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This page is a discussion with pictures about certain variations of the Carpenters Offering Album released in 1969.

Not included is the South African release as that is easy to identify as it has a different call number of AMC 2154 for the original release and a repressing in 1975 with the call number of AMLP 8001.

But there was also a cassette version (CS-4205) as well as an 8 Track version (8T-4205) and a 4 Track version (4T-4205).  The vinyl album number was SP-4205.  I have yet to see one (until July 3, 2022), but apparently there was also a reel to reel version released as well (OR-4205).  Thanks to Rick Cybul for pointing out the 4 Track and reel to reel versions to me.

As far as numbers here, I think there were about 2800 originals printed, 18000 (28000?) of the reissues and I have never seen numbers for the Canadian nor the South African releases.

This page is about the copies (and differences) I have of the original US pressing, the US reissue, the Canadian "Ticket To Ride" original and the Canadian reissue version (and now the "Quality Records" and "A & M Records of Canada" reissue versions as well).

Hopefully this should help people learn how to spot the differences between these.

First, the US original version :

Front Album Cover

For the differences, on the original Karen and Richard's pictures are fairly clear and there is a very light bluish color for the clouds up top.  In the Canadian version, there is also the light bluish clouds, but the picture of Karen and Richard is a little blurrier.  For the US reissue, Karen and Richard's picture is clear but it has the bleached white cloud color.  My original version has some slight wear on the cover.

The Inner Sleeve :

The inner sleeve is the same for both the US original and US reissue.  If it is a US issue or reissue and does not have this inner sleeve, then the inner sleeve was replaced with a different inner sleeve that did not originally come with the album.

The Back Cover :

The back cover is actually the same for three issues (US original, US reissue, Canadian original).

And a picture of all four covers together (in order, top to bottom) -

US original

US reissue

Canadian original ("Ticket To Ride")

Canadian reissue


It is difficult to get an accurate color photo from a cell phone.  If you can see, all four, the US original, the US reissue, the Canadian original ("Ticket To Ride") and the Canadian reissue (top to bottom of picture). It will probably take a couple seconds to notice, but if you look at the lettering on the album covers, the album cover in the middle and bottom is white around the lettering whereas the other two are a light blue around the lettering.

As far as the album, itself, side 1 and side 2 here for the original :

It has a small font Offering on top and a larger font Carpenters on top then the spindle hole, then the track listing.

Second, the US reissue :

Front Cover :

A little crooked, but the clouds on the front cover are almost a bleached white color compared to the original cover.  Yes, compared to the original I have, my version of the reissue has a bit more wear on the cover.  The cover pictures between the original and reissue are just about the same except for the light blue / bleached white sky colors.

The back cover and inner sleeve are the same as the original on the reissue.

The album itself, side 1 and side 2 for the reissue :

Yes, part of the track listing appears above the spindle hole.  Note also, this is what is known as a "Monarch pressing" and has the MR in a circle on the inner runout groove.

Now for the Canadian 'Ticket To Ride' original issue:  This appears to be a US export and Canadian import release.

My copy has the open shrink wrap still there - Front Cover :

The front cover is similar to the original cover but the picture of Karen and Richard is a little blurry on my copy compared to my original and reissue.  Yes, that is my thumb by the phone (not near the album cover).  Oh, yeah, for newer people, Albums used to be price marked with letters with A being the highest price and going down the alphabet.  So an A album might be for 19.99, then a B album might be 16.99 and so on.  The price sticker is only on the shrink wrap and not on the cover.  Yes, the cover is well preserved which is why it is usually good if you can find a copy either unopened or with the shrink wrap still on.

Here is my scan of the Canadian original back cover :

Yup, same as the US original and US reissue.

Next the inner sleeve, front and back :

This is the Canadian inner sleeve.  Black and white with a maple leaf.

Now for the album label itself (which is ahead of its time) side 1 and side 2 :

Yes, the official album title change was made in 1970 but this 1969 release (inner sleeve) had Ticket To Ride as the album title on the record itself.  Not sure what the full story is there but definitely an interesting find.

Aha, now the Canadian reissue:

The Canadian reissue on the front has the white or bleached cloud color like on the US reissue.  If you look closely to the left on the top step you will see "Printed In Canada" on the top step.  This is the "Quality Records" Canadian reissue release.

And on the back:

Kind of the same, except, yup, made in Canada right there on the bottom.

As far as I have yet seen, all the inner sleeves appear to be generic.  Mine is a clear plastic generic sleeve, but most I have seen appear to be just a plain white generic inner paper sleeve without a hole or such in the sleeve.

And now for the record labels themselves...

Side 1:

Aha again, manufactured in Canada on the bottom.

Side 2:

Yup, the manufacturing of the Canadian release went from a US produced type product to being a Canadian produced type product.  May be several different varieties out there but it does appear whether US or Canadian, the original front covers have the bluish sky while the reissues appear to have a white bleached out sky front cover whether US or Canadian.

And now a note from an observation by Lynda GK from the Facebook - Carpenters [Fans Club International] group.  The above Canadian reissue is the Quality Records version Canadian release and it has 'Printed In Canada" on the top step to the left on the front cover (like above).  There is also another Canadian reissue that has the same cover as the US reissue (without the "Printed In Canada" on the step on the cover) but the album has "MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY A & M RECORDS OF CANADA LIMITED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" instead of the "Manufactured in Canada by Quality Records Limited" on the bottom of the album label.  The back cover of the "Quality Records" release is pictured above while the "A & M Records of Canada" back cover has "
MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED BY A & M RECORDS OF CANADA LTD" on the bottom of the back cover.  Both the A & M Records of Canada and Quality Records releases appear to have blank / generic inner sleeves (mine for the Quality Records was a clear plastic inner sleeve).  Note though, I have seen where apparently there was a color printed inner sleeve for the Quality Records release that has "Printed in the USA" on the bottom left corner of the inner sleeve.  I believe the A * M Canada Records release has a generic paper inner sleeve.  There does appear to be two different Canadian reissue types, the 'Quality Records' type and the 'A&M Records of Canada" release.  I believe both were released at the same time just in different regions (but not positive on that).  I have yet to acquire an "A&M Records of Canada" release.  To note also, the A & M Records of Canada appears to be the less produced type as A & M Records of Canada apparently started in February 1970 and only produced a small amount of the "Offering" release before the title switch to "Ticket To Ride" in 1970.

Still very interesting.