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And, as mentioned in The New Math Book, an idea was thought of for a question and answer section (chapter) but was dropped because it would be too large.  Well, maybe if I condense the section, it might not become too large.  Who knows?  Only one way to find out...

OK, here goes.  The Meaning of Life as it is, not as we know it.

Note, this is it.  The actual page that explains it all so reader beware.

In the beginning One created all that was, is and will exist throughout existence.  The One has no real name as he is existence itself.  He is as he is.  He was as he was.  He will be as he will be.  So all exists.

Question:  Why is this being written now?

The answer is because it is time now.  Things are changing again because of the need for change, otherwise things would remain the same, correct?

Question:  Why do you think you are so special to be the one to write this page, Thee Ace Man, hmmm...?

Because I was chosen and because I feel the need to try and explain things happening as best as I can.  I am the one with the double-nerved upper left bicuspid and as such I am apparently the "Last of the Great Prophets" as prophesied by many before me and during my time and for times to come I imagine.  My time on Earth in the flesh is now for whatever reason the Creator has decided and with that I do as I feel I need to do.  Things happen as they happen.  And as of August 25/26, 2015 I can honestly say that this page is being written by the Keeper of the Creator's Archives (which also includes The Book of Life among many other books).  Many have said to me in the past that when the time comes you will know.  So now I know too.

Question:  If you are so special then why haven't people heard of you before?

Hello, never heard the name Ace before?  The name has been used so many times and so many different ways that even I have lost count.  My name started as Adrian then Bubby then became Ace.  My life story got documented in The New Math Book so that what I remember happening got documented.  I have also used the name Albert, Mikey J, John, James, and so on...  I will restate the reason again however.  A prominent person met with me in the middle of the year 1979 (May/June 1979) and decided that I should be kept a secret from others and "the public eye" as best as possible until the time comes.  The reason being is that until said time, I need to do some things and being 'public' would possibly lead to things not getting done.  Imagine if you could change history just by killing off one person?  Right, KEPT SECRET.  All this stuff about "New World Order" and such does have substance to it but imagine if someone ended that possibility before it happened.  Correct.  Kept secret.  Kinda anyway...  Seriously, you have heard of ace before I hope.

Question:  Something wrong with the 'system'?

Yes.  Every government system out there is preoccupied with punishment / reward.  Is there something wrong with a system that actually fixes problems instead of always creating more?  Case in point of certain people that try to make rules for others to follow but refuse to follow the same rules themselves.  Think on that for a minute or so then realize there is hope out there coming sometime soon...

Question:  What of all this talk of 'being reborn' and all that?

Kind of messy here because of so much false prophesy out there at this point in time.  A New World Order is established on Earth by Emperor Emanuel where all living people are to all follow the same set of rules or be banished.  There is to be a time on Earth (Eden) where the evil that has existed will be purged from the lands.  After this a building will be brought down from the heavens with 12 chambers and placed upon Earth.  Also the Tree of Life is to return and grow 12 kinds of fruit.  This is from the NIV (new International Version) which I am not too fond of.  I am more partial to the original King James Version.  Problem is that it is almost impossible to find the truthful original King James Version anymore (1609).  Like almost everything else in the NIV (New International Version) and the NKJV (New King James Version), it doesn't sound accurate to what I remember from the original King James.  I don't remember anything in the original about the Tree of Life returning or any of that other stuff mentioned outside the building with twelve sides being placed on Earth.  And I am very mistrusting of the NIV and NKJV as several things about 'Comforter' and 'Holy Spirit' have been run together which was not the case in the original King James Version (OKJV).  This I can say, it has not changed since the beginning and being baptized, circumcised, or any other religious practice is NOT what decides who enters Heaven and who doesn't.  Neither is religious preference, and so on, much of a factor.  A person's actions and personal accountability are the main factors, not one's beliefs.  Also note that with that being said, being intolerant of other people's beliefs is not a good thing either.  Each person is different and there is no catch all stereotype as to who enters Heaven and who doesn't.  But be forewarned it is not what one believes, but more if one is willing to accept the truth over one's beliefs.  But that is after one passes away and has no use for this earthly turmoil / tumult stuff so try not to be misled.  On the same token, the books of the old prophets in the Old Testament already mention what is stated in the Book of Revelations.  Different author and different time period is all.  World peace for 1000 years...

Question:  What of all this talk about "the meek inheriting the Earth" and such?

It's true.  The meek are the ones who realize that good rules apply to all including the rulemakers themselves.  Are you a meek and don't realize it yet?  Or are you something else?

Question: World Peace, really?

Yes.  But first comes the definition of a butthole.  A butthole is a person that feels all rules should apply to everyone else but themselves.  Next comes rounding up all these buttholes and shipping them off to a deserted island somewhere where they can't bother everyone else.  Then comes world peace.  It's really not that complicated.  And yes, the tradition of saying "bless you" when someone sneezes was started because of a belief that if you sneezed it meant your soul was trying to escape.  Problem with this is that no one apparently gets blessed if they fart.  Just sayin'.

Question:  World peace for 1000 years?

Yes.  For 1000 years world peace through a series of universal laws through the son of the Creator, Emperor Emanuel (2007? - 2127?), which all adhere to thus creating a thousand years of peace.  Then.  After the thousand years one comes along and performs all these great miracles of healing the sick and all that but he is not a person that is out to help people but more to try and enslave people again.  This person that comes along after the thousand years of peace asks all to worship him in all his glory or parish.  This person is actually evil even though he appears to perform miracles of healing the sick and all that.  The evil is that he wishes to be the ruler of all but is not.  As stated, this miracle worker after the thousand years of peace is not as he seems.  He does what he does for self gratification and he craves power over others.  This is NOT the Creator.  The Creator does not force people to worship him and such.  The great evil after the thousand years of peace that comes forth is an evil unleashed when the gate placed over the Abyss is opened for a short time.  But this is in the future.  A thousand years after Emperor Emanuel establishes the 'Heaven on Earth' universal rules also known as 'the New World Order', a Great Tormenter is unleashed for a short time on Earth (and yes, he knows his time is short).

Question:  Isn't the muslim nation of Islam, 'The New World Order'?

Nope.  And they know this and were told this but still refuse to listen.  The son of the Creator is also the son of Allah.  And the one that islam/muslim call Allah is the Creator himself.  And as stated, the Creator does not really have a name that we can pronounce in the flesh as he is existence itself.  Just as the christians and the hebrews, the muslims also need to stop trying to add stuff and take away stuff based on personal whims.  The truth, was, is, and always will be the truth.  The Reaper of the Harvest (2007? - 2127?) comes and oh boy, is there a lot to reap and harvest out there.

Question:  What of all this kneeling and bowing that religions promote?

Good question here.  Yes, usually when someone gets requested to appear before the Creator, they are asked to stand before the Creator, not kneel, sit or bow.  I think this may be more for earthly dealings than with preparation for the spirit world.  Think about it.  If you summon someone to appear before you, don't you want to talk with them about things instead of trying to understand what they are trying to say after being winded doing all these kneeling / bowing exercises?  Let alone that it is difficult to hear someone when their face is buried in the ground?  And to that end, if asked to kneel, sit or bow, then yes, kneel, sit or bow.  But if asked a question then wouldn't you think that the Creator would like to look upon your face when you answer just as you should be looking upon his face when he asks?  Yes, seriously there does seem to be a big problem with all this practice of kneeling and bowing that you probably may not need much before or after life in the spirit world.  And to that end, shouldn't we be looking up and not down when praying?  Just a thought.  Shouldn't reverence and acknowledgement go hand in hand or should someone still be trying to understand someone while their face is buried in the ground looking for that lost contact lens that no one seems to be missing?  Just another thought.

Question: False Prophets, Fake New World Orders...?

Yes.  Many in our times will look to be the actual but are fakers in our times.  These people and groups look to be the ones of the long time prophecies but are not.  They also preach of doom and gloom if you don't listen and obey them but as stated these are false people trying to impose their will on the prophecies but are not who they pretend to be aka are actually false and made up.  That is why I feel I need to start coming forward now as these falsies are becoming more and more of a nuissance.  Be forewarned, they are false and it shows.  That is also why the prophecies seem to point in different directions in the Book of Revelations.  The reason being is that Revelations warns of these false prophets and their ways while also trying to point out the true prophecies as well.   Many have tried to key in on key phrases and such in the Bible to try and bring 'just cause' to their actions.  Be forewarned now as well, the Creator (and his son) are not amused with the christians who profess to follow Jeshua (Jesus) whilst boiling people in oil, burning them at the stake, and the like.  Also be forewarned that they are not amused by ones who chop people's heads off in the name of Allah and Muhammad either.  Yes, three anti-christs as named before and named now...  1) Napoleon (guilotine)  2) Adolph (gas chamber)  3) Musab (beheading).  All three in the name of 'purification' and all three "butchers" and nothing more.  So to clarify, the actual New World Order is decried by the Holy Spirit (Emperor Emanuel) himself and is a set of laws and rules that the emperor, himself, as well as all others agree to abide by.  Universal laws for one and all, not separate laws for 'leaders' and 'followers' as has always been the case in the past.  With that being said, the falsies are readily apparent as their rules apparently apply to others but not themselves.  All systems of government have been plagued by this since the beginning of separate laws for 'leaders, nobility, etc.' and separate laws for 'commoners, subjects, etc.'.  New World Order in actuality is all people will follow all rules or be banished / exiled.  That includes the rulemaker(s) themselves.  The reward as stated in Revelations for the 'harlot of Babylon' also known as the city of Rome and the Vatican shall be laid waste in all its idolotry and corruption and such.  The nation of Islam is also going by the wayside as well for all its corruption as well. 
And what of the jews then?  The jews did desert the Creator but have paid a price and maybe learned.  Maybe not.  And what of this prophesied 12 partitioned building built in New Jerusalem (aka New York, USA) as described in the Bible?  And what of the future?  Things are as they are and happen as they happen.  Doom and gloom for corruption which is about time ain't it?   THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).  And as Heaven has a universal set of rules for all who reside in Heaven, so shall Heaven be on Earth.  And who better than the son of the Creator who is given the gift of conversing in all languages to bestow these rules upon those living on Earth (a Land of Eden)?  Still a freedom of choice but not a freedom that infringes the rights of oneself as well as others.  Universal universality.

Question:  A New Jerusalem?

Yes.  a New Jerusalem aka New York State USA.  The old Jerusalem has been tainted so many times and so many different ways that I imagine it is time for a change.  Too many memories of money changers in the temples, scribes, pharisees, and the like.  Pretty much time to move on I guess.

Question:  Is it true that if one looks upon the Creator that they die?

Did the first priest of Israel, Aaron, die?  Did the priests after Aaron die upon entering the Holy of Holies?  Of course it is not true and never has been true.  Same as you don't go blind, turn to dust, etc.  But remember too, this is the Creator and I would not want to be one that upsets the one that stretched the heavens above the Earth and such, but do as you need to do I guess.  And on the same token, more or less, if you're an angel (or ten angels perhaps) shouldn't you be interceding with the Creator on mankind's behalf and not asking a man to intercede with the Creator on your behalf because as an angel you were caught fornicating with women?  And thusly one third (or 200) of the angels were sealed away to await judgment for their actions.  To each their own I guess.  Same as a couple of Aaron's kids messing around at the Lord's Altar with strange incense.  Things happen.  Write a book (or two or so).  How many books have been written anyway?  How many fiction / non fiction...?  Just Askin'.

Question:  The Creator?

Yes, the Creator aka Yotzer, Allah, Yehovay, Jehovah, YHWH (IHWH actually, same as Ieshua instead of Jeshua / Yeshua, in hebrew the consonant I can be translated into either a J or Y in english depending on pronunciation), Elohim, God, etc.  The one who stretched the heavens above the earth and such.  I tend to address him as Creator or Yotzer (pronounced like yahtzer in english, short o sound) for that is the word I feel best describes him.  Even better is that Yotzer in hebrew also has a side meaning of father as well as creator.  And after rethinking this Shaddai (Almighty) is probably the better answer to the Creator's name in hebrew.  Father would be a bit awkward under the circumstances (read about Emanuel and Jeshua).  Creator, in english, does not have the father undertone.

Question:  The Keeper of the Book of Life?

Yes, as best as I can say here.  I have an immense aura but also the double-nerved upper left bicuspid (which broke apart and was extracted around October / November 1997).  Also the prophecies by many different people over many different sources.  And Enoch was brought up before the Creator when he was 365 years old when the Creator had realized that Enoch was the Creator's scribe (secretary) as well as the Creator's bookkeeper / librarian and was not present with the Creator.  Then comes the story of Metatron and the transformation of Enoch into Metatron.  And then the story about the name Metatron itself, which when the letter numbers were added up came out in hebrew / aramaic to 314 / 317 depending on who you talk to (the same as Shaddai).  With that, coming from Thee Ace Man's mind here, honest, Metatron does not actually mean anything in any language.  It is just a name like Zilcho.  And if you read 'The New Math' then you also know of the Great Professor ZILCHO, which when you add up the numbers with the latin (for zilcho) , it comes to 151.  Everyone knows that the basis of a good college education begins with a 101 course, so 151 must be a bit more than basic.  Which this story also relates to the '666' of the beast in the Bible in Revelations.  And to put this to rest, yes, VICARIUS FILII DEI, when added up in roman numerals DOES equal 666.  And this IS a title of the pope.  Also note, I don't remember ANYONE saying this title was inscribed on the pope's tiara.  I have, however, in all honesty, seen this very title sewn with jewels into the papal hat.  The fact that the Vatican vehemently denies this slogan was ever engraved into the pope's tiara should give a clue here.  Like stated, NO ONE ever said it was engraved in the pope's tiara.  The pope's hat stupid.  Nice try.  And not sure if it was Enoch or Metatron that invented the 22 letter hebrew alphabet based on the astronomical signs.  Next a story about Metatron having a twin brother named Sandalphon who is said to have been the one that was the great prophet Elijah as well.  And yet another story of how Sandalphon / Elijah is the base of the Tree of Life whilst Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man is the top of the Tree of Life.  And still another story of when Enoch / Metatron was called up and was asked to write out the 366 books that comprise the Holy Archives.  And another story of how I call the Creator Shaddai (Almighty) and he calls me Na'ar (Youth).  Then a story of how an individual approached the Creator and wondered why the person next to the Creator, Metatron, was not required to stand in the Creator's presence and if there were perhaps two Gods (Creators).  The Creator informed others that Metatron was not required to stand nor to be given sixty lashes as Metatron's duties of writing required Metatron to be seated and a special seat was placed next to the Creator's seat on the Creator's left side for Metatron to perform his duties while in the Creator's presence (and this story and others from a rabbi, praised be himself, who I wouldn't trust to shine my shoes in all honesty.  Same as another story by a reverend John about how a whole city called Zion was called up and not just one person.  Really.  Seriously.  Some people have too much time on their hands for writing long, drawn-out fiction).  And yes, too, after writing this out, I keep wondering if possibly the Jews became as much 'paganistic' as the Romans, Greeks and Catholics are.  Note, in the flesh, now, I only have memories of the stories of Thee Ace Man in as much as spiritual memories are not remembered by myself in the flesh.  The Enoch / Metatron stories are stories others wrote long ago as Enoch was the great grandfather of Noah / Utnapishtim.  A special position and Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man are names used by the person filling this position.  And a special note is in order here:  DO NOT PRAY TO LESSER GODS!!!!  In other words, realize and pay tribute by talking direct with the Creator and not 'underlings'.  The Creator is the one who chose Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man, Abram / Abraham, Sarai / Sarah, Mary, Jeshua / Yeshua, Emanuel, Moses, Noah / Utnapishtim, etc. so why doubt his judgment?  Seriously.  DO NOT PRAY OR ASK FOR FAVORS ETC. FROM LESSER BEINGS!!!!  Please, please, please let the Creator decide such things and respect HIS decisions.  THINKE but now you should know, OK?  Thanks.  That takes a lot of pressure off of us lesser beings and you too.  You do know us lesser beings can't sidestep the Creator anyway, don't you?

Question:  If you are 'the Keeper of the Book of Life' and 'Last of the Great Prophets, what special powers do you have?

OK, you got me here.  I don't have any special powers.  Then too, I got you back.  Moses never had any special powers; Elijah never had any special powers; same as all the other great and minor prophets.  The only 'special power' is that when Almighty (God / the Creator) calls for something to happen, as a prophet, you are kinda caught in the middle.  Moses didn't part the waters nor cause the plagues nor any of that.  Moses and the others (myself included) were just given messages to deliver and Almighty (God / the Creator) took care of the rest.  Just the way it is.  But truthfully, no, I don't have any special powers / abilities that anyone is aware of.

Question:  Paganism?  Really?  In this day and age?

Yes, really, paganism in this day and age.  Pagans are people who assign specific 'gods' to specific tasks according to their godly abilities.  Look at the real world.  Most people are multitalented (and SOME others are multiuntalented).  You have the god of love, god of truth, god of wisdom, god of gods, and on and on...  People are people and usually have many talents.  Seriously.  So looking at the Romans and all their gods, and the Greeks and all their gods, and the Catholics and all their saints (gods) and also the latter jews and all their gods and you see this disturbing trend of paganism.  That is why I say pray to the Creator as he is the one who handles what happens anyway.  All this pagan stuff just gets in the way.  Ideas are ideas whether by gods or just plain people.  Having an individual that does just one task throughout eternity sounds a bit boring doesn't it?  But yes, there are some that seem a bit more gifted than others in certain areas.  But yes, I am the Keeper of the Creator's Archives as well as head scribe (secretary - speaking of which, I need bigger boobs, the other angels have been talking you know).  But then too if the Creator says the toilet needs to be scrubbed then I can do that too.  Just ask.  And who knows, maybe your former neighbor (Saint Bubba) who just passed away may be the one that the Creator sends to get rid of that bad case of hiccups you just had instead of sending Hicksey the God of Hiccup Curing all the time.  Just a thought.  And with that thought maybe it was Sainte Oops (Patron Sainte of Comic Relief) that came instead.  Honestly, it was listed in the big Book of To Dos next to the bigger Book of Dones and the Pamphlet of Oopses.  Yes, the Book of Life knows who needs help and when, but it also is nice that you pray anyway.  And a prayer doesn't need to be asking for something and can be just a 'Thinking of You' type prayer as well.  What happens happens.  And yes, individuals get assigned positions but can usually do more than just ONE thing.  Some also get possessive of positions as well.  But in reality, try something else too, you may surprise yourself and influence people.  Maybe not.  Who knows til you try or get asked to try.  Sainte Oops may be the answer to your prayers and you never knew because you thought it was Saint Bubba all along, didn't you?

Question:  The New World Order?

OK.  Gonna take a bit here and hope you can bear with me on this.  New World Order.  Realizing that there needs to be a uniform set of rules for ALL humans in the flesh to follow.  I mean read below about the rules of Heaven, Eden, and the lack thereof of rules in the Abyss and it is bound to happen in human history, right?  Correct?  But yes a concrete set of rules for all humans to follow and for those not wishing to follow these rules will be banished and isolated from those who follow the rules set forth in 'The New World Order'.  Yes, kings, judges, lawmakers, presidents, bishops, Dalai Lamas, toilet scrubbers, factory workers, and on and on end up having a universal set of rules to follow.  What are these rules then?  Well, that is left up to the son of the one that created all.  Son?

Question:  What about the Trinity?  Really?

Well, the Trinity is made up of three individuals.  The one who created all that is, was, and will be.  The son of the one that created all (the Holy Spirit, Emperor Emanuel, the Reaper of the Harvest).  And the grandson of the one that created all and son of the son that created all (Jeshua/Yeshua/Jesus Christ, Sower of Seeds, etc.).  They are three individuals but always remember even though family ties exist between the three (father, son, grandson) the three are each different.  The Creator (father) is the one who created all including Heaven, Eden, Abyss and flesh and spirit.  The father is the all knowing and the final word on all in existence.  The son (Emperor Emanuel) is apparently of our time but did make his presence known to his son back when his son was in the flesh (around 30ish AD).  A question was asked of the grandson (Jeshua/Yeshua, etc.) about the future and about Jeshua's father and then talking in tongues (not gibberish) ensued.  Yes, Jeshua's (Jesus') father (Holy Spirit, Emperor Emanuel) is able to speak and understand in all known languages.  This ability is a gift from his father who is the one that created all, etc. etc.  So think for a minute.  It was stated that the grandson had a kingdom and any who spoke his name would be allowed into this kingdom of Jesus'.  FALSE.  That was actually never stated as such by Jesus/Jeshua/etc.  The kingdoms are explained below in more detail but are of the one that created all, not his grandson.  What did Jeshua say exactly?  Well, read closer and observe.  The Kingdom of my Father (actually grandfather, but hebrew does/did not have such a word) shall be awarded to those who go forward in my name.  Jeshua then continues that whoever shall call out my name that I will stand with them before my father (grandfather again).  It is also stated (which most tend to forget) that there will also be many that will cry out the name of the grandson and that the grandson will not hear them.  Which is it then?  Both actually.  You see this is where the Book of Life comes in.  All things are recorded into the Book of Life from all those born of the flesh, however, in order to open this book a person needs to say seven words over this book before opening else the book will not open.  So note, if the words "Those not in Heaven shall blot out" and the book is opened, then those not allowed to pass into Heaven are blotted off the pages of the book of life for that opening of the book.  Also note, if the opener of the Book of Life says something like "the future is revealed to you now" and the book opened, then if those are the words, the book will be opened and the future revealed.  Note, the Book of Life has the secret of the seven words and as stated in Revelations, only the one with the knowledge of the words may pass the words over so that the book may be opened.  That is the catch.  Anyone else tries and the book remains shut and unopened. And yes, a person's actual thoughts are what is recorded into the Book of Life, pictures, words, and all.  The Book of Life is not just a "written word" book but actually more of a "movie book" as it records the actual thoughts as they are.  So the book reveals if someone is trying to get away with something or not.  Remember, ALL your thoughts are recorded, not just what you want people to know.  You can't hide from yourself nor the Book of Life either.  The original Book of Life captures the thoughts of all living people and preserves them in its special pages.  From this book has also been derived the Creator's Book of Life, the Lamb's Book of Life, The Book of Deeds, and so on.  The Creator's Book of Life is a listing of all those known to inhabit the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Lamb's Book of Life is a writing of all those that the grandson wishes to inhabit his Kingdom (yes, the Creator could and may have already created a separate set of kingdoms for his son and grandson if they so wish).  Yes, a whole library of books indeed.  That's that.  Also note, "My Father's Kingdom".  The Kingdom of Heaven.  Not Jesus/Jeshua/Yeshua, but my father's (grandfather's) kingdom.  The one that created all is the one that sits on the Mercy Seat (Throne of Judgment), not the son or grandson.  The everliving, not the most beautiful of all creation that rules over the Abyss either but the one that created it all rules over all.  That's that.  It is what it is.  But also note, how can one inherit a kingdom from one that never perishes (was, is, will be)?  They can't.  So please don't be fooled.  Father's Kingdom.  OK?  And how do you know who is and who isn't in this Book of Life when opened?  When you can be there to create all then I guess you will know.  If you are the one that this Book of Life trusts to recite the words properly then you could be the one to open the book and know as well.  So hint, just because someone may do things badly or poorly while alive in the flesh does not mean they may not be allowed into Heaven.  Just as someone who has seemed to do well and all that may not be allowed into Heaven as well.  It is what is said over the Book of Life and what is written therein that decides not what one wishes.  Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.  But note also, Heaven is not known for being a place of 'troublemakers' but also note that one that makes trouble in the flesh may not necessarily be one that makes trouble in the spirit (Heaven, Eden, Abyss).  We of the flesh are not ones to decide such things.  Which brings us to...

Question: Why are we here?

Because we aren't there of course.  If we are there then we can't be here at the same time, can we?  Are we figments of our own imaginations or the figments of some other being's warped imagination or both maybe?  And then too, if it is just I, then would you wish to spend an eternity just talking to yourself?  And then again, if you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do about 'loneliness'?  The answer has been written and helps explain other questions asked as well.  In the very beginning existed the one that created all, and all that exists is part of his realm.  This realm is divided into 3 sections as explained now.  First section is the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is the kingdom where the knowledge of good flourishes.  This is the kingdom of light as those of this kingdom emit, through their spirit, a huge amount of light that is visible throughout all the other divisions.  The Kingdom of Heaven is a spiritual kingdom existing of only good spirits.  The second kingdom is Eden also referred to as Purgatory.  This is the kingdom between good and evil and is a varied kingdom as it is not made up of those purely of good or purely of evil nor purely of flesh nor purely of spirit.  This kingdom is where the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are located.  This kingdom is both spiritual and flesh.  As such, this is the kingdom between the other kingdoms as created by the Creator himself.  The good spirits are allowed to move on to the Kingdom of Heaven, others may remain in Eden, whilst still others may be condemned to the third kingdom.  The third kingdom is the Abyss also known as Hell and Perdition.  Note too, Perdition is actually a separate area where spirits are condemned to the Abyss but are awaiting judgment.  This is the place where evil spirits reside and is a very dark place permeated with fire and brimstone.  Originally this kingdom is located behind the Mercy Seat (Throne of Judgment) where the Creator himself sits.  As time goes by, this dark and evil Kingdom of the Abyss is relocated and those of evil cast inside and a gate placed over and locked for a thousand years.  This is the Battle of Armageddon and the battle needs to be noted here.  Those of the evil Kingdom of the Abyss seek to overthrow and control those of good in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Now think about this.  Those of evil know only of pain, suffering, torment, and evil while those of good know only joy, happiness, and good.  Now think harder.  How do you cause pain and suffering to those who know only of joy and happiness?  On the same vein, how do you spread joy and happiness to those who know only pain and suffering?  Yes, it should be easy to see how good triumphs over evil in this battle.  You can't hurt or harm those that can't be hurt or harmed.  But stuff happens.  Is it making sense yet?  It is what it is.  Remember, we are not the ones behind all this creation and as such, we are not the ones that make these decisions.  With that being said, be forewarned, ask the one that created before trying to put words in his mouth.  Knowledge is being given on this page for those asking and for those seeking this knowledge.  The truth was, is, and always will be the truth.  Yes, in the Garden of Eden was created the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil as stated.  The beasts created in Eden and those sent to live out life in the flesh as well as those in the spirit as well.  Do beasts enter Heaven or the Abyss or exist only in Eden then?  Well, that is up to the Creator to decide so is there anything wrong with letting him make that decision?  Well?  But yes, the beasts and such were created first, then Adam and Eve and the rib from which Eve was created and all that other stuff.  A lot to read about ain't it?  And even some extra stuff about Lilith and Adam and many more stories not included in the official Bible.  But driven out of Eden and onto the Earth (actually the Earth is still a part of Eden) after being beguiled into eating fruit from a tree by a snake and all that fun stuff.  Speaking of that changling, the most beautiful of creation (Lucifer the falling star), doesn't he become prominant in other stories as well (like maybe coming back as a cow or a fly or such)?  I wonder who was really chasing this mischief maker back in the day?  Kinda interesting to think about maybe the Hindus may have been witness to something.  And what about the Great White Father and Mother Earth and such too?  May not be a smart thing to try and discount people's stories rather than try to understand more to help fill in some blanks.  Who are we to know all.  THINKE.  Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything.  But the one behind creation does know all and it is a good idea to ask him first if it is true or not?  What, no answer?  Is there anything wrong with having patience and waiting for the answer?  Is there really something wrong with THINKEing for oneself?  Some things it is probably better not to know.  Trust me.  I mean is it really that important that Noah boarded the animals 2 by 2 or is it important that Noah sacrificed seven of the good animals and all that.  And what about the story of the angels fornicating and creating giants on earth and then
roughly 1 out of 3 of the angels being cast out of Heaven just before this Great Flood?  Instead of worrying about other people's stories and details, shouldn't we be more concerned with our own?  Noah, Utnapishtim?  Cow / snake?  Speaking of snakes, where is this man ape that some guy was talking about?  Let alone all this apparent species interbreeding that is so rampant.  I mean you see humans with goats, horses, and nearly all types of animals yet where are these evolutionary offspring?  Better thought, a being yanks out a rib and creates a female form of a male from the same creature thus starting a long line of inbred rednecks that can't seem to keep stuff straight?  Honestly, have you actually seen any real men apes anywhere?  How about some inbred rednecks?  Who are you to believe?  And why aren't the dinosaurs still around?  Well?  Did the dinosaurs somehow evolve into Wooly Mammoths and Siberian Tigers and all that or what?  Really, there doesn't seem to be much interbreeding among the fossil remains either.  A Tyranostegabrontosaurusopotamus.  Sure, whatever.  Don't forget the flying pigs and horses too.  And where the horse is, a horse's ass, such as myself, probably follows (and was it Sarai or Sarah that was the woman that started sitting on her ass?  Men had been sitting on their asses long before then so about time women joined in).  But remember Adam and Eve BOTH ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil but NOT from the Tree of Life.  So here we started as a bunch of inbred rednecks and it seems little has changed since the beginning.  People have tried to make ape, dog, and horse people as shown on the internet (honest, just do a search for 'beastiality' if you don't believe me), but it just doesn't happen that way does it?  Leave it to the Greeks to make it illegal to personally interbreed with sheep in our time of need.  And then on the 7th day he, the Creator, rested while the rest, that were molded in his image, seemed to be infatuated with playing with asses for quite a while even into modern times.  Before modern times someone needed to be screwed for you to be here.  But now, thanks to test tubes and the miracles of modern science, your parent(s) may be a virgin too.

Enough horsing around, what about the next...
Question:  Is there life on other planets?

Well, you asked.  Is there?

And you know this question has to be asked somewhere in here:  Is there really a God?  Really?  Seriously?

Answer, YES.  I actually have seen HIM (and his son, but not his grandson).  From 'The New Math' book Chapter One, Subchapter VII...  "It was third or fourth grade that I also had a very odd thing happen.  My father was practicing with the band downstairs at night and I was getting ready to go to bed so I turned out the light.  When I turned out the light there was a very defined image in light by the basement door of a man sitting in a chair with a child on his left leg.  The man was sitting but looked to be about six feet tall with a beard [that stopped at his neck line] and mustache and wearing a long white robe with sleeves that covered his arms and upon his feet were open-toed sandals [like the sandals found on the 'ice man' or the 'bog man'].  The man had dark [brown] hair and [brown] eyes and his hair was full and wavy and brushed back off his forehead and just passed his shoulders in back.  The man looked to be between the age of 35 and 38.  The child had short blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing a boys’ suit with tied black shoes and looked to be about three years old.  The chair was solid with decorations all over it including a rounded top with two birds [cherubs aka finch/swallow/sparrow, not cherubim aka baby angel but cherub aka bird] etched into the top, wings outstretched forward towards each other and facing each other in the middle.  In the late 1980’s I realized that this chair fit the exact description of the “mercy seat” or Throne of Judgment mentioned in the Bible for the Ark of the Covenant.  Nothing spoken and I turned the light off then back on again and still there.  Then I looked under the bed and out the window to see if it was some weird light source but nothing.  I then left the light off and closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep thinking"...

Question:  Light Spirits? Dark Spirits?  Huh?

OK, it was designed since the beginning that spirits of good emit light whereas spirits of evil do not emit but absorb light.  This has nothing to do with flesh skin color.  As in life, good spirits radiate good energy around them whereas evil spirits have always tried to drain the energy from others.  Good spirits radiate whilst evil absorbs.  It is what it is.  But remember light spirit or dark spirit has nothing to do with the flesh's skin color but has to do with the good / evil within a spirit.

Question:  Auras?  Huh?

OK, as best as I know here.  I'm not an expert on this.  First, apparently, according to a few people I have talked to that can see auras, all living and growing things have an aura around them which is apparently made up of colored light.  The colors can vary depending on the person's mood at the time and apparently there are two auras around a person.  The inner aura and an outer aura.  It has also been noted that when someone is about to die that their aura starts disappearing about a week beforehand.  Plants, trees, shrubs, etc. also have an aura.  It appears that all living things have auras.  Rocks and such do not have auras.  I have honestly never seen an aura myself, but I have had a discussion with a couple people about auras because of what I will state now.  The normal aura of a person is usually between six inches and a foot around their body.  It has also been noted that sometimes an aura can attach itself to someone (say a deceased spouse for instance) which can create a larger aura.  Why have I had a couple conversations with people about auras?  Well, imagine an aura so large that it can be seen in New York State while a person is in the State of California.  According to one individual my aura was about a 50 mile radius back in the early to mid 1980's.  Not inches or feet, but miles.  Anyone that can actually see auras knows where I am at all times.  My aura is apparently that huge and most likely has grown since then.  Why?  The only explanation that can apparently be given for this is that Peter is only the one with the keys to the Pearly Gates of Heaven.  The Keeper of the Book of Life is the one with the book that sorts out who is to go to Heaven and who goes to the Abyss.  Imagine an aura made of attached beings from around January / February 1964 through present times (and since I was born December 4, yes, the spirit is present with conception but may still leave even before birth).  Yes, all these auras waiting for the Keeper of the Book of Life to return to open the book once more.  So, yes, there actually is some measurable truth to people believing that I am the Keeper of the Book of Life since only such a person would have such a HUGE aura.

Question:  Flesh?  Spirit?  Life?  Death?  Huh?

Kinda redundant but here goes...  The spirit is the thoughts and actions that we have come to know as this feeling of life.  Without a thought process behind a substance, that substance remains a substance without life and once the thought leaves that substance, the substance returns to being just a substance.  Spirit and flesh.  Flesh and spirit.  It is the spirit within a being (substance) that makes the being what it was, is, and will become.  A child is still a child until that child learns and grows more to become an adult.  The accumulation of thought is what becomes knowledge within a spirit.  The flesh must learn to breathe (water or air) to sustain life and also must learn to nourish itself to sustain life in the flesh.  The spirit is what provides the knowledge of sustenance to the parts of the flesh.  With or without flesh, a spirit still exists.  Without a spirit, however, the flesh is just flesh (substance).  It is the combination of spirit within flesh that provides the knowledge of life.  Reincarnation is the process of a spirit returning (being used again) to provide life unto another subtance (flesh).  Resurrection is the process of a spirit reanimating a substance that was without spirit.  So it is the spirit, not the flesh (substance), that decides the existence of life or lack thereof.  So do rocks have thought?  If the rock has a spirit, then yes, otherwise no.  And who better to decide whether a box of rocks has thought or not than the Creator, himself, that designed this intricate system.  Maybe some day we can learn to do this stuff too, but maybe not.  Who knows?  Keep trying...

Question:  The Book of Life?  The Tree of Life?

Yes, both trees are mentioned in the Book of Genesis as being in the Garden of Eden and both Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but not from the Tree of Life thus being banished from the Garden of Eden.  But what happened after being banished from the Garden of Eden?  We don't know for sure as we were banished from the Garden of Eden.  Does the Garden of Eden still exist or was it destroyed or what? 
The Creator knows but we don't know for sure.  We are told that the Garden of Eden is marked by a flaming sword and birds and such in the Bible.  And note too, there is no 'hidden secret' nor 'secret code' to the Bible.  Definitely be wary of this faker trick.  As stated in the Preface, the numbers were added to the Bible to aid in the translation of the passages and NOTHING MORE!  Was the Book of Life taken from the Tree of Life or is the Book of Life in actuality the Tree of Life itself completely ground down from tree to book form?  Does the Tree of Life still Exist in Eden?  We don't know and the one to ask doesn't seem too talkative lately.  But we do know that all our thoughts and actions are recorded into the Book of Life and there is a person that recites seven words over this book which allows the book to be opened and the contents revealed based on the words recited.  Food for thought.  Also note, yes, as stated in the Bible, the Creator, himself, writes and maintains the Book of Life.  Also also note that there are those not allowed into Heaven that seek information from the Book of Life.  What is one to do?  Well, problem solved before it occured (as usual with the Creator).  Create a position outside Heaven with an individual that maintains the Creator's library aka a Keeper of the Holy Library (including the Book of Life) so that the Creator can remain in Heaven and not have to leave nor have anyone who is not allowed into Heaven to enter Heaven.  Also also also note that there is also a gatekeeper (known as Peter) that maintains the keys to the pearly gates of Heaven and is NOT the same individual as the bookkeeper / librarian (known as Thee Ace Man or just Ace).

Question:  Transcendental meditation, collective consciousness?  Huh?

A long one probably here, but here goes...  We are not alone as you know (otherwise who else would be reading this?).  We also each have thought processes as well (collectively and separately).  Life with spirit, spirit with flesh.  The thought (spirit) is what directs what happens.  These thoughts and deeds are also what are recorded into The Book of Life as they happen.  Even if a person 'loses their mind' so to speak, the thoughts are still recorded.  A thought that is recorded can also possibly be retrieved.  Memory (or lack thereof possibly).  Stored as impulses that either radiate outward (good) or draw inward (evil).  And in order for someone to be caught doing evil, they must do evil.  Same as if someone does good.  By choice.  Some people's memories seem better than others, don't they?  So note, someone that tries to only remember the good and not the evil usually gets in trouble.  Why?  We are given the knowledge of good and evil is why?  Thinking about only good will block (in essence) the knowledge of evil and thusly evil will keep reocurring.  Just because you don't think of something does not mean that it doesn't exist.  Adam and Eve did NOT eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good OR Evil, but Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good AND Evil.  Get it yet?  Both.  It is one's actions as well as thoughts that get recorded into the Book of Life.  Both.  And as stated, thinking of oneself as well as others is good.  Thinking of just oneself or just others is not good.  Choices.  Decisions.  Can all this information be accessed?  In a sense, yes.  Remember, this is all information and as such is different than personal or single information.  Many different languages, thought processes, etc.  Very overwhelming for someone not prepared for such an endeavor.  All thoughts.  All actions.  All together.  Who's is who's then?  A collective thought collection is all encompassing, however, if one can learn to filter those thoughts (filtering is the process of separating) then individual knowledge can be attained.  Note also, the Book of Life is one way.  The Book of Life collects, not distributes, thoughts.  Once written in the Book of Life (collective thought) it can not be removed.  What is done can not be undone.  Also note, the Book of Life contains ALL knowledge, so without the proper filter(s), you get what you get.  Can evil exist without good or good exist without evil then?  Yes.  Most definitely.  Choices.  Decisions.  Remember, the Creator created the angels first then the spirits.  The Creator created so He has always known what goes on and what will go on.  The Creator has complete access as He is the one who designed this elaborate system in the beginning (alpha) through the end (omega).  What is to be done has always been known and by whom to the Creator.  Good and evil and in between as well.  We have the ability to choose and make decisions on our own as well as share these choices and decisions but we do not have the ability to choose and decide for others, only to share knowledge with others.  Others choose and decide as well (for better or for worst) as we do.  We can tap into this knowledge to gain information, however, that knowledge is still knowledge.  Knowledge for good.  Knowledge for evil.  Knowledge in between.  All together.  Collective.  Separate.  Together.  It is what it is.  Can people access other people's information from this central source?  Yes, they can providing they have the means to access this information and the ability to sort it out.  Like everything else, garbage in, garbage out.  It is what it is.  Personally, myself, being the Keeper of the Archive, I have the ability in the spirit to access all information.  However, in the flesh, because of things that I personally need to do in the flesh, my access has been denied externally.  The reason being is that I am to do things on my own and by referencing the Book of Life, because I have all access, it would be 'cheating' for what I need to do.  I have a huge aura, but very limited access.  Only my own thoughts in the flesh, no cheating.  Transcendental Meditation ("trance" for short) is the process of clearing one's own mind to try and allow thoughts to flow freely.  'Blocking' is when free flowing is not occuring.  Can one possibly 'see' everything in a trance?  Most definitely yes, but at some point you may need to refocus or defocus your attention or be lost.  Lost as in not being able to return.  Zoning in.  Zoning out.  It is what it is depending on the source.  Just as you are what you are whether you realize it or not.  But yes, through the Creator all things are possible and as we are molded in His image, so we are who we are and they are who they are and I am as whom I am.  Am is are was be being been.  To be or not 2B.  We do as we do.  Existence.  Spirit.  Substance.  More spirit.  More substance.  Life.  Death.  Making clay bunnies anyone?  Can I join in?

Question:  What of all this talk about the Sabbath (Day of Rest)?

And on the first day (Saturday at sunset until Sunday at sunset, but think about it, it all started with darkness so there really wasn't a 'sunset' until after there was the first 'sunrise' from the sun itself on the first day) and so on and so forth until we get to the seventh day which starts Friday at sunset and goes until Saturday at sunset.  According to the Creator, all things were set up by Him in six days and on the seventh day he rested.  This seventh day was set up as the holy day of rest and it was even stated to the hebrews that he who worked on the holy day would surely die.  So Jeshua (his grandson) worked on the holy day and he died upon a cross for saying he had a kingdom (according to Roman law not Hebrew Law, hint, hint about the Hebrews straying).  Then Jeshua was brought back to life after 3 days then ascended into Heaven.  If it was really that big of a deal, would Jesus have been allowed to come back after breaking the sabbath rule and other transgressions against the covenant with the hebrews?  Didn't the hebrews break that covenant first anyway with allowing moneychangers in the temples?  Things happen.  Wanna make something of it?  I think others already have.  Just stickin' to the facts...

Question:  First Coming, Second Coming?

The First Coming was the grandson (Jeshua, Jesus, Sower of Seeds, etc.), the Gatekeeper (Simon called Peter), and the baptism with water.  The Second Coming is the son (Emperor Emanuel, Reaper of the Harvest, etc.), the Holy Scribe (etc., Thee Ace Man, etc.) and the baptism with fire.  As you can see, these are NOT the same individuals between the First Coming and the Second Coming.  The individuals in the First Coming do not make a return trip in the Second Coming.  Don't know who or how the junk got started but honestly the son is not the grandson nor is the Gatekeeper the same individual as the Holy Scribe.  And fire is definitely not water, now, is it?  Some people.  But the First Coming was the times around the AD / BC era whilst the Second Coming is around the 2000 AD period.  The First Coming is the Sowing of Seeds with water, whilst the Second Coming is the Reaping of the Harvest with fire.  It is as it is.

Question:  And while on the subject, what about this 'the first shall be last and the last shall be first stuff?

OK, fair enough, here goes... The first of the Great Prophets of the Lord was Enoch and the last of the Great Prophets of the Lord is Thee Ace Man (Me).  We are of the same spirit just different flesh.  Also, Lucifer was first of the creation of the archangels and apparently Metatron (Enoch / Metatron / Thee Ace Man) is the last of the archangels.  Lucifer becomes last and Metatron becomes first in the hierarchy of the archangels.  And then the lowest ranking archangel becomes ruler over the Abyss.  It is what it is.  And to note, I am the one in the prophecy about 'Peter the Roman' and trust me, I am not Peter reincarnated.  I am the Holy Scribe / Librarian / Bookkeeper, NOT the Gatekeeper.  So the first will be the last and the last will be the first is NOT accurate for the papacy prophesies.  Go figure.  The Alpha and the Omega was, is, and will be the Creator Himself.

Question:  What of all this written about penance and repentence in The New Math book?  Didn't Jesus die on the cross to pardon us of all our sins...?

Many have misspoken on this subject so clarification is in order here.  To answer this, would Heaven be such a heavenly place full of spirits in need of forgiveness all the time?  The answer is no.  The other answer is that Jesus' grandfather is the Creator of all and as such is also lord over all and has the final say on things.  The Creator as noted is everliving.  How do you inherit something from one that is everliving and everlasting?  You don't.  Point made.  Nothing has truly (verily) changed since the beginning.  Heaven is Heaven.  The Abyss is the Abyss.  And all points inbetween are inbetween.  Heaven and the Abyss are both 'spirit only' places.  Inbetween is inbetween (aka Eden).  Inbetween has both spirit and flesh.  Heaven and the Abyss as stated are both 'spirit only'.  Jesus did not misspeak but has been misunderstood many times.  During Jesus' times there were rules that if one committed adultery to be forgiven one had to gather certain animals for a sacrifice unto the lord and all that.  Now think for a second, what the blazes does sacrificing a turtle, turtledove, or a dove have to do with forgiving someone for committing adultery?  Precisely.  The Creator stated the hebrew laws to know whether the hebrews (both Israel and Judah) were with the Creator or not, not as a be all end all you must follow these rules to enter into Heaven, but as a reminder that people can stray.  The practice stopped after Jesus' passing.  The one who created all stated to the hebrews (israelites and jews alike) that so long as the Creator saw that the hebrews were hearing and obeying the Creator's laws that the Creator would be with the hebrews and guide them.  Then the Creator's grandson was hung upon a cross and left to die
after being angry about money changers being allowed into his "father's (grandfather's) temples".  The laws were not being kept and as a result the Creator stated that he would scatter the hebrews and forsake them as they had forsaken him, the Creator.  What also needs to be noted is that Jesus (Jeshua) stated that those who call out my name I will stand with them before my father (grandfather/Creator).  But also Jesus stated that there would be many that would call out my name, Jesus/Jeshua, but I do not hear them.  Which means NOT everyone is to be saved just by mentioning Jesus' name!  There is no 'free ticket' and has never been a free ticket into Heaven for anyone including Jesus!  All that is known is recorded into the Book of Life by design.  When one exists, the thoughts of existence are recorded into the Book of Life.  As such it has always been known, is known, and always will be known what is to happen based on these thoughts contained within the Book of Life.  Life in the flesh is what is recorded into the Book of Life.  Life in the spirit is another story (and possibly another book as well).  As far as I know, the Creator's and Lucifer's thoughts are not found in the Book of Life EXCEPT when they deal with someone in the flesh.  AKA with Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, and such.  Nothing has changed since the beginning of man's existence in the flesh.  From Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Seth, and so on...  Heaven has not changed nor has the Abyss (Hell) changed either.  So again, how heavenly would Heaven be if those allowed into Heaven felt it was alright to break the rules all the time and just say "Jesus save me" then be saved?  Doesn't happen that way does it?  And as Jesus himself stated which many seem to forget is that "those that go forward in my name I will stand with them before my father (grandfather actually)" as well as "There will be many that call out my name but I will not hear them.".  Um, trying to bullshit someone is not going forward in Jesus' name last anyone knew.  Do you think that Jesus doesn't realize that you aren't listening and are just trying to bullshit your way out of paying for the horrible way you treat others?  Think again.  Think harder.  Now think back to penance (doing what you can to correct that which was done wrong) and repentance (admitting that a wrong was done).  Remember about buttholes, above, who feel that others should follow rules and a butthole can do what they want.  Well, how heavenly would Heaven be filled with buttholes just saying "Jesus forgive me" all the time?  You know the truth was, is, and always will be the truth, correct?  Maybe instead of sacrificing animals it might be better to ask people to be responsible for their own actions, correct?  Now THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).  Do you honestly think that a spirit is going to agree to having their mouths, arms, legs, and whatever else removed just so they can enter into Heaven?  But how much harm can someone do without the means to do it?  THINKE again.  THINKE harder.  Forgiveness for mistakes and misjudgments perhaps, but not for being a butthole throughout eternity.  And yes, a butthole is still one who thinks that all the rules apply to everyone else but themselves and a butthole still makes rules for others to follow but they refuse to follow their own rules themselves.  And why don't people sacrifice animals to gain forgiveness for committing adultery and such anymore?  All bullshit aside, thank Heaven that the Creator, himself, isn't a butthole.  Amen.

Question:  Didn't God (the Creator), Himself, state that all people will be judged according to their own and that people do not need an 'interceder' on their (our) behalfs?

Exactly.  To cross reference here...  When Moses pleaded with the Creator on behalf of those that worshipped the golden calf, the Creator explicity told Moses that all people are held accountable for their own actions.  Throughout the Holy Bible itself as well as nearly all sacred sciptures ever written it seems the same theme is prevalent.  We are all held accountable for what we say and do and not for what others say and do.  Both good and evil.  That includes Moses, himself, when Moses was asked not to bang his staff upon the rock but did so anyway and thusly was not allowed to pass into the Promised Land of Bees and Cows (milk & honey too).  We are not held accountable for other people's actions or thoughts, only our own.  To each according to their own as stated.  Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Moses, Captain John Pocahontas Smith, Saint Bubba, Sainte Oops, etc.  No intercession.  We are also not born with knowledge of good and evil, only the knowledge that we have life when starting out.  Kind of opposite from the trees.  Those who eat only from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are given the knowledge of life in the flesh (death included), we never ate from the Tree of Life to retain the knowledge of what good and evil really are throughout eternity in the flesh.  The Tree of Knowledge gives life in its way whilst the Tree of Life gives knowledge in its way.  They work together even when apart.  When the Creator's grandson was nailed upon a cross and left to die, did the Creator intercede?  No.  Judas of Escariot and others were hoping that the Creator would intercede but the Creator did not.  But then too, the Creator's grandson walked around dead after 3 days then ascended into Heaven after talking with others.  Who knew?  Who knows?  Ask?  Heaven never forbade asking.  But why doesn't the current church want you to talk with the Creator directly?  Well, I asked anyway.  Innocent until proven otherwise.  The true Meek.  The true church.  Works for me.  Maybe the current church can save itself.  Probably not.

Question:  So are you saying that everything written in the Holy Bible may not be true?

Yes, in a sense I am saying that.  Not EVERYTHING, but there are some things that aren't quite accurate here and there.  Take for instance Solomon saying that the Creator thinks he is perfect.  I've never known Almighty (God, Shaddai, etc.) to be that way.  And as far as the New Testament and Peter and Paul saying certain things like 'Paul said Peter said that Jesus (Jeshua) said he was the Son of God when in reality Jesus only ever said that he was referred to by some as the Son of God, but that Jesus, himself, NEVER said he was the Son of God.  In fact the story Jesus knew from his mother, Mary, was that the Holy Spirit was the one with his mother, not Almighty Himself, and also knowing that the Holy Spirit was the Son of God as foretold.  But it is on record that the Roman Church was founded by a few that misspoke on others' behalfs (namely Simon / Peter and Saul / Paul).  As far as the history of the hebrews and ancient times before in the Old Testament (which includes the Torah), the information is highly accurate for what it pertains towards.  However, what about the missing original australians, the original americans (north and south) and such.  As stated, it does appear that the hebrews were very stiff-necked and concerned mainly with their existence.  It seems that stuff would be mentioned of others but then again, it was probably decided that the hebrews didn't need to know about them.  It does appear that Moses most likely did have a conversation at some point with the Creator himself, but also appears that some stuff was probably not needed to be known at the time to Moses and the hebrews. 
And Moses was brought up as an Egyptian, so of course Moses was slow in speech and had a funny accent too in hebrew.  Saul of Tarsus (Apostle Paul) from the New Testament really comes to mind on the lack of truth.  Much of what he wrote IS what he wrote but not accurate to the truth (aka made up).  What is written is a history of things that happened both good and bad thrown together and indifference as well.  There are missing pieces that happened outside the hebrews, greeks, and all that.  Nothing wrong in finding more answers.  Throughout history different people have had different ideas and different experiences.  Problem is do people grow from those different experiences others have or do they wall themselves in and exclude others?  Well?  Yes we are all different.  But a core rule of "we should not be hurting one another (as in the hurtful Abyss) but working more towards learning from one another and helping one another (as in the helpful Heaven)" seems like a better course to take doesn't it?  New World Order with universal laws seems plausible doesn't it?  World peace?  Regardless of ethnicity and all that, we all do seem to have a knowledge of good and evil as a base somewhere in all these stories (Vishnu, Olympus, Great White Father, Buddha, Tao, Dao, Yin, Yang, etc.).  Could all these stories be real?  Could these stories be made up?  Both?  Aha I think we're on to something here.  Both.  As we have fiction and nonfiction in our own times, they did not label stories as such in ancient times.  Which is which?  Well, that which is true will always be true and that which is not true will always be untrue.  And sometimes mix and match a little truth with untruth to embellish as well.  We're all different and by all means not everything happens to any one person.  But oh the stories of a lifetime you hear.  Imagine an eternity of stories.  Now imagine an eternity of sharing different stories with different people.  Now imagine an eternity of anger and hatred.  Now imagine an eternity of happiness.  We are who and what we are at this time, but things tend to change as time goes by as people learn more.  But do you really need to know everything?  Really?  Me neither, but it's still nice to THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything) on it.

Question:  Saints? Sinners? Huh?

OK. now for some more answers to digest.  First, as stated in the Holy Bible itself, the Creator is the one who decides saint, sinner, etc.  We also know of the Book of Life as well which also seems to know.  People in the flesh are not to judge such things.  When something happens, honest, talk to the Creator as he knows who is best suited to help out.  Did the Creator not know about Moses, King David, Solomon and such?  Why doubt him?  Why make all these stories up about how the Creator isn't able to help so pray to a 'lesser god' so to speak.  Augustine, Christopher, Peter, and so on...  Is there something wrong with letting the Creator decide who is best to help?  No there isn't.  In fact, if you wonder why you don't get help, think again.  You are probably praying to the wrong one.  I mean look at the 'About the Author' page on this site and does that picture look like the person that the current (falsely named) church promotes?  Graven images indeed.  The one that created all knows so why all the false prophets, saints, sinners, etc.?  Why all the feast / famine?  Why?  Because someone made stuff up and others were forced to follow this or perish is why.  Burned at the stake and all that other fun stuff that goes with nutcases that try to force their opinions over facts.  Is there something wrong with being honest?  There used to be but people have wised up about the sun revolving around the flat Earth and all that other fun stuff that still continues.  Always remember, the truth will out.  And yes, I did originally ask the question of "What year was Jesus born in?  Surely if we know the month and day then surely someone must know the year as well?"  To which the sunday school teacher replied "The year zero" which as people now know, the year zero does not exist and never existed.  But you must memorize what we tell you or face excommunication.  Being kicked out of a church that lies I feel is not a bad idea.  Becoming a liar yourself is not a good idea.  Decisions, decisions.  Choices, choices.  And Judas of Escariot turned in Jeshua (Jesus) because Judas was hoping that Jeshua's anger would be fully released and the Roman's vanquished.  Not to be.  More decisions.  More choices...

Question:  Lands of Eden?

Yup.  Lands.  Plural.  Remember BOTH Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil while neither ate from the Tree of Life.  As such, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden and into another land of Eden.  To remain in the Garden of Eden, one needs to have neither good nor evil within them.  So yes, cast out as well as the serpent that beguiled.  To enter Heaven only knowledge of good.  For the Abyss only knowledge of evil.  Eden, the lands between these two realms.  The Garden where neither good nor evil exist.  The Earth as we know it where life exists as flesh with both good and evil.  And the one that created it all.  So doggy heaven, dinosaur heaven, turtle heaven, and all that.  It is what it is was and will be.  Existence.  To each their own.  That is why you shouldn't prejudge others.  Do you really know for sure?  Heaven, Eden, the Abyss?  Really?  Really.  But spirit, flesh, and all that.  Are you positive?  Negative?  Neither?  Both?  Return trip?  Precisely.  So many possibilities.  As the Creator has made, does make, and will make decisions.  As we are in his image, should we not make decisions as well?

Question:  If there really is a 'God' (Creator), why doesn't he get more involved and set things right and all that?

Ok.  An explanation is in order here.  And that leads to this question, do you really want someone meddling in everything you do?  Seriously.  Is there something wrong with being yourself whatever that may be?  Don't you think the Creator has done enough setting up Heaven, Eden, the Abyss and all that and you want him to do everything else too?  Are you really that lazy?  Is there something wrong with being able to do things on your own without someone having to watch over your shoulder all the time?  Really?  Is there something wrong with solving your own problems as best you can?  If someone else always does everything for you, how are you going to learn to do on your own if this individual isn't there all the time?  Yes, that is why in the beginning, the Creator was more directly involved in people's lives.  As you get more experience you realize that it is better to let others work on solving their own problems in case you have something more important to do than babysit someone.  How is one to learn to become more self sufficient if someone always intervenes all the time?  Can't we (like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jeshua / Jesus) intervene on our own?

Question:  Why does there seem to be so many ugly people out there?

Ok.  Think about this, an ugly person gets horny and doesn't care who they have sex with so long as they have sex.  A better looking person gets horny and either keeps it to themselves or prances around stage looking to make some money.  It's the law of averages really.  But get drunk enough and everyone looks better until the morning comes and the sun rises and the light of truth comes out.  And yes, this rule also applies in a different way to the question of why are there so many stupid people out there as well?  The stupidity also comes from the origins as well of Adam and Eve and inbreeding and all that.  Truthfully, who cares how stupid they are so long as they look good?  Who cares how smart someone is so long as they look good too?  But what one may see as looking good, another may see as a blemish.  We are who we are,  We're all brothers and sisters so to speak, so what are you waiting for?  Honesty, truthfulness?  Horny enough to screw a jackrabbit?  Anywho, things happen.  We all lead different lives.  Is there anything wrong with being different?  Is there anything wrong with being the same?  Anything wrong?  By the way, fame, fortune, lack thereof, it is what it is.  You are what you are.  And speaking of which, aren't you tired of talking to a vacuous airhead or is that what you want?  Something for everyone out there.  Nothing for everyone too.  Choices.  Speaking of which, when someone makes a bad decision then what?  What about a good decision?  Any decision.  Lack thereof.  All that time wasted or put to good use or what?  Inside.  Outside.  Shallow.  Deep.  We are what we are.  Maybe you're the ugly one and no one knows it?  Maybe not.  Up to you.  But honestly, those that think they are better than others always seem to turn out ugly regardless of looks.  Just a thought.  Everyone is perfekt in some way.  No one is truly perfect.  How can someone learn what not to do if they never make a mistake?  But then again, shouldn't you be trying to learn to do things correctly the first time?  What change?  Ugly on the outside.  Ugly on the inside.  Just freaking beautiful.  It is what it is.

The big question:  Is there life after death?

Answer read above.  Yes.  There is also life before life too.  Not for all though.  Some may start from the Garden of Eden.  Some may come from Heaven.  Some may come from the Abyss.  Some may just arrive.  As stated many times, we are all different.  As stated in The New Math Book as well, "We all come from ourselves eventually".  It is the way it was, is, and will be.  And as stated, it is not the same for all so trying to sum it up that way does not work properly.  Some may even come from the land of Eden we inhabit now for all we know.  It is what it is.  But for some, their spirit may return in another flesh body if the Creator and The Book of Life so state.  We are not the ones that decide such things. 
It seems that the son of the Creator became younger in Heaven before being born of the flesh at a rate of about one heaven year to between 7 to 10 flesh years.  Myself, on the other hand, seemed to still appear old unto Edgar until at least 20 years before I was born.  It is what it is.  As it is different for the Creator, the Creator's son (Emperor Emanuel), the Creator's grandson (Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus), it is also different for others as well.  But yes, after the flesh dies, the spirit of the flesh still exists as it exists outside the flesh.  While life exists, a (or many) spirit(s) inhabit(s) the flesh.  But don't be fooled, each is different so there really is no 'catch all' category for this.  As the Creator himself, life is what it is.  Death is what it is.  Existence is what it is.  We be or not 2b, the new math.

Question:  What about cremation and such?

Answer, read above, already answered indirectly, but...  When the body dies, the spirit leaves. When the spirit leaves, the body dies.  Can a spirit inhabit another body after death of a body?  That is up to the Creator to decide on an individual basis; however, yes, A spirit may occupy another body after a body has died.  Obviously, a dead body has no spirit thus dead.  So to finally answer, cremation does NOT destroy a person's spirit/thoughts throughout eternity.  Just as burning at the stake of a live person (body and spirit), cremation does NOT alter the spirit.  It is not based on how a person dies, but based on how a person has led their lives that decides the spirit's fate.  And that fate, as noted many times, is left up to the Creator.  Shouldn't the one that created be allowed to decide?  Which will bring us to...

Question:  Good versus Evil?

OK, good time for this one.  Good versus Evil.  It has been discussed above but time for a more direct discussion of this one.  Good, as in 'heavenly'.  Evil, as in 'hellish'.  No gray areas.  Others have tried to create 'gray areas' that do not exist.  We are not of the Garden of Eden where neither good nor evil exist.  No gray areas.  Seriously.  No gray areas.  It is one's intentions as well as one's actions that bring about good or evil.  Intending to hurt, evil.  Intending to help, good.  All lies aside, this is the truth.  People learn and make mistakes too.  No one is born knowing everything.  Some take longer than others to learn as well.  We're all different.  But during this learning process it will become evident what type (good or evil) a person is.  A good person can do evil as well as an evil person may do good at times.  But overall, a preference becomes apparent in each person as they grow older.  An evil person will cover up (at least publicly anyway) their intentions and will try to deny fault.  Hence modern psychology/psychiatry techniques ENABLE evil.  There is no teaching, in any system out there, about what evil is.  And point blank, evil is about doing things to others that one would not like if it was done to them.  You can't unrape, unmurder, and so on.  Hence, so many problems out there that do not get fixed.  And yes, this leads to the 'New World Order' discussion again.  See how this all connects?  And to tie in with this and something to think on...  Drugs are a biggie here.  Those seeking to feel invincible and able to do whatever they want use drugs as an EXCUSE as to why they behave the way they do.  AVOIDANCE.  Another person using the same drugs does not do such things.  Predisposition.  Think about it seriously.  Why?  Because it is the thoughts of the person whether on drugs or not, that is the problem.  Not the drugs themselves.  No duh.  Like minded people behave similarly.  Good or bad.   A person "zonked out of their skull" is much easier to control than someone that isn't.  Evil people know and use this as a weapon against others to avoid self blaming.  Most times during someone's life, there is a pause to make decisions with.  An evil person will wish to take that away.  Brainwashing.  Exploiting.  Torture.  And alternatively, patience.  An evil person never has patience because if they thought about what they were really doing they would not do it.  Ask an evil person to have patience and you are asking for trouble.  Evil people are troublemakers.  Good people are problem solvers.  Which are you?  Experimentation shows it is the thought process of the person, and not any drugs, that is behind a person's actions/inactions.  And the problem is "I can do whatever I want just try and stop me."  Whether on drugs or not this is always a problem.  An evil problem.  How do you stop someone hellbent on being evil.  You isolate them so they can only hurt themselves and not others.  Why perpetuate evil when you don't have to?  To do something evil to an evil person only perpetuates the problem.  Be good.  Don't be evil.  That is how evil is stopped.  An evil person can not understand "do unto others..." because an evil person is all about 'me' and does not understand 'others'.  What is good for one is not good for all, but what is good for all is good for one.  "It is easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into Heaven."  Which leads us to...

Question:  Is it true that in order to be a success you need to make a lot of money and/or be famous?

Nope.  Actually, they don't need money or fame in Heaven or the Abyss.  Money and fame just seems to be one of those lands of Eden things that didn't seem to catch on elsewhere.  And with that being said, inheritance and possession laws are the reasons why most of the haves have while the have nots have not.  Without inheriting and possession, most of the haves would have not and most of the have nots would still have not.  It is not intelligence based in all honesty nor divine judgment or such.  It just is what it is and helps each of us to become who we are.  Material wealth definitely does not equal spiritual wealth by any means.  Just as spiritual wealth does not equal material wealth.  Truly meaning that just because one has material wealth definitely does not mean that they in turn have spiritual wealth like they wish you to believe.  Being spiritually wealthy is being blessed.  Being materially wealthy is usually (but not always) caused by being greedy.  As we are taught, the greedy are not blessed.  And also, one that may be materially wealthy may not be greedy in some instances.  Each person is different remember.  Being materially unwealthy is also not the same as being cursed.  Remember from above, in order for one or more to be caught doing evil, evil must occur, correct?  And how would you feel if what you are currently doing was being done back to you?  Great, glad to hear it.  Terrible?  You reap what you sow, so be careful of the seeds you plant as what grows may not what you thought or wished others to think it was in reality.   And when the scale of good and evil tips, which way will it tip or will it be equal?  Did you thread that camel through the eye of a needle yet?  Even better, is it time for a lunch break yet?

Question:  Is it true that 'the Lord (Creator) works in mysterious ways'?

The Creator, Himself, does not seem so mysterious in all honesty.  Who's side do you choose when all sides appear to be in the wrong (read above about father, son, grandson, and so much more)?  The things that mankind has said and done in the name of the Creator, without talking with the Creator himself, makes you scratch your head in confusion however (think about it, the religious practitioners keep saying how God is perfect while in the Ten Commandments itself, God says he is a jealous god and that He is The Lord, Thy Father, The God of Abraham and Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.  Can someone actually point out where it says anywhere in the Holy Scriptures where God [the Creator] says "I am perfect!"  I thought so.   Who is more correct, the practitioners or God Himself?  And think about it too, He admits to being the one who saw Abraham, not some substitute as others have tried to claim.  And yes, the Creator and his two sidekicks [his son on the left and his grandson on the right as described in the Holy Bible] are noted to have appeared before Abraham as well).  These are my words and I can be honest but can you?  Hence this web page.  And also, read what is actually written instead of taking shortcuts like the wrong people want you to do.  Hence why I haven't included 'scriptural references and such (Genesis, Daniel, Revelation, etc.)'.  Read the WHOLE, not just parts.  What is written on this page does not go against the Creator himself (nor the Talmud, Torah, etc.), but does make you scratch your head as to why so many have claimed conference with the Creator, yet in the same sentence say that contact with the Creator is impossible (this may sound silly and hypocritical, but seriously this kind of stuff happens all the time it seems, doesn't it?).  I do not make such claims.  I know better.  I also know that the Creator does exist, so why would I say otherwise?  To save so called experts' feelings?  And knowing that the Creator actually exists, I would not wish to put words in his mouth that did not come out of his mouth directly.  Others have said what they have said.  I am saying what I feel I need to say too.  And when experts get proven wrong time and again (the Sun revolves around the Earth, the Earth is flat, Saturn's rings are solid, and on and on it seems) then what?  Write more I guess...

Question:  What will happen to all the Heretics, Infidels, and Gentiles?

Good question.  As you have probably figured out by this question, This is probably the ultimate 'do unto others' topic that can be discussed.  It is not odd that many religions nowadays intimidate people into believing they have the answers.  The honest answers are on this page and as such, this page is being written by a Heretic / Infidel / Gentile because I can not be intimidated that way by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  When all are in the wrong, who's side do you choose?  Precisely.  You create.  The Meek.  The Meek that realize that Heaven wouldn't be such a heavenly place with a bunch of individuals running around breaking rules and asking for forgiveness all the time.  The Meek that realize that being surrounded by 40 virgins isn't such a great idea.  The Meek who realize that neither God nor Lucifer (Satan) directed you to act like that, but that you choose to behave that way on your own.  It is truly sad that instead of being inclusive, Christians, Muslims, and Jews become exclusive.  That being said that unless you accept all we tell you, we will brand you as a Heretic, Infidel, or Gentile, even though what you are being told is most likely wrong.  Such is the sad state of affairs of modern religion.  And what of the Hindus, Buddhists, etc. and so on... ?  What is the real truth?  Well, if something is true, it will always hold true.  If something is false, some may believe it to be true, but it is still false.  Who to believe?  What to believe?  A Meek can be honest.  Christians, Muslims, and Jews can not be honest without being outcast.  For unless a Meek, if you were to say that God has a son and a grandson, you would be labeled a Heretic, Infidel, and Gentile by the elite because the elite make the rules that others have to follow and you are not following their rules.  The Meek as were created in the image of God, who realize that God allows people to make their own choices but have to live with the consequences of their choices as well as the choices others make.  Multiple 'gods' coming together to try to solve problems, or multiple 'gods' clashing to try and prove who is right?  We all make our choices as others make choices as well.  So pretty much if you figured it out, the Christians, Muslims, and Jews get what's coming to them as they become replaced by the Heretics, Infidels, and Gentiles who form the Meek (who wish not things be done to others that one would not like it if it was done to them).

Question:  A roof is sloped 60 degrees on the south side and 30 degrees on the north side with a peak in the middle and the wind is blowing at 30 miles per hour in a southern direction.  If a rooster lays an egg in the middle of the roof, according to the laws of probability and chance, which direction will the egg most likely roll?

The probability and chance of a rooster laying an egg is zero.

Question:  OK smarty, a hen lays an egg on the same roof with the same wind speed from the question above, which way does it roll now, huh, smarty?


Question:  Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Every horny rooster knows that you can screw with an egg all you want and it will never cum.  The chicken of course silly. 
The rooster then rolls over and falls asleep whether the chicken or the egg cums or not.

Question:  Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from stupid questions I imagine.  Any more bright ideas?

Question:  Should I load the roll of toilet paper so that it pulls from the top or the bottom?

Thanks to modern 'germaphobes' (people afraid of germs), the correct answer would be from the top to avoid germs from the paper resting against the toilet paper holder.  But note, if you are tired of germaphones whining about germs all the time then you might load the paper so it pulls from the bottom just to hear the germaphobe(s) whine some more.  Or if you had forethought, you may have mounted the toilet paper holder sideways so that now it becomes an issue of left or right?  And when a person asks if you wipe with your left or right hand, kindly remind them that you use toilet paper yourself and recommend the same for them too.

Question:  Do you know the difference between being smart and being a smart ass?

Nope.  What is the difference?  I thought so dumb ass.

Question:  Does someone really have all the answers?

Does someone really have all the questions to give all the answers to?  Raise your hands.  OK, now does anyone over the age of four have all the questions that need answers?

Question: The New Math?

Yes. The new math.  Are you part of the problems or part of the solutions.  Your choice as well as my own.

Answer:  Have you really noticed now that there really is nothing new out there.  Just knowledge that has always been there but many just refuse to THINKE for whatever reasons.  Yes, there can be some comfort in Taking Heart In Not Knowing Everything.  Are you comfortable with yourself or wishing to change?  It may be too early, on time, or too late.  You may know or may not know.  You are who you are by choice.  Chewed up.  Spit out.  Chews.  Choose.  Any more bright ideas?  So saith The Keeper of The Book of Life.  "The meaning of life in one word -> oops."

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