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OK, here it is, The New Math Book Science of Science Page.

This page is being written by me, Thee Ace Man.  And a story to go with this.  There was a rift in thinking in the scientific community started by others but noted by Albert, who was seen as the "World's Smartest" until his passing in 1955.  Albert was actually not happy with the term 'smartest' as he felt that that term had a connotation of being as smart as you could be.  Albert never felt smartest himself so he came up with an unofficial title of "World's Smarter" which Albert was more than happy with.  On passing, the "World's Smartest" title went to Dr. Stephen, whereas the "World's Smarter" title was passed on to Sir Nicholas (Nick), Albert's last 'assistant' before passing away in 1955.  As this was an 'unofficial' title, there are no real rules or such associated with "World's Smarter".  World's Smartest is assigned from the time it is assigned until death.  From Charles to Albert to Dr. Stephen.  Anyway, In April / May 1979, Both myself, Ace, and Sir Nicholas shared the "World's Smarter" title.  Sir Nicholas passed away in December 2009 thus leaving myself, as far as I know, being the only one having the title of World's Smarter.  Someone else got a 187 on the IQ test but I don't know if Nick ever even met this person.  From Albert to Sir Nicholas to Sir Nicholas and Ace to now just Ace (Me).  Albert knew that politics would keep Sir Nicholas, Nick, from getting the World's Smartest title.  Sir Nicholas also felt as Albert did about the 'smartest' connotation.  So not getting the title of smartest was not really a disappointment to Nick, it was just that with all the other great minds of the time, why Dr. Stephen (who was one of Nick's accusers of Nick not doing his own work, which Nick did do his own work)?  I heard Dr. Stephen got it because he was the one suggested that seemed least likely to 'rock the boat' like Charles and Albert had done before as World's Smartest.  Nick seemed overqualified for 'rocking the boat' but was still a suggestion.  So a rift occured and still exists.  Myself, I prefer Smarter to Smartest as well, and how about you?  Read on...

Let's get started by defining what 'science' is shall we?

Science is a study of the universe around us in an attempt to make sense of it all in terms we can understand or possibly learn to understand.

Yup, pretty vague here.  There are all kinds of scientific fields to explore - space, time, biological (animal), mathematics, life, death, botanical (plants), atmospheric, chemical, behavioral, everything, anything, etc. etc.

Let's start with the six known (and possibly more unknown) states of matter (matter is substance and substance has a form [state]).

First state, gas - gas is usually invisible in sight to us but surrounds most things within our atmosphere.  Gases like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, etc. 

Second state, vapor - vapor is thought of as an in between state but is actually its own state.  Vapor may be part gas, part solid, part liquid, part kolloid but is often thought of as the term 'mist'.  Anything misty is a vapor.  Anything foggy is a vapor as well.  Clouds are vapor as well.

Third state, liquid - liquid is thought of as fluid.  Fluids like water, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc. 

Fourth state, kolloid - kolloid is like a liquid but also like a solid.  Kolloid is semi-solid and semi-liquid.  Gelatin is an example of a kolloid.

Fifth state, solid - solid has definite shape and form and a hardness.  Solid as a rock.

Sixth state, spark - spark is the release of energy within or without a substance of matter.  Electrical sparks, lightning, explosions, thoughts, etc.

And to combine these, let's talk about the composition of the human body.  You have skin (kolloid), bones (solid), blood (liquid), lungs (kolloid), air (gas / vapor), fingernails (solid), eyes (kolloid), brain (kolloid), ear drums (solid / kolloid), saliva (liquid / kolloid), and in some odd cases thoughts (sparks).
And what about antimatter, emptiness (void), metallic, and spirit, and so on and so forth?  Well, things are as they are, aren't they?  Science is the study of everything, isn't it?

These are particles.  Matter.  Although a particle may be small or large it can be measured.  Which brings us to the study of the wave frequency of particles.  Many particles can be mobile (such as light particles) and some may be immobile (such as rocks).  A moving particle is said to be in an 'excited' state.  How excited depends on how fast it may be moving.  Speed of particles is measured in what are called 'wave frequencies'.  Infrared particles tend to generate heat.  Microwave particles also generate heat.  Both microwave and infrared particles are both invisible to the eye but they can be measured and do exist.  Shockwaves, magnetic waves, gravitational waves, sound waves, brain waves, and so on.  Moving particles.  Movement.  A nice, simple instrument known as a prism (a triangular shaped piece of glass) can be used to show particular movement.  Visible light shows up in a prism in distinct bands which match the bands of a rainbow.  Waves lower than visible light (infrared, microwave) appear below the light spectrum whilst there is ultraviolet and three distinct bands (alpha, beta, gamma) that appear above the light spectrum.  But if visible light is the highest speed you can go before 'going back in time' then how are distinct bands of light possible above the visible light spectrum?  If a particle supposedly goes back in time after reaching the speed of light, then how are ultra violet, alpha, beta, and gamma particles possible?  Yes, something definitely wrong with the 'time / space' continuum theory.  The equation actually deals with the speed of light times itself as being equilibrium, not just the speed of light.  But theories are just that, theories.  The thought is that if you go as fast as the speed of light that time will stop then faster than the speed of light and time will reverse.  With that thought, ultra violet, alpha, beta, and gamma particles could not exist.  They do exist.  So.  Further study is definitely needed. 

How about a study of friction now.  Friction is caused by moving particles coming in contact with other particles (moving or nonmoving).  A direct result of friction is heat.  Rub your hands together.  Friction.  Heat.  Moving particles.  Our Sun is a HUGE collection of moving particles.  Now look to the sky.  Yes there are particles of light coming from the Sun through our atmosphere thus slowing down from the friction of traveling through the atmosphere.  Also particles in space (debris and such) itself as the Earth rotates around its axis and around the Sun.  The Earth's axis is tilted at about 66 2/3 degrees and as such, the north part of the Earth as well as the south part of the Earth have periods where they tilt away from the Sun as the Earth revolves around the Sun.  The middle section (equator area) is not affected as much by the tilt.  When tilted away (north and south), not as much light comes in contact with the atmosphere.  When tilted towards, more contact.  Also, when tilted away, the light is deflected more and when titled towards more direct and nondeflected.  The seasons.  Spring, summer, winter, fall.  More friction in summer, thus more heat.  Also, more plant life, more oxygen.  Less plant life, desert.  Not that much oxygen or carbon dioxide in the desert.  Or is there?  Plants breathe carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, whilst animals breathe oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.  Not much life in a desert is there?  Has anyone ever measured the levels of carbon dioxide or oxygen in a desert compared to elsewhere?  Such is science nowadays.  Can't make money in a desert so why bother?  It is as it is.  Our Moon seems to be a big desert.  No oxygen or carbon dioxide on the Moon or is there?  So many unanswered questions.  Such is science.  Always busy with studying something.  Busy, busy, busy.  Study, study study.  THINKE (Take Heart In Not Knowing Everything).  But it is something to think about.

And what about the atmospheric composition itself?  The outer hydrosphere (hydrogen), heliosphere (helium), lithosphere (lithium), stratosphere, ionosphere (formerly magnetosphere), etc.  Our immediate atmosphere seems to be comprised of a lot of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and more.  A good mix of different gases.  As you head farther out from the Earth's surface, the gases seem to separate out according to molecular weight.  And then out in space, void.  No oxygen, hydrogen, helium, etc.  Just space.  Particles still exist in space, but much more spread out and fewer and farther between.  Vacuum, nothingness.  Space.  Even more to think about.

Even more to think about here.  We know that marijuana (canibis) causes the same feeling as lettuce leaves, banana peels, and more importantly Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).  We, as true scientists know that it is the laughing gas that causes the uncontrollable laughing when high nitrogen content plant life is smoked.  But unlike banana peels, lettuce leaves, and laughing gas, canibis also has a side effect of creating 'the munchies' aka an uncontrollable urge to eat.  We know what the Nitrogen does, but there is an unknown ingredient (defined as Tetra HydraCanibinal or THC) which is apparently what causes the munchies.  As far as marijuana smoking and cancer treatment, it is the THC that helps the cancer patient counteract the Chemotherapy side effects especially the upset stomach side effect.  Adjusting the Nitrogen level adjusts the 'high' laughing factor.  Adjusting the THC level adjusts the munchie level.  Thus the current lie that higher THC creates a better 'buzz'.  No, in actuality, the higher THC level has created some children that have an uncontrollable urge to eat and will literally try to eat themselves.  Not a good thing.  And for those who thought that these 'smartest' / 'wealthiest' scientists were honest, they aren't.  I'm 'smarter' not 'smartest' and hopefully it shows now.  Thank you for the sidetrack, now back to our regularly scheduled program...

And what of all this talk of global warming?

Well, the facts are the facts so let's look at those shall we?

First, there is an asteroid that comes near the Earth every 1,024 years and alters the magnetic pole position of the Earth (roughly 11.74 degrees this last passing in 1998).  How do we know the pole position moves?  Take a compass and then notice that the needle is not quite at N (north) when the magnetic pole shifts.  The magnetic pole is not the axis rotation which the axis rotation can change as well.  The axis is the point where the Earth is spinning around.  North and south axis.  When the axis shifts, the star position changes.  At present we use Polaris which last I checked around 1986ish, was around 4 degrees from being the central point of the Earth's rotation.  At dead center (zero degrees), the star does not rotate at all during the night.  At 4 degrees, Polaris does move slightly during the night.  With the gravitational pull of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, etc., everything would become one big huge lump.  The repulsion of like magnetic poles (North / South) is what keeps the lump from occuring.  The magnetic repulsion from the Sun to the Earth is what keeps the Earth from crashing into the Sun through counteracting the gravitational pull between the Earth and the Sun.  Around September 23/24, 1998 was the last occurance of this asteroid.  We know that during a time period of roughly 20 years previous and roughly 40 years afterwards that our planet goes through some odd weather patterns.  From 71 BC to 11 BC, 954 AD to 1014 AD, and from 1978 AD to 2038 AD (our current time).  During this 60 year span, the Earth readjusts to the new magnetic pole position
hence the odd weather patterns as to be expected.  During these same time periods we also have an increase of 'doom and gloom' supposed soothsayers that have selfish reasons for these soothsayings (note, there's a reason that sooth is not truth).  Also, the Sun does not directly heat the Earth.  We know this from the fact that we have been in space and the temperature outside the Earth's atmosphere is roughly -30 degrees centegrade.  It is the interaction of the Earth's atmosphere with the particles from the Sun and the angles thereof in combination of geothermal activity (heat from inside the Earth given by the Earth's molten core as evidenced by volcanoes and such) that creates or doesn't create heat (warmth).  The ecosystem.  And let's talk seriously about this ecosystem now.  Humans and animals breathe in oxygen, nitrogen, and such and expel carbon dioxide.  Plants (trees included) breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  A nice balancing act between the two life forms.  Fish are fishy and use the oxygen from water.  But also, have you ever seen a fish get out of the water to go to the bathroom?  Me neither.  So something fishy there, but I digress (as usual).  The balancing act between animals and plants is still balancing otherwise animals and plants would start suffocating, correct?  An overabundance of carbon dioxide would cause animals to die off and suffocate whereas an overabundance of oxygen would cause plants to die off.  Neither is happening at present time.  So why all this talk of environment and 'global warming' and such?  Well, truthfully,  money and trying to get rich quick is why.  Think about this.  Gasoline uses carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a complex molecular structure.  In perfect combustion (which DOES NOT HAPPEN, honest) gasoline would break down into water and carbon dioxide.  Perfect plant food.  Not so perfect animal food (but water is water).  Solar energy, on the other hand, is actually a very nasty proposition.  Point being, the energy is stored in 'solar collectors', which is just a fancy diversion from the truth that they are just glorified batteries is all.  And if you think that lithium, lead, sulfur, and such are NOT toxic substances then may I suggest you try ingesting some to see for yourself (please do NOT do this, you will DIE, but if you insist then I have nothing wrong with decreasing the surplus population of idiots out there.  Try with gasoline too if you must).  Smokescreen extreme.  NO SUBSTANCE CONTAINED IN ANY BATTERY IS KNOWN TO BE GOOD TO THE ENVIRONMENT!!!  Point blank.  ALL BATTERIES CHEMICALLY BREAK DOWN AND BECOME USED UP, THUS BECOMING BIOHAZARDS!!!  Point blank2.  The current weather trends are from the Earth's magnetic pole shift.  If it was atmospheric (coal combustion, overpopulation, etc.) then the effects would be noted in plants and/or animals accordingly.  As noted from the past, the shift adjustment appears to be about 60 years in length.  2038.  Who'd have guessed?  The guy that said that the rings around Saturn weren't solid (since around 1974 before we found out the truth).  I have an idea for a system using magnetic repulsion as an engine but I have not yet developed a working version yet.  In the meantime, DON'T GIVE IN TO PANIC AND BS.  Please.  It is just a ploy to get rich quick from people that already have WAY too much money as it is.  But get smarter.  Please.  Ask them how long before the batteries need replacing and wait for a response.  Also ask how much it costs to replace a complete set of 'solar collectors' and about how long before the replacement will be needed.  Remember too, 'solar panels' are what convert the sunlight (if there is any), whilst 'solar collectors' is the term for the 'batteries' that store this conversion for later use.  Try not to let them confuse you.  They will try, but try harder, OK.  Yes, you will have to bluntly ask "What about the batteries needing replacing?" and wade through even more runaround.  Yes, it is designed to be an even MORE expensive alternative for some strange reason.  But after you convert to solar, what choices do you have left?  Even worst, what if you live in an area with little sunlight or sunlight only six months out of the year?  Just sayin'.  They won't, so I did.  Just sayin'2.  Ozone?  OK, since ozone supposedly exists around all living things, then I propose this 'ozone person' coat himself in layers of ozone and stay underwater for at least ten minutes.  Don't worry, the ozone replenishes itself so he'll be fine and protected and we'll definitely make sure that no greenhouse gases are in the water (liquid) before dunking.  Or better yet, if this ozone person would finally admit that ozone, as he has defined, just does not exist outside his own imagination (fat chance but worth a try).  Hogwash.  Phoney Baloney.  Note, living organisms (as discussed on the Meaning of Life Page) do actually have an aura around them of 'sparks' but that's different.  These aura sparks are not visible to most, but do exist.  An aura may be seen and measured with proper equipment.  Same as there is a magnetic field (called the ionosphere) generated around the Earth through the magnetic poles and such.  But this ionic layer and the aura layer around living organisms is not in any way affected by greenhouse gases or such as it is electromagnetic and not affected by such things.  There is no ozone layer in existence nor ozone period.  Yes, a HUGE rift in the scientific community that still exists to this day apparently.  The true scientists who look for ways to be smarter and the others who look for ways to be the smartest wealthiest.  To each their own.  I know where I stand and I never bought battery or solar company stocks so I'm not worried about being honest.  And you? 

And note also, this information is coming from "off the top of my head" in observations I have made or events that I have been a part of.  An attempt has been made to adhere to scientific namings and such for these observations.  I did not think of all of the namings of this stuff on my own.  As such, feel free to read as you wish.  The scientific community is made of many different individuals and as such, many times it becomes difficult to identify who came up with what and who actually did or thought of whatever first (especially ancient Greeks, Romans, etc.).  I feel most of this stuff presented should be common knowledge.  My source is life itself.  My knowledge.  And how can one expect to get smarter if one does not share their knowledge with others?  But also credit should be given where credit is due.  So many different writings and so many different sources on encounters in a lifetime of 52+ years.  My thoughts and experiences are truly my own as well as yours are yours.  But credit to whom or who can be difficult in an undertaking such as this.  So thanks to the science of everything for contributing to this page.  And thanks from me, Na'ar (Kiddo, Youth) to Shaddai (Almighty, God) for all these processes and such that giveth and taketh away our thoughts.  And to end on a footnote.1

1 My thoughts exactly.  All this typing just to say "global warming is a smokescreen and a bunch of BS".  Such is the sad state of affairs of the scientific community anymore.  So be it.  I came.  I saw and heard.  Then, finally, I typed.

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