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Spred Eagle Music Project

"Under The Influence" Album
(all music written and performed by Thee Ace Man)

First, the front cover idea.  An eagle with its back facing outward and wings outstretched with its head facing toward the right and a 'speech ballon' with "Burp!" written in it.  Also in the eagle's left claw is a bottle with "E Partycus Unum" (United We Party) on it and another bottle in the right claw with "E Partycus Dividum" (Divided We Party) written on it.  On the outstretched wings of course would be "Spred" on the left wing, and "Eagle" on the right wing in stylized writing.  Underneath would be written the album title "Under The Influence".

Back cover design would be me "spread eagle" up against an old brick wall with my backside facing out.  Above in between my arms would be written "When leaders consider honesty, integrity, and dignity to be criminal acts...".  And below, in between my legs would be written "It is time to Spred Eagle to the max!".  On the left side would be the track listing and on the right side would be the acknowledgements (on vocals, guitar, and all that type of stuff).  On the very bottom would be a link to this site 'The New Math Book'.

Track 1 - The Landing
This track was recorded and mixed in 1991.  It is the opening track and a complete instrumental.  The 'influence' behind this song is of course what might a flying saucer or such actually sound like if it happened to come down, hover over your head, then take off again.  Best listened to with headphones.  Track recorded 'live' with a Hondo Mark 737 guitar, a Rickenbacker Road amplifier, an older solid metal round Xacto knife, and a mono tape recorder.  The tape was later stereoized using a Jensen (I believe) boom box and just me moving the keft and right channel back and forth while rerecording it onto another tape.  All done by Thee Ace Man in 1991.  Nice to note for music majors, try to 'transcribe' this piece into musical notation.  This piece was done 'live' and therefore is not comprised of snipets or tape loops or such, but is very difficult to annotate musically.
Track 2 - It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn
I originally recorded a guitar only version of this song back in 1991 as well.  Unfortunately, I recorded over that version and have to rerecord this song again at some time.  I will release a guitar only (karaoke) as well as a vocal release.  The guitar part has a very ethereal sound to it when played properly and the song has only 3 chords to it.  But a key to this song is letting the strings of the guitar blend into one another to give it the "sunlight peaking above the horizon feel" this part needs.  The vocals on the other hand (guitar part on left side, vocals on both sides), are meant to have a 'hurt' feeling to them hence the darkness.  Very dark, hurting vocals, laid ontop of a very uplifting guitar part.  Should give the song a feeling of "no matter how rough things may feel now, there is bound to be a new dawn breaking somewhere" type feel to the song.  Hence, the "influence" is a song that no matter how bad things may seem, a new dawn may be just on the horizon.
Track 3 - It Ain’t Love
The influence is - A bouncy type 'naughty' kind of song but really written about politicians and not about 'S-E-X'.  Guitar, bass, drums and vocals planned on this one.
Track 4 - Big Bold & Beautiful (Peace Love & Brotherhood)
The influence is - two different types of music - the brash Big and Bold part blending back and forth with the quietness of Peace Love & Brotherhood with the Beautiful being a slow down point between the two different types of music.  The chaotic Big and Bold part merging back and forth with the peaceful Peace Love & Brotherhood with the beautiful part being the link between the two styles.
Track 5 - Going Down
Influence - A great play on words here.  A rock type song with sex, booze, and whatever else may be "going down" at the moment.
Track 6 - We Love To Party
Influence - A party type 'anthem' song.  Big beat sound.  Harmonies.
Track 7 - The Song Of Moses (Peace In Our Time)
Total overlaid vocal piece.  No instruments.  This piece has to have the words behind how to achieve worldwide peace.  If CDs had a second side, this song would be the one to kick off the 'second side" like in the old 78, 33 1/3, and 45 days.  Vocals starting off the second side in contrast to an instrumental kicking off the start of the album on the first side.
Track 8 - Fire It Up
Influence - Another party type song but this with different vocals for different verses and a combined type chorus for the "Fire It Up" part.
Track 9 - Countrified City Guy
Influence - OK, I am not much of an old style country music type person.  Most of that music seemed kind of depressing.  So imagine a city type guy having all these country type problems and trying to deal with it.  Will try to make it have an old time country music type feel to it but maybe might just flat out rock it up.  Have to wait and see.
Track 10 - Rap't Up (In The Key Of Mice Elf)
Influence - not really a 'rap' song per se, but more a power chord anthem type song about being selfish and self-cantered.  Thought of this to kind of 'setup' into the next song as a kind of emotional type contrast.
Track 11 - The Girl Next Door
You know.  I am a bit fed up with the media brainwashing girls and women into thinking they can never be anything but trashy 'sex objects'.  I disagree whole-heartedly with that thought.  I have always loved tomboys and mud pies and 'the girl next door'.
Track 12 - Listen To Me
Influence - high tenor (near alto) type voice so-called "crying out" to be heard.  Intricate guitar parts and building up as song progresses adding more elaborate instrumentation until fading out near the end with just vocals.   Kinda like your conscience trying to get you to listen to your inner voice type stuff.  Building and building inside yourself.
Track 13 - It Ain’t Over ‘Til I Say…So
Influence - Party type anthem song again with drum and harmony emphasis.  Very repetitive and most likely will end the album.  The song will repeat "It ain't over til I say" until the last time adding "so" to finalize the piece.  Then a "talk out" with "so.  (uh oh he said it) (no, you said it, he just said so) (so what) what a bummer, so it's over?  So, what do we do now?"
Track 14? - Peace In Our Time (Reprise)
Probably will delete this and add something different somewhere.  Have to wait and see.  May not be 13 songs or may use another song somewhere else.

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