well as the "I Believe You" single and a couple Christmas singles as well in 1978.  Karen was not getting any royalties from that album as Karen did not have a contract at the time.  Jerry Weintraub flew out and Karen signed the contract and like said above, Richard was a bit upset about it especially with the added expense that Jerry had to fly out to New York State to have Karen sign that contract.  In that contract also was I believe a clause about Richard and Karen doing another album.  With Richard and Karen both wanting to take time off, I think that 'another album' clause bothered Karen back in October 1978 as October 1978 was about a month and a half after Richard had said, "I quit" in early September (3rd or 4th) 1978.  How were Richard and Karen going to do another album again after Richard quit although they had done the Christmas Portrait special since then?  I believe Richard told Karen that the "A Christmas Portrait" album had already fulfilled that clause (but I am not positive on that, so "I believe") as I also believe that contract was from October or November 1978 until around late 1979 or early 1980.  But yes, Karen not signing her recording contract in mid October 1978 had created a huge headache, but also, the recording contract may have also caused another headache with the 'another album' clause.  They also still had another TV special on their 5 TV special contract yet to do as well.  The year 1979 started out really messy for Karen and as a joke about Jerry Weintraub, Karen and I would sit around and have thumb twiddling contests between ourselves.  A lot of stress and a lot of mess in 1979.

Carol Landino, "Karen wanted to strike out and see if she could do something by herself.  And I believe he was threatened by it."

Carole Curb, "It was important that he give his blessing that she could do it.  She must have felt terribly conflicted.  Terribly guilty."

Carol Landino, "Richard was a lot like his mother.  As controlling as Agnes was, it went right into Richard.  And by her doing a solo album, he wasn't in control."

Remember, acting scenes are fiction and did not happen like that (especially this one which is not even close here as I don't remember Karen asking Richard for permission to do a solo album.  Karen did ask Richard for advice and if it was OK for her to do a solo album and not against their contract and such.  It was a confusing time as the solo album was between Karen, Jerry Weintraub and A&M Records and didn't involve Richard so why would Karen need Richard's permission?  But Richard did give Karen his blessings and some advice. Odd choice of wording I guess, permission.  But confusing also because A&M had the contract so if it was against the contract, A&M wouldn't have asked Karen to do a solo album which was part of the good advice from Richard.  And confusion as I was around Karen at the time and Karen was honestly looking for any excuse she could get to get out of doing a solo album).  Welp, time for a talk about what started Karen's solo album (non fiction version),

In the beginning around late March to early April 1979 there were 7 people that knew about Karen doing a solo album.  Those 7 people in order of knowing were Jerry Weintraub, Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, Karen Carpenter, step cousin Wendy B------k, me, Richard Carpenter.  Agnes Carpenter found out that Karen and Richard had an argument which was how Agnes (mom) became number 8.  Then Eddie Kramer became number 9. 

Karen and Richard were both wanting to take time off from the music biz but what good is a manager "twiddling his thumbs" with nothing to manage?  Weintraub came up with an idea for Karen doing a solo album and he presented the idea to Alpert and Moss (as the Carpenters were A & M's biggest sellers and A & M was looking for more product to sell and not 'time off').  Alpert and Moss were OK with it as it would possibly be more product and more money for A & M.  So Jerry Weintraub mentioned it to Karen and Karen said NO!!!

And step cousin Wendy and then I got an earful.  Karen wanted time off and Karen was busy doing something not music related and Karen was living in New York State (not the city) with her step cousin Wendy and working weekdays with a couple week long vacations while staying with her cousin and working on her arrhythmia and anorexia problems.  Karen was not wanting to go back to work before her 7 to 3 job ended on June 22, 1979.  Karen said NO!!! to Jerry, Jerry, and Herb. 

Jerry, Jerry and Herb next mentioned Richard and Richard and Karen had a discussion and Karen said NO!!! yet again to Jerry, Jerry and Herb about her doing a solo album and why should Karen give up her time off and why didn't Richard do a solo album or greatest hits album or such and why did it have to be on Karen's shoulders?  Why did Karen have to sacrifice her time off especially since Karen was the one who sacrificed with the Bruce Forsyth show and such. 

Karen was livid and fuming.  Mom found out that her son and daughter were having an argument and intervened.  Richard was out getting groceries one day and mom called Karen up at Karen's work and mom had a talk with Karen about what was going on.  I was in the room with Karen, so I heard this call.  Anyway, mom asked Karen to do this as a favor for her brother ("whatever it was" as mom put it) and that mom would make sure that any favor that Karen asked for in return would be granted from Richard. 

Mom told Karen that Richard wanted time off as Richard had just started seeing Mary Rudolph and that was all it took for Karen to agree to do 'her' solo album.  Karen was tired of her brother meeting all these "gold diggers" and Mary was an adopted cousin (not blood relation) and not a gold digger.  Karen LOVED playing match maker.  So Karen jumped on board for her solo album and the primary favor Karen asked for was that she finish her job until June 22, 1979. 

The finishing job favor was kept (there was a problem in mid May 1979 and the favor was kept as Richard intervened and Richard got to meet me, the reason why Karen was wanting to finish her job.  And Richard also kept me a secret as me was 14 years old at the time and Karen and I were spending time together but Karen and I had also agreed that we would wait till I got older as my age was a bit of a legal problem so Karen and I had a rule of no physical touching.  And imagine the mess if the press got a hold of Karen around a 14 year old and Richard with his adopted first cousin.  Yes, goody four shoes had some possible publicity problems at this time).  I was around Karen and Karen was in the local hospital on one Monday in mid May 1979, but that was the only day she missed on her job and Karen finished working that job on June 22, 1979. 

The other favors were between Karen and Richard (and the "we split the cost" favor was brought up between Karen and Richard a couple times and the end decision was between Karen and Richard themselves, but Richard was asked to pay half as it was only fair since Richard was the one that wanted time off to be with Mary, but Karen was almost to the point of "why don't you pay all of it Richard since you want the time off so bad?" but I am pretty sure Karen did stick with half as "that was fair" but Karen would write the check and Richard would put half of that amount in Karen's account [shhh]).

Then they contacted Eddie Kramer...  (And I was there when Eddie Kramer came out to New York State and talked with Karen and asked Karen to try someone else as Eddie was used to artists that did their own material and Eddie would feel like a "fish out of water" just like Karen would be a "fish out of water" without her brother and Eddie mentioned that he usually inspired his artists to write their own material with the "raison d'etre" [reason of being, purpose] speech which was where Karen had the melody of "I wanna uh with you, uh, uh, uh, uh" pop into her head which later Rod Temperton and Karen turned into the "Rock with You" song in May 1979).  Eddie was the one who recommended Phil Ramone to Karen (with some private information given). 

Yup, glad these fiction writers got a hold of people that were actually close to Karen to check things out rather than make up stories and make a mess.  Wait, they wouldn't be fiction writers if they only stuck with facts.  Oops, mess made and getting messier isn't it?  Nerf battle launch!  DUCK!  INCOMING!  REMARKABLE!  AMAZING!  HOLY MOTHER OF...!  OH MY...!  WOW!  And remember, wow upside down is mom.

Acting scene, Richard actor, "KC, no disco."  Note, Richard would have said Karen, sis, or sissy, (usually sis) not KC.  Karen would use Rich, Richie or Richard.  Another note, Richard actually did say, "No disco" which was actually a part of Richard's 'talk Karen into it' speech of "this will give you a chance to do stuff you wouldn't be able to do as part of the Carpenters and try something different for a change.  But remember, no disco as your voice is not suited for disco." or something like that.  And like Karen said to me, "Richard knows I like a challenge and if you try to tell me that I can't do something, I am going to find a way to do it.  When Richard said no disco, he knew he dared me to do disco."  and Richard also did try to talk Karen into doing the album by saying, "Maybe you could learn some new recording tricks or techniques from Phil Ramone that we might be able to use to try something different on our own recordings."  Both Richard and Karen felt that with record sales for the Carpenters falling off a little that maybe things might be getting a little stale in the studio for them.  The new tricks / techniques were only two.  Number one, Phil liked to use pet names (Baby, Darling, Honey, etc.) to try and make the song appear more personal to the listener.  Number two, Phil also used a device I think known as a digitizer back then to adjust vocals a little bit here and there (shh, after paying a half million bucks, Karen swiped/scarfed/five finger discounted one of these digitizers, double shhhh).  That and number three, Phil liked to try and gain free publicity from the tabloids to boost sales (and honest, tabloids do not want 'goody four shoes' type stories, so nope, only two ideas).  Honest, neither Richard nor Agnes (mom) were ever against Karen doing a solo album.

Acting scene again, narrator, "In May 1979, Karen heads for New York.  At 29, it is the first time she has ever flown by herself."  Note, trying to remember for sure, but I am pretty sure this isn't quite true.  I believe Karen flew by herself for the 1978 Christmas Portrait Special and her Thanksgiving Break and a few other times starting in I believe early September 1978 when she flew into New York State to stay with her step cousin Wendy (note too, Karen didn't like the word 'step' or 'blood relation' or such as Karen considered family as being family whether by blood or by marriage).

Acting scene, A & R Studios New York (1979), Phil Ramone actor, "Have you ever seen a [mumbled loft?] as big as this?"... Narrator, "The man she hopes will reinvent her career is Grammy winning producer Phil Ramone.  He's at the top of his game." ... "Karen wants Phil to find her own style and rebrand her as a sassy star for the 80s."  Get the crane out with a HUGE bucket, the bullsh*t is getting very, very, very times a zillion deep here. ... "Phil's wife (note Phil and Karen [Ichiuji] Ramone were married in 1984, again, leave it to fiction writers) Itchie is one of Karen's best friends."  Um, you got to be kidding me, right?  Well, even with using Nerf, the TV is somewhere now in another universe or farther as I lost sight of it.  Gone.  Long gone.  Hold on while I try to get another TV, DVD player and "Goodbye To Love" DVD.  Yeah, I lost it on that comment.  I don't feel like doing a HUGE writing on this right now, but to note here, Phil and Itchie Ramone were constantly watching Karen's every move, constantly belittling Karen (and Rod Temperton), constantly cussing, constantly arrogant, constantly demeaning, constantly demanding, and just plain constant a**holes.  Rod Temperton's nickname for Phil was actually "A**hole", for Itchie was "Snitchy" (as everything Snitchy knew, Phil knew), Phil's house was "The Compound", Phil and Snitchy were "The Gestapo", Rod and Karen's biggest joke was "Let's make a break for it", Rod's nickname for Karen was "Number One"  And Rod's nickname was "Number Two" as Rod and Karen were both prisoners and Rod felt he got crapped on and Karen got pi**ed on.  Rod's original nickname for me was "Karen's Protector" but Phil overheard Rod use it and thought Rod was talking about Phil.  So Rod just called me 'Ace' after that and as a joke Rod said if he had tried to call me "Mister Perfect" or such, Phil would have thought Rod was talking about Phil again too.  Phil wasn't an 'Ace' (that I am aware of anyway) so...  After the solo album, Itchie had done a movie called Flashdance where Itchie played an antagonist character (the "Manhunt" sequence, Karen Kamon in the credits).  At Karen's wedding, Karen tried to sneak in 'publicity photos' for Itchie to try and soften up Itchie's public image a little.  Photo ops really.  At the wedding, Rod came up with a new nickname of 'Tagalong' for Itchie.  Karen was a Christian and always tried to forgive others.  Despite...  Then came Levenkron's and that big mess.  Itchie knew that Karen didn't take pills (outside aspirin or Pamprin or such), but when Karen's purse got dumped in Levenkron's office and the pills came out that Itchie knew weren't Karen's pills, Itchie never said a word about it.  Some friend.  Karen tried to help Itchie get a good public image and Itchie just seems to do nothing but stab Karen in the back and try to control Karen.  Itchie and Phil cussed at Rod; Itchie and Phil cussed at Karen; Itchie and Phil cussed at me (and I was 14 years old at the time).  Yes, another universe or even farther, no way for me to know here.  I don't think anyone else can find that old TV, DVD Player and DVD either.  I definitely need to skip passed 33:06 on the time after getting new stuff here.  Best to move on here and not dwell too much on how vast, yet surprisingly small our universe appears to be.  And to note, yes, I am aware that Karen called Itchie and Phil up on I believe February 2, 1983.  I believe Karen was giving Itchie one last chance to confess as Karen and I were planning on eloping on February 4, 1983.  Itchie didn't confess about the pills or that letter Itchie wrote for the tabloids that got rejected in May 1979.  So, Karen and I decided that if Phil wanted to 'produce' Karen again, it was going to be 10 million cash up front (after all the stuff Phil and Itchie pulled on Karen during her solo album from 1979 to 1980 and beyond) and if Phil said no, it would go up 5 million each time after that.  In May 1979, a guy by the name of Sir Nicholas Born had given Karen and me a copy of a letter written by Karen Ichiuji that claimed that Karen was running around with a 14 year old boy (and pictures that had come up missing that Karen used as bookmarks that mysteriously reappeared with this rejected article written by Itchie that was in Sir Nicholas' hands before ending up in the garbage can where Karen picked it up and we met with Richard later and Richard was supposed to destroy that stuff, after he saw it of course.  And to note, Richard has said that Karen and Olivia were good friends, has anyone ever heard Richard say that Karen and Itchie were ever friends?  Me neither.  But I did see in Karen's solo album credits where Phil Ramone wrote that Phil and Richard remain friends in the credits.  I know that friendship must have been massively strained, if not broken, after Phil broke the silence about that solo album just after Karen passed away in 1983).  Anyway, Sir Nicholas Born was assistant to the Archdeacon of Canterbury and after the mess with that rejected article from Itchie, Sir Nicholas (also a cousin of Olivia Newton-John) had his boss, Bernard Pawley, sign what became known as 'the Ultimate Injunction' against Phil Ramone which froze Phil's accounts, removed his credit line, disallowed real estate buying and trading as well as disallowing stocks and bonds trading.  As far as I know, Phil has been the only person in history to have this done to him (in 1979) and after Phil had charged 400K (then 500K later, it was Karen, Rod, Phil, Itchie, Itchie's toy poodle and me in a school building for that extra 100K meeting in June 1979 I believe) for the album plus given away Karen's songs "Rock with You" and "Off the Wall" plus Tom Bahler's "She's Out of My Life" song and all of his stinking controlling and ego and all that, that Ultimate Injunction served Phil right.  But yeah, Phil didn't want to tangle with me again, so yeah, Karen did call Phil and Itchie, but it was to give Itchie a chance to fess up so to speak.  The fessing up never happened so...  Best friends?  WWWHHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!  Alright, calm down and fix the side of the house.  Hope the blazes I didn't open up some inter universe vortex or such with this.  Remember, DRAMATIZED.  Breathe deep.  Again, dramatized.  OK.  Next...

Debbie Cuticello, "Karen was very close to them.  Their relationship was friendly, warm, comforting."  I have a feeling that Debbie is not actually that close to Karen.  Are the Cuticello's a relationship to the Burris's (cousin)?  "They were an extended family for her.  Itchie was like the female part that Karen probably needed.  That BFF.  Phil Ramone was more of a producer but was very loving and caring with Karen."  Noted, Debbie was definitely from Connecticut days like Carol Landino and Frank Bonito.  Debbie was a bridesmaid at Karen's wedding.  Phil and Itchie were forced to behave at Karen's wedding.  It would have been like Custer's Last Stand if Phil and Itchie had behaved anything like what they behaved while Karen was working on her solo album.  I can tell that Debbie and Rod Temperton didn't talk as if they could have been in private, Rod would have said that Phil and Itchie were very mean to Karen and Rod when they were working on the solo album.  Actually, Karen would have told Debbie differently about Phil and Itchie too so that is why I am feeling that Karen and Debbie weren't really that close, but probably a little closer than others as I still think that I think I remember Karen saying that Debbie was not only kind of a Connecticut neighbor, but also a cousin of Tom Burris (not sure how distant a cousin though).  Also not sure as this interview with Debbie was probably chopped up a bit.

Narrator, "Karen appears confident as she begins laying down vocal tracks.  Yet behind closed doors, she's living a personal hell.  As well as dieting, Karen's also flushing her body out with laxatives."

Carole Curb, "She had this binge and purge where she was bulimic as well as anorexic.  And then, you know, she wanted to purge her body of whatever she ate so it was either it was coming up one way or going through her body another way."  True at one point.  Not sure what point this crock is at though.

Debbie Cuticello, "Piece by piece we are putting it all together and it was devastating.  How do you tell your best friend not to do that.  How do you say don't do that or you 're too skinny or you're too fat or there's some things you can say but then there's some things you just don't mention."

Narrator, "Work on the album progresses.  But staying over with Phil and Itchie, Karen's body kicks back.  Weak from using laxatives and other medication, she's passed out.  Karen fights off pressure to go to the hospital, but she's worried paramedics will leak a story to the press (no, she isn't.  Karen knows she has arrhythmia and knows that the hospital will try and push her to have a pacemaker installed which they tried talking Karen into a pacemaker in mid May 1979 and again in September 1982.  Outside her immediate family, Karen does not want people to know she has arrhythmia [irregular heartbeat] and Karen does not want people trying to bug her to have a pacemaker installed).  Karen's problem has been obvious to her friends for years yet the star continues to frustrate them."  Has Karen getting bugged by doctors to get a pacemaker installed really been that obvious?

Mike Curb, Former Boyfriend (1973 - 1974), "I would always say Karen, I'll take you to Knott's Berry Farm if you promise to eat every single thing on your plate.  And I would say maybe three times or four times during the dinner please keep eating.  She was so worried and I kept saying Karen you look beautiful.  Stop worrying about that."

Debbie Cuticello, "When we'd go out for dinner she would have her plate full of food.  Everything there and she would say would you like to try this and scoop would you like to try this someone else try this and then whatever was left on that plate was really swished around swirled around so it looked like she had eaten a portion of it.  And then she really didn't eat anything."

Narrator, "At the studio, Karen sometimes comes in early to practice drums.  Years after Richard talked her out of playing so much, they're still her passion."

Acting sequence.

Carole Curb, "She'd be so thin.  She'd put on like 5 or 6 layers to hide it.  You know, so that no one would notice.  You know, scarves over coats over blouses so that we didn't see how thin she was."

Acting sequence.

Nicky Chinn, Former Boyfriend, "I look back and I don't think we worried enough about it.  Did she con us to an extent and I say that in the nicest ways but that's what happens with that illness.  I just don't think any of us thought about it enough."

Narrator, "After 9 months, Karen's solo album is complete (February / March 1980 roughly), but Richard, now out of rehab (First stint, February 1979, Second stint, July 1979?), hasn't heard any of it."

Randy L Schmidt, author, "One of the tracks on the solo album is called My Body Keeps Changing My Mind and it's a straight forward disco song.  The words to it are interesting because she talks about I know it wouldn't be right and take me home tonight.  It's sexually explicit compared to anything that the Carpenters had done before.  Compare that with a song like say Superstar, early on in the Carpenters career.  They were very deliberate in not offending anyone and that was a song that said I can hardly wait to sleep with you again.  Well the Carpenters didn't want to sing that because it went so against their image so they changed it to hardly wait to be with you again.  It was sort of the opposite of that with thee solo album.  They were looking for something that they considered to be more sexually aware sexually mature and um My Body Keeps Changing My Mind is just one of many songs that were overtly sexual."

Narrator, "In early 1980, Karen takes the album to record company bosses Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss."  Then acting sequence that is not anywhere near accurate as always.

Werner Wolfen, "He was critical of it.  Of course, what would you expect from Richard.  He's a perfectionist too."  Acting scene again, more bullsh*t.  Lots of bullsh*t.  Didn't happen like that at all.

Debbie Cuticello, "I feel bad that Richard had to criticize her.  I think he could have been a little more supportive because they had a music relationship far beyond everybody we really could understand."  Um, that acting sequence with Karen actress saying a**hole is a complete fabrication there.  Definitely dramatic and definitely not an actual event.

OK, for the shelving of the can of worms story (non fiction version) here...

Karen was thinking that with all the publicity of her releasing a solo album that every interview Karen did would start off with, "So you are planning on leaving the Carpenters for a solo career..."  After an interview on March 17, 1980 with Rolling Stone magazine, it took a little while for it to sink in to Karen's thoughts that if that solo album got released that Karen would be hounded by others to 'go solo'.  Karen had been focusing on musical content and such and not much on publicity concerns around the album. 
The solo album idea was originally from the Carpenters' manager, Jerry Weintraub, and a manger's job is to make money for and from those that they manage, not "twiddle their thumbs" as Jerry Weintraub called being idle.  Karen was NOT devastated emotionally or such for not having that album released.  Karen was NOT wishing to pursue a 'solo career'.  There were possible publicity problems with the release of the album (rumors of Karen 'going solo' which were never true, personal stories being told about Karen working on her solo album possibly getting bad press attention, Karen meeting Thomas Burris around this time, many reasons), which Karen knew about, which is why Karen decided to shelve the album.  The album was not actually important to Karen and was NOT "her ticket to freedom" or whatever.  Karen loved and was happy making music with her brother and the Carpenters.  Karen was not looking to be a 'superstar' or 'diva' or whatever the media was wishing Karen to be.  Karen had an emotional tie with the album as it reflected a period in her life, but musically Karen knew the album was very lackluster and not really important to her musical career, however, with songs like "Rock With You" and "Off The Wall" and "He's Out Of My Life" being ripped away from her and all of that while making the album, the album honestly made Karen very proud and content to be working with her honest brother and the Carpenters group.  Karen gained personal experience with the album, but that experience was what helped Karen appreciate what she had with the Carpenters and left Karen not wanting to go out on her own or such.  Karen shelved the album herself willingly as there were just too many possible problems to deal with publicly if the album had been released.  Karen was honestly hoping the album 'flopped' so that people would leave her alone about "going solo" and also if it flopped would give Phil Ramone a 'black eye' so to speak.  Richard did say that the album sounded like sh*t too which was actually another reason why Karen almost did release it (to maybe give Phil a 'black eye' for releasing a sh*tty sounding album.  But then too one person's sh*t may be another person's treasure).  The real problem was what if the album had been successful despite being lackluster musically.  That was the idea that Karen had for making the decision to shelve her solo album; Karen did not want to take a chance of the album possibly being successful and people bugging Karen after that to 'go solo' (especially "the press").
  Karen wasn't looking to leave her brother or such.  Karen was the one who decided to shelve the "can of worms" as Karen called it and Alpert, Moss, Richard, and even Phil stood behind Karen on her decision (if you get a chance, actually read what Phil Ramone wrote in the credits for Karen's solo album, look for the INCONCEIVABLE part as well as that next paragraph too.  Very revealing and you have to scratch your head as to why book authors and movie makers seem to ignore what Phil wrote).  Yes, Karen did cry a little after her decision but as Phil talked about in the credits and as Karen, herself, told me on June 12, 1981 that she cried because she felt she had let down the others that worked hard on her album when she didn't release it.  Trying to insinuate Karen felt otherwise is pure fiction.  And as Phil stated, it was understood that Karen was not wishing to leave Richard or the Carpenters or such and so the "can of worms" was shelved by Karen and the rest stood by her decision.  Anyway, since most people (and I use that term loosely) get the mp3s and don't have the actual CD of Karen's solo with the booklet...

TO COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the love and adventure of Karen’s solo project, people should know that we made a conscious decision to experiment with music and styles that were not in the Carpenters’ albums.  We wanted their fans, as well as a new audience, to hear one of the greatest voices in a different surrounding.  We knew some things were trendy and that the intimate songs would express her love of all music.

IT WAS INCONCEIVABLE to those of us involved with the project that a rumor might spread regarding the end of the Carpenters.  That truly was beyond the realm of possibility; Karen loved Richard and the music they made together.  I’ve always related to Richard’s arrangements and composing with deep admiration and we remain friends.

THE LOVE OF BILLY JOEL’S BAND – Rod Temperton and the other players, who had the best time working with her – gave Karen Carpenter’s work in New York a sparkle that can be heard on this album.  Karen and the rest of us who worked on this project understood the decision to wait on the release.

AS YEARS PASSED, both Richard and I wondered when it might be released.  Together we stand proud as this was a piece of work that meant so much to Karen.  It was truly a labor of love.

I HAVE NOT REMIXED or done anything to the tapes.  These mixes, the material and style are the way Karen approved them.  The bonus track is unmixed and was one of several that might have been finished.

I MISS HER TERRIBLY – but I know she’s watching with a smile.


And really think about it.  Karen didn't have to quit the Carpenters to do a solo album so why all this nonsense about Karen leaving the Carpenters to pursue a solo career?  Karen herself and even Phil Ramone stated that leaving her brother was against Karen's wishes.  So why all this fictional drama and such.  Because of authors trying to sell books and movies and tabloids based on fictional drama and trying to label it as a documentary when it is actually a crockumentary?

Acting fictional scene again and note, that acting scene before in the recording studio was not even in the same universe as what actually happened; it is that far off.   Announcer voice, "Karen was looking for her mother's approval too."  Nope, mom wasn't a music guru.  "Though some believe that Agnes was also unsure of the album."  I am thinking unsure too as I am still not sure if Agnes even really knew Karen had done a solo album.  Karen was staying with her step cousin Wendy in New York State while most of this happened.  About all I remember mom knowing was that Richard and Karen had an argument and mom told Karen about Richard seeing Mary Rudolph around late March / early April 1979.  "Richard Carpenter has always maintained that it was Karen's own decision (which, read above, it was).  Supported by the record company to shelve it."

(Another acting scene again, so...) Narrator / Announcer, "Richard's criticism hits Karen hard (nope, read above) still abusing laxatives (hint, she didn't use pills, dumbies, X-LAX, those little brown squares that look the same going in as they do coming out wrapped in silver foil) she's put to work on a new Carpenters' record. (true, May 1980, they started Made In America which would be released in June 1981) but happiness alludes her. (really?  She met Thomas Burris on April 12, 1980.  She was happy until after she married him on August 31, 1980).

Commercial:  Running low on sponsors as no one wants to sponsor bullsh*t.  I know.  Vote for Me..."Is there something wrong with leaders following the same rules that they ask others to follow?  Yes, there is.  I wouldn't feel as snobby and privileged if I was held to the same rules as everyone else."  Paid for by the committee to elect Me.  I, Me, endorse this ad.]

Narrator, "After a failed solo album (look, it didn't fail, she shelved it herself) in 1980 Karen Carpenter is back recording with Richard but she is still in the grip of a brutal eating disorder (note, I was not around Karen at this time, but I do know that Karen was back into the laxatives and such when she was around Thomas Burris.  First to try and attract Thomas, then to try and attract someone else.  Karen still kept thinking that guys preferred 'skinny' women as Karen was not around that guy that liked 'tomboys and mud pies' at this time.  When Karen and I left each other on June 22, 1979, Karen weighed 124 pounds).  And at the age of 30, she is also single.  (Yup, March 2, 1980 Karen was single until she met Thomas Burris on April 12, 1980)."

Werner Wolfen, "She didn't have a family of her own.  She had an aggressive mother.  Brother who was terrific with her but was disappointing in some of the things he did.  And it was a tough situation."

Mike Curb, "I remember Karen holding my two daughters and saying I wish I had daughters like this.  To me that was a very emotional moment but I remember saying Karen you still can."

Narrator, "But to have kids Karen needed a man and that was sometimes a problem for the folks back home."

Debbie Cuticello, "She was short changed in a lot of things because you had to live and work with Richard so your romantic life took a back seat to please Richard in many ways and Harold and Agnes.  Sometimes she was last on the list."

Merv Griffin, "Over the years how many people thought you were married?"

Richard, "Quite a few.  A lot of times right?".  Karen, "How do you know we're not?  Aren't you?".   Richard, "No no we're not."

Mike Curb, "I think the closeness that Richard and Karen had was an asset.  Because they could communicate with their eyes."

Werner Wolfen, "There's no doubt that they really loved each other.  Very close brother and sister."

Narrator, "So close in fact that in their mid 20s Karen and Richard even moved in together."

Randy Schmidt, "A lot of people didn't understand the the brother sister relationship.  They were very often photographed very closely and leaning on one another shoulders and so it made a lot of people question what the relationship was."

Brian Southall, Publicist UK Tour 1974, "Somewhere along the line came this bizarre speculation of some sort of incestuous relationship.  They were brother and sister.  And you just went what?  It was never talked about.  Never discussed.  Never on the agenda."

Acting scene, here we go again...

Narrator, "Never discussed until this 1974 interview for Canadian Radio.  Richard immediately denied the allegations.  He said he didn't even write many of the love songs.  The claims were ridiculous.  Karen and Richard both dated during their 20s but it wasn't always easy.  In 1974 Richard hooked up with 21 year old Randi Bash."  And note, John Bettis wrote most of the lyrics for the songs as Richard was the one that would write romantic stuff like Intermission from the A Song For You album, "We'll be right back, after we go to the bathroom".

Brian Southall, "Karen wasn't overly keen on Randi.  You know either as a person or brother's girlfriend.  So there was a bit of friction there."

Narrator, "When Randi began staying over with Richard at the house he bought with Karen, his sister blew a fuse.  Packing her bags and moving back to mum.  One of Karen's early boyfriends was record company executive Mike Curb."

Mike Curb, "Karen, when I was dating her was living with her parents in Downey.  And she appeared to have a very good relationship with them.  I just thought here's a girl who loves her family and here's a girl that's close to her brother.  They were like one person almost."

Narrator, "Karen and Mike didn't last long.  Neither did her love affair with english company record boss Terry Ellis.  After the split, Ellis claimed Agnes had seen him as a threat to her control over Karen (note, rumor I heard is that Karen moved out of the place with Terry while Terry was at work and broke up with Terry over the phone.  Most people don't feel the need to 'sneak out' of a relationship and break up over the phone unless someone is being controlling.  Why didn't Karen break up with Terry in person?  What was Karen possibly afraid of with Terry?  Just a rumor though.  Actually Karen and Terry were almost from two different worlds.  A talk from Karen about all the differences between her and Terry would have taken hours most likely, so Karen took off.  On top of that, Terry was with Chrysalis Records and Karen and Richard were with A&M Records so a definite problem there too in addition to Karen liking to stay home while Terry was used to restaurants and all that.  Two different worlds).  Agnes liked to stay close to her daughter.  Even on tour, she'd sometimes tag along for the ride."

Brian Southall, "They came to Europe in February 74 to do a UK tour.  It wasn't a rock 'n' roll tour.  You go backstage and there was Karen I think her mum was there.  They were all doing needlepoint embroidery.  And we were what's.  It was like being in the waiting room of Henry the Eighth or something.  All these people doing embroidery.  You know not the least bit rock 'n' roll."

Acting scene...

Narrator, "Karen though yearned for excitement.  In London she began a discreet fling with her publicist John 'Softly' Adrian."

John 'Softly' Adrian, Publicist A&M Records 1976, "She was cute, um, but she was normal which I wasn't used to really and, um, a few sparks started flying so I had really good feelings about it and I wanted to be with her.  That's for sure."

Narrator, "Karen was smitten.  She invited Softly to stay with her in LA after the tour.  But the news was out."

Derek Green, Managing Director A&M UK 1976, "I was in my office one night, evening, call from California.  It was a representative from the Carpenters to tell me of an affair between a member of my staff Softly and uh Karen.  And then it was put to me rather directly we wouldn't be too happy if this relationship continued 'cause they wouldn't see it as a sensible relationship for Karen to be involved in."

John Adrian, "Everybody knew that we liked each other but they were scared.  I don't know why they were scared of me but they didn't want it to happen."

Derek Green, "And that was Softly immediately after and I said Softly you're having an affair with Karen he said yes very much so and uh so then it was confirmed I also suggested that it might be a good idea just to go off to the Carribean for a holiday and come off the tour."

John Adrian, "So the pressure was put on me.  I was told if I went to be with her that I didn't have a job anymore.  Maybe I should have just told them to stuff it but I didn't.  And so we both ended up saying well let's forget it then...  She had too many people trying to control her I think.  Parents, managers, brother.  You know it's too many people to please I think."  They ended in 1977 and John was married in 1978 I believe and I believe Karen sent John and his new wife a crystal punch bowl set.  Karen just briefly mentioned John to me in 1978 very briefly and said that she had kind of felt he was "stringing me along" as John seemed to have found someone really soon after they broke up.  Yes it was odd as his last name was Adrian and my first name was Adrian.  They mentioned 'affair' here instead of 'love' or 'relationship' or such which makes me wonder but this is also UK talk which I believe affair can mean just "out of wedlock" in the UK where in the USA it means cheating on someone with someone else.  So could have been some wires crossed here as far as someone in USA hearing 'affair' and thinking in USA jargon instead of UK jargon and acting accordingly.

Narrator, "Back in LA Karen realized that her mother was getting in the way of her life and living at home wasn't helping."  When?  1977?  1978?  1979?  1980?

Carol Landino, friend, "How happy can you be no matter how much money or fame you have if somebody's controlling your life.  And what you do and what you say and what you sing whatever.  It was ridiculous."

Werner Wolfen, "Her mother tried to control everything.  She also wanted her to just stay in the house and I urged her to leave the house and to get on her own."  Note, for the most part, Karen was staying with her step cousin Wendy in New York State from September 1978 to June 22, 1979.  Was this that time Werner is talking about or is this another time?

Narrator, "Karen finally left home for good moving into her own condo on LA's Avenue of the Stars."  Not sure when this happened.

John Adrian, "She sent me a note and it said the bird has finally flown the coop so that's how she felt.  You know, she was in a coop." (note here, I believe this note was actually sent to John in September 1978.)

Narrator, "Freed from her coop Karen makes it known to friends that she's on the lookout for a man."  (This suggests 1980.  Um, John Adrian note September 1978 to this suggestion of that being 1980 instead?  Confusion anyone?  John Adrian was married to someone else in 1978 and later.)

Carole Curb, "She asked me if I knew anybody and there was this really nice looking young man like a Young Robert Redford.  And I said well I have a young friend you know a young lady whom you might like to meet and he said sure I would love to meet her."

Acting scene, Narrator, "His name is Tom Burris and on April the 12th 1980 Carole Curb fixes up a meeting."

Carole Curb, "They seemed to have a real chemistry and he seemed to be really taken with her."

Narrator, "In a 1982 radio interview Karen recalls her reaction to Tom's apparent ignorance of her."

Karen Carpenter (watch her closely, she tends to mess up the story here), "And it came out that he really didn't know who I was.  Don't take this the way this is sounding but um, on the first date I hadn't known him for an hour I said what have you been under a rock for ten years?"

Carole Curb, "He claims he didn't know who they were.  I don't know to this day if that was were true or not."

Note, this is the ONLY acting sequence in this so far (and probably till the end) that is actually truthful here.  Karen told me in June 1981 that her and Tom met in a 4 person booth in a bar & grille type setting with Carole and Mike Curb (oops, though, it was actually Tony Scotti on a double date, not Mike Curb).  Karen told me too that during this 'blind date', Tom and Karen put up the menus on the table and such and tried to make out together while hiding behind the menus.  People think I'm stupid when I say, Karen and Tom met in a bar and Karen didn't follow the advice of never marry someone you meet in a bar.  The stuff here about Karen and Tom meeting is pretty accurate.  Also, this must have took a lot of courage for Carole to come out and admit she introduced them and be honest like this when she knows people hate Tom Burris.  Any past transgressions (if there were any) and a sh*t load of future brownie points awarded here to Carole Curb for finally adding something real and honest to this crockumentary.  Very much appreciated.  This section is very much a keeper too.  Cool, this gives me a chance to collect my Nerf stuff as I know that the viewer is going to pay for this honesty section here and the fiction writers will be back to earn their keep with a vengeance I imagine.  About 53 minutes into an hour and a half (94 minutes) movie and this is pretty much what I feel is the best this movie has to offer here (this and three Dionne Warwick short clips).

Narrator, "Tom and Karen soon begin dating."

Carole Curb, "He just seemed like a great guy and so we all thought she finally got what she wanted and she's gonna be OK."

Acting scene again.  Narrator, "Within two months of meeting, Karen and Tom are engaged."

Carol Landino, "When we found out she was getting married.  It was like where did this gentleman come from?  Out of nowhere I mean she never even mentioned him.  Was she getting married to get out of the house or away from Agnes' thumb?"

Narrator, "Crucially, Tom gets the seal of approval from Richard and Agnes."

Frank Bandino, "Agnes said to me don't worry Frank we've checked him out and he checks out OK.  Which I uh took that to mean that financially."

Narrator, "Karen's wedding is set for August the thirty first.  Not even five months since the couple had met.  Some of Karen's friends are nervous (and a couple Carpenter relatives also that had met a different younger guy in June 1979).  To Itchie Ramone Tom seems over manicured.  Her husband Phil says he is too perfect.  And Karen's attorney, Werner Wolfen, is also concerned."

Werner Wolfen, "He was a guy who knew everything.  Wouldn't take advice.  Didn't want to listen.  Until I said I can't help you because you won't listen.  Kind of a guy you tell him something he'd say uh Christ I know all that.  Don't tell me I I've got it."

Narrator, "Karen though is in love"  More acting... "Then, shortly before the wedding her dream collapses (note, Karen and her mom are nothing like this overdramatized acting stuff portrays.  Again, Agnes was an intellectual, a thinker, and emotional outbursts were not tolerated... the vasectomy tale was I believe actually on the day of the wedding and Tom I believe called Karen [not supposed to see the bride on her wedding day] on the phone and told her that he had had a vasectomy so that since she was a singer and her getting pregnant might hurt her career, Tom thought a vasectomy was needed so that Karen didn't get pregnant.  It could have been three days before, but for some reason I keep thinking Karen told me Tom called her up on the day of the wedding and said this.  It seems like three days before and Karen would have probably called off and cancelled the wedding which is why the 'vasectomy' call I believe happened on the day of the wedding.  I am also very sure that Itchie called Karen up on the day of the wedding and then handed the phone over to Tom Burris so that Tom could tell Karen that Tom had a vasectomy done.  I believe Karen said [on this talk we had on June 12, 1981] that Tom had been telling Karen that Tom was a widower and I believe three days [weeks maybe? pretty sure days here] before the wedding, Karen met Tom's ex-wife at a grocery store.  HUGE LIE and I believe Karen wanted to call off the wedding then but it was already getting too late as people were arriving already [which is why I think days instead of weeks as people wouldn't have been arriving three weeks before the wedding but still not positive on days or weeks].  But Karen also thought too, "Maybe Tom is changing as these lies are getting exposed just before we got married".  Then Karen said to me, "After we got married, he changed all right and he went from asking permission before doing something to trying to run everything.").

Randy Schmidt, "This was a huge bombshell.  Everybody knew that Karen wanted children more than anything."

Narrator, "Tom has offered to reverse the procedure (not sure where this came from as what I heard from Karen is that Karen offered several times to pay for it and Tom refused each time saying that it might wreck her voice and her singing career.) but Karen wants out."

Randy Schmidt, "It's incredible of course that Agnes would respond in this way.  It was potentially reversible but it was something he had kept from her all this time and she felt really betrayed.  And she didn't know how she could go on."  And remember, acting sequences do not contain exact dialogues but are portrayals of what fiction / drama writers felt should have happened.  Like Randy stating how Karen was supposedly thinking she couldn't go on here.  That kind of fiction.

The comments by Werner Wolfen about Tom Burris are accurate as Karen had told me the same thing about the talks between Tom and Werner in June of 1981.

Side note here, the only name I remember Karen ever giving me for Tom's son was "Spoiled Brat".  He definitely wasn't going to be 'adopted' at 18 and the sooner the spoiled brat got out on his own, the better.

Commercial:  Did you just do something stupid without thinking?  Call our law offices of Dewey Screwum & Howe as we feel we, we mean you, may be entitled to just compensation for your injuries, even if you just hurt yourself...]

Wow, 56 minutes of a 94 minute thing here and we are learning a lot about bullsh*t too.  Lots and lots of bullsh*t as far as the eye can see.  Up over our heads for sure.  So we got the opening dramatized disclaimer, the Bullsh*t scene, a short snipet of Dionne Warwick and a section where courageous Carole Curb confesses to introducing Tom and Karen in a bar & grille type setting, and lots and lots and piles and piles of bullsh*t around all that.  Well, we're a little over half way finally.  That's something I guess.  Ew, there's still about thirty-eight and a half minutes yet to go though.

August 1980, there is actual (bad quality) video footage of Karen's actual wedding out there but acting scene with a depressed looking (which look for that actual footage, Karen didn't look like the acting scene in her actual wedding footage) Karen actress.

Narrator, "The day of Karen's wedding is one of the best of her mother's life.  (mind reading again) Karen has only known the groom, Tom Burris, for a few months.  Close friend, Itchie Ramone (oh boy, battle stations!!!) is concerned."  Note acting scene has Itchie Ramone calling Karen up on Karen's wedding day.  Um, why would Itchie call Karen up on Karen's wedding day when Itchie was actually at Karen's wedding?  Bullsh*t as at Karen's wedding Rod Temperton secretly came up with a new nickname for Snitchy of 'Tagalong' and if you look at the actual wedding footage video you can see Itchie and Rod walking around a little while with Karen and Karen in her wedding dress.  Here's what happened.  Itchie did call up Karen just before the wedding and after Karen answered the phone, Itchie handed the phone over to Tom and Tom told Karen that Tom had a vasectomy.  Itchie knew about Tom having a vasectomy as Itchie was the one who made that phone call on Karen's wedding day.  Why didn't Itchie say this?  Why wasn't this in the script?  Again, some friend here.

Narrator, "The wedding in Beverly Hills (with actual grainy wedding footage used) is the society event of the year.  This intimate family footage shows that despite Karen's issues with Tom, she's bought into the dream (mind reading yet again)."

Debbie Cuticello, "Karen's wedding was like going to Cinderella's ball.  She looked beautiful.  She was all smiles that day all diamonds and dazzling and just so happy."  Yes, quick, that Karen Carpenter wedding smiley faced video stuff will ruin our sad story here.  Try to put a depressed narrator or something over this to drown it out.  I knew we should have canned this Karen Carpenter chick and went with the actress.  Too late now, but still, try to cover it up as best as possible and call in damage control.  Also, maybe we can make a sad and depressing movie about this narrator / announcer someday too.  This narrator / announcer must have some really sad story to tell.  Remember to try and keep these fiction writers around for the narrator / announcer crockumentary.  We can call it, "The Depressing Life And Times of Mr. Announcer Dude".  Come to think of it have the marketing department look into a catchy title too.

Carol Landino, "She wasn't anorexic looking and she wasn't, you know, underweight.  She looked perfect."

Frank Bonito, "The Beverly Hills Hotel was just transformed into this beautiful english garden with lattice work and all kinds of hanging plants.  It was just beautiful."

Narrator, "But not everyone is convinced by Tom."

Debbie Cuticello, "I think we were all a little concerned about that relationship although when we were in his comapny he was very nice and very doting to her but [shakes head no] something something to me was not there."

Carol Landino, "He just didn't look like somebody that Karen would have picked.  I really think she married him to get out of Agnes' thumb.  So and I think that she thought that this was going to be her chance at the little white house with the picket fence.  But he didn't look like the white house with the picket fence kind of guy when I met him."

Acting scene with Narrator, "But Karen is desperate for it to work.  Richard has always been THE man in his sister's life.  Now, she's walking into the sunset with someone else.  But it's not long before Karen's commitment to Tom is tested."

Acting scene, bullsh*t scene between Karen actress and Tom actor.  Werner Wolfen, "He acted as if he was very wealthy.  He pretended to have this boat and this airplane.  He really owned nothing.  He rented everything."  Acting scene arguing about 50,000 dollars.

Not sure who here, "She still was anorexic.  She still had an eating disorder.  I think that must have been very difficult for Tom ."

Narrator, "Tom later admitted he did have real estate problems during the marriage.  He also said he cared for Karen and tried to get her help with the illness.  But the two couldn't work it out."

Dennis Heath, friend, "I just know that there was some things that were not right.  And Karen was not happy."

Good Morning America clip, Narrator, "Almost a year into the marriage, Karen appears skeletal on ABCs Good Morning America."

Debbie Cuticello, "She would tell us, the good and the bad things.  and um I didn't like the bad things about the money issues.  I think that he used her financially."

Actually Karen Carpenter, "Since I got married which is a year ago yesterday."  Narrator, "The day after her anniversary, Karen again appears thin (September 1 1981.  I saw Karen and she was thin, around 94 pounds, on June 12, 1981.  On June 19 or 20 1981, Karen weighed at least 110 pounds when I last saw her.  Her step cousin Wendy's home cooking again).  Promoting the Carpenters new album on TV.  As she performs Those Good Old Dreams (with much enthusiasm from the narrator as always) she appears not to have a care in the world.  But the truth is Karen's hiding another secret.  The very same day she'd met with her lawyer to change her Will.  Her fortune estimated at between 5 and 10 million dollars is now left to Richard and her parents.  If she dies Tom Burris gets only the house and its contents."

Carol Landino, "She married the wrong guy.  Would anybody have been the right person?  Not with Agnes and Richard (hint, the secret was a guy needed to be family oriented and want to be a part of the family not really about Karen's money or fame.  The family never saw Karen as being wealthy or famous but always saw Karen as being a part of the family whether Carpenter, Lynn, Tatum, Rudolph or even B[censored]k.  Family always looked out for each other whether rich, famous, wealthy or not.  Family.  And family always looks out for one another as best as possible.  There's always those 'black sheep' in a family though that you tend to feel like you need to look after them a bit more as black sheep tend to get in a little trouble once in a while like with Karen marrying Tom Burris.) because it was something they couldn't control."

Acting scene, November 1981, Narrator, "In November, Harold Carpenter is celebrating his 73rd birthday."

Werner Wolfen, "Finally one day, he left her home one day and said I'm not going to be her husband anymore.  The marriage was a disaster."

Carole Curb (seriously awesome brownie point queen), "She wanted somebody good and he didn't turn out to be that guy."  More Harold birthday acting scene.  Um, the I'm disgusting scene, not reality here, drama is about a fictional story and this story is about making some actress named Karen appear to be depressed and such.  In the real world, Karen was glad to be rid of him but she knew with how he was that it was going to be a messy divorce.  Note also, the "You can have her" scene from the Tom actor leaving is probably about the only thing close to being accurate here.  Karen was looking to get rid of Tom, not the other way around.  Karen actually confronted Thomas and Karen was all done with Thomas at that point.  Stuff had happened back around November 1980 and Karen had given Thomas not quite a year to possibly confess and such about certain things that had happened.  Thomas didn't confess and Karen just unloaded on Thomas in private (close to private anyway) at her dad's birthday party.  Karen would burst into tears when very upset but not anything near tears of sadness or such.  But after the beginning of October 1981, Karen was all done with Thomas and there was not a chance of reconciliation after that point.  But Karen wanted the marriage over as it had been nothing but a huge mess (disaster) and only kept getting worst.  After stuff had been repossessed and Tom trying to control Karen and nothing but bad stuff had been happening since Karen and Thomas had been married.  With all the bad stuff that just kept getting worst, Karen had lost any love for Thomas quite a while before October 1981 (and note I saw Karen from June 12 to 20, 1981 and it was almost over back then).  Just a big mess that Karen wanted over and done with.  It was not actually devastating to Karen emotionally as Karen had given Thomas time for Thomas to show if he actually did care about Karen (or even her money) and Karen just felt there was nothing there between them other than a legal agreement and a set of rings that were almost repossessed (the 10 kt. diamond was repossessed, shh, but Karen did have a .75 kt. diamond that she had bought herself back in late May 1979 with some guy named Adrian, and psst, not John Adrian who was married to someone else at that time).  But OK on the day, but most of this acting scene is hogwash and needs to be scrapped.  Karen was p*ssed at Thomas, not distraught or such.  And it wasn't just about money but about Karen feeling that Thomas never really gave a sh*t about her and was just using her and that was that around October 1981.

Debbie Cuticello, "I just felt that this was something she really really wanted.  Kind of the Grammy of your life.  You really really want that.  You want your family.  You want a family.  You want a loving husband.  Someone trustworthy.  And um it failed."

Acting scene, Narrator, "In three years, Karen Carpenter has faced Richard's drug addiction, the rejection of her solo album (note, Karen was actually the one that shelved "the Can of Worms" as she called her solo album, so fiction on this one), and the collapse of her marriage (which was more a possible long court battle and messy divorce as there really wasn't any love lost there for either Karen or Tom.  Karen was looking to get rid of a guy that couldn't have kids or a family, and Tom was looking to get what he could.  No love lost.  The only feelings that Karen had left for Tom was the feeling that Tom was just going to try and drag this out as long as he could to get as much as he could out of her.)  Yet now, she makes a breakthrough."

Oh sh*t bombs away.  This is going to bury the planet Earth in total bullsh*t (which is the major theme for this crock actually.  The bigger the pile, the better I guess.  Bring on the intergalactic dumpsters, the bullsh*t is about to go beyond biblical proportions I feel.  I just saw, New York, 1982.  That hints at Levenkron's clinic.  Oh boy.)  Verse Crockumentary 1:06:19, "And so, those in front of their TVs shall seek a place to hide from the onslaught of bullsh*t and no place shall be granted as the bullsh*t is so deep and so encompassing that even the Heavens shall reek from the magnitude and stench of it thereof."  PPPEEEWWW!!! [Gagging, hacking and coughing, profuse vomitting, eyes watering, boils, blisters, leprosy, passing out and such in background with sh*t flying everywhere.  The Sun is even being obscured at this point.  Yes, the defecation is truly hitting the rotary oscillator at this point and spreading everywhere.]

Short non fiction background here before the other stuff starts.  Karen (Ichiuji) Ramone is the one that recommends the Levenkron clinic to Karen.  Karen always loved the book "The Best Little Girl in the World" by Steven Levenkron.  Karen enters the clinic in January 1982 weighing 78 pounds and Karen ends up in Lennox Hill Hospital (after a secret dare to drink a six pack [case? / bottle?] of ipecac syrup by another patient) in September 1982 weighing 77 pounds.  Watch the bullsh*t get deep here (Karen [Ichiuji] Ramone mentioned and if you remember that universe vortex possibly opening up above)...

Acting scene in background with just announcer's voice, Narrator, "In early 1982, Karen returns to New York.  To begin long term treatment (3 year program, they say $500 a week in this but I believe it was actually $1,000 a week, but not positive, so could have been $500, been a while.  Note, figured it out and the clinic charged $500 a week but also Karen stayed at a hotel and such so the extra $500 a week or $1000 a week was the added living expenses at the hotel) for her anorexia.  Her therapist is celebrated eating disorder specialist, Steven Levenkron (note, not Doctor or MD or PhD here, but he was an author and he did run a clinic named after himself)."  Acting scene, not actual as usual.  Made up.  The real life actual initial consultation involved Karen Carpenter, Karen (Ichiuji) Ramone and Steven Levenkron.  On the way in, Karen and Itchie walked together and there was no one close to them in the hallway to the elevator.  In the elevator were two gentleman that stood towards the back of the elevator and were not near Karen or Itchie on the way up.  Out of the elevator, no one near them again in the hallway (I asked Karen all of this stuff during our phone call on February 3, 1983).  Then Karen went into Levenkron's office with just Karen, Itchie and Levenkron present.  Levenkron physically took Karen's purse and then dumped it on his desk.  The prescription pill bottles that showed up weren't Karen's as Karen did not know what that prescription stuff was, let alone what it was used for.  During the February 3, 1983 phone call I also asked Karen if they had the iris library system out there and Karen said they did.  Anyway, at some point after February 4, 1983, Karen and I were going to go to the library in Downey and see if we could find out what that stuff was as Levenkron gave Karen a list.  But Karen knew those pills were not hers and Itchie knew as well.  Itchie never said a word before February 3, 1983 about the pills not being Karen's pills and has never been honest either about this.  Why?  I don't know why Itchie never came forward, I just know she didn't.  As I said above, some friend.  So anyway, yeah, there is not Levenkron, Karen and Itchie in this acting sequence, so the usual, fiction.  Karen did not take thyroid medications.  If I remember hearing about this correctly, the pill bottles had the name 'Karen Burris' on them.  Hint, Karen did not have identification for a Karen Burris and would not have been able to pick those pills up under that name.  Back in the 80s, identification (not just a birthdate) was required to pick up medications.  Publicity stunt set up perhaps?  Most likely here.  This is the problem with fiction, stories are created, but usually on closer examination, these stories start falling apart like what has happened with this crockumentary and the out of context interviews and such.  Yes, this thing is a big mess now.  Do you see why making up stories is a bad thing yet?

Narrator again, "Karen begins daily sessions but Richard is skeptical.  He thinks she needs a residential hospital program.  For weeks, the two don't speak.  Others though rally to Karen's side."

Dionne Warwick, singer and friend (true and true), "...I'm just staying at the same hotel, the Regency Hotel in New York.  And she says well I'm here, you know, I'm going through my doctor's taking care of me and I'm getting myself back together.  I said that's wonderful.  And uh I said what are you doing for lunch and come on up to my suite and hang out with me for a minute.  And she did.  And she kind of refused to order anything off the menu.  I said oh no you're going to have some soup at least.  You're going to have some soup you're going to have some saltine crackers and you're going to put that meat back on them bones.  And she said yeah you know you're absolutely right and she did and she ate some soup for me."  Note, I am holding back something here as I don't want tabloid people and such to take something I know out of context (like most of this stuff in this crock).  But I met Dionne in 1979 and there's always a story when Karen and I met someone together.  From what I know happened, I can honestly say that Dionne and Karen were good friends and not just 'fair weather' friends either.  Karen got jealous that Dionne and I laughed together and Olivia can be one tough lady (Dame now) when she needs to be.  A rough situation happened in 1979 and I am glad to know that Karen and Dionne made up after that.  Definitely another keeper interview segment here as this is a great and honest story from Dionne.  But still, the crock must go on...

Narrator, "With daily therapy, Karen warms to Levenkron (fiction).  She says he makes her feel good about herself (note, on February 3, 1983 Karen told me that Levenkron was more of a manipulator than Tom Burris ever thought of being and that says a lot and after hearing and seeing stuff since Karen has passed away, I definitely believe Karen on that.  I met Tom but I have never met Levenkron)."

Debbie Cuticello, "We talked to each other almost every day on the phone.  She was telling me how the uh therapy was working and that she was getting better.  It sounded like she was getting to terms with the anorexia and that she assured me that she gained weight."  Note, the facts are that Karen weighed 78 pounds when she entered Levenkron's clinic in January 1982 and Karen weighed 77 pounds in September 1982 when Karen was taken to Lennox Hill Hospital.  But honestly, Karen did actually say that to Debbie over the phone.  I know that Karen did not want to take a chance of Debbie showing up and seeing that Karen really was not doing better in there, so that is why Karen lied like that to Debbie.  Karen talked about this with me over the phone on February 3, 1983.  With Debbie living in Connecticut, that was a bit too close and if Debbie had seen Karen at around 80 pounds it probably would not have been a good sight there as Karen was worried that Debbie might have thrown a fit if Debbie had shown up at the clinic and seen Karen weighing 80 pounds while supposedly being helped at $500 or $1000 a week, whatever it was.

Beechwood Carpenters video playing (video maybe done around March / April 1982, I'm not sure), Narrator, "In May the single Beechwood 4-5789 is a slightly pedestrian Carpenters cover of the Marvelettes 1962 hit.  In the video Karen looks happy and fit (look again at her biceps, she looks about 80 to maybe 90 pounds actually.  She doesn't look healthy to me.  Lots of face paint too probably to cover up her hollow face.  Karen's chest seems nearly flat, not lumpy.  Um, Karen's Crisco, er, um, fat in the can, doesn't seem to be denting that stool too much either.  Karen does not have that 'hour glass' figure with big hips, big shoulders, and little waist.  Karen's sides of her body look almost straight and not curvy.  My two bucks worth here.  Even if she was toned up [muscular] she might have been around 90 pounds in this.  She definitely lost whatever she gained between this video around April and leaving the clinic in September 1982).

Acting scene again, Narrator, "But the reality is very different (OK, you just started to confirm what I was saying above about your false reality of Karen in that Beechwood video.  Thank you.)  After a lifetime of family conflict (Really?), she must now meet them face to face in the therapy room (Heaven forbid if they should ever talk outside this room.  Again, more drama, more fiction here.  And then a commercial break again, woohoo.  The woohoo because only about 23 minutes left in the crock, again, woohoo).

Commercial:  Attention hypochondriacs, the prescription drug companies need you to go to your local doctor and get a prescription for Soluto, it'll solve all your problems.  Note, Soluto contains ingredients from the backend of a male bovine and has been clinically tested to help relieve the problems associated with Hypochondria.  Warning, common side effects of Soluto are giving the patient an extreme desire to run for political office.]

Narrator, "In the spring of 1982, Karen Carpenter is undergoing extensive psychotherapy.  Searching for the origins of Karen's anorexia, her therapist has summoned her family to New York.  (Summoned one time to the clinic and they came.  But actors and actresses here so viewer beware)."

Nicky Chinn, Former Boyfriend (twice, both times as Mr. Know-It-All), "She'd been in a family that had been very very difficult for her to be in.  The overbearing mother, the brother who was the favorite (Karen didn't like being the center of attention, don't let them kid you here, Karen loved being 'the black sheep').  She was reaching out for something."  Any idea why this mind reader was a former boyfriend?  In 1979 Karen told me that it was because Karen was tired of Mr. Know-It-All constantly putting words in her mouth and not letting her talk on her own behalf so she broke up with him twice (1972?, 1974/5?).  More acting scene stuff...   Note also, I am still trying to remember for sure but I remember Karen bringing up Itchie Ramone being around during this family meeting at Levenkron's clinic.  I am not sure if Itchie was in the room with them or if something Karen said just ran into something else Karen said after this.  I am very sure, however that Karen and Itchie had a big argument (I believe the argument was sometime between May and July 1982) after this session and I believe Itchie and Karen stopped talking for a while after this family meeting at Levenkron's in 1982. 
Yes, also the "big blow out" between Karen and Itchie in 1982 (somewhere from May to August 1982).  Karen had told me that she had talked with Phil and Itchie on February 2, 1983 during Karen and my phone call on February 3, 1983 @ 5 PM Pacific Time (before dinner @ 6 PM).  As far as the big blow out in 1982, Karen told it a little differently than what I saw from Itchie.  Karen had told me that she had asked Itchie about how Itchie had heard about her private family meeting with Levenkron and Itchie came back about Itchie finding laxatives around the apartment (without answering Karen's question) then Karen mentioned the pill incident at Levenkron's and then Itchie changed the subject to her credit card bill.  After the change of subject Karen dropped the "64 thousand dollar question" to Itchie of "Were you and Phil trying to get me fired from A&M?"  Itchie couldn't answer that question either.  Karen actually called Itchie on February 2, 1983 to give Itchie a chance to answer that question again, but Phil was there on the other end so Karen didn't ask.

Narrator, "Speaking in 1991, Richard would defend his mother."  Yes, kind of, as Richard is actually an honest person and would do what he could to defend honest people whether they were or are or would be family or not family.

The actual Richard Carpenter, "We are not that type of family.  It's just not the way we were raised.  Uh, and yet Karen I mean I certainly never doubted uh my parent's love and commitment to us and I know Karen didn't either.  Uh I think if anything there actually may have been a little bit too much.  Uh almost stifling and and concern and protectiveness and all of that."  Big note here as what Richard stated is very accurate so small wonder why a crockumentary would wish to try to use this and then try and attack it.  OK, personal stuff now.  So now, me, for the record here.  Karen never ever spoke ill of her family and the way she was treated by them.  Karen did speak ill of others (but only in private).  Karen and I talked in depth about her problem and in late September or early October 1978 we had figured out what started Karen's anorexia.  When Karen was younger in middle school then high school, Karen noticed that the boys asked out the skinny girls.  Karen had it in her own mind that she felt that in order for boys (or guys) to consider her attractive, Karen had to be thin or skinny.  Like I told Karen many times, "I like tomboys and mud pies" and Karen knew I meant it.  The problem was that I was only 13, then 14, then 16 when I said this to her.  Too young.  We would have to wait (and Karen was passed 30 later on and her biologic clock ticking and the fact that she did have a short lifeline by her thumb).  So instead of 'now' Karen and I started talking of 'forever' as Karen was getting too worried thinking of 'now' with her short lifeline by her thumb.  Anyway, Karen thinking that in order to be attractive, she had to be skinny had NOTHING to do with Karen's family or such.  For the record!  All of Karen's eating problems and bulimia and anorexia stemmed from Karen's thoughts that in order to be attractive Karen had to be skinny (well, that and Karen had rules that she wouldn't eat 4 hours before a performance [nervousness] or 4 hours before sleeping.  Oops, and most people waited a half hour before going swimming after eating, Karen waited an hour [smile].).  That was all that was the cause of Karen's anorexia and bulimia.  Non fiction.  My most caring moment with Karen was in mid June 1981 when Karen and I went to rest together and Karen laid on top of me and told me, "I like laying here on top of you and listening to you breathe and your heart beat.  It helps me to relax as I wish my heart was as strong and steady like yours." and within 5 to 10 minutes Karen and I would both be sound asleep in each other's arms laying on the floor out in the open in the school lobby.  Karen was 31 and I was 16 and I nearly cried (I did have a couple tears) after she said that because I knew she meant it.  That was actually Karen's big secret desire in her life (since I met her on September 6, 1978) was that she wished that her heart would beat steady and normal.  Karen was I believe 5 pounds when she was born and she was born premature.  Something just was never right inside her body probably almost from day one.  So Karen always enjoyed every moment of life she had.  That was why Karen was always so cheery and upbeat and she liked cracking jokes and playing pranks to help put a smile on people's faces especially her own.  Enjoying life.  In mid May 1979, I had visited Karen in the local hospital in New York State (not the city) and she was hooked up to an EKG machine and I joked and said that it sounded more like someone was playing a game of Pong as the machine did not beep steady once while I was there.  Karen also told me in mid May that the reason she didn't like going to a hospital was because they always wanted to put a pacemaker in her to try and help her heart beat more rhythmically but Karen was against being kept alive by a machine.  And yes, the doctor on duty in mid May 1979 did ask Karen if she would wish to have a pacemaker installed and as Karen would say, "I'm all natural.  No artificial ingredients.  No preservatives.  The way God intended me to be.  If God wishes me to stay alive then I will with all my might, but if God wants me, He can take me."  It wasn't pills or medications or such, but something that doctors could never find inside Karen's body that Karen never had a steady heart beat.  Arrhythmia was first found in Karen in 1975, but not sure if it wasn't that way her whole life where her heart never beat steady.  Karen had more problems than just anorexia, but infortunately she isn't around anymore to tell anyone about them and most of her medical records are gone now.  And Karen weighed 104 pounds after Lennox Hill hospital in November 1982 and Karen stayed with her mom and dad until she passed away weighing 108 pounds on February 4, 1983.  Truthfully (which is why this doesn't work in a crockumentary such as this that needs 'stories').

Acting scene, Narrator, "Despite an uncomfortable session with Agnes, Karen's health improves (really?  78 pounds in January and 77 pounds in September?  Oh well, not my story here, carry on, and if you could speed it up here a little...still 20 minutes yet).  She takes time off from therapy (two weeks in April 1982) to work on new material."

Frank Bonito, "She still was anorexic.  She still had an eating disorder.  So it was always a mixed message so I wanna get better.  I wanna gain weight but here it was still very difficult for her to accept gaining weight."  Acting scene, and not more 'pushing pills' again.  This is monotonous.  Karen took aspirin, and during that time Midol or Pamprin.  Laxative bars (not pills).  "Karen says she's quit laxatives.  But a concerned Levenkron has asked Itchie (the plot sickens here) to keep an eye out."  Definite fiction scene here.  If I remember right now, Karen confronted Itchie about why didn't Itchie speak up during Karen's initial visit about those pills not being Karen's pills.  I also believe Karen brought up the article Itchie wrote about Karen for a tabloid back in May 1979.  I also believe Karen brought up asking how Itchie knew information about her family therapy session too during this, but not totally sure here (I am not sure if Itchie may have actually been present at that 'private' family meeting or not which if Itchie was in the room during that, I would want to know why too as family meetings are supposed to be private with family only.  But if not at that meeting, then Itchie had heard something that Itchie shouldn't have known about which I know there was something related to that family meeting, just not sure exactly what it was Karen said to me after 35+ years now on February 3, 1983).  Itchie couldn't answer.  Karen walked away from Itchie.  Bullsh*t scene as always with the script writers here.  At the end you see where there is a disclaimer where Levenkron and Tom Burris weren't able to comment.  If Levenkron couldn't comment, then how did the 'private' family therapy session stuff get mentioned here without Levenkron, Karen or the family providing information?  Hmmm.  As I've said, "some friend".  But yes, I understand too that I believe Richard has said that the family only met once with Levenkron.  The family never called Levenkron, and Levenkron never called the family either.  But how dare the family not try and interfere with Karen's treatment or was it just that the family didn't care enough to call or with all these fiction stories of people trying to guess what others are thinking instead of asking about it, that maybe, just maybe, with therapists and such believing whatever they wanted to believe and saying whatever they want to say (like fictional writers), the bullsh*t had just got too deep anymore and no matter what anyone in the Carpenter family did or did not do, the bullsh*t pile just kept getting deeper and deeper.

Narrator, "Steven Levenkron has been treating anorexia for 12 years (without having an MD or PhD or did he have one at one time?  I don't know either.  Just thinking out loud again here) but he's worried.  He wants to try a new strategy (oo, um back in I believe 1978 Karen and I did what I called the "futility exercise" where you flap your arms at your side and the exercise is to demonstrate the futility of we aren't birds and can't fly.  Quitting may not always be such a bad thing.  Karen and I actually came up with this in 1978 and it was a psychology / psychiatry exercise back when, but not sure if they still do it now.)  Asking Karen to survey and evaluate her own body (even though Levenkron was not able to comment, see the part just before the credits in this crock)."  More acting scenes based from a guy who can't comment based on patient confidentiality despite being on the show "A Current Affair" years earlier around 1993.  Or did this stuff come from Karen's "best friend" Snitchy, I mean Itchie Ramone?  Both?  Fiction knows no bounds.

Narrator, "After 8 month struggle against the odds, Levenkron has only one option.  (Fiction here.  Acting again.  This is not what happened.  According to Karen, one of the other patients had dared Karen to drink a six pack [case / bottle?] of ipecac syrup and Karen passed out before completing the dare and an ambulance was called and Karen taken away.  Karen was actually grateful for the dare as it was what got her out of the clinic after Karen's heart stopped again in September 1982.  EKG, refuse pacemaker, then Karen's weight was increased using artificial means [and Karen's lung was actually punctured, about the only truth here] as Karen weighed just 77 pounds when admitted.)  At the hospital, Karen suffers a punctured lung as doctors insert a tube into her chest.  Levenkron describes her as five and a half stone (british weight being used in New York City?) of dehydrated skeleton.  It takes weeks of intravenous feeding for Karen to pull back from the brink."  More acting scenes again, oh brother (acting brother that is) but yes, "This is bullsh*t" returns.  Ain't it the truth here.

Narrator, "Karen's treatment appears to be a success.  After 6 weeks she's put on over 2 stone (in the US, not the UK, so, um, 2 X 14 = 28 pounds in New York City jargon?  Lennox Hill says Karen gained about 30 pounds [not exact as I believe Lennox Hill was probably wondering what the blazes someone in the US was doing weighing people in stones].  Does Levenkron realize that he is not living in the UK anymore?  Yes, a very questionable individual here indeed as why is he using UK weights in a US treatment facility, why doesn't he have the titles Doctor, MD or PhD publicly associated with his name [yes, Levenkron would ask patients to call him Doctor Levenkron in private, but not a dr. publicly], why don't these fiction writers say that Karen weighed 78 pounds [about 5.5 stone] when entering the clinic in January 1982 and then Karen weighed 77 pounds [about 5.5 stone] when she went in the hospital in September 1982?  How was Karen going to pick up pills under the name 'Karen Burris' when Karen Anne Carpenter did not have any identification for the name 'Karen Burris' [note, back in the 1980s, identification, not just a birth date, was required for picking up medications]?  Impeccable source my rump roast.  Some fiction writer got impeachable and impeccable mixed up is all that is.  Same with Phil and Itchie Ramone, and then thank Richard Carpenter that the media never questioned Thomas Burris as Thomas had no clue anyway what was actually going on as Karen and Thomas had always lied to each other and anything Thomas had said would have been twisted to mean something else anyway and after November 1981 Thomas was not around Karen anyway [only by telephone and phone calls were about getting a divorce was about the extent of the content of the phone calls between them].  A new word for you here, incredibullsh*t, as the bullsh*t is so deep here that no one can ever get through it.  I am trying though)".

Werner Wolfen, "When I visited her in New York, she was in the hospital and she looked fantastic.  Best I'd ever seen her look."

Narrator, "In November 1982 Karen flies back home to LA telling everyone she's cured."  Actually, Karen didn't need to tell everyone, just Frenda (Franklin) Leffler.  Frenda (Franklin) Leffler could then tell everyone else.  There was an incident back in 1979 when Karen had been staying with her cousin Wendy starting in September 1978 and after Karen went back home, a secret Karen had told Frenda seemed to be everywhere I think around March 1979.  That secret was that Karen had anorexia.  In early 1979, Karen mentioned Frenda to me and referred to Frenda as 'the Town Crier', hear ye, hear ye to me and Karen told me about how Frenda's mom would do the "Here comes the choo choo train" with Karen to get Karen to eat.  Karen would start laughing and would eat, but still, Karen was very upset and told me about her "three-ring circus of friends" as Karen didn't have enemies and Karen didn't believe in hating anyone.  But there were three types of friends with Karen, a three-ring circus.  The inner circle was made up of people that Karen shared secrets with.  After Karen shared a secret, if that secret became known, then the person would be moved to the outer circle and Karen wouldn't tell them any more secrets.  The middle ring was made up of friends and acquaintances that Karen didn't share secrets with
.  Karen didn't trust Thomas Burris either so Thomas was never an inner circle friend.  That was why Karen chose Frenda as her maid of honor for her wedding.  Karen didn't want Thomas knowing who Karen's inner circle of friends really were.  Thomas kept thinking that Itchie and Frenda were Karen's close friends, but in reality, Itchie and Frenda were in Karen's outer circle and didn't know any of Karen's secrets just like Thomas didn't know.  Thomas didn't know any of Karen's secrets so why the suppression (gag) order on Thomas?  Did Richard truly care enough about his sister not to have her name dragged through the tabloids following news that Thomas had signed a divorce decree with Karen and all that tabloid fodder that follows.  What tabloid fodder?  Exactly.  By suppressing Thomas from the tabloids, Karen's name was not dragged through the mud over that divorce decree and Thomas was free to go and not have his name dragged through the mud either.  Sadly, though, a lot of people wanted Thomas's name dragged through the mud but Karen's name would have had to have been dragged through the mud too.  Tough decision but I feel Richard made the right call on that, however, the tabloid people are the ones keeping that 'secret' stuff that isn't true alive.  I met Thomas in June 1981.  Thomas was definitely not in Karen's inner circle.  Thomas was definitely in Karen's outer circle.

Dionne Warwick, "It was wonderful seeing her, because she came right up to me and she said look at me girl I said look at you of course I'm looking at you.  She said no look at me I got an ass.  Look at the weight I've gained already.  It was wonderful.  And I was so thrilled that she was so happy because she was finally becoming the Karen Carpenter that she wanted to become again."  More keeper stuff from Dionne.

More acting scene and that creepy piano plink music again.  Narrator, "But something's not right.  Dining out with her mother Karen disappears into the bathroom."  Fiction.  Yup, ain't right.  What day was this anyway?  Octember 35th?  Total fiction here.  Richard was the pill popper.  Karen was the bulimic puker.  Narrator again, "Richard also notices Karen's erratic behavior.  When he confides in his attorney, Werner Wolfen, his sister feels betrayed (note, watch I believe the "Only Yesterday" documentary as...) acting scene at a recording studio.  Note, in "Only Yesterday" Richard states that he and Karen meet up with their Jaguar cars side by side in a parking lot.  Um, really yeah, this thing is definitely a crock.  A little over 10 minutes left...

Werner Wolfen, "Was not a pleasant meeting.  Richard told her you're still doing not what you're supposed to do.  Why do you do that?  And she didn't have a good answer.  I think it was an indication on her part that nobody ever really took over her health and looked after her.  Made me think later that maybe I should have done more."  More acting stuff.

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Los Angeles 1983, acting in background, Narrator, "A little after midnight, on February 4, 1983, Karen Carpenter is at her mother's house (that house is in her dad's name as her dad is still alive and living there too).  In the morning she plans to have a manicure.  But after that, Karen has some unfinished business."

Werner Wolfen, "Finally she decided she wanted a divorce."

Narrator, "Over a year since her relationship broke down, Karen and Tom Burris are still married."

Frank Botino, "So they were going to go have their nails done and then she was gonna go sign her final divorce papers."

Narrator, "Karen has already discussed the divorce with her attorney, Werner Wolfen."

Werner Wolfen, "I wanted her to sign the agreement.  She said to me well did you really take it out on him?  I said no I did not I made a fair agreement with him.  I didn't consult you.  I didn't hurt you.  But I gave what I thought was fair."

Narrator, "The deal is done.  But Karen still needs to sign the paperwork."  (definite acting here as Karen didn't have chest pains or such.  Not really the acting here, but really really bad horrible terrible lousy sucky [censored]y script here.)  Flashback and recalling "This is bullsh*t" this crockumentary's theme here (repeated 3 times now as the most repeated scene in this crockumentary).  Shortly before 9 am Agnes discovers Karen upstairs" (note, Karen came down earlier and put on a pot of coffee but hadn't come down again.  Agnes called upstairs, no answer.  Agnes then went upstairs and found Karen nude in Richard's room by his walk-in closet and then they called Richard and then someone called an ambulance.  If they called Richard, Richard was not there at the time Karen collapsed, hint.  Karen and her mom had an agreement that Karen weighed herself [and Karen weighed herself in the nude] one day a week on Friday mornings.  The weight scales had been hidden in Richard's room.  Another note, it was Richard's room so when the paramedic grabbed a red jump suit out of Richard's room before they left, yeah, the Antivan or whatever was Richard's pills from probably 1979 or such and probably had an expiration date of 1/10/83 on them, four years after Richard's being accepted into Meninger's Clinic.  Karen weighed 108 pounds when she passed away.  Now let's see what the crock does here...).

Narrator, "Speaking on ABCs Good Morning America, Agnes recalled how she held Karen and called for help."

Karen's mom, "And she had just laid down on the floor and I called to her and held her and screamed to him for a paramedic."  Note, not shown in the clip, but the 'him' that Karen's mom referred to was Karen's dad that was cut off but sitting next to mom during that interview (note too, Richard was on the other side of dad during that interview so it was mom, dad then Richard but dad was cut out of that scene which makes it kind of misleading here.  Mom screamed to dad, not Richard for a paramedic as Richard wasn't even at the house during all of that).

Narrator, "Agnes Carpenter exerted a powerful and controlling influence on both her daughter's career and her life.  Yet when Karen fought back emotionally (interesting as Karen was an intellectual like her mom and the Carpenter women were, but who am I to know about intellectual versus emotional) and with her body (yup, once a crock always a crock).  Agnes struggled to understand."  After seeing all this fiction I think a lot of people are struggling to understand now.

Werner Wolfen, "I felt she was not up to the task.  She couldn't figure out what the problems there were.  She sort of gave up."

Carol Landino, "I think it was Karen's way of striking back.  She could control what she could eat.  And her mother or her brother couldn't tell her what to eat how to eat when to eat and how much to eat."

Carole Curb, "All of us who knew her, wish we had done more."

Carol Landino, "She went from this fun loving kid to this adult that there always seemed to be something behind the eyes."

Carole Curb, "Beautiful beautiful big brown eyes.  When I think of those big brown eyes she was asking for help."

Announcer, "At 9:51 AM, doctors abandon CPR (note Karen had ALWAYS stated that she never wanted to be kept alive by a machine)."

News clip, Dan Rather.  Toss in the back of a beat up pink, yes, pink van scene.

Nicky Chinn, "How do I feel?  Desperately desperately sad."

Carole Curb, "They announced over the radio that Karen Carpenter had died.  And oh, it was the worst feeling and I remember uh falling on the floor and I just remembered I it was just a devastating empty feeling."

Mike Curb, "I almost fainted because I thought she was on the road to recovery I did not think that she was at risk of dying."

Narrator, "Karen's post mortem revealed her heart had been damaged by a substance called emetine.  It was found in a pharmacy drug used to induce vomitting.  Karen's abuse of emetine and other drugs was triggered by a disease she battled for over 7 years."  It is odd though, but in the supporting papers of her autopsy, it states that Karen's heart was slighlty small but not physically damaged.  Emetine cardiotoxicity appears to be unsupported except by a rider on the autopsy stating there was a residua of .46 ml of emetine (less than a small drop and residua aka leftover, not recent).  No one really knows how long emetine may stay in a person's system.  Note also, the emetine was found stored in Karen's liver and had been digested and taken out of Karen's system.  The emetine was not recent or else it would have been in Karen's blood stream or her stomach and not just in her liver hence residua.  Karen's heart was slightly damaged from when Lennox Hill inserted the feed tube into Karen's heart and punctured Karen's lung in the process back in September 1982 but nothing else noted so any rumor that emetine destroyed Karen's heart is also false.  Any rumor that Karen had taken emetine or ipecac syrup on the day she passed away (or within a couple days even) is false also.  Again leave it to fiction writers and quacks (note, doctors take up medicine to try and help people whereas a quack takes up medicine because they can make a lot of money.  The two are not the same in ideology nor service [or disservice in the case of a quack] to a patient).

Paul Gambaccini, resident recipient of critical backlash and expert on stick insects, "I remember a conversation I had with Richard after she died and he said we had no idea she was so ill.  Notice we, not I.  We meaning the family."  And also those closest to her, myself included.

Richard Carpenter, "I know and and I've known for years that I did the absolute and my family did and our friends did the absolute most they could have done."  Agreed here.  Caring is a difficult thing to put into words as caring is a lot of things together and not just a single act or such.  Many years and many acts of caring by family and friends over that time.  And no matter what you say to others afterwards, it never sounds as appreciative as you would like it to sound.

Narrator, "Karen never did make it to Werner Wolfen's office to finalize the divorce.  She was still married when she died."

Werner Wolfen, "And her mother called me and told me that she was dead.  I couldn't believe it.  Like I tell you it's like losing a child.  Because in a way she was a daughter."

Derek Green, "I sometimes wonder if you really wouldn't say she died of a broken heart."

Narrator, "After she died, the New York Times said if anorexia is classically defined as a young woman's struggle for control then Karen Carpenter was a prime candidate (even though the profile was based on Cherry Boone O'Neill who has nearly the exact opposite personality as Karen Carpenter).  The two things she valued most in the world (I can tell fiction already) her voice and her mother's love were exclusively the property of Richard (BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bombs away!!!!!!!!!!  Sounds like some major bullsh*t that some guy who didn't really know Karen or her family that well would write after reading Cherry [Boone] O'Neill's book and getting the relationships of Karen [and Richard and Agnes] and Cherry [and Debby and Shirley] confused).  At least she could control the size of her own body (MORE BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!, getting close to the end finally)."  Like really, really close here, and then...

Due to a legal agreement with the Carpenter family, Tom Burris was unable to comment on matters raised in this film (and really it wouldn't matter what he said anyway as it would get twisted out of context most likely).  Note also, the suppression order was a part of Karen's divorce agreement and had to do with Karen and not 'her family'.  Karen did not want the tabloids running amok with the divorce stuff so the suppression order was part of the divorce agreement and not a part of Karen's Will.  And another note, there was not any pay off or such associated with Thomas signing that suppression order.  It was done as part of the divorce agreement to keep that junk out of the tabloids for both Thomas and Karen.  Although Karen did not sign the divorce papers, Thomas had signed the suppression order as part of that divorce agreement and that suppression order was legally binding even though the divorce was not.

For reasons of patient confidentiality (which he has broken before), Steven Levenkron was similarly unable to comment.

Then the crock credits...  Did you get the name(s) of those that edited and made up stories and made a big mess yet?  Why not?

And with that being said, it wasn't the interviewee's faults but the faults of those who chopped up segments by Debbie Cuticello, Carol Landino, Frank Bonito, Werner Wolfen and others and put in these acting scenes that were not really justified by the interviews those scenes were taken from.  And with those interviews being so chopped up, unfortunately, it made most of those interviews not worth keeping or listening to as the acting scenes added too much more that just wasn't warranted by the interview.  Just a huge mess unfortunately and like I am trying to say here, it is not the faults of the interviewees but of the ones that compiled this huge mess to try and support the actor / actress cut scenes that many times were just completely written wrong to try and tell a story that makes little to no sense to someone that actually knew Karen.  Now if you had known Cherry (Boone) O'Neill's story "Starving for Attention" or whatever, then it might make some sense.  But I thought this was supposed to be about Karen Carpenter?  It really isn't about Karen which is the huge problem here with this crockumentary.

And another note, as you read above, Karen had a problem with thinking that for people to consider her attractive, she had to be thin (no curves, no hour glass figure and such).  That was Karen's actual problem which caused her anorexia and such.  As far as Karen "not being in her right mind"?  I have a hard time believing people that make stuff up and then try to say that the person they make stuff up about was "not in their right mind" because Karen didn't follow a pattern that fiction writers wanted her to follow that makes little to no sense when you know the actual Karen Carpenter.  I do consider it bad that a movie is made about someone, but if that actual someone had tried to be in that movie, they couldn't be themselves henceforth my jibes about "Karen Carpenter is wrecking this story - Can her.  Fire her." above.  As this movie says, "This is bullsh*t".  Karen knew what she was doing and why she was doing it.  Karen was actually in her right mind.  As far as "not in their right mind" actually?  You need to question therapists that keep trying to blame a family when it has been proven that it was not the family's fault.  The family were the ones trying to encourage Karen to get help and the help was trying to blame the family.  Really.  Honestly.  Anorexia really isn't a disease but is a thought process (which would require behavior modification.  Finding 'triggers' and such which was not done by therapists then or now even, so little has changed in the area of therapy actually.  In 1978, Karen and I were the ones that thought of 'triggers' and such [what is causing this to happen and why, triggers, thoughts].  Karen's family was never a trigger for anorexia for Karen.  Karen's body being curvy instead of straight like a board was a trigger for Karen.  For Karen to feel herself being attractive, Karen felt her body needed to look straight like a board; no hips especially.  The Carpenter women were known for having Crisco [fat in the can] as a family trait.  It was a Carpenter tradition to have that hour glass figure.  How was it the family's fault that the media was against hour glass figures for women and wanted a straight as a board, little girl type image [the perversion that the media is promoting a little girl instead of a voluptuous woman image]).  How are newspaper and tabloid articles saying Karen was 'chubby' the family's fault?  How was the "Only Yesterday" song video in 1975 the family's fault?  How was Karen thinking that in order for her to be considered attractive by the press that Karen had to be thin (when the family and friends told her around 115 pounds) the family's fault?  The therapists and such WERE NOT HELPING KAREN by trying to blame Karen's family (or anyone else instead of blaming Karen, herself, for thinking that she had to be thin like that).  But the larger truth is that even though the therapists and such were "not in their right mind", Karen had other problems too.  It was a combination of events and nothing singular.  Karen's arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) doesn't get mentioned and did people think that the arrhythmia was a part of Karen's anorexia?  Originally, Karen wasn't eating right in 1975 and the touring schedule and such was a big part of that.  Karen had rules about eating and Karen felt to perform or sleep, Karen needed to not have a full stomach.  So Karen wouldn't eat 4 hours before performing or 4 hours before sleeping.  But never did find out what actually did cause Karen's heart to beat unsteady (found in 1975) and was that actually a birth defect or something?  I am not positive on this but I believe Karen said that a doctor giving her a school physical when Karen was 13 or 14 was I believe the first one to notice Karen had an irregular heartbeat (but Karen is not around any more to verify that, but I do know for certain that karen's arrhythmia [irregular heartbeat] was first officially diagnosed in 1975).  Why don't they mention that Karen stayed above 100 pounds from November 1982 to February 1983 while staying at her mom and dad's house?  It happened that way, but because of this story that someone wishes to tell, that information gets dropped same as the Karen weighed 78 pounds in January 1982 and then 77 pounds in September 1982 while Karen was in Levenkron's clinic information is dropped.  If there is something wrong with being honest, then you are dealing with fiction which was what this crockumentary is actually about.  Dramatization.  Fiction.  Bullsh*t.

And a note from me here about Karen's passing.  First, from the Toxicology Report on Karen's autopsy, Karen's glucol (blood sugar) was over 1100 which is fatal.  Glucol is the stuff in the blood that causes muscles to relax and the normal level is around 100.  The highest level recorded that I am aware of is 1454 from a guy put to death by lethal injection.  Most people will have their heart stop or at least faint with a level around 800.  Like said, a level of 1100 is fatal.  Not sure how her body got to that high of a level but I am sure that even if a pacemaker had been installed, with a level of 1100, Karen's heart would have stopped anyway.  Was that controversial procedure at Lennox Hill a contributing factor as it involved high amounts of carbohydrate in a short period of time into Karen's system.  However, with that being said, that was done about three and a half to four months before Karen passed away so something to think about but nothing definite there, just speculation.  Something inside Karen's body just went haywire and it was no one's fault including Karen's.  From what I have heard, Karen had a salad and two tacos on the night before she passed away.  Karen was also expecting her 'visitor' (cycle) shortly (Karen kept track and her next was due between February 3rd and the 5th).  Karen probably did have an aspirin, Midol or Pamprin at some point, but maybe not.  There was not any foul play or such, but not sure why Karen's heart had never beat steady (found in 1975 but not sure if arrhythmia [irregular heartbeat] had been a lifelong problem).  The decision to not have a pacemaker installed was Karen's own decision and that decision had nothing to do with her singing career or family or such, but Karen's belief that if God wanted her to have a heart that beat properly, she would have had a heart that beat properly.  Karen did not have a heart that beat properly, the way she felt God wanted her to be or else God would have changed it.  In all honesty, those that knew Karen that well (like myself) knew that we could not talk Karen into getting a pacemaker.  And after what happened at the end, a pacemaker would not have worked anyway with a glucol level over 1100.  We all loved Karen that knew her, but we also knew that she was very adamant against being kept alive by a machine.  And even with a pacemaker, the glucol level of over 1100 would have stopped her heart anyway.  God wanted Karen Carpenter.  God took Karen Carpenter.  No one's fault.  The only one to blame here was whatever in God's name decided to shoot Karen's glucol level up over 1100 to cause her heart to stop beating.  Karen had not recently taken any pills or ipecac or such and even those wouldn't have caused Karen's glucol level to rise that high.  So like said here, in God's name and by His hands so to speak as Karen wanted it to be.  Non fiction.

As far as fiction, blaming anyone under Karen's actual situation is complete fiction.  And a word for people here, "psychobabble".  Psychobabble is the process of trying to smoke screen people into thinking things are more complicated than they really are.  Karen's anorexia problem started when Karen was younger and Karen noticed that the guys asked out the skinny girls.  Karen felt that in order to be considered attractive, girls had to be skinny.  Karen developed bad habits to try and get herself to be skinnier.  That was Karen's problem.  Also, Richard was the 'pill popper' and Karen was 'the puker and X-LAX taker'  X-LAX is not a pill.  X-LAX is a chocolate laxitive that looks like a small candy bar.  Karen might take an aspirin or a Pamprin or Midol during that time of the month, but Karen took a single dose with a glass of water.  But rather than digressing further here, with all of this psychobabble being spread have these therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists ever come out and been honest that they didn't help Karen with all this psychobabble about her family and control issues and such?  No, they haven't.  Karen's problem was that she thought in order for her to appear attractive to others, Karen had to be skinny.  That had nothing to do with her family or control or newspaper articles or any of that psychobabble that just evades and avoids the issue.  Karen was the one that thought that she had to be skinny to think she was attractive.  There wasn't any control issues or love issues or stuff like that.  Karen was the one with those thoughts and no matter what anyone said to Karen, Karen thought that she had to be skinny to be considered attractive even though many different people would tell Karen that she looked fine, Karen still had that skinny thought buried in her thoughts.  And the bigger issue was that Karen weighed 108 pounds for about three and a half months before and when she passed away and Karen had been telling people that she had been cured of the anorexia.  What Karen didn't say is that she and her mom came up with a plan where Karen would only weigh herself once a week (on Friday mornings, hence February 4, 1983 was a Friday) which appreared to be working as Karen's weight had been remaining steady during those three and a half months.  For that time frame, Karen had been living with her parents, so if her mom or her brother were 'the cause' of Karen's anorexia, you are nuts / crazy / cuckoo / looney.  If Richard or Agnes (mom) were the cause then why did Karen's weight stay steady around 108 pounds while she was around them, yet Karen's weight was 78 pounds when she checked into Levenkron's clinic in January 1982 and Karen weighed 77 pounds when admitted to Lennox Hill hospital in September 1982.  That's some cure there.  Psychobabble, as because I bullsh*t so much, you must believe me even though what I say does not make any sense whatsoever when you look at the facts about all of this.  Psychobabble of someone trying to cover his a** after he f***ed up and he f***ing lied.  And the facts say that there were problems, but the biggest problem was that Karen's heart never beat properly but even if she had a pacemaker installed, a glucol level of 1100 and higher would have caused Karen's heart to stop as glucol is a substance that causes muscles to relax and the heart is a muscle.  Karen's heart just stopped.  That was it.  Whatever caused Karen's glucol (blood sugar) level to skyrocket was the cause of Karen passing away and so now we are back to talking about God taking Karen as it was Karen's time again as that is still what makes the most sense here.  No one's fault including Karen herself, just something inside Karen's body caused her glucol level to suddenly skyrocket which caused her heart to stop and after a person's heart stops for a while, that person passes away.  That's what actually happened; so why all the smokescreen and psychobabble?  Non fiction.  Honesty.  That is what helps solve problems.  Blaming people that aren't guilty just creates a smoke screen and more problems to try and sort out and is not any help whatsoever, but actually a hindrance to problem solving.  I do know that it was something physical and not anything mental that caused Karen's glucol level to skyrocket suddenly like it did.  What caused Karen's glucol level to rise so high to get to a level of 1100?  I don't know.  Thank me for being honest with myself finally.  Sheesh.

God bless freedom of speech.  And thank you to those who brought this to my attention and asked about this crockumentary and "This sounds off."  and "Is this true?"  Asking questions is how people learn.  And when I heard certain questions I learned that people did not understand what the word 'dramatized' actually means.  All drama is fiction.  All fiction is not true.  And I did not realize how untrue this crockumentary really was until people started pointing it out to me by asking questions or making statements based on this crockumentary that made little to no sense.  So I wrote this out hoping that people understand now what 'dramatized' and fiction really mean.  I prefer non fiction myself which is why I still recommend "Yesterday Once More", "Close To You : Remembering The Carpenters", and "Only Yesterday" documentaries as those are non fiction and do not contain the 'dramatized' disclaimer on them.  Remember too that "The Karen Carpenter Story" movie / dockumentary should have the same disclaimer too at the beginning of it.  Thank you for reading this.  Much appreciated.

And remember too that we can all make mistakes.  But did it have to be so many?  And then also, if we do not learn from our mistakes, we are bound to repeat them (again and again and again...)

And because of stuff like this crockumentary and because many people have asked, "Does anyone know what Karen was really like?" and , "Does anyone know...?" and many of those still struggling with anorexia and realizing that things just do not sound right many times about Karen, I started writing down Karen and my times together and what I knew as a reference for myself as well as others.  Karen passed away, what happens if I pass away too?  I can't be everywhere all of the time.  Some things are very long and involved as well.  A reference as a lot happened and a lot of information which can be difficult to manage.  The other part is that this is actual and there were many things hidden and not talked about publicly and I also try to explain the reasons why as it wasn't as simple as many try to make Karen Carpenter out to be.  There is also some adult themes and adult content. .

And for my 'critic blurb' here, "This crockumentary is incredibullsh*t at it's finest." minus 200 1/2 stars and two thumbs up the rump roast on this one.  "I wouldn't even use this thing as a drink coaster as it would cause the drink to taste like bullsh*t."  My two bucks worth.